Americans Perpetually Enslaved

Totalitarian Enslavement

Freedom is inherently based upon the high five, to wit, God, Gold, Guns, Land and Vote, respectively, to believe as we choose, to have our money free from the degrading printing presses of the DC elitists, to defend ourselves from criminals and government oppression, to live as we choose, and to control the necessary local, state and federal governments from enslaving our lives. But as we enter the 21st century, we Americans can hardly be considered free. There is no doubt about it, we are enslaved, voluntarily so.

The enslavement of America started in earnest in 1913, with President Wilson's creation of the FED bank, with their controlling interest rates, and fiat money of intrinsic worthlessness being printable at any quantity as desired, and with the adoption of the 16th Amendment creating income taxes giving rise to an army of necessary IRS thugs to enforce collections of the people's hard earned money through threats of imprisonment during the annual April shake down of the citizenry, providing fiat money an artificial inherent worth as taxes must be paid in federal reserve notes, that is, fiat dollars, having absolutely no intrinsic worth.

The enslavement of Americans then proceeded to FDR's with his socialistic raw deal and the confiscation of the Americans' gold coins, which enslavement then proceeding to LBJ's socialistic corrupt society, and then finally to the strong dollar policy, which collectively has resulted in centralized money control emanating out of DC with the necessary collateral suppression of bullion prices, so that, the people would not look to any other monetary unit, such as real honest money, that is free from the ravages of the DC fiat printing presses, so that, the people would be forced to depend exclusively upon the fiat dollar and the fiat controlling regime of DC.

The enslavement propaganda out of Washington DC has worked exceptionally well over the last century, since 1913, and continues to this day, with VP's Biden "patriotic taxes", and the obscene deficits running a muck in DC created by both the liberals and the compassionate so-called conservative elitists embedded in DC corruption and power politics, that has, over the last 100 years, conditioned us Americans to accept FED controlling interest rates, ruinous counter-productive taxes, unwarranted gun controls, land use restrictions innumerable, secular progressive demeaning of god's churches and temples compassionately giving to those in need, and finally to the pandering of votes through unattainable campaign promises, both left and right, for perpetual cementing of socialistic controls by the elected DC elitists and their appointed agency henchmen.

Even as President Obama gave an ostensibly up-lifting speech before both houses of congress, with no less that 65 raucous ovations, from both the left and right, in response to yet more promises of utopia, under DC control, some whispers are heard by some reading between the lines, for those who can hear the spin and lies, of more government control over and central socialistic planing of our lives, as the government runs up well over a 10T$ national debt with additional spending of yet another 10T$ in bank bailouts under socialistic control, to enrich the banksters, throwing efficient capital Darwinism to the dust bin of forsaken founding capitalistic principles of this great country. You just know that we Americans as a people are absolutely screwed when both parties wildly applaud more social programs, spending, and controls from DC. The current financial enslavement of us Americans stems from the combinatory effects of an obscene tax regime, an intrinsically worthless fiat money, and the suppression of the alternative bullion prices through the use of manipulative naked short futures contracts on the NY CRIMEX exchanges, held by agents and conspiratorial monetary thugs of the government, including and certainly not limited to JPM with their monstrously criminal derivative short positions.

Astoundingly, we Americans don’t complain. There is no just outrage by the people. There is hardly a peep from the people, as the government bailouts the banks, and their greedy bosses with their performance bonuses based apparently upon bankrupting all of the banks. The bank failures are well deserved as the banks did serve to do the government's bidding in controlling the monetary markets and our lives, as the banksters perfect their greed perpetrated upon the American economy through the use of 1000T$ worth of over the counter derivatives. We are not brave nor free. We Americans have been conditioned to live in economic slavery, to salute the DC elitists at the drop of another fake promise and offered program, that only serves to perpetually enslave our lives. Even Mr. Bill OReilly of Foxnews, thinks a 30% tax is just fine, where actually, anything over a 6% rate, a reasonable patent royalty, should be considered inherently destructive and evil. Well, even a pig when fed his daily slop, Mr. OReilly, will live happily in a pig sty, with freedom abandoned. People are no different, and neither is Mr. OReilly. We have been conditioned to accept the elitists' dictates from DC, their controls over our lives, and the April singing sirens.

But we Americans have been here before. We took action once against London's fiat money and their controlling taxes, starting with a small Indian raid in Boston, as we Americans then threw off the yoke of VP Biden's "patriotic taxes" and the obscene dictatorial control over our lives from absolute power concentrated in the English crown. And, we Americans can do it again, provided that we first can understand what has been done to us, our country, our collective minds, and our freedoms, and we can again show the outrage necessary, and act, if we have not been so propagandized into accepting the elitists' dictates and socialistic DC controls over our lives. We Americans now accept without any protest, a 30 year mortgage based upon enslaving interest rates dictated by the FED's monetary controls and the use targeted inflation rates and the interest rates made necessary through the use of fiat money. We accept enslavement for 30 years of our adult productive lives, without a peep. This is simply amazing, in the land of the so-called free and so-called brave. We are no longer free and we are no longer brave. We have become enslaved cowards.

We have all become cowards because we do not stand up to tyranny over our lives. We just continue to simply walk dispassionately like monotones toward the warlock caverns upon the blaring sirens signaling the annual April sacrificial tax shake down to tyrannical concentrated power in DC. We simply accept unlimited printing of fiat money. We simply accept an obscene tax regime. We simply accept controlling interest rates. We simply accept the degradation of godly symbols in our lives. We have been conditioned, through patriotic tax speeches, to empower the big brother Nanny state, to wipe our butts and feed our faces as only the DC elitists think best. We are now imprisoned. We even will not publicly recognize bullion manipulation in the commodities markets, which manipulation is blatant, but which manipulation supports the intrinsically worthless fiat money that enables our enslavement by big brother in the first instance.

Mr. Bill Murphy of GATA can scream bloody murder all he wants about gold bullion manipulation, and Mr. Ted Butler of IRI can rant and rave all he wants about silver bullion manipulation, but as long as we Americans remain cowards to the DC elitists controlling our lives, the CFTC, and the conspiratorial congressional oversight enablers, we will simply ignore the blatant criminal manipulation on the NY CRIMEX exchanges, and accept our enslavement. Give it up, Bill and Ted, it’s a losing battle, because, unless you integrate your outrage into an aggregate demonstration of lost freedoms, and convince the people at large to over throw the power complex in DC, the government will continue to protect the power projecting fiat money system in perpetuity thereby enabling and encouraging the suppression of bullion and real honest money, the only real alternative to their worthless fiat. Your only hope to free bullion from criminal government led manipulation, actually enabled by the CFTC and congress, is to rally all Americans to throw off the tyrannical yoke that is the Washington DC elitists.

But how can we now possibly collectively even rebel? The people are now weak minded, conditioned by a century of DC propaganda and pandering to not aggressively act against any tyranny. So, armed rebellion against the enslaving DC elitists is modernly not a viable option. The only other effective means to take down the monarchs of DC, and free bullion and concurrently ourselves, is through the vote. But, we freedom lovers would not be on a level playing field, as American politics is now centered in only two viable political parties, the liberal democrats who always seek more taxes, more spending, and thus more control over our lives, and the "compassionate" republicans, who have of late all ready thrown in the towel to concentrated socialism in DC, and hence, we have abandoned Darwinian capitalism to scrap heap of lost individual freedoms and personal responsibility, and hence, making ourselves and both parties conspirators to the enslavement and control of all of the people. So how possibly can the system be changed, and free bullion, and free ourselves, when our American minds have been propagandized into accepting financial slavery and centralized control, living in a national pig sty, when the only voting option available is between two inherent look a-likes promoting more, not less, DC controls over our lives? We simply cant. We are hopelessly imprisoned by our own conditioned pandered minds by socialistic elitists of the two controlling political parties. We are freaking doomed to perpetual enslavement by big brother and the nanny state, as we get up each April 15th and march off to singing sirens toward the warlock caverns to be devoured into economical ruin, presently, however, accelerating on a global scale.

There possibly could be one hope, for a return of our freedoms, and liberation of bullion from manipulation, but it’s a very long shot, a 300 million to one long shot, actually, to be nearly exact, and that possibility would the coming of a second economical political messiah, a populous, running for the presidency, outside of the two main political parties, with an articulated agenda, and with a plan to perfect reinstatement of our freedoms from the DC elitists. But, as of yet, there is no such person who has come forward with the agenda, with the plan, and with the ability to passionately and convincingly persuade the people that they have in fact firstly lost their freedoms, and secondly, that such freedoms can be reinstated. Dr. Ron Paul came close, but he remained locked into the corruption of the two political parties, and did not explain why our freedoms have been lost, nor did he offer a credible comprehensive plan to free us all. While well intentioned in some points, he did not put it all together, in a comprehensive way. Maybe a great populous champion will emerge before 2012 and offer what we American so dearly need and deserve, our freedoms back.

Any populous running for president, to take down the DC elitist power structure, to free us Americans, must have a plan as to national money, deficits, debt, taxes, and welfare. This populous candidate would need to have a comprehensive vision, both retrospectively and prospectively, and must be able articulately explain why we are enslaved, and why the tyrannical power structure in DC has enslaved us all through fiat money, the FED, the IRS, income taxes, and bullion suppression, as a collective regime and power play, so as to educate the people, and reverse 100 years of pandering DC propaganda, which, of course, would be no small task, as many Americans are in fear, and will naturally cling to their government hands outs in cowardly dependency. Breaking a propagandized dependency and the cowardly mind set of the American people through mere words would be one difficult task.

This populous messiah would need a plan. The plan would necessarily include abolishing the FED, fiat money, the IRS, income taxes, and bullion suppression. The plan would include the reinstatement the gold and silver money standard. The plan would seek the repeal the 16th amendment authorizing income taxes and the adoption of a new amendment requiring local, state, and federal balanced budgets. This plan would necessarily destroy socialism in American, and would severely limit the welfare states, a good thing, such as to only public shelters, clinics, and kitchens, while supporting, in turn, compassionate free charitable personal giving through charities, churches, and temples, thereby exploiting individual personal compassion that is the most effective and efficient means of securing a minimal safety net for the poor and aged. This populous should propose eliminating the national debt, virtually over night, by requiring all Fiat FRN dollars be redeemed at the treasury at a rate of about 1B$/oz. Fiat redemption in bullion would force many, if not all, other countries to likewise abandon fiat money in a global rebirth of the exclusive international use of gold and silver money as the only real honest medium of exchange between countries, business, and persons, as the global community replaces war and fiat with trade wars and real honest money, and while outlawing global protectionism and, of course, the internationally sought after elimination of the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

The tax system should be changed comprehensively. There should be absolutely no taxes on earned income, payrolls, or capital gains, which are the engines of growth, that must necessarily and fully exploit human greed for maximum productivity and prosperity leading to increased personal tax free charity. There should be a flat tax on all consumption in a resource limited world thereby punishing gluttony and conserving the world limited resources. There should be market value real property taxes to pay for police, fire, schools and trash. Finally, there should be extremely progressive taxes on passive incomes including inheritances, interest, dividends and personal gifts, so that all have an equal opportunity. This tax regime would collectively together encourage economical growth, resource conservation, dissipation of obscenely corrupting concentrated wealth in a few, and the dismantling of socialism and the welfare state to free the people of dependent slavery by the government.

It is doubtful that such a populous would rise up, however, and come freedom's way any time soon. There is, possibly, one small hope. If the global economic community continues to spiral out of the control toward the downside into a global depression, and it is accelerating just now to the downside, and the global fiat complex concomitantly collapses as well relative to commodities and bullion, rendering all fiat money suspect in the eyes of the common people, and if the unemployment rate rises to depression levels, the citizens may just get a little upset, and even demonstrate, and possibly politically revolt around the world as well as in the US from all of the monetary enslavement. We Americans actually might just rethink a century of pandering propaganda, and actually listen to a populous candidate for president of the USA and leader of the free world.

It is a dreadful choice, however, to wish for monetary, economic, and financial global ruination, but with it is also the ruination of the enslaving fiat money, bullion manipulation, and government enforced corrupting socialism and control over our lives. It would be worth it, though. We Americans, if truly brave, should bite the short term economic bullet rather than perpetuate tyrannical slavery from DC over our lives. We may just become again the land of the free and brave. But, until such global financial ruination is achieved, and until some populous take the soap box station in earnest, with the plan for the return of our freedoms, the American economic political system will not change, and the status quo will remain in effect, as until such a populous messiah comes forth to liberate us all from DC tyranny, nothing will change, with all Americans perpetually enslaved.

No Living Memory of Freedom

People today have no living memory of not having income taxes. Tax freedom empowers all. People today have no living memory of real money in circulation. Real money is freedom from fiat monetary inflation. People today have no living memory of limited government. A limited federal government does not require IRS bank spying, NSA phone spying, CIA web page spying, a corrupting welfare state of luring moral hazards, with federal laws not innumerable. There is a sign at San Clemente pier in California, and it read, "Dont Feed the Seagulls, They Become Dependent", no doubt erected by a democrat. 

I offer Americans a new route to recapture lost freedoms.You want our freedoms back? Go for it, all out. Many Freedoms have been taken. Freedom from income taxes and filings. Freedom from national debt. Freedom from wall street campaign corruption and undo influence over government. Freedom from enslaving federal welfare complex. Freedom from income, inheritance, capital gain taxes. Freedom of states rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply and quit under a republic of states. Freedom from IRS spying on bank accounts. Freedom from CIA wire tapping of US citizens in a nation wide drag net. Freedom from wall street occupation of federal government. Freedom from mid/poor class wealth transfers2 top 1%. Freedom to responsibly own a gun. Freedom from extreme gun licensing laws. Freedom of association, for boys and girl clubs free from pandering activists. Freedom to parent children. Freedom from enslaving federal student loans, jacking up tuition costs. Freedom from Fanny/Freddy housing loans, subprime banking corruption loans, & federally rigged property values. Freedom of a real choice in voting booth, from 100 years totalitarian lock down by two pandering political machines. Freedom of states under a republic to prevent unlawful invasion by terrorists and illegal immigrants. Freedom from federal totalitarianism and police state.Freedom from fiat debt-based irredeemable ponzie coupons used as a medium of exchange to control the people. Freedom from national socialism leading evolving into either totalitarian fascism or collective communism. Freedom from low end wage stagflation and loss of wage purchasing power, through economic laws & explosion. Freedom from tax attorneys and IRS spies. Freedom from states using license suspensions for enforced debt collections. Freedom from US passport suspensions for enforcing state debt collections. Freedom of travel. Freedom from federal incarceration for benign non-threatening private pot use regulated under states rights. Freedom of association and contract of civil unions enforceable in states court under states rights. Freedom for parents charged with responsibility for parenting children. Freedom from interstate and international drug, gun, children, salves smugglers. Platitudes and idealistic dreams are great, but unless there is a real plan, they have no real credibility. Freedoms & Liberty always must have outer permissible reasonable bounds, or they are not Freedoms and Liberty in practice.

We can recapture our freedoms and liberties lost, and provide an economic explosion for improved standards of living liberating most from economic stagnation, poverty enslavement, with maximum liberty and freedoms practicable. I have a plan. I know how to perfect it. I stand ready willing and most able.

Totalitarian Democracy

In ancient history, like May this year, there was increasing prices (e.g. common price inflation), and the FEDs and writers were all concerned about inflation getting to high and sustained, because that would embed inflationary expectations, and would, cement sentiment that would then actually accelerate inflation, where buyers buy as soon as the pay check hits the banks, which reinforces the inflationary trend. The FEDs target inflation at a modest rate, say about 2%, so as to allow decreasing debt burdens, and more deficit spending, and hence, more power projection, but without the accelerating inflation, due to controlled sentiment of inflationary expectations. However, once you cross the line of embedded inflationary expectations, severe restrain measures are needed to ring out those inflationary expectations. Hence, Volker in 1980 with his 18% interest rates. We had modest GDP growth between 2001-3 when inflation was considered contained, only to have inflation rear its ugly head beginning in early 08. But that has changed in October with the CPI recently going to -1%.

Now comes the mortgage bubble, a pop goes the weasel, the financial weapons of mass destruction, the OTC derivatives, and then the financials fall apart, and now the hedge funds are throwing in the towel, and many others, in a total international meltdown. Prices are dropping fast, (eg common deflation), and if that deflation continues for long, therein lays the basis for deflationary expectations, where buyers hold off buying, and hence, save their dollars, which then reinforces the deflationary expectations, in a vicious cycle, just inversely like inflation, and if the deflationary cycle is allowed to continue, it leads to a depression, a very bad thing in deed. Deflation serves to increase debt burden, a very bad thing, and that is why deflation is more feared than inflation. To ring out the deflationary expectations, money rates are dropped, easy money is given out, government provides hand outs and work programs, and more deficits, etc., to reflate.

Deflation and Inflation are mirror to some extent. Inflation leads to inflationary expectations that leads to hyperinflation-stagnation. Expensive money has been the traditional solution, ala Volker 1980. Deflation leads to deflationary expectations that leads to hyper-deflation-stagnation, aka depression. Cheap money has been the traditional solution, ala FDR 1933-42.

While the government always tries to put lip stick on a pig, to make things always appear rosy, to the voters, by and large, they have it right, expensive money to cure inflation and cheap money to cure deflation. With a target of 2% inflation, the government can project power through modest deficits, yet not let the inflation get out of hand. Hence, the FED targeting of very low inflation rates.

Now, in 1980 the government played the traditional remedy, expensive money to cure inflation, but that cause allot of pain. I remember it well. But modernly, Americans are just not capable of pain any more, without most in congress and the people getting all upset, so, in the 21st century, pain is out, yet, these same tax and spend types want more than the tax burden can support without destroying the economy. So, Americans collectively can not now endure any pain to correct things. Americans collectively must also spend more to feed, care for, and support many on the government take, but with moderate taxes, and hence, increases in deficit spending. The government is thus in a political box, without the will do to the right things. Politically it cannot have 1) balanced budgets (as there are those who always wants more social spending), 2) cannot raise rates to high to curb inflation, (as Americans cant bear the pain), 3) cannot raise taxes, (as the whole economy will tank leading to less revenues, not more, and less hand outs). So, balanced budgets, high rates, and high taxes are out. So what can the government do, in stead? What possible other choices does the government have in doing the balancing act between the demands of the people, perfected through congressional actions, and maintaining the inflation targets?

The government can:
1) Lie about inflation to defeat inflationary expectations;
2) Suppress gold to defeat inflationary expectations;
3) Support markets to defeat deflationary expectations; and
4) Bail out everyone and anyone to reflate and defeat deflationary expectations.

While Mr. Bill Murphy and the GATA following can rightfully claim that the markets are rigged, and that gold is suppressed, quite honestly, the pandered weak-minded its-all-about-me Americans have given the US government very little choice. Are the manipulations, lies, and rigging wrong? Well yes, if you believe in fair and free markets and are a true jungle capitalist, but no, if you are a socialists who believes in "intervention" "economic appeasement" and "totalitarian control", which are really code words for, well, you guessed it, manipulations, lies, and rigging. Are the manipulations, lies, and rigging evil? Well no, given the choices the American people have placed upon government. The manipulations, lies, and market rigging are wrong, but not inherently evil, effectively serving the will of the people. I will submit that GATA's complaints result from the American people losing their self-reliant capitalistic roots. The government employees are not the devils, but misguided by the demands of the American people, as the American people effectively demand manipulations, lies, and rigging. We got manipulations, lies, and market rigging from the government, because we asked for it.

Monetary Inflation

Inflation historically means expansion of the money supply. Modernly it is commonly used to indicate price increasing, that is, price inflation, as distinct from monetary inflation. But real inflation has do to with expanding money supplies. The Federal Government is trying to convince the public, that effective taxation without representation, intentional price inflation is desirable, a means of wealth transfer from middle and poor classes to the banking elite. The FED now targets inflation to intentionally rob from the middle and poor classes in a wealth transfer, as the financial elite own real hard assets, immune from price inflation, in order to rob the people, day after day, like a thief in the night, to concentrate more totalitarian centralized power in DC and feed riches to the financial elite.

President JF Kennedy Legacy Defiled

President Kennedy asked us all, what can you do for the country? I can turn it around and restore Americana Greatness. So, I will try. Many may ignore me, many may lambaste my choices, and many may also throw their bad selves on the ground and rant and accomplish nothing of import. But I am truly above being offended having a solid moral anchor with firm convictions, that I can not be manipulated or intimidated or reduced in character, for I truly know the consequences of my choices and plan of attack using the most effective tools available. Understanding and patience is desired from all. Being 2016 US President is what I can do for my country.

President Kennedy Inaugural 1961

President Ronald Reagan Legacy Defiled

Ronald Reagan gave us all the Clue: Government is the Problem not the Solution. Yes, the problem is government. The problems are driven by the evil empire including judicial fiat, pandering politicians of the two pandering political machines, and the greed of wall street having control over and undue influence upon government officials and functions. These evil empire drivers manifest themselves as an unlimited federal government with an obscene federal welfare state and a corrupted constitution causing strife nation wide. Foreign policy is ignoble leading to excessive military interventions. Those are the big problems. I will fix those problems.

President Reagan Brandenburg Gate 1987