President Trump


Captain America, aka President Trump, if you want to MAGA, you are going to have to have the right plan, and be willing to go NUCLEAR. Captain America, there are 100 swamp monsters, 432 swamp creatures, presently 8 swamp ghouls, and you dont have the effective plans to drain the swamp. Lets do a quick situation report. The FED is the Ponzi slush fund, feeding corrupt congress through effectively backdoor bribes through corporations and banks, and are locked into a symbiotic corruption cycle with the FED. The FED provide funds to Banks and Corporations, which in turn, market manipulate for illegal profits, or park reserves at the FED making a profit interest differential, while all engage in market rigging and buying influence, so as to corrupt congress in perpetuity. SCOTUS has bastardized the US constitution, and the rule of law, and have done this increasingly so over the last 100 years, through ideology rulings. The RULE OF LAW is DEAD in the US. It dont matter if you are on solid constitutional grounds or lawful footing, the corrupt judiciary will rule according to their IDEOLOGY. Thus, Captain America, you are up against a CORRUPT congress and a CORRUPT Judiciary. Understand completely your opponents and how they operate. 

You must also recognize the ROOT causes to the many SYSTEMIC US PROBLEMS, juxtaposed and flowing from years of our corrupt congress and our corrupt judiciary. The causes and problems are many, embedded, and systemic. The system is locked up. In order to break the corrupt cycle, to MAGA, you must be prepared to take on both the Judiciary and Congress with bold actions. Here are few things for your consideration, that desperately need a comprehensive solution set, which, during its implementation, drains the swamp, and that combination is a difficult one grasp.

Irredeemable ponzi coupons, (federal reserve notes) are the means to transfer wealth from middle and poor classes to Government, the Banks, congress, and the elites. Concentrated totalitarian socialistic fascist DC power now, RIGs all markets. There are no more free markets. All markets are manipulated under Government control or through elitist manipulation. Our markets have been destroyed through government-corporate fascism. Our money has no INTRINSIC VALUE, mere paper coupons. The ponzi coupons (FRNs) have value based upon legal tender laws, and threats of imprisonment, as part of the fascist monetary CON game to perpetuate government corruption and elitist control and enrichment. As you know, the NWO-globalizers have destroyed our manufacturing base, through gross trade imbalances, and have gutted American jobs and the US economy. Captain America, I could go on and on, describing our infrastructure, our immigration, the military-industrial war mongering, but you get the message clear. The USA is in a world of hurt. Can you really make America great again? 

Yes, you won election on some good points, but your plans are not comprehensive, integrated and sweeping enough to MAGA, and will be blocked by a corrupt congress and corrupt judiciary, and administration internal power blocks. Your route to MAGA is and will be blocked by congress and SCOTUS, and internal administration ideologue power blocks. Your plans are not broad enough to defeat a corrupt congress, a corrupt judiciary, and internal power blocks, necessary to implement a systemic comprehensive solution set, even if you had developed a comprehensive one sufficient to MAGA. 

My friend, we both want MAGA. I can teach you a comprehensive integrated sweeping US solution set to solve systemic problems facing the US, and, how to neutralize our corrupt congress, our corrupt judiciary, and those internal power blocks, so as to enable you to MAGA. I realize this sounds incredible, but CAPTAIN AMERICA, YOU MUST ACT, and do so, in such way that will realize MAGA. I can teach you how. I can help you. I am available to advise you and your administration. Can you spare some of your precious time, from an unknown citizen, to hear another perspective and solution set? I believe you to be honest and truly desire to MAGA. I want to help you make America great again. Please consider hiring me in any capacity. God Bless You 

Derrick Michael Reid 2/14/2017