Personal History

All lives are unique, here is one, a collection of notes.

In elementary school I practiced alone numeric sequence writing and became skilled playing the Clarinet in the Torrance Area Youth Band. In Jr High School, I played on the tennis team and became expert in drafting three dimensional figures. In the 7th grade, my counselor pulled me out of math class, and for that period, I was stuck in the library with Algebra I & II books, and taught myself alone two years of mathematics in six months. In High School I played on the tennis team with a Rosco Tanner serve, and learned fortran and cobol computer programming languages. At 15 years of age, I precisely planned how to graduate from UC Berkeley's Engineering School in 3 years. In order to accomplish the same, I attended five colleges in 2.7 years from Diploma to Bachelor's Degree, and so all should formulate objectives, plan well, execute accordingly, with tenacity, and success is more probable. It was mostly 6am to midnight, seven days a week. I recall taking calculus examinations at CSULB in ten minutes, by mere eyeball looks at the questions and writing answers with A grades. At Berkeley, I took twice the number of required laboratory courses, diffusing my first silicon chip at the age of 19 years old in the Berkeley labs. I could multiply three digit numbers by three digit numbers in my head. I have designed a magnetic disk drive by myself, had a 100% success rate for ten years as a patent litigator where the average is 50%, and had 98% success rate for fifteen years as a patent practitioner where the average is 56%. My personal motto is GET IT DONE!

My father served on a US destroyer during the Cold War. My uncle served in the US Army during the Korean War in combat. Another uncle served in the US Army in Italy during WWII in combat. My first son is a life-time sergeant in the US Army having multiple tours in the middle east. My family has a history of US military service, though I served the United States indirectly through designing military hardware for government contractors under a secret clearance, and patenting federal research laboratory inventions through the US Patent Office. My family has a history of US military service, though I served the United States indirectly through designing military hardware for government contractors, and patenting federal research laboratory inventions through the US Patent Office.

My wife of 15 years and I have two boys. My two boys 10yr/11yr are doing great in public school. Our dog Sonia is territorial and protective, and she loves me, so don't push your luck. My wife and two young boys are dual citizens of US and Russia. My cousin in law is an officer in the Russian Military. I have lived in Southern California for the last 60 years and in Laguna Beach California for the last 30 years. Over the last 6 years, mostly as house husband, and continuing my personal studies of markets, geopolitics, and military science, I have been raising, teaching and opening the eyes of my two little boys, now 10 and 11 years old, Taekwondo Jr. Black Belts, explaining all constantly, from cosmology to quantum mechanics, from world history to domestic politics, from creationism to human cultural evolution, from mathematics to biological sciences, inter alia, and surprisingly, they absorb much like a sponge, and this has been the most enjoyable period of my life. I did the same with my first born, who scored near perfect on US Army aptitude tests.

While working on the Space Shuttle flight control simulator and B1a Bomber ground control, I attended USC graduate engineering school. But when the F16 fighter program was in deep trouble, I changed residences to solve problems there, and personally got the F16 Falcon program back on schedule by solving a purportedly unsolvable design flaw in the gyro spin supplies that disrupted the navigation digital systems rending the navigation system completely inoperative, but never returned to USC to finish a graduate engineering degree, but instead went to Law School. I have worked on the Space Shuttle, F16, Tomohawk, and B1a Bomber. As an engineer, I have designed solo a magnetic disk drive and developed a finite state machine using a silicon compiler, and worked on various computer systems and disk drive system controllers. After 10 years of Engineering, I went to WSU Law School at night for three years, while working as an Engineer during the day, passing the California Bar examination on my first attempt, after being told I would never pass law school and never become a lawyer by law school admission counselors, to then go on and win a most improbable legal objective, a preliminary injunction in a high technology patent case during my very first appearance before a district judge . Practicing law was an eye opener on understanding motivations and tactics of the legal profession exploiting a licensed dispute resolution monopoly for pecuniary gain. My style of litigation in patent cases was to offer a reasonable royalty, but if met with obfuscation, would file complaints, immediately followed by preliminary injunction motions and summary judgement motions. I never made it to trial, the defendants always eventually settled the controversy. If a case goes to trial, someone did not do their job. Lawyer's primary responsibility to society should be to settle controversies. I worked 10 years as a federal district court patent lawyer and then 15 years as a patent  patent application prosecutor. I also studied military science and engaged emulated warfare for about 25 years. I studied bullion financial and banking markets for 15 years and studied geopolitics for 15 years, collectively writing 100s of memorandum published around the world. I worked 10 years as an engineer, another 10 years as a federal district court patent litigator, and then another 15 years as a patent application prosecutor. I also studied military science and engaged emulated warfare for about 25 years. I studied bullion/financial markets for about 15 years and studied geopolitics for 15 years, collectively writing 100s of memorandum. I have 100 man years of education and professional work experiences in my head, with equivalence to four Bachelors Degrees (Engineering, Military Science, Business, Political Science), a Masters Degree (Engineering) and a Doctorate Degree (Law), with 40 years of professional experience with real world practical experiences in five areas (Engineering, Law, Military, Business, Politics).

I have been to Ukraine multiple times, eg Kiev, Kharkov, Chernotsi, and, I have been to Russia a dozen times. I have given lectures in Ukraine Kharkov at a military academy on military science and in Russia Vladivostok at a state university on intellectual property. I have learned a little of Russian language and culture. Many common Russians share the same concerns and desires as do common Americans. The peoples are really not much different. When there, I talked allot with many people asking questions, and started thinking outside myself and my inherent US centric view of the world, now viewing cultures from different perspectives. That was a big life learning experience.The civil war in the Ukraine and the deterioration of US/Russia relations troubles me. I know how to fixed that, and could build friendship and trust between the big four, Russia, China, EU and US as good friends in common purpose for global dispute resolution, rather than confrontation and proxy wars. I am not a pacifist and believe the US should walk softly but carry a big stick. The best defense of the US starts with making friends abroad. The leader of the free world should be a blessed peace maker. When the US attorney general indicated that the banksters and greedsters were TBTF TBTJ, and I knowing that I am capable, I answered the call of duty, firstly setting forth a proposal to enjoin through the courts the banksters and greedsters in the money space from market rigging and manipulations, and secondly, to run for the 2016 presidency, having devised the solutions needed to save the country from ruination and totalitarian enslavement.

From days of attending High School, internally aloof, but ostensibly engaging many groups, as a member, I have observed and analyzed our segmented society. These groups including eggheads, sports jocks, surfers, druggies, headbangers, gays, low riders, Christians, minorities, inter alia, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of learned cultures overlaid onto innate human instincts. I have always been a curious child as I am to this day, trying to understand the comprehensive whole, from geopolitics to micro clicks. It is difficult being five sigma, intellectually a lone wolf, living in a lonely world, at times, going cerebral constantly. It is self enduring isolation, in some regard, as many fail to comprehend the whole. Oh well, we all carry our own crosses. Despite government totalitarianism and enslavement of the people, pervasive corruption, and societal decadence, I wont give up on humanity and mankind, always believing in a resurrection of their better angles, even when living in a lonely world. 
The human mind is very complex. To understand Derrick is to understand the complexity of the human mind. Mankind, which is often referred to my many as the human experience, can be easily understood using an engineer's mind. The mind can be modeled. In such modeling, the intellectual cube is like a rectangular volume, having three linear sides, and a defined volumetric mass density. This model of the intellectual cube allows understanding. The intellectual cube is dynamic, as experiences are time dependent, as a 4th order, along any one dimension, but is considered linear. For simplicity, consider the current time, fixed in time, for discussion only. The intellectual cube has three axis, a skill set, skill complexity orders, and communications channels. Human experiences vary widely across individuals, but lets again, for simplicity fix the mind for an average adult, as a typical human being, who operates mostly in the fact and root memory world of the three orders of the complexity orders. The first order being excitations and stimulation, the second order being the consequences and resonances of the first order, and the third order being the interplay and feed back of the first and second orders. For example, technicians, to engineers, to inventors along the first and second and third orders along one axis of the intellectual cube. Another axis is the communications channels from secretaries, to editors, to authors, where most have varied communications skills at communications orders of the communications channels, but generally operate in the first order. Most oscillate between the first and second orders. Along the third axis of the intellectual cube are the skills set, as part of an individual learned skill set. Some have many skills, and thus, wear many intellectual hats, along one skill set dimension. The skill sets, communications channels, and complexity orders form a volumetric mass spectral density in the intellectual cube.

Derrick's first communication skill was mathematics with English being inherently a second language and Derrick was never much of a secretary operating in the first order of the communications channel axis, at it was deemed insignificant for to many years. Time is the fourth dimension, and the FIFTH DIMENSION of the intellectual cube, is in terms of mother nature or spirituality, and one might need to solve 5th order simultaneous differential equations for precise modeling. But most operate day to day in the first and second orders. Often, those thinking in the 3rd complexity order confuse others operating in the first complexity order, with apparent randomness and the resulting perceived confusion, failing to appreciate rapid mental associations. Federal and local authorities as well as those operating in the first order may be intimidated by Derrick.

Derrick planed to graduate at UC Berkeley Engineering in three years, at fifteen years of age where junior college was first attended for lower division studies while always going to summer school thus going to school 12 months a year. At 15, Derrick planned the curriculum planning every course and then executed that plan. Derrick started Junior College taking 19 units, while others were left in high school, while Derrick was working at a car wash. Then, it was off to State College for math and science courses as a college sophomore while others were just starting college. Derrick went to the University of California as a Junior at 17 years old, while others were still in lower division. Derrick went to the University of California only for engineering studies to get the degree fast, taking twice as many laboratory classes as required. Derrick had to complete the degree fast as the parents just could not afford the usual six years to complete. Attending five different schools in less than three years, the engineering degree was earned 2.7 years after receiving a high school diploma. Derrick started engineering work at 20 years old, working on flight controls for the Space Shuttle. Derrick continued his education at USC engineering graduate school. When the F16 fighter program was in trouble, Derrick left USC grad school to fix the problem, and did so. Derrick did not return to grad school, but instead went to law School at night, while working as an engineer by day. Derrick diffused his first silicon chip at 19 years old and designed a disk drive at 22 years old. In the late 1970s, there was a switch from engineering to law when Derrick entered patent federal court litigation after passing law school at night, while working as an engineer during the day, and passing the bar the first attempt. There was another switch from litigation to patent prosecution when Derrick could no longer stomach being with lawyers who prey on society with that licensed dispute monopoly. As a youth, Derrick was Demolay, being then taught honor, duty, service, loyalty, and love of country. Derrick has been published around the world, mostly politics and bullion in the US, politics in Russia, bullion in Europe and South America, and even published in Teheran of all places.

With formal education in engineering and law, Derrick studied for decades, military science, bullion markets, and geopolitics, with enhanced knowledge of US and world history and geography, cosmology, and human cultural evolution, having a tenacious ability to focus intellectual analysis. From engineering, Derrick is inherently a problem solver. Derrick can type and word process at lighting speed for necessary rapid communications, though proof reading is difficult, as the brain reads as thought written. Derrick litigated and prosecuted patents for 25 years totally alone without a secretary or paralegal in his garage office. Derrick developed a computer system backup and recovery method for maintaining personal computer systems, such that, recovery in 10 minutes is had for any software or hardware crash. Derrick is expert in graphics generation with 6 years of mechanical drafting, 12 years of electrical circuit and subsystem drawing, and 20 years of patent drawing with talents using a drafting board and canvas and photoshop graphic computer tools. Derrick was schooled for 15 years by this country's leading scientists on advanced technology, reducing complex invention into the simple for rapid comprehension by judges and juries. Presenting the most complex into simplicity is a Derrick strength for rapid effective communications. Most people have 1 communication skill (English), 1 profession or trade, and think in the 1st order, for a gross intellectual score of 1x1x1=1. An exemplar doctor MD working in a hospital has 1 communication skill, 1 profession, and thinks in the 3rd order for a gross intellectual score of 1x1x3=3. Derrick has 3 communications skills (English, Graphics, Mathematics), 5 professions (Engineering, Law, Military, Markets, Geopolitics), and always thinks in the 3rd order, for a gross intellectual score of 3x5x3=45. Do the math.

Derrick has written 100s of political and market memos, 100s of patent applications concerning this country most sophisticated technology. Derrick has studied for years markets, geopolitics and military science with years of emulated military command and control, and emulated warfare. Derrick had 100s of real live persons under his command, as supreme commander and operations planner with battle maps aid in execution. Derrick generated target packages, and assigned missions to various warriors, operating tactically individually as a collective force to achieve strategic war objectives. Derrick designed military geopolitical strategies games for teaching strategic command and control and geopolitical history, with expertise in the US Civil War and WWII. Derrick has bought and sold 100m$ in gold and silver bullion and has designed a proprietary patentable modular expandable mint production facility line for mass producing bullion items cost effectively, match to a plan to switch the US currency from a fiat irredeemable ponzi coupon, that aint worth a continental, to real money in circulation. Derrick has set forth a transition plan for returning silver and gold coinage back into circulation as a fair and honest medium of exchange. Derrick wrote a 500 page legal memo on how to enjoin JPM in the bullion space to stop COMEX paper gold manipulations of bullion prices to finally defeat the gold cartel and with it, the central banks world wide from using deceitful paper currencies. On 4/1/09 Derrick exposed China secretly buying gold, as the supply demand figures just did not add up. In suppressing bullion, by the FED/ESF through the manipulating naked-short bullion banks, the gold/silver markets are exceedingly distorted. As C.Powell of GATA once famously said, there are no markets, just interventions. In doing an analysis of bullion flows about the globe and the political alignments trying to maintain the illusion of value in fiat currencies, which are nothing more than irredeemable ponzi coupons used to enslave peoples under totalitarian socialistic fascism, the missing gold was soon discovered by me first about the globe, and it was China, who, after two weeks of being exposed by me on Bloomberg Asia, confessed to then having accumulated 1000 tons. Today, its closer to 25K tons including private banks, as China hedges its huge FRN forex reserves in view of US EU Japan massive QE in view of the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies world wide. Derrick thinks at light speed through mental associations with five skills in one skull, aided by a burned neutral net for prolific computer data generation and communications. Derrick habitually thinks outside the box.

I have 25 years of professional patent work, the first 10 years of which was mostly federal district court litigation, the second fifteen years of which was all patent prosecution work before the US patent office. During this last 15 years, I prosecuted 100s of patents, nearly all of which were directed to this country's highest technologies invented by leading world known scientists and Engineers. The average success rate for patent prosecution work is 56%. My success rate was 98%. I was taught nearly ever work day, this country's leading technologies by respective experts in their field. Over this time, I develop a knee understanding of high technologies, human thinking processes, and an ability to comprehend the whole of vast complex integrated systems. This ability has allowed me to comprehensively understand the world in which we live. Couple to this technical ability, was travels abroad that allow me to examine up close different cultures, and the study of world economic banking and financial systems, allowing me an ability to understand the entire world in which we live. The 15 years of patent prosecution was key to developing flexible mental abilities to understand the world, the problems, and the drivers to those problem. As an engineer for 10 years prior, I develop a knee ability to solve problems for providing solutions, thinking out of the box at all times. Applying project engineering skills, I developed by myself a commercial computer disk drive. As an electronic engineer, I personally saved the F16 fighter fly-off acceptance testing program at critical development time in 1976. System wide comprehension, understandings of causes of problems, project engineering skills, and engineering problem solving talents, can be collectively applied to social economic problems for resolving complex societal economic and government function problems, and assisting persons and organization in advancing with a comprehensive view.

DERRICK MICHAEL REID: Problem Solving Engineer, Electronic Engineer, Registered Patent Agent, Project Design Engineer, Subsystem Design Engineer, Comprehensive Systems Analyst, Economic Feedback Analyst, Market Analyst, Monetary Analyst, Mint Production Designer, Injection Tool Designer, Open Loop Totalitarianism Analyst, Totalitarian Democracy Analyst, Domestic Political Analyst, Presidential Candidate, Politician, Computer Programer, Firmware Programer, International Geopolitical Analyst, Hierarchical Command Commander, Strategic Military Analyst, Tactical Military Analyst, Political Pandering Analyst, University Lecturer, Civil War Historical Expert, World War II Historical Expert, Informational Graphics Designer, Battle Map Designer, Military Game Designer, Supreme Military Commander, Military Operations Planner, Military Chief of Staff, Geopolitical Commentator, World Leader Adviser, Bullion Market Commentator, Bullion Purchasing Manager, Patent Lawyer, Patent Prosecutor, Businessman, Patent Trademark Copyright Intellectual Property Litigation Lawyer, Cultural Evolution Analyst, Natural Evolution Analyst, Human Instinctual Analyst, Human Mind Modeler, Compassionate Capitalist, Strict Construction Constitutionalist, Real Money Monetarist, Social Conservative, Father, Husband, Workaholic, Intellectual, Dog Owner, Tennis Player, Libertarian, Freedom Lover, Gun Packer, Patriot, Incorruptible Christian, and a concerned citizen.

Derrick Michael Reid Personal History