Domestic Tranquility

Constitutional Domestic Tranquility

The concept of insuring domestic tranquility comes from the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. It means that the Federal Government owes a duty to maintenance law and peace within the country with the help of the executive branch. It aims at avoiding chaos and rebellion against the public and helps preserve family life and its attendant rights. Police, Fire department, the FBI, hospital, doctors office, and the three branches of government, they all keep us safe, so no soldiers or anyone one can come in our houses and take and look at personal belongings.

It is the duty of the Federal Government to ensure protection within the country from outside invasion and maintain peace and harmony between the different branches and levels of domestic and national governments.

The two pandering political machines intentionally create divisiveness to rally bases to selfishly cement political power, unmotivated to solve problems, and thus function counter productively to the entire purpose of the US Constitution.

The preamble states that an object is the promote the general welfare by providing a federal constitution, and no where in that constitution is there an enumerated power for the federal government to create a debilitating massive welfare state, enslaving Americans as tax mules and state dependents through moral hazards. Only the states have the reserved power to create a welfare state.

Instead, what we have today, are two pandering political machines insuring domestic strife and conflict through respective self-centered political pandering for cementing voting blocks, locking up the voting booth as there is no real difference between the two, one the proposer, and the other the enabler, and a federal government totally OUT OF CONTROL, cementing that strife and conflict.

Over the last 100 years, the EVIL EMPIRE, comprising the two pandering political machines, judicial fiat of the Supreme Court, and the government controlling campaign contributing wall street banksters, have defiled and bastardized the US Constitution, to where, now, effectively, for all intents and purposes, the preamble to the constitution now effectively reads: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect a more corrupt government and enslavement of the people as tax mules and state dependents, establish injustice for rewarding wall street banksters, insure domestic strife and conflict, provide for world military domination, promote moral hazards and environmental destruction, and diminish personal liberties and freedoms from government for ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this re-interpreted bastardized defiled Constitution for the United States of America.

Democrats and Republicans are the Culprits

The two pandering political machines, DEMs and REPs, do not serve the US nobly, but rather from the gutter, selfishly seeking to cement political power while destroying the meaning and effect of the US Constitution and belittling founding father principles. The Senate has failed to check Supreme court judicial fiat and has surrender war powers to the president now a functioning dictator. 

The US has many problems to solve, and I can solve them all. The problems include Green Peace, IRS oppression, totalitarian tax increases, toxic dumping, international terrorism, 2nd class Latino peoples, National Debt, fiat paper money debasement, 50 million enslaved on hand-outs, decade low labor participation rate, stagnant economy, massive welfare state, FED transfers of wealth from middle poor classes to top 1%, Wall Street corruption with control over and undue influence upon government, US causing rebellion in Ukraine, excessive taxes and takings, Iranian no real deal, Wall Street corruption through FED and campaign contributions buying government officials, trapped FED with QE and ZIRP otherwise economy implodes, lock up of the vote by two pandering political machines, market rigging and interventions, real money bullion suppression, real money gold transfers to China, manufacturing base destruction, fiscal deficits, trade deficits, inter alia. Its a mess, and the evolution is clear, national socialism evolves into totalitarian fascism (3rd Reich) or totalitarian communism (Soviet empire). The USA needs a reboot and reorientation back to founding father principles, and as US President, I will make that happen, happen quick, and restore the US Constitution and Americana Greatness.

A strong President is needed to correct 100 years of back sliding into totalitarian democracy. 

The presidency is directed to political domestic tranquility and addressing fears of the American people. 

Americans have fears that can be addressed with Derrick Michael Reid in the White House, implementing liberty from government, economic prosperity, immigration solutions, peaceful foreign policy leaderships, and by having a real engineer, knowledgeable of computer systems, error correction and encryption.  No other presidential candidate offer the American people solutions and expertise at the highest level to address fears of the American people. 

Top 10 Fears are addressed by  a Derrick Michael Reid Libertarian Presidency 
A) Ending the FED addresses #1 (Breaking Congressional Corruption)
B) Libertarianism addresses #3 #5 (Limiting Privacy Invasions)
C) Economic Solutions addresses #8 #9 (Restoring American Prosperity)
D) Immigration Solution addresses #4 (Providing Immigration Solutions)
E) US Foreign Policy addresses #2 #6 (Providing Global Peace Leadership)
F) Engineering Expertise addresses #7 #10 (Enhancing Cyber Security) 

USA Spying and Freedom

There has always been a trade off between freedom and control by governments. People should be free to conduct their affairs free from unreasonable government interference. Thuggery, asserts, confiscations, personal searches, and home searches should be prohibited on a wide scale without sufficient probable causes. Government spying has been the tool used to create sufficient probable cause to justify invasion of the personal and property rights and the counter balance to absolute freedom where some government control is necessary, just as in criminal justice. Murderer should be executed, as a form of necessary government control. Convicted murderers should have their convictions reviewed, and one year should be the maximum allowed time, and then publicly executed, preferably in the public square to teach children there are consequences to violent crime. However, of course, the lawyers get into the criminal justice system, as murderer are on death row 20 years, which is not justice at all for extreme violence. There is an inherent trade off necessary between freedom and government control. Robust spying in a public space by governments and the sanctuary of personal and property freedoms from government has been the balance struck.

An interesting observation is from an historical stand point. Many complain about the police state spying on private individuals, as if that was new. The cop on the beat for 200 years has been spying on people, merely looking at homes, with lights on or off. Neighborhood Watch teams spy in a public space on the people and homes all the time. Spying as been around for years by governments. The US Constitution is not directed towards spying but to unreasonable searches and seizures within prescribed limits, to be secure person and property.

It is the interpretation of the totalitarian view of 14th amendment, originally to protect new ex-slave citizen voting rights, but with the totalitarians in control, that interpretation is totally out of control, which is read supreme court with their fiat interpretations of the plain language of the US Constitution, that has given the rise to complaints of most others against the spying of government, which is done in the American Tradition. Be it police on the beat, government cameras on public highways, police radar, interception of electronic communications of bank wires between banks, and business telephone conversations should normally not be considered seizures. Private phone conservation, person to person, and house to house, there can be an expectancy of privacy and modern wire tap over sight of home telephones seems reasonable. But generally, public transmissions of business communications is not inherently or traditionally spying, which some equate to unreasonable searches. Actuated government thuggery, arrests, confiscations, and seizures is where the focus and people complaints should be had. The use of the word spying just sounds good for those complaining indignantly under the new expansive totalitarian interpretations.

Government spying must be controlled but allowed in most area. A proper balance has been and should struck to preserve privacy yet allow effective law enforcement.

   It can all start with invasions of privacy and liberties. 

The Pink Panther

    An objective is to diminish free speech using political operatives.  

Storm Assault Division

         Another object is to Install National Socialism where all Ants get in line.

Triumph Of The Will

  Another object is to enslave all as tax mules, debtors and state dependents. 

 Another object is gun confiscation, and then finally your liberty and freedom. 

Black Sabbath Black Sabbath


Eve of Destruction

Criminal Justice Asset Forfeitures

Modernly, the government seizes property used in connection with the perpetration of crimes. This is really a tax, as the totalitarians can never get enough taxes. Criminal fines are used to punish. Asset forfeitures are used to fund the government police tax, which is actually fraud upon the tax payers.  This can lead to open loop totalitarian power concentrations. 

Conspiracy Theories

9/11 Truthers

I am a patent attorney, and an engineer, expert in cross-examining technical experts at the highest technical level. I have reviewed many truther youtube clips, and remain unconvinced. I fully understand how bias, money, and sought after objectives can taint expert opinion, and I am fully adept at destroying so-called experts in the technical area. I have seen this targeted technical MO play out way to many times, to buy into any technical expert analysis without an opportunity to personally cross-examine juxtaposed opposing expert testimony as well. 

That said, I am not privy to DC inside intelligence information, nor have I cross-examined truther experts, to vouch in any way for their credibility, as I remain a doubting thomas, until I personally see evidence from opposing perspectives with a full opportunity to cross-examine and interrogate. I can not at this time offer an opinion one way or the other. I am a highly objective person, with an eye to resolving conflicts in a fair and unbiased manner. 

I can say that, in the first instance, it seems a rather extreme conspiracy theory, against common sense, and so I remain guarded, as well, until proven otherwise. Sure, its possible that the US presented a false flag to rally support for an ME invasion. Its possible. Anything is possible. I will tell you this. If elected, I will use the US intelligence machinery to disclose all that is known to the public and will conduct interviews with truther and opposing experts, and provide the American public with a full disclosure of  my opinion of all the evidence obtained and all US records concerning the same. Government opacity is an inherent problem these days in the US.   

This is similar to the Global Warming debate. Experts line up on both sides. I can not at this time render an opinion one way or other as to the dangers posed by accumulated green house gases. But I am fully capable of getting to the bottom of it. Geoengineering is another area that will attract my attention for resolution. 

9/11, Global Warming, Geoengineering are three areas that need concrete resolution, and under my administration, it will be done with full disclosure to the American people. 

There are many other "wild" theories being bantered about. 
I do not have sufficient information, but public disclosure is necessary for a functioning democracy.

Known Conspiracy Theories
1) US touched off a refinery explosion in Texas for Texas demanding its FED gold back. 
2) US touched off a micro nuke in China in response to China devaluing the Yuan. 
3) US faked ML airline codes over Ukraine so that E Ukrainian would shoot down Putin's plane and kill him. 
4) The New World Order pulling strings and manipulating world leaders and the United States Government.
5) The Gold Cartel suppression bullion prices led by GS and JPM at direction of FED and IMF. 
6) CIA Military distribution of Afghanistan drugs for funding ISIS operations and destabilizing Russia.
7) TX Refining explosion was in retaliation for demanding its gold from the FED.
8) CIA causing China explosion in fertilizer near volkswagon for devaluing the Yuan.
9) CIA site trolling interfering with free speech and freedom of the press.
10) CIA creating Syrian Rebels and ISIS to overthrow Assad in Syria in regime change.
11) CIA creating terror plots as false flag, such as 9/11 and ISIS.
12) CIA Majestic 12 Space Alien Presence Reason of Kennedy Assassination.
13) US Dark Government Operating Separate from Administration and public view.
14) US False Flags, including Pearl Harbor stand down, Gulf of Tonkin, and 9/11.
15) Bilderburg Rothchild Rockefeller are ring leaders of GHWB Clinton GWB BHO New World Order.
16) US Air force stood down to allow 9/11 attack, for insurance payoff of WTC demolition.
17) Senator McCain's computer had email directing ISIS operations and fake beheadings.
18) US exposed Volkswagon's emission controls to keep German industry on US dollars.
19) DOD Secretary Rumfields report of 2T$ gone missing day before 9/11 attack.
20) The FED has sold or lease all of the US 8100 tons of Gold in market Rigging.
21) The FED CIA took 36 tons of gold from the Ukrainian nation bank.
22) The US CIA killed Gaddafi and destabilized Libya so as to take 110 tons of from Libya. 
23) China forced the US to make a deal with Iran for oil or would dump US treasuries.
24) The US caused rebellion in Ukraine to allow US banking oil transnational into Ukraine.
25) The New World Order led by the Bilderburgs control propaganda through MSM.
26) The BBC gave advance report of building 7 collapse before it actually did on 9/11.
27) The building 7 collapse on 9/11 was a controlled demolition housing CIA offices. 
28) Sandy Hook false flag by the US Government and not a lone disturbed shooter. 
29) Bush Sr multi-trillion drug trafficking using Afghanistan opium fields
30) JEB quick presidential race when Russians in Syrian Blocked opium drug money
31) 8 Trillion dollars of US funds just went missing with not reporting or accounting
32) Clinton and Bush crime families fighting over Afghanistan drug trafficking. 
33) US is using Afghanistan opium drugs to destabilize Russia through the caucuses 
34) CIA control Blackwater group hiring mercenaries armies of Muslims from Easter Europe
35) US Military preparing for war against CIA Blackwater mercenaries in Syria. 
36) Geoengineering and chem trails for spraying reflecting particles for cooling climate
37) NWO Initiation of economic depression and global war for culling human populations 
38) Saddam killed and Iraqi war for attempting to exchange oil for Euro outside of dollars
39) Gaddafi killed and Libya destroyed for attempting to exchange oil for gold outside of dollars
40) 911 truthers suggesting WTC destruction was a US staged false flag for Iraqi war support
41) Clinton & Bush families stole 1.6T$ from Fanny during the MBS implosion
42) Oregon Ranch stand off was over a uranium mine that Clinton wanted to sell to Russia
43) Catherine Austin Fitts was the auditor of Fanny mortgage theft and was threatened 
inter alia.

There are many conspiracy theories. I want to hear them all, and I do, and understand them as such. Some more credible than others. It would not matter, if prior presidents ordered information kept secret, I will disclose all things, unless I determine to be state secrets, such as Military capabilities. A democracy can not function, unless the Government is open to inspection BY THE PEOPLE. 

Personal Liberty and Freedom From Government

United Libereens can & will defeat the Totalitarians in Charge. We can & will recapture our Personal Liberties and Freedoms from Government. Join me Americans, for a most noble cause. Rally to the Banner, 13 Stars & Stripes.

If I am elected president, changes would come at lighting speed, making head spin. Do me favor, if you can see your way clear, and post notices of my presidential candidacy. You sense something is very wrong, cant articulate it, nor plan remedial actions. I get that, and I can help. College kids are very idealistic, until they enter the real world, and get a real religious experience. Anarchy for purpose of creating chaos, devastation, gangland rule, lawlessness, disorder, has no positive effects. But to have effect, you got to get real and practicable. Fight battles you have a chance at winning. Be a positive factor, rather than throwing yourselves on the ground. I fully understand government oppression, unfair economics, but dont throw in the towel and just give up. If you dont support any politician, or government, then your influence is chaos, death, and disorder, serving no one. The occupy people stand for government, free from wall street corruption, and that is a very very good thing. Since socialization 5000BC, society has required some order, imposed by some government, a necessity. Trying to evolve past government is hopeless, impracticable, unfeasible, pie in the sky stuff. Very limited government is a very good thing, roaming Aborigines are doomed to poverty aimlessness. Anarchy is doomed to fail. Like liberty and freedom, there are permissible outer bounds.

Today, the US government is OUT OF CONTROL with it totalitarianism. People need to rise up in protest. People love freedom. Governments love totalitarianism, thus, the endless cyclic struggle over the ascent of man. There is natural cyclic nature of government cycling 180 out of phase, freedom v totalitarianism. Totalitarian governments are evil. Freedom loving governments are not evil. 1776 government was not as evil as our 2015 government. Life aint perfect, but we can make difference, right here, right now. But you cant eat pie in the sky. You want to end wall street corruption, you need a real plan. I have the plan.

Become a Libereen

Anyone of any Creed, Race, National Origin, or Gender who believes in the USA Republic, Revolutionary Freedoms, Founding Father Principles, and the US Constitution can join the Libereen freedom movement. Come Join me and let the sunshine in. 

Let the Sunshine In

God Bless America

Libertarian Green Tea  

My fellow Americans, I stand as a candidate of the unformed Libertarian-Green political party for the US Presidency in 2016, standing currently alone, undaunted but absolutely determined, as duty calls upon all patriots to stand stall at this time. There are so many of my countrymen disenchanted with current political stalemate gripping the country into stagnate and corrosive ruination. The Libertarian-Green offers solutions for all of you.  

To the Tea Partiers, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the tax burden upon your shoulders increases year by year, without let up, so as to enslave you under concentrated totalitarian DC rule as its tax mules. I seek to abolish the current tax code that is currently based upon income.

To the Wall Street Occupiers, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the Wall Street Banksters' and Greedsters' tentacles reach far to pervasively corrupt governmental functions. I seek to destroy the TBTF TBTJ Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters.

To the Libertarians, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as governmental oppression of your freedom and liberties increases year by year. I seek to dramatically down size the federal government to restore our founding father freedoms from government.

To the Green Peacers, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment as our society over consumes natural resources of mother earth. I seek to install a pay-and-forget consumption sales tax where consumption is penalized and not rewarded, to conserve the resources of mother earth of this great nation.

To the Democrats, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment of the rightist agenda while being trapped for the rest of your lives, as are fifty million of my countrymen, now living in indignity and shame, on government hand outs. I seek to unleash our innate greed and charity duality in all of us for an economic explosion, thereby offering jobs to anyone willing to work and live proud again.

To the Republicans, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment with the leftist agenda ruining the country in totalitarianism, but merely being a slow drag thereon and failing to offer restoration of our founding father Republic, you are effectively a rightist partner to totalitarianism enslaving DC rule. I seek to restore the Republic with social services again vested in the many states as the states so choose.

To the Spiritualist, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, but you can live in faith with tolerance, as Jesus has taught me to do as being apparently part of his live long plan bringing me here this day, and you can live and keep your faith in tolerance of nonspiritualists who only seek inherent freedom and liberty without condemnation.

To the Nonspiritualists, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as you feel condemned by the spiritualists, but through your respect of spiritualists who live with innate tolerance, you can live your lives as you deem fit in freedom and liberty.

To the RNA, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with violent crimes or traditional hunting, but only the last ditch defense of freedom against totalitarian centralized control and imprisonment of the people.

To the Bugs, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the FRN is a con by the totalitarians in control used to enslave the people under fiat dishonest currency that anit worth a continental. I seek to restore Gold and Silver honest real money as the nation's only legal tender.

To all Americans, I feel your pain, I sense your disillusionment, as the national debt weighs heavy upon your shoulders. I seek to eliminate the national debt and prevent government from enslaving by debt your children and grand children in perpetuity.

I kindly ask all Libertarians, Green Peacers, Wall Street Occupiers, Republicans, Democrats, Spiritualists and Nonspiritualists, and RNA members, Bugs, and all Americans, to rally to the new libertarian-Green Banner of inherent State Rights and liberty, to restore the Republic and our freedoms from government, to conserve mother earth resources, to destroy totalitarian concentration of political power in DC enslaving us all as tax mules or state dependents, to unleash economic growth so all can live in dignity, to destroy corrupt undue influences upon our great USA Government, to live in faith with tolerance, to live in liberty with respect, to possess lawful guns as the last defense to totalitarian imprisonment, to eliminate fiat money and the national debt, so that we all may live in freedom again, together as one, without destructive conflict, as our founding fathers sought for this great nation.

Problems: Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Greed, Socialism, Totalitarianism, Fraud, Immigration, Fascism, Electioneering, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, Government, and More-Government, To-Much-Government, and Way-To-Much Government.

Solutions: Abolish all Federal Social Programs, Federal Pay-and-Forget Sales Tax Exclusivity, State In-Rem Property Tax Exclusivity, Real Gold and Silver Coinage Money Exclusivity, Pay Off All Federal and State Present and Future Obligations with 100T FRNs, State Social Safety Nets, Out Law Federal and State Bonds, Out Law Federal and State Debt, Out Law Federal and State Fiscal Deficits, Abolish Paper Money, Abolish Federal Reserve Notes, Redeem FRNs at more than $1,000,000.00 per gold ounce, Abolish the Federal Reserve System, Reward Productivity, Penalize Unproductivity, Free the People From Government, and Restore the Republic.

The Freedom Platform

1) Free the people as tax payers, and abolish income taxes, capital gain taxes, inheritance taxes and eliminate the need to file income tax returns.
2) Free the people as state dependents, and abolish all social programs at the federal level, and vest them with the many states to restore the republic.
3) Free the people from earth exploitations and environmental contamination, by adopting a national federal sales tax for generating a federal revenue stream that rewards income and penalizes consumption of natural resources, with strong EPA enforcement, so that all share in the burden and necessities of federal government.
4) Free the people from economic control and ruination, through the use of federal plenary occupation of the tax complex by abolishing all garnishments, taxes, fees, and other governmental takings of pay and income money between employer and contractor sources of income to individual and corporate recipients, after which, state and federal government can pursue just economic remedies.
5) Free the people of the States from a various types of destructive takings, so as to use only annual property taxes of all property located in rem within the many states, as exclusive state revenues, so that all equally share the burden and necessities of state government, to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
6) Free the people of the States so as to allow the states to set and control desired amount of social services and safety nets for the people, so as to restore the republic.
7) Free the people of the country from bankster and greedster undue influences and corruption of and over the federal government agencies, by nationalizing the Federal Reserve System as and into the Federal Reserve Bank in the Department of the Treasury.
8) Free the people from inflate and rob by using real and honest money of gold and silver money with silver in circulation and gold in Federal Reserve Bank depositories, while redeeming and eliminating all Federal Reserve Notes, with the US Federal Reserve Bank as real gold and silver depositories for public and private money, kept safe and allocated for the people.
9) Free the people to have honest and fair markets, free from market interventions and manipulations, through federal seizures, forfeitures, and anti-trust break up of TBTF TBTJ Banksters and Greedsters who manipulate, intervene and control commercial markets.
10) Free the people from selfish political party controls that lock up congress and the presidency, so that the senate can control presidential authority and so that the house can free the people from socialized totalitarian rule.
11) Free the people from totalitarian rule that creates second class citizens, by adopting tiered immigration of stepping stones, with real fair paths to citizenship, with Americana assimilation but without amnesty.
12) Free the people from habitual racist political pandering by the political totalitarians causing conflict within and between the citizenry.
13) Free the people of the states from the federal reserve paper money printing presses, through the adoption of real and honest gold and silver money respectively in circulation and storage.
14) Free the people from insidious two tiered citizenry, suppressing a second class of residents, through full assimilation for all residents into American Culture, History, and Language.
15) Free the people from dysfunctional government, Yankee serfdom, political lock up, and totalitarian enslavement.
16) Free the people of the states to conduct their own affairs so that the many states of the republic are free from federal totalitarian government control and interference.
17) Free the people and the states with unencumbered rights to bear arms and state guards to defend their own private and state lands and borders from any invader or totalitarian federal government.
18) Free the people of the many creeds so as to be able to recite the pledge without any shame, internal conflict, or ridicule.
19) Free the people of judicial fiat that enables totalitarian control and enslavement of the people.
20) Free the people from judicial fiat vacating public state votes so as to ensure equal protection of the voters and the will of the people of the many states, so as to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
21) Free the people from real race, origin and gender discrimination using the federal police state as necessary.
22) Free the people to associate under freedom of association.
23) Free the people from conflict allowing early choice while protecting all persons, protecting women rights to choose in early terms and protecting persons in late terms, between which the states may decide the extent of women rights, for perfecting states rights of exclusive jurisdiction over social issues, to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
24) Free the people and their progeny in perpetuity from enslaving national debt and compounding federal fiscal deficits.
25) Free the people and their progeny in perpetuity from bankrupting state debt and compounding state fiscal deficits.
26) Free the people from family destruction, marital status uncertainty and false attacks upon man and women marriages and families and their right to raise children under the exclusive jurisdiction of state family law courts, where the states have legitimate state interests in preserving the nuclear family for procreating the next generation of tax payers, where the states can perfect civil unions and rights in general civil courts, fully granting unto the states the exclusive jurisdiction over state social issues, so as to restore the republic for which the flag should stand.
27) Free the people from intolerance and disrespect for others' personal creeds, origins and races.
28) Free the people from the corrupting socialists and their enforced totalitarian federal sharing.
29) Free the people from federal totalitarian control while restoring the republic for which the US flag should stand.
30) Free the people of the USA from an unleveled playing field so as to allow all equally to pursue real happiness.
31) Free the people from Guns and Butter endless domestic debates and wasted time and energy at the national level, and install standoff guns and cooperative roses as the US foreign policy for the international win win play serving US long term interests, the many States buying butter using in rem property taxes as the federal government buys guns using a national sales tax on all imported items and new items, not but not second hand used items and not on services.
32) Free the people from Government Totalitarianism.
33) Free the people.

All May Join the Libereens

Anyone of any Creed, Race, National Origin, or Gender or political party, who believes in the USA Republic, Revolutionary Freedoms, Founding Father Principles, and the US Constitution can join the Libereen freedom movement. One might think it impossible to appeal concurrently to Libertarians, Greens, Tea's, Bugs, Riflemen, Constitutionalists, Latinos, Occupiers, Democrats, Republicans, Gays, Blacks and Seniors, but if you follow the constitution and founding father principles, its easy, and they have already done the job of laying out the game plan. I can implement it again, and recapture and restore Americana Greatness.