I provide confidential private monetary secure holding services.
I can privately hold any amount of funds locally here in the USA.
Transfer any amount of funds you wish to me directly through:

You may also mail me a check for the amount of funds desired.

I also invest funds for capital preservation and for profits.
I can disperse funds according to client special instructions.
Simply transfer your funds as instructed for our mutual benefit.
Your responsibility is to transfer your funds as you desire.
My responsibility is to secure and hold funds for our benefit. 

Operational agreements are of course negotiable. Here is one.
Two fixed percentages are used for defining my compensation. 
1) 5% Transaction percentage for all transfers, buys and sells. 
2) 15% Realized Profit Share percentage on buy-sell profits. 
Transfer as much funds as you like for my personal management. 

I also provide private confidential monetary consulting services.
I can also provide general employment services for specific needs. 
I can also provide management, marketing, and production services.
I can be hired to provide services across many different markets. 
I can be located anywhere to provide proximal consulting services. 

You can retain my consulting services by transferring a retainer.
If you have any questions, communicate directly to me by email.
We can communicate by this email or SKYPE after being retained.

My minimum retainer amount is $10,000.00 that is nonrefundable.
My reasonable billing rate is $1000.00/hour upon being retained.
Transfer $10,000.00 to me through GoFundMe to retain my services.
Any information you need about me is found below under contact.
Information can be found at

How may I be of service?

Respectfully, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, Libertarian Politician, 
Electronic Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Strategic Military Scientist,
Geopolitical Analyst, Bullion-Banking-Finance-Market Analyst.

PS: For Email Scammers:
Please, I am not interested in any scams, frauds, or con games.
Do not send me documents, or request I contact your associates. 
Do not send me pictures, or request I send my identification. 
Do not send me certificates, or request I fill out your forms.
Do not send me forms, or request I provide you with information.
Do not send me identification, or request I contact your banks.
Do not send me information, or request more contact information. 
Do not send me instructions, or request I follow your demands. 
Do not send me phone numbers, or request I telephone anyone.  
Do not send me banking data, or request I send you any money.
Do not send me attachments, or request I open email attachments.
Do not send me web pages, or request I review web pages.
Please do not bore with scam details for 1) inheritances, 
2) ATM cards, 3) shipping fees, 4) UN or FBI compensation, 
5) Assisted Fund Transfers, 6) Debt Collections, etc., etc.
You can retain my services ONLY by transferring funds to me, 
without my assistance, by either mailed-check or GoFundMe. 
Thank You for your understanding and your required compliance.