Wipe Out The National Debt

ALL Fiat Currencies Implode

Of the 600 fiat currencies used during the ascent of man, ALL have failed, government cant resist printing to cement and maintain political power, until implosion of the monetary base, and the US is no different. Zeroing out the national debt is a piece of cake, to be done so, at it has successfully been done 600 times before. Its actually a no brainer. 

The US has already defaulted on its debts, though you wont hear a politician admit. The FED has destroyed 98% of the value of the dollar. Those holding dollar denominated bonds have been defaulted upon. China and Russia is buying gold as hedge, in view, of the pending crash of the global fiat currency complex. Through so-called free trade, the US raised up China's economy and wages to the US detriment, but the US is noble in many ways. But its time for the US to get its house in order. The time duration of a fiat currency in 40 years, and Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, the US fiat currency lasting longer due to reserve current status and military might. 

A Billion Dollars an Ounce

As our world moves ever closer toward comprehensive interconnectedness between all nations in the global confluence, currently characterized by trade globalization and global democratization in this democracy century, that is driven by human cultural evolution, toward completion, when ultimately wars are replaced by the up coming trade wars, and when all fiat paper money is driven to zero value and replaced by gold and silver real money as the global medium of exchange dictated by UN treaties outlawing international settlements in fiat, practical considerations are pondered as to the practical mechanics of seamlessly switching from fiat money to real money world wide. A primary goal, when switching from fiat money to real money, is the avoidance of concomitant economic devastation, depression, or severe recession typically characterized by and experienced during the collapse of a fiat money regime. The German early 20th century Wienmark Republic provides the exemplar quintessential calamity experience during such fiat money collapses. The Russian Ruble twice collapsing is another example upon the dislocations suffered when switching from a communist economy to a market economy.

Currently, in the US, the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) is the fiat money used, that has become the world reserve currency, held in quantity in most foreign central banks. The Chinese, for example, are reported to possess upwards of 1.3T-FRN$ in their foreign exchange (Forex) bank reserves. The Federal Reserve Bank, (FED) of the US issue bonds to foreign banks to repatriate FRNs to accommodate current account balances in the US and world wide. The US national debt is today rapidly approaching 10T$. Sure these are big numbers, but, wait until the out years come, when the fiat regimes world wide collapse. The world is racing to that end, as banks around the world attempt to out-print each other, trying to maintain advantage, in a precursor to the up coming trade wars, in manufacturing exports to support respective domestic economies. All paper fiat moneys are experiencing inflation, mostly now actually into double digits, and inflation is and will continue to accelerate into hyper-inflation, and then lastly into mega-inflation, as the end days approach for all fiat paper moneys and national fiat regimes, collectively, referred to as the world fiat complex. Gold and silver bullion has made remarkable increases of late relative to the fiat complex, but what we are seeing is merely the infant stage of collapse of the fiat complex. The fiat collapse has actually barely begun in earnest.

In the context of the global confluence, the use of fiat money has been the primary enabler to particularly project US economic and military power over the last 100 years, primarily starting with the creation of the FED, then with FDR's confiscation of gold from the public, as well as the 1972 disconnect between the gold and the FRN. While real money believers are appalled by the disconnect, and while many FRN savers have been burned by inflation, and will be burned by the fiat complex collapse, the result of the fiat use during the 20th century and into this 21st century, has been an ability to fund US military, economic, and political might which have collectively in fact civilized this world, in large measure, in this democracy century. Now that that civilization has been substantially complete or will be substantially complete soon, war will be outlawed in the years ahead, and as such, the use of the fiat FRN has been, in this measure, a good thing for whole of man kind. But, now is the time to get back to honest government, honest markets, and honest money. Its now time to go back to our traditional roots as free Americans. Personal ownership of land, guns, gold/silver and the vote for less government are the hallmarks of any free society, and puts ultimate power in the people, and we Americans have let our freedom wane, under government controls and mandates. But with the coming completion of the global confluence, lets all Americans demand back all of our freedoms, free from over-intrusive government actions and robbing fiat banking systems. We sacrificed our freedoms in these regards for 100 years or more, during the global confluence struggle, and now that complete victory should be soon declared, our freedoms should be reinstated, in full measure. We Americans paid the heavy price to civilize this world, and now its time to have our freedoms back, completely.

Real money believers, as well as fair and honest world traders in the up coming trade wars, should desire and promote a comprehensive world wide collapse of the fiat complex. When individuals hold real gold and silver money, the people hold the ultimate economic power, the power of the purse, defeating governmental abilities to manipulate our lives through interest rate controls, market manipulations, and uncontrolled fiat money printing. World governments, inherently distrusting of trading partner's excessive fiat printing and abilities to subsidize domestic industries to the disadvantage of their trading partners, ultimately seek that gold and silver real money medium of exchange so as to limit global unfair trade practices between nations. In effects, the uncontrolled fiat printing debasing of the money supplies, self-centered unfair global trade practices, and personal desire for economic freedom in this democracy century are the drivers toward the ultimate return and exclusive international use of real gold and silver money.

Other goals of the real money believers seeking the transition to the exclusive use of real money are the elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank, the elimination of the federal reserve banking system, the elimination of commercial banks executives transplantation into the federal banking system and the inherent conflicts of interest, and the elimination of the ability of the federal government to use commercial banks to manipulate supposedly free markets to the commercial banks' advantage over others market participants when striving for free and fair markets, so that all have an equal opportunity when investing in and dealing with the commercial markets. When real money is used, freedom is advanced, manipulation is limited, conflicts are avoided, and corruption of people and money is limited, if not, eliminated.

The US Mint, like most governmental mints, produce real constitutional money, in the form of 1 oz gold and silver Eagle coinage, in addition to lesser denominations, including 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 oz silver and gold coins. In addition, legal tender rates of exchanges between coinage denominations should be set in stone, and currently, this has been done, and as the 1 oz Gold Eagle is set to 50$ and the 1 oz Silver Eagle is set to 1$. Currently, the US Mint produces gold and silver Eagle coinage, as well as the 1ct copper penny and the 5ct nickel. The gold, silver, copper and nickel coinage is traditional US money, and that should be retained and exclusively used following the fiat complex collapse.

The transition to real money may not be that inherently difficult, if the proper game plan and real money stores are ready in advance, when the time comes. So lets set the stage as to the practical mechanics of switching from the fiat complex to real money, particularly in reference to the US FED. First, lets raise the national debt to a mere 100T$, just to give us some spending breathing room, over the next 25 years, to play the fiat end game, and finish the global confluence. Next, the US Mint should set aside 100,000 oz of Gold Eagles, to pay off this nation debt, and that means, 100T-FRN$/100,000 oz of Gold Eagles, equates to 1Billon-FRN$ to 1 gold Eagle. This exchange rate is not set so as to pay back any US debt, but rather set to make transistion to real money smooth, seamless, and practicable.

The US government is believed to possess some 250,000,000 oz of gold, and so, the national debt of 100T-FRN$, in terms of 1 oz Eagles, equates to a mere 0.04% of the US gold reserve. The US government can therefore, issue and print gold certificates, that is, real notes actually redeemable in gold real money at any bank, so the people do not have to transact business carrying a heavy load. Silver stocks can be acquired through the usual tax regimes, and silver certificates can be issued and printed as well. With respect to the copper penny and nickel nickel, if stocks are short, steel penny "certificates" and steel nickel "certificate" coinage can also be stamped out in mass to accommodate any shortage in copper and nickel base metal stocks during the transistion period.

And so, the real money regime can be produced in mass and in advance of the fiat complex collapse by having minted Gold 50$ Eagles, Silver 1$ Eagles, Copper 1ct Pennies, Nickel 5ct Nickels, and their corresponding redeemable certificates, including gold and silver paper certificates and copper and nickel steel stamped coinage certificates.

Now, comes the easy part. The US government should reduce interest rates on FRN$ to zero percent in perpetuity, and start printing 90T FRN$, and literally "go for broke" with the printing presses running around the clock, and intentionally cause that desired mega-inflation in the FRN$. Lets drive the greenback FRN to zero, and kill it once and for all. The US FED is well adept at doing this, they have had allot of practice over the last 100 years. As the 100T-FRN$ are printed and used to completely intentionally destroy the FRN$, the government should enact bi-currency laws, that enable the use of FRN$ or alternatively, for tax purposes, for example, gold and silver real money, both as legal tender, as the FRN$ is driven to zero value relative to the real money. When substantially complete, pay off any foreign Forex debts with real money, at the rate of ONE billion FRNs to 1 oz gold Eagle. As such, the US Government need only flip China (1.3T-FRN$/1B-FRN$/1ozGoldEagle) 1300 gold Eagles, and simply say, thanks for the business, and similarly treat any other foreign Forex reserve holding of US FRN$, and after a limited redemption period, eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank, and put those ex-commercial bank executives in the unemployment line, where they rightfully belong.

The transition to real money is not really a complex thing to do, if done seamlessly through a temporary bi-currency regime and economy, using FRN$ and Gold and Silver real money, concurrently, during the transition periods. The economy should not therefore suffer from an economy shock, but rather, move through a simple transition period. We Americans, by nature, culture, and politics are an adaptable lot of the people, and understand money and inflation, and can personally adjust our personal asset portfolio, to protect wealth during such transition periods, as in the late 1970s, as we have been there and done that, successfully. We should not be afraid of the future, which is a very good one for man kind, in the final days of the global confluence, where wars are replaced by the trade wars, and as the fiat complex is replaced by real money. Our world is becoming safer. Our freedoms will be returned to us. Honest government, honest markets, and honest money will rule the land of the free and brave, once again, and else where around the world. Its is a glorious future, and I hope to be alive that day when one gold Eagle is worth a billion dollars an ounce.

An Act of Congress

By the Congress of United States of America,
this day, January 17, 2018,
be it enacted throughout the United States, that:

Section A, Accounts and Redemption.

A.1 The debt limit of the United State shall be raised forthwith in Federal Reserve Notes to 100 Trillion notes.
A.2 The Treasury of the United State shall issue all of said Federal Reserve Notes forthwith.
A.3 The Federal Reserve Bank shall forthwith pay in said notes all US Government bonds and obligations to all and any holders thereof of such obligations and bonds throughout the world,
A.4 The Treasury of the United States shall segregate 100,000 oz of Gold Eagle Coinage for the exclusive use of redemption of all of said Federal Reserve Notes.
A.5 All of said Federal Reserve Notes and prior issued Federal Reserve Notes shall be redeemable in Gold and Silver Eagle coinage of the United State at a rate of 0.0000000001 (1 Billionth) oz of Gold Eagle coinage or 0.00000005 (fifty Billionth) oz of Silver Eagle coinage in United States exclusively limited to only US Mint minted Gold and Silver Eagle coinage, redeemable at any National Bank of the United States, or authorized Mint Eagle coinage dealer.

Section B, Redemption Periods.
B.1 Said Redemption in Gold and Silver Eagle coinage shall be for a period of not more than one year of the date of enactment of this act by the President of the United States.
B.2 After said Redemption period, Gold and Silver Eagle coinage shall be the only lawful legal tender used for all debts, public and private, within the United States.

Section C, International Settlement of Debts.
C.1 During said Redemption period, all international obligations in said Federal Reserve Notes shall be settled exclusively in Gold and Silver Eagle coinage at said exchange rate.
C.2 After said Redemption period, all international obligations shall be settled consistent with UN treaty obligations that all international settlements between nations shall be exclusively in Gold and Silver species.

Section D Domestic Settlement of Debts.
D.1 All and any obligations of the United States to and for any citizen or national alien of the United states, including but not limited to payments due in arrearages of social security, medi-care, medi-caid shall be immediately paid forthwith in said Federal Reserve Notes.
D.2 Upon termination of the redemption period, and payment of all international and domestic obligations, the national debt of the United States shall be then, hence forth, and forever zero.

Section E, The Federal Reserve Bank.
E.1 The Federal Reserve Bank shall forthwith reduce to zero percentage rate all existing United State bonds, until all such bonds are paid in full by said issuance of said Federal Reserve Notes within said redemption period.
E.2 The Federal Reserve Bank shall, upon payment of all of said bonds in said notes, shall be then, hence forth and forever abolished, and shall quit all transactions upon the termination of the redemption period.
E.3 All bonds issued by the United States shall then thereafter, hence forth, and forever shal be exclusively denominated in Gold and Silver Eagle coinage.

This act, being duly authorized by the Congress of the United States, is hereby the supreme law throughout the United States upon execution by the President of the United States,
Sign this day, January 17th, 2018, by: Derrick Michael Reid,
President  of the United States of America.

Out-Year US Economy Realignment

The US consumer based economy days are numbers. Housing is tanking and will get much worse. Unemployment is in the tank, and will get much worse. Governments around the world will spend spend spend their fiat money into oblivion, a natural consequence of Socialized Societies were government reliance has replaced self reliance. The Global fiat money complex experiment will end as did soviet communism, unsustainable gross socialism based upon a fiat currency, as the politicians will pander the folks into both the demise of fiat money and socialism. It is inevitable.

But what to do? As proposed, the US must switch the federal tax regime to a consumption based tax regime through a national sales tax, while reducing the state taxes to only property taxes and no more. Gasoline and Oil efficient technologies will explode, helping Detroit get back on its feet. Such federal taxes will eliminate foreign dependence of imported hydro-carbon fuels, and that means, gutting the power structure of the middle east while giving the EU hoped for avoidance of Russian bear enslavement.

Migrant workers flood the US every year to pick fruits and vegetables. While it may not be fancy work, it is still noble work, and can provide many US citizens with employment, particularly the habitual unemployed, if the price of food stores were elevated significantly. Such would render the US the leader in the new generation of commodity dominance, AGGIE PRODUCTS.

Tort reform will make more effective the medical delivery systems, knocking the socks off of those in that most despicable profession beyond the court bars, while noble doctors are freed to then practice COST-EFFECTIVE medicine, thereby delivering to the people a much better bang per buck for their health care dollars.

The world will switch to REAL MONEY gold and silver to keep all fair-trading, as fiat money dies, and those with big mines, Russia, China, US, Australia, Peru, etc, will have a leg up on the rest. The US will adjust to super high oil prices, and hence, gut the power structure of the middle eastern monarchs, paving the way for further democratic improvement there while taking away funds to fuel middle eastern JIHAD, for a double advancement in the continued assent of man as the global confluence marches on. But there is a problem with Gold/Silver usage and Oil based economy. YOU CANT EAT THAT STUFF.

The world populations are increasing and the demand for food will escalate well beyond that for hydro-carbon fuels. The US is a leader in food production. By placing taxes on consumption, the government will increase dramatically the cost of food stores, improving balance of payments for international trade. By telling the Illegals to git, by increasing food costs, more American can be employed in the Agriculture business, providing sustained jobs in perpetuity.

The future is clear. Stop illegal immigration, switch to consumption based federal taxes, abolish the federal welfare state by transferring it to the states under states right, increase the costs of food and fuels, gut the power structure of the middle east, contain the Russian bear, provide a surplus in balance of trade and tax collections at the federal level, for a sustainable multi-WIN WIN WIN WIN in the out years. 

Agriculture, Mining, Technology, Manufacturing, and Doctors are the big winners. Social Bureaucrats, Politicians, Banksters, and Lawyers are the big losers. How do we get there as quickly as possible? Let BHO spend spend spend the fiat dollar into oblivion. I am rooting BHO on, with his socialism and over spending, to destroy, once and for all, the fiat FRN dollar, US socialism, Income Taxes, Oil dependence, and the republicans ought to just let it happen, for the out year BIG WINS for the good ole USA. USA! USA! USA!

Fiat Paper Money, and $20,000,000/oz Silver

So, is the sky really falling? Many say yes. But, not so fast. Sure, some things don’t look good. We have an intrinsically worthless fiat paper money, but is that new? Since, the 1970s the fiat in deed has been intrinsically worthless, but not extrinsically valueless. Hmmm? So where does the value come from? Confidence? Well yes. The amount in circulation? Well yes. Anything else. There is one factor, the most important, that gives the dollar real value. Guess what it is? Well silver is THE constitutional money, so I will focused on that lawful real money. Today, there are no substantial above ground silver stocks. OK, but what is the annual production of silver 400Moz? Guessing of course, never said I was an expert. But, nonetheless, that's allot silver. Sure, there is also what 440Moz in Demand. That's allot to. Ok, and there has been for 15 years running, a 40Moz annual deficit in silver, which was made up by bank sales, which are now exhausted, with some scrap filling in. We all get this. But, Silver is mineralized in many different ores, and is produced mostly as a by-product of mining. Today, the vast amount of silver on this earth, is low grade, well, low grade relative market price. Hmmm? What if silver was 10,000$/oz, would there be a few more "profitable" mines about. I would think so. There is plenty of silver world wide, if the price was right to mine low grade ores.

I love the real dooms-day guys, Hat-Trick and Daily Reckoning are the stand outs of course. I just roar, at times, at the self centeredness of them all, with their little hoard, while pounding the doom-and-gloom. If gold and silver goes through the roof, sure, us bugs would do well, but lets at least acknowledge the greed motivations behind most their prophecies. The US government will continue its twin deficits, and that's a good thing, if you want the dollar to become toast as I do. Its alleged by these oracles, that the four insolvent pillars to the US Economy, federal budget, current account trade deficit, bank capital, and homeowner equity are insolvent with all directed toward mammoth unprecedented monetary inflation. Ok, that is the economic reality. But is it really so bad? Actually, I am cheering them on, the printing presses, actually. I want the fiat dollar absolutely destroyed, burnt, and toasted crisp because I want a return to real money economies worldwide, and the world reserve currency is the best place to start the conversion. The doom and gloom folks only look for what they want to see to sustain their shrill, their subscriptions, their mine share prices, while pounding their chess in sure predictions.

I come at it from a different direction. The dollar is to be gracefully, (not catastrophically), degraded for some time to come, to sustain the USA empire, in its role as global cop, to civilize this world. Its all about d$/dt, the time rate of change of the dollar value. The dollar will take major hits from time to time, but will bounce up from time to time as well, in the continue graceful degradation. One may ask, how can that be, if all looks so bad for the paper dollar. Well, the US government has jurisdiction over you and your money, we can not hide, as we spend 20% of our time just trying to figure out how to reduce our tax burden. That is evil for sure. The tax on income is obscene of course. Tax property, tax sales, tax inheritance, but the government should never tax income, that engine which drives all prosperity in the end. When the fiat is finally destroyed, I hope DC has wisdom to revamp the tax code to limit taxes to only property, sales and inheritances, and no more. However, the power to tax is that mythical power that breaths that unknown value into the paper fiat dollar. The government will tax you, and will demand payment or throw your butt in jail, but wont ask for payment in cows or goats, but paper fiat dollars, and to pay, you have to sell your cows and your goats to get those tax fiat dollars, or you go to jail. As such, the government, through federal taxes maintains the value of the dollar, and yet through its printing presses degrade the dollar, and between the two, the government effectively has absolute control of the graceful degradation of the value of the dollar, to sustain it, as long as it want. Did you get that? The government can intrinsically control the dooms day.

In other words, the US government can degrade the fiat dollar has much as it decides to do so, and can project power world wide, as long as it wants to, through deficits, and can balance the value of the dollar, through taxes. Only when the world is civilized, and that means completing the war on the islamofascists first, and only when the majority of the people have had enough of the IRS and their enslaved tit-sucking-pigs, will the government trash the paper dollar and go back to a real money economy. There is no doom-and-gloom, but rather, a tight-rope balancing act of economic, political, and military forces that control the graceful degradation of the dollar, enroute to when the world and people demand fairness, and when war and fiat are completely replaced by trade and gold. The government needs the value of gold and silver to also rise to maintain miner supply of real money. Hence, the Gold Cartel and the Silver Price Managers will enable a continuous rise in real money value in reciprocal to a graceful degrading dollar. See how that works, its all about d$/dt. In those days, when the fiat is finally abandoned by all, the government can redeem FRNs at 50 billion dollars an ounce and wipe out the national debt in a glorious rebirth of freedom using real money, which means that silver will be 20 million dollars an ounce.

US Total Solutions

Americans, put your space helmets on, check solid rocket booster supplies, elevon actuators, and orbiter thrusters, as this in going to be wild ride, NO DOUBT, particularly if you are uninformed, and specifically if you dont have bugism jargon down pat, and if you dont, you can simply just to the concluding missive, or a plurality of missives, integrated, herein as a keep sake, but there was a missing piece of the puzzle, does JPM/GS really do act in a conspiracy with the FED bank as believed by must gold bugs. I had accepted it, but doubt it is now substantially so. Having now dismissed it, that piece of the puzzle that did not fit, can confidentially, now, abide by a general belief in the ying and yang, of man kind, Republican and Democrat conflict in an endless struggle, and a solution for DC, that is accompanied about by bugs beliefs, generally, presented here. It was thought those collective thought processes that confirmed hereto avocations, but now, confirmed PERSONALLY, and all is nice. Good Luck trying to follow this rather obtuse analysis, but that is the mind, in all its wonder.

Its is clearly the use of 14 amendment (related to freeing slaves) that is incorrectly applied by the current administration to almost anything, such as, the 2nd amendment, the right to bare arms and the 9th amendment prohibiting transgression of the 2nd, which 9th, effectively retains gun rights by the people, and it is entirely rational to see why the current administration would seek to disarm the people under totalitarian rule as a threat to TOTALITARIAN RULE. As one commenter said, if the slaved were armed, then there would not be slaves. The right to bare arms is not about VIOLENCE or HUNTING, whatsoever, or other spin, or BS, currently used on the left, but merely an attempt by founding fathers to limit totalitarian rule, in the wake of KING GEORGE, which under the current administration, armed to the teeth by DHS, is seeking to impose totalitarianism upon the people, to keep them in line, according to leftists beliefs.  It is simple wrong, though the purposes are not irrational, and not inherently evil, just plain wrong, and believed necessary to keep JOE BIDEN in line, when he attempt to trample more civil liberties, OF THE PEOPLE.

For the record:
1st order is technical analysis (TA) and fundamentals in markets
2nd order is the affect there from
3nd order is the global Confluence
4th order is divine inspiration
5th order is parallel universes
6th order is unknown, thanks to the 4th order.

Now that things are totally complete, at least in one ringing mind, yes it was answered, on to solutions, as it aint really over, until it is, until a game plan is offered, at least, crossing Ts and dotting Is. In the political spectrum, there has have been offered up, if any cares to read, an evolutionary political blog, Totalitarian Democracy, where political solutions were suggested, eg, abolishing the FED, IRS, present tax complex, reduced to only a pay-and forget, national sales tax, real money coinage, state only property in-rem state taxes, respective state social services and state safety nets, inter-alia, the current financial mess, and the rise of the Libertarian-Greens 2020 can now be addressed, in all its glory.

You TA and fundamental market shock jocks, LCS monitors, mine company analysts, and rocket scientists, have the nitty-gritty of daily market action, wired, so I need not incompetently go there, looking at the forest, as best able.

QE, ZIRP, and KAPLOP are here, and frankly there is no turning back, so the end game of zero FRN value, remains an acceptable goal post, with real money, freedom orientated solutions. Back to position limits, the CFTC was on to something there, despite Chiltons cave in to the money interests, to stop the manipulation dead in its tracks, to the extent possible, of course accelerating the bullion moon shot, and is inherently consistent with the end game goal posts. The US should enter prophetic bi-currency mode, placing gold and or silver as tier one assets, with federal conversion rates along FMV of bullion, set initially high, an early reset of sorts, and revisited from time to time so that big mac's, can be bought routinely for as least one thin real dime. The federal government should get back to policing interstate commerce, to keep the bad big boys on the up and up, since the FED bankster have failed to self-police, and stop all this enslavement through IRS thuggery and hand-outs, to free the people, and let em rock, for an economic explosion, concurrently, reduce federal deficits in real terms, where those enslaved take a hit, as incomes are translated from the unproductive to the productive, as it aught to be, while major rebalancing takes effects. Concurrently, federal power should print FRN for state bail outs, pay off present value promises using FRNs, and trash them complete, and have no objections thereby, printing 100T$ of FRNs to accomplish the same, as social services are transferred from the federalies to the states, and bailed out, to RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, interstate social services competition, as the conversion rate is up'ed in new bi-currency world, until the FRN is finally totally dist. Loath to take from one man to give to another, implementing moral hazards, but remedial action should be addressed, as CEO banksters 1%ers have profited much, to the disadvantage of the 99%ers, yet billionaires can fund new businesses, and support the mothers of invention, as freedom take hold. This is a tuff nut to crack, but suppose that some threshold exponential progressive tax could be used remedially to right the 1%- wrongs played. Surely, there would be pain ahead during this transition, as well as all of society takes a hit, well deserved, voting in self enslavement.
That its in a nut shell.

US is in a bad place. The politicians, judges, and the FED have painted themselves into a corner, and there is no escape. The FRN, the fiat paper dollar is toast, and printing will exponentiate until collapse. But the solutions are simple, really. All the politicians and judges have to do, is honor their oaths, to defend the US constitution, its plain language. Many over the years have proposed various tax plan. I came across this one, proposing a consumption tax. I went to Armstrong economics, and saw "Eliminate the income tax and adopt a consumption tax." Its not that others have proposed such tax, or other social solutions, before, but its the reasoning behind it and selecting the right mix that exploits the duality of man. My reasons are based upon freeing people, to not penalize productivity, to not reward unproductivity, and with a consumption tax, everyone pitches in, and gives the earth a break. the basic plan is relatively simple, its the reasoning that escape most at this time. "That is the trick for exploiting to the maximum our devils and angels. I call upon the world, to UNLEASH our devils and angels, to exploit our devils and angels for another HUGE upleg in the ascent of man."

"STOP ENSLAVING US as tax mules or dependents!!!!!!
Abolish the FED Bank
Abolish fiat paper money
Abolish Federal Social programs
Abolish all taxes that penalize Income (income, capital gains, inheritance)
Abolish all taxes that promote dependency (worker compensation, unemployment compensation, social security)

Promote exclusive federal taxes that penalize consumption (a national sales tax, pay and forget like the gasoline tax, and give the earth a freaking break from corporate ruinous exploitation, promoting the most cost effective use of natural resources whilst getting the IRS thugs and Tax Attorneys out of the terrorizing loop, and free the people from government). Promote exclusive state taxes based upon in rem property. Promote within the various states safety nets, state university funding, and all social programs, and let the states compete for all those freeloaders, so as to provide the most cost-effective welfare system with little affect on the over all economy, It seems that the more its all understood, the more the founding fathers had it right.

FRN Emancipation Proclamation

People put up Liberty Poles during the revolution of the USA as an indication of liberty sought. What good is fight to free ourselves from DC and the Federal Reserve Bank, without a proclamation?

Executive Mansion, Turdville, U.S.A.

That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen, all persons held as slaves within the United states and required to use Federal Reserve Notes, also known as the irredeemable ponzi coupons, within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in effective rebellion against the Federal Reserve Bank, with real money state bills pending or passed, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free of bondage as tax mules and state dependents; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom and God given liberty and inalienable rights of such persons, to use constitutional gold and silver as legal tender, and the United States government will do no act to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom from federal printing presses, through the use of such constitutional gold and silver coinage.

That the Executive will, on the first day of January aforesaid, by proclamation, designate the States, in which the people thereof, respectively, shall then be in effective rebellion against the Federal Reserve Bank and the use of Federal Reserve Notes; whereupon the people shall on that day be, in good faith, be represented in the Congress of the United States by members chosen thereto at elections wherein a majority of the qualified voters of such State shall have participated in over throwing the used of irredeemable ponzie coupons, shall, be deemed conclusive evidence that such State, and the people thereof, are then in effective rebellion against the Federal Reserve Bank, by using real money tender and enabling state laws.

Now, therefore I, Turd Ferguson, President of the Trudville, United States, by virtue of the power in me vested as Commander-in-Chief, of the Turdville Militia, in time of actual effective rebellion against the Federal Reserve Bank now imposing its totalitarian rule on all Americans, and as a fit and necessary measure for encouraging said rebellion, do, on this first day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen, and in accordance with purpose and plain language of the constitution and discipline monetary financing, do publicly proclaimed for the full period of one hundred days, from the day first above mentioned, order and designate the use of gold and silver coinage as legal tender within the respective States wherein the people thereof respectively, are this day in rebellion against the Federal Reserve Bank.

And by virtue of the power, and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves as tax mules and dependents, and force to transact in irredeemable ponzie coupons within said designated States, are, and henceforward shall be free to use said coinage, and that the Executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain such freedoms of said persons.

And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self defense to preserve the use and personal storage of said coinage; and I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages paid only in said coinage. And I further declare and make known, that such persons using such constitutional coinage will be received into the Turville Militia to monitor web sites and other places, to promote the free use of constitutional coinage.
And upon this act, sincerely believed to be an act of justice and freedom, warranted by the Constitution, and upon human dignity, I invoke the considerate judgment of mankind, and the gracious favor of Almighty God. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Turdville Militia to be affixed. Done at the City of Turdville, this first day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand and fourteen, that all men should be free from government bondage as tax mules and dependents.
By the President: Turd Ferguson

US 2012 Prez H.Hoover Zeros National Debt

January 21st, 2013, Republican President H Hoover eliminated the national debt, saying fool me once, shame on you, and that the Federal Reserve Note, (FRN) has collapsed, finally, and so its time to RULE THE WORLD, as the financial rulers of the world, once again, by stiffing the FRN holders, US bond holders, and central banks around the world, stupidly holding US dollar reserves, robbing all of their wealth. In so doing, the president gloriously re-established constitutional real gold money, one of broken pillars of Freedom, which are GOD GOLD GUNS LAND VOTE. The president went on to say, that he would seek to free all Americans from the enslaving nature inherently in the US Government's taxes and handouts, as pandered upon the US electorate, through unsustainable promises and enabling fiat paper money, by dismantling 80% of the federal government, and return ALL social programs over to the states under states' rights usurped by the Federal Government, over the last 100 years, so that we Americans would be FREE AGAIN, FREE AGAIN, praise GOD Almighty, we all will be free again, and restore our national birth rights.

"In the event of an intentional or unintentional collapse of fiat moneys, the USA and her Anglo sisters would certainly survive a global fiat collapse better than most. While wars are often used to place an aggressor nation above others in power, control, influence, and wealth, the current progress of human cultural evolution is to avoid wars were possible and cooperate together for the common good. It seems then, that an alternative to war has been found, this time around, as the Anglo world could do the same by placing itself as the financial rulers of the world in a globalized world economy, in a war free global community, without firing a shot, by simply collapsing the FRN through uncontrolled fiat money printing while retaining backup real gold and silver coinage sustained production." For reasons that are unclear, the FED is following the script very well. 

"Now, comes the easy part. The US government should reduce interest rates on FRN$ to zero percent in perpetuity, and start printing 90T FRN$, and literally "go for broke" with the printing presses running around the clock, and intentionally cause that desired mega-inflation in the FRN$. Lets drive the greenback FRN to zero, and kill it once and for all. The US FED is well adept at doing this, they have had allot of practice over the last 100 years. As the 100T-FRN$ are printed and used to completely intentionally destroy the FRN$, the government should enact bi-currency laws, that enable the use of FRN$ or alternatively, for tax purposes, for example, gold and silver real money, both as legal tender, as the FRN$ is driven to zero value relative to the real money. When substantially complete, pay off any foreign Forex debts with real money, at the rate of ONE billion FRNs to 1 oz gold Eagle. As such, the US Government need only flip China (1.3T-FRN$/1B-FRN$/1ozGoldEagle) 1300 gold Eagles, and simply say, thanks for the business, and similarly treat any other foreign Forex reserve holding of US FRN$, and after a limited redemption period, eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank, and put those ex-commercial bank executives in the unemployment line, where they rightfully belong. "

Crash and burn the FRN so as to remove from the US Gov the ability to enslave us all, and the FEDs will become HEROES, in an unintended sick twisted sense, by totally failing, they will force the resurrection of real gold money, and with that, an end to the totalitarian socialistic fascist state, a return to founding father freedoms from government. Thus, the glorious future, return of our freedoms from government.