Totalitarian Enslavement

USA Enslavement by Totalitarian Tools

In order for the US Government to enslave the people as tax mules or state dependents, there were necessarily four attacks upon American Freedoms, and they were: 1916 Income Taxes to create tax mules and enable the great tax-and-spend, inflate-and-rob, take-and-give, incentivize-and-control and socialize-and-corrupt; 1913 Federal Reserve System to destroy constitution gold and silver coinage money of personal freedom that was replaced with irredeemable ponzie coupons and tokens; 1935 FDR's Raw Deal and LBJ's corrupt society with  Absolute Plenary Power with Equal Protection for Anything to transform America's freedoms into decadent socialism; and finally, 2013 BHO DHS with enforced Health care with FED's ZIRP and QE so that Banksters and Greedsters can rig markets, while the USSA Procures Armor Tanks to ensure lock down and enslavement of the people. It took 100 years of political pandering doown the payed road, but we got there, while the Senate and House spend their time buying nanny granny votes which time now has become effectively meaningless and dysfunctional, while the politician-in-chief arms the police state jamming socialism, legalization and homosexuality down America's throat, while the supreme courts lets the DEMs and REPs get away with enslaving us all. There is now no turning back, unless a freedom lover is elected president who can right the ship of state, and that will most likely come about, unfortunately after economic collapse, civil war, totalitarian lock down, or rebellion. I can change that outcome, and do it quick.

President Putin-Russia and the USSA-Socialist-In-Chief

Putin warned the US about falling into socialism, in the USSA. Putin kept the federation from flying apart as did Lincoln. Putin black flagged Chennia, USSA is on the run. Lincoln put folks in prison, Putin shot reporters and rigged elections, but both preserved the union. Reps complain about voter fraud and Putin rigs elections. MSM controls the media and back the socialist-in-Chief, Putin suppresses the press. We glorify homosexuals and decadent life styles, and their orientations, Putin locks them up. Putin put oligarchs in jail, the FED allows greedster to rig markets. Greedsters unduly control the USSA government, Putin is the de facto Czar of Russia. Putin is buying gold, the USSA is printing paper. Putin is rebuilding churches, USSA burns them down. Putin stops USSA adoptions and grant sex holidays to build the work force, we have a falling participation rate and the DEMs and Court and REPs now all support gay marriages. USSA has 225 years of democracy, Russia has 25 years. Russia is use to strong man rule with 600 years of czars and Russians are very tolerant of strong man rule, the USSA rejects it. Putin has built an energy empire rivaling OPEC, and the US has declining manufacturing.  The neo-cons face off Putin everywhere, rather than allowing free competition and working with him. Russia is historically an Eastern European power, but it seems Putin could teach Alex de Tocqueville a thing or two about how to run an empire.

Pandered Totalitarianism

So how do you sum up the catastrophe of pandered totalitarian socialistic fascism emanating from DC enslaving us all as either IRS mules or dependents? "Fiat monetary financed politically-pandered state socialism eventually implodes from the weight of its own inefficient counter-productive over-promised absurdity." Will you all get a clue? Do you all realize that today, The Governments pay you to quit your job, get injured on the job, retire, get sick, get injured, not work, not feed yourself, not clothes yourself, not house yourself, inter alia, while penalizing you to work, build property, profit, produced capital gains, inter. alia. Tell me that aint messed up. And the folks wonder why DC cant control spending. And the folks cant understand why the whole financial complex will implode. And the folks wonder why the US has reduced manufacturing, reduced prosperity, and hoards of folks, (many illegal) on the government tits, willingly so, having NO self respect. Tell me that aint messed up.
Since 1913 to finally today, the government went commie pinko on us. WW was right, HE RUINED THE COUNTRY. That is when we turned left, and took the PAVED ROAD. But why get violent? The whole system is imploding, anyway, as THERE IS NO WAY they are going to keep 2000T$ of derivatives from crashing fiat currencies, or keep the banksters and fund mob bosses from shorting the dollar to oblivion. Everyone talks about Greece, but the US deficits are the 600 pound gorilla on the world stage.. Just give it a few more years, and this tax and spend immorality will stop cold through negative feedback. Done Deal. No other way out. Global default and monetary collapses with reign supreme. When we finally run out of other people's money.
 USA squeeze in inevitable Vice Grip

Out of Control Spending, Federal/State defaults pending, FED bank printing trillions, more entitlements being proposed. Bernake warns that ballooning debt will cause a federal default. Tea Partiers are up in arms over ever increasing taxes. The US is caught in a vice grip, unable to find its roots in real money and limited government. Consequently, the people are enslaved as either IRS mules or dependents in vicious cycles of tax and spend, take and give, inflate and rob, incentivize and control, and socialize and corrupt. That SOCIALIST in charge proposes even more entitlement, and the DEMs line up for the pandered votes from the people to cement political control, as the REPs do the white wash on counter proposal, way to little and way to late. The country simply lacks the will to return to self-reliance as the corner stone of Americana prosperity. In stead we enslave ourselves to generation of tax and spend, in moral corruption and national bankruptcy.

Obama's war on capitalism knows no limits. When do socialists not war on capitalism? With the 99% 1% divide, wall street greed controlling government, in desperation, socialists try to dismantle capitalism. One might think that its all socialists fault. Maybe if TBTF TBTJ wall street greedsters are jailed, capitalism would come back. Socialists in desperation to help the poor and low end wage earners resort to the only means available. Its noble, but the wrong play. Socialism fails based on absurdity rewarding the unproductive and penalizing the productive, and enslaving all as tax mule and state dependents. The Corruption conduit wallstreet-FED-government, the greedsters get a pass, and suck the low end dry with government sanctioned wealth transfer, of QE and ZIRP.

The trick is lightly regulated capitalism, and throwing the wall street market manipulators in jail, and thus for distributive prosperity. Capitalism was trashed in 1913 with FED, and fully exploited by wall street, giving rise to socialism, because GOV is FAIL. WW FED bank, FDR raw deal, LBJ corrupt society, BHO bankster socialism, fiat ponzi coupon, market intervention, is totalitarian.

The Constitution, Republic, Money, Markets have ALL BEEN TRASHED by two pandering political machines vying for political power. The DEM are the proposer and REP (cave-in party) are the enabler, no real difference. It has taken 100 years of political pandering to butt hurt the country, both DEMs & REPs are culprits. Today, power is increasingly centralized in totalitarian socialistic fascist DC of the evil empire. So, dont blame it all on the socialists, they are just trying to protect the poor, misguided, but noble in intent.


The purpose of gold suppression is to maintain governmental totalitarian control over the people. Gold suppression using fiat paper money started in the 1950s. The US ban on gold ownership until the 70s, was the most extreme form of gold suppression. Americans will eventually understand that FREEDOM has 5 pillars, GOD (to think as you wish) GOLD (to hold valued money that is free from printing presses) GUNS (to slay totalitarian governments trying to enslave you) LAND (to live as you wish) VOTE (to control government). All the pillars of FREEDOM are under attack by the totalitarians in control in government. Inflation is a way to TAX the people, to vest more power in totalitarian control. And in order to prefect the same, all 3 branches of government must be compromised, and hence, the court allowing unlimited government and paper money trashing the constitution, the DEMs and REPs are virtually the same destroying the VOTE, LAND is regulated, and the president is nothing more that the dictator and politician in chief, for the party, of the party, and by the party. Its all about destroying FREEDOM in the end, to vest and cement party power in government over the people. Connect the biggest of dots, and you will understand the comprehensive whole. 

So, I was watching OReilly, the no spin guy, and he had on Ms Kurstin Powers, a dem liberal, talking about Obamacare, and Bill suggests delaying implementation, and Powers comes back with that THE MANDATE will provide the funding, and Im thinking, this is the land of the free, why is the government giving the people marching mandate orders? These totalitarian pigs wont stop trying to enslave the people.

I love my country 

I love my country, annually celebrating freedom from totalitarian fascism, with old glory proudly waving, whilst singing, oh say can you see, in the land of the free and the brave. I love my declaration, of revolutionary independent freedom, sought by those self reliant god-fearing citizens, who bravely carried arms against totalitarian enslavement and the suppression of human liberties. I love my constitution, prescribing real and honest gold and silver money, putting forever uncontrollable fiat money in its grave, for maintaining honest markets and noble industrial chieftains operating under a limited federal government of enumerated powers for reserving unto the many states and their respective citizens, sovereign powers of independence from totalitarian fascist rule. I love my republic, of reserved local rights for effective management of local government through local debate and varied interests placing the many states in comparison to each other for optimal governmental efficiencies throughout the land.  I despise that pandering government in DC, having trashed all my loves, through a century of leftist political pandering and interpretations of plain language rendering freedom words in permanent ink now absolutely meaningless, having collectively turned my fellow citizens into socialistic tax mules and state dependents, under the thumb of that totalitarian socialistic fascist evil empire.


Sitting back, I look at human nature and its dictates that most want security and are willing to save a bit here and there for their golden years, the kids' college, or maybe, that once in a life time vacation. What ever it may be, human nature is to hoard on one hand, yet show compassion at times in charitable concern for our fellow citizens at other times.

Income taxes not only destroy motivations to earn, but is the power to destroy the hopes and dreams of many hard working folks and particularly small business owners, I know, I was busted by the IRS thugs, and it aint pretty, effectively deemed a tax cheat. Sound familiar BHO administration?

Well, I know how they feel, when they say, that it was just an accounting mistake, or the tax was overlooked, innocently of course, and such like. My eyes roll, when I hear such things, as if there was no desire to minimize tax liabilities, stretch the meaning of a legitimate deduction, to protect as much as possible, one's hard earned income. I submit, deep down, all Americans are tax cheats, if not in deeds, in communal spiritual desires. It is of course the duplicity of the billionaire socialist who indicates that taxes should be raised to help the socialization agenda, while the same billionaire does not fork it up, and give, voluntarily. So, we are left with a tax regime that destroys businesses, destroys motivations to earn, which then cripples employment as well as destroy the means to give charitably, as a triple on going blow to our hearts, as the government seems to think it can provide charity better than our churches, temples, mosques, and public charities or state governments. So, the federal government, through its income tax regime, is one evil tool to destroy the hearts of the people, unable to save, unable to give, unable to prosper to one own desires and potential. It is UNAMERICAN!!!

The tax lawyers, the tax accountants, and the IRS thugs, surely have a great racket going on, playing upon a corruptive income tax code, contrary to human nature, and hence, lead us all into tax problems time and time again, SO THAT THEY become powerfully employed, as the lawyers and accountants get rich off the backs of the folks doing what is inherently natural to them. These parasites prey upon our human nature, to our disadvantage. String em up and hang em high!

But there is more sinister, a more evil, a more contemptuous aspect of the IRS income tax regime, and that is, the ever present weight of threat of imprisonment by our own government for failure to pay income taxes. We all live in a state of fear, where the government has a gun to our head, demanding we pay income taxes to the DC elitist totalitarians so they can socialize and corrupt our society the way they deem fit, through that power of taxation, and if you don’t fully play ball, you go to jail, and this done IN THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE, and in the presence of and contrary to our human nature desiring to save, recreate, and give as we the people deem fit to use our hard earned dollars.

The social fascists want to take your money and spend it the way THEY DEEM FIT, and hence, require all to comply with their social agenda whether we like it or not, and hence, TOTALITARIAN FASCISM, and we have no choice but to march in lock step with all into the warlock caverns of cannibalized ruination, and perpetual enslavement under Ramsey' whip. Americans live in perpetual fear of and enslavement by the DC totalitarians. This must be stopped. We are a free people, free from the dynasty of kings and tyrants, oppressive commie-fascist police states, or at least, we should be, but then, I wonder how many New Englanders really will, LIVE FREE OR DIE. Not many, I suppose, full of enslaved cowards and socialists.

Surely the government needs tax resources, as this can not be denied, and surely, much work of the federal government is good and noble, such as defending the nation, well kind of, as the border is still open to any illegal DNC card carrying immigrant in large measure, and such as maintaining a nation wide highway and national infrastructure, or least should maintain it, though, such funds are diverted to the socialization corruption and hence our infrastructure unfortunately takes second seat. Our federal tax dollars are unfortunately used more to enslave us through dependency or as IRS mules, rather than on inherent FEDERAL responsibilities.

So, the federal income tax destroys motivations to earn, destroys abilities to give charitably, destroys our business, is misused to enslave us all, and is sinister its in application, by and large, rendering us effectively tax cheats and the cowardly enslaved with tax code guns to our heads living in daily fear of big brother seizures of our property and incarceration of ourselves and friends. As your president, I will seek to change that.

I propose that the tax system be over hauled, with the Federal government taxing CONSUMPTION like a national sales tax, and taxing inheritance for the ultra-rich, and reserving unto the many states respective property taxes as each state desires under states rights. America, please join me, and help me help us all, live our lives without fear of Ramsey's whip.

So, Firstly, when you go into a store and buy your goods, you have to pay a sales tax, now something like 8.5% in California, or when you buy your gas, you pay the gas tax, right then and there. You pay sales tax then and there, and walk away, and forget about taxes due and the thugs looking over your shoulder all the time for sales taxes. Hence, no one is threatening you every day of your life with prison for not paying that sales tax, as it was paid at the point of sale. I walk away with goods in hand, and in freedom of the sale tax collectors. In so doing, we as a nation reduce the number of IRS thugs, and the lawyer-accountant parasitic monopolization of payment responsibility, an added plus. Further still, in this world of diminishing resources, the focus should be on optimization of resource utilization, and not on business destruction or corrupting socialization. I call for the federal income tax to be replaced by a national sales tax, so we can all LIVE IN REAL FREEDOM from the IRS thugs.

Secondly, the several states have of course in rem jurisdiction over property within the respective state borders, and hence, can fund state projects, welfare, liberal arts, as each state deem fits under state rights. When any one state increases its state property taxes, that puts pressures on business and people, the response to which can be to relocate as desired, and hence, there would be competition between the many states for cost effective state tax collection so as to optimize state tax utilization, a good thing.

Thirdly, I would also propose a national inheritance tax on the ultra-rich, say the top 5%, enabled and collected through the states, already equipped for such collection to do the same. Lets face it, when you die, and then inheritance taxes are collected from your estate, you do not live in fear of the tax collector, as you are dead. This form of inheritance tax should be massively progressive to some extent. The main purpose is not to feed the federal government with tax revenues, but rather to prevent the corruption of government by the ultra-rich. We do need rich captains of industry to build plants and factories, to put us lower income people to work, with good and sustained jobs. However, other captains are more evil and destructive to American traditions. American Billionaire socialists, funding obscene organizations, are either grossly misguided or the devil incarnate, as the jury is still out, but their wealth should not be used to extend their one-man one-vote influence upon our society or our government. American banksters selling weapons of mass financial destruction, 2000T$ of financial derivatives, cause market crashes, wiping out middle America, resulting in a massive wealth transfer of their homes to the banks, and through obscene bankster bonuses, as wealth transfers from the common people to the banksters, as they get their multimillion dollar bonuses, and get rich on the back of us foreclosed home owners, and, further still, the global banksters get bailed out by our government, effectively transferring wealth out of the US to international banksters sucking us Americans dry, while planting their representatives in jobs throughout the government, peddling influence and corruption from within our own government.

Hence, there is a need to limit the influence of the ultra-rich, and as such, a progressive inheritance tax on the ultra-rich to protect the government and the people from the self-centered abuses of the ultra-rich, so that, power in this country remains with the federal government and the people, and the several state governments, free in large measure from undue influence of the commie-socialists and the banksters.

Americans, lets kill the income tax, and free us all. Kill the capital gains tax, and let captains of industry fuel a great revival on US enterprise, and let the several states have their constitutional states rights to enact law and regulate state welfare, social services, marriages, fire, police, etc. as they deem fit. In so doing, our tax dollars are more wisely used, and we will no longer live in fear of government. FREE AGAIN, FREE AGAIN, PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY, WE ALL WILL BE FREE AGAIN.

Totalitarianism leads to Civil War

As I can only speak to California, being a resident, as there appears to be growing dark shadows over both coasts, that if change and direction is not had, the totalitarians in control may go to far, in the USA, and force upon us all, civil war and blood shed, for anyone with a reasonable mind who can project into the future, must see the inevitable clash between the police state and freedom lovers. Some people have already had enough, and have taken to violence. One man in Texas actually flew his plane into an IRS building, apparently no longer wanting to be a tax mule for the totalitarians in DC. The question is, who is really at fault, the guy who snapped, or was it IRS thuggery? Is an accumulative taking of 70% just to much. Does the labor participation rate have even further to fall? The USA police state has called freedom lovers now "extremists" and enacted laws to where mere speech is criminal and imprisonalble, be it in a state run concentration camp or a county metal hospital, in which both, drugs are freely administered to sedate the so called unruly, who might have expressed undesirable free speech. 

The legal community, and the politicians are basically in bed together, into the control freak thing, being inherent cowards that they are, unwilling to let the people just rock and roll within actionable acts outside of criminal violence. The 9th circuit, and California legislatures are out of control, and are simply obscene with their rules, regulations, and opinions, to coward the people, to march in lock step to their brand of totalitarian rule.

However, there is a thing called prosecutory discretion where the police state, armed with plenty of statues from the totalitarians, decide when to and when not to, actually prosecute, and incarcerate, and it is this discretion where, totalitarianism and freedom hang by a thread in the balance. They can not arrest everyone, so they must pick and choose. The cant throw everyone in concentration camps, so they must pick and choose. They cant tax everyone into financial ruination, for who would feed them. The cant enslave everyone with the hand outs, as someone must produce. They can however make examples of any free thinker, to coward nearly all, and the totalitarians in control have done a very good job at that. The contest is really between populace cowardice and bravery, in the land of the supposed free and brave. These totalitarians will stop at nothing to take away our guns, thoughts, and speech. The second amendment has nothing to do with criminal violence or hunting, but only to enable gun possession so that totalitarianism does not run out of the control, as armed brave people is the last ditch defense of freedom. Totalitarianism and Freedom hang by a thread in the balance. If totalitarianism is not stopped, more people will snap, and that will eventually lead to more violence, armed revolt, civil war, and blood shed. Totalitarianism must be stopped now civilly by the election process, before we reach the point of no return. I stand for nonviolent freedom of gun possession, thought and speech, as our founding fathers sought and as the plain language of the US Constitution prescribed.




Propaganda Spin Bias and MOPE

No wonder the electorate is very confused these days. They are pounded with fraudulent Government statistics yet they instinctively know something is horribly wrong with the economy, as crisis after crisis is played out, from bail-outs to bail-ins, from collapsing labor participation and loss of manufacturing jobs. The Government attempts to rally support for foreign regime changes, when there is no direct immanent threat upon the United States from foreign militarism. The government neocon and new world order propaganda includes painting Russia and China as enemies, to barbarous middle each countries, to rally the country for military interventions. International terrorism is a threat, but largely confined to the middle east in distal lands. The people know that the NSA is phone tapping, the CIA is web site trolling, FBI is camera surveiling, the IRS is bank monitoring, and realize that our totalitarian socialistic fascist government in DC is grossly invading their privacy, as DHS procures 1000s of tanks and billions of rounds, for crowd control. The two pandering political machines saturate the air waves with pandering spin and nice sound bites, that excite prejudices, yet the country is locked in stalemate and degeneration, with effectively no real practical difference between the two pandering political machines, nor the implementation of long term solution. The MSM and their New World Order elitist controlling are inherently biased pumping out directing propaganda to form public opinion. The FED, banksters, greedster and financial elitists MOPE (management of perspective economics) inundate the financial commentary with deceitful falsehoods, to mold buying and financial repressive investment patterns for the benefits of the top 1% only, while the 99% are misdirected as their wealth is transferred to the top 1%. Most common folks dont have the time or skills to really figure it all out, and fully appreciate the extent to which they are led into adopting positions contrary to best interest of the people, but that is exactly what one would expect from a totalitarian socialistic fascist national government. 

Despite all of the alternative media outlets, most Americans are largely uninformed. They see the market go up, hear the fraudulent government statistics, yet the economy is stagnant at best, despite deficit stimulus of 7T$ over the past six years. They do not comprehend that the markets are all manipulated and rigged, as price manipulation produces a lack of price discovery for determining fair market value. A lack of price discover is irreparable harm to all and particularly to people wanting fair markets. The Americans are subject to a host of undue influences from the US government, the media, and controlling top 1% in the country. 

The rightist political machine offers up sound bites but merely proposing band aids that really do not solve anything significant. Little do the people with conservative orientations know that the Republican Party is a farcical cave in party. The leftist political machine is not only duplicitous but absolutely ridiculous. "Dont feed the sea gulls, they become dependent", San Clemente Pier, Leftist California, with suitable bird droppings thereon. Little do the Americans know that the banksters and Greedsters and Wall Street TBTF TBTJ banks play both sides of the street, hedging their bets, to lock in undue influence over the both the Right and Left Pandering Political Machines and all government functions. 

There is no hope for solving the systemic problems, with both pandering political machines merely seeking political power, solving nothing, as the nation slides into social chaos soon to be anarchy and economic ruination soon to be devastation, so as to concentrate more wealth and power in the top 1% now unduly controlling all government functions. MOPE is the management of prospective economics. In the political dimension, MOPE is often referred to as propaganda. Oh my, dont we all love the DNC and RNC presidential electioneering extravaganzas? The political parties are mind screwing the people. The DNC and RNC are propaganda shows for elitist political power puppeteers, banksters, and greedsters.

But political parties pretend to extend and concerns are brought upon the people, playing of prejudices, yet are not fundamental to solving systemic problems, as political misdirectives are played upon the people. The white rabbits have been herded into signing up for all them affirmative-action special-study tax-funded minority classes at the University of California. Finally, the white rabbits will have their own place on campus, now that they are minorities, which classes start this fall, at your local University of California totalitarian socialistic lecture halls, that will re-indoctrinate all them sick racist white rabbits, who must forget and turn from American Culture, Freedom, Americana, waiving the US flag, on American soil whilst giving up continental American traditional foods. They need to be taught to give it all back, Alaska to the Russians, Louisiana back to France, California Arizona New Mexico and Texas back to the Mexico, New England back to England, Florida back to Spain, the Dakotas to the American Indians, whilst the US imports illegals so we can all speak proper Spanish and seek Shiria laws, importing Jihadists so we can blow it all up and start anew, along with throat slitters to cull the unwilling to give up freedom, so all them imperial racist white rabbits can huddle together on three mile island as our soldiers over the many years have die in vain to protect the country and our freedoms. 

In the song White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane, at the midpoint of this song is the phase "If you go chasing Rabbits, you will fall" suggesting here that the minority dog pile on them Racist White Rabbits, will fail, as it should, by those who have no clue. "Remember what the dormouse said: feed your head, feed your head". One impression may be to use drugs to "feed your brain". The other interpretation here is the re-engineering of USA voting heads, to feed their brains, to re-engineer their thinking, back to American founding father roots. All political content speech is a form of MOPE, but it seems that such, as now contemplated, is a reactionary educational form of MOPE consistent with founding father principals. MOPE it is, but the goal is freedom, conservation and higher standards of living, rather than totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement offered by the two major pandering political machines. Hence, this kind of MOPE is good MOPE, from one perspective, in restoring Americana Greatness, the Constitution, the Republic, honest real money, honest price-discovery markets, for providing sustained peace and prosperity. So, MOPE can be good or bad, based on your objectives and perspectives, of course. Ants and cowards will seek the safety of totalitarian socialistic fascist rule under the controlling hand of the top 1% unduly influencing the DNC, RNC and all government functions. Individual humanism of freedom lovers will generally fight for freedom. Political evolution is in play here, in the world of MOPE, but there is at least one who seeks through honest MOPE, to speak the truth and restore American Greatness. Question remains for the American electorate, is that, in the current Americana Matrix with blue and red pills of the two pandering political machines feeding your heads falsehoods, pander and propaganda, will Americans now follow a dormouse and really want to seek the truth and real solutions implemented by a five hatter having a computer brain necessary for the job of restoring Americana Greatness?

DEM and REP Presidential candidates are either:
1) DECEITFUL (they know problems but pretend their band aids will work);
2) CORRUPT (they know problems but bankster money bribes them not to cure);
3) INCOMPETENT (they know problems but dont know how to fix them); or
4) IGNORANT (they dont even know what the problems really are, and merely pander bases).
5) IDEOLOGUE (They dont care about the problems or the Constitution, and will install ideological laws)
6) PANDERER  (They dont care about problems or the Constitution, and will pander any vote possible)

The Pandering Methods are clear:
1) Vote Buying Pandering: Vote for me, and not for the USA, and I will give you the government goodies and hand outs.
2) Meaningless Pandering: Sound goods, warms the heart, mobilizes bases, but has no plan for accomplishing result.
3) Band Aid Pandering: Offering a plan that will not work to solve major problems and has no real effect upon the US.