Open Loop Totalitarianism

USA Open Loop Totalitarianism

There are many systems that can become inherently unstable. The Space Shuttle disaster enabled many mortals to witness the reentry catastrophe before their very eyes. It started simply enough, in some loose heat shields tiles on the outer surface, but they got hot coming in, and the heat burn its way through the outer vehicular shell, and eventually caused loss of life and vehicular destruction. There was no negative feedback involved really, as once the bird entered, there was no turning back, and there was no way of preventing that disaster once the heat took root and spread. The US is heading toward ruination, if not civil war between totalitarians and freedom lovers, because currently there are insufficient political feedback controls. In fact, the political complex overtly tries to stifle loyal dissent, be it the DNC using terms like "extremist" to marginalize free speech, or the CIA trolling so called extremist web sites. Loyal dissent expressed through free speech is an indispensable component in any thriving democracy for robust debate and evaluation by the electorate as a necessary feedback control communications system.

Control of systems is very important to maintain integrity during sustained operations. In control systems, there are control features usually within subsystems that are nested and contain many negative feedback loops that provide stable operations of over all system performance through bandwidths of operation. Take for example, a simple operational amplifier having positive and negative inputs, and an output, and having a gain of the differential between the two inputs. Internal to the amplifier are typical compensation networks to maintain high performance gain over wide bands of operations of interests, as phases shifts reaching 180 degrees can cause unstable positive internal feedback. The amplifier output is fed back to the negative input for providing negative feedback control. If the output swings wildly one way, the output is fed back to the negative input so that the output swings back the other way, so as to maintain a stable output function using negative feedback. Negative feedback controls work to provide a stable output over wide bandwidths of operations. However, if the output runs open loop as not connected back or even worse is positively fed back to the positive input, for providing positive feedback, that subsystem quickly explodes in a failure and lock up of control and stable operations leading to failures over wide bandwidths of operation. This simple feedback control is also indispensable in government operations having a wide bandwidth over various political segments.

To understand the concept of open loop totalitarian destructive positive feedback control, lets look at, for example, the Department of Education and student loans. In the first order of simple thinking, the intent is a good one, along the payed road, to provide students at the federal level with assistance for attending college, and this is pandered by politicians, to cement the student voting block, as pandering is "Vote for me, and I will give you the goodies", but dont vote for the good of the country, to selfishly cement political power. But in the first order, the voters buy into the pandering, as most think in the first order. But now lets jump to the intellectual second order and third order in a critical analysis. In providing student loans, in the second order, tuition costs increase simply due to supply and demand economic laws. In the second order, students desire more student loans to cope with increasing tuition costs, and school administrators seek more student loans to assist the students in paying for ever increasing tuition costs by student loans, thereby providing the positive feedback as universities contribute to that political party most likely to increase federal student loans. In the third order of open loop unstable positive feedback control analysis, students are left with debilitating monstrous debt upon graduation, universities administrators lean toward more marxist-lenninist government controls, as the politicians pander as always for the student vote, as that pandering increases the student loan program, with rocketing sky-high tuition costs. So, what started out as a good intent, explodes the federal subsystem and leads to collective communism. The US constitution limited the federal powers to prevent such failures, reserving unto the states all powers not enumerated, such that States should manage their own universities. The supreme court, through judicial fiat, has wrongfully enabled the growth of the federal welfare complex, and the resulting failures, of graduating student debilitating debt, high tuition costs, through socialistic political pandering. Just look at the massive federal welfare state, where there should be none at the federal level, and the 50 million on food assistance, which nothing less than simply appalling.

In the case of government, there is currently system wide lock up in a totalitarian state of supreme governmental control over the people. There are many noteworthy unstable and out of control subsystems now in government play. A major uncontrolled subsystem is directed to the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters. The second one is directed to campaign contributing government entities. Both of which, are presently totally out of control lacking necessary feedback so as to be unable to provide stable government functions over wide bands of political interests. One need only look at the regular parade in congress, where many stand to be heard, pounding their chest, but really only chopping trees, rather than addressing the more important issues of providing stable government over wide bands of political interest. It is Management of Prospective Economic (MOPE) pandering and propaganda shown regularly and displayed for the people from DC, as the politicians and political machines run the MOPE pandering play time and again, allegedly against each other, which regular pandering shows, the media and people just love to watch, in between episodes of Orange County Housewives, as there is little difference in practice, each having staring roles and specific talents used.

But there is a fundamental difference between these two forms of unstable government subsystems, undue influence and pandering politics. The Banksters and Greedsters are generally private companies having US Justice and US Agency regulations of interstate commerce in their pockets, as the positive feedback with massive campaign contributions to lock in their undue influences. With the US Attorney General proclaiming that the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters are now to-big-to-fail (TBTF) to-big-to-jail (TBTJ), and with convenient market loop hole laws, where applying the rules allow Mala en Se to fester, as now the US Justice and US Agencies are unable to effectively regulate the markets, as governmental positive feedback has now totally failed the people. The Banksters and Greedster are presently operating open loop, looting and robbing the public at will with impunity. Campaign contributing government entities further lack necessary feedback control and are generally operating in positive feedback resulting in totalitarian lock up of the government and lock down of the people, as the campaign contributions are directed mostly to the DNC and RNC pandering political machines both having self centered vested interests in locking up political futures, cementing political power, to rig the election process so as to provide the people effectively no vote at all, another triumph of the United Socialistic States of America (USSA).

In 1776, our founding fathers were faced with a simple type of information flow, the printed news papers, and provided one man one vote, during simple and short electioneering processes, relying on a free press and the aggregate intelligence of the electorate to control a very limited federal government, as set forth in the US Constitution, to provide the people with personal liberties. Fast forward to the information age, where the unwieldy vast federal complex, the MSM political MOPE and pandering, the use of government funded entities to run open loop in their campaign contributions, the TBTF TBTJ Banksters and Greedsters robbing the people blind, the demise of short electioneering processes enabling year round pandering MOPE, the year round MOPE of the dopes pandering of the DNC and RNC political machines, have collectively, locked up significant political choices, while the people are led to believe there is actually a choice in the voting booths. The 110 year game has been played to perfection, to sucker the people into willingly walk and vote themselves into the imprisonment of totalitarian rule and political stalemate.

Both major political machines comprise apparatchiks rapping themselves up in the US Flag, as farcical, with lapel pins showing everywhere, showboating founding father principles and the US Constitution. How noble it is. How honorable it is. How patriotic it is. What a farce it really is. It it is really a con game played upon the American people, who still have some lingering patriotic notions of our founding father principles, such as, the concepts of one man one vote, the use of honest real money, and the US Constitution of personal liberties, for the people, and by the people, under a republic of limited federal power. My how patriotic the people still think they are, yet they are conditioned by political MOPE, pandering, and propaganda by the major political parties, such as, through thousands of balloons falling at conventions and bands playing patriotic hymns with the double-dutch bold proclamations made time and again, which all sounds good at first, following years of grand standing patriotic speeches and MSM pandering broadcasts, while the US Courts effectively throw out the plain language of the US constitution, while campaign contributing governmental entities effective destroy one man one vote, while the DNC and RNC both MOPE, pander, and propagandize the people, to lock up the voting booth and political power. The people are now willing suckers to that grand farce, but who innately want to keep the founding fathers' dreams alive, as the political con game is played upon the people for all its worth. We can call these days, the totalitarian dream time, as Americans are reduced to wondering Aborigines, stuck in perpetuity, out in a desert waste land, effectively in locked down and self enslaved on dry sands of ruinations and totalitarian controls, yet the people are still clutching US Flags of fifty stars standing for a republic trashed long ago, with copies of that old rag, the US Constitution, and some of those US Minted real money gold and silver coins in their pockets, of days gone by. How patriotic the people still are, well just a little.

But my friends, the good news is that the solutions are easy to have so as to restore and recapture our founding father principles and freedoms from government. In so doing, we all can waive again without inherent duplicity, the US Flag and live by that cherished US Constitution, using honest real money, without being suckers of the political MOPE, pandering and propaganda of the DNC and RNC machines now in lock step and securely in place. We can, as a people, break the bondage of totalitarian political stalemate, political usury and economic ruination. It can be done, and it can be done now. We can restore this nation, to its founding principles, and have once again, an honest Government and a truly great society, in restoring Americana greatness.

Dismantling the MOPE, pandering, and propaganda of the DNC and RNC political machines can be perfected in large measure, by simply eliminating all federal government social services under Constitutional Limited Government, eliminate the national debt, and replace the FRN with honest real money, which federal social services are used by both major political machines as part of their totalitarian enslavement of the people. The DNC and RNC apply a full court press upon the people, that can only be defeated when the people rise up to change direction and save the ship of state. I offer the country such a change. The federal government can then unleash resources and man power for an economic boom, and sit upon the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters by fully regulating interstate commerce, limiting campaign contribution to only PACs and lobbyist, and to fully prosecute the market bandits, thereby destroying TBTF TBTJ undue influences over our government, and thus rendering our markets fair for all while government functions and the people are freed again, freed again, praise God almighty, we all can be freed again. I know how to do just that.

The federal government can quickly repeal enabling laws that prohibit contributions from campaign contributing public entities and private corporate entities, to restore our founding fathers' principles of one man one vote and honest government. State colleges and university professors and students are generally leftist, naturally so, as self interest is an innate human trait, and is perfected through grants, salaries, and loans from the federal government. So, what did you expect? The colleges and universities are campaign contributing public entities and the student populations represent voting power blocks which are now used as part of the lock up of political stalemate and the enslavement of all of us. All federal, state, county, and municipal publicly funded entities or those private entities receiving significant government funds, and private corporation should be prohibited from contributing campaign money directly to any individual running of federal office, so as to restore one man one vote. Student loans should be vested with the state governments and let the state manage their own internal affairs. General federal grants to state colleges and universities should be limited to only vital federal interests, and let the states manage their own universities, cost effectively so, while removing the debt enslavement of our graduating seniors, so they may enter the work force free from the shackles of government and bankster debt enslavement. In modern America, the evil empire in centered in DEM and REP political pandering for selfish cementing of political power, judicial fiat by the Supreme Court enabling unlimited federal government, and undue influence and control over government functions by Banksters and Greedsters using campaign contributions directly to office seekers, the Federal Reserve System, and employment of bankers at high levels of government. Negative controls systems can be implemented quickly.

As it currently stands, the political and government systems run open loop with positive feedback, without the necessary stable control in negative feedback. The federal government, through MOPE, pandering and propaganda of the political machines, feeds the state colleges, universities, professors and students, who in turn seek even more government, which in turn feeds even more to the state colleges, universities, professors and students, which in turn, support even more government, and so on, in an uncontrolled positive feedback loop, that is simply and totally out of control. The system needs to be re-engineered with proper feedback for stable control and operations over a wide band of diverse interests, and that is simply done by following the plain language of the constitution.

In the context of labor, private entities that do not receive federal funding, and hence, are truly private, freedom of contract enables collectivize labor unions, as a push-pull on managements, providing nested negative feedback controls. Currently, however, the labor unions with campaign contributions provide more power to lock up the totalitarian governmental complex. Unions contribute campaign funds and force members to contribute campaign funds. Unions are private entities and can contribute to PACs and lobbyist, but should not be allowed to contribute to individual candidates for federal office. The work place must be a free and not used to support a political agenda for undue control over government. There is nothing inherently wrong with labor unions, as they are good for confronting management, but not for controlling elected official and thereby government. All employees have the right to work or not work for a private entity having collectivized unions, and hence, thereby, the right not to contribute through unions, nor have forced contributions of workers, as workers should be free to choose who they will or will not work for, or support those who they chose. An outer loop of feedback control is the higher costs associated with all the goodies offered to working union members from the labor union. The labor unions can well bankrupt a private company or render a private company cost inefficient and more poorly able to compete in the market place, as a control negative feedback. Management should be able to fire employees at will and or move to new locations where workers are not so prone to collectivize to control political machines. There are feedback mechanisms in place if union laws do not force or enable totalitarian rules upon the labor unions and workers and the people.

In an recent commentary by O'Reilly, in a talking points, he indicated that the supreme court has become a political body, reaching a conclusion yours reached many years ago in the missive America's Corrupt Judiciary, where the judiciary has not held firm to their oaths, to the US Constitution, that last vestige of judicial control, thrown out by the high court responsive to the accumulative affects of leftist panderers over the last 110 years. The presidency has been locked up by the RNC and DNC for the same time. How coincidental it is. The three branches of government are now totally out of control, with no real sense of direction, as the country is staring ruination and collapse in the face of the all the people, yet the people are still waving the US Flag, are still believing in the US Constitution, and are still attending July 4 Freedom celebrations, all in vain.

Walls street bankster and greedster can be contained. TBTF and TBTJ banksters and greedsters can be controlled to provide fair markets. The federal government can be limited. The republic can be restored. Campaign contributing public entities can be contained to restore one man one vote. Collectivized work forces can be contained yet free. But it all starts with founding father principles and the plain language of the US Constitution, and then re-engineering existing governmental systems toward those founding father roots, and reinstating negative feedback controls. I can do that, and do it quick, with your collective support.

In the final analysis, government, both state and federal levels, need simple control systems to maintain fiscal discipline in line with voter approval, and that means, a simple tax structure, and that means, state in rem property taxes and federal sales taxes, and no other taxes, so that, and where the voters can decide how much safety nets at the state level, and how much national defense at the federal level, to ensure close loop control by the people over government functions. The tax structure must be simple and just, and subject to voter understanding and control through the voting process. 

In another aspect of open loop totalitarianism, is the ever growing presidential campaign cycle. By creating the FED FRN for enabling the pandering of the people by promised goodies by the two pandering political machines, by politicizing the Supreme Political Machines enabling unconstitutional social programs at the federal levels, by politicizing the Politician in Chief, the US presidential cycle is continuously expanding in duration, now a two year cycle, but promotion continuous political demonstrations, destroying domestic tranquility under the Constitution, along with habitual vicious political attacks and the blame game. Primaries are moved forward to accommodate this form of open loop totalitarianism. No candidate for the US Congress or President should be able to formally declare, advertise and receive formal campaign contributions within a predetermined period before the election, and one year seem the adequate as the outer bound. 

The real dark pools

There is a dark force at work in DC. An obvious aspect is the banksters control over and undue influence upon government. But that is only one aspect. A reason for 18T$ unconstitutional federal welfare state, is so that politicians cement political power as bankster profit. A reason for a T$ in military spending by federals, is so that politicians cement political power as the military industrial complex profits. A reason excessive regulations and laws, is so that politicians cement political power . A reason for FED, is to reward banksters, so that politicians get contributions bribes kickbacks. A reason the US Constitution has been trashed over the last 100 years, is so that politicians is so that politicians cement political power. During 1st 100 years of the USA, politicians honorably served, but today its for contributions bribes kickbacks. How do these politicians become millionaires while working for the government? Its all messed up.

The DEM Panderers Winning Hand AAAAJ

The Dems have 4 Aces and Jack kicker. The REPs always fold. DEMS open loop vote pandering the winning hand. DEM open borders suppress low end wages, a pair of aces for openers, securing Latino and low wage earners votes. Erect gay tools jerking off marriage, religion, parents, causing gay bashing ripe for pandering gay vote for a 3rd Ace draw. Pander aged by Social Security while devaluing dollar value with deficits, pandering aged vote for even more gov spending for 4th ace. Fair Market Value wages pandering code pink, its never enough, promoting baby killing enable women work as the Jack Kicker. The DEMs open loop vote pandering has the REPs on the MAT, but cyclic econo implosion save the REPs, DEM-REP presidential cycle. God bless American and the selfish stupidity of two pandering political machines.

United States is OUT OF CONTROL

Nanny State, Granny State, National Debt, totalitarianism, socialism, spying, financial repression.
Political pandering, Bankster influence, FED QE ZIRP, printing press, DoEd, DoH, DoD, IRS.
Gov regulations, Gov Laws, Centralized DC power, Republic death, dollar death, market rigging, market manipulations.
DEM/REP voting booth lock up, social issued controlled at federal level, unlimited federal gov.
Gov larges, federal mandates, immigration, voter discontent, tax mule enslavement, fed dependency.
Supreme court, gun licensing, trade imbalance, consumer debt, decimated cap ex, DOW reality.
Gov size relative to private commerce, wealth transfer from middle class to top 1%, gov corruption.
Currency debasement,asset bubbles, future earnings presently realized, COMEX commodities manipulation.
DEM pandering,REP capitulations,domestic strife, lack of leadership,HRC foundation bribe accumulation.
Military interventions, dissatisfied Americans, poor Americans, labor non participation, mfg decimation.
Electioneering time periods, pandering, pandering, pandering, propaganda, false gov statistics, 2nd class immigrants.
Gov-bankster fascism, Banksters enrichment at tax payer expense, Corporate campaign contributions.
Sexist Racist Extremist demonetization, politician spins, politician corruption, jobs exportation
founding father principle debasement, supreme court enablement of plenary federal power
 Demise of the Republic, Growth of federal centralized totalitarian socialistic fascism
Socialistic spread of moral decay, Socialistic spread of moral hazards, Federal permanent insolvency
Demise of full faith and credit,Demise of US bond ratings, farcical focus on deficits,fed insolvency
Market interventions, demise of free and fair markets, demise of cash usage for fed spying
Global currency wars, unfair global competition, US centric asymmetric financial warfare,
US centric foreign policy, HRC Ukrainian bribes leading to Ukraine war, lack of moral leadership
 50m on food assistance, 50% on government assistance, political pandering, pandering, more pandering
American's disinterest in corrupt political complex, American's disgust of congress,
Americans' disgust of supreme court judicial fiat, concentration of wealth in top 1%,
Corporate toxic dumping, deforestation, tax regime promoting environmental destruction,
Gay intolerance, Feminist intolerance, Minority intolerance,
Black Caucus BHO race baiting, victimization preaching, cementing pandered voting blocks
Crony Capitalism, Undue influence, bribes, kickback, Pork, Congressional millionaires
Moral Decay, Economic Decay, Liberty Decay, Freedom Decay, Constitution decay, Lack of leadership
USSA evil empire comprising Judicial fiat, pandering political machines, bankster undue influence
DEM pandering civil rights while enslaving to larges, REP pandering responsibility while caving in
100 years of DEM/REP destruction of American Greatness, 100 years of currency debasement


So, the DEMs are at in TX and the university seek to remove the statue of George Washington. Rebel flag in SC standing for state rights, is now gone. In the continued slide toward centralized DC power, all vestiges of republic, states rights are now under assault. For people defense under 2nd amend to protect the people from totalitarian rule, to states rights rebel flag, it wont stop. Taxes and state dependency is not enough enslavement for the DEMs, the full court press is under way, to annihilate freedoms of our republic from federal government. Tax mules, state dependents, states rights, founding fathers, are ALL under pander attack by the DEM to control the people from DC. The seek to take our guns, enslave us as tax mules and dependents, kill states rights, destroy founding fathers and being the plan FOR TOTAL DC control. The supreme court are totalitarians as well, allowing unlimited government under constitutional limited federal government. Our history is be rewritten before our eyes, as the civil war is now all about racism, not states rights and DC totalitarianism. DHS is armed to the teeth to control the minions from DC, as the economy is expected to implode, and THEY ALL KNOW IT. The slide continues, day by day, loss of freedoms, totalitarian controls, pandering the people with race-baiting safety-baiting and of course largess, as in vote for goodies and not good of country. The US is being transformed before our eyes, into a totalitarian socialistic fascist state, where banksters/politicians rule, the banksters getting rich while the politicians cement political control. Free enterprise, a republic of states rights, self-reliance, dignity, earn and achieve, are being destroyed with no end to it. They have destroyed our money, our markets and the economy is dying to feed banksters and cement political power in the two pandering political machines, while enslaving the people as tax mules and dependents, through political pander and the FED led corruption fascist conduit between wall street to DC. Now the push is to take the people guns away to defend themselves from the over reaches of totalitarian DC. The supreme court rewrites the constitution through fiat to destroy the people's freedom from DC. The DC totalitarians are engaging in a full court press against the people with MSM at their back pushing more socialism and more DC control. This is not the USA but the United Socialistic States of America, ruled by greedy banksters and pandering politicians. The REPs always cave into the DEMs, because they can not out pander the DEMs with the promised larges, thus, DEMs equal REPs, the proposer and the enabler. As such, the vote is now effectively gone. Guns, history, republic, economy, solvency are on the way out to concentrate DC power over the people. This will end by another civil war, or rebellion, or riots, are totalitarian lock down across the US. Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charleston are just mere symptoms. Economic collapse is pending, with DHS at the ready with 5B rounds. As all free society eventually migrate to totalitarian lock down because government officials seek ever more order and control over the people. All the pieces are on the table and being put together by control minded DC, with freedoms and liberties dying, unnecessary for DC total control. DC is out of control trying to control a free people. There is only one way to right the ship of state back to founding father principles. 

Out of Control? My never ending love of country, My never ending dissatisfaction of the federal government DEMs and REPs.
The federal government and political complex is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL, in "Open Loop Totalitarianism". I know how to fix it all, restore Americana Greatness, real fast, and easy as pie.

The Declaration of Independence

People Freedoms v Government Totalitarianism

It is natural in the course of government evolution for political heads to seek ever more control over people, in fear of freedom of people. It is natural in the course of human evolution for people to seek personal liberties and freedoms from government. It is thus natural during the ascent of man that totalitarianism and freedom would cycle 180 degrees out of phase from each other. In the USA, in 1776, Freedom won the day, but over the last 200 years, totalitarianism has grown as freedoms have been lost. Political parties are self centered, doing all to get their candidates elected, and when in power create laws to control people thinking that that is their job.

The US during the 20th century went from a free capitalist society to a national socialistic society, primarily through political pandering while bastardizing the US Constitution. National socialism evolves into either Totalitarian Fascism as in the failed Third Reich or into Totalitiarian Communism as in the fail Soviet Union. Currently, the FED is debasing the FRN leading to economic collapse and ruination as in the fall of the Roman Empire. It dont look good. Change is needed to restore Constitution, State Rights, Republic, Personal Liberties, Freedoms from Government, Honest Money and Honest Markets.

December 22, 2010 11:29:31 PM, VP J Biden announced US tax payments are now acceptable tithing credits at the pearly gates, as continued propaganda to cement more unconstitutional totalitarian socialistic fascist enslaving taxes to enslave us all as tax mules or dependents. The VP in the biggest spin over 2000 years, says that paying taxes is moral, Christian, and patriotic, as his spin is a perverted sense of founding father and Christian principles. Biden said "Boston Tea Party Indians, Freedom Lovers, US Churches, and the Pearly Gates, be damned, we socialistic fascists are in control. Pay up or go to jail", in the spirit of Christmas, of course.


GOD, To believe as you choose, of any faith or creed including agnostic and atheist;
GOLD, For real honest money of intrinsic value without counter party risk;
GUNS, For defending self and home and constitutional freedoms from government;
LAND, To live as you choose free from government invasions of use and privacy; and
VOTE, To constrain political usurpation of constitutional rights, personal liberties, and freedoms from government.

The lure of money from wall street to finance campaigns is attractive, but therein lies the problem of allowing banksters and greedster undue influence upon and control over government functions. Political parties are self centered, pandering the electorate, to vote for their candidates, rather than voting for the good of the country. Thus, when rallying bases, they pander constituents to vote for themselves or for their political orientations and not the good of country.

You want our freedoms back? Freedoms, many of them taken. How about free from income taxes and filings. Freedom from national debt? Freedom from wall street campaign corruption and undo influence over government. Freedom from gun licensing laws. Freedom from pay check takings. Freedom from totalitarian DC. Freedom from enslaving federal welfare complex. Freedom from income, inheritance, capital gain taxes. Freedom of states rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply and quit under a republic of states. Freedom from IRS spying on bank account. Freedom from CIA wire tapping of US citizens in a drag net. Freedom from wall street occupation of federal government. Freedom from mid/poor class wealth transfers2 top 1%. Freedom from 1000 tanks and billions of rounds of the DHS. Freedom from the federal police state. Freedom to responsibly own a gun. Freedom from extreme gun licensing laws. Freedom of association,4 boys and girl clubs free from pandering gays activists. Freedom to parent children. Freedom from wall street manipulations of MBS and creation of frauds on financial industry. Freedoms from financial elites and DC totalitarians. Freedom from TBTF TBTF banks rigging manipulated markets. Freedom from corrupt markets. Freedom from enslaving federal student loans, jacking up tuition costs. Freedom from Fanny/Freddy housing loans, subprime banking corruption loans, & federally rigged property values. Freedom from FED targeted inflation as taxation without representation. Freedom from debased currency. Freedom of a real choice in voting booth, from 100 years totalitarian lock down by the two pandering political machines. Freedom from Federal Government social engineering violating constitution and republic and states rights. Freedom from two pandering political machines pandering for political power and not good of country. Freedom from social conflict and contempt caused by 2 political pandering machines selfishly cementing power. Freedom from forward subversive aggression and war and financial war in attempts to conquer the world. Freedom of states under a republic to prevent unlawful invasion by terrorists and illegal immigrants. Freedom of our 2nd class people from living in fear, indignity, and hopelessness. Freedom to live in clean beautiful nature, free from unwarranted human contamination, from sea to shinning sea. Freedom of personal liberties to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply and quit under states rights. Freedom from Federal Government unconstitutional equal protection extension beyond Race, Creed, Origin, Gender. Freedom from federal totalitarianism and police state. Freedom from fiat debt-based irredeemable ponzie coupons used as a medium of exchange to control the people. Freedom from national socialism leading evolving into either totalitarian fascism or collective communism. Freedom from Roman Empire era debased currency leading to economic collapse, financial & societal ruination. Freedom for bottom 50% trapped in poverty and enslaved by moral hazards of the socialistic totalitarians. Freedom from state incarceration and encumbrances for private debts. Freedom from federal and state incarcerations for working with dignity as second class peoples. Freedom for the poverty stricken enslaved poor and 2nd class peoples residing in the US. Freedom from invasion and social conflict and enslaved peoples caused by a porous border. Freedom of association and contract of civil union enforceable in states court under states rights. Freedom from socialistic induced economic stagnation for economic explosion. Freedom from low end wage stagflation and loss of wage purchasing power, through economic laws & explosion. Freedom from tax attorneys and IRS spies. Freedom from states using license suspensions for enforced debt collections. Freedom from US passport suspensions for enforcing state debt collections. Freedom of travel. Freedom from property seizures for drug smuggling without due process of law. Freedom from federal incarceration for benign non-threatening private pot use regulated under states rights. Freedom for parents charged with responsibility for parenting children. Freedom from interstate and international drug, gun, children, salves smugglers. The freedom to vote for a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping plan to restore Americana greatness and freedoms.

USA & the End of Days

If you dont want the scary version, dont read this, if you want to be forewarned, take a deep breath. Physical stackers, don’t do random, and don’t make mistakes. Today at the Turd Luncheon, CA Lawyer gave me the real scary version. So lets run it down. The conversation headed into the direction of the end of days, when the great kensysian experiment fails.

My scary version was, the year 2020, tanks on Wilshire Blvd, foods and transportation locked up by commercial failures, hyperinflation taking hold in the 25% range, black markets and barter running open loop, when the federal fiat money machinery collapses, and gold and silver are used on the streets, when the government prints its last 10 trillion, with a federal debt over 100T$, to pay off all states and federal debts in one go, with gold ending at $35,000/oz and Silver at $1000/oz, and the reboot to gold and silver coinage, a federal government then with no debt, no social service complex, where a simple federal sales tax is applied to the black market, simple 10% confiscation on the streets, any time, anywhere, and states tax upon in-rem property taxes, when we are all free of the fiat money, the IRS thugs, and the enslaving and corrupting welfare state.

CA LAWYER out did me, saying that it would not end like that, that we would turn into a Stalin like state, where the majority of people seek the security by, and not freedom from, government, indicating culturally that the people are so weak, like in the Matrix, and will support a Stalin like state, preferring the simplicity the Matrix than real life. I counter with the devils and angles in us all, the global cultural driving force, will not allow that. And so the debate raged on. Nonetheless, my time table has been way off before, but the direction seems clear. We know that as soon as the market stop buying US debt completely, because of the negative real returns, the dollars come back home, and we jump into light speed, hyperinflation ravages all. And in those end days, something very new might just occur.

So, let jump over to goldseekradio, with ChrisWaltzak, interviewing Bill Murphy, the one issue guy, The Cartel sold loaned leased swapped out all the US bullion, ITS ALL GONE! He made a comment that was particularly peculiar. Venezuela, Germany, et al, are getting their gold back, that is repatriation the gold from US and UK custody. The US bullion hoard is loaned out and gone. The US knows it must put real money back in circulation, and will become the bullion buyer of last resort, buying it all up, making the Chinese look like trinket buyers. I like that as well, and fit in my scary version. Now adopted as such. But, cant we do better? Cant we try to more precisely predict the end of days? There is a guy I like, who coined the phrase, counterfeiter-in-chief, referring to Bernake, of course. Michael Pento, a regular on KingWorldNews. Pento made the call, and really, it seems to fit.

Societal Control Systems

A) Governmental (The failure of which causes Revolutions)

   Constitutional Laws

   Criminal Justice

   Civil Judiciary

B) Economical (The failure of which causes Economic Collapse)

    Economic Laws of Supply/Demand

    Price Discovery Markets

    Economic Cycles

C) Cultural (The failure of which causes Decadence) 

    Taboos and Religion

    Peer Group Pressures

    Moral and Ethical Codes

The objective is to maintain these three control systems, but in a way that does not stifle personal liberties and freedoms, and restores the Constitution, the Republic, honest real money, honest price-discovery markets, domestic tranquility, global peace, real sufficient wages, and economic prosperity, by RESTORING AMERICANA GREATNESS.