Supreme Court Judicial Fiat

America's Corrupt Judiciary

The Supreme Court does not defend the Constitution, but rather spews judicial fiat, based upon personal political persuasions stemming from political appointment from the two pandering political machines. The Supreme Court is thus the Supreme Political Machine, for a form a totalitarian socialistic fascist trident with the two pandering political machine in control of congress along with the pandering politician in chief. 

USA's Judiciary has been corrupted by the aggregate affects from 100 years of leftist political pandering, to such an extent, that they contend, as they teach in law school, that the constitution is a living breathing instrument subject to reinterpretation, meaning of course, that they can interpret it any way they want, through judicial fiat. Judges swear to uphold and defend the constitution, yet will inject their personal political belief systems into their interpretations, to such an extent, that in the US, there is in reality, no real rule of law, just whatever they want to make up. The constitution is not a breathing creature from the underworld. It is a piece of paper with plain language words written in permanent ink. Is it merely convenient that the judiciary grants unto itself the right to make up practically any law they want by new and novel interpretations. There is no rule of law in the USA.

On the main, the constitution prescribed a limited federal government, as the founding fathers, from their respective states, "their own  countries", feared a totalitarian fascist centralized government in DC denying the states their freedoms and innate sovereign rights. Federal power was not prescribed as plenary, which is made-up judicial code speak, for "totalitarianism" as modernly practiced, but prescribed a limited federal government of enumerated powers. All powers not enumerated were reserved to the states, or so, it was suppose to be, by plain clear constitutional language.

The constitution prescribed silver coinage in weights as the only lawful tender in the country, because of the experience during the revolutionary war, where the government kept printing more and more Continental Notes, to such an extent, that they became worthless, and hence, the saying then was, "it ain't worth a continental". But in modern totalitarian socialistic fascist American, gold and silver coinage is not used to keep government, money, and markets honest, but instead print trillions and trillions of "Irredeemable Ponzi Coupons" facilitated by a private bank, the Federal Reserve System, which issues federal reserve notes, the paper fiat dollar, a debt based paper currency used as a medium of exchange, which are in fact irredeemable ponzi coupons, of which, more and more must be printed to keep the federal socialistic ponzi scheme going, by kicking the can down the road, which ponzi scheme is the systematic fleecing of all holders of "federal reserve notes", through the resulting monetary inflation, which robs the middle class and poor most of all, every day of their lives, by transferring wealth to the top 1%. A note is a contract to pay, which must be redeemed at some point. Redeem means to pay in constitutional money, the silver dollar. To make this point clear, you can not go into a Federal Reserve System bank, and "redeem" your note. Use of the term "note" of the US paper dollar, is of course a fraud, perpetrated by government upon holders of these modern "continentals". The US Mint mints a silver coin, and on its face, it says one dollar. The Federal Reserve Note, also uses the term "Dollar". A piece of paper and a bullion coin are two totally different things, yet both are called a "dollar", as clearly indicating, one is a fraud and the other is not. The judiciary, through its "interpretation" of the constitution have allowed soft-money Kensyians to rule with fiat and the use fiat paper currency, contrary to the spirit of the constitution, to enslave us all.

The constitution prohibits, by its simple plain clear language of enumerated power, any kind of social program at the federal level, such as Social Security, for example, which was not "enumerated", as those social service powers were reserved unto the many states. But the judiciary allowed the federal government to become totalitarian, socialistic, and fascist, by allowing the Federal Government to invade and pervade the social service complex, to such an extent, that the country is now bankrupt, and now over 100 million American are dependents on some kind of federal assistance, the moral hazards perfected.

There are of course many examples where the judiciary reserves unto itself the power to sanction any law it wants, or make up any law it wants, through convenient interpretations, regardless of the plain language of the Constitution, and slowly but surely, the judiciary is used to perfect the pandering political purposes of more government and control over the people, contrary to the constitution, to perfect totalitarian socialistic fascism, enslaving the people as either tax mules, perpetual debtors, or state dependents.

While the Legal Bars and political branches have joined in the judicial conspiracy to enslave us all surreptitiously, the origins of it are not hard to find, as the laws created, like the irredeemable ponzi coupon, are increasing at an ever exponential rate, until, as always what happens to any ponzi scheme, they implode under the weight of their own absurdity, such as tax-penalizing all productive acts, and hand-out-rewarding all unproductive acts, to where the Americana strength is utterly destroyed.

The socialistic movement, or "progressiveness" of judicial-political liberalization was slow in its progress during the 19th century, but really took off, with WW's fiat paper money, income taxes, and the Federal Reserve System, to FDR's raw deal and confiscation of private gold coins to rob the people and saddle Americans with yet more taxes and dependent assistance, in social engineering, to LBJ's corrupt society feeding the moral hazards of reliance and dependency upon and enslavement by the Federal Government, to BHO's bankster socialism and even enforced health care, to where Wall Street's bad bets on their wild gambles are now effectively back-stopped by the American tax payer, under the "to-big-to-fail" doctrine, to where now, we are all effectively forced by the federal government to keep the 40 million dollar bonuses rolling into the bankster private hands, as they are just to big to fail, while the middle and poor classes are financially raped.

And these totalitarian socialistic fascists will not ever stop, as they seek more and more control, such as the recent BHO, DNC and RNC ploys that effectively have outlawed the national debt limit, so that they can enslave us all even more with their unlimited spending that now renders 45 million of my countrymen as enslaved as food-stamp welfare dependents through the moral hazards forced upon us Americans.

                                        THE SUPREME POLITICAL MACHINE

Supreme Court Totalitarianism

The American Judiciary is a corrupt RICO crime organization used in conspiracy with the legal bars and political machines to enslave us all as tax mules, perpetual debtors, or state dependents by the Federal Government, contrary to founding father principles, the plain language of the constitution, enabled by the judiciary, in violation of their explicit oaths and plain language of the constitution. Federalism is dead in the US, the republic long ago buried. There are no real states' rights. The US flag of fifty stars is a fraud, and a farce, as the fifty stars should be replaced with one big soviet red star in the field of blue. Our corrupted and pandered Judiciary has destroyed our freedoms from the Federal Government.

The US federal government should strive at ending the absurdities. Americans spent a record $35.3 billion on healthcare in Q4, so, Obama care rockets health care costs, just like federal student loans rocket tuition costs. Anyone seeing the pattern? Increase the hand-outs, and 50 million on food assistance. Anyone seeing the pattern? Hire more IRS employees, and the labor participation rate falls. Anyone seeing the pattern? FED enables Gold cartel to suppress bullion prices, and mines are closed. Anyone seeing the pattern? FED prints QE to infinity, with ZIRP, as deficits and national debt rocket. Anyone seeing the pattern? FOMC goes beyond Reagan's intend, controlling all market, and DOW over priced and markets go from boom to bust with dislocated capital. Anyone seeing the pattern? Market interventions and manipulations in all markets results in Financial repression. Anyone seeing the pattern? Increase taxes, and punish the productive and you get productivity. Anyone seeing the pattern? Hand out more to the unproductive, and you get unproductivity. Anyone seeing the pattern? The pattern is of course the proliferation of absurd policies doomed to fail, but used to pander votes to selfishly cement political power by the two pandering political machines. My friends, I have a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping plan to restore Americana Greatness, and end the absurdities.

The supreme court is in an effective conspiracy with the congress, the political machines, and the wall street bankster, to enslave us Americans. The only way to break this enslaving evil empire is to elect a strong president who will to take all of them on, and end the enslavement. I know how. I am ready for the job.

Black Robed Reapers

Justice Anthony Kennedy is hailed as a gay rights icon. The court fiat did not need to trump the vote, and attack traditional marriage. Pyrrhic victory, as ruling retards acceptance, and causes hate. State enforceable civil union was the way to go, so as not to attack marriage, but allow union and rights. Kennedy is full of it. Court judicial fiat on gay marriage is another example of totalitarianism, bastardizing the constitution, insuring domestic hate, strife, and conflict. For 100 years, the federal government has concentrated power rolling states rights. Gay marriage is but another example. Most Christians and parents believe society benefits from cultural morals. Traditional marriage helps cements traditional families as a necessary core, as gays by definition are societal parasites. Society must have a moral procreating core to survive. The procreating core believes in MF marriages. Parents dont want their children confused with alternative life styles. A moral code helps keep families together, as a procreating nest, giving the best chance for thriving children, serving mankind for 5000 years. 

The religious right is not attacking gays, but gays are attacking marriage, religion, and parenting, it that is the gay intrusion. So, the gays attack unnecessarily traditional life styles, and get bashed. The court engages unnecessarily in law by decree, and destroys the republic and the rule of law. The streets are more violent today than ever, and the court is to blame by not following the constitution. Solving GAY marriage law, and thinking it through, that gays are "married" with conventional access to family law courts. Husband and wife dont apply, but spouses do, no real problem there, including spousal support. Do gays really want this? The solemn vow out, but a union vow in, and that seems workable. So gay marriage has a vow, divorce processed in the family law court, with spousal support. That is workable. Can two gays, who are married, jointly adopt? The political right will have a fit, of course, but that is workable as well. That means child custody and child support are in play upon a gay divorce. So, family laws courts are set up to handle marriages, be it MF FF MM, of course political RIGHT will have a fit, but it is doable. So, from a practical standpoint, gay in your face, in family law divorce courts is easy to do, though it will "degrade" traditional moral values. If FF MM marriages are allowed, then why not FFFFFF and MMMMMM marriages, for a communal group marriage thing? Why not, its a "sexual preference". And if group marriages are allowed, why not go full on UTAH polygamy, with MFFFFFFF or FMMMMM harems, and really destroy traditional marriage? Like fraternities and sororities, group marriages are turned into polygamous marriages. But lets not stop there, progressives never stop. So, LETS GET ANIMAL! Why not, its a "sexual preference"? So, so traditional marriage turns into gay marriages turns into group marriages turns into harems turns into  polygamy and turn into MONTANA SHEEP herders, because, its a "sexual preference".

And when you have a society, where ANYTHING goes, the society collapses, but the barn door is open, because its all about LIBERTY, with no rules. Without addresses the sexual aspect, marriage aspect, and the slippery slope, the civil union was the best play for gays, now gone. Gays could of had enforceable Civil Unions, and a "ceremony" and be united. But that was not enough. And so, traditional marriage is destroyed by judicial fiat, and hate and contempt will permeate our society, along the slippery slope activated once again. As a parent, I think most of the kids, are now confused more than ever, in a very complex world, with no rock upon to rest their heads, and that is a shame and very troubling. Gays have done allot of damage, to marriage, rules, and parenting rights, leading to confused kids, indoctrinated with anything goes, there are no rules. There is no legitimate state interest in a gay marriage, only procreating next generation of tax payers, but that has been trashed. State interests, marriage, religion, kids, rules, all suffered mightily, with gays jamming their phallic symbols down 3/4 of the people would have been denied the vote. Chaos, society breakdown, damaged kids, slippery slopes, enroute to more and more decadence. We all know it wont stop. But this is typical of Great Empires, Americana, that decay from within. Unless there are RULES, then society collapses, recurrently throughout the ascent of man. Civil Unions did no big harm, but was not enough. Now why is that? 

Now a gay dagger has been thrust into the heart of procreating families, the necessary moral core of any society. Its not that gay marriage will be the death blow, but it is just another step along the road to societal collapse and ruination. There will be those who resist the onslaught on continued decadence, but will lose, as each tiny step is perceived as innocuous in and of itself. AMERICANA grew strong, with a sound moral code, work ethic, self-respect, dignity, but socialism creeps in continuously. Who is at fault for this decay? I know exactly who is at fault, its not hard to finger the perpetrator is, its called THE EVIL EMPIRE, comprising Judicial Fiat, Wall Street Greed, and two pandering political machines. 

We had a constitution which set states rights for resolving social issues, to "insure domestic tranquility". Now the constitutional prescribed federalism and states rights are a FARCE. In my lifetime I have watched in real time the migration of the evil empire from Soviet Moscow to Socialistic DC. The 21st century USA is now a totalitarian socialistic fascist empire, concentrating more centralized power in DC all the time. National Socialism, unchecked by peoples vote, always evolves into absolute totalitarian fascism. The Third Reich controlled the judiciary. In the US ideologues control the Supreme Court.


Triumph Of The Will

      DNC or RNC, there is no difference between red and blue convention balloons.

National Socialist Convention

The gay community did not start socialism, and gay marriage is just another tiny step on the road to ruination of AMERICANA. In my town, I have gay friends, they respect my marriage and parental rights, and thus, I have accepted them as friends. There is a social continuum from civil tolerance to civil respect (constitutional objectives) and then to personal acceptance and finally to personal approval. By jamming unnecessarily, gay marriage down all throats, gays did tremendous damage to themselves and public civility. The rule of constitutional law has thrown out yet again, the repercussion of which will be more, not less, gay bashing, street hate and conflict. The rule of law in the US is now a complete JOKE, and has been so for some time. Gays end rejoice in ending states rights, and further destroy rule of constitutional law. The Rule of law, strong moral core of society, self respect, self dignity, all on a slide into the evil socialist underworld of modern America. This is of course, just one man's opinion, but I could be right, that is, way right, and they call it reactionary at the federal level, being antithesis of decadent progressives taking their social agenda to the federal government, contrary to the constitution. There a huge rude awakening in on the horizon. I know how to fix all of these problem. Civil unions are allowed under states rights, and like marriage, should be resolved at the state level by the state vote, and not at the federal level. Progressives think they are way smart. Try to get your heads around this pledge. 

The DEMs and REPs offer no substantial solutions to pending disaster, because they only want the votes to cement political power and both are characterized by mostly empty words and pander. 

However, there is a dark horse lurking in last place, who can fix all of these problems. In the end, states can be "progressive" all they want by local voter rule, but not the federal government, that is suppose to maintain a level playing field for all the states. Under the US constitution, states can be progressive, local votes rule, but federal progressiveness causes strife and hate nation wide. So, to "insure domestic tranquility" our founding fathers, set forth a working constitution that satisfied ALL CONCERNS. Judicial fiat is actually the biggest problem the US has had for the last 100 years, bar none, as judges think they are gods and can dictate laws from the bench, rather than simply upholding the constitution. Five Supreme court justices should have been impeached long ago, but the senate utterly fails the people and have been doing so for over 100 years now. So, there is no CHECK on the supreme court, as totalitarianism rules from the bench, the constitution being trashed by the very court sworn to uphold it. But this nothing new, and has been going on in earnest for at least  100 years now, as founding father principles are thrown in trash can. It is amusing that the DEMs and REPs both would wave the US flag, and recite the pledge, and then trash the constitution and republic for which the flag should, but does not stand. 

In the end, what do you call a totalitarian on the bench, such as Kennedy, just making stuff up, to social engineer as he deems fit? The word TRAITOR comes to mind. No doubt Justice Kennedy believes he is doing justice to gay people through social engineering using judicial fiat on the Supreme Court, but hat is not his job. It is a clear violation of his oath for which he should be impeached. His job, as he swore to do, is to uphold the Constitution, not usurp states rights under the Constitution setting forth a limited federal government for providing the state a level playing field for instituting reserved powers. But hey, when in ROME, debase currency, throw bread, social engineer, concentrate federal totalitarian power, and dictate new rules, the rule of law and the Constitution be damned. In final analysis, federal government employees have a natural tendency to  concentrate centralized power in an unlimited federal government for increasing control over the people in fear of people freedom or perceived injustices along personal political lines. Totalitarianism and Freedom cycle throughout history. In 1776, freedom won the day. Today, totalitarianism is winning. This will keep on going, until another people freedom revolution is had. So this is not new, during the ascent of man, as totalitarianism and freedom have cycled in the endless struggles of man. I can fix all of these problems, along the lines of the US Constitution, if the people vote it so. We still have the vote, and can vote for freedom, if we wish. 

The people no longer trust, respect, or believe in the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) especially in light of recent decisions. But the bastardization of the Constitution has been going on for at least 100 years since creation of the FED, and the mistrust of the SCOTUS is accelerating in this 21st century. The SCOTUS has been totally unchecked by congress. The SCOTUS was suppose to defend constitution, not destroy it, in the biggest tragedy in US history. One can expect selfish politicians to pander votes, including the politician in chief, to ruin the US. But it was the SCOTUS that was suppose to defend the constitution from political self interests. Instead, the SCOTUS, injects their politics and social engineer the country, which was suppose to be powers reserved to the states under states rights of the limited enumerated power granted to the federal government under the constitution. The SCOTUS has trashed the constitution, trashed our government, trashed our Republic and has trashed our country. The SCOTUS also failed to check congress and the president. Now, the US totalitarian socialistic fascist government is full of corruption, in all three branches. 

The SCOTUS failed to uphold the Constitution. Now the US has fiat currency enabling wall street to control congress, destroy the middle class by wealth transfer from the 99% to the top 1%, with an unlimited federal government, a trashed republic, while corruption permeates from sea to shinny sea. The supreme political machines lets congress corrupt the republic. 

The SCOTUS justices can and have defiled the literal words of the constitution through intellectual word gamemanship, to inject their personal political biases and thereby destroy the literal meaning, purpose, scope, and spirit of the US Constitution. While the SCOTUS may hide behind word games to defiled the literal words and plain meaning of the constitution, they can not defend their rules in view of the scope, purpose and spirit of the Constitution, and thereby render the SCOTUS exposed for the legislating totalitarian fascists that they are. The SCOTUS should interpret the Constitution, but that interpretation must be consistent with the PURPOSE, SCOPE and SPIRIT of the Constitution, and there is where it can be clearly shown that the SCOTUS is a total failure. The Constitution is not a living breathing creature from the underworld as SCOTUS claims, and as the law schools teach. Simply put, the founding fathers wrote what they meant and meant what they wrote, but founding father constitutional principles are now defiled by the SCOTUS, and the federal government is now totally out of control. 


The federal government no longer has any functional CHECKS and BALANCES, with a legislating court, an imperial president, and pandering congressmen. The SCOTUS is a totalitarian socialistic fascist RICO crime organization, that has sold out the people, sold out the country, and sold out the founding fathers. Corruption in the US, starts with, is enabled by, and is perfected through the SCOTUS. The SCOTUS has 6 of 9 justices that should be impeached immediately, as the people should rise up and demand that these bums be thrown out. The SCOTUS decisions propagate corruption and moral hazards that now pervades the US, enabled by those totalitarians socialistic fascists on the high bench, serving to concentrate centralized power and dictatorial control in DC. 

Justices Thomas and Scalia are true patriots, Justice Roberts is reasonable, but the rest of the SCOTUS are totalitarian socialistic fascists legislating from the bench to reconfigure the US as they deem fit, not by upholding the constitution and founding father principles, but by debasing the constitution and founding father principles, violating their oath as high crimes against the USA and particularly WE THE PEOPLE. If elected, 6 justices on the SCOTUS would be forced to resigned or would be impeached. I will restore the US CONSTITUTION and our REPUBLIC OF THE USA for which the flag should, but does not now stand, in these United Socialistic States of America. I will restore this great nation, its constitution, its republic, its honest money, its honest markets.



                                                                 RIP 2/14/16

Judicial Impeachment and Recusal

The president can file impeachment indictments against federal justices for "high crimes", and that include engaging in judicial fiat, failing to honor oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. This check has not been used for 200 years, the presidency and the senate basically discarding  their roles as checks upon the judiciary. The judiciary is very skilled with the language and can intellectually dance around the plain language of the Constitution, and this can always be argued by talented jurists.  But what they collectively can not denied is that the spirit, scope and purpose of the constitution has been bastardized by legislating justices, destroying our money, our republic, our domestic tranquility, our personal liberties, and freedoms from government. A libereen administration will put a stop to the judiciary's usurpation of power and the continued bastardization of the Constitution, The Republic and the Rule of Law. 

Recusal is a judicial tenant that a judge must disqualify oneself as judge in a particular case based upon a conflict of interest or prejudicial bias, so that a case has a fair hearing. If a sitting president files charges of high crimes against a Supreme Court Justice through the DoJ and laid upon the House seeking a House indictment and later a Senate Impeachment trial, the Supreme Court Justice so charged would then have a natural conflict of interest and bias against the Presidency and therefore, would be required by conventional and long standing judicial law to recuse oneself from considering any case directed toward relief direct towards administration action.  Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Thomas and Scalia would provide a supreme tribunal for continuity of the supreme court during impeachment proceedings of the remaining six supreme court justices and other circuit justices. 

If an administration launches an investigation of or file charges against commercial banks for corruption of or undue influence upon congress members, and the banks have a possibility and means to retaliate through corruption and undue influence upon congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against the president in effective retaliation, then the supreme court would have or should have power to mandate congress to postpone such impeachment proceedings until the corruption and undue influence charges upon the commercial banks are resolved. 

Constitutional Amendments

There would be only two considered constitutional amendments. Over the several months to come, various suggestions will be issued as missives to this blog, directed mostly toward federal funding and US administrative department functions, to create a cost effectively and functional federal government. I am bold leader and a general commander, who can look at potential and long standing problems, that would be mostly resolved with supporting staff, government department heads and officers, congressional leaders, and justice department, inter alia. My first instinct is to solve problems, as an engineer. The skill set brought to the executive office allows for effective and rapid communications with supporting players, to resolve complex problems, with guiding federal principles.

In the area of Constitutional Amendments there are three that will be sought. The country suffers from long standing strife in the area of Marriage, Abortion, and corruption stemming from money interests has affected congress, and hence term limits. The federal government, recognizing these three area as vital interest to insuring domestic tranquility, would financially support a conventions of the states to adopt three constitution amendments.

1) A marriage is defined as a state recognized union between an adult male and an adult female, and all civil disputes regarding marriage and children thereof shall be resolved in state family law courts. 

2) A life in being shall begin upon the on set of the second trimester of any viable in vitro fetus deserving equal protection as would any other human life in being. 

3) A president of United States shall be limited to two four-year terms, a senator of the United States Senate shall be limited to four six-year terms, a Congressman of the United States House of Representative shall be limited to twelve two-years terms, and a federal district, circuit, or supreme court justice shall be limited to the age of seventy-two years of age.  

Generally, Circuit Court and the Supreme court judges will be adjusted so that the US Constitution is once again defended, generally through swapping district judge for Circuit Judges and Supreme court judges who have engaged in judicial fiat. The money system will be changed back to Gold and Silver coinage with the nationalization of the Federal Reserve System into Department of Treasury as the Federal Reserve Bank.

In other areas, the Federal Government revenue stream will be exclusive by fixed percentage national sales and revenue tax, including import duties as well as specific administration fees, for example, patent application fees, for exclusive funding of government operations. The federal Government tax regime would occupy the field, and prohibit any state intervening between any employer or contractor and their respective employees and contractees, for rights to work, as the the states would derive their tax revenue from in rem property taxes and fees and state administration fees, such as DMV fees and car registrations, and including the implicit parking rental of land, such as parking meters and parking lots. Transportation tolls would be eliminated nation wide for rights of free travel throughout the many states. Thus, there would be the elimination of many taxes, such as those directed to capital gains, income, and inheritance. There would be limits on general federal and state funding bonds to prohibit federal and state deficits. Federal and State government bonds can not exceed a percentage of a prior year general tax collections.

After a reboot of the monetary system, eliminating the nation the debt, the federal and state governments must live within their means. The federal and state government can enforce obligations and penalties against individuals and entities by asset seizure where found. Federal and state garnishments, taxes and fees directly in the flow path between and from sources of income to individuals and entities shall stop, to liberate robust commerce, and fuel the economic engine. Gold and Silver shall be the coin of the real, though this should be unnecessary as the constitution already prescribes such exclusive usage. Congressional authorized expenditures of taxes shall only be vital federal interests, and at the federal level, that means limited to traditional constitution federal concerns such as regulating interstate commerce, circulating money, and defending the nation.

Circulating money in commerce, regulating interstate commerce, enforcing taxation, eliminating the national debt are at the heart of the political directives, to restore the republic. There would no longer be a welfare state at the federal level, as all federal social programs would be abolished and transferred to the many states under constitutional reserve powers. If it is determined that a vital national interest is served, federal funding can be targeted but only to serve such vital federal interests, including mainly, interstate commerce, circulating money, taxation, defense and infrastructure. 

I read once where a Kenyesian blog member stated that she could not understand the gold bugs, because they dont want a flexible money system. She was absolutely right, for in such a flexible system, their are effectively no rules, leading all down payed roads, along slippery slopes, with repeated open loop totalitarian controls with crisis after crisis, with bondage, totalitarian mandates, with diminished freedoms and liberties, with no real rules of law, with lack of real certainty, to where anything goes, political pander and largess is encouraged eventually reaching to federal and state devastation, with endless conflicts and chaos, and utter ruination over time, rather than inherent controls of real money and economic lase, and thus the trick is getting it right at the very top, and letting economic laws, and innate personal drivers do most of the work free from government mandates and manipulations, with inherent feedback controls, with stabilized prosperity, naturally so.

State Licensed Professional Malpractice

Each state has inherent powers reserved to them under the US Constitution to license professionals such as medical doctors. Federal Court subject matter jurisdiction should be limited so that professional malpractice claims are under exclusive state court subject matter jurisdiction. Each state should further limit state court subject matter jurisdiction of licensed professional malpractice claims to the state licensing boards that granted the licenses in the first place, acting as triers of fact and thereby comprehensively regulating professional conduct, with a right of appeal to state courts.

By and large, professional acts in good conscience. The flooding of the federal district courts with frivolous professional malpractice claims should be stopped, and such claims should be first brought before state administrative bodies which adopt rules of professional conduct, grants licenses, and in which malpractice claims should be firstly adjudicated. Federal District courts should not be turned into malpractice lotto parlors and a sink hole for frivolous law suits in connection with professional licensed malpractice claims which is really a state power and concern of the Republic under the US Constitution. In the area of medical malpractice, such limitations should reduce medical costs to the people, a desired goal.   

Enslaving Supreme Court Totalitarians

110 years of leftist political pandering has had it affect, the US Constitution and their Oaths be Damned, the Totalitarians are in control. Alex de Tocqueville told us so, and we thought he was just kidding. So the court, the two parties, and which ever gets the presidency, is of no import, they are all on the same team, with no real voting choice, and hence no feedback control, and then we also have no feedback control on the court, interpreting as they deem fit, so the US Government is operating OPEN LOOP, and that means disaster, as once the shuttle bird started down, there was no heat shield negative feedback, and there was no turning back, until it blew up, for all to see. Honoring and defending the Constitution is only in their minds of course. 

The real reason why government does not want gun ownership, is because it is the last ditch defense by the people from totalitarian control, and so Government MOPEs gun control to curb violence as a pretend on the people. Leftist pandering MOPE enslavement and Righist cave-ins enablement are the general means used to build consensus for the imposition of law. The real reason the government does not want gold ownership, is because it can no longer monetarily INFLATE and ROB the people to concentrate yet more power in the totalitarians of DC. Totalitarians also maintain control using the IRS paper money taxes creating an artificial inherent demand for paper dollars as tax payments, less you go to jail, and using FED printable paper money, for the INFLATE and ROB.

Government uses paper money that aint worth a continental. Restraints on debts and deficits are realized only by the use of Gold and Silver intrinsic worth real money, per the Constitution, and of limited earthly supply, but are vacated by the Totalitarians as to limiting on their power grab from and control over the people. IRS paper money taxes and FED printable paper money are the totalitarian tools. Thus, Guns and Golds, two pillars of freedom from government are diminished by government led actions and MOPEd by the two major political parties and decisions by the supreme court. 

The Five Pillars of freedom are GOD GOLD GUNS LAND VOTE. All of freedom's pillars are under attack by the totalitarians in the control to deny basic freedoms to the people. Churches, Gold, Guns are under attack. The VOTE has not been a real choice for decades. More and More land uses are restricted by Government. In the end, the totalitarians in government seek to diminish the five pillars of liberty and freedom of the people, generally because those in Government seek more government control and are cowards and afraid of the people living infreedom, and most of the people are MOPEd into believing the same. But like any open loop system, it eventually blows up. Economic Collapse, Civil War, Total Anarchy, who really knows, but blow up it will, eventually. Check and balances of the Government have been effectively destroyed. Constitutional restrictions on government are thrown out by the supreme court. Federal government is no longer limited. The republic is dead. Gold and Silver money has been reduced to a so-called barbaric commodities, but are really monetary metals, but are not used in the economy as the medium of exchange, per the DC totalitarian machine enslaving the country. The two major political parties control the presidency. There are no longer the founding fathers implemented negative feedback controls, the checks and balances, as under current totalitarian control, government operates under plenary power, and operates open loop and thus, is doomed to fail, taking us all down with it. I seek reactionary implementations of governmental check balances, substantially as the founding fathers set forth, to prevent complete implosion and ruination of this great country. 

In 240 years, only one supreme court justice has been impeached and none actually convicted. That is all you need to know about so called checks and balances. Samuel Chase (April 17, 1741 – June 19, 1811) was an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and earlier was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence as a representative of MD. Early in life, Chase was a "firebrand" states-righter and revolutionary.His political views changed over his lifetime, and, in the last decades of his career, he became well known as a staunch Federalist and was impeached for allegedly letting his partisan leanings affect his court decisions. Chase was acquitted by the Senate.

The circuit and supreme court judges are not gods. The US Constitution is not a living and breathing creature from the underworld, which was made up, by guess who, you got that right, self serving judges. The high court judges need to be impeached for not defending the plain language of the US Constitution as they swore they would. The supreme court has clearly violated the object, purpose, scope and spirit of the Constitution. 

Criminal Public Executions

When a state court convicts a criminal of heinous murder, and is sentenced to death, the appeal process should be short, and if sustained, the prisoner be publicly executed forthwith, in the public square. Witnessed by children, they learn that there are consequences to serious crime. Today, youth as gone wild, lacking this basic instruction. Criminal justice will never be perfect, and surely, one in hundreds of thousands for example will get falsely executed. But if you are not making mistake, you are not doing anything. The concept that death row inmate have twenty years of appellate review is ludicrous, as twenty years on death row is not an execution sentence, but an extended paid vacation, as the expense of the state, and for the pecuniary gain of the lawyers. States should have the inherent power to prescribe public executions as they deem fit, such as hanging the condemned in a city public square for all to see and for teaching the children that there are real consequences to heinous crimes.