Socialistic Ruination & Corruption

JFK said Ask Not for BHO Fairness

President JFK was a true American hero, and kind of said "Ask not what BHO's class-warfare FAIRNESS can do for you, but what you can do for your country". JFK would be turning in his grave knowing the White House has been captured by a TOTALITARIAN SOCIALIST FASCIST, promoting class-warfare, pandering the people into yet more government and more decadent immoral socialism. ASK NOT WHAT AMERICA can do you, just like bailing out EU banks with US tax payers on the hook. But, the left is beginning to realize that YOU CAN ACTUALLY RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY.

President Kennedy Inaugural 1961

First you must understand that pandered socialism to cement political power causes DEBT and debt is the problem. Its a sovereign solvency problem. That problem was created by our SOCIALISTIC GOVERNMENT living outside its means as promised by pandering for enslaving the people. WHEN YOU GET YOUR HEAD AROUND THAT, you're 1/2 there. Reward the unproductive class with government assistance and penalize the productive class with government taxes, and the maximum amount of productiveness possible implodes under the weight of that absurdity. WHEN YOU GET YOUR HEAD AROUND THAT, you're 3/4 there.

You finally reach Nirvana when you realize that freedom is with respect to government and that governments which promote CAPITALISTIC INDIVIDUALISM is the best form of government offering the most FREEDOM from government and the best chances at sustained PROSPERITY. Then you're home, back to your Americana roots, and guess what, YOU DONT NEED A GOVERNMENT TELLING when to give to your fellow man, you can JUST DO IT, all by yourselves, without government holding your hand, or sticking a gun in your back, using HIGHWAY ROBBERY every day of your live. The DC Politburo has us all enslaved as tax mules or state dependents. But we true American will fight any foe. Ich bin ein Berliner!!!

Mr BHO TEAR DOWN THAT BANK, which uses the FIAT paper dollar to control and enslave us all to national socialism in the USSA. Abolish the FED, Federal Social Programs, and Fiat Paper Money, with only one national consumption sales tax and only in-rem state property taxes, living by our American traditions of Capitalistic Individualism, the Constitution of a REPUBLIC of states and real gold/silver money, free from government enslavement and free from the FED printing presses that robs us all every day of our lives.

Unfortunately, Our Dearly Beloved President is an OUT RIGHT FRAUD. At least Gingrinch is not A FRAUD, though he regrettably does have some BIG GOVERNMENT tendencies. BHO proclaims we need "FAIRNESS", which is deceitful double-dutch leftist code speak for marxist-leninist totalitarian socialism, ALL ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY and ALL ACCORDING TO THEIR NEEDS. FAIRNESS, in the American tradition was a government that created a level FAIR playing field, and the let folks PURSUE happiness. It is simply unfair to take the work product of one person and give it to another, under force of law. This creates an unfair imbalanced playing field creating the Moral Hazard of dependency and corrupt tax evasion on the other side, as GOV gestapo employs legions of IRS thugs and self-centered greedy lawyers to perfect our enslavement, as the power to tax is the power to destroy, as the dependents game the welfare system in welfare fraud, moral hazard, and immoral dependency.

BHO and his leftist-socialistic main stream media backers would have a legitimate point, if we were all ANTS that can be optimally exploited under socialistic rule. But we are not. We are free thinking individuals that can be optimally exploited through a level playing field, less the producers wont play ball, and the whole corrupt socialistic system implodes under the weight of own absurdity of penalizing of productive acts and rewarding all unproductive acts. SOCIALISM and FIAT DOLLAR (the means) just doesn't work well with individualism. BHO can spin his TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC AGENDA all he wants, but those of us with 1/2 a brain can readily see it for what it is, ENSLAVEMENT of the people as tax mules or dependents in decedent godless immoral and corrupt socialism, on an UNFAIR playing field.

So lets be honest about it. Socialism is a desperate attempt to protect the poor because of the concentration of wealth into the top 1% mostly through FED policy. Socialism fails upon its own absurdity, rewarding unproductive and penalizing productive. While socialism made be considered fair re wall street greedsters, it is unfair per se. Socialism is noble in view of wall street greed, but is a honorably misguided economic policy that renders 99% tax mules and state dependents, and that is hardly fair. A lightly regulated capitalistic economy within enforce financial laws for wrong doing is the sweet spot for maximum distributed prosperity and standards of living with achievement rewards motivating.

"Ask Not want your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" John F Kennedy, was a hero, and spoke these immortal words for all time, to guide us Americans through the uncertain times ahead. I recall that GREAT PRESIDENT very well.

He put us all upon a much nobler plane than many other presidents. He still does, to this day. Fast forward to the immoral decadent socialistic totalitarian elitists in control of DC today. I still am dumbfounded, and still cant not believe what I heard, when THAT SOCIALIST address congress at the state of the union message. "We bailed out the banks, we bailed corporations, but MOM AND POP are sitting at home asking WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME". Can you believe that trash, and of course the DEMOCRATS went into a rocous salutation of the PANDERING SOCIALIST, trying his best to enslave us all as either IRS mules or Dependents to cement their immoral socialism upon us all, and CEMENT THAT TOTALITARIAN FASCIST regime in that DC.

May be I got it all wrong, but I thought you were suppose to vote for the good of the country, and not for the good of yourself. Call me old fashion, I suppose. The United Socialistic State of America, the USSA, is the decadent immorality of fascist socialists. BHO has JFK rolling in his grave.

President BHO is a socialistic, and here is why. Countries have a political system and an economic system. Both political and economic systems can be ranked along a continuum. Political systems are ranked on the left as absolute TOTALITARIAN and on the right pure DEMOCRACY. Economic systems are ranked on the left as pure COMMUNISM and on the right pure CAPITALISM. Examples of totalitarian political system include MONARCH, DICTATORS, then to collectives, such as the Soviet Politburo or the Chinese gang of 4, as within the "communist" parties, there is some debate and collectivize agreements, whilst the general population have limited rights in determining the affairs of state. In the US we have a representative government with an electoral college based upon state size with winner take all, which is not pure democracy, one man one vote, on all issues. It is a continuum along the lines of political control by a few versus political control by the many.

Examples of communism is where the state owns all. Soviet Russia was not pure communism, as individual did have some rights of ownership, though be it small, such as personal currency in one's own pocket. Neither has the US ever been pure capitalism, as there have been tariffs and taxes and fees. Between communism and capitalism is socialism. The economic continuum is based upon the EXTENT OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER THE ECONOMY. BHO is a socialist in all regards as he tries to move the country toward MORE GOVERNMENT and MORE REGULATION of economic affairs of the people, including wealth redistribution, health care, social security, worker unemployment compensation, all forms of entitlements, EPA regulations on business, land use regulations, gun control regulations, and the list goes on and on. BHO may or may not be characterized as a socialist, as that is a relative position on the economic regulation continuum. But, BHO IS CERTAINLY THE BIGGEST BIG GOV ECONOMIC REGULATOR this country has ever had as president.

Characterize BHO with names as you like, but in the final analysis, on the continuum of economic regulations, he is most certainly THE BIGGEST SOCIALIST president this country ever had, and is taking the USA toward more and more government regulation of and intervention into the economy, and hence, more and more SOCIALISM, and if left unchecked, we all would end up as out-right COMMUNISTS. Most socialist do not use the term communist as that is associated with the Soviet era ruthlessness and suppression of political rights. But all socialist tend to desire the communist principles of state control of wealth, and where you control wealth, you have a vested interest in it, hence, COMMUNISM. BHO is effectively a closet Communist preaching his sought after SOCIALISM, and can be fairly characterized as a SOCIALIST moving the country to the FAR LEFT.

BHO is no JFK, no Reagan, no Dr. King, but outright totalitarian socialist leading us all down the paved road, to government enslavement, economic ruination, and social corruption. We true Americans who still believe in FREEDOM, limited federal government and honest money, WILL FIGHT ANY FOE. In the mean time, Herr Obama, leads down the road to national socialism, centralized planning and control, and totalitarian fascism. The liberal DNC believes government is the solution, not the problem. And therein lies the difference. FREEDOM and FASCISM. BHO spins FASCISM as some great grand cultural evolution, with utopia the certain outcome, as the labor participation rate hits a 30 year low. Many Americans bought it. But, there are still a few of us traditional Americans left who actually believe in real freedom, Just a few, but like other FAILED socialistic totalitarian experiments, it to will follow the same fate. Unfortunately, Our Dearly Beloved President is an OUT RIGHT FRAUD. At least Gingrinch is not A FRAUD, though he regrettably does have some BIG GOVERNMENT tendencies. BHO proclaims we need "FAIRNESS", which is deceitful double-dutch leftist code speak for marxist-leninist totalitarian socialism, ALL ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITY and ALL ACCORDING TO THEIR NEEDS. FAIRNESS, in the American tradition was a government that created a level FAIR playing field, and the let folks PURSUE happiness. IT IS SIMPLY UNFAIR to take the work product of one person and give it to another, under force of law. This creates an unfair imbalanced playing field creating the Moral Hazard of dependency and corrupt tax evasion on the other side, as GOV gestopo employs legions of IRS thugs and self-centered greedy lawyers to perfect our enslavement, as the power to tax is the power to destroy, as the dependents game the welfare system in welfare fraud, moral hazard, and immoral dependency.

BHO and his leftist-socialistic main stream media backers would have a legitimate point, if we were all ANTS that can be optimally exploited under socialistic rule. But we are not. We are free thinking individuals that can be optimally exploited through a level playing field, less the producers wont play ball, and the whole corrupt socialistic system implodes under the weight of own absurdity of penalizing of productive acts and rewarding all unproductive acts. SOCIALISM and FIAT DOLLAR (the means) just doesn't work well with individualism. BHO can spin his TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC AGENDA all he wants, but those of us with 1/2 a brain can readily see it for what it is, ENSLAVEMENT of the people as tax mules or dependents in decedent godless immoral and corrupt socialism, on an UNFAIR playing field.

Is is strikingly peculiar the QE4 comes in Q4, just after the election, when rep titular head, Romney said he would dump BB if elected. BHO is a hard core socialistic fascist, he aint compromising on chit. BB knows it, and the humiliation of the Reps getting their noses rubbed in it. So, the sequestration is immanent, the reps are embarrassed diggin in their heals. The expected cuts are ALSO 85B/mo, yet BB is trying to grow our way out of debt with more debt. QE4 merely matches the expected cuts, for a net sum zero, in actual cuts, the gov running on all cylinders, no matter what, the constitution or sound monetary policy requires, or for that matter, the actual agreement of those elitist pigs in DC. What freakin good is sequestration, if the debt ceiling is habitually raised, meaning that there is really no debt limit ceiling, yet another FARCE played upon the public. Its kind of like the tea party folks, who complain about taxes, but not THE PRINTING, yet both are forms of government confiscation of wealth. They cant keep any agreement, public promise, or protect the public interest. Its all about vote for me and I will give you the goodies to sustain a lock on power. And now after of 100 years, marking this year, the FED as gone off the deep end, printing, to sustain 1.5T in effective deficits. QE4 is the response of our government to cancel out the sequestration agreement. IT IS A FARCE. So, QE4 is already done, to ease the sequestration pain, but that is a net some zero, and the FED policy is to pump until all is rosy. So, lets look at the crystal ball. Sequestration become effective, the econ and markets start to tank, the global crises heating up again, BHO blames the REPs of course, and those Rep chumps coward, and raise yet again the debt ceiling, and BB is called upon, boyshoy mish, (a commie mouse) to save the day, and you watch BB pull another QE trick out of his hat, and that my friends is santa's (James Sinclair) presents to the gold price, during the ides of march.

BHO and Bernake, the Fiat paper money and income taxes the means, are enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents, and power concentrates in DC. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years.” Alexis de Tocqueville 1835. Alexis is wrong. Had the US Government stuck to "limited government" per the constitution, our democracy would have survived. Currently, there is no choice.


BHO's attack on the supreme court, NOT TO OVER TURN totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement, by virtue in part, for FORCED health care, is an OUT RIGHT FRAUD, to founding father principles, and American traditions. He must know that this country was founded on the concept of NO KING GEORGE in DC, no totalitarian fascist rule, yet says that over turning the health care law would be JUDICIAL FIAT. Knowing full well how the supreme court has sold us all out to the socialists with PLENARY TOTALITARIAN federal power, of which even KING GEORGE would be envious, never envisioned by the founding fathers, lets face it, he's got good shot at winning MORE FEDERAL TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC POWER.

Sorry, but the man is an OUT RIGHT FRAUD, in that regard. He must know American history, and founding father principles. But it conveniently fits in with PANDERING the people, vote for me, and I'll give you the goodies, on someone else's dollar, in the grand tax and spend, inflate and rob, take and give, incentivize and control, socialize and corrupt,  to cement HIS political power. Its called totalitarian democracy, where people vote TO ENSLAVE THEMSELVES.

Go figure. I have, it started with the FED bank, paper money, IRS thugs, followed by 110 years of political leftist pandering. The good news is that he and DC minions, republicans included, are slowly running out of OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY, as the system implodes, and with that brings about the hope for prospect of an

Go figure ..... I have, it started with the FED bank, paper money, IRS thugs, followed by 110 years of political leftist pandering. The good news is that he and DC minions, republicans included, are slowly running out of OTHER PEOPLE's MONEY, as the system implodes, and with that brings about the hope for prospect of a rebirth and reboot. 

In Honor of Soviet Battle Tanks at Krusk

President Obama this day from the Red Room announced plans to introduce, by constitutional amendment, the adoption of a new national US flag. The new US national flag will replace the fifty stars in the field of blue with one very large star. The president was quoted as saying, "I promised hope and change, and in furtherance of national health care, and reflecting the modern times, it is appropriate to have a new national flag. Lets be honest, republicanism is a dying notion across the nation, as well as in the congress." ---(a noticeable grin was photo taken, and shall appear in this Sunday's edition of the New York Times) ---

The president went on to say that, he did not get the idea from the Bonnie Blue Flag, though he loves the jingle when in public, but rather from the Soviet Battle Flag of the Red Armor Divisions at the Battle of Kharov, Ukraine, and how impressed he was with their glorious victory, during the great patriotic war. Kharov has long been designated a hero city by the soviet Politburo, and that, our nation deserved like honor and respect. The president further indicated he would be meeting with the NV land swindler and the CA medusa later in the day to present his proposed verbiage for the bill, to be swallowed by congress, lock, stock and barrow, in back-room dealings, rammed rod style, by his two comrades, the three collectively known as the three-headed Gadhora of Greek mythology in republican circles.

The president indicated there is little difference between constitutional plenary power and totalitarian rule, and in this modern era of cow-towing to the KGB boys, now serving at the Kremlin, that it is a fitting and proper thing to do, to cement world peace and understanding under the exclusive rule of the UN. The two lap dogs, of course, seemed more than willing, and appeared joyous and besides themselves, panting hard, more than willing to do the deed, while presenting in public, their loyalty to the country, with a Zieg Heil to the chief.

I personally have been to Kharkov, just after the fall of the soviet union, predicted by me two years in advance while the CIA was asleep at the switch, under Clinton's watch, or unwatch, or whatever. And yes they do have many war monuments in that HERO CITY. I personally saw the glorious economic results of the totalitarian socialistic fascist rule of the politburo, also totting the extreme wonderful benefits of centralized control, and I can easily project the MONSTROUS gains in humanity here in the US. With the republic trashed by plenary power, and, the culmination in totalitarian socialistic fascist rule from DC these days, the president is absolutely left-on with his proposed change in the national banner. But he, of course did not go far enough. Perhaps the national anthem could be changed to "Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii", as there is always the prospect of "Hope and Change".

I'm not sure I like that sound of the classic tune, parusski is a tongue twister, for sure, but Rosy ODonnel can give it go, if she likes. I think I will stick with The Star Spangle Banner, be it soon to have only one star, and of course, my personal banner of choice, the Bonnie Blue Flag, respecting states' rights, as in AZ these days, how dare AZ defend itself without Federal Approval.
50 millions of my countrymen on food assistance, absolutely appalling. 20 millions of second class peoples living in the United States of  American, absolutely appalling. 100 million without work with the Labor Participation Rate at 40 years low, absolutely appalling. FED ZIRP QE policies transferring wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%, absolutely appalling.

Black Sabbath Black Sabbath



The Bonnie Blue Flag Gods and Generals

Stonewall Jackson Gods and Generals

Defiance Of The Tyranny

God Bless America

Social Security and the Granny State

The USA federal welfare complex, the nanny granny welfare state, is getting out of control and injecting moral hazards into the economic social complex. Fueled by political pandering machines and wall street greedsters, there is no end in sight. Leeb on KWNs is just a riot to listen to, meh, he emotionally goes off in that high pitched shrill, always, I mean always, and you just have to love him when his audio clip is up on KWNs, and today as usual he made complete sense, as always, but its funny in a way, as he bases QE to infinity in part because food stores are in short supply, and that the medium income earner has problems keeping up, so, the printer has to keep printing, as Leeb goes off with the usual emotional pitch, meh, he really just goes off, kind of like an 8 yo on fire, hot and mad, so as an inherent problem solver, and not proud at all, actually, when eating, and would eat nearly anything, lets put in the fudge factor, so thinking back 50 years with 4 siblings growing up, come dinner time, if you did not snatch your portion, that was it, starvation till the next morning, and what that taught you is to always clean your plate, not knowing when the next one would come by, and so modernly we have grannies moving back in, the inflation rate just devastates fixed incomes, and they move back with their kids, that squares up, and people should learn the sneaky tricks of the trading house, in that, when the 8 yo dont finished the lunch, and goes out to play, papa sneaks in for sneak and eat, cleaning left overs, such that, when the 8 yo comes back, bang on the floor crying, wondering who ate the porridge, lol, but granny, Leeb and the 8 yo could learn something about sneak and eat, lol, in the trading house, its cost effective, which these days is important, just saying as a pink panther pro tip.   

The Pink Panther

This country was founded on the principles of limited government, ie freedom from government, a republic of states, sound money, personal responsibility, and self-reliance, that necessarily flows therefrom. But those empowering days,that made us the strongest in character on the globe are long gone, absolutly decimated by a 100 years of leftist pandering, (vote for me, and I will give you the goodies), to where, the people line up for government largess,in increasing numbers, without any shame whatsoever, but with eyes for gaming the system to maximize their government tit-sucking greed, to where now, Alex Toucqueville prediction, that democracies fail, as soon as the people are pandered into voting for government largess, when they learn they can vote themselves the goodies, we will enter a state of totalitarian democracy. And baby, WE HAVE GLORIOUSLY ARRIVED, now ruled by totalitarian, socialistic, fascist, racist DC. Alex was spot on, back in 1835. In order to fund increasing amounts of government largess, real money gold and silver, real money that cant be printed, keeping the government budgets honest, have been sidelined in favor of fiat paper money which can be printed in ever increasing amounts. Initially it was manna from heaven, but today has virtually no effect.

The fiat paper money, the yoke that is the Federal Reserve Note, the paper dollar, the irredeemable ponzie coupon, THE GOV CON, came upon us due to a confluence of factors, including: i) banksters' desire to control the money supply, and hence the people and their governments, in government-bankster fascism, ii) Government desires to pander the people with ever more largess for political control, and iii) pandered voters desiring to modernly vote for the good of themselves, rather than the good of the country, to implement the and maintain that monstrous socialism, now pervasive in DC. Toucqueville had a clue into the inherent weaknesses of human beings, that we will, over time, take the left road to the GRANNY STATE. The devils in us, that use to fire our greed, to achieve and work and save, has been unleashed upon government largess, and turned away from the work place, in large measure. We had a great country, until our hearts and minds were corrupted by pandered socialism, enable by the black robe reapers of the high court, who swore to uphold the constitution, the check against totalitarian dictatorship in the white house, and against the leftist panderers in congress.

"One can expect members of that most despicable profession, having a licensed monopoly to dispute resolution, to exhibit self-centered greed, such as turning federal malpractice claims into a federal court lotto game, or pandering politicians who seek to cement political power through pandering of "vote for me and I will give you the goodies", to enslave us all, but it was THE JUDICIARY that was suppose to protect us all from ourselves and from the over reaches of the Federal Government, and the judiciary has utterly failed to protect Americans from the excesses of the Federal Government, which was their primary role, and as such, the Judiciary's trashing of the constitution and our freedom is the most dastardly of all public services."

The current system is financially unsustainable and politically doomed to collapse, bringing poverty, depression, along with our collectivized corrupted hearts and minds. Socialism is by definition, a powerful corrupting force. Even politicians, who have a residual belief that balanced budgets are sound fiscal policies, run from the MOB bosses that are the banks, that are too big to fail, as bailed out banks, which desire to keep the all enslaved in perpetuity with massive debt, and run from the electorate demanding ever more government largess, as the Fed bank balance sheet exponentiates, as the printing presses exposes the irredeemable ponzi coupon for the con that it is.

The global fiat money system is imploding before our eyes. The Bond market is ready to fall out of bed, as the FED, led by that charlatan, that counterfeiter in chief, as only a modest up tic in interest rates, inevitable, will render any fiscal policy doomed to fail. We are past the point of no return, as the remaining question being for how long can the FED exponentiate the money supply to kick the can, to the day of reckoning, when it all goes down, in a torrent for riots, marshal law, as wealth is transferred from paper promises, to gold and silver, immutable real money, the ultimate form of money, the ultimate extinguishers of debt.

We Americans are in one heck of a mess. Russians and Chinese are doing what they can to ease the eventual calamity, buying bullion hand over fist. They know what we all know, but are taking drastic steps to accumulate hoards of bullion, to minimize the affects of the demise of the Federal Reserve Note as the global reserve currency. So, here we are, 2013, the centennial birthday of the FED BANK, and all should send Bernake, a happy birthday card, expressing our sincere thoughts for their gracious and subtle destruction of the dollar, our collective hearts and minds, over this 100 year period, for the voted for enslavement of the people as tax mules and dependents.

I have proposed, in a nut shell, my solutions for the RECOVERING REACTIONARY AMERICAN ORDER, to restore our collective character, constitution, and economy, to wit, i) abolish all social programs at the federal level with balanced budgets, ii) abolish all fed taxes save a  national sales tax and get IRS thuggery out of lives, iii) abolish fiat paper money, and restore gold and silver coinage to keep government budgets honest, iii) restrict states to in rem property taxes only, and iv) restore the republic and lets the states decide all matters, individually, on how much social services they each wish to provide for their citizens, putting competition back in the social service complex, and restore the efficiencies derived there from. But this solution will be only serious considered as the system implodes, and the fascist in DC look at each other, and ask what to do. We can all sit back, and let it implode, knowing hopelessly that the pandered electorate will confine austerity, as US army tanks roll out down Wilshire Blvd LA, in crowd control. Its on it way.

But cant we do better? Cant we traditional Americans offer even more OUTS for the politicians to avoid the most extreme violent failures of government and the corruption of the people's heart. YOU BET WE CAN DO BETTER. Those bafoons in Washington need our help. They are trapped in their own pandered specie. The FED bank has painted itself into a corner. Stop the printing, the system implodes forthwith, into a monetized reboot. Kick the can, and print more, and system implodes by hyperinflation, and then the implosion and monetized reboot. Doomed to failed. But its just a money system. Our character should not measured in terms of our standard of living. Many will riot when DC implodes and the safety nets collapse. But I AM A TRADITIONAL AMERICAN, the eternal optimist, believing that implosion is a good thing to reset the ship of the state, and our collective hearts and mind. Hopium is a power drug. I hope for the reboot, and consequently our restored freedoms from government. So, you wimpy tail politicians with no clue, heads up, here is my 2cents.

Social Security at the federal level is an abomination. Government will pandered through ear-marks, but money and taxes are fungible, federal taxes creating the federal largess pie, to be wedged and dished out, to sustain political power, with the voting grannies have much more political power than inner-city youths, a big part of our future, having no vote at all. At the federal level, granny can eat dog food, and doctors can pull the pull on brain dead grandpa, I don’t care. They had their chance to work and save for retirement. The kids never did, they got no chance. The working family is the bedrock of any society, and the wedge of pie to them, should be the greatest of all, and not the old saps, who failed to work and save. They scream, but we paid into Social Security all those years!!!!! Its not fair. They are right, its not fair to pandered people into yet another tax, but its just another revenue stream, per se, and no more, but a tool, by the tools, to lock in political power. Be it a mandatory health care fine, a license fee, or a social security tax, ITS STILL A TAX, to feed the pigs' power play in DC. Granny screaching, is a specious arguments. We paid taxes, and the government dices it up upon the political voting blocks of the day. But granny has the vote, and the system locks, and cowardly politicians succumb to their personal desires for political power. But Social Security is just one of many many forms of targeted pandering. Labor unions, with forced political contributions, will back the ever increasing workers compensation regime. Teachers will collectivize until the states are bankrupted. University students, led by the leftist think tanks, will demonstrate if the life long enslaving federal student loans are cut back. There are many similar econ-political realities that provide the head winds to substantial changes necessary to right the ship of state. But what to do?

You first have to account for the present state of affairs, and that necessarily includes the pandered voting blocks, and the political power. The cultural shift into pandered socialism is a reality that must be confronted, but HOW? After all that is said and done, most people, particularly the most important group, the working family, understands the household budget. Even though the banks push upon them perpetual enslaving credit, and the government pushes upon them the morally corrupting handouts, the working family knows what a budget is, and can relate strongly to that.

Politicians, left and right, desiring to right the ship of state, with sound money policies, to restore the American character of self reliance, have to do an end run around the culture of pandered socialism. They must say that, we will cut the pie, any way the voters want, but the pie must equal the taxes. That is, you people can vote, and we will respond to your pandered socialism, in view of the locked up voting blocks. YOU VOTERS can have it your way, any way you want, but you have to live within your means, and that excludes taking on MORE DEBT. You can not solve a debt problem with more debt. Working families get that. But you can TAX and SPEND, as much as you want, as long as TAXES equal SPENDING. Let the labor unions fight with granny, in a mud match, granny in a G-string fighting like heck, for their slice of the pie. Politicians, both left and right know the ship is going down fast, but can not stand up to the electorate. But both can appeal to the working family, the core, for a balance budget, yet champion their causes for the respective pieces of the pie.

As the economic situation deteriorates, as we slide into the economic abyss, and as capital investment, employment, and standards of livings nose dive, and the working family is shot-gunned to pieces, there will be an opening for both left and right politicians to right the ship of the state, by appealing to THE CORE, the working families and their votes for sound monetary policy, and if successful, when taxes equal spending, the righties and lefties, can fight like heck over the pie, pitting the political votes against themselves in dividing up the fiscal pie. In stead of having all of these pandered political socialist forces fight for larger amounts, exploit the working family core VOTE, as the economy implodes, to vote for sound fiscal policies, so that the fight become not how much, but whats the share. You know, guns and butter.

Politicians know the system is doomed and unsustainable, in the end days of the leftist pandered voter. Both left and right can appeal to the working family core for political cover to make tax equal spend, but then fight like heck for the shares of pie. While any federal social program is outright despised by traditional Americans, and constitutionalists, we must accept the pandered political reality of the  day. Politicians trying to hang on to a failed system, will only watch that system implode. Republicans and Democrats can champion any social program, to politically divide the fiscal pie. Compassionate Republicans can get in there and support any pie cut they want, as long as taxes equal spending. The time will soon be upon us for a political opening to appeal to working family voting core. The only way they get there, is a point in time when the economy so deteriorate, that the working family block votes as a dominate block for balanced budgets, and then pie cut, for what ever the people want, and thus is politically exploited by both sides of the aisles, and Americana resurfaces and recaptures the days of past glory, strength, self respect, freedom, and self reliance.

Unified Field Theory 

US President Woodrow Wilson, said it best, "I have unwittingly ruined the country" 1913. When you reward unproductive acts, you get more unproductive acts.When you penalize productive acts, you get less productive acts. Thus Socialism fails upon it own absurdity. In a free capitalistic society, government has hands off the economy, and let laws of economic guide the economy. In the United Socialistic States of America, the federal budget in weighed down by social spending. The republicans have offered a five year plan to balance the budget, the 5 year plan being the hallmark of the communist/socialist society. Capitalists dont have 5 year plans, but rely on economic laws, in close loop price discovery.

So, in providing a continuum along one axis, characterized as increase government control, in order of, Communists, Socialists, Capitalists, and Barons. Productivity, or standards of living would be the vertical axis, and what you see is a maxima at capitalism, with socialism a pathetic 2nd, with barons and communists at extreme low of human endeavor. We have examples. 20th century Soviet Union, 19th century American, and the Anti-trusts taking down the monopolizing Barons, (industrial chieftains).  The question is, what is the best political system, to exploit the devils and angles (Self-Greed and Brotherly Compassion) in us all.

The US had it made. Capitalism fueling the economy, interstate commerce policing of the Barons for rigging and monopolies, a republic of states having respective social safety nets and personal giving to others. It WAS the best system ever for maximizing societal productivity and prosperity. But something happen to the super power. WW FED and IRS, FDR and the raw deal, LBJ and the corrupt society, and BHO with bankster socialism. Capitalism is dead, markets are controlled. Real money, honest markets are gone. Barons rob with impunity. Federal Government engages in pissing matches to see who can buy the most votes to sustain socialistic fascist political party power.

So, there is the age old battle between the socialists and capitalists. Communists and Barons (monopolizers and manipulators) are just to extreme for polite discussion, along the continuum of governmental enslavement of the people. Its a natural thing to do, by the way, and is generally correct, that government employees tends to migrate more power into government. Targeted Inflation is targeted robbery. DHS is a threat to your personal security. SS#, taxes, nanny-granny state, free shit army, print paper money, etc etc, are all means that migrate more power unto government, brought on by stagnant socialistic policies.

So, the socialists MUST KNOW deep down that the socialistic prescription for humans, JUST DONT WORK, something about the Americans having no queen or six legs. But, the Robber Barons suck up way to much, and joe blowing gets screwed, so, here come the taxes (progressive) and the mandates, and eventually, THE LOCK DOWN. US has not had capitalism since the 19th century. As the fascist state between wallstreet and DC grows, the Robber Barons rob with impunity. The socialists have thrown out the constitution, real money, and productivity, in order to balance people and barons, but in so doing, destroyed the best method of creating wealth and improved standards of living.

The problem with the socialists is that they have a loser program, and can not balance the playing field between the people and the Barrons using the government, because of Barron undue influence, and so, the socialists will take everyone down. It is not only counter-productive, but takes 99%s down who the socialists were trying to help in the first place, battling the Barons, but moral hazards triumphed over market injustice, at the polls, and in so doing, destroyed capitalism, free markets, and a republic constitution, while losing out to absolute greed of the Robber Barons, for THE EPIC FAIL.

There should be absolutely NO SOCIAL WELFARE PROGRAMS at the federal level. The people and economy should practice Capitalism for maximum returns. The socialists, in stead of trying to spend everyone else's money, really, should have directed their "POOR ME" political game, to freedom from class corruption and vigorously enforced the constitution, interstate commerce fair trading, and market honesty, and in that, society would have benefited from the Capitalistic enterprise and Robber Barron venture capital, while the states provide safety nets. But the money interests of the Barons was just to great for the socialists to take on, and they tried to back door it, with welfare and ended up TAKING US ALL DOWN, except for the Barons, Kings and Queens with their billions of minions. Communists are a dead end. Socialists are going at it the wrong way. Capitalists have not been around for 100 years. Barons are sucking us all dry. Constitution has been trashed. Socialists have used "Poor Me" to take everyone down, except the robber barons, in the greatest EPIC fail of mankind.


I watched for little bit the Democrats parade before the camera "Unianimous Consent" motions to open up the government. Of course it was all "poor me" pandering of the people, and nothing about fiscal responsibility, unconstitutional unlimited government, unconstitutional fiat money, enslaving national debts, enslaving of the 99%ers as tax mules and state dependents, and, and of course, freedom of the people from government. It was all about pandering, enslaving of the people through handouts, government services, and just reeking of totalitarian socialistic fascism. These people are so diluted, one might think they are inherently evil, rather than merely totalitarian socialist fascists.

It is a proper thing to throw the big accounting firms under bus, as being part of the rigging, with the banks, and corporate fascists. The whole economic system has been corrupted, and congress, in stead of policing capitalistic interstate commerce, concerns itself with pandering the people with the social goodies at the federal level where there should be none per a constitution of limited federal government of enumerated powers, congress of course not having enough time to either control presidential foreign wars, immigration, government spying, police banks and accounting firms, police market rigging, throwing the economy to the wolves and under the bus, among a host of corrupt governmental control over the people, with their obamacare MANDATES.

Age discrimination and social security, DONT SQUARE UP. Think about it. Handicap  equal protection and disability insurance DONT SQUARE UP. Gender equal protection over play preferences and orientations. Its duplicative. Black, Female, homosexual, immigrant, handicapped, seniors have six equal ways to Sunday. It cant get more absurd, now can it. Add Duplicitous Duplicating to the string of totalitarian socialistic fascist adjectives. How did it get so messed you asked? 100 years of political pandering. Silver sliding in there at 21, the after glow of market rigging manipulation. Tell me that aint messed up as well. There must be a connection between social, economical, monetary, and political corruption. That's right. 100 years of political pandering. Its all the same game, just played out in different dimensions.

Nanny Granny Gay Minority Addict Pandering

Pandering is defined, as used here, the promises by political leaders to secure short term votes or voter approval to cement here and now short term political power resulting in the long term decay, ruination, and collapse of the USA. People often see the accumulative effects of pandering over a large period of time. Many have simply given up on the vote, as it makes no difference. Other stop looking for work, and simply become members of the Unparticipation rates. Others live rat lives, sucking off the state, when young and able bodied. 100 million vote, but 200 million have thrown in the towel, and have simply walked away in disgust. Many others are self professed anarchists. It seems that everyone complains, but the system goes on down the payed road, for as long as there are those willing to vote for themselves and can be pandered, even if its a continued decrease in the percentage of Americans voters, pandered political power is maintained, and the march towards a nanny granny gay minority addict totalitarian society will continue and be reinforced, all to the long term decay, ruination, and collapse of America. Congress has a 10% approval rate. There is a clue, that some still hang on to the American historic way of life and dreams of Freedom and a Constitution of Freedom, which was destroyed, unbeknownst to most, over the last 100 years of political pandering.

Nanny folks want universal health care and medicare and unemployment compensation. Grannies want social security. Gays want Gay Marriages. Minorities want focused spending on them. Addicts want drug legalization. They all want something for themselves, but not for the good of the country. This is made clear by a comparison between JFK and BHO, the former saying ask not for the goodies, the other saying ask for goodies. JFK sensed something was wrong, but he gave his solution in the context of his day, not realizing the origins of the decay in American thinking. The US has gone way beyond the JFK days with its nanny granny gay minority addict pandering, to where today, reactionary solutions proposed to right the ship of state, at first instance seem extreme, but are nothing more than falling back upon the founding father principles and the US constitution that made the country strong. It has taken so long, 100 years of political pandering, because some people cling to a false belief that the political process will eventually save the day, mostly because they falsely believe that the US constitution will be respected, which it has not, but instead has been deemed a living and breathing creature from the underworld by the supreme court that was suppose to be the last check and balance to totalitarian control to preserve American Freedom. The court has utterly violated its oath to defend the constitution.

There are the old glory wavers, the die hards, and they will be. But like all pandered decays of a society, there reaches a point, an end game, be it an economic collapse, a civil war, a totalitarian suppression, or a rebellion, something will crack. But while in the throws chaos of pandered people, the people pick the wrong enemy, for the enemy is not the MOPE foe, that is other political party, but the pandered system as a whole, that has abandoned founding father principles and the plain meaning of the US Constitution. The activists fight over, and pandered people vote for, not for founding father principles and a US Constitution upon which the nation was founded or the good of the country, but rather for that party that promises the most illusions of gratifying personal desires resulting in sustaining political power, all the while, pandering the people towards more long term decay, ruination, and collapse of the Nation.

The voters no longer vote for the good of the country, but for the good of themselves. Politicians pander the people for short term political power, and long term decay and ruination of the country, and not the good of the country.  Judge interpret the plain language of the constitution to fit the pandered political party messages and activism of the day. There is only one stop down that path of totalitarian democracy, and that is decay, ruination, collapse, loss of freedom and totalitarian enslavement.   

So, each special interest group wants no rules as applied to them, but want as much government support as possible, which leads to totalitarian controls.Its cute how treason is now called transparency, the drug legalizers never had it so good. I guess Snowden is just another victimless crime, as all crimes are becoming. Is murder still taboo with extended vacations at state expense, rather than public square immediate hangings? Just asking. So, they all want no rules, its liberty of course, as society slides down into the rabbit hole of complete chaos. Do you all get it?

1960s Guns and Butter

I recall well the 1960s, where LBJ escalated the Vietnam War while pushing his corrupt society. That was a significant turning point in the crooked payed road, where the American CAN DO spirit was trashed, and self reliance was ruined for all times, as Americans started asking what can the government do for me, and voted accordingly, with dead JFK rolling in his grave just a few years therein.

There never should have been that issue of GUNS or BUTTER, but rather the federal government should procure the GUNS, within tax receipts as desired, and the states should procure the BUTTER within tax receipts as desired, but where women were paid to have babies out of wedlock, and the federal budget was busted funding war providing crippled veterans so as to further the debt enslavement of all Americans.

The 1960s, and LBJ's war and corrupt society was a huge acceleration down the payed road of Totalitarian Democracy, and the enslavement of the pandered Americans as tax mules and state dependents. LBJ's corrupt society ranks among the top 4 in its decadent push into the Totalitarian Demise of America.

Victimless Crimes against Humanity

So there are the drug legalization advocates who assert that drug use is a victimless crime, and hence, heroin should be a free for all. There is a victim, that is, there are many victims, though the causal effect maybe at times, be distal to individual freedoms sought. The victim is at least the moral code of humans and society in general. The legalization of drugs, particularly hard drugs, meth amphetamines and opiates, have a tremendous ruinous affect upon the cohesion of any society, promotes international drug trafficking, corrupts banking centers with narco drug money, ruins lives, destroys families, devastates neighborhoods, and decimates the core moral base of any society. Sure, freedom is sought, but no one should be free to murder the life blood of any society. Yet, drug peddling is glorified on silver screen and many seek freedom from totalitarian rule of DC, but over extend freedom sought, with very poor judgment. A crime is against society. The punishment should fit the crime.

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. That is a catching phrase used to pander weak minded people. A crime is against society, and a crime is defined by laws of the state. The District Attorney prosecutes crimes for violating laws. People sue in civil court for civil wrongs personally against them. A victimless crime is a non-sequitur as the crime is against society, which includes people, institutions and government, as a whole. What the term victimless crime intends to convey, by spin, is that no harm is really done by an isolated singular small act, and therein lies the fallacy, for harm may be derived from the aggregate long term consequences of what may include, as what is suggested, apparent small benign singular acts. The aggregate effects of very small acts can have a substantial proximal and distal causal destructive effect that the state can rightly criminalize by convicted punishment.

The drugs used by various Americans effect the brain centers. Sexuality also affects the brain centers as well. Because Drugs and Sexuality affect the brain centers in such compulsive ways, they are combined together as intoxicants. These intoxicants, in a generalized order include caffeine, womanizing, nicotine, alcohol, adultery, marijuana, bisexual promiscuity, barbiturates, amphetamines, prostitution, cocaine, homosexuality, psychedelics, and heroin. The discussion of victimless crimes includes both drugs and sexual behaviors as compulsive intoxicants. These compulsive intoxicants can be characterized as an intoxication complex having on one horizontal axis, the listed intoxicants in the order presented, and on the vertical axis, the degree of societal harm, presenting a graph of dots, because engineers communicate most effectively using graphs. What one will find is a general strong correlation, with a generally upward biased mean line of the plotted points on this Victimless Crimes Against Society graph. Sexual behavior is considered a drug because love is the drug I'm thinking of.

And so, those who advocate legalized hard drug use or permissive open homosexuality, of course, look at the aggregate harm to society, nor the costs involved in rehabilitating destroyed lives, homes, and neighborhoods, or the continued slide into decadent behavior upon children. Of course, its idyllic freedom without measuring the consequences, of course, much like the gay marriage issue, idyllic freedom without considering the societal consequences, as if it is in the interest to kill itself through the lack of procreating the next generation.

Sororities and fraternities have unisexual cohabitation houses around the colleges and campuses and has been so since day one. The concept of unisex cohabitation is not the issue. People have been doping it up for thousands of years, including coffee, cigarettes, and beer. The concept of drug addiction is not the issue. The issue is appropriate government solutions to out of control problems. Freedom of contract and association are long standing common laws. The US Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. These are the correct logical parameters in play. It is not the cohabitation or the drug use, per se, but the extreme extensions of them that must be controlled within limits of government powers and constitutional rights. Civil contract enforcement and public display prohibitions solves the gay marriage issue. In home pot smoking may be decriminalized, but destructive hard drug use and trafficking should not. There is a balance to be struck to prevent crimes against humanity while enabling maximum freedoms and liberties from government. 

To drive the point home, suppose we extent gay marriages and drug legalization, generally because they are hot issues but same in kind, to their natural conclusions, where all persons are drug addicts and all persons are homosexual. The question being who would work and who would procreate the next generation of tax payers. The answer is no one. Both adversely affect societal and family strengths. A free for all, anything goes society just would not work, and is destructive. Thus, balances must be struck between police state intrusions into the personal lives of the people and liberties enjoyed. Its a trade off of course, but hard lines with workable rules, should be drawn. The question is always where should those line be drawn, between police powers and personal liberty. Lines must be drawn by the state in the balance, as workable solutions. I have a few gay neighbors, but they conduct their private lives outside the presence of my children, and thus deserve my respect for respecting me. Responsible alcohol, marijuana, and homosexual conduct by adults in privacy at out of the view of children respecting parental rights, have minimal affects and do not justified over bearing invasions of privacy by government law enforcement.  It is a trade off. 

There is a law in California, proposed or perfected, that allow children to declare themselves homosexuals, as if minors should be allowed to engage in free choice, with parenting abandoned. When you seek no rules, and anything goes, as is the apparent want, the result is chaos and the destruction of moral codes, families and society. Parents need to parent. Children need rules while they grow up. Surely, 18 years of age, when children become officially adults, they can choose for themselves, but when raising a child, rules are important for the child to survive and thrive, the main objective is to generate the next healthy generation, and drugs, contraceptive devices, speech, preferences, conduct, and other adult matters should not be left for children, bypassing parental parenting, unless decay, destruction, and devastation are sought, all in the name of idyllic freedoms in the push back to totalitarian rule. 

There was a leftist complaint about GW Bush, appearing Black and White, in his decision making, and it was asserted that such was a limitation. The problem is that gray area of policy starts the slippery slope, and is where decay begins from within. It likes the flexibility sought using paper money, printable at will, only to result in out of control fiscal deficits, enslaving national debts, enslaved populations as tax mules and state dependents, and eventually leads to corrupting socialized totalitarian rule. Black and White rules are actually indispensable, for example, the US Constitution now largely trashed, and black and white rules are important, especially for children and politicians because they limit conduct, because they confine government policies and children, to prevent government,  children, and society from destroying themselves from within. There is a balance to be struck between personal liberties and state sanctions. Anything goes will destroy the strength of any society. The task is to push liberties to a defined outer limit having minimal harm to society as a whole. By and large, under the republic, the states social engineer under reserved Constitutional powers, based upon voter approval, and that is the best way to draw the lines between acceptable and prohibited conduct.

Bill O'Reilly's Welfare Dilemma

Bill O'Reilly, is in a pickle. He on one hand claims that the federal government has the purpose to provide for the general welfare of the people, yet complains about the obscene nanny state at the federal level. The two don't square up. Let me help, if I may.

Welfare as used in the US constitution, did not mean, by any interpretation, the creation of a hand out nanny granny state. Rather it was a general phrase, that at least meant providing a level playing field. Take and Give at the federal level does not provide a level playing field. Bill maybe unwilling to ruffle the feathers of many granny-state social security recipients, and soft peddles certain federal social services at the federal level, where there should be none.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Bill is already against the build up of the Nanny-State at the federal level, in for a penny. Now is the time to go all in for the pound. Bill will eventually resolve this conflict. He is a very smart guy, and when he does, odds are he comes down on the side of freedom, and will suggest moving all federal social programs to the states, where they belong, per the US Constitution, a document of Freedom and Liberty from totalitarian government. On this August 5 anniversary, of Admiral Farragut's run into Mobil Bay, 1864, lets all project a futuristic talking points, Damn the Granny-State, Full Freedom Ahead. 

O'Reilly has addressed economic decline in the country, and cited the Nanny State. He he claimed the congress was inept while the parties blame the opposing party president, and came to the conclusion that the Supreme Court is a political body, and is  
concerned about the future of the country, without offering substantial solutions. Here is one talking points, in true O'Reilly style. 

"In just a few moments we will have the inside story about immigration reform bill. Apparently some Republicans in the House want to kill it outright and they might succeed. That would mean the chaotic status quo would remain and the southern border would not be made more secure. On the IRS front an investigation is supposed to be underway. But who knows? Certainly not Congress. A new poll says NSA leaker Edward Snowden now considered a legitimate whistleblower by 55 percent of the American people. Some believe he's a hero for embarrassing the USA all over the world. And what about the NSA snooping on phone calls and e-mails in the USA? Congress knows about as much as we do, nothing. So you can see that the situation on Capitol Hill is dire. Congress doesn't know anything and it can't get anything done. The latest Gallup poll says just 15 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing and those 15 percent are brain dead. Congress isn't doing anything, problems are not getting solved. The president sits in the White House knowing that no matter what happens on his watch, Congress is not going to get to the bottom of it. This is not the way the country is supposed to run. We elect these people to protect us, solve problems, and promote prosperity. Yet we have $17 trillion debt, a moribund economy. An immigration mess, scandal in the IRS and a foreign policy that looks like it was designed by Kim Kardashian. Ideologues always blame the opposing president. Bush is an idiot. Obama is corrupt, whatever. But the bottom line is the U.S. Congress is inept. Nothing is getting done. And that's The Memo.

OReilly did a series of Talking Points related to Blacks and indicated that out of wed lock births increases, and that the black family is devastated by that, and that those in the MSM and political wont acknowledge that core fact and that core problem. He is correct, but it goes back way further than that. At the turn of 20th century, the black community was poor, but their family were generally together, and the crime problem was much less. Poverty is not the determinative factor and a driver, but decaying morals decimating family unity in a mother-father home, the best situation for raising children. Consequently, the communities in the poor inner city are increasingly immoral, criminal, addicted, associating gangs that compounds problems of race sterotyping, which is a natural response. The liberal political leaders hold their black vote base by the promise of more funding, victimization, and race baiting to sustain the black vote, to MOPE the black vote, and have no serious interest in weakening that lock on power. Telling is the fact that the black vote is still today, mostly a single voting block, to be maintained by race baiting, political pander, victimization and political MOPE. The black liberal political leaders and their liberal MSM allies are inherently racist, and do the black community a large injustice. 

OReilly has concluded that Economic Devastation lies in the Nanny State, that the Supreme Court is a political Body, that congress is befuddled and engaged in name calling the opposing President. OReilly is starting to get it, that DC totalitarianism is the basic problem. In time, OReilly will get there, but at a rate insufficient to educate and help save the country from ruination. When congress is utterly consumed in providing the nanny goodies, in pander for buying votes, how possibly can it focus and resolve any issue in a timely manner? When the supreme court engages in regular judicial fiat how possibly can it also defend the US Constitution? When the two major parties lock up the voting booth and are essentially the same, how possibly can there be any real hope and change? When only the two major political parties offer and elect the President, how can you not expect the Presidency to be the target of the political blame game? When Bankster and Greedsters flood the congress with lobbyists and campaign dollars, how possibly can the congress have the time and desire to always have the best interest of Americans at heart? The system is horribly locked up, and it can only go one way, and that is down in ruination. Complaining does not offer long term solutions. Habitual complaining is heard loud and clear, as some very slowly understand the comprehensive systemic problems, but way to slow to save the nation. 

TO BALANCE THE BUDGET that is the tall tail sign of a socialistic society, doomed to failures. 

Lenin Third Internationale Speech

Catholic Church: Leftist Political Animal

Here is the first clue. The Pope appeared before congress in 2015, spewed his socialism, did not mention Jesus one time, NOT ONCE, and got a standing obviation.  Get your heads on straight, and put your heads completely around that one. 

The Catholic Church IS A POLITICAL ANIMAL, they seek to gain their flock's numbers, and by entering politics, to further that aim. Its a place where Christ did not go, in a sense that he did not seek to increase his flock by political controls. Whether our not you accept the statement "This country was found on Christian Judeo principle of right and wrong, personal charity and personal responsibility", IT WAS THE BED ROCK CULTURAL FOUNDATION upon which the founding fathers rested the political structure of the constitution. People were going to have to fend for themselves, help each other, educate themselves, and hence we relied upon a moral, just, self-reliant citizenry. Hence, limited federal power, honest money, a republic of states. Cultural and political frameworks were suitably matched.

Both our culture and our constitution HAVE BEEN TRASHED by vile religious and leftest panderers into an immoral, decadent, corrupt, godless, dependent, unreliant TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC FASCISM enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents, and the resulting loss of prosperity centered in moral decay, in the continuous slide.GOD WILL HAVE HIS WRAITH UPON THE WICKEDNESS OF MAN as well as the false prophets and socialists permeating THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Christ taught individual charity, a personal gift, from our HEARTS, and salvation is not based upon the collective tax receipts. Christ did not teach totalitarian socialism enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents. Mr Salt is a false prophet, shaming Christianity.
Catholic Salt, teaches vile corruption of our hearts and minds to worship the GODs and MARBLE statues in DC.No other conclusion is possible. This country was founded on Christian Judeo teaching of RIGHT and WRONG, personal charity and personal responsibility. This country was founded on founding father principles of limited federal power, gold and silver honest money, a republic of states. Both of which have been trashed, through political and RELIGIOUS fraudulent pandering that has utterly destroyed the personal strength of us Americans and has utterly bankrupted the country. These pandering socialists and evil prophets, believing in COLLECTIVISM, totalitarian socialism are completely opposite to that which gave America its unique moral strength in the world, as we now slide deeper into decedent, immoral, godless totalitarian socialism. 


VOTE EM OUT, OR TAKE EM OUT for a free lunch, or wait for the implosion and rebirth. The pandering has made us Americans weak, with nanny state reliance, now unable to stand on our own, by and large, and are in deed voting for more and more government care, so the only bet left, and most certain outcome, is an economic implosion and rebirth. 

Unemployed 3 years, and I refuse the indignity of being enslaved. Worked 35 years, professional engineer/lawyer, only to be BKed by the IRS, and spending 70% of my adult career working for the government, enslaved as a tax mule. It dont pay to work. Had I known 50 years ago that this country would go evil into socialism, I would have never busted my tail trying to achieve. Now, I would rather live poor and free, than enslaved by those totalitarian socialistic fascists in DC enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents, so as to concentrate power and cement authoritarian political power, ABSOLUTELY contrary to the our founding principles of freedom FROM GOVERNMENT, by virtue of a REPUBLIC OF STATES, with LIMITED federal enumerated powers. The supreme court, sold us all out, enabling the politicos to enslave us all with their FEDERAL TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISM.

But maybe I will vote for BHO, because I know that his socialistic totalitarian fascist policies will lead us all faster to an economic implosion, alla Europe, and from those ashes of failed socialism, the system implodes, and a rebirth, as we go back to limited government, no federal welfare state, and gold/silver money that cant be just printed, so as to sustain DC political power and our enslavement. I want my freedom back, so maybe I should vote for BHO! Romney gots no clue what FREEDOM really is.

By changing the Federal tax revenues to a NATIONAL CONSUMPTION SALES TAX, a pay and forget system, people are freed from the IRS thugs, the spying on us, and legions of tit sucking tax lawyers gaming the system. Change the money back to gold and silver to keep the government honest. It is easy to do. The government would rather bail out banks, than help main street. GET A CLUE FOLKS, to keep that FIAT PAPER MONEY SYSTEM RUNNING that enable political control in the first instance. The government is not the people's pal, unless you be a bankster making political contribution and wild failed bets or JPManipulator in over its head with derivative criminally manipulating commodity prices to keep gold and silver down so as not to expose the implosion now occurring and the failure of fiat money and totalitarian socialism, ...,  with the people hard earn money, only to be bailed out by the government, at the tax payer expense, heads we lose, tails we lose. The system is for politicians, lawyers, judges, and the banksters, and not FOR THE PEOPLE.


Republicans and Democrats nearly shut down the government, NOT! The spending cut was an absolute farce. They trimmed what, 38B out of 1650B of spending, for what 1.5% of spending cuts. Did anyone seriously doubt there would be effectively NO SPENDING CUTS. Did anyone seriously doubt there would a deficit limit increase?

Both parties are ruled by pandering clowns, enslaving us all as tax mules and dependents. Economic devastation is the ONLY CURE. Trust me on this one, its clear as bell. Global fiat paper money implodes before our eyes. Federal, State, Municipal bond implosions in progress. Uncontrolled spending reigns supreme until the FRN aint worth a continental. Western democracies (ROME) are burning, as the Cesar can not tax and spend enough, throwing out the bread, to maintain any budget, as they cheat and rob from us all with INFLATION.

A 5 year necessary global depression is necessary to deleverage the banks, as the bansters take 10s of Million in bonus, for what, betting OUR RANCH, and losing our shirts, so that the government can bail them out to keep those bonuses flowing. Mean while, JPManipulator is back at it, paper shorting bullion on the comex, to make the dollar look, well, NOT DEAD JUST YET. Corruption, Undue Influence, Political Pandering run a muck, in the good ole USA.

THE MORAL HAZARD of socialism.

You make think it peachie, that people have given up their self respect and dignity, buying into the political pandering, vote for me, and Ill give you the goodies, but these singing sirens are the death knell to a strong, resilient society, that could face down any economic downturn. SOCIALISM, in its consequences is totalitarian enslavement.

What you must first do is understand HUMAN NATURE. I want all the bananas, and I want to help my fellow man. Those are the drivers. We are what we are. The trick is to exploit that for maximum gain. If you base a society on individual effort/reward and individual charity, you have the most efficient and propersous society, if you measure success based upon standards of living, income, and over all health. How many of you all have accepted government assistance with a healthy body? You have no shame, no self-respect, no self dignity. If you believe in socialism, you have condemn yourselves to life long pan handling, and have sold your souls to the political henchmen who will and have enslaved us all as tax mules or dependents. Socialism: Moral corruption, indignity, selfdisrespect, impoverishment, and enslavement. Just prefect for weak minded minions who have no clue, and preyed upon by political czars.  In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps, way to go socialists. Of course, single motherhood is yet another consequence of the moral hazard. Socialism can not be seriously defended, unless of course, you are a totalitarian politician, a bankster, or a pan handler, the devil's trident.

Maggie Thachter: Socialism is great, until you run out of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. The US has not had capitalism since 1916, where have you been? There are no free markets, just interventions. And what is so intellectually pathetic, is that these WALL STREET campers, blame the banks, and they are right to do so, but it was their vote that put the totalitarian fascist in power, through the contribution of these banksters, to cement the bankster control through fiat paper money, and campaign contribution, to enslave them into impoverishment. So, you see, they have only themselves to blame for selling their souls to these socialistic fascists.

Montetizing debt is quantitative easing, and buying toxic asset is qualitative easing, both used to remove burdensome debt and worthless assets from the market place, mostly the banks, and replace it with currency, in vain hopes of pumping up the economy, the heroin of choice, which has diminishing affects as more and more monteization occurs. Generically, its called money printing, which must go parabolic, less the ponzi scheme based upon irredeemable ponzie coupons, aka, the fiat paper dollar, crashes, and hence, the parabolic rise of the money supplies.

There are hopes that, by stimulating the economy, through QE, we can grow out of this mess. Problem is that they have stimulated so much, it has virtually no affects, other than to line the bankster pockets, debase currencies and lower the value of debt, but with the expecting and occurring implosion of all fiat paper moneys. When ever you have an explosion in credit, a credit bubble, collapse of the bubble will follow. The world 100T$ bond market is set to implode. 

And so, the world is in mess, and politicians and banksters will and can only select one option, less the world plunges immediately into that inevitable global depression, "on their watch", thus, QE to infinity, and the resulting implosion of the global fiat paper money complex, eventually returning to Gold/silver real honest hard money. Its baked into the cake, and they know it, AND THAT IS WHY THE CBs are now buying gold. But that is the good news. Gold and Silver money in hands FREES you from the banksters' printing presses, which robs mostly the middle class and poor every day of their lives through the INTENDED INFLATION. The five pillars of freedom are god, gold, guns, land, and vote. Gold will make a come back, as the currencies collapse. God will make a come back, as people search for answers. Vote will come back and stick. The Tea party won, but it did not matter, they still raised the debt limit, but people all over are learning what is going on, and will THROW THEM ALL OUT) Guns and Land will make a come back, as hard times forces those plays as well. Yeap, it looks really bad now, but from the ashes of failed socialism, a rebirth will occur, and our freedom from government will be recaptured. 

And so, through cultural evolution, into socialism, the western world is bankrupt. And so, through socialism, the world will be slammed into global depression, and most probably a world war. And you just watch these cry-babies in the EU and US throw themselves on the ground, such as US Wall Street campers, Greece riots, British riots, France demonstrations, when the government are eventually forced into austerity, as in the final analysis, THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. And through it all, these socialists stick to their guns, with the blame game in class warfare, when in reality, it is the very culture they promote that is the direct cause of their own problems, taking everyone, including the most productive, their last hope of the freebies, down with them, into the social and political and bankster corruption. But they needed firstly Pandering Politicians, vote for me and Ill give you the goodies, to cement fascist totalitarian political power to enslave us all as tax mules or dependents, enabled by the use fiat paper money and the resulting deficits and by a Corrupt Judiciary that has in fact trashed our constitution and founding father principles. And yet through it all, they maintain specious argument that we cant let single mothers and their children starve, yet it is the created expectation of government assistance that forms the reliance on the nanny state, and thus, life styles are adjusted to take advantage of the nanny state, thereby eliminating starvation as a tremendous motivator to be self reliant, and therein lies the trap, the moral hazard, that corrupts all. Social services should have at least state clinics, kitchens, and shelters, with heavy reliance upon individual compassion, less you corrupt all of society. The goods news is that ALL of these problems disappear, by one simple act,  remove taxes on bullion coins.

Gold has not changed for 15 Billion years. It can not be made or printed. Gold is the denominator upon which all else measures.
From 250 to 1920$/oz when manipulation laid a heavy hand on the gold price, fiat was sinking faster all the time, meaning your dollars went from a value of 0.004ozAu to 0.00052 over ten years. Meaning you lost 87% of the value of your dollars in gold terms. This is how you understand what is meant by TRANSFER OF WEALTH.
Those holding paper assets will lose, and those holding hard assets will win, in the greatest transfer of wealth this world has ever witnessed. And you all are invited to take a ride with me on the SILVER SILVER SURF BOARD, and have a front row seat and watch it all go down and all go up. And of course, EU elitist meet, and rumor mill starts, and of course QE is the only solution.
QE to infinity until BUST BOOM BANG. The news is coming out these days, at blistering speeds, as panic, at the highest levels, set in, paralyzing the whole. Some five years back, dow at 14000 and gold 600, at a DOW/GOLD ratio of 23:1, meaning it takes 23 oz of gold to buy the dow. I predicted the DOW/GOLD ratio will hit 0.4, say DOW 6000 and Gold $15,000/oz. As I write, today the ratio is 12000/1750 or 6.8:1, stay tuned. 

As Americana slides into decadent totalitarian socialistic fascism, the moral hazard of socialism permeate and corrupt all. Currently, the prisons populations are exponentiating with no end sight, as the moral code is debased. Man has innate instincts overlaid by taboos and moral codes. Religion seeks to cement moral codes. These moral codes and taboos were spawn of ancient societies to grow robust thriving city state populations. Man's innate drive from freedom rejects these moral codes, and thus, the every present slide into corruption of hearts and minds. The slide continues from crime and gays leading to pedophilia and dog like street fornication, to lawlessness and protest against authority. One fallout from this continue slide into moral decadence, is the rise of gay rights, drug dealing, organized crime, bankster greed, and criminality generally. The result has been an exploding prison population that is over whelming federal and state authorities, and the criminal justice system. Something most be done to seriously rehabilitate incarcerated prisoners. 

I have a plan to rehabilitate prisoners and lessen the burdens on the states. We have a huge prison problem in the US. Criminals are not being rehabilitated, losing man power as they rot in prisons. The prison population is exponentiating with no end sight. Something must be done about that. So, I will rally the prison population to the stars and stripes, rehabilitate them into respectable citizens, with honor and dignity, to turn them away from a life of crime, rot and decay. ALL prisoners will be deprived of all the goodies, save a cell, 3 hots and cot, books, paper, pencil and a toilet, AND THAT IS IT, and they can rot there IF THEY CHOOSE. As president I will offer all inmates two alternatives, volunteer for the GREEN CORPS or the US ARMY Bad-Boy Battalions, under condition they agree to military tribunal jurisdiction, and if they run, they will be hung. No messing around. They will learn the work ethic, work for the US as two times time served, with stipend for release entry back into society. They will clean up toxic dumps, plant trees, in the GREEN CORPS, or be armed privates in the US Army under close supervision of course, and man and defend the southern border from the invading hoards. The idea is to get them working, while building pride in their service to and for the US, to become respectable citizens welcomed back into the fold, with earned dignity, respect, and honor. The path will be there, and if they agree to it, the path back to the community is for them to take. But make no mistake, if they run, and are caught, they will be tried by a military tribunal, having the only issue "did they intentionally run" and if found guilty, hung quickly without appellate review. Sure it will be a brutal penalty, but we need to give our prisoners a real chance to make it back into society with honor and dignity, and stop exponentiating the prison populations.

US Imploding under Absurdity

The US is imploding under the weight of its own political absurdity by penalizing (taxing) all productive acts and rewarding (hand outs) all unproductive acts. I was struck last night by the NV republican candidate on the Factor indicating that the rewards of unemployment compensation exceed the pay of jobs available, suggesting the reason why people stay on the government take. But what was clearly missing from that revelation, was the notion that government has taught the people such practices over the last 100 years of political pandered, to wit, Vote For Me (to cement my political power, selfishly) and I will deliver to you the GOODIES (and enslave you through those hand outs to life long government care). Under today's politically pandered selfishness of the citizens, ASK NOT WANT YOU CAN DO FOR THE COUNTRY, BUT WHAT THE COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, it is expected that Americans would naturally throw away all sense of self dignity and self respect, in the trash, and leach off the country as best able. We Americans have been taught well by the likes of WW FDR LBJ and HBO. This is not new of course, as we all can recall the un-wed mothers of the 1960s having as many babies as possible under LBJ's "Corrupt Society". The US embedded political machine, both Rep. and Dem., of course, pandered the people into believing that they are entitled to government entitlements, over the last 100 years, to where now IT IS A GIVEN.

Of course this all, is contrary to the founding father principles, of 1) limited government, 2) real money gold/silver coinage, 3) voting for the good of the country, and 4) a republic of states.

Today, the Federal Government power is PLENARY, fiat paper money of zero intrinsic value is exclusively used, voters now voting for the good of themselves, and with vast Federal government comprising an obscene welfare machine. This is not the country of the G.Washington and A.Lincoln. This country is now the country of self-centered totalitarian socialistic fascist elitists concentrated in DC dictating terms to the several states, while enslaving the population as tax mules or state dependents. There is of course, no REAL HOPE, and NO CHANCE FOR REAL CHANGE, to return to our founding father roots, as the people expect entitlements, which are enabled by the tax mules, IRS thugs, the fiat paper money, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Though, you have to admire the Tea Party folks. They sense something is just not right. They complain about taxes, which personally touches them all, consistent with the "ITS ALL ABOUT ME" learned political lessons of the 20th century, but, that is shallow concern, because unless they address the comprehensive whole of the destruction of our founding father roots, and vote in a sizable block to cause a massive re-orientation back to those founding roots, they will ultimately be unsuccessful.

There are five pillar of freedom, GOD GOLD GUNS LAND and VOTE. The judges, lawyers, and politicians, collectively act to destroy these pillars of freedom, and have done so in earnest over the last 100 years. GOD and his churches and temples must be kept alive, well, and active, to dispense human compassion in a cost effective manner. GOLD must be the coin of the realm, less the fiat paper money presses can run 24/7 to enable the deficits in perpetuity. GUNS must not be control, less the people have no means, to over throw the fascists in control of the country. LAND must not regulated to deny use for living as one chooses, free from government interference. The VOTE must not be pandered, to deny the politicians their life long empires, to teach the people to vote, in stead, for the good of the country.

In a comprehensive analysis of the world and the US, there is really no hope for a continuation of the current state of affairs, as the implosion of the US is inevitable because of that inherent absurdity taught to and learned by the voting public. There is simply no political will return the US to its founding father roots in the foreseeable future, except for, of course, the train wreck about to happen, mostly unseen by the general public at large. There is to much political resistance to returning to our founding father roots. For example, the socialists at the AAPR will campaign hard for the maintenance of Social Security and the old folks will vote in their own self interest as they have been taught to do over the last 100 years. Surely, the tea party folks will has measured affects, but in the comprehensive whole, of the implosion now occurring, it will be too little, to way late.

However, like all biological systems, there is a natural order of things, and negative feedback eventually surfaces to correct ill founded ways. The dollar will implode, the government will go from deficits, to defaults, to the demise of the welfare state, as economy continues to implode, as the tax revenues dry up, as military tanks are disposed on Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, to prevent anarchy in the streets, as best able. But, the US Mint continues to mint US gold/silver coinage, the last ditch defense to TOTAL ANARCHY in the country, as black markets will surface, and tax avoiding business will rise from the ruins of "free" enterprise, and the country will have a  rebirth, from those ashes, do to that negative feedback, back to our founding father principles. I use to think that it would be 25 years out, but the exponentiating states of affairs, leads me now to think, that the TOTAL IMPLOSION of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and the US ECONOMY will occur this decade, with a return of FREEDOM from government, as taught by our founding fathers. GLORY HALLELUJAH

Workplace Discrimination

Our freedom from government, day by day, trashed by those totalitarian socialistic fascist racists in DC, lead by fuhrer BHO.

Dear Employees:
As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama is our President and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by about 10%. But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn't know how to choose who would have to go. So, this is what I did. I walked through our parking lots and found sixty 'Obama' bumper stickers on our employees' cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can't think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change......I gave it to them. I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic. Signed CEO

I wonder when work place discrimination laws will include "political orientation". The pigs wont stop .... and attempt to lock ... no freedom left at the shop. That racist BHO will play the race card, and Jim Crow, will be the excuse of course.