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If you dont mind some commentary, I wish so much to help team trump. This is my country also. Wealth income inequality caused by FED QE/ZIRP is real, the gap is growing, giving the rise of socialism. People know they are getting screwed. They don’t know why. Its corrupt wealth transfer, enslaving Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. There is a symbiotic corruption loop in congress, overseeing the FED, providing banks/corporation free money, who in turn donate to congress. It is the use of QE and ZIRP that effectively transfer wealth from 99% to the 1%, and from the private sector to the public sector. Bernie is an oxymoron, pushing socialism yet PRETENDING to want to go after the banks, which are necessary to fund socialism. What is the value of capital, if the interest rate is zero? The answer is zero. QE/ZIRP are destroying markets, capital, currencies, and maintaining corruption for the enrichment of the top 1%. Crooked Killary, violating the spirit of the constitutional prohibition against government officials taking foreign money, paraded around the globe with her pocket book open, for any effective bribe for influence peddling. Crooked Killary knows which side her bread is buttered, and is entangled with the banks. SELL-OUT Bernie, endorsing crooked killary, effectively renders the banks and foreign governments, a means of enriching themselves and the global elites. Rumor has it Bernie just got a new car, like 200K$, the SOCIALIST DREAM, no doubt. Bernie's pushes the corrupt moral hazard of socialism, while crooked killary peddles influence. The DOW for example is at an all time high, which is artificially pumped by pseudo QE from the FED, ESF, FOMC, yet, thanks to BHO, the labor participation and global trade are at 40 year lows. There are no more truly free capital commercial markets, as all are manipulated by transnationals and banks, and by interventions of global central banks. As global markets sit at the precipice, the rug can be pulled out, at any time, and must be eventually pulled, but when? Global Central Banks, led by the FED, are trapped, for if they raise rates to give capital value, the economy implodes, or, for if they continue the insanity of QE/ZIRP, hyperinflation will eventually destroy all economies. There is suspicion that when DT wins the presidency, the NWO elite, including crooked killary, Bushes, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, Soros, et al, would throw in the towel and collapse the US and global economy and blame Brexit, Trump, capitalism, and the freedom lovers. My biggest concern is the DT's advisers do not know how to reinstate capitalism and prevent an economic implosion. I do. My fear is that the NWO is setting DT up as the fall guy, Mr Hoover, for a pending global economic depression, when the white shoe boys, tend to take us to war, but this time, we are talking 100s of millions of deaths. Economic depression and war can be avoided. I could help DT in these major regards. US Russia China EU can be united under DT as the peace maker and as the US and Global economic savior and builder. DT is going for the top slot, and with that is a heavy burden, with many adverse cross currents. As a Christian, I will pray for DT to have the wisdom necessary to prevent catastrophe and ruination. I am the only Libertarian Party presidential nominee ex-candidate endorsing DT, as the best choice for America, and could rally libertarians and greens to team trump, if asked to do so.

Message to Donald Trump:

Sir, you have the right stuff, as you are smart, bold, confident, honest, and patriotic with a sincere desire to make the US great again. You have an excellent noble intent. Your plans have some merit, but fall short, in the comprehensive view. I to want to make the US great again as well as you do, and so I offer my services to TEAM TRUMP, to provide guidance, direction, and lasting fundamental solutions for TEAM TRUMP consideration for truly making the US great again.  Currently, TEAM TRUMP needs the message and plan more articulated with rationales. Without the comprehensive view, a horrific collapse may result.

Sir, we have had enough BAD presidents. Its time for a real great president. You can be so. If you want to sweep all 50 states, make the US great again, and thereby become one of the greatest US presidents, I kindly request you contact me.
My maker does not require I seek wealth and fame, but serve when capable. As a 5-signma, obscure, individual, I offer to serve accordingly. Of the presidential candidates, you Mr Trump are the only route now plausible to save the US from ruin and implosion. I stand willing to serve. Mr Trump, you are invited to have a one-on-one skype communication with me, at your most earliest convenience, anytime, but time is of the essence.

Sanders is an oxymoronic socialist, (and one cant go after socialism and the enslaving banks concurrently), Clinton is a corrupt criminal, Johnson has no credible plans and lack proactive solutions. Donald Trump, confidently bombastic, wants to make US great. Trump needs a little work on message and plans, but his boldness is now the only credible shot at fixing DC and making US great again. Trump is now the best candidate in play. The GOP recognizes this, and are consolidating behind Trump. That is America's play at the present time. I am endorsing Donald Trump for president. I can help him clean up the message and plans, for the sweep, and hereby make the offer, a means of injecting liberty and freedom influences, economic recovery, inter alia, to help Trump make US great again. I could be a political consultant or Russian Ambassador, if Team Trump would like my services.

Country 1st, Party 2nd.

Trump is hereby endorsed, by a 2016 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Candidate.

Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst and Politician
PO Box 1584, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
Contact Email: derrickmichaelreid@yahoo.com
Skype Account Name: derrickmichaelreid

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