Market Rigging and Manipulations

Bullion Market Manipulation

"There are no more free markets, just interventions" Chris Powell GATA. Capitalism has not been in play since the creation of the FED in 1913. World problems are not caused by capitalism, but by totalitarian socialistic fascism, most concentrated in DC. 

The basic method is to dump paper derivative contacts, COMEX naked short short contracts, tripping all bid stack stop loss orders, to make the price collapse, as NO ONE with an honest intention to maximize sells prices would do such a thing, but would rather spread out the sells orders over time so as to maximize profit. Surely the bullion banks, JPM GS HSBC et al, do not dump for mere honest market profits, but rather to manipulate the price lower, to discourage bullion ownership, to make the US paper fiat dollar look better, for only bullion, gold and silver, are the true measure of any fiat paper money. Of course, they do this at the direction of the FED, ESF, BIS and other controlling central banks, to maintain the illusion of sound fiat paper money. But before the bullion bank can claim a defense of government immunity by acting as agents for central banks, and hence government, they must first admit that they have regularly manipulated prices, which would otherwise be a crime of market rigging and racketeering. Selling a year's production in five minutes is Mala en se criminality, regularly conducted in ALL MARKETS, through the central banks, and in the of the US, through the FED and ESF. It is simply the way it is, and done so with brazen impunity. The bullion banks are simply criminal racketeers, fleecing the investing public. But it is really much worse than that, because they all know that the fiat dollar will collapse in time through the necessity of continue QE, and hence, suppress prices so that China, Russia, and India in particular can pick up the bullion metal on the cheap, and in so doing, KNOWINGLY aid in the transfer of bullion from WEST to EAST, which is TREASON, thereby depleting the stocks of western bullion reserves, a necessary back stop reserve of real money when the fiat paper money fails, and thus, are acting in conspiracy with eastern powers and the FED bank to destroy the US ability to prevent total anarchy when the US fiat paper dollar collapses. India's totalitarian suppression of bullion imports may have delayed seasonal late september push, but no way are the Indians, or the Chinese for that matter, are going to walk away from their affinity towards real money, especially with the rupi (or RMB) under financial assault, save a mass extinction event from the heavens.

The US Government gives JP Morgan a pass to criminally manipulate the bullion markets on the NY comex exchange. Silver has now plunged from 50$/oz to 37$/oz in only 5 days. In the larger picture, what this is, is really implicit Government intervention into the bullion markets, to drive the price down so that JPManipulator can exit its concentrated naked short position on the comex, to avoid a 150B$ bailout of JPM, as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Comex, JPMorgan (one of the FED's bullion hit man) form a tri-parte CRIMINAL RACKETEERING crime organization, manipulating markets, and gets a pass from the US gov, because its helping support the dollar. The means are paper futures contracts (and not the real stuff) on the comex to criminally manipulate prices. In other words, the US Government enables criminal market interventions (nothing new there, they intervene all the time), so that these FAT CAT banksters are protected from their bad bets. If you understand how the gov criminally manipulates markets, you can trade on that with great success, and the Chinese know it, and hence, the Chinese are in the markets buying bullion and encouraging their citizens to buy gold/silver, to bust the COMEX shorts (eg JPM), and take delivery of gold/silver on the futures contracts, to rapidly build a large gold position in their FOREX reserves, to enable them to force an international return to the gold standard, and hence, destroy the dollar as the world reserve currency, which unfairly controls money flows in global commerce. JPM's manipulation and US government interventions will end badly for the JPM and the Dollar, as demand for the REAL PHYSICAL METAL IN HAND is running wild, and though US/FED/JPM can manipulate the price down short term, they can not STOP THE BULL, because the fiat paper money is toast going to zero value, so, my advise, is to cost average buying of bullion a little each month, or if more expert BUY THE DIPs, or if more expert than that, Sell the tops. We all know that through QE, the government is driving the dollar to zero value. But also importantly, two questions must be answered.

1) Why the CFTC give a blind eye to JPM's concentrated short position on the COMEX.
2) Does the US in fact still possess 8000Tons of UNENCUMBERED gold in its gold reserve.
Two simple questions, but will not be answered by the Federal Government, keeping us all, intentionally in the dark.

US Gold Reserve and Anarchy Defense, are GONE!

The US gold reserves, the last ditch defense to total anarchy, is not only 2/3 sold, leased, swapped out, and already gone, and kept secret from the American people, now there is a proposal to sell the remaining US gold hoard. The totalitarian socialistic fascist elitists in DC have now not only bankrupt the country through 100 years of pandered socialism, enslaving us all as either tax mules or dependents, but now seek to strip the US of this last ditch defense of total absolute anarchy, as the ponzi-scheme paper global fiat paper money regime implodes before our very eyes. A catastrophe of unimaginable consequences is now knocking at Uncle Sam's door.

It is one thing to ruin the country by trashing founding father principles of REAL gold and silver money (and not paper money worth a continental), a republic of states and limited federal government (and not a totalitarian socialist central-controlling federal government with plenary power), self reliant citizens (and not tax mules and entitlement dependents), and, voting for the good of the country (and not for the good of yourselves), and yet another thing to financially destroy the country through 100 of years of deficit fiat paper money spending to enshrine totalitarian socialism in the US, BUT IT IS COMPLETELY a different thing to sell off the US gold reserve which is the ONLY LAST DITCH DEFENSE to total anarchy in the country where when there is no money tender at all, that people can use, the only markets left will be exchanged through guns, knives, and mob bosses, where the medium of exchange becomes guns, extortion, bombs, robbery, drugs and ho's.  

The US is entering its darkest hours, where the pandering of the totalitarian socialist now proposes selling off the last of the US gold reserves, which must be kept AT ALL COSTS, in order to maintain a backup ability to revert to the gold standard, as the fiat paper money regime implodes, so that a medium of exchange, trusted by all, can be used between people, in a controlled manner in the markets.

The US gold reserves are 2/3 gone, and this is kept secret by the US government, as no audit of the gold reserves will be had, for if the truth of the encumbrances of the US treasure is known by the people, rebellion against the totalitarian fascists in control of DC would erupt immediately, nationwide. Give it up Dr. Ron Paul. Give it up GATA, your righteous cries for a simple gold audit wont be had by the US government any time soon. But this selling, leasing, swapping, and fraudulent double accounting trickery Aint enough for these TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC FASCISTS in control of the DC, now they want to sell the last 1/3 of our gold treasure completely, while putting the country in state of a financial implosion, without a back up plan, a last ditch defense to TOTAL ANARCHY nationwide. GOD HELP US ALL

Short Sells and Naked Short Sells

SHARES are used for allowing the formation of capital with limited shareholder liabilities so that corporations can be formed and expand business. The purpose of shares are 1) shareholder immunity from risk, 2) formation of capital, and 3) to expand business. One can buy and sell shares, and the price of the shares comes from that buying and selling shares. Puts and Calls can be used in shares for hedging.

There is ABSOLUTELY no justification for short sells or naked short sells, as both are inherently fraudulent, selling something you dont own. short sells and naked short sell serve TO DESTROY market value and corporations' ability to fund operation, completely INCONSISTENT with the whole reason for having shares in the first place. The only justification, is freedom on contract, and that includes OTC derivatives, but freedom of contract is limited in scope, just as voiding contracts for murder. The use of short sells and naked short selling SHOULD BE OUTLAWED as contrary to public policy and the rationale for shares in the first place. There remains plenty of tools necessary for those who wish to invest in the growth of corporations, the goal of shares. Some may like them, use them successfully, and I am sure are useful tools, but the tempetation to use concentrated short selling to destroy corporations for personal greed is just to high, in my view. Commodities futures are another story. Here, short selling is necessary. Naked short selling is NOT.

I proposed that re futures, transparency laws should be enacted such that over a percentage of all shorts outstanding, say 5%, the entity must disclose its concentrated short position, JUST LIKE IN SHARES, and that may be enough to curb criminal prima-facie manipulative short concentration in the commodity futures.

Our Manipulated Markets

Lets all be very honest with each other, and discuss shares and commodities futures. The SEC is just now catching allot of heat, and rightfully so, as I see it, as I sense there is much trouble in the financial world in which big players play. As a true American, proud of the USA, seeking to maintain strong and viable markets, manipulation must be rooted out. After 35 years of Engineering, Law, and Financial employments, training, observations, and study, I would like to propose again something that I did some time ago, to the SEC. DO NOT ALLOW ANY SHORT SALES, and especially NAKED SHORT SALES of shares. Make the rule simple.

Share puts and calls are acceptable derivatives, along with the owning of shares. Short sales where shares are borrowed and sold, and, naked short sales where no shares are borrowed, but only a financial transaction is entered, both inherently fraudulent by their nature, in selling something one does not own outright, and this provides the big money players with the opportunity to cheat, destroy, and manipulate in the equity markets. The SEC should change the rules, an outlaw short selling, and keep it simple. Those who believe a stock is going down, can simply sale their shares, that is sell their own shares. When many so think so, the share price goes down, based upon a lack of buying interest. One does not need shorting means for pounding down share prices, if the company is unproductive, as simply selling owned shares in the face of a lack of buying shares will slowly move the price down. This is the market correction necessary.

Those who want protection on the down side, can buy puts. There is no need for short sells or naked short selling, none whatsoever. Puts are the way to engage and hedge the market on the down side. No one needs to make profits by short selling. Lets all make money building up companies, rather than making money destroying companies. We don’t need shorts sells, in any market, for the vast majority of Americans who buy shares and hold long as investments for retirements and savings. Nor should these buying Americans be faced with the unlawful criminally and destructive forces of manipulatory short sellers.

In so doing, eliminating short selling completely, you eliminate the ability of massive short manipulations, which is contrary to the whole purpose of investing by nearly all investing Americans, yet, retains correction forces by selling owned shares sold, and makes the market truly fair for every American, regardless of financial size. Everyone is on a level playing field. The short selling only really gives the big players means for manipulating markets for profits by destroying companies' capitalization, to the disadvantage of the vast majority of common share holders.

Removing short selling also reduces volatility and calms markets for increased participation by all. There is absolutely no justification whatsoever, to allow short selling or naked shorting. NONE WHATSOEVER. Freedom of contract should be respected, but contracts to murder companies and their investors, based upon inherently fraudulent practices, should not be enforceable or even allowed. Do this one thing, and stocks will be much more favored by all Americans, all will be fair, regardless of income or purse size, and it retains fairness, and will substantially reduce fraud and manipulations in the markets. Do it, do it now, and get it done! In so doing, the SEC may just ignite the greatest bull run in US stocks this country has ever seen, immediately increasing the net worth of corporations and citizens. The FED wants to bail out the banks in socialism. That is not necessary. Stop short selling is the FED's solution, right here, and right now. Why not simply try some good old honest and fair market capitalism?

Why borrow and give others chances to keep secret their schemes to make money destroying a company's capitalization, when the seller has no interest is seeing the company thrive? We share investors and the law are here to build corporations, to build value, wealth, jobs, money, and net worth in them. The purpose of shares is to promote corporations, hence, the limited liability to shareholders, the fundamental reason for shares in the first place, so that, capital can be risked without personal liabilities, to start and build and expand businesses. The purpose of shares is to promote business, not destroy it. The selling of borrowed shares is pre se fraud. Selling of borrowed shares destroys capitalization. The use to shares by short selling to fraudulently destroy corporations, is inherently contrary to the purpose of having shares in the first place, to commit fraudulent crime upon the investing public, and thereby give rise to potential manipulation of share prices, another big no no in share law. The SEC should ban all short selling and naked short selling. There is simply no reason for either of them, other than the principal of freedom of contract, but freedom of contract never extends to fraud or crimes, or actions against public policy, which is the need to raise capital to support the creation of corporations, just like free speech does not reach obscene speech.

There is another very important sector that involves short selling, and that is commodities, but there, the share price of a miner is the not primary basis of consideration, but rather, the price of the commodity and the lawful and necessary ability of producers, bankers, and speculators to bring product to market in a way that enables all three to hedge, for many very good reasons. Lets consider the gold and silver markets, which have been the subject of a decade long running battle between the gold and silver bugs and the SEC, over perceived manipulation and inaction, respectively.

A producer may forward sell its production to lock in prices to ensure continued future operation at a profit, a worthy goal and purpose. A consuming buyer will buy their forward production to lock in prices to ensure continued future operation at a profit, a worthy goal and purpose. An intermediary Banker facilitates the futures, and buys from the producer and sells the same on the exchanges with a small spread for profit, by buying long the forward production from the producer and selling short that production on an exchange that a consumer can then engage and buy long forward production to ensure a source of supply. That is the basic future system. Its works, and is of great commercial value in the world of commodities. A producer will sell short, a bullion banker buy long and then sell short with a spread for profit, and the consumer can then buy long.  

In comes the speculators, who are neither producers or consumers, but futures exchange players who seek to hedge other positions or simply to make profits, mostly on price momentum, and therein lies the potential problems of concentrated manipulation so often complained of by the bugs to the SEC.

In comes the major miners, the top tier of the producers having a ready cash flow and providing vast production supplies. Other miners may not have such large cash flows. Some miners, particularly explorers, and junior producers will sell equity and sell forward futures production to raise capital to put a mine in production, and will sell their expected forward production to the bullion banks to accomplish the same. This is a very valuable financial accommodation to get mine projects built and in production. The problem arises, however, when a major miner, having a ready cash flow, and hence a good share price, does not sale equity to expand, but rather sells short their forward production, because, when any production is sold it is a short sale and it necessarily suppresses prices, contrary to the major's obligations to shareholders to maximize profits, and such suppression will also hurt other miners, because of a lower commodity price, and if weaken sufficient, the major, in an anti-competitive move, will forward sell, that is hedge their future production, to drop the price of the mine output supply, to weaken competitors, and with the Major now with lots of selling cash, will buy up mine competitors, in a predatory method to monopolize production supplies and a market. Barrack gold, for example, the largest miner, is suspect number 1. There is no legitimate reason for a Major to have a "hedge book", that is, a forward selling position, because, their large size can manipulate markets and facilitate monopolization.

In the current gold and silver bull run, expected to last at least another 15 years due to past price suppression and low mine output, a hedge book, that is, a position of sold future production, will begin to cause unrealized profits as the price increases, with the forward sells locked into a contract fixed price. This is why majors have been reducing, that is, "dehedging", their hedge book, that is, their forward sold production, buying back their sold forward productions, to gain more profits in a rising price bull market. It is alleged that the BARRACK GOLD hedge book has enable it to monopolisticly acquire competitors on the cheap as an anti-trust predatory thug, and has one billion dollars of unrealized lost profits. That may seem fine to BARRACK, in the long run, with their competitors having been already bought out on the cheap, in a rising price bull market.

In comes the conspiratorialists, who claim that the government in collusion with bullion bankers and major miner hedgers, is facilitating the anticapitalistic, interventional, secretive, and regular suppression of the gold and silver prices through the use of concentrated futures short positions and international gold agreements, such as the WAG2 agreement of EU bankers to limit sells of gold, which is by definition, is a GOLD CARTEL.

GATA, the Gold anti-trust action committee, for example, claims that the US government and other EU banks, holding vast hoards of bank gold are not only selling their gold, but also surreptitiously leasing, swapping, and loaning central bank gold to the bullion banks for shorting on the exchanges to suppress the price of gold on the exchanges. GATA claims that the US holds 1/2 of the gold it actually reports it has. As gold and silver are barometers of financial health, an leading inflation indicator, and an alternative store of wealth from the dollar, the government, with its so called strong dollar policy, is alleged to regularly intervene, to suppress the price of gold. GATA claims that such selling and surreptitious disposition of bank gold, is inherently anti-competitive and anti-capitalistic, whereas others mainstream analysts look at it as sound government management, the difference really being merely the choice of words used. Regardless of intent, motive, and illegality, until the US government conduct a lawful and open audit of the nation's gold reserves, any reasonable person should conclude that GATA is right.

Hence, the alleged collusion and conspiracy, that is THE GOLD CARTEL, is a combination of international governments, major miners, and bullion bankers, all acting for various purposes to effectively suppress the price of gold and silver. Currently, there is a massive concentrated short position on the comex, where gold and silver future production has already been sold, and the price has, thereby, necessarily, been suppressed. The futures price is not a result of so-called "price discovery", but rather a "paper price" of gold and silver determined by manipulators. For example, to actually buy a 1 oz silver coin in hand, at your local coin dealer, you have to pay a huge dealer premium. For a 1 ounce silver US eagle, the premium is 5$ over the "spot" futures' paper price, for the physical price. Hence, the futures paper price is a manipulated unreal paper price, whereas the physical prices are the real prices, that are, what a willing buyer would pay and seller would take for actual in hand possession. The greater the premium over the futures spot paper price, the more is the affect of the collusive price suppression by the CARTEL. The difference between the paper prices and the physical prices is screaming unfair manipulation to anyone who is willing to hear the hue and cry.

Normally, manipulative price suppression would be illegal, but the governments, and their agent bullion banks, and their agent major minors, get a pass, as the king can do no wrong, under governmental immunity, with the purported objective of the strong dollar policy. The government wont admit this direct intervention, but manipulative intervention it is, regardless of being illegal or not. Such is the real world in which the bugs live, and must endure the farcical nature of the government's strong dollar policy and the suppression of bullion prices.

The problem, of course, lies in an attempt to determine what is criminal manipulation and what is a legitimate purpose, a problem perplexing the SEC and enforcement of anti-manipulation laws. The SEC is not going to go after the US government and its gold suppression practices, and, its strong dollar policy. That aint going happen! The gold bugs' complaints in large measure get ignored.  

However, there are now just a few (2-8) majors banks with an outrageously large concentrated short position on the futures exchanges, the calling card of the commodities manipulators, to which the SEC has heretofore turned, intentionally so, a blind eye, mostly due to the problem of actually determining proper hedging and short selling, for legitimate purposes, and those for manipulative purposes, in view of government complicity and inherent immunity. As such, the commodities exchanges are the wild west, anything goes, criminality, suppression, momentum speculation, and legitimate hedge long selling and dehedging short selling. It’s a raucous market for sure with high volatility. The momentum players drive prices high and low, and the very big manipulators can trip stops to the ruin the small guys, over night. Also, the world is globalized, and hence US laws may not be effective in the global context. So, what should or could the SEC do, if anything? They have a very subtle, difficult and expansive job for sure, and we should respect their best efforts, and wish them luck.

It seems that very simple commodities futures rules could be enacted to cure the perceived problem of bullion manipulation. One could start with some known parameters, from which to devise a scheme, a set of simple rules defined by these parameters to control the futures markets, to level the playing field, to prevent excessive speculation and manipulation. These parameters could include: 1) the amount of short/long futures positions on an exchange; 2) the amount of gold/silver stored in the exchange warehouses; 3) the amount of last year's miner production, and 4) the amount of short/long position by any one entity, for examples. A rule could be that the amount of short/long positions can not exceed the amount in warehouses, but this would be too restrictive. A rule could be that the amount of short/long positions can not exceed the amount of last year's production.

A better rule could be that no entity can lawfully have an interest in short/long positions on any one futures exchange in excess of a percentage, say 5%, of the total number of contracts, without full disclosure, just like with shares. This disclosure requirement, to provide transparency for those few major manipulating players may just be enough to prevent manipulation, yet, allow a free market. Simple rules could be fashioned.

Currently, there is a massive concentrated short position on the comex, which is prima facie manipulation, but that is it, its only prima facie, giving rise to cries of manipulatory conspiracy and SEC inaction. The problems with articulating nonrestrictive regulations is problematic as there are many variables in play. The SEC, to properly clean up the manipulation, on the exchanges, has allot work ahead of it.

The potential evils of momentum and manipulatory short and long positions in both shares and commodities futures is real and great, but involves the same acts that are lawful for one purpose but unlawful for another purpose. The SEC, to formulate suitable regulations to control the unlawful manipulations in shares and commodities is immense to properly clean up our manipulated markets.  


The tea party only address half the turth, and here is why. "The democrats are a basket case, the republicans in support, learning to weave, slow but sure" So the socialist BHO gets the nod, in the quad-year regular YO YO game, as the Americans bounce themselves, between DEMS and DEM-LIGHTS, essentially of the same in kind, each time desperately trying to find an alternative to the MESS that is the Federal Government, and the bankruptcies of the many states, but never never finding the promised land. Its pathetic actually, and I feel so sorry for the country in many ways, how the political pandering goes on and on, duping the folks with the mantra and anti mantra rhetoric. It’s keeps the pundits employed, that's for sure, with a never ending story, of left v right, of BANG POW SOCK joy, of democrats in control, and then republicans in control, to go full circle, of the two parties dance, of the Blue Damn-You or the Red-Thorned Rose of Texas, in mutual hate and mud throwing, now an American tradition. Its certainly is entertaining, to one outside the box, as Mr.O does his no spin, and Glenn Beck does get close to reality, as the folks are danced around and around, in the vortex of political stagnation and endless dissension. But I ask, that the Americans GET REAL for once. And look at the big picture, totally.

The current tax regime is certainly an abomination. It drove one man yesterday to lose all hope, as he slammed his airplane into an IRS building, in his last great act of defiance and rebellion. A noble purpose, though, the lost of life is a tragedy. Domestic Terrorism comes from within, out of desperation. Personally, I am not so dramatic, I simply quit working for income, no longer willing to support the government through IRS income taxes. It is a form of protest, yet not so deadly, as long as the family don’t starve to death, as the wife recently applied for an IRS auditing job, the only jobs now available in the land of socialism, yet the same kind of act, an act of desperation that has a serious and very noble purpose to it all.

So the Tea Partiers do their thing, trying to roll back the tax rate, and they should be applauded for their efforts, just like children should be praised, when building elaborate sand castles at the beach, in advance of the high tides, a mere moment in time.

The Federal Reserve Note, (FRN) is called a dollar, to con the public of course, but is a private bank note, which bank has executives and has shares owned by member banks, and hence, private banks control the nation money supply, lending to other banks, and the government, as these banksters suck up their bonuses, and rob the folks in perpetuity.

The FRN notes is a note from the Federal Reserve Bank, that private bank. The FRN (aka fiat dollar), is not a constitutional silver dollar. The FRN has absolutely no intrinsic value, as it is a mere script of paper, suitable only for burning to keep the family warm in cold nights, ala General Sherman burning of Confederate Script during his march to the sea on cold nights of the 19th century, or Frau Gerta burning Weimark Republic notes of the 20th century. There is no difference, the fiat dollar is mere script, ink on paper, so don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise.

The Fiat Dollar does have inherent worth. It can be used to buy bread at the local store. But I ask you all one simple question? How possibility can a mere inked piece of paper, have value commanding the purchase of real goods and services. Please kindly think about that. Please I beg you. Take that 100$ FRN into a bank, and tell you them, this is promissory note, I wish to redeem it now. And do know what you will get? Five 20$ notes. Get my drift?

The inherent value of the FRN comes from two sources, the first of which is the threat of imprisonment if you do not pay your IRS taxes in FRNs, and, the second of which is the CON of Management of Perspective Economics. 


Lets suppose a farmer in Iowa grows some corn. And with that corn, the farmer exchanges that corn for tractor to grow more corn. IRS will immediately pounce, and state that that tractor has a fair-market-value (FMV) of FRNs, and the IRS will tax, say 35% of that FMV, and demand that that 35% FMV be paid to the IRS in FRNs.

And now, there is a choice, the farmer can go jail for tax evasion, or, he can sell more of the fruits of his labor, his corn, to raise the tax money in FRNs to pay the IRS thugs, and avoid going to jail. When he decides that paying taxes is better than jail, he sells his corn, to BUY FRNs on the open market, and then turns those FRNs over to the IRS thugs, and hence, he created a DEMAND for those FRNs, under threat of imprisonment by the US Government, and thereby gives the FRN inherent value based upon threat of imprisonment. Aint that sweet? The Government enslaves the working folks as IRS mules, and make no mistake about that.

 MOPE, Management of Perspective Economics.

I my view, MOPE is based upon,

All of which serve to suck Middle America dry, so as to enrich the banksters and enslaved the lower classes into perpetual indignities of government dependency, ala Tocqueville 1835, in a totalitarian fascist state of enslaved dependents, as the compliment to enslaving the working class as IRS mules, and hence, TOTAL CONTROL and total totalitarian fascist control of all the folks, except the very wealthy, a core component of which are vampire banksters.

1) The Big Lies

There are two primary aspects to THE BIG LIES.

A primary one of which are actual lies, where the government constantly readjusts the reporting parameters so as to report that the economy or the dollar is just fine, when they are clearly not fine. Shadowstats, for example, keeps track of real numbers based upon criteria of computation used by government decades ago, for real comparison. For example, 1980's unemployment rate of 10% using formula A, would translate into an unemployment rate of 30% today, but by using adjustments, formula B, the government reports that a 10% unemployment rate is had. 10% LOOKS allot better than 30%, but the modern computation is effectively A LIE when compared to yesteryears.

A secondary one of which is the dummy down of America through the constant spin of how well things are. Strong Dollar (of script?), Strong Economy (of diminished manufacturing base). When have you heard that the dollar inherently weak from the federal government, or that we really have lost most of our manufacturing capability? The government talks of a STRONG DOLLAR, yet their entire machinery has been geared to weaken the dollar, through the printing press, a means of reinflating, and through inflation, have robbed Americans since 1913, where the FRN is now only 2% of its original silver-based value. Had you save that FRN in your mattress, you lost 98ct on your dollar, but ITS STRONG according to the government. Just yesterday, we were told by the media, that the IMF would sell 191 tons of gold into the market, and bullion prices went down a tad, and dollar went up a tad, THE STRONG DOLLAR POLICY, you know, but trust me, the IMF sells would be to a central bank, and will cause bullion prices to substantially rise over the longer term, as the central banks globally have turned into recently bullion accumulators will buy more gold, including every single once the IMF ponies up, and that gold will not see the open market.

The Government Lies (fudges the numbers and pretends to extend) the Americans' belief in sound economics of the Government. It is farcical falsehoods in large measure, a constant fraud in process.

2) Market Rigging

Open Market interventions, Repros, interest rate adjustments, among many tools, are used, as the government is active all the time, giving ques to the banksters and hedge funds mob bosses to buy buy buy, when the market is low low low, to prevent necessary corrections in market values, inducing moral hazards, which markets now no longer serve as true indicators. Consequently, volatility reigns, as investors switch to being speculators, using technical charts, rather than fundamentals, to preserve what wealth they have, trying to maximize profits on government directives using computer buy/sell algorithms. Habitual Government interventions and bankster manipulation of markets have destroyed long term investment modes reducing Wall Street to a Nevada Casino, where the big funds and banksters constantly pick the pockets of the dummy investors, through manipulative controls and actions, a constant crime in progress.

3) Bullion Suppression

The FRN is measured by a standard to other fiat currencies, as shown by the DOLLAR INDEX which relates the FRN dollar to a basket of other currencies. However, there is a global political race to maintain respective manufacturing employment, so nearly all western central banks are trying their best to actually devalue their currencies, relatively, to preserve internation sales of domestic good internationally, and hence, there is a global race to the bottom of zero value of fiat money, the beginning of a total global fiat money collapse. The FRN dollar's "inherent strength" can not be measured by the dollar index as that index only indicates is relative strength to other fiat currencies, all of which are being devalued. Of course, the governments, banksters, and hedge fund mob bosses intervene, raid, short, long, inter alia, the currencies markets for various purposes, turning the fiat money game into a global casino, again, sucking wealth from the indigenous holders, the folks, of those fiat moneys. Its racket for sure.

But, there must be some other standard by which these fiat currencies can be measured in order to determine their true "inherent worth", and there is, GOD's money, gold and silver. To understand the true value of the fiat money, one need only look at the prices of bullion across the major currencies, and one will see that ALL FIAT MONEY is being quickly devalued, across the board, relative to this unquestionable standard of store of wealth. Gold is the ultimate store of wealth, whereas silver is the ultimate street currency. Gold and Silver have always been the ultimate debt extinguishers throughout mankind's history, and we hold that truth to be self evident.

In order to preserve, that is, the BIG LIE about, the value of the fiat money, the governmental central banks enable bear short raids on the value of bullion, yet, mind you all, they have turn NET BUYERS OF BULLION. Do you sense the fraud? Let me explain further. The central banks are now BUYING GOLD, yet, actions are taken to suppress the price of gold, such has the hookie-pookie IMF con of yesterday. The government try to suppress the price of gold, to not scare the sheeple on one hand of their abuses, and to maintain an illusion of sound fiat money. The central banks have surreptitiously sold, leased, and swapped central bank bullion for many years, to suppress the price of bullion to maintain the farcical illusion of strong fiat global money.

In order to preserve the value of fiat money, the government turns a blind eye to manipulative market rigging of the bullion prices. For example, JPManipulator holds an obscene short position in silver, and controls 25% of the silver market, with gold a very close second, without the real stuff in possession nor with the capability to buy such, as their position is so large it would take a year of global mine production. Naked short sells is the tool of choice. Average Joe comes into the futures and buys some gold, in fear that his fiat money is losing value, and the price get bid up. JPManipulator comes in, and start selling short, mere pieces of paper, not the real thing, and drives the price down, tripping stops, margin calls, and wipes out Average Joe, time and time again, and then covers, as the COT cycles with each bear raid, as JPManipulator cover those shorts, and pockets the profits, sucking Average Joe dry to the bone. Sure it’s a crime in habitual progress, but, in affect suppressing bullion prices, and thereby giving the illusion of increased inherent value of the FRN, and so, the government gives JPManipulator a pass to commit crimes of commodities manipulation on the COMEX exchange, though, this practice is on a global scale and across the entire commodities complex, as the CFTC for years, simply looks the other way, in an implicit conspiracy, as the Attorney General and Judge Advocate General do nothing to stop the crime and the rape of Average Joe, apparently for the good of the country, to keep the minions enslaved as IRS mules or dependents.

So, that is it in a nut shell, the American way. So having now a basic understanding of the FRN, The Big Lies, the Market Rigging, and Bullion Suppression, lets get back to sipping tea at the tea party, another farcical joke played upon the American people, as they have no clue.

Ms Palin is a wonderful gal. She truly is. She put me on the floor as few days back, as I always enjoy a good laugh, with her "hope-y change-y" remark. You just got to love her with that in-your-face call out of that socialist in control.

Lets all now be reminded that republicans and democrats have run huge deficits over decades. Clinton era brief period of surplus was in large measure a consequence of Reagan's tax cuts, but, by and large, if there is any surplus, you can bet your bottom dollar, and it will be, that the government through pandering, will find a voter approved way of spending that money, to maintain the folks as enslaved IRS mules or dependents, ala Toucqueville 1835.

The Republicans may very well get swept into office and back in control, and tea partiers may very well get a modest decrease in taxes upon them, which is kind of like a 35 year prison term, getting out 6 month early for good behavior. But the federal apparatus is so monstrous in size, relative to the economy, that deficits are politically embedded with the folks now having cemented expectations of entitlements, and as night follows day, deficits will reign, further devaluing the FRN, further robbing the folks, in perpetuity. So ask I you, what did you really gain? Nothing as far as I can tell. They, the government spenders, will get you IRS mules, one way or the other, be it by taxes or inflation, and its make absolutely no difference if your taxes are modestly reduced or not. Milk and surgar may make the tea taste better, but its still tea.

My friends, I have vision of dismantling 80% for the federal complex, consistent with founding principles of limit government, and real money to stop abuses, to free the people from the enslavement to government. I know that if it is not me, it will be someone, proposing the same, in the not to distance future, as calamity strikes hard, from the pandering abuses of the Rep&Dem politicians, when all hope is lost, and from the ashes, a rebirth of our great country, back to REAL MONEY and LIMITED GOVERNMENT.
I am running for the presidency.

Hedge Fund Momentum Players are Mob Bosses

The GOLD CARTEL and their allied silver price managers have really kicked the PM sector, time and time again, and at times have their way with things, driving down bullion prices to give the appearance of strong fiat paper money, the illusion persists. And yet again, as now, the GOLD CARTEL attempts to cap the rate of increases in bullion prices so as not to scare the sheeple and to pretend that all is fine with fiat paper money, perfected through their surreptitious bullion bank gold sales, swaps, loans for short selling, with their manipulative concentrated short futures positions, and with their naked short share selling. Sure, its unfair, its un-American, its anti-competitive, and it is inherently duplicitous. But that is not the point, we have accepted it as the status quo.

Any of you gold bugs mad? Any of you silver bugs upset? Come on, do tell us all how really mad you are. Are you hot as hell? Are you willing to grab a gun, and go hunting for the perpetrators, and defend your rights in the AMERICAN TRADITION? Well, 90 millions of us Americans have guns, yet not a shot has been fired in anger against the perpetrators of the gold suppression scheme, destroying our REAL CONSTITUTIONAL MONEY. Where are the good old vigilantes when you really need them? Well you gold bugs, may be upset, and may be armed, but I don’t think any of you have the guts to show your disgust through targeted violence against the GOLD CARTEL for their market manipulation. Most bugs, just kick it, and hope Midas, GATA, et al, will win the day to defeat the GOLD CARTEL with mere words. Sticks and stones, they say in reply. I call all that being really a bunch of gold pussies, relying on others to correct the wrong. And you bugs, you all can count me in on that characterization, as I will not, under any circumstance, encourage or call for out right REVOLT or REBELLION against any government or their enablers, or any of the banksters, who really should be hung high in the public square. Nope, not for mere money or profits will I call for armed riots, revolt, or rebellion of any kind. The GOLD CAREL, the OIL CARTEL, the SILVER PRICE MANAGERS, they all do it, manipulate markets, and yeah, we know all about that, and we just live with it, don’t we? Well all markets are not managed. There is no longer capitalistic price discovery. The totalitarians are in control and control they do, to MOPE (management of prospective economics) the people into believing what ever the the totalitarians want the people to believe, perceived recoveries, market strengths, and false flag military provocations are typical ploys. 

Today there is a new critical action on the commodities scene that is deadly serious, and must be taken very seriously, and must be resolved without any further delay, like right now! There is a new group of monsters on the manipulation scene, but this lot has a very different agenda, they want to hedge fund food prices into the stratosphere to make riches, not based upon supply and demand, but merely upon hedge fund made price momentum, and in so doing, starve people to death, while riches are made. Ain't that nice. The villainy of the Gold Cartel gold price suppression pales in comparison to those who would seek to profit through the starving of fellow human beings. It cant get any sicker than that as a way to make a buck. But one thing is sure, you starve me or my family, and I would be locked and loaded at the nearest food store in a single stomach growl.

What is the result of food price speculation? Well, Haiti is up in flames, riots are breaking out in Bangladesh, rice producers around the world are now hoarding food stocks, and more people than normal are starving and will increasingly starve, to death. The black flag of the hedge fund managers indicates that they will take no prisoners, its all about profits. This is not some white collar crime, but mass murder on a global scale giving rise to a global militancy that will have more of an affect on the price of gold than a 1000 GATA conferences. These starving people are not like us Americans, who just sit back and take it, as those being starved really have no other choice but to revolt. Starvation is a tremendous motivator, even to violence, if necessary, and if these world food prices don’t come down, come down big, and soon, the starving masses may just do the deed for us gold bugs.

Oil is going up, as are base metals, and as are food stores. But, you cant eat oil, nor base metals, nor bullion for that matter, but you must eat food to survive. This global food crises, while pathetically hurting the most vulnerable, will be a god-send to us gold and silver bugs and real money believers. It may just be that catalyst that returns the world to real money ahead of schedule. There is NO STOPPING the ramp up in food prices, as food prices will follow the oil price hikes, and commodities in general, and will run wild, especially now with the dog-pile mentality of the hedge fund momentum players on the heels of massive liquidity pumping over the last year, that takes time to affect increased inflationary expectations. The stage for a global disaster could not have been set up more perfectly, by the banksters, manipulators, and momentum players. With the late 07 and early 08 pumping of mass liquidity into the economies around the world, food price hikes have just begun in earnest. The resulting food hoarding is going to get really nasty and really fast around the world. Food prices are high, going much higher, and the world will be thrown, very shortly, into massive global riots, revolts, and rebellions, unless, of course, the world governments act, act seamlessly, collectively, and cohesively, and quickly. Time is of the essence. But how will they act together?

The concentrated COT interest is the easiest target for governments, to perfect a sudden change in speculative prices. It all depends on the motivation to act, and riots, revolts and rebellions tend to get the attention of office holders to move them off their collective butts and do something to fix it. With food prices soaring, with riots now, and revolts just around the corner, governments may act to intervene, and limit futures speculation. Long and short future positions may be limited in quantity per entity, to stop the surging speculative price action in food stores. But this measure should not be specifically targeted to only food stores, as there are laws against commercial discrimination, targeting one group but not another. GATA should remain circumspect and vigilant to point out any unfair discrimination across the entire commodities futures markets. The UN and member countries have a vast array of interests, and any global solution would not be only food specific targeting, as all commodities would be up for censure. Hence, any solution would be UN based and comprehensive across the commodities complex. If you seek to curb long and short speculation and concentrated positions, under the US Constitution, if that document has any more respect these days, the curb must be applied across the board to all commodities, and that includes oil, gas, coal, base metals, food stuff, and of course, and here is the kicker, the precious metals complex.

Governments will have to act, and act fast now, to stem the rising food riots and pending revolts. The only quick fix is to limit futures trading, and that may mean limiting the number of futures contracts per entity, or something of that kind. If such futures curbs are put into place to stop the speculation in food store, the futures curbs should be lawfully applied across the board. As such, these global food riots will force immediate action by governments world wide, which will collectively act to curb futures speculations, which in turn will dismantle the obscene massive manipulative short positions in the precious metal complex, and KABOOOM, the Dollar Index to 0.25, the UN begins treaty talks on abolishing fiat money world wide, and the world sits on the edge of a conversion to a global real money economy. If that occurs, the Gold Cartel is doomed, the suppression game is up, the whole global fiat money complex collapses, and $5000/oz gold by November 08 will be a piece of cake, and then, returning the world markets to a real money gold and silver global economy, will be, as easy as pie.

As long as naked short sales (inherent fraud, selling something you dont even own) are allowed in commodities futures and short sales are allow in stocks (which destroys corporate capital using shares that are supposed to be used to build not destroy corporations), contrarty to the whole purpose futures markets and equity markets, hedge fund momentum mob boss players can make billions in bonuses manipulating and destroying markets, at the expense of the people, and it is obscene and inherently criminal theft and market destruction. And as predicted, controls were not placed upon bullion short sale manipulations, as the CFTC has a blind eye to criminal bullion manipulation. Why? Because suppressed bullion prices support the strong FIAT dollar policy and maintains power in the DC elitists.

Comex gold trading is a merely a paper game

Even as gold spot and futures prices surge globally and bullion analysts continue to predict that the yellow metal prices will zoom to astronomical levels ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, there is more opposition coming to the paper gold at Comex. Renowned global commodities investor and analyst Jim Rogers says gold trading at Comex, a division of Nymex, is a paper game and not a physical game. ”If you can take 50% of the gold away from the Comex then the price will be closer to what you are paying for physical today. If you take 50% of anything away, you know take 50% of IBM away the prices are going to go up,” said Rogers, a vocal critic of America and Britain, who left the United States to settle down Singapore.

"It should be obvious that these two very large banks could exert a disproportionate share of influence on the small silver futures market if they were so inclined. When just two traders are allowed by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to accumulate so massive a position that it constitutes an overwhelmingly large percentage of the action; when the authorities allow just two banks to literally dominate a market with the weight of their own trading, traders are left to speculate on what the largest traders are going to do instead of concentrating on the supply/demand fundamentals and legitimate price discovery. "

In an interview to Warren Bevan of Gold Seek, Rogers, author of such famous books like Hot Commodities and A Bull in China, who recently launched an agricultural commodities index focused on food consumption in China, said: “If somebody removes 50% of gold from the market, or 50% of anything from the market it’s going to have an effect on the price. A guy who does it, has his own situation. He’s got to come up with a place to store it, insure it and everything else. And if and when he comes back to the market he may have a huge problem because the market will be sitting there waiting for him. Again remove 50% of anything from any market, it has an effect. Burn down half the houses in Phoenix I assure you it would have an effect in the housing market in Phoenix.”

Rogers said that now many things have been used as money. Silver, copper, ivory, many, many, many things. “In fact silver has been used through history much more than gold as a monetary medium of exchange,” he said. Is silver being artificially held down? “No, I don’t buy that. I know the conspiracy theorists say that but if it were true over the past thirty years there would have to have been hundreds of thousands of people who would know about it and be part of the conspiracy,” said Rogers, who along with billionaire investor George Soros founded the successful Quantum Fund. It is not just Rogers alone who is upset at the way Comex gold is going. Bevan points out that there is something going on in gold. “The Comex stocks have hardly changed since December and demand and deliveries have been substantial. Also the ETF’s have added over $3 billion just this January. I don’t know where they get their gold but certainly not the Comex.” Now, do you know that some large American banks are dominating the gold market in the world? Or some of the same banks that helped spawn the current global financial crisis, have the largest positioning in gold and silver futures at Comex, a division of Nymex? Here is an excerpt from an interesting story that Commodity Online carried sometime back:

”Noted gold market analyst Gene Arensberg, has reviewed the latest gold and silver market data from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission from a trading standpoint and observes that the largest traders are positioning themselves for a fall in gold but not so much for a fall in silver.

The very largest traders for gold and silver are, wouldn’t you know it, big U.S. banks. It looks like a few big banks, some of the same ones whose brilliant management helped spawn a global financial crisis, have the largest positioning in gold and silver futures. As of February 3, their positioning in gold and silver futures was big all right – big and short the market for gold, somewhat less short silver comparatively speaking. A short position means the trader profits if prices fall.

According to the monthly CFTC Bank Participation in Futures and Options Market report released Friday, February 6, two large reporting U.S. banks held zero long and 27,189 short futures positions in COMEX silver futures as of February 3. All commercial traders as a group held a net short silver position of 33,173 contracts that same day; so just two banks held 81.96% of all the COMEX commercial net short positioning for silver.

It should be obvious that these two very large banks could exert a disproportionate share of influence on the small silver futures market if they were so inclined. When just two traders are allowed by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to accumulate so massive a position that it constitutes an overwhelmingly large percentage of the action; when the authorities allow just two banks to literally dominate a market with the weight of their own trading, traders are left to speculate on what the largest traders are going to do instead of concentrating on the supply/demand fundamentals and legitimate price discovery.

Isn’t that the equivalent of subjects wondering what price the King will decree rather than citizens all haggling in their own self interest to determine a market price? Or, as one trader put it recently, is the COMEX silver market waiting on JP Morgan Chase to show its hand or make a move? The banks are corrupt operating on anti-trust action led by the FED bank with their continued INTERVENTIONS, and Ben will use ALL TOOLS AVAILABLE, (no matter how corrupt and socialistic they are, as the hedge fund mob bosses manipulate any market and particularly commodities, to support our voted-for godless decadent socialism in our TOTALITARIAN DEMOCRACY.  When you all finally get it, your minds are liberated, and you become self-reliant and brave to face down, the modern EVIL ENSLAVERS, that is the belt-way, that is the leg iron, that is the DC control over all our lives. Or maybe you just prefer your next unemployment compensation check. Best guess is that most could care less about freedom, just get that next hand out, and live happily in a national pig sty, with freedom abandoned. 

JPM GS Bullion Space Manipulation

Its now understand HOW JPM perfected the exit, and we always know the real reason WHY. The gig was up. Turd Ferguson in a first premium member podcast explains how JPM is exiting, but he does not explain why. To suggest that Aluminum warehouse Senate inquiry is the reason why BIG BAD JPM exited commodities, is a rather very poor reason as to WHY. There have been how many CFTC investigations on the manipulation of silver, that went no where. The CTFC is a government entity, and so is the Senate a government entity. One can not assume that they dont talk to each other. So what is the difference between the CFTC and the Senate, if both are unduly influences bound to go no where in stopping the crime of the century.

The gold heavies have been complaining about JPM and GS for at least a decade and there have been no movement. One could suggest that Andrew McGuire is finally having his way with Bart Chilton of the CFTC, but they would go before the same district court, already having shown its colors. Good luck with that, undue influence and corruption is centered in DC. JPM did not exit the commodity business because they have honor, and finally got religion. After flushing the speculators for years with monstrous naked shorts positions, there is only evil at JPM. One could suggest that JPM is leaving the bullion space in the commodities space, because the fractional reserve system was about to blow up. This does not follow as well. JPM could continue the same rigging of bullion prices on the long side if the fractional reserve system blow up. JPM being the quinessential evil greedster mob boss would natural want to make the loot and booties on the upside. The best guess is that JPM saw the light. They saw the writing alright, and got out of dodge.

Assuming JPM does exit the market, that would end a four year reign of terror. GS is till lurking and a member of the cartel. But lets assume GS has also timed it right, bullion price discovery and FRN blow out. That makes the Hedge Funds holding the bag, now MOPED and manipulated onto the short side. Bullion prices should explode to the updside, while the Hedge Funds unwind their MOPEd short positions. JPM will them for the final ride, to bail out of their shorts, but the Hedgies better get out quick, and that means, a huge squeeze in time as the bullion price rock to the upside trying to obtain price discovery.

GS could have another member of the Gold Cartel, willing to go short or long, but in a dominate way. Naked Short is the natural way as that supports the FRN and is supported by the FED and its leasing of the nation's gold treasure, now sold to China, treasonously by JPM. Maybe GS knows that the FED bullion lease game is up as well. I dont know, but it will be interesting to watch the fall out of the JPM exit.

Best guess is that the gig is really up. GS must know that eyes are now upon them, and now with the means to take them down if another mob boss comes to the plate. Thus, the likely case is the FRN blow up, and a Bullion Price Squeeze to the upside as that now seems the most logical next outcome at this stage. Can the Hedge Funds get out? Will there be blood in the street, or do Hedge Funds make the fast get away?. Or will they be saved at the last moment by a GS selected bullion bank greedster mob boss. Time will tell.

Well not so fast. On the heels of J.P. Morgan announcing its desire to exit the physical commodity business, they also clearly indicated they were staying in the gold and silver business.  From J.P. Morgan’s release:  “J.P. Morgan has also reaffirmed that it will remain fully committed to its traditional banking activities in the commodity markets, including financial derivatives and the vaulting and trading of precious metals.”

So, we look for an explosion in bullion prices to the upside, the hedge funds getting fried. JPM has gone long bullion after 4 years of past naked short manipulation flowing from ZIRP, Fed gold leases to bullion banks for relayed sales to China, treasonously, and with dominate short side COT. ZIRP is not changing, less the economy implodes. The FED gold leases works with JPM short. Manipulation works with dominate COT. So, even if bullion rises, look for a dominate COT player from the COT and bank participation for any clues for a dominate COT player emerging for criminal price manipulation, to the up side. Fed is going to be ticked if that happens. What does JPM care about the FED or the economy or the country, they just want all the money. 

The bullion banks are believed behind all the metal ETFs, to have ready secured stock piles for the manipulation game as desired, and that is, to use secured stock piles at the peoples expense, to be used against the people. Its like having your stock certificate with the broker, who can borrow them from you to short your stock position against you. Pick up freedom, buy bullion in hand. Take possession of your stock certificates. Buy miner shares, very cheap now, and own deep storage physical bullion, for the leveraged gain in the bullion space. All should protect themselves from the banksters, greedsters, and totalitarians, as best one can.

From what is understood, though it is an opaque market, JPM is long COT paper Gold, short COT paper Silver, is hoarding Gold, and is hoarding Silver. Hedge funds and small Speculators covered shorts, while the US Bullion Banks picked up shorts of Hedges Funds and Small Speculators. Thus, US Billion Banks are long gold, while Non US Bullion Banks are short gold, apparently the new target.

Hedge funds and small speculators are historically bulls, got caught on the wrong side of JPM, and quickly covered their shorts. The FED wants an orderly ascent, but disorderly descents are ok, both so as not to scare the people, so, accommodating JPM US bullion banks picked up the hedge funds and speculative shorts, thus accommodated the FED. Silver lags Gold in price movement, generally, and JPM is more interested in going COT long paper gold to catch the initial rise of the gold price, and can acquire long COT paper silver anytime, but silver physical is another story, so hoarding silver allows JPM to go short COT paper silver.

JPM is thus in position for profiting as the gold price launches first, with COT long in paper gold and hoarding gold physical bullion were possible, and is also hoarding Silver, thus hoarding the Precious Metals (PMs), but holding back on the COT long paper silver, just for now, as silver will lag gold at first, but just for a short time, but then outperform. 

So the play seems to be, to move the gold Comex paper price up, while getting support from the Hedge funds and speculators, for a big rise in Gold price, but eventually take delivery off the non-us bullion banks. At some time, as the gold price move is deemed real, JPM will go long COT paper Silver, and thus be on all fours, and powered by hedge funds, speculators, common Joe, all on the bandwagon, to take delivery of COT short gold positions of non-US bullion banks, the EU CB gold hoards, to repatriate FED leased gold, because China aint giving it back. Cyprus-like capital controls are coming to all of the EU. JPM may see weakness and may try get the FED leased gold back, but not from China, but from Non-US Bullion Banks of the EU.