Nuclear Waste Containment Technology

NUCLEAR WASTE DISPOSAL TECHNOLOGY  (Search for 500K$ in Venture Capital)

I seek 500k$ to development nuclear waste containment technology with a real shot at 1B$ in patent royalties. Each phase must be completed successfully to advance to the next phase. 

(5) phase Development Project
I 3mo Initial Prior Art Search 50K$ 
II 1yr Research & Development 200K$
III 3mo Patenting Preparations 50K$
IV 1yr Licensing Technology 200K$
V 17yr Royalty Collections 5% Royalty Share

Project Manager, Nuclear Material Scientist, Project Engineer - Patent Attorney, 3 man team.

Patent Royalties across US-Canada EU and Russia
Target about 1B$ in Royalties over 20 years. 

Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom, Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D., National Politician, 
Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst. 

Approximate Numbers based upon $700,000,000.00 present value Hoover Dam.

In Re: Development of Nuclear Waste Depository Apparatus & Method Inventions

There are 61 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 99 nuclear reactors in 30 states in the United States as of Nov 8, 2016. More are desired, but nuclear waste disposal is a problem. There is one national site designated for nuclear waste depository at Yucca Mountain Nevada. 

Estimates of 100 reactors, at $100,000,000.00 each local temporary holding sites, 10B$ cost of construction. Yucca Mountain Depository would equivalent to a huge mine, removing millions of tons of earth for encapsulation. Geologically stable and remote to civilian population. Est is 1B$ per year to build successive storage facilities, for 17 years term of the patent, for an estimated 17B$ cost of construction. 

A reasonable royalty rate is 6%. A reasonable royalty paid would be 6% x (17B$ + 10B$),
or approximately 1.6 Billion Dollars paid over 17 year period. 

Radiation absorption mineral ore is approximately, 5 miles, containing cube, with a 3 foot thick wall, containing 50% radiation absorbing mineral with an approximate ore 50% concentration. 
5mi x 5280 feet/mi,x 6sides,x 1.5foot x 2concentration =
500,000 cubic feet, or 50K cubic meters of mineral ore,
in addition to localized reactor temporary containment site, for
100 x 2640 feet x 6sides x 1.5foot x 2concentration, or
4.75 million cubic feet of ore, or, 530K cubic meters of 
mineral ore. Total amount is about 600K cubic meters of mineral ore.

This is a very gross approximation, but patent royalties in the US alone could be worth 1.6 billion dollars, and there would be a need for 600K cubic meters of mineral ore, to secure the United States Hazardous Nuclear Waste Materials. This is only in the US. Patent could be filed in other countries as well. 

I have met with a Nuclear Radiation Material Science scientist, PhD level, who is experienced, who lives near us, about 7 miles away, and has tentatively shown interest in developing this technology as the inventor, for patenting inventions for nuclear waste disposal. I was the best patent prosecutor in the US for 15 years, and can work with this scientist, as an engineer to help him develop the technology, as well as patent the inventions, and then engage in licensing activities mostly directed to large global infrastructure companies, as well the United States Government, as desired. 

The US and the WORLD is looking for the 10,000 year depository solution. This could be it.

Derrick Michael Reid, BS JD
Retired Engineer, Patent Attorney