Having a vast knowledge base and skill set, offered consulting or employment services can be applied across many concerns, including development and implementation of investment, organization and business operations. As a high level thinker, political-social-economic--legal-business systems can be developed, analyzed, and implemented as desired.


Wealth Protection: Analyze Existing Positions and Provide Suggested Modifications.
Patent Prosecution: Patent applications and Setting Up Efficient Patent Departments.
Trademark Prosecution: Adoption and Registration of Trademarks and Service Marks.
Business Creation: Starting of New Businesses, Product Lines and Operations.
Legal Management: Management of Law Firms for Cost Effective Litigation.
Production Lines: Troubleshoot, Optimize, and Analyze Commercial Production Lines.
Confidential Agency: Third Party Confidential Agency and Private and Commercial Consulting.
Management: Engineering Teams, legal Teams, Military Teams, Financial Teams, and Business Organizations
Political Consulting: Advise and Consult Politicians and Teach Solutions to Global and Domestic Problems.