United States Totalitarianism 

     Totalitarian Enslavement
     USA Enslavement by Totalitarian Tools
     President Putin-Russia & USSA-Socialist-In-Chief
     Pandered Totalitarianism
     Totalitarian Gold Suppression 
     I love my country 
     Fear No More, The IRS Thugs
     Totalitarianism leads to Civil War
      Propaganda Bias Spin and MOPE

    Totalitarian Economic Ruination
     100 year Slide into Economic Ruination
     The Federal Reserve System
     Manipulation, Trade Deficits, Immigration
     China Bullion Silk Road
     Collapsing Economy
     Wealth Transfer
     DOW Theory Divergence
     FED is following the Script 
    Status Report End 2015
    Major Systemic Problems

    Totalitarian Financial Repression
     Financial Repression
     Midas and Stackers Hope
     USA FED Bank Financial Repression
     Bankster and Greedster Treasonous Bullion Sales
     Protoreptilians at the FED
     USA Treason by Bullion Banks
     USA Conspiracies
     USA FED JPM GS Conspiracy 
     FED GS DOJ Government Corruption
     Cyprus, Conditioned Totalitarianism
     US will confiscate Private Bullion Hoards
     OReilly Factor Cant Find Solutions
     Cashless Society

     Open Loop Totalitarianism 
     USA Open Loop Totalitarianism
     The real dark pools  
     The DEM Panderers Winning Hand AAAAJ
     United States is Out of Control
     People Freedoms v Government Totalitarianism
     The five Pillars of Freedom 
     USA & the end of days
     Societal Control Systems

     America's Corrupt Judiciary
     A Living and Breathing Constitution, An Inherent FRAUD
     American Jurisprudence, the Black Robe Reapers
     Judicial Political Market Impeachment
     Criminal Justice Revamping
     Violence will Escalate
     Constitution of the United States

     America's Corrupt Judiciary
     Supreme Court Totalitarianism
     Judicial Impeachment and Recusal
     Suspension of Impeachments
     Constitutional Amendments
     State Licensed Professional Malpractice
     Enslaving Supreme Court Totalitarians
     Criminal Public Executions

     Domestic Tranquility 
     Constitutional Domestic Tranquility
     Democrats and Republicans are the Culprits
     USA Spying and Freedom
     Criminal Justice Asset Forfeitures

     Conspiracy Theories
     Personal Liberty and Freedom From Government
     Become a Libereen
     Libertarian Green Tea
     The Freedom Platform
     All May Join the Libereens

     Socialistic Ruination & Corruption
     JFK said Ask Not for BHO Fairness
     In Honor of Soviet Battle Tanks at Krusk
     Social Security and the Granny State
     Unified Field Theory  
     Government Shut Down
     Nanny Granny Gay Minority Addict Pandering
     1960s Guns and Butter
     Victimless Crimes against Humanity
     Bill O'Reilly's Welfare Dilemma
     Catholic Church: Leftist Political Animal
     American Rebirth of Freedom from Government
     DC Elitists are Spending Clowns
     The Moral Hazard of Socialism
     US Imploding under Absurdity
     Workplace Discrimination

     Americans Perpetually Enslaved
     Totalitarian Enslavement
     No Living Memory of Freedom
     Totalitarian Democracy
     Monetary Inflation
     President J F Kennedy Legacy Defiled
     President Ronald Reagan Legacy Defiled

     USA Green Corps
     Citizen Volunteers of the  Green Corps
     Prisoners and Unemployed
     Ocean Conservation International Treaties
     USA Territorial Toxic Dumping Liabilities
     USA Territorial Wild Life Conservation
     Global Warming
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