Totalitarian Financial Repression

Financial Repression

Financial Repression is where government action forces people into particular desired financial instruments. 
Financial Repression is a totalitarian tool for control over people's financial choices, thus financial repression. 

Government is trying to remove cash from private use, to block black market activity, so as to enable government spying on all of the people, by forcing people to put cash in bank deposits for monitoring cash flow, and for bail in's when the bank fails as the bank can simply take customer deposits, thus forcing people to put cash in bank deposits subject to spying monitoring and theft by a failing bank, in this way, the government props up the banks by forced bail-in's, and spies on the people who earn nothing by way of interest in bank deposits, while the government target inflation which is targeted value theft from the people, day in and day out. 

Dropping interest rate to near zero so that hedge funds will seek returns in risky stock markets, thus elevating the DOW now not reflecting at all the economy, and subjects the hedge funds to great losses when the the DOW collapses. 

Midas and Stackers Hope

Mr Murphy, of GATA fame, Midas at lemetropolecafe, posted that Central Bank Financial Repression is tantamount to TOTALITARIANISM by the US FED BANK. Bravo Mr Murphy, A refreshing air of truth seep out again. GATA is a true organization, fighting for our freedom and liberty from totalitarian control of the people, destroying free markets, and any sense of fair play in the market. 

Your secretary/treasurer replied: "Yes, that's how I construe the comments about 'financial repression' made by Rickards, Kirby, Tett, and others. It's a matter of government's making it impossible for investors to make money except in undertakings specifically approved and designed by the government itself, undertakings that get narrower and narrower as government intervention in markets grows more pervasive.

"Economic circumstances and markets will keep trying to find ways to assert themselves, and the different interests of some countries may cause them to act against the 'financial repression' other countries try to impose, what Rickards describes in his new book, Currency Wars so there's no assurance about how things will end up, just assurance of less democracy and more totalitarianism. That's what GATA has been fighting all along."

Financial Repression is monetary incentivization, to effectively force investors to invest in only government desired instruments. FED want currency transactions to increase, and so zero interest rates. Investors searching for profit, pile into the stock market, to make the government look good, but in so doing, cause distortions in markets leading to eventual volatility and collapse. S&P down graded US debt are were promptly sued, as the US Government wants their socialistic enable treasury bond stack to retain at 50 years high. Financial Repression is opposite of free markets and economic laws, and is a form of totalitarian control by the US government. 

The FED have set interest rates to near zero, while inflation takes off, meaning negative real interest rates, the means by which the banks devour us all. Your best protection is gold in hand and strong sense of individualism. But only real hard metal, only the hard stuff, in hand. Mine shares IS PAPER, and ownership interest in DEEP STORAGE. Homestake mines increased I think 1300% during the Depression. Now why would that be? 

FDR confiscation of the people gold, resetting price from 23 to 35$/oz. So, FDR stole the people's gold, then devalued fiat money,
and that is how these socialists steal from the people, and rob their wealth, all in the name of TAKE AND GIVE .... and the UNFAIR PLAYING FIELD. FINANCIAL REPRESSION is where the government, through force of law, and political insider corruption, force banks and folks, to effectively, buy bonds and stocks. Savers are dead, who hold paper currencies, which the government intentionally devalues, as robbery and taxation without representation (in order to reduce the real value of debt, and thereby ENABLE YET MORE PAPER MONEY PRINTING and thus, MORE SOCIALISMs, to keep the ponze scheme going.

The government effective says, "If your bank/hedgefund/pensionFund, does not buy our bonds, we nationalize your bank, fund, and put you out of business" or "If you dont save your currency (at zero percent interest) we will get you for it". By forcing people, banks, and funds to maintain the illusion of sound fiat money, the government can kick the can down the road further still, in a grand THEFT of wealth, through NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES (interest rates 0.25 - inflation 3.25, for 3% negative rate) in order to STEAL from everyone, through money printing inflation (that they in turn falsely report).

ECONOMIC REPRESSION done now a days, on a grand scale, and spun as PATRIOTISM. In other words, its patriotic to willingly let the government ROB YOU. And guess what, the people, banks, and fund let them do it, WILLINGLY. YOU WONT GET THE TRUTH from our politicians, banksters, judges. They are in it together, to enslave you under that corrupt regime in DC. BUT, I do have a time machine. I will teach history, and what it means to be HUMAN, an INDIVIDUAL, an AMERICAN, standing up FOR FREEDOM from totalitarian socialistic fascist rule. NOTE the unwillingness of members of the collective to individually help another. NOTE the lost of history and roots. NOTE the willingness to be devoured through FINANCIAL REPRESSION. The Banksters, in order to form a more corrupt union with the DC politburo, demean real money gold for 25 years now, calling it a barbaric relic, and formed a GOLD CARTEL, to suppress the price of gold, illegally of course, through CB gold bank sells, and bullion bank manipulations, in order to preserve the CON GAME, that is the fiat dollar. The con game is giving up the ghost, and banksters are back peddling, buying gold. THE UNFORTUNATE CONSEQUENCE OF THIS, is a generational loss of knowledge of the real value of honest money, how it keep government honest and fiscally sound. Kids today by and large have no understanding of the noble metal of kings.

Most people have trouble relating because of the propaganda and misinformation fed to them by governments, to sustain the Bankster-Politico enslavement of the masses, through the use of fiat paper money, and use nice sounding phrases like "fairnest" to pander the folks into giving up their freedoms in TAKE-AND-GIVE to their GODs of DC and the FED BANK. But like Las Vegas, they will go back to the use of the silver dollar, THE HARD WAY.

So here is the bottom line. Politicians seek ever more control over the people, banked rolled by the banks, in a fascist totalitarian conspiracy to enslave the masses as tax mules or dependents. The US DC elitists trashed our constitution long ago, with paper fiat money and centralized plenary power that is modernly effectively, UNLIMITED federal government power. The EU will now get its just deserts. The Fourth Reich, led by Iron maiden Merkel, has now placed NON-ELECTED magistrates in power in Greece, in Italy, democracy slowly going down, in the EU, as the EU will now seek to control the spending of its members, in furtherance of totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people. Lets face it, WE THE PEOPLE, US/EU have been had. Next WWIII may come as the misdirective blame game. Maybe it has already begun, with Ukraine spinning out of control. Iran is reported on war alert, but keep your eye on the ball, the Price of Gold, which is the only true barometer of financial health, and thus intentionally suppressed by the US government.

This global suppression of democratic rights, and resulting killing of the people, is enabled by politicians, exercising their fascist POWERS OVER THE PEOPLE. Notwithstanding the suppression, Gold is naturally in parabolic rise, which must necessarily flow from uncertainty, read, potential demise of fiat paper money. Gold is traded as a commodity, but in reality, it is NOT A COMMODITY, because it is never used up as 99% of all gold ever mined is above ground. It is money, pure and simple, with no counter-party risk, the ultimate store of wealth and debt extinguisher. It rises in times of uncertainty, during unsound fiscal policies. The real fire works are still to come, when gold hits 4K$ 12K$ 34K$/oz, and the paper money implodes, because politicians cant help themselves to throw money at all problems, kick the can, and increasingly enslave the people to centralized totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people, increasingly so. So, please do tell us all why Central Banks around the world have turned from net sellers to net buyer of bullion, if all the fiat currency is so sound. Get a clue my friend. 

Its not a matter of IF, but when, and so they can only kick the can, down the road, as none will allow an implosion on their watch. BUT, no matter how hard they try, they can not solve a debt-insolvency problem, with more debt, nor create wealth by currency printing, nor will they allow the necessary deflation to take hold, to deleverage the financials, which is necessary, and the resulting global depression, and hence, their ONLY solution is to debase the currency as long as possible, with resulting inflation, of course, to reduce the real value of debt, but there is the rub, in so doing, currencies eventually collapse into hyperinflation, (loss of confidence), and the resulting global economic depression. THEY ARE TRAPPED, and they know it, and that is why the Central Banks are buying gold.

Our founding fathers knew the evils of the combination of printable money and political usurpation of sovereign states rights, and set forth a constitution based upon a limited federal government and real money coinage. But, the politicians threw that out, and the Supreme Court let them get away with it, because of their power trip over the people. 30 US states are hopelessly insolvent. US muni bond market will take a huge hit in the out years. 12 US states have real money bills pending in state capitals, to regain sovereign freedom from FED printing presses. THE REBELLION HAS BEGUN, to strike at the heart of the evil empire, the USSA, (Banksters, Supreme Court, and Pandering Political Machines), to recapture our constitution rights and freedoms from DC tyranny.

The republic is dead. Federalism of the republic is a thing of past. The US FLAG IS A FRAUD, there are no 50 sovereign states, they are all controlled by DC. Arizona cant even defend itself from the invading hoards. 50 stars should be replaced with one soviet red star. Call it like it is, not what they want you to believe. Today we live in the UNITED SOCIALISTIC STATES OF AMERICA
which has become AN EVIL EMPIRE, destroying the hearts and minds and dignity of the people.

THE MORAL HAZARD of socialism corrupts the people into voting for themselves rather than the good of the country. You make think it great, that people have given up their self respect and dignity, buying into the political pandering, vote for me, and Ill give you the goodies, but these singing sirens are the death knell to a strong, resilient society, that could face down any economic downturn. SOCIALISM, in its consequences is pure evil.

What you must first do is understand HUMAN NATURE. I want all the bananas, and I want to help my fellow man. Those are the drivers. We are what we are. The trick is to exploit that for maximum gain. If you base a society on individual effort/reward and individual charity, you have the most efficient and prosperous society, if you measure success based upon standards of living, income, and over all health. How many of you all have accepted federal government assistance when able to work? You have no shame, no self-respect, no self dignity. If you believe in socialism, you have condemn yourselves to life long pan handling, and have sold your souls to the political henchmen who will and have enslaved us all as tax mules or dependents.

Socialism fails upon its own absurdity, as rewarding unproductive act gets more unproductive act, in moral hazards, moral corruption, indignity, self disrespect, impoverishment, and enslavement. In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps. Of course, single motherhood is yet another consequence of the moral hazard, who needs a working husband when the state is there to back stop divorce, encouraging the same. Socialism can not be seriously defended, unless of course, you are a totalitarian politician, a bankster, or a pan handler. And what is so intellectually pathetic, is that these WALL STREET occupiers, blame the banks, and they are right to do so, but it was their vote that put the totalitarian fascist in power, through the contribution of these banksters, to cement the bankster control of government, through fiat paper money, and campaign contribution, to enslave them into impoverishment as wealth is transferred from the poor and middle classes to the top 1%. So, you see, they have only themselves to blame for selling their souls to these socialistic fascists.

Monetizing specific debt is quantitative easing, and buying toxic assets is qualitative easing, both used to remove burdensome debt and worthless assets from the market place, mostly the banks, and replace it with currency, in vain hopes of pumping up the economy, the heroin of choice, which has diminishing affects as more and more monetization occurs. Generically, its called money printing, which must go parabolic, less the ponzi scheme based upon irredeemable ponzie coupons, aka, the fiat paper dollar, crashes, and hence, the parabolic rise of the money supplies. There are hopes that, by stimulating the economy, through QE, we can grow out of this mess. Problem is that they have stimulated so much, over the last 50 years, that printing now has virtually no affects, other than to line the bankster pockets, debase currencies and lower the value of debt, but with the expecting and occurring implosion of all fiat paper moneys. When ever you have an explosion in credit, a credit bubble, collapse of the bubble will follow. And so, the world is in mess, and politicians and banksters will and can only select one option, less the world plunges immediately into that inevitable global depression, "on their watch", thus, QE to infinity, and the resulting implosion of the global fiat paper money complex, eventually returning to Gold/silver real honest hard money, baked into the cake, and they know it, AND THAT IS WHY THE CBs are buying gold. Gold and Silver money in hands FREES you from the banksters' printing presses, which robs mostly the middle class and poor every day of their lives through the INTENDED INFLATION.

There are five pillars of freedom: god, gold, guns, land, and vote. Gold will make a come back, as the currencies collapse. God will make a come back, as people search for answers. Vote will come back and stick. (Tea party won, but it did not matter, they still raised the debt limit, but people all over are learning what is going on, and will THROW THEM ALL OUT) Guns and Land will make a come back, as hard times forces those plays as well. It looks really bad now, but from the ashes of failed socialism, a rebirth will occur. And our freedom from government will be recaptured. But this recapture is just part of the ancient cycle between freedom and totalitarianism, and is completely expected. And through it all, these socialists stick to their guns, with the blame game in class warfare, when in reality, it is the very culture they promote that is the direct cause of their own problems, taking everyone, including the most productive, their last hope of the freebies, down with them, into social and political and bankster corruption. But they needed firstly Pandering Politicians, vote for me and Ill give you the goodies, (to cement fascist totalitarian political power to enslave us all as tax mules or dependents), enabled by the use fiat paper money and the resulting deficits and by a Corrupt Judiciary that has in fact trashed our constitution and founding father principles. And yet through it all, they maintain specious argument that we cant let single mothers and their children starve, yet it is the created expectation of government assistance that forms the reliance on the nanny state, and thus, life styles are adjusted to take advantage of the nanny state, thereby eliminating starvation as a tremendous motivator to be self reliant, and therein lies the trap, the moral hazard, that corrupts all. Social services should be at the state level and minimally include state clinics, kitchens, and shelters, with heavy reliance upon individual compassion. A chaotic collapse and adjustment can be had, with severe economic dislocations during transition by one simple act, by removing taxes on bullion coins.

Ever heard of LBJ's great society, aka "corrupt society"? You know, where unwed mothers pop them out like crazy, FOR THE PURPOSE, in part, OF GETTING MORE FEDERAL ASSISTANCE? And if they marry an income earner, they lose some assistance, and hence, the government promotes divorce and fatherless children. When governments through taxes penalize productiveness, society get less of it, and when government rewards unproductiveness, society gets more of it, as the bedrock principles of socialism, the inherent reaction of human nature. This is really pretty simple, actually. Socialism enables fascism and unearned wealth transfers. This is how you understand what is meant by TRANSFER OF WEALTH. Those holding paper assets will lose, and those holding hard assets will win, in the greatest transfer of wealth this world has ever witnessed. Gold has not changed for 15B years. It can not be made or printed. Gold is the denominator upon which all else truly measures. Within this outer control system, the inner system is the transfer of wealth from poor and middle classes to the top 1%. The totalitarians of DC have, by trashing our constitution, to pander votes for cementing political power, have fostered financial repression, rigged markets, moral hazards, and unearned wealth transfers. The DEMs/REPs have locked up the voting booth to sustain perpetual socialism and its inherent moral and economic decay.

Stackers are Monetarists, (gold and silver bugs) stacking bullion coins in advance of the economic collapse caused by kenysian money printing, trying to protect themselves as they understand the inevitable projections. Stackers Hope, and so, they are stackers, they are the engine, that pushes the metal prices every so higher, continuously, day after ground hog day, after ground hog day, creating the demand exceeding supply, from one manipulatory epoch to the next, the continuous rinse and wash of the specs seeing the demand, they get hungry for profit, and start to go long, the bullion banks ringing their hands, drooling at the mouth, in anticipation of yet another slaughter of the specs, immune from and miles above the law, and sure enough, prices spike, commitment numbers surge, and bullion banks getting wet, ready to front run signal their bro’s across the world, to get ready to, TAKE HER DOWN, and chi-ching the cash register yet again, in yet another cycle, and sure enough, there’s she blows the big one, zillions of paper contracts hit the crimex in a nanosecond when no one is around, the specs getting slaughtered, like who would have known, after 15 years doing the same ground hog day after ground hog day, as the stacker bugs get depressed from price, but suck it up, in defiance of the rigging, the lawlessness, the bankster driven recurrent sucking action, through undue influence over the politicians, blowing trumpets that they are TBTF TBTJ, as another Epoch hits the charts, the specs washed out, the bullion banks collecting the ill gotten gains, smoking a fat cigar with a cognac chasers, happy with their DC totalitarian socialistic fascism as the stackers stay firm in conviction, and buy more coins, and stack em high, to set up the specs, once again, as the criminal elite use the banksters to suck the peasants dry, through the political contributions and influence, so blame all this rigging on the gold bugs, for believing in honest markets, real hard honest money, which as we know, is just so 20th century, a mentality of a bygone great era, of that which once was, but dont tell the stackers, they are actually in practice, in conspiracy, and enabling the bullion banks to suck the specs dry, in recurrent fashion, and will continue to do so, until the ponzi scheme collapses, and all but the stackers are left in ruin, save of course that tiny 1%, the two real long term winners in this cyclic show of symbiotic back slapping in fact, though not in words, and so, you stackers, keep buying them coins, set up them specs, the bullion boys love you for it, and the 1% will always appreciate your convictions, your tenacity, your love of honest markets, honest money, the pipe dreams, and the republic that once was, until such time, of course, the implosion, the collapse, the reset, only hoping that from the ashes, we rediscover as a whole, freedom from government, constitution, republic, real money, honest markets, as there is always the prospect of hope for change.

USA FED Bank Financial Repression

The concept of financial repression may be difficult for most people to understand. A list of specific acts might help many in order to drive the concept home.

1) Monetary Inflation reduces the purchasing power over the long term. It is a form of mandatory Government Bail In. Taxes have hit the limit for forced taking by Government, so monetary inflation is used as a means to reduce the debt/GDP ratio, which is now at such an extreme level, that no amount of financial gimmickry will prevent economic implosion and stagnation. Savers and Workers who obtain and possess paper currency, the FRN, are effectively forced to Bail In, that is, bail out the government debt, through continued monetary inflation, which is an increase in the aggregate money supply, that is, printing money, as the FED Bank is doing now. Through monetary inflation, the real value of debt is decreased. Hence, target inflation, eg the FED 2% target, which is targeted Inflate and Rob, beyond taxes, so as to effectively, default on the debt while robbing the people in so doing, that is, to concurrently rob the people of the hard earned and saved value of their paper money.

2) By lowering interest rates, ZIRP, which destroy savings and resulting capital formation and resulting investment for long term prosperity, savers of FRN have to effectively stop saving, and are repressed to put saving in other instruments.

3) Through QE, to prefect monetary inflation, in combination with ZIRP, capital formation businesses, such as Funds, capital formation centers are forced to hunt for returns, and Equity Markets provide THE ONLY means, at great risk, to find returns, and thus money centers are financially repressed, with no option, but to divert capital into equity markets.

4) Through ZIRP and QE, there are effectively negative real rates of return, making BONDs a sure loser bet, but with government purchases of bonds, the price of bonds is maintain, though the negative real interest rates, by those holding US Bonds and Treasuries makes such investment a loser, causing a financial repression out of bonds and treasuring into other financial instruments.

Financial Repression is a tool used by government through the FED Bank to force upon the public loser financial instruments, so as to direct capital where FED BANK deems it desired providing a misallocation of investment dollars, concurrently robbing the people to reduce the burden of national debt . The problem with this approach is that the national debt is rising through fiscal deficit, with no long term success possible by the FED BANK. It is a holding game, while the banksters and greedster suck the people dry, which is the only real outcome of financial repression. The effective result is an over valued equity market, increased national debt, robbing of savers, destruction of real wages, economic implosion, decreased participation,  destruction of capital formation for proper allocation of investment funds, over valued bonds and treasuries, and an endless cycle of inflate and rob.

Financial repression is here to stay until a political party is capable of revamping the federal government, and that is most likely to occur only after severe economic implosion when the people finally wake up and throw the bums out. There are no more free markets, just interventions, price manipulations, and financial repression. The business cycle and economic law are been replaced by bankster policy and governmental immunity to sustain the political party power of the two major political parties enabling the banksters and greedsters to suck the people dry.  

The Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, had a great deal to say about gold, the fiscal cliff, stocks, and a collapsing sector.  Here is what Russell had in his latest report: “The US faces a one trillion dollar debt.  How will the US get the money to pay off this frightening deficit?  The Fed will buy mortgage-backed securities from the banks at the rate of $40 billion a month, thus re-liquifying the banks.  The banks will then spend the money on Treasury bonds.”

Odds are that these banks, being bailed out of their toxic MBSs will use the proceeds to buy US Treasuries, thus artificially suppressing yield curve, preventing the fiscal cliff, as some is bled off to pump up the stock market, artificially, as well as criminal activity of suppressing bullion prices on the COMEX for using monstrous naked short selling, eg JPManipulator, getting a pass by the CTFC, to give the appearance that the dollar is sound. That is the game, we know it well, nothing new there. Financial Repression it is. There are no more free markets, just interventions. Chris Powell GATA

Mr Russel, confirms the banks will buy US Treasury with proceeds from selling JUNK MBSs to the FED as part of its unlimited paper money printing. So, the FED bank make the devil's deal, we will buy your junk (and take financial possession of the USA real property), MBSs, but you will have to buy US Treasury, at 0.1%, to keep the yield curve low, so that BHO can lie with a straight face, THERE IS NO SHORT TERM PROBLEM. as Letterman and his kind, just suck it up. The number of foreclosures have been horrific in the US. You all aint seen nothing yet. Lets be honest. Working poor getting seriously butt hurt these days, need both trickle up and trickle down, to put upward pressure on low end wages. Both DEMs and REPs to blame.

Reality check. Wages are mostly paid by FMV. Trick of gov policy is to increase FMV of worker labor, so they get a sufficient wage for a day's work. DEM and REP policies have collectively decimated the low end wage, and many work hard, and cant eat or pay rent, and that is simply appalling. Economic laws provide feed back control. Border policy, FED policy, Trade policy have collectively functioned to decimate low end wages. Unless the federal gov does some serious rethinking, I fear riots and rebellion on main street, gun totters and DHS square off at econo sun down. 

There is created a prosperity v econo regulation curve, having a regulation continuum axis, on one end is communism on the other is capitalism, a lightly regulated capitalistic economy provides the maximum prosperity, the sweet spot, desired. Raw capitalism fails due to horizontal migration into monopolies requiring anti-trust break up. Communism fail due to inherent inefficiencies. Socialism fails based upon rewarding unproductive acts and penalizing productive acts. A lightly regulated economy using real money with honest price discovery, driven by economic laws, culling inefficient business, in recurrent cycles, is the optimum case being powered by the innate drivers of human beings having personal greed and individual charity.

Christian should not violate law, and should pay lawful taxes, but basing taxes on Christian faith rather than law compliance, is a total spin. Just like the catholic church supporting socialist regimes. Christ never taught collectivized taxes as a substitute for personal charity. It is one thing to be encouraged falsely under the guise of religion to voluntarily vote for tax enslavement, and another to comply with law under threat of imprisonment giving unto Cesar. Do you understand the difference? Biden equates christian charity with voting for enslavement and "paying unto Cesar" which is a total farcical spin. 

I can fully appreciate how many are totally upset at the financial elite sucking wealth from poor and middle classes, and resort to socialism as a desperate way to protect the poor. Its good intent. But the moral hazards of socialism corrupts all it touches, and is in the final analysis the wrong play to provide a level playing field with maximum distributed prosperity. The corruption of wall street run ramped, concentrating wealth in 1%, unduly influencing and controlling government functions. The fix is not tax enslavement or moral hazards, as socialism implodes based upon its own absurdity of rewarding unproductive and penalizing productive. The better play is to level the econo playing field, throwing the TBTF TBTJ criminal elite in jail and seizing their property for their financial crimes, and providing an economic system that rewards labor. The system is messed up, in crony capitalism, and neither the DEMs or REPs feeding on wall street corruption and contributions will do anything substantial about it. I will, in time.

The FED bankster goons have set interest rates to near zero, while inflation takes off, meaning negative interest rates, the means by which the WARLOCKs devour us all. Your best protection is gold in hand and strong sense of individualism. But only real hard metal, only the hard stuff, in hand. Mine shares IS PAPER, and ownership interest in DEEP STORAGE. Homestake mines increased I think 1300% during the Depression. Now why would that be? FDR confiscation of the people gold, resetting price from 23 to 35$/oz. So, FDR stole the people's gold, then devalued fiat money, and that is how these socialists steal from the people, and rob their wealth, all in the name of TAKE AND GIVE .... and the UNFAIR PLAYING FIELD.

It equates the WAR BONDs of 20th century, with recent calls by governments, to give them YOUR MONEY, as the PATRIOTIC thing to to do. Kind of remind me of VP saying its patriotic to pay taxes. They will never stop with the CON JOB. Here is another term, that you all should get use to. FINANCIAL REPRESSION, which is where the government, through force of law, and political insider corruption, force banks and folks, to effectively, buy bonds, and hold paper currencies, WHICH THEY INTENTIONALLY devalue (in order to reduce the value of debt, and thereby ENABLE YET MORE PAPER MONEY PRINTING and ergo, MORE SOCIALISM, to keep the ponze scheme going.

"If your bank/hedgefund/pensionFund, does not buy our bonds, we nationalize your bank, fund, and put you out of business". "If you dont save your currency (at zero percent interest) we will get you for it". By forcing people, banks, and funds to maintain the illusion of sound fiat money, they can kick the can down the road further still, in a grand THEFT of wealth, through NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES (interest rates 0.25 - inflation 3.25, for 3% negative rate) in order to STEAL from everyone, through money printing inflation (that they in turn falsely report).

ECONOMIC FINANCIAL REPRESSION done now a days, is in the form of PATRIOTISM. In other words, its patriotic to willingly let the governments ROB YOU. And guess what, the people, banks, and fund let them do it, WILLINGLY. YOU WONT GET THE TRUTH from our politicians, banksters, judges. They are in it together, to enslave you as the warlock feed you are. BUT, I do have a time machine. I will teach history, and what it means to be HUMAN, and INDIVIDUAL, standing up FOR FREEDOM from totalitarian socialistic fascist rule.

NOTE the unwillingness of members of the collective to individually help another. NOTE the lost of history and roots. NOTE the willingness to be devoured through FINANCIAL REPRESSION.

Bankster and Greedster Treasonous Bullion Sales

Central banks (Banksters eg the FED Bank) needing cash for any nefarious reasons, such as proping up the con that is the FRN, leases the people's gold to bullion banks (Greedsters, eg JPM) who then claim "clients funds" to sale bullion into the market, which gold bullion ends up treasonusly sold to China, as JPM conspires effectively with the FED Bank to treasonously sale the US People's gold to the Chinese. You Bet its treason. 

The MO has been to characterized over the last decade as the bullion banks flushing the long small specs using naked shorts. Small specs went short, is a leading indicator of the flush, meaning, bullion banks move the price up to rape the small specs. Set up appears in the making. Get ready for the flush, to the upside now with a COT flip. Profits are made, manipulating the price, preventing real price discovery, and honest markets, while flushing the small speculative chumps on the other side of the trade, as the hedge funds will get smoked, going short and thereby letting the bullion banks off the hook, flipping from short to long. But, the game remains the same, and that is flush the small speculators, burning the hedge funds, with the rigging game by the bullion banks of the gold cartel. 

The COT short/long ratio of the commercial (Bullion Bank Greedsters) has curiously been at 1.14 over the last two weeks. JPM may have went long, but other members of the gold cartel are still short. The 1.14 ratio is the play between short and long Bullion banks. When the small speculators are short, the long bullion banks flush, and when the small speculators are long, the short bullion banks flush, and that is a meat grinder. So, the new normal appears to be flush the small speculators when either long or short, but flush them all the same, and make the profit doe. JPM is just sharing the git, with other members of the gold cartel of the manipulation RICO racket. JPM is apparently sharing the git, with other members of the gold cartel. JPM took over from GS in 2009, going short while regularly flushing long small speculators, and in 2013, with a COT flip, is apparently sharing the git, but only on one of two sides of the price manipulative moves. So after the bullion banks smokes the shorts, who then go long, the bullion smoke the longs, and the price effectively stabilizes, see-saws, which the FED would like, so as not to expose the FRN con game.

So, if government seeks to confiscate the people's gold, in a government bail in, if and when the FED runs out because it cant get its gold back from the Chinese, as people confiscation would be mere by law and not door breaking, ala FDR, would not private piles of bullion be physically targeted. So, large private piles would be a most likely confiscation by enforced seizure. Are the private piles most likely stores of physically enforced gold bullion Government bail ins? You Bet.

Even If JPM gets physical bullion form central bankers, (and the FED is a private bank) but government extensions, as so-called"clients funds" for then dumping of such upon client orders, by JPM into  commercial markets, does not that source not absolve JPM from tortious interference by so dumping thus enabling civil court to enjoin JPM or any gold cartel bullion bank (aka greedster) from such dumping, and thereby defeat the practice of manage bullion prices, even if from a central bank? You Bet.

If JPM is a private bank, and found managing bullion prices by dumping hundreds of tons onto the market, by a civil court, would not a gun-toting state federal court under simple interference tort law be the best place to bring a law suit against JPM to enjoin JPM from interfering in commercial markets touching and concerning that gun-toting state, and all those in bullion possession or running a bullion service therein? You Bet.

The FED Bank chairman under oath, said Gold is not money. Perhaps that expert should read the US Constitution. Perhaps that expert should study US History, and the saying "It aint worth a continental". Perhaps that expert should not be leasing the country's gold to prop up that con which is the Irredeemable Ponzie Coupon, aka, the FRN, trillions of which are used by the politicians to enslave the people as tax mules or state dependents, so that the Banksters and Greedster can get obscene bonuses, while the two parties lock up the voting booth for sustained political power. 

The FED Bank Chairman, under oath, said that if interest rates would move back to normal levels, eg FED FUND at 4%, for creating capital for investment and prosperity, the economy would tank. HELLO, anyone getting it yet? Mean while ZIRP and QE are free cash to the Greedsters at tax payer expense. Thats, the people pay to have themselves enslaved. Tell me aint messed up, Voluntary Servitude. 

The FED Bank Chairman, under oath, said he don't understand gold. That is a cop out, yet he is an expert on the great depression when FDR confiscated the people's gold. Can anyone spell Liar Liar? 

Every Breath Bernanke Takes


Protoreptilians at the FED

Sitting before a monitor, with all kinds of bells and whistles, head phones on, hearing all systems go, yet then could not legally buy a beer, as rear elevon actuators were apparently online, in a moment of past glory, saying "check" loud and clear for all to hear, as concurrently, proto-reptilian B2-1a comes flying in, escorted by hot dogs of course, into apple valley, in a desert, with hot chicks, made complete sense, and life easy, but not so today, with inverted B2s, AHs with Raw Raw to boot, trying to newk into oblivion, as a gate keeper, paying homage as best able at the river styx, he now is relying on massive mope, with apparent autistic goldmen prognosticating altruistically lower pricing against the puppets to go short, with puppeteer pompous trumpeted overtones, foolishly believed as least by some, or most, and not just lightening up in troubled times, the 10% advisory rule thrown to wind, in desperation of course, with Gross-ly abundant insider information, and consequential 500 tons of paper gold, yet apparently glad the smart ones are still sucking up the physical, still existing or somehow otherwise, in an apparent shortage of supply, so keep stacking, which means that the smart ones are countering the FED's latest play, which apparently now is the final abandonment of long held rules or thumb, don’t fight the FED, of course, forcing majors to sell forward to juice the fruit pie at discounts, which of course answers the teeth grinding question, to some extent, where is it going, as if and of course giving nemesis access to forwards and tonnage, to continue the game remarkably forcing the expected COT flip, and hence the call of 2-3 days, yet forward supplies and down tonnage says otherwise, dazed and confused, projecting the long awaiting COT flip, and the now expected disorderly rise, recaptured, finally.

Common sensical pento beans must be passing gas again, alleged foolishly relying on old habits and traditional training, yet also smells the dark horse coming on fast, in current disbelief, with critical eyes toward absent backup of early insider wide-spread goldman autistic-altruistic calls, apparently having gone to law school, as well. Common sense says with the 10% advisory rule, fighting the fed, COT flip, lcs indicators, dazed and confused, that QE Zirp and Kaplop seems to have screwed things up, those totalitarian powers shifting eon sands apparently yet again, in an endless struggle, heralded by all, so keep on stacking. So, 10% advisories, fighting the FED prohibitions, forwarding bull sells, projected disorderly rises, foolish beliefs, makes absolute common sense for purportedly expected COT fipping, and physical actual shortages, being just dazed and confused, as the necessary precursor to those shifting sands in that endless struggle.

USA Treason by Bullion Banks

So, watching the wiggles for 13 years,  its seems that a new normal has yet again taken hold. This coincidentally matches the slower drain of gold from the GLD. hhhmmmm

Lets recall, for those who read books, that it was 60 years ago, that the British were in Burma, putting up a noble fight, or the US American Flying Tigers flying over the hump, when the Burma Road was closed, both coming to china's aide in their darkest hour. Americans Freed Eastern Europe from the Soviets, another noble effort born in freedom. Today, many a bug root for Russia and China to buy more bullion to make those prices go higher. And most here with their small stacks, are not truly world class players in the bullion space, and so, most conveniently root for the Russian and Chinese, to buy more bullion. Others have many gripe against the US Government, yours included, and yes, yours have rooted for the Russians and Chinese accumulations, out of child spite, or self centered greed, and greed is a natural human emotions, so yes, its all understandable. But lets be reminded that that is what makes Americans truly Americans, as is are willing to be loyal dissenters half the time. It is American, if your not your duty, to lambast the government for foul play, as many of you do, and that really is a good thing, because in the aggregate, supposedly, the government changes for the better. Their are others who have simply thrown in the towel, on that duty, and predict the totalitarian outcomes, without raising a finger against it. That seems to be screwed up, to be honest.

Any pea brain can figure out that with TART ZIRP QE to infinity, that the FRN will eventually go kaplop, and only a US gold hoard, that can be minted, will save the country from total anarchy. And so, to the extent that bullion is sold to the Russians or Chinese, it defeats that last ditch defense, and in some measure deemed treasonous.

Now China has a controlling communist party, and a controlled economy. And things dont happen there unless it is approved by the power players in China. We all know that OPEN arms China is trying to build a gold stock pile to rival the US, and figure that is upward of 3000 tons now as compared to the US reported 8000 tons.

And so, to the extend that US companies and THEIR sympathizers off load bullion to China destroying that last ditch Defense to total anarchy, one could argue that such is treasonous to the country. And all can justify their actions in many ways, such as, out of spite, or simple market action, for self centered greed, or inability to effect a change, to rationalize any state of mind.

But, over the last week, the china market has changed from a level price slow boat china to price crash going into London, indicating at least to one, that china has has entered into a conspiracy with US companies and bugs, to treasonously, destroy America's last ditch defense to total anarchy, when the FRN goes belly up. China crashes the price, US companies sell low, and later in day sale to china, as china dont care about price at this low level. There are many mixed currents felt by all, and rationales abound, but please search your own souls, as you may just get what you asked for. 

The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

USA Conspiracies

USA citizens are conflicted because they still have belief in founding father principles and the US Constitution, both of which have been high jacked by the Courts, the two main political parties, and Wall Street. So, what would you expect? As conflict grips the nation, stifled, there is a hue and cry, for those listening. You might be one of them screechers, or with ear muffs worn. Nonetheless, voices can still be heard, relatively.

CONSPIRACIES at the common law, so was told, repetitively, from black robed reapers and law school professors, bastardizing the constitution from a document of freemen rights, to a document of totalitarian enslavement, in self interest from convenient social interpretations, feeding those on the government take, after the centering of leftist political pandering, echoed loudly, regularly, in hellish devilish chambers, of higher education, with lighted candles, and sacrificial lambs speaking their minds, was a contract between a plurality of entities, for nefarious purposes, dropped at a hat, or simply out of helicopters, or just in passing, as we all should clearly know by now. Its a conspiracy, I tell you, its a conspiracy, may have been heavy handed, going for the hammer blow making points, which is not really fair to most in here, but, where discharged smoking guns, leave no doubts, doubting toms, lookieloos and trolls are more likely to join the chorus. But that is the in your face, clearly, caught you, where smoking guns and whistle blowers really do shine, leaving no doubts, but, there are a vast number of subtle conspiracies, void of powder burns, which, through years of study become overwhelmingly convincing from merely plausible. Take for example, highly intelligent foxes in the hen house on the sly, leaving no written words, or guns for that matter, but regularly conduct profitable herding using implicit illegal tacit understandings through years on the hunt, well practiced, just conducting business as usual, absent of mature vocal cords apparently, winks through bright lights surrounding the public vortex, nods infrequently seen in the camera's eye. Yes, these too are conspiracies. It is only cocsure apparently unproovalbes, that somebody is using the future markets, grossly naked, to flush others, profitably so, going on for years, and in our faces, despite the CFTC professed unawares, purportedly, only a hedge, where sought after position limits sooth screeching calls, without rocking the boat, for the TBTF giants, the CFTC is just being stuck between rocks and hard places, just being a tool using ear muffs, from those guns, where mere position limits, is the safe middle ground, thrown out of course by black robed reapers, in that totalitarian court, the focal point of the nation, where pointedly conflict grips and stifles. Keep up the hue and cries, becoming deafening of late, as 1%ers say ha ha ha, just keeping balance. Its kind of like an election, the loudest prevails, with tools in hand. Someday, perennial naked shorts will go solidly massive long, as screechers become intolerable, as the pendulum swings, which might just mine disaster happen, these days. So, until the clock chimes again, during this epoch, follow the bouncing ball, and as always, keep stacking, looking for guns, until righteous CDMA noises and screaming eagles are clearly heard in totalitarian DC and at the CFTC in the nanoelectromagnetic cosmic soup. Until then, just keep stacking.

USA FED JPM GS Conspiracy

In connection with TARP, the Paulson banksters gang raped the US Government, and came onto the executive, GW Bush, who was purportedly forced into TARP to save the Banksters and Greedsters of the Financial system. The Government does not want the FRN reserve currency to fail, so as to continue the inflationary robbing of the US people so as to sustain Government Military leverage and Totalitarian control over the people by the US Government through IRS income taxes and paper currency printing.

Bill Murphy of GATA hits a dead end regarding Fort Knot gold hoard, as it is a national secret and gold stores are not disclosed. With an opaque government, speculation runs wild, some beliving that the US gold hoard of 8000 tons has been sold or leased out. Derrick Michael Reid fingered China as the world secret buyer of Gold bullion on April fools 2009 on bloomberg with Ernie Low.

The FED accommodates the banksters with QE, bail outs, and ZIRP policies so that the banksters can borrow money free at US taxpayer expense to then be able to sell bullion naked short on the Comex, to make the irredeemable ponzi coupons, the FRNs appear stronger that it is. Eric Sprott indicates that supply and demand figures do not add up, and that the there must be another source of bullion for the greedster bullion banks to sale bullion, even if through naked short sells, the US and London gold hoards being the purported source as gold is shipped from west to east. JPM naked short sales on the Comex are used to manipulate the bullion market, using free paper currency through the FED ZIRP, to make the FRN look much better than it actually is, and JPM is rewarded by TBTF TBTJ status by the US Attorney General, so that JPM is able to acquire physical gold such as GLD gold through bullion price manipulation for profit sales on the Comex market and to through bullion sells to open arms China.

China central government may actually conspire with JPM to price manipulate the bullion space on the Comex so that JPM can then acquire physical bullion and sell it at a profit to China to take possession of physical through Honk Kong and the SGE. The FED engages in QE to infinity at taxpayer expense, and thus many project that the FRN will eventually fail, in hyperinflation, and thus, is motivated to help sell of bullion as the real money alternative to the FRN, so that bullion is acquired by JPM and low prices for sells to China and thus the FED and JPM are consider treasonous to the people of the US. If the FRN fails due to expected hyperinflation, a gold hoard would be necessary to reboot the economic system using money that all can trust. 

GS rallies members of the Gold Cartel to synchronously MOPE gold buyers, through bullion bank front running market signals and early FED press releases to special members so as to help sell bullion and manipulate the price of bullion lower, so as to gang sell paper bullion prices on the Comex to make profits and then sell acquired physical bullion to open arms china. Regularly, 100s of tons of paper gold derivative futures contracts are sold rapidly during illiquid times to crash the bid stack for force the price lower in clear bullion price manipulation on the NY Comex. The bullion banks can front run and stack orders as market electronic detection signals to other members of the Gold Cartel all racketeering to manipulate the price of bullion lower. Andrew Maquire discovered the market stacking detection signals, a smoking gun, and has been threatened so as to shut him up. Andrew Maquire takes the detection signaling method discovery to corrupt CTFC and the DC court to save his neck in a dead end procedure play.

FED engages in QE at taxpayer expense, to sustain the totalitarian control of the US Government, reward the banksters, tranfer wealth from 99% to the top 1%, with fiscal deficits as far as the eye can see, and with a national debt which will never be paid off, and is now completely unserviceable. US Government generates false and misleading BLS reports to pretend and extend US dominance and totalitarian controls over the US People.

The DNC and RNC are overt conspirators with the US Government to destroy the Republic and enslave the people of the US as tax mules and dependents, so as to vest all power in the totalitarian US Government, and retain their political futures, while the DNC and RNC lock up the voting booth through MOPE of the US people offering no effective vote at all, as both are effectively the same in practice. The judicial Bench is corrupted by congressional political totalitarians of the DNC and RNC, allowing the US Federal Government to have Plenary Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Power over the US People, so as to sustain the Military Power control over the world and the totalitarian control over the US people by the US Government.  The totalitarian control by the US Government is based upon IRS paper taxes and printing of FED money, the two primary tools used by the US Government to sustain totalitarian control over the people. US Paper currency printing is a ponzie scheme, the FRN is an irredeemable note, as a con game fraud upon the FRN holders world wide.

Banksters of the gold cartel comply with all trading laws and criminal statutes and are thus untouchable under TBTF and TBTJ at law actions before the king's judicial bench granting the Federal Government Plenary power. JPM has paid fines repetitively over the last two decades and are in fact a de facto crime syndicate. JPM is in bed with the US Government to manipulate the Comex bullion paper price and to treasonously sell bullion to China, and, so as to enslave the people of worlds by the US Government. The FED is acting treasonous against the people of America. Bullion surfacing in the EU suggests that FDR 1933 confiscated gold is being released in the EU, suggesting the FED has been selling its gold hoards to sustain totalitarian control of the US Government. The FED is lending, leasing, and selling GOLD hoards to the bullion banks IMF to go as much Naked short as JPM wants on the Comex to profit to make the FRN look better than the ponzi fraud that it is so as to sustain the totalitarians in the US Government. JPM manipulates the paper price of bullion gold and silver on the Comex to create any technical analysis pattern JPM wishes with the overt blessings of the US Government. The Greedster Mob Boss, JPM, and the governmental puppeteer GS are controlling the government with immunity from the US Government, including the NSA and CIA, supported through the FED bank, the Wall Street Banksters and the Wall Street Law Firms. 

DERRICK MICHAEL REID is playing the trump card on the FED led house of cards, and declares his candidacy for US Presidency in 2016, to take down the totalitarians in DC, to destroy the FRN control means and switch IRS taxes to pay-and-forget consumption based sell taxes so as to end totalitarian controls over the people by the US Government, the FED, the Greedster Mob Boss, the puppeteer GS. It may be life or death, actually, as assassination by the NY hoodies could be in play.

FED GS JPM DOJ Government Corruption

When Banks and Government effectively combine in a corruption cycle, it becomes fascism, of our Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist DC. GS is a government puppeteer and JPM is a RICO crime organization, public enemies #1 #2 controlling the US government and congress, through campaign contribution and bastardizing the US constitution through political appointments, geared mostly to transferring wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. 

Veneer of Justice

FED Reserve Corruption

The size and the breadth of what JPM has settled is prima facie convincing evidence that JPM is a RICO crime organization. 

JPMorgan agreed to pay $2.6 billion to victims of the Madoff fraud. 

JP Morgan’s $13 Billion settlement over its sale before the financial crisis of mortgaged backed securities was the largest settlement ever between the U.S. government and a U.S. corporation.

Dec. 4, 2013 — $110 million (€80 million) – As part of a settlement between the EU and six banks, J.P. Morgan agreed to settle for its alleged role in the maipulation of the Japanese yen version of Libor in 2007. 

Nov. 19, 2013 – $13 billion – J.P. Morgan settled civil claims with federal and state agencies over its underwriting practices and its sale of mortgages before the financial crisis, as well as what was sold by Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. $4 billion of the settlement was set aside for distressed homeowners. The bank admitted to deceiving investors about the quality of its mortgage underwriting.

Nov. 15, 2013 — $4.5 billion — The bank paid $4.5 billion to a groud of 21 institutional investors including BlackRock and Allianz SE to settle losses from mortgage-backed securities that J.P. Morgan sold them before the crisis.

October 16, 2013 — $100 million — The bank paid the CFTC to settle charges related to its so-called London Whale trades.

Sept. 19, 2013 — $920 million – In settlements with the OCC, the SEC, the Fed and the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority, J.P. Morgan agreed to pay a total of $920 million to settle all claims about its management and oversight of traders involved in the London Whale debacle. The bank also admitted wrongdoing in the matter, a trade that cost the bank more than $6 billion.

Sept. 19, 2013 — $389 million – The bank paid $80 million in fines and refunded $309 million to credit-card customers to settle regulators’ charges that it harmed consumers by allegedly making errors in hundreds of thousands of debt-collection lawsuits and leading more than two million credit-card customers to buy services they didn’t want.

July 2013 — $410 million – FERC alleged J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corp. traders gamed rules that help set the cost of electricity in California and the Midwest with 12 manipulative trading schemes starting in 2010. The DOJ is now investigating the claims. The $410 million included a $285 million fine and the bank agreed to give back $125 million in profits.

January 2013 — $1.8 billion – In two separate agreements, the bank contributed $1.8 billion to the nationwide bank settlement on allegations the banks improperly carried out foreclosures during the housing crisis, including employing so-called robo-signers. The bank also agreed to contribute $3.7 billion in aid to troubled homeowners and nearly $540 million in refinancing. The first part was reached in a nationwide settlement in February 2012.

November 2012 — $269.9 million – The bank settled with the SEC over the creation and underwriting of mortgage-backed securities.

August 2012 — $1.2 billion – The bank disclosed in a filing its share of a broad settlement over interchange allegations against the banks and Visa and Mastercard.

All in all, JP Morgan was fined $35,241,500,000 in a three-and-a-half year period 2012-2014. GS got bailout of course. The crime and government fascism wont stop. The banksters have congress in their pockets, use extortion directly against the DOJ debilitating government enforcement of criminal laws, all under FED complicity, support, protection and tacit approval, to further its crimes against the US and the American people, to steal by wealth transfers from the people and rig all markets for illicit gains. It wont stop. Attorney General Holter simply gave up even trying, and resigned. JPM, Citi and BoA have massive derivatives, the losses upon which, in the event of a modest interest rate change, and credit default swaps exposure, will allow the banks to seize customer deposits, under Dodd-Frank, with FDIC totally deficient in reserves, to further steal the last bit of savings Americans have in bank accounts. 

Black Sabbath.mp4

Cyprus, Conditioned Totalitarianism

It appears that Cyprus is a victory for the troika, and the totalitarian New World Order. In 1913 1916 when FED bank, FRN, and IRS were formed, the promises where small, only 5% tax on only the wealthy, and gold certificates, we followed that by 110 years of socialistic political pandering. Back then, at the turn of the 20th century, the people would not have allowed FIAT MONEY, THE WELFARE STATE, THE TOTALITARIAN CONTROL, but then came FDR's raw deal, LBJ's corrupt society, and Bush-BHO bankster socialism, and 110 years of socialistic pandering, vote for me, and I will give you the goodies. My dear friends, what you are seeing in cyprus is CONDITIONING of the willingly enslaved pigs, to accept another mode of concentrated power, and the pigs will accept it, as SOP, in time. Cyprus is but a point on the continuum toward ever increasing global totalitarianism. And it appears, from recent reports, the tit suckers are lining up to do normal business. Sure, the confiscation of bank deposits, is at first shocking, then rationalized for the common good, and then accepted. Thus, folks like Sinclair on KingWorldNews are viewing this from their perspective, and not from the masses at large. Sure the masses will complain, at first, then willingly walk to the government prison, for another free lunch. We are not close to capitulation by the New World Order, in fact, one could argue that Cyprus is in reality another feather in the totalitarian cap. They will print, gold/silver will do well, but we are no where close to a mass collapse of the totalitarian power structure, and only the strong will survive this, what seems to be, an endless road.

But, keep the faith, some day, all hell will break loose, and the totalitarian empires will implode, but until the 10 year and fed fund go back to 4%, they are in control of our pathetic tails, and the only way to retain self respect, is to pick us some freedom, gold and silver coinage, and just give them the big one, and tell DC to go to the bad place.

US will confiscate Private Bullion Hoards

Why not? FDR set the precedent. Cyprus proves that no one's savings are safe, the rule of law throw out the window to keep the banks afloat, the citizens be damned.

So, lets take a look at the heavies. Sprott has his Canadian Au Ag funds, safe storage of the fund lot, and you can buy a share, at a known location. Turk and Egon profess safe storage, and they give the fed's the address, and keep records of individual names, AND GIVE THE WORLD, their vault locations, generally. And what is to stop government from seizing the vaults of private bullion. If its allocated, that merely gives the gestapo direct line of sight to the allocated holders.  If they would simply snatch bank accounts, what makes THE MATTERHORN VAULT any safer than a Cypriot central bank? Oh yeah guys, build a big pile of bullion, (at the common law, an attractive nuisance), store it in a central city location, publicize it,  give out every freakin vault address, keep good records of the private individuals, and try to survive, under totalitarian regimes.

Reality check. It is probably allot better than a bank deposit box, or merely cash in a bank account, but now that the Black-Cat is out of the GRAB-BAG, lets take a second look and the real security of GOLD MONEY. DHS has armor vehicles, and a billion rounds. What does Turk have, ... the force of law .... alla Cyprus. Bitcoin even more dubious.  You know things are bad, when Turk is on the street, with an AK47, defending his client's piles, in the face of 3000 Armour vehicles.

What is the difference? The ability to enforce a law, be it made up on the spot, or not. It is much easier to confiscate bank accounts by mere computer entry, a little more difficult to roll up 3000 armor cars (especially when mine resistance) to load up bullion from a big hoard, in one go, for the politburo coffers, and an impossibility to bust down every freaking door throughout the land, with loose cannons behind every door. 

Push come shove, my money is on the trained thugs, armor vehicles, rocket launchers, and total totalitarian confiscation, to enforce any fascist rule, no matter what, and banks and large public private hoards, are really just as good on the get, but when it comes to joe-six-pack, defending hearth and home, things can get really dicey. Stuff the mattress, barricade the front door, lock and load, and post the sign. Enter at your own risk. Long live the 2nd amendment, that protects us from government tyranny!!!

Gold confiscation, if any, would be only large stock piles, and not the individual homes with respective front door break downs by the federals, particularly DHS with armored cars and billions of rounds, with desperate people with guns defending their life long little treasures, in a 100,000,000 points of hot flashes, but that, totalitarianism is a possible political outcome, and with that, anything is possible.

OReilly Factor Cant Find Solutions

Poor Bill is desperately trying to find solutions for Republicans to champion for a change in national direction. The problem is, Bill, Im happy to report, its WAY TO LATE. WW-FDR-LBJ-BHO and their leftest panhandlers have drove the US into ruin with leftist pandering. The amount of paper printing, (not just US but world wide) is so pervasive, in the competitive devaluations, that as of today alone, 15,000$/oz gold and $1000/oz silver is already BAKED INTO THE CAKE, and because these pandering politicians cant stop pandering, BUYING VOTES, the deficits will not stop, until there is hyper-inflation and the resulting crash of global fiat paper currencies, including the US Dollar, (that irredeemable ponzi coupon, being printed, in the trillions, as far as the eye can see, exponentiating so). This of course means that, over time, the 15K$ and 1000$/oz figures will also, exponentiate higher over time, as the paper money is destroyed to TOTALLY ZERO VALUE by over printing buying votes. Simply put:  IRS + FIATCurrency + Socialism = INEVITABLE DISASTERS or sustain enslaved mediocrity in perpetuity and loss of freedom from government, enslaved as tax mules or dependents. 

Bill with his TRITE little HIGH GASOLINE PRICES, or to high taxes, or slight over-reaching in socialization, is just simply down in the noise, in the big picture. Bill, every fiat currency that has been controlled by politicians, have always ended up in the dumpster with the economy following right behind. You cant stop the tax-and-spend politicians, DEMs and REPs, unless you shoot them. :)

Wake up folks. Global depression, deleveraging of fiancials, exlosion of 2000T$ of OTC derivatives, paper money and extreme taxes, make the implosion INEVITABLE. That is the reason Im happy, because in the ruins of our great national economy, when people REALLY start looking for answers, OUR FREEDOM will necessarily come back as THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE. 

Bill, sorry dude, you dont get it yet, and neither a republican or a democrat can stop the implosion. Now if you want solutions. Dear Bill, TRY READING THE US CONSTITUTION, you know the stuff about Gold/Silver legal currency to keep governments honest, a REPUBLIC OF STATES, where social program at the federal level are abolished. The solutions are RIGHT THERE MY DEAR BILL, right in front of you, just look down into that trash basket, and pull it out, and take a peek.

Abolish the FED bank, return to Gold/Silver coinage legal tender, abolish all federal social programs, have 1 federal consumption tax, 1 state property tax, and then we will have CONTINUE PROSPERITY as far as the eye can see, and we will all regain our constitutional freedoms from government. Mark my words, dear Bill, this IS our future ruination and then a recapture of our founding father freedoms. 

TAX and SPEND, INFLATE and ROB, TAKE and GIVE, INCENTIVIZE and CONTROL, SOCIALIZE or CORRUPT, VOTE em OUT, OR TAKE EM OUT, for a free lunch. Its time the people rose up, those American believing in limited government and freedom from government, and over-throw that elitist pandering in DC. 50,000,000 of my countrymen are on food stamps, 200,000,000 have their bank accounts spied on, and if you dont think that is absolutely appalling, then you will probably vote again for the totalitarian socialistic fascist in the White House, for 4 more years of decadent degradation of American history, culture, tradition, and important, FREEDOM.

BHO is the Social Furher of 1920s Berlin, promoting everything that is inherently counter-productive in government, enslavement of people in a decadent, anything goes society. Hitler, backed by the Bavarian conservatives, used the decadence godlessness of 1920s Berlin to help gain control. When anything goes, societies collapse, and eventually end in ruination. From greedy leveraged finacials, counterfitted money, degraded morals, the DNC, with RNC in close tow, have totally destroyed this once proud, great, self-reliant and FREE country. Sorry Bill, your public display of consternation, on minor manners, to show a real difference between the DNC and RNC, is laughable, if not pathetic in its focus.

HERE IS THE GOVERNMENT SPIN: FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists, WASHINGTON | Mon Feb 6, 2012 7:21pm EST. (Reuters) - Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday. These extremists, sometimes known as "sovereign citizens," believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference. The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard.
Routine encounters with police can turn violent "at the drop of a hat," said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI's counterterrorism division. "We thought it was important to increase the visibility of the threat with state and local law enforcement," he said. In May 2010, two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers were shot and killed in an argument that developed after they pulled over a "sovereign citizen" in traffic. Last year, an extremist in Texas opened fire on a police officer during a traffic stop. The officer was not hit. Legal convictions of such extremists, mostly for white-collar crimes such as fraud, have increased from 10 in 2009 to 18 each in 2010 and 2011, FBI agents said. "We are being inundated right now with requests for training from state and local law enforcement on sovereign-related matters," said Casey Carty, an FBI supervisory special agent.
FBI agents said they do not have a tally of people who consider themselves "sovereign citizens." J.J. MacNab, a former tax and insurance expert who is an analyst covering the sovereign movement, has estimated that it has about 100,000 members.
Sovereign members often express particular outrage at tax collection, putting Internal Revenue Service employees at risk."

Yeah, in modern America, it is extreme, to want your freedom back. It is the depraved enslaving combination of WW's IRS and Paper Money, and FDR/LBJ/BHO socialism that is the root of government totalitarianism enslaving the people as tax mules or enslaved dependents. Its extreme to follow the constitution, gold/silver money, and a republic of states. Yeah, That's extreme. They are so intellectually focused on sustaining the power concentration in DC, that they are blind to enslavement of people, and actually think, its just great. We "extremists" (more accurately called Reactionalists) are not ANTI-GOVERNMENT, (that is the government spin and lie here), we are capitalists, traditionalists, god-fearing individualists, constitutionalists, freedom lovers who are ANTI-TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC FASCIST government.

There are millions now who are enslaved and disillusioned with the US Government. NATURALLY SO, who want their freedoms constantly taken away, and enslaved by government. Wanting to be free from GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION, (and spending 75% of your adult working life for the government in paying taxes) is oppression and enslavement. Now, the liberal police forces, are mobilizing in fear, AND THEY SHOULD BE. But, local police mobilization is only the first step.
I have predicted that we will see US ARMY TANKS on Whilshire Blvd LA, when the US GOV is forced to cut back the hand outs.

Mr O finally got there, "Vital Interest" is the measure of federal funding. The US is a debunked republic because pandering politicians cement their political power throwing out the bread, in our TOTALITARIAN SOCIALIST FASCIST DEMOCRACY where such pandering has lead to the de facto bankruptcy of the US. It was all very obvious to me many years ago, and Im glad that Mr. Bill OReilly, after struggling with the scope of federal funding, FINALLY GOT THERE with the same conclusion as your truly. SOCIAL SERVICES (beyond national pandemics, and natural catastrophes) are not VITAL to the maintenance of the REPUBLIC.

Our founding fathers knew the evils of paper fiat money and the enslaving taxes, and brought forth upon this continent a new form of government, a democratic REPUBLIC of STATES, each of which reserving unto themselves the rights to legislate in the area of social services, be it marriages, contracts, or social services. Over the last 110 years, the pandering politicians have convinced the people that the federal government should provide for their needs, and in so doing, make tax slaves and dependents out of all of us. The entire welfare state of the federal government is neither helpful to Americans, nor with a basis in law, but is the fabrication of pandering politicians to cement their political power, using printable money, and not gold/silver money, and using enslaving tax laws to perfect their enslavement and dependency of us all. Following the democrats to their logical conclusion, there is nothing the federal cant usurped to deny the states their REPUBLIC rights of self determination under local laws. The Republicans are not only a farce, in spending cuts, as 1.5% reduction is really no cut at all, and but a betrayer to the Tea Partiers, who gave their all to set the nation on the correct path. Both parties are to blame. Im glad there is at least one American, who has come to the correct standard, per the constitution of the US, and our inherent right of freedom from government, and that is, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT should only spend where it is VITAL to the US government under its enumerated constitutional rights. Bill made my day last night in the Talking Points, where you indicated the Federal Government should only fund VITAL INTERESTS, that being the should-be standard for all spending.

Cashless Society

Why does the FED want a cashless Society? Because its necessary for US NIRP to protect the banking financial system. FED want money in banks, to have citizens “bail-in” the banks. People wont deposit if they can have cash in hand. Why take cash in hand and put it into a bank for a forced bail in to lose money. So, to perfect financial repression of NIRP enforced bail in, cash must be removed from society. We dont make it there. People will rise up. System implode before US NIRP enforced bail ins.

Remove cash from circulation and require all legal tender to be deposited in banks, is a cashless society. Governments are calling for a cashless society. Larry Summers is calling for a cashless society, SO THAT, government and banks can steal peoples money in banks to bail the banks out, which stems from DODD-FRANK fascism. In the art, its called a BAIL-IN. The trial run was Cyprus, now an EU/US fascist central bank policy, to directly take folks money out of accounts, to bail out the banksters. Another aspect of a cashless society, is that it enables privacy invasions, massively so, to monitor all money flows. Totalitarians wont stop trying to control people in all regards. Another aspect of a cashless society, is that it forces, by financial repression, money in banks to lose value, at ZIRP/NIRP to force people to either lose money and purchasing value in banks, OR, chase high-risk investments seeking a return, eg, DOW stock investments, and so, a cashless society financially represses people into investments that the government thinks is best for the folks. The taking of money by Bail INs, or devalued by NIRP, is gov theft of people money, another form of taxation (like O-Care). Cashless Society means: 1) Forced Bank Bail Outs; 2) Massive privacy invasions; 3) financial repression; and 4) more taxation, collectively a totalitarian socialistic fascist government dream come true.  Totalitarian socialistic fascist DC wont ever stop increasing totalitarian controls, theft, taxes, and bankster bail outs.