USA Green Corps

Citizen Volunteers of the  Green Corps

USA Citizen Volunteers for Repairing Environmental Disasters

President, General ---- FEMA / EPA / Green Corps Command
Vice President, Lieutenant General
State Governors, Major Generals
State Lieutenant Governors, Brigadier Generals
County Supervisors, Colonels
City Mayors, Lieutenant Colonels
City Councilmen, Majors
Borough Civic Leaders, Captains
Neighborhood Organizers, First Lieutenants
Association Organizers, Second Lieutenants
Street Company Civic Team Leaders, Sergeants
Street Squad Civic Team Leaders, Corporals
Individual Home Citizen Volunteers, Privates

When an environmental disaster strikes, the chain of command issues orders, top down, to rally the Green Corps of green peace troops, supported by FEMA and EPA with federal, state and county logistics and resources dispensed to repair the environmental damage.

Beside a volunteer green corps of private citizens, the green corps will also be used as convict rehabilitation organization, to depopulate prisons, to teach work ethics, accumulate release money, to start a new beginning after release, most suitable in remote areas.

Department of Education will stop all student loans and let states manage their own universities. Department of Education uses research grants to state universities for vital federal interests including ways to minimize environmental damage, such as bio breeding of micro organisms to eat spilled oil in ocean waters. Commodity exploitation will not stop, but measures can be taken to reduce damage and repair, caused by clear cutting, mine digging, oil pumping, etc.

America the Beautiful

Prisoners and Unemployed

We have a huge prison problem in the US. Criminals are not being rehabilitated, losing man power as they rot in prisons. The prison population is exponentiating with no end sight. Something must be done about that.

So, I will rally the prison population to the stars and stripes, rehabilitate them into respectable citizens, with honor and dignity, to turn them away from a life of crime, rot and decay. ALL prisoners will be deprived of all the goodies, save a cell, 3 hots and cot, books, paper, pencil and a toilet, AND THATs IT, and they can rot there IF THEY CHOOSE. As president I will offer all inmates two alternatives, volunteer for the GREEN CORPS or the US ARMY Bad-Boy Battalions, under condition they agree to military tribunal jurisdiction, and if they run, they will be hung. No messing around. They will learn the work ethic, work for the US as two times time served, with stipend for release entry back into society. They will clean up toxic dumps, plant trees, in the GREEN CORPS, or be armed privates in the US Army under close supervision of course, and man and defend the southern border from the invading hoards. The idea is to get them working, while building pride in their service to and for the US, to become respectable citizens welcomed back into the fold, with earned dignity, respect, and honor. The path will be there, and if they agree to it, the path back to the community is available. But make no mistake, if they run, and are caught, they will be tried by a military tribunal, having the only issue "did they intentionally run" and if found guilty, hung quickly without appellate review. Capital punishment for felonies, return to confinement for misdemeanors, and extra duty for infractions, while in the Green Corps. Sure it will be a brutal penalty, but we need to give our prisoners a real chance to make it back into society with honor and dignity, and stop exponentiating the prison populations.

Ocean Conservation International Treaties

Ban Ocean Fishing to Endangered Schools of Fish, Mamals, and Creatures.
Ban Ocean nets,  and limit fishing to 1 man, 1 pole, 1 fish at a time. Save ocean life, or we all die
Limit Ocean Oil Drilling to companies with proven track records to avoid oil Spill.
Treble Commercial damages and cost of clean up for all oil Spills under strict liability.

USA Territorial Toxic Dumping Liabilities

Treble Commercial damages and cost of toxic clean up for all toxic dumping.
Criminal Penalties of fines, remedial actions, and jail terms for managing officers and participating employees for all toxic dumping. 

USA Territorial Wild Life Conservation

Fishing and Hunting Licenses Limits to protect territorial wild life.
Criminal Penalties of fines and jail terms for Hunting and Fishing violations.

Global Warming

Global Warming is a big issue these days. NOAA apparently claims there is global warming, yet, UofA, Huntsville claims satellite data show no warming for the last 20 years. Confusion and skepticism pervades the environmental issues. As an engineer, patent attorney, litigation lawyer, the fun part was always deposing opposing experts, and easily destroying their opinions, theories and credibility. As an engineer, I could not be lied to by experts under oath. I would humiliate and destroy them. I batted 100% as plaintiff attorney. The realm of patent litigation, taught me, that money buys any expert to make up any "theory" desired and testify as truth. In the area of politics, pandering plays for power are obvious, as pander permeates the two pandering political machines, and as ideologues pervade the national scene, all ripe for manipulating the public perception. Personally, I am very much pro green, and have devised national plans for enhancing and protecting the environment, but importantly, cost effectively, as none other. It is remarkable how changes in one area can dramatically improve other areas to solve pressing problems, and the US econo-social-environmental issues are interconnected. Unless the solutions are comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping, they fail to provide major improvements across the US.  

The earth is a closed loop system, and has environmental feedback, that through 100s of Millions of years, the earth remains "blue". The earth is self correcting, experts are bought, biased ideologues pervades, yet the earth must be protected, and many are simply confused. Polar ice melt dumping fresh water into the oceans can destroy existing suboceana currents, and thus, global warming potentially is a critical problem. Getting to the real truth, and reacting accordingly, using intelligence, objectivity, without economy destroying government regulations is the sought after means of resolution. 

As president, I would assemble quickly two teams of experts, with opposing views, the best of the best, for in-WhiteHouse interrogations. I cant be fooled. I would report findings to the country. I would review existing EPA regulations and treaties and determine if they make sense. I always think out of the box, as my mental agility allows for unique solutions to pressing problems, and I would devise appropriate paths to insure environmental protection without undue economic shocks. I would go to congress, with findings and plans as deemed appropriate under the circumstances, with total and completed solutions. Such plans, to the extent needed, would be seamlessly applied to economic systems to reduce perturbation shocks to economy.

Beyond global warming issue, other areas of high concern are toxic dumping, oil spills, deforestation and net fishing. If the environment dies, we all die, but we all must not be bamboozles into false theories and concerns, but think clearly and desive cost-effective plans and solutions. I would be the only "green" candidate for president with inherent personal skills to resolve pressing environment issues. The green party has their heads in the right place, though over jealous in application, ostensibly at times. The trick is to define critical areas, and devise cost-effective plans, with seamless economic affects. I am the only candidate for president with a comprehensive holistic problem solving approach. 

For example, my plan for tax code reforms provides the most cost effective approach to GREEN PEACE, bar none, for tremendous improved affects concurrently on the economy and green peace. Yet, this tax plan frees people from government oppression, frees business from oppressive tax regulation burdens, with tremendous gains in overall functional productivity. The ideologue GREENs, the pandering DEM and REP political machines, the presidential candidates, do not provide country with comprehensive solutions. None of them, in a single mind, possess the engineer problem solving ability, the patent law comprehensive systems analysis, market, with market, political and command skills, to solve holistically major problems facing the US. I offer the country solutions, rapid reforms, economic growth, increased freedoms, and no other candidate even remotely comes close. I possess 100 man years of education and professional training in one mind to lead the country back to Americana Greatness, if so honored. I came out of retirement for this purpose, when DOJ attorney general Holter said the banks were TBTF and TBTJ. That did it. I had to step up, to save US from ruination. I can only offer my services to the country. Americans have now a real choice, and that is continued slide into ruination, or implementing needed solutions to major critical problems. The US Constitution provides rules as I will provide the path back to Americana Greatness. 


   The contention is that nano particles of aluminum to reflect light so as to keep the world cooler meliorating the affects of global warming. This is also know as "ChemTrails". The contention is that such Al particles are contaminating the environment cause specie die off, such as the Bees. If Elected, I would get to the bottom of, and if true, stopped and publicly disclosed.