Occupy Wall Street


Corruption in the US political complex is wide spread and inherently corrosive. There are three main channels through which this corruption spreads and permeates all governmental functions, and they are 1) campaign contributions to buy government officials, 2) The Federal Reserve System to place wall street and international oligarchs in control of money flows getting rich and sucking the middle and poor classes dry in mass wealth transfer to the top 1% at taxpayer expense, and 3) lobbying to cement undue influence and bribery of government officials. These three corruption channels are enhanced by bankster and oligarchical propaganda through the media complex.

Defiance Of The Tyranny

Close the Corruption Channels

The first channel can be constricted by prohibiting corporations, private organization, and state organizations such as the University of California, from directly contributing to campaigns of individuals for public federal office.

Corporations and Organization do not vote, and hence are limited to contributing money to PACs, political parties, and lobbyists. Private persons who can vote can contribute to private campaigns for federal public office, as well as PACs, political parties, and lobbyists. There should be no dollar limits on contribution only reasonable reporting requirements of large sums.

The second channel can be constricted by nationalizing the Federal Reserve System, a private bank controlled not by congress but by profiteering and racketeering banks and oligarchs, into the Federal Reserve Bank and disposed in the Department of the Treasury, thereby placing the Federal Reserve Bank under executive authority and congressional oversight.

The third channel can be restricted by prohibiting federal employment in high level positions of individuals who have worked directly for international large banks and who have paid fines for or engaged in manipulating markets, such as COMEX bullion suppression, London Whale, HSBC money laundering, inter alia, including 1. J P Morgan Chase 2. HSBC 3. Deutsche Bank 4. Citi Corp 5. Bank of International Settlement, 6. Bank of Nova Sciotia, 7. Barclays Bank, 8. Wells Fargo, 9. Bank of America, 10. Goldman Saks, 11. Societe General, 12. USB, 13. Credit Argicole, 14. Mellon Bank, inter alia.

This three prong drive at campaign reform and government cleaning will serve Americans to restore an honest government back to the citizens of the USA

Sympathy For The Devil

        Prevent government corruption and wealth transfers to top 1% by nationalizing the FED,
        restoring honest real money, honest price-discovery markets and economic prosperity. 

Anarchists with Societal Frustrations

Anarchists are basically those who are frustrated with our totalitarian socialistic fascist government and the consequences of it upon society. Their frustrated is reveal through anti-government rhetoric. This frustration is understood. If anarchists truly desire a revolution back to liberty, freedom, jobs, opportunity, they should rally to the libereen banner and help over throw civility through the election process the totalitarians in charge.  

Bench Warmers with Election Disinterest

Many throughout the United States have thrown in the towel on the election process, correctly seeing the DEMs and REPs as corrupt, effectively the same choice in the voting booth, disliking either of the two pandering political machines, and choose to sit out election and ignore the entire political process and election process, basically, "you cant fight city hall". This apathy is well recognized for what it is. It is essential that a 3rd party become credible and viable as a check on the two pandering political machines.   The DEMs are the totalitarian liberals, the leftist proposers. The REPs are the totalitarian conservatives, the righist resistors. The Libertarian Party, the LIBs, need to rise up, and Reactionary Centrist, as a political check on the DEMs and REPs, to recapture lost personal liberties and freedom from government. The Bench Warmers need to get off the bench and the couch, and reengage the political process through support the LIBs. 

Libertarian Occupiers

Occupiers, the nation was stunned by the march on Wall Street, that effort being noble to stop Wall Street greed, corruption and undue influence over the federal Government and the transfer of wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. Since that time, occupiers have taken up other pressing issues, but Wall Street banksters and greedsters remain public enemy number one. The fiscal budget and deficit has become farcical, as the problem now is systemic and completely out of control, as the national debt is now an unserviceable national debt, and no amount of budget planning or band aids will cure the unpayable national debt. The government also uses targeted inflation, ZIRP and QE to debase the currency and thereby concentrate more power in DC with effective taxation without representation to feed an insatiable drive to tax and destroy more of the private sector. Thus, the robbing of citizens is a two fold problem, taxes and currency debasement. A plan has been devised to ward off both federal means of taking and centralizing power in DC. As the 2016 presidential election cycle heats up, all occupiers are requested to rally, to focus all efforts on removing the corrosive Wall Street influence over DC.