Totalitarian Economic Ruination
100 year Slide into Economic Ruination

As the USA continues its 100 year long slide, since the creation of the Federal Reserve System (FED), into economic ruination and totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement of Americans, the USA economic social complex now sits at the precipice of economic implosion and societal collapse, as the combined components of the U.S.S.A. evil empire, comprising 1) unchecked Judicial fiat of the Supreme Court, 2) bankster greed of undue influence over the federal government and politicians, and 3) the two pandering political machines promising largess to selfishly cement political power, have worked their devastating immorality upon our Constitution, Republic, Money, Economy and Social Cohesive Strength on this once proud and noble country, The United States of America. Below is presented here a graphical narrative with comments to explain this 100 year march to totalitarian Economic Ruination. 


The Federal Reserve System

When President Woodrow Wilson admitted he ruin the country by the creation of the FED, the country was using gold and silver real money having no counter-party risk and of intrinsic value, as one of the five pillars of freedom, the FED took the country on a money ruination scheme, from real gold and silver money coinage, to gold and silver certificates, to Federal Reserve Notes, and finally in 1963 to debased coinage. Modernly, the FRN is an irredeemable ponzi coupon, that aint worth a continental, having only inherent value bases upon threat of imprisonment for tax evasion, along with the debase coinage that are now mere monetary tokens. The FED, in order to feed the insatiable demands of pandering politicians to cement political power, effectively buying votes, created FRN coupons in equivalence to the minted tokens, by merely printing FRNs at will as the politicians desired. As the national debt has risen, driven by pandering political demands, the FED has printed more and more FRNs, to where now, the national debt is unserviceable. The country is insolvent, with full faith and credit a farce, and no five year fiscal plan will save the monetary system, as the problem now is insolvency, not fiscal balance. The debt level is now beyond the point of no return guaranteeing QE printing to infinity until implosion as hyperinflation will eventually grip the nation.  Like all ponzi schemes, the money printing can only go so far, until the FRN ponzi coupons collapse in inherent value, resulting in economic implosion, nation wide riots, and street gun fights with DHS.  The marriage of wall street to the US government, through FED policies, renders the US government a fascist government, with politicians eagerly looking forward to campaign contributions, kick backs and effective bribes. 

The FED has utterly destroyed the value of the Dollar, once a proud noble real honest money, all could trust, based upon intrinsic value. As the FED converted the US monetary units from real gold and silver money of intrinsic value to FRN irredeemable ponzie coupons of no intrinsic value, it opened up a corruption conduit from the wall street banksters, through the FED, to the US government, to where, banks get free ZIRP FRN currency, at tax payer expense, to rig markets as Corporate CEO buy back shares to pocket profits on stock options, while causing necessarily monetary inflation, thereby collectively fleecing the poor and middle classes of wealth transferred to the top 1% financial elitists, as wealth is concentrated in the top 1% and as totalitarian power and centralized control is consolidated in DC.

As the first titanic earthquake hit the financial banking sector in 2008, the FED engaged in TARP TWIST ZIRP QE1 QE2 QE3, to kick the financial can down the road, to forestall economic calamity a few years more, as none of the politicians want implosion on their watch, that necessary reforms would have brought. Consequently, the banking financial sector is multiples worse off today in mid 2015 than in 2008. Nothing was solved. In order to give the appearance of sound financing, GAAP principles were abandoned from mark-to-market to mark-to-what-ever-is-needed-to-pretend, as the FOMC FED ESF combined to rig all markets to support the appearance of sound markets and financing.

The FED is fighting a losing battle, trying to keep the financial markets afloat, main street long ago forsaken. FED led round robin QE, in 1930s style of beggar thy neighbor, in the current global currency war, is now totally out of control, with the EU and Japan on a printing beige, with most other large economies following close behind. The FED has targeted inflation at 2%, meaning a 2% rate of inflation theft of people's hard earned wages and savings, to reduced the real value of the national debt through targeted inflation. This 1950 styles approach to debt management, that functions to concentrate totalitarian power in DC, is no longer effective and viable. Deficit spending now can not function as stimulus as the debt burden is to high. The FED can not create wealth by printing ponzi coupons. The FED is trapped. If the FED raises interest rates, the economy implodes. If the FED engages in more QE, the FRN collapses resulting in hyperinflation, resulting in economic collapse. If the government cuts back its deficit spending, the economy collapses. The totalitarian monetary ponzi scheme has reach the end game. Fiat currency, judicial fiat, police state, and taxes are the four primary means of enforcing totalitarian enslaving control over the people, during FED led robbery of the people. Fiat currency has reach implosion dynamics to where no amount of taxes and police state marshal law will save the FRN from inevitable collapse.

Manipulation, Trade Deficits, Immigration

Gold and Silver, besides being true money, and not a currency, have intrinsic value that functions as a barometers of financial health. In order for the FED to give the appearance of a sound fiat currency, the FED enables the gold cartel, a collection of bullion banks, led by mob boss JPM to suppress the paper currency value of gold and silver on the exchanges, by dumping paper futures contracts on the exchanges. Through regular manipulations of the gold and silver paper future prices on the exchanges by naked short dumping of future contracts, the gold cartel does the FED bidding as well as rigs and manipulates the bullion market for recurring elicit gains. No seller trying to maximize sells prices would dump huge numbers of contracts in a micro-second to destroy the bid stack, and drop the price lower. This real money manipulation is done to maintain the illusion of a sound FRN dollar, while manipulating paper future prices for illicit gains. 

The Ross Perot sucking sound is heard loud and clear, if not deafening, as the 50 billion dollar in monthly foreign welfare is delivered to the likes of China, thereby devastating US manufacturing jobs, the real engine of wealth creation, while suppressing labor wages, to where modernly, the low end wager earner in the US can not afford to buy food or pay rent, placing more and more Americans on government largess, enslaved and trapped as state dependents under totalitarian control, well suited for maintaining voting blocks for cementing leftist political power. Socialists, seeing the wealth transfers to the top 1%, with wages plummeting, in desperation, seek socialistic redistribution of wealth through government edict. Current trade deals are a farce, surrendering US sovereignty and sapping economic strength, as free and fair trade is anything but, unless also balanced, which it is clearly not.  

And if FED led corrupt transfer of wealth to the top 1% and the trade deficit imbalance decimating good jobs and manufacturing, were not enough, the border remain open for more unskilled laborers to enter the US labor market suppressing low end wages even further. The democrats wont close the border pandering the Latino vote, and the Republicans wont allow paths to citizenship pandering the US nationalist vote, thereby cementing respective voting blocks and locking in political power, such that, the immigration problem will not be solved, and wages suppressed continuously, for putting more and more people  onto government assistance, to lock in the low end voting block for even more largess, in a classic example, of open loop totalitarianism, with ever increasing centralization of political soviet-style control in DC.

As we look around the globe, the US and Japan lead the world indebtedness, both once proud manufacturing countries with balance of trade surpluses. Modernly, US, Japan and EU lead in the currency wars, forcing other countries into the same, in attempts to retain currency stabilization to preserve economic viability, but in the end, leads all nations on earth into a spiraling down of economic activity and economic ruination. Just like the 1930s beggar thy neighbor with trade tariffs, leading to global power plays to offset economic downturns, the world is poised for conflict and war. The FED, by creating the FRN, has induced boom and busts, from the roaring 1920s to the depression of the 1930s, to WWII, effectively indirectly killing 40 million people world wide. Geopolitically, the current administration is totally lost, with the US state department totally inept, without a comprehensive guiding noble foreign policy, leading to repeated failures, as in Ukraine and ISIS containment, leading to a cold war standoff with Russia in the dombas and the Chinese in the South China Sea, and operating with a propensity to solve world problems at gun point and military interventions, while surrendering initiatives to Iran leading to a nuclear umbrella over the gulf states, and the increasing potential for nuclear war. 

The Baltic Dry Ice index is a global index indicating global trade which is currently tanking, with no end in sight, as the world spirals out of control into global devastation which usually leads to war, now placing 500 million at risk of global war and slaughter.

China Bullion Silk Road

China and Russia understand the end game to FRN dollar hegemony in the presence of FRN currency debasement of the FRN global reserve currency, and they, understandably so, want to protect themselves from the irresponsibility of the western central banks. China and Russia are buying gold hand over fist, as only gold and silver can be used to reboot a failed fiat currency regime and the global fiat currency complex, as gold and silver have successfully proven 600 times before during the ascent of man, as each prior fiat currency has eventually failed due to government over printing for totalitarian controls over the people, as is currently happening today. In addition to stock piling gold reserves for the inevitable reset higher in gold price, free from the Gold Cartel manipulating naked-short paper futures, and needed to prevent anarchy in the streets as the fiat currencies fail, they are also creating new trade routes, international funding banks, international development banks, currency swap facilities, and currency transfer systems, in preparation for IMF SWIFT FRN collapses, as a means of protecting their respective countries, people, and industries.   

The US purportedly has 8000 tons of gold, though Rep. Ron Paul can not force an independent audit of the US gold reserves, which reserves are also purportedly leased out 100 times over, yet are indispensable as the last ditch defense to total anarchy in the streets without a trusted medium of exchange, beside lead bullets, when, not if, the FRN collapses. China also seeks just economic representation for participation in the IMF SDR currency, and estimates are that the PBOC is approaching 8000 tons of gold on par with the US, as the Chinese economy surpasses the US as the world largest economy, with the largest gold reserve being now the worlds number one gold producer.  

Collapsing Economy

The US official unemployment number is about 6%, which has required, not base on actual good paying jobs, but on recalculating formulas, to make the government appear to be creating private sector jobs, which it is not. Even the U-6 calculation of 11% unemployed is deemed by some to be extremely low, putting the real current unemployment rate at 23%, a depression level, when using older means of computing the same.  Discouraged workers who have given up even looking for a job are not included.  

An unemployment rate of 23% is more realistic when viewed against a crashing labor participation rate. Despite 7T$ of so called stimulus spending by the government, the labor rate is crashing, as the BLS creates phantom jobs based upon guesses at birth-death rates of small business. The government, in a full-court press, manages economic perceptions through misleading government statistics, for if the real truth was known, the people would rise up against the totalitarian socialistic fascists in DC. 

While the government may pretend a 6% unemployment rate, what jobs that have been created are menial and part time, and do not offer workers a real chance to buy adequate food, pay for decent housing, or start a family. Labor and particularly low end workers have been absolutely crushed by FED led government policies. 

The FED led policy of rewarding wall street and government politicians at the expense of workers, the poor, and the middle class can not be understated, as printing of FRN paper currency can not and does not create wealth, and does not put monetary value in the pockets of the working poor. 

Despite technology improvements and resulting increases in productivity, working wages have remained stagnant over the last 40 years, with no end in sight as the financial elite rape the poor and middle class, suppressing economic activity and wages, by concentrating wealth in the top 1%

Young couples can not afford to get married and raise a family in a home as a result of FED led policies transferring wealth to the top 1%, breaking the hearts of many young Americans who see no viable future in starting conventional healthy families. Drug use, suicides, disease, crime and hopelessness are on the rise. 

The banks and corporations do not spend the free ZIRP money to loan to new business or to spend on capital expenditures, but rather hoard cash, and use such for stock market gambling and rigging and share buy back. The FED led policy of QE ZIRP benefits mostly wall street and the financial elite, and not main street.  

As is apparent, the money in banks is rising, but no one is spending, loaning, or buying, as the economy stagnants, raising hopelessness, particular in the inner cities, as social strife breaks out with demonstrations, protest and riots. 

Normal production of goods are not being sold, as inventories rise, that must necessarily cause future production cut backs, leading to more loss of jobs and economic viability. A comprehensive view of indicators, indicate an Autumn economic implosion and resulting street riots across America. 

Wealth Transfer

With economic stagnation over the last 7 years, the DOW falsely suggests a robust economy and that recovery is underway. The rise of the DOW can only be understood when realizing the effect of FED policies, transferring wealth from the poor and middle classes to the top 1%. Mom and pop are out of the stock market, having been decimated by it 7 years ago, as tanking ratings for CNBC clearly indicate. There is no price discovery in any markets. As Chris Powell of GATA once famously said, "There are no more markets, just interventions". The FED FOMC ESF operate collectively to pump up the DOW stock nominal prices to give the appearance only of a sound economy, as the DC politicians effectively deceive the American people that all is well. 

The top 1%, as enriched by the FED, sustaining the corrupt conduit from wall street to DC, are doing very well indeed. Their income sky rockets, as the remaining 99% are left with a stagnant economy and wages destroying the hearts of nearly all Americans enslaves as tax mules and dependents, as the two pandering political machines cement political power. 

The US middle class, the most productive class the world has ever seen, has been decimated, and now in the US a shrinking minority, as food stamps and unemployed skyrocket, as the US manufacturing base has been destroyed, while wealth concentrates in the top 1%. The Republican and Democrat corrupt pandering political mismanagement of the US can not be understated.

But the slide into totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement is not a new phenomenon, but has been going on for 100 years, since the creation of the FED and the concentration of power in DC over Americans. There is no end in sight, save two possibilities. The first possible outcome is the inevitable economic implosion and social chaos, from which, is risen a possible new birth, back to Constitution, Republic, Honest Money, Free Markets, rather than totalitarian marshal law imposed by DHS. The second possibility is that the one called "Silver Surfers" of wins the US presidency away from the two pandering political machines, under the Libertarian Party banner, thereby enabling the execution and implementation of a comprehensive integrated sweeping plan to rapidly fix embedded systemic corrupting systems and practices of the US Federal Government.  

DOW Theory Divergence 

Tops Dow tops, and is June 2015, are viewed as bullish, when confirmed by the Dow Transportation. During the first six months of 2015, the Transports have been Diverging, which is bearish. This suggest the DOW transport, fuel by QE and financial repression has topped out. 

COMEX GOLD disappearing. The GLD is bleeding Gold down 50% in holding to 700 tons. Some suspect it is being shipped to Switerland, for refinement into 9999 kilo bars for the SGE enroute to PBoC has China, the world's number one gold producers, buys all it can get its hands on. Rumors have surfaced that the FED, 6-12-15, bailed out the COMEX with a gold infusion to keep the COMEX futures market in gold from blowing up. Totalitarian DC, be it the congress controlled by the two pandering political machines, the supreme political machine, and the politician in chief, has enslaved Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, for transferring wealth form the people to the elite money interest and sustaining pandered political power. 


    The Green Shoots!!
  There are no more markets, just Interventions. Chris Powell GATA

  ESF rigging currency market. FOMC rigging stock market. FED rigging Bond market. 

FED is following the Script

The Federal Reserve System is printing like there is no tomorrow. Of course, the banksters (Wall Street Banks) and the greedster (Wall Street Bullion Bank) are making out like bandits, that they are, but one must use the tools at hand to accomplished the result. The political area is locked up into totalitarian rule, led by BHO, REID and PELOSI, to pander socialism and totalitarianism to the people, using the manipulative "poor me" routine, often used by my 2nd grader when mama aint playing ball. But that is the political reality facing the Federal Reserve system. Nonetheless, the Federal Reserve System is following the script to perfection. Next up, is restoring the Republic. Here are some comments for your understanding.

In the event of an intentional or unintentional collapse of fiat moneys, the USA and her Anglo sisters would certainly survive a global fiat collapse better than most. While wars are often used to place an aggressor nation above others in power, control, influence, and wealth, the current progress of human cultural evolution is to avoid wars were possible and cooperate together for the common good. It seems then, that an alternative to war has been found, this time around, as the Anglo world could do the same by placing itself as the financial rulers of the world in a globalized world economy, in a war free global community, without firing a shot, by simply collapsing the FRN through uncontrolled fiat money printing while retaining backup real gold and silver coinage sustained production.

With TARP, ZIRP and QE, resulting in the inevitable collapse of FRN, with US Minted bullion gold and silver coinage, the last ditch defense to total anarchy in the US, the Greedsters sell for profit to China, which is, on its surface, darn right treason, but apparently treason is ok, and they get a pass from the US Government, while the US secretly is keeping enough bullion at home, for the long term purpose.

The Fed is setting the stage for the collapse of the FRN, while the centralized political power in DC is in lock up with national debt and fiscal debt under the totalitarians in control, while the Greedstes are committing facial treason in support, and get a pass from the Attorney General, and its working out apparently according to plan. Next we must end Bankster and Greedster undue influences, restore the republic and eliminate the national debt, while changing the IRS code to a consumption based tax regime, to free all Americans from Government and conserve national resources.

The socialistic totalitarian tools are the IRS code penalizing income and prosperity, and paper money that is a fraud and that aint worth a continental, the later is in process of going down, the former would take political will to accomplish, to free all Americans from absurd socialistic totalitarian rule under control by the Government now in political lock up unable to resolve the stalemate.

I seek to change the IRS code, destroy the FRN, destroy undue influences, eliminate the national debt, and restore the Republic, to free Americans from totalitarian centralized control by the US Government. I can and will do exactly that with collective support.

Do real money believers root for the FED to trash paper money, and hence, create the greatest transfer of wealth to real money as the real money believers stack gold and silver US Minted coins awaiting for the monetary reset, or do real money believers complain about ZIRP QE as damn foolish  while the real money believers stack gold and silver US minted coins like crazy for the best sure-play long term profit game around while waiting for the collapse? Or is rooting and complaining, really exactly the same thing, -180 = +180 but being more honest about it all? Yours tend to like honesty. So, let all hear it for the FED as being damn foolish, check that, absolutely brilliant! 

Status Report end of 2015

From Andy Hoffman at Franklin Miles

  1. WTI Crude falls to $34.50/bbl – Storage bulging, heading to $20/bbl
  2. OPEC members in jeopardy – How long can they hold out? (many members’ “fiscal break-evens” are around $100/bbl)
  3. Something strange taking place in the Middle Atlantic Ocean – Oil-filled tankers crossing the ocean, turning around and heading back home
  4. The Other Energy Bust – Natural Gas prices fall to all-time inflation adjusted low (storage levels 35% above historical averages!)
  5. Just wait for the bankruptcies – The natural gas market is in real trouble
  6. 2016 commodity collapse winner – Molybdenum, down 49%
  7. Deflation Alert – Chinese tanker speeds (which closely track GDP growth rates) down 25% since 2008
  8. Global Deflation Alert – Even Goldman takes the axe to its iron ore forecast
  9. Global Deflation Update: Japan November Exports fell 3+%, 8+% to China, Asia
  10.  Restoration Hardware CEO mocks Yellen’s view of “recovery”
  11.  Caterpillar Depression turns three – 36 months of declining year-over-year sales (compared to 19 during the 2008-09 recession!)
  12.  Money velocity crashing – here’s why
  13.  Unemployment hits seven-year high, as Brazilian courts mull impeachment bid
  14.  Philly Fed collapses to lowest since Feb 2013, as ‘hope’ crashes
  15.  Kansas City Fed survey collapses, new orders crash most since 2008
  16.  U.S. current-account deficit hits highest level since 2008 (higher rates will make it rise further)
  17.  “Services will Save Us” meme collapses, as Non-Manufacturing PMI plunges to  2015 lows
  18.  Microsoft chops Xbox prices in half for the holidays (17-day sale!)
  19.  Puerto Rico should default to shock U.S. markets (I thought they already did)

Next, the political

  1. Putin threatens to shoot down Turkish jets, calls Erdogan an a-s kisser
  2. ISIS Axis assembles – Turkey to establish a military base in Qatar
  3. Islamic blitzkrieg coming to Germany, arrested jihadist warns
  4. Congress fumes, says Iran violated U.N. ban on test-firing nuclear-capable ballistic missiles
  5. Congress just passed a second Patriot Act, and nobody noticed
  6. Japan prepares missile blockade to halt Chinese maritime aggression
  7. Ukraine (backed by the U.S.-led IMF) defaults on $3 billion bond to Russia
  8. Spain’s generational divide will be on full display in this weekend’s elections

And “last but not least,” the financial

  1. High yield bond market blowing out again
  2. Markets brace for more fund liquidations, as record outflows slam debt funds
  3. This junk bond derivative index is saying something scary about defaults
  4. Moody’s downgrades Glencore to lowest Investment Grade rating, as its Credit Default Swaps trade at multi-year highs
  5. Transportation stocks trounced to 20-month lows, as bear market builds
  6. The average stock (down 20%) is now in a bear market
  7. Slump in the smallest stocks, versus the biggest, is getting worse
  8. Dow slumps 700 points from the post-Yellen highs, amid policy error fears
  9. That’s not supposed to happen – Post-FOMC, yield curve flattest in nine months
  10.  First post-hike reverse repo removes $105 billion of liquidity from 49 banks
  11.  Citigroup resizes infrastructure after Fed rate hike, slashes 2,000 jobs
  12.  South African Rand hits all-time low – More pain coming?
  13.  Canadian dollar crashes to 12-year low, after collapse in consumer prices
  14.  Indonesian central bank ready for additional easing
  15.  China weakens Yuan for 9th consecutive day, longest streak since 2008
  16.  Argentine Peso collapses 29%, after government devaluation
  17.  Japanese jawboning (of a 10% increase to their $25 billion/year equity monetization scheme) fails, as Nikkei crashes 1,000 points from overnight highs
  18. Congress’ half-trillion-dollar spending binge – Budget austerity takes a back seat as the House passes nearly $700 billion in unpaid-for tax cuts.
Major Systemic Problems

P01) National Insolvency 20T$ Debt
P02) Fiscal T$/yr Deficits
P03) Opaque Administration
P04) Decimated Middle Class
P05) Shrinking Economy
P06) Decimated Manufacturing Base
P07) Uncontrolled Immigration
P08) 50m enslaved on food welfare
P09) 100m unemployed enslaved on assistance
P10) Extremely Low Labor Participation 
P11) 50B$/mo Trade Deficits suppressing wages
P12) Counterfeit Federal Reserve System Notes
P13) FED-Congress-Banks/Corps Systemic Corruption
P14) Infrastructure Deterioration
P15) Systemic Racism
P16) Federal Welfare Socialism
P17) Pandering Electioneering
P18) Currency Debasement
P19) FED Targeted Inflation Theft
P20) FED rigging of Bond Market
P21) FOMC rigging of Stock Market
P22) ESF rigging of Currency Market
P23) Unwarranted CIA Web Trolling
P24) Unwarranted FBI Cam Surveillance 
P25) Unwarranted NSA Phone Tapping
P26) Unwarranted DHS Marshal Law Force
P27) Federal Totalitarianism
P28) Gov-Banks-Corps Fascism
P29) Taxation of Wages and Income
P30) Wealth Transfer Private to Government
P31) Wealth Transfer 99% to 1%
P32) Toxic Dumping
P33) Intolerance and Disrespect
P34) Ignoble Foreign Policy
P35) Judicial Fiat
P36) Totalitarian Tax Oppression
P37) Socialistic Moral Hazards
P38) Totalitarian New World Order 
P39) Income Inequality
P40) Home unaffordability
P41) Monetary Inflation
P42) Price Inflation
P43) Stagnant Wages
P44) Stagnant Productivity
P45) Low Monetary Velocity
P46) Social Chaos and Anger
P47) Deforestation
P48) Nuclear Waste Disposal
P49) Specie Extinction
P50) IRS Bank Monitoring
P51) Geoengineering
P52) Unlimited Congressional Terms
P53) Deteriorating Republic States Rights
P54) Unconstitutional Executive Powers
P55) Financial Asymmetric Warfare
P55) Unconstitutional Congressional Acts
P56) Unconstitutional Bank Note Currency
P57) Depositor Bank Bail INs
P58) FED QE ZIRP and Bankster Bail OUTs
P59) FED Financed Stock Buy Backs
P60) FED Financed Bankster Reserves
P61) Regime Change Foreign Policy
P62) Banking Transnationals Government Control
P63) Global Petro-Dollar Hegemony
P64) Monopolistic Monetary Transfers
P65) Debt Based Currency
P66) Government Unfunded Liabilities
P67) Over Leveraged Private Debt
P68) High Medical Costs
P69) Travel limiting Toll Roads
P70) Unwarranted License Suspensions
P71) Excessive Payroll Takings 
P72) Systemic Sexism 
P73) Corporate Welfare & Bank Bail INs
P74) Imminent Economic Collapse
P75) Increasing Social Strife
P76) Geoengineering Chem Trails are polluting the Air
P77) Oil Fracking Wells are polluting the Water
P78) GMO virus seeds are polluting the Food
P79) Central Banks QE is debasing currencies
P80) UPS human Being Refugee smuggling 
P81) Halliburton Nuclear waste Ocean Dumping
P82) Center of Disease Control contaminating Vaccines
P83) Murder of Doctors developing Cancer Cures
P84) Concentration of Mega Banks
P85) Concentration of Pharmaceuticals
P85) Concentration of Insurance Providers
P86) Concentration of Farming Corporations 
P87) Prison Over Populations