Gold is the Common Denominator

Gold Retains its Value for 5000 Years

To arrive at a value determination of any asset, it is measured in terms of how many gold ounces equivalent, for in the end, gold has retained value for 5000 years and always will, which each coin representing labor, energy and time used to make that coin.  Debt based currencies can be monetarily inflated at will and present no reliable standard as to true value, hence the use of the FRN equivalent in terms of nominal value. Gold is money. Paper fiat debt-based irredeemable ponzi coupons, the FRN paper dollar, is a con used by banks and government to enslave, deficit spend, pander votes, transfer wealth, and other nefarious purposes. 

A 5th grader can understand it clearly, as a silver minted coin has one dollar embossed on it, and an FRN paper dollar has one dollar printed on it. Both are designated one dollar, but are not the same. Which one is the con? The constitution may provide the hint. Real money believers, gold bugs, that is, monetarists, believe in honest money having no counter party risk as one the 5 pillars of freedom, for example, from the FED printing presses. When you have a gold or silver coin in your pocket, you have real money, valued any where, with no counter party risk, making you economically free. 

Following the crystal ball Channeling Deep Fellow Travelers

Many claim they have no crystal ball, though with sureness spew prognostications, though you often wonder, but on face value, accepted as is, something about admissions against interests, and so the question is often asked, who is on the other side of that moving opaque sphere, which is inherently risen, when not having a crystal ball, when the bouncing ball is necessarily opaque, otherwise, game over, and so, nearly all must follow the bouncing ball, and ask again, who is on the other side, in view of those prognostications, and that teeth grinding and longing, to keep their eyes pinned to its highs and lows and points between, wondering out loud, who is on the other side of the trade, grinding away, but others may just be outside the permitted viewing box, accepting means, accepted styles, and speculate as to changing frequencies and compression rates, for any possible clues, of that often repeated longed-for phantom question, when repeatedly grinding, who is on the other side, when spherical frequency and compression might lead to clues unknown, just being helpful, apparently, the best way perceived possible, given the limitations, especially when dribbling one step behind, and out of view on the back page.

So being 1/2 way through KWNs Mcgunire's say so, it occurred that the price would disorderly snap back, curiously, he broke the bullion mega phone rule, by calling the snap back, within 2-3 days, but the real world word that caught attention, was the use of word "disorderly".  it been presumed that an underlying purpose of the FED was to prevent any disorderly ascent in the gold price so as not to scare the peeps, rendering the feel good and be happy crowd with a much comfort level, so as to continue, with the FRN QE program, until such expected growth materialize. This is a new angle. Mcquire, breaking the mold, and breaking expectations, the big MO, characterizes the predicted violent snap back as "disorderly".  Pondering is in order.
Stage 1, lift off, where stored bullion of the national treasure is used as ammo to short selling, a presumed word for rehypothecation, alla B Murphy, alla, ITS ALL GONE, per GATA, or most of it has been leased, loaned, swapped, sold into the market, despite the early stages of 1/n exponential raise from 2000 to 2008. Lehman Bro apparently stated that this approach is no longer successful, to keep the ascent orderly.

Stage 2, high speed velocity, where commercial hoards are used, and the debate rages, allocated, which can not longer be found, versus allocated court gestures, believing in the system, but they game MF Global, which discredited holding accounts in commercial entities, put an end to unallocated pretend, to keep the ascent orderly.

Stage 3, Escape velocity, where there is no physical, and Celente cries out, fool me once, and mass exits appears in the commercial space, but still just enough physical is still around, to keep the ascent orderly.

Stage 4, orbiters, where no physical remains, its empty space, extraterrestrial now in affect, for the reshuffling, as the market is now all paper, so the expert story goes, to smash the price down, which destroyed the leveraging to physical, the eastern boys out looking for the real stuff, as the market spot price comes cascading down, characterized as an act of desperation, to keep the ascent orderly.

so, now, on with the show, 1/2 done, where, apparently, Einstein believes for every action there is an opposite reaction, as the orbiter pilots only by thruster, the main engines having long ago, exhausted the solid rocket boosters, to keep the ascent orderly.
So, at this stage, old notions of an orderly ascent, are suspect, as gravity now grips, on auto pilot, where thrusters are to be exclusively used, and THE HELL WITH ORDERLY ASCENT. So, the question remains, how do, if required really, does the FED prevent a disorderly ascent, if even the thruster are without the real stuff, its ALL GONE, and thus, one might think, that planetary gravity, sling shots, and solar flairs and MOPE are the only energy supplies left ..... 2nd half should be fun,  OUT HERE IN OUTER SPACE, as old orderly beliefs get trashed in these days of "desperation".
on the back page, ducking mirv bombs and mushrooms, where you hear it last, dazed and confused, in summary, it is just one's bag, but its not for Gold and silver, a recent mine disaster proved that, but panning gold and silver using the old hosed-down slip and sly, and the huge profits booked on the current short side, and wet dreams on the long side and then the short side, also dazed and confused, the suckers, from them old nefarious big bad dogs who cant be taught new tricks, or so it seems, so, of course, its back to plan A, B, and or C, or is more simply, THE PLAN. Playing devils advocate, in naked short supply these days, with another winning hand again, with a winning hand perhaps, as the mental tug of war continues, trying separately to reconcile the expectant COT flipping, with the expectant moon shot, in the presence of FED control of presumed satanic rights, and control of QE, ZIRP and KAPLOP, with those rockets scientists being of little help with the cross-work puzzle, burning well after the highly prize ten count count-down, as Nedelin and Tanya self implode, in obvious internal combustion conflict.  

Rastanisie, McAlvany, and others are polished, on all fours, articulate, awed by many, with nice rationales, and suitable expectancies. What caught today the eye, was a recently formed down channels, panning for gold, with expected high and low points, based on the math guy, worshiped apparently by all, go OLE Fibonacci, setting the goals posts, here, and there, and everywhere, and you can pick anyone you really want, to form any channel you want, to score a touch down, without all that thrusting and decelerating, and blown smoke, just pick one, anyone will do, they are all up for grabs, in hindsight of course, cocsuredly, with all the told you so's, where the polished one hang their hats, and make billions off their supposed brilliance. But supposed anyone of them is good as gold, and bad guys know that perception all to well, a polished tool of the tools, or so it may seem.   

Surely, these notables have trade secrets, betting they also know photoshop, are very skilled, awed by many, making history, though you have to wonder if they are just tools, to the masterfully cover up by urban blithe the ultimate trade secret. So, in channeling deep, looking for the pot of gold, there appears to be the mythical nefarious grand contact, or conspiracy if you will, of righteous glorious honor between thieves, where the devil hoses old dogs on the slip and sly, until such time, Mr. Fix is in, and the depression scholar then does the Clente dance, with bank holidays, the dollar reboot, and expectant rebalancing, with Nedelin and Tanya saluting finally again. Wonderers really do wonder at times, eh?

I have the time so I will sing, as I'm just a man, but I will fan, hearing lost songs of lovers, and you fellow travelers. Leave me sad and hollow out of swords. It could happen to you so think for yourself. If I should stumble, Catch my fall. If you get the drift, or succumb to the eddies, either way, you will fit, as all others, in the vortex, along the continuum, of infinite infinitesimals.

Billy Idol Catch My Fall

Some are HFTs, tending to be right, for the sure bet, and some LFTs, tending to be left, for the sure thing, but nonetheless, human in kind, in greed, tending to be right, and in fear, tending to be left, approximately, but both summing to the whole, a necessary supposed evil, during the ascent of man, but, some have short time horizons, but it don’t make them blind, and, some have epoch time horizons, but it don’t make them seers, making, nonetheless strange bed fellows, fellow travelers, yeah. Some are here and now, and some there and then, and if they stumble, catch their fall. Some live for themselves, and some live for others, and if they should stumble, catch their fall. Some predict the near field and some predict the far field, and if they should stumble, catch their fall. Damn it, whatever what you are, catch their fall.

Man did I score, on the back page hiding from the rocket scientists, avoiding the slash and burn newk bombs, and frankly it gives much time, as a whole, to review the lift off, multistage burns, and sure touch downs, in one go. Simplicity, efficiency, and obscurity rules the roost, I tell you and what a site, to absorb all the differing fuels, enjoying all the entertainment and info rushes.

TF came to the same conclusion, at lift off, much such humanity out there, pressing red hot buttons of course, in an unselfish way, which then critically supports integrity, even if demonstrably colored by self-interests, duly noted, and so on with the many many burns,  which leads to inherent conflict by the newly concerned, first focusing on colored self interest, naturally so, but the general themes are there, stretched over time, apparently immune of yet another grand conspiracy, yet it aint, of a community filled with such, as often, common sense, is not often, at least not the first uninformed reaction, but nefarious conspiracies, as is the want of inherent doubting toms, hate mail, and such like, in the 1st order, and then education slowly proceeds to the 2nd order.

1) inherent integrity, only for the educated, my way or highway.
2) fight the fed, rule of green thumbs gone wild.
3) go all in, and dist that 10% advisory, of all those fools.
4) disorderly snap back, consequential orderly outcome, of course.
5) print paper, keeping totalitarian controls, longing for freedom.
6) keep stacking, divorce your trading bad self, and those profits.
7) focus on far field, not near field, blinded by the light.
8) get with the program, or asta al viesta baby, you are welcome.
9) short supplies, get em while ya can, from GLD and SLV, I guess.
o) crimex will blow cookies, surely knowing how to cook, the books.
1) fiat is dead, so go buy a big mac, and live your lives
2) the moon shoot, well not just yet, refueling in progress.
3) silly dopes, just getting moped, here is the hope.
4) pick up freedom now, as your LCS now sold out, so stand in line.
5) love nanny-granny, got one too, weaned off dog food, finally.

Which collectively is surely at first a tough collective nut to swallow, base upon years of the same old, same old, some old, yet there is gold in them there hills, disappointingly impatiently tolerated or slammed, for all its worth, by the front-line visible rocket scientists with newk mirv bombs, hurriedly counting regularly the last 10 count lift off, who can not see through the screeching, for simply what it is, the longed for understanding, if it don’t match their current far field enlightenment, yet they to, in their supreme order, the first, cant find out who is on the other side of the trades, as the rocket crashes from time to time in an endless struggle, as ha ha ha is frequently heard, rebutted only by, have a good weekend, on tax and crash weekend, of all things, aint that special, oh did I tell you, Cyprus is burning, during Friday theatrics.

Real Money Southern Rebellion

MT, CO, MO, IN, NH, GA, MD, OH States Seeking Protection from DC under 10th amendment rights to coinage and state sovereignty. 
Sound Money is what we need. I have thought long and hard about what the states should do, in response to being FIAT PAPERED TO DEATH by the FEDs, and have development a comprehensive minting strategy. Does anyone want a confidential explanation? I have developed a confidential sound money minting strategy, adoptable by the several states, in a universal standard way. I am looking for funding to start this mint so it can serve the states, as needed. Here is a collection of writings over the past 5 years, analyzing our world, our money, and our US Totalitarian Democracy. One man's opinion, of course, but, I could be right. (Like so far right, its reactionary in many ways, yet progressive in world relations) If anyone knows a publisher and ghost writer to put this collection into a book for profit, a good chunk of that would go to your favorite charity. I am looking for funding, and this might be a source, to start a Mint to put bullion in the hands of the folks in case the financial meltdown become catastrophic, to support the Real-Money bills and state minting in MT, IN, CO, NH and MO of late, to have ready cash real money in the hands of the folks to prevent possible (if not now probable) anarchy throughout our country.

The US Government has stuck us all with the fiat paper money of zero intrinsic value. In the event of economic collapse, now deemed possible, if not probably, or a collapse of the fiat paper money complex, Americans will need gold and silver, in hand, in quantity, as real money, for exchange, to prevent anarchy across our great country.

The Government seeks to make us use exclusively paper money, while over printing that money and destroying the paper money value, and does not actively seek to put gold and silver in the hands of folks, as a protection from any monetary or economic collapse. We THE PEOPLE are at the mercy of the fiat paper money printers, manipulators, and the DC controlling totalitarians.

Captains of finance and industry need to step up to protect the country and the people from our own government in the event of a monetary or economic collapse. The Utah mint is directed to serving that end, by providing gold and silver items to the folks, as real money, as a last ditch defense to potential anarchy in our streets and markets. Eight states are now in rebellion MT OH IN NH MO CO GA MD offering sound money bills to protect the individual states from the DC printing presses. The Utah mint has developed a minting strategy to universally serve the needs of the states. Communications between the Utah Mint and the states have been opened. Utah mint needs funding to start private operations and to demonstrate the universal minting strategy to the several states seeking protection from the DC totalitarians. Are there any true American patriots of means who will help the Utah Mint protect our great country from the abuses of DC's fiat money printing presses and to protect our great country from possible anarchy?

South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency. South Carolina Rep. Mike Pitts has introduced legislation that would mandate that gold and silver coins replace federal currency as legal tender in his state.  Slow but sure, states rights are surfacing to overthrow the money changers in DC.  MT, CO, MO, IN, NH, GA, MD, OH , UT and now SC have joined the rebellion. 
(States Seeking Protection from DC under 10th amendment rights to coinage and state sovereignty)

And now, Texas is threatening to succeed from the Union because the FED will not retun to Texas its gold hoard back.   


The Bonnie Blue Flag Gods and Generals


As expected, the IMF gold will be bought by governments: China To Purchase Half of IMF’s Gold 25.02.2010. China has confirmed the intention to purchase 191.3 tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund at an open auction, Finmarket news agency said. World central banks started to increase their gold reserves after prices on gold began to climb in 2001. The IMF sells gold within the scope of a program to diversify sources of income and achieve an increase in lending. The IMF announced an intention to sell 403.3 tons of gold in accordance with the adequate decision made by the board of directors of the fund in September of 2009. India, Mauritius and Sri Lanka purchased about 212 tons of the amount at the end of 2009. India purchased most – 200 tons. China’s interest in international trade is connected with the development of the nation’s economy, as well as with the growing consumer demand in the country. “Chinese officials have confirmed previous announcements from IMF experts and said that the purchasing of 191 tons of gold would not exert negative influence on the world market. China is interested in the development of the domestic consumer market,” the agency reports. Most of Chinese citizens believe that investing in gold jewelry is a good way to avoid inflation, Rough & Polished agency said.

Real Change by One Simple Act

Congress can, within a heartbeat, ROLL BACK a century of obscene socialization, governmental corruption, debasement of the hearts and minds of the folks, and the totalitarian control and enslavement of the people, by ONE SIMPLE ACT. Abolish all taxes on real gold and silver US MINTED coins, and the US gets real change (pun intended), and here is why.

The government fiat money printing is doomed to exponentiating printing and monetary debasement, due to a century of unrealistic promises, (I call it fraud), as the DC elitists fumble the ball time and time again to delivered their pandered promises, now cemented expectations of the people, who have been conditioned to believed in the lies that government can solve all their problems and that they are entitled to the GOV goodies. The whole purpose of the fiat paper money, is to DEBASE IT, and thereby ROB from the people their wealth to any extent the GOV deems necessary to further their unreachable pandered promises and cement the political power and control over the folks.

The GOV therefore, demeans the holding of real money, gold and silver coinage, that in of itself, limits their ability to cheat the people, forcing government to live within its means, without deficits and the debt burdens. Gold has been referred to as a barbaric relic by the social elitists. Its a lie. Gold has always retained value as the ultimate debt extinguisher. We hold this truth to be self evident. Gold is GOD's money. It can not made, printed, or debased BY ANYONE OR ANY INSTITUTION.

By eliminating taxes on gold and silver coinage, the coinage becomes more attractive to the folks as a real store of wealth, protected from the abuses of the DC totalitarians. Hence, the demand for such coinage will sky rocket, as the folks dump the fiat dollar as the means of wealth retention, and hence, other the long haul, spell DOOM to the fiat dollar (aka FEDERAL RESERVE BANK NOTES), the very core instrument used by the government to ENSLAVE us all as either IRS MULES or DEPENDENTS.

By eliminating all taxes on Gold and Silver Coinage, the market place will do what no politician is capable of doing, and that is, destroy the obscene welfare state by collapse of the enabling means thereof, the fiat paper dollar. Gold and Silver coinage is one the five pillars of freedom.

It is absolutely essential that the US GOV mint real coinage, to the extent of any demand therefore, to provide an intrinsic monetary system, a back-up money system, when the inevitable collapse of the fiat dollar occurs, and the resulting economic dislocations, as means to prevent ABSOLUTE anarchy across our great country. It amazes me to this day, how the FOUNDING FATHERS GOT IT RIGHT, from the get go.
China is encouraging their people to buy gold and siver coinage, while the US elitists demean bullion. China knows what's up, while Americans are clueless. The gov manipulates down and caps the value of gold and silver on the comex exchange through their bullion hit men, to maintain the appearance of a sound fiat dollar. JPManipulator, for example, maintains a short sell book, without the silver in possession, to suppress the price of gold and silver. GoldmanSucks is no better.
As your president in 2012, I will fire from government employ any ex JPManipulater or GoldmanSucksUdryMarketRigger, the day I take office, and destroy their corrupting entanglement and self-serving undue influence over our government.
China went capitalistic without firing a shot, even if highly regulate, and are now establishing a PILLAR OF FREEDOM in their country, and China will eventually go democratic as well, while US AMERICANS are enslaved to the DC totalitarians. I will fix that real quick, as your president.

Let the Gold Market Trade Freely

It use to be that businesses did there thing, taking on debt and expanding trade, making profits, and when things got bad for investors, there was always the release valve, GOLD, the safe haven go-to sure bet for investment protection. Yeap, gold has always been viewed as such, a safe haven, until of course, more recent modern times. Yeap, back in the good old days, you could always run to bullion for wealth protection, but a funny thing happened on the way to the bullion bank to pick some up, as an insurance policy, someone made it actually illegal to own gold, if you can really believe that, and then, someone took the US businesses and the currency off of silver coinage, and then, someone decouple gold from the currency all together. Gold and Silver were marginalized intentionally by the US Government. That is the history, so that FIAT would rule the world, and it has. But that was not a problem, so long as one could buy/sell gold at fair and free prices. However, fiat is subject to debasement, and hence, no longer a go-to safe haven, only gold was, in the good old days.

Of course, even during recessions or bank failures, everyone could put their dollars into gold, a safe haven, but a funny thing happened on the way to the coin shop, to pick up some more insurance in unstable banking and currency times, someone started to manipulate gold and silver prices downward, destroying mine supplies, while creating a super low paper futures market price, just to support the fiat dollar, and guess what, now average Joe cant buy "poor man's" gold, at any price, and no longer do businesses and people pile wealth into bullion, because its price is highly, ridiculously so, manipulated to a low value, and so, the story goes, derivatives were born in a world having no real safe havens. So, here comes the mighty derivatives, to save the world, to provide investment insurance, a safe haven, as the currency was debased and bullion prices were manipulated. Currencies were being debased through over expenditures, and gold was manipulated severely down in the futures markets, and that was the death nail of the two true safe havens.

Only one tradition safe haven remained, land, another pillar of personal freedom. But a funny thing happened on the way to the mortgage bank, no income was needed to borrow purchase money mortgages, and hence, the bankster took their fees and pocketing their huge bonuses. But a funny thing happened on the way to the escrow agent, upon the ARM resets, the house declined in value, and hence, the bankster were on the hook.

But not so fast, there was insurance right? The really really smart bankers created an illusion of safety by using derivatives that protected investments against losses. So, in the mortgage bubble, more derivatives were created, and sold everywhere, infecting the financial system with a deadly virus, but wait, as long as all counter parties pay up, all is dandy, right?

Well, mortgage banks started to get hit with losses. Now get that straight, derivatives were created and are used as an insurance against business losses, and hence, the derivative leverage were disposed in trenches, and of course all was merry, secured by real property, for 20 years, or so. But a funny thing happen on the way FED facility window, to borrow as much money as any bankster needs, the government is now under political pressure to stop bailing out the banksters, and hence, some banks now will not be bailed out, and will have to eat their losses or go BK.

But wait a minute, are not derivatives suppose to be a net sum zero protection and insurance safe haven to the banksters as a whole? Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the FED's bailout window, the jig is up politically, bail-out socialism has run its short course with BSC and GSE, as Lehman is not going to be bailed out, and will go BK, yet LEH represents the paying counter party to a great hoard of protecting insuring derivatives, meaning that, many many banks will take a huge hit in losses based upon Lehman brothers' derivative failures to pay, and that is what is going to start a real global financial system failure.

How did it all start? The US government made it a crime to own gold, one of the five corner stones of personal freedom, (GOD GOLD GUNS LAND & VOTE) and when that failed, the government then manipulated down the price of gold, destroying its supply, and its safe haven function, the all time financial release valve that hold value to sustain any recovery, and hence, there was no where to run for safety, but to the derivative market, to seek protection, but unlike GOLD, derivatives have a major counter party risk, and as such, 2000T$ in derivatives are going to explode in bankruptcies and in failures, because of, and without the protection of, the safe haven value of gold to absorb the losses and recover, and there is now a pending collapse of the world's fiat complex and the banking industry, all because, THE US GOVERNMENT DECIDED it knew better, and trashed the gold and silver markets, keys to freedom and a necessary release valve for risk as a go-to safe haven. With the currency safe haven debased, with bank mortgage losses setting off a spiral downward in bank losses, with GOLD manipulated down to prevent its use as a traditional safe havens, and with no where to go but to the derivatives, there is now a 2000T$ derivatives bubble going POP. Why?

Because Gold does not now function as a safe haven, as it is severely manipulated, which manipulation created and caused the derivative bubble, which will now take down all global fiat and the derivatives. Those who have decided to manipulate bullion prices down, and thereby force the banking industry to engage in exotic counter party vulnerable derivatives for investment protection, really are the ones to have pressed the plunger, and the resulting implosion of the fiat complex and the financial and banking markets, which implosion was completely avoidable, had common sense ruled the FED, to just let the bullion gold market trade freely.

Dow:Gold Ratio of 0.4

For a graph of the Dow:Gold ratio over the last century, please see:

The FED was created in 1913. Since then, we have had 3 major Dow:Gold ratio super cycles, each having about a 37 year time period. As we all know, fiat money, created in 1913 by the use of the FED since then, carries with it inherent manipulations and interventions causing high volatility in the financial markets. From eye ball approximations of the graph, one can see increasing Dow:Gold ratio highs, at about 18:1 in 1924, 22:1 in 1966, and 30:1 in about 1999. The trend is increasing, with higher highs, in the Dow:Gold ratio. The bottoms are about at 2:1 in 1913, 1.8:1 in 1925, and 1:1 in 1978. The trend is decreasing with lower lows, in the Dow:Gold ratio bottoms. The current trend is toward a lower low. The projected next bottom in the Dow:Gold ration appears to be about Dow:Gold = 0.4. The Dow:Gold ratio just hit about 10:1 from the 30:1 ratio high in 1999, and hence, the down trend in tact and should head much lower. It is also observed that the down trends of the major cycle is much steeper than the up trends of the major super cycle, at about 1/3. That is, it takes 1/3 the time to go from peak to trough in the Dow:Gold ratio, than it does from trough to peak. With a super cycle of 37 years, 1/3 of that time is 12 years, and hence, the super cycle trend indicates a Dow:Gold = 0.4 in 2011.

Lately, many are calling a gold fair market value of $14,000, and many are calling for a Dow bottom at 6000, and that means, 6000Dow/0.4 = 15,000$/oz Gold in 2011, and is consistent with those fair market value estimates. As well understood, silver outperforms gold toward the end of surges in prices of gold. Currently, the ratio is way out of alignment, at 83:1, mostly caused by the huge summer smack down in silver from 21.30/oz to 8.60/oz, and on a smack down, silver underperforms gold, being more highly volatile in price. At gold price surges, Silver can hit as low as a gold:silver ratio of 15:1 and that is based upon historical prices, but in the extremes, a Gold:Silver ratio of 10:1 is very realistic.

So lets fast forward to 2011. The dow should bottom at 6000, Gold should hit $15,000/oz, and silver, are you ready for this, should hit $1500/oz. So, lets keep our eyes on the Gold:Silver ratio, as well as the Dow:Gold ratio, enroute to $1500/oz silver, $15,000/oz gold, and a Dow:Gold ratio of 0.4.

Free and Fair Trade, Not For Long

There are those who claim a PPT rigs the equity markets, and a GOLD CARTEL rigs the bullion prices, and a FED rigs the fiat values, and a MINT who rigs Eagle deliveries,  and, well, I guess the list goes on. I know the name of that tune. Rig Rig, everywhere they rig, blocking up my profits, wasting my time, control this, control that, cant you see the rigs?

But lets take it just one step further. As we all know, the US and China have lead the world with the Free Trade agenda. Within the last couple of months, the US has put up some 2T$ to bail out the banks and financials who have fraudulently zapped their client's money, and China just announce a whopping 600B$ to stimulate their economies to the great advantage of domestic steel industry, an international dumping industry, that will be used to support infrastructure improvements. The EU is no better, pumping money into their markets as well, subsidizing the Airbus. All, by the by, use fiat money, another form of corruption, for such purposes. And what are those purposes? To prevent an implosion? To stimulate the economies? How about to effectively subsidized corrupt markets and participants. And they all want to be corrupted. Detroit auto, and now the EU auto makers are at the begging bowl. They want to get some corruption to, while the gettin is good.  

But wait a minute, direct government aid to any industry is in effect a subsidy, and is prima facie unfair international competition, just like China Steel, and EU airlines and the US auto industries. The US has an unfair advantage in the financial markets, which is now being subsidized. That bail-out money, however, is just another form of rigging, another form of corruption, as well as free market duplicity. Its called subsidizing local industry to the disadvantage for foreign industry, and that is economic discrimination, far from being anything but free, as it is controlled, as that is what the Free Traders use to call unfair competition. Not any more.

The Global Confluence as discussed in the LeMetroPoleCafe Off-Topic Forum, under "China Transforms North Korea" thread,  projects replacing war and fiat with trade and gold, in the out years. The trade wars are heating up using unfair competition and using local subsidy bail outs, which trade wars have now begun in earnest, and, coincidentally,  there is now talk about a gold backed international currency at the G20 that is coupled with bail outs enumerable. So, on a global free trading scale, the big world economies and their governments are engaging in inherent financial corruption, immoral bail outs, and blatant unfair competition, as the starting gun of the TRADE WARS, now, however, under supposed necessities, which bail outs are just another rig job, but, that is OK, because all now tacitly agree that fairness is no longer required under free trade.  
Out Gunned By the Gold Cartel

The battle rages on in the COMEX pits day after day.
Battle lines have been drawn, its out all war!

The GOLD CARTEL has many weapons of choice.  

1) Index Rebalancing
2) Derivative Pounding
3) CB sales, leases and swaps
4) Jaw Boning a Strong Dollar, talking down gold
5) Media Black Balling of Gold Bugs
6) Major Miner Hedging 
7) Certificates of NO bullion mint pooled deposits
8) Miner share shorting and naked shorting
9) Controlled CB Interest Rates on Fiat
10) The 24/7 fiat printing machines
11) Media Releases dumping down market awareness
12) General Equity Plunge Protection
13) IRS tax payments required in Fiat
14) Government Secrecy
15) Ability to raise margin requirements
16) Confiscation/Outlaw of ownership

All Midas has is a 5000 year history of value and a cafe of whistle blowers.
Hey Midas, you feeling out gunned?

Barrick Gold, a modern Racketeer?

We all know who Barrick Gold is, the world's king in gold bullion production, having a monster hedge book of 9.5 million ounces. It is of general belief that hedging is good for developers to provide necessary funds to launch production, but not so good for the majors, having reserves, production, and cash flow, when well managed, offering the potential of increasing growth of the company within the current business cycle. On this basis, the hedge book at Barrack is unwarranted and could lead to billions in down stream losses and shareholder value ruination in the normal course of business. However, it appears that Barrick's gold business is not so normal.

Mr. C. Powell, of GATA fame, has recently indicated that the hedge position of Barrick could be use to acquire some 50 mil oz of Au in deep storage, and hence, improve Barrick's very long term outlook. I have been thinking along these lines as well for over a year now, and am so grateful to Mr. Powell for putting it in writing for all to consider. However, there is a twist, that should not go unrecognized.

Anyone recall Placer Dome, Homestake Mining, Pangea Goldfields, Pioneer Metals, Arequipa Resources, Sutton Resources, and others that are now gone? Competition in the gold industry has been destroyed in some measure, undeniably so. When a major, already in the driver seat, with reserves, production, cash flow, seeks to hedge further production for purposes of growth through acquisition, then what the major effectively does is MANIPULATE bullion price down on the short side of bullion, depressing competitors share value to their disadvantage, for Barrick's short term loss of value as well, during this hedge "dumping", for purposes of monopolizing the gold production industry by acquiring all competitors and all gold resources, on the cheap, and in doing this, BARRICK could be considered the roaming thugs of the gold mining community, and could possibly be CRIMINAL RACKETEERS, with predatory practices that must have limits, ala the anti-trust actions of the early 1900s. There is no difference between Standard Oil and Barrick, is there?. This might be the basis of the Blanchard anti-trust case against Barrick et al.

On moral grounds and fair-dealing principles only, no one should touch any major with a hedge position, especially the very biggest ones on the hunt for acquisitions. Dehedge your hedge book, then, ok, all is fair, but it aint. Personally, I wont support what I believe to be criminal racketeering. Our great country realized the down-falls of monopolies some 100 years ago, and yet, it seems, we forget these lessons, time and time again, and don’t remain vigilant to the evils of greed in corporate America and in the world. Lets all thank GATA and Mr. Powell, for attempting to keep the gold mining industry fair and competitive, and stop Barrick's apparent desire to become the world's ONLY gold producer and the gold industries' biggest criminal as a modern racketeer.

Perceived High Gas Prices

Gasoline prices will be volatile based upon supply and demand, and upon a century long debasement of the US currency that is the primary factor driving higher gasoline prices higher. I remember the 10ct GAS WARS!! of the 1960s, when a 1/10 oz of silver (a real dime) got you a gallon of gas. The price of gasoline is a convenient football for the Republicans and Democrats to fuss all over, hitting the pocket books of the working class the hardest. But the real truth is that, the creation of the FED, and its FED reserve notes, (the irredeemable ponzi coupon, the US paper dollar), and 100 years of leftest political pandering, vote for me and Ill give you goodies, have bankrupted the country, to where even now, 1.4T$ deficits is just the usual annual steady theft of wealth by the government, through currency debasement, inflation, over-printing, and hyper-inflation. But why? Because politicians can not help but kick the can and try to print our way out of the financial calamity facing the country. Neither political party is willing to seriously confront the budget issue. Its simply to late. The debt burden based upon a century of leftist socialization of the country is so large 18T$ that only hyper-inflation and default can resolve the problem.

Gold is 1700$/oz, Silver is $35/oz, and Oil is $105/barrow. So, for 1/10 oz of silver, $3.50 will get you a nearly a gallon. So, real money and gasoline have not changed one bit on average. There is supply and there is demand. But why the high price? Because of totalitarian socialistic fascism practiced by DC elitists who have enslaved us all as either tax mules or dependents.

Both Reps and Dems, keep the federal social machinery going, and the required deficits, (contrary to our constitution of enumerated powers of a republic of states), robbing from the poor and working poor and middle classes, through currency debasement to sustain the goodies, to sustain political control, to rob the poor, and then, as they screech "blames it on greedy oil companies", or the political opportunists blaming on deficient drilling, while the power in place simply doesn't really care, if all have to pay more, as just another tax on the people, except to the extent it starts to affect poles numbers, but few complain of the fundamental problem and the underlying theft of citizen wealth by government through deficit spending and currency over printing and debasement to sustain fascist (bankster-politician back slapping to enable government controls and enrich the top 1%) totalitarian (centralized mandates) socialism (of the nanny-granny state) in DC.

High gasoline prices are mostly merely the result of a century long debasement of the US dollar by the FED banks, which US dollar has lost 98% of its value, so, why not should gasoline prices be, twenty times higher?

The political system has the American people enslaved as tax mules and dependents to support totalitarian socialist fascism and neither party will speak to the fundamental cause of high gasoline prices, which is, the required currency debasement to financially sustain totalitarian socialism.

The FED Bank has used many tool to sustain 1% enrichment and enable their political allies to cement political power. The FED has used QE1 QE2, QE3, operation twist, loans, TARP, ZIRP. You name it, and they will find a way to debase the currency. They will control interest rates and inject funds in the forex markets at will. They allow manipulations of bullion markets, equity markets, and commodity markets. As Chris Powell of GATA said, "There are no more markets, just interventions". The FED is the biggest market, currency, commodity manipulator of all time, directly or indirectly. And in this light, Romney has the audacity to say that the first thing he will do is declare China a currency manipulator, which is an absolute joke, given what the FED does routinely. So, I guess there is no free lunch. Sure, have some food stamps, but, pay at the pump.

By printing money, there is more paper, true monetary inflation, (as opposed to price inflation) that makes each of them worth less. So, Rome cant tax any more, as the tea partiers are in revolt, to when the farmers simply stopped farming as unprofitable, so the Ceasars of Rome, debase the silver danari, and robbed all, routinely, and so they taxed and debased, taxed and debased, throwing out the bread, so they can, spend more but yet spend no more, really, the money becoming an illusion of wealth, the empire imploding, degrading, and debasing while taxing while throwing, out the bread while debasing the currency, trying to hold off implosion, until the money could buy no more bread.

Actually the average American household spends significantly less on gasoline annually then in 1981.  I think we spend 4% while in 1981 they spent something like 8%. When the US Government created the FED, with their irredeemable ponzi couple reserve notes, the path to totalitarian socialistic fascism was cemented. With free money, printable at will, the politicians began pandering the people to lock in votes and cement political power, which accommodating the banks through FED policy to enrich the top 1%. The use of Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) as legal tender flies in the face of founding father principle of real money as specified in the constitution, and the knowledge that paper currencies (eg FRNs) aint worth a continental. 

Assets Measured in Gold Terms

Gold has intrinsic value as do Commodities generally. Gold tends to track commodities over a long period of time, as shown below. Thus Gold, as money and legal tender stabilizes prices. As the fiat currency is printing in ever more vast quantities to sustain the totalitarian socialistic fascist regime government in DC. the value of the dollar collapses as the nominal commodity prices exponentiates. Thus, gold as legal tender provides inherent price stability, but limits government's ability to fund deficits, pander votes for cementing political power, and limits governments ability through the FED to transfer wealth from the bottom poor and middle classes to super rich top 1%.

The use of the intrinsically worthless fiat currency dollar, that is the Federal Reserve Note, an irredeemable ponzi coupon, used as a medium of exchange legal tender, since the creation of the FED, has resulted in unstable economic performance, including the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression of the 1930, through today, where the DOW has increased through corrosive banksters and greedsters market manipulation and share buy backs. This instability is characterized by a horn pattern beginning since the creation of the FED. Current estimates are a gold price of $20,000/oz with a DOW nominal value at 800, for a Dow/Gold ratio of 0.4 to be realized probably during the next inevitable banking financial crises. The problem of the banking crises of 2008 have not been solved, including worthless asset collateral, mark-to-fantasy accounting, deteriorating economics, 2000T$ derivative counter pary risks, but rather, the FED by printing QE has merely kicked the can, making the next eruption to be 10 times more catastrophic, devastating  jobs, opportunity, the economy, leading to great social unrest and riots, infinity more police shootings, social chaos, and economic ruination. The FED could try to kick the can once again, by printing 20T$ in QE4, but the monetary system is so unstable now that this may not work again, as Russia and China prepare for the inevitable collapse of the dollar as the global reserve currency, and thus is why Russia and China are buying gold hand over fist to protect themselves from the corruption that is the FED and the political pandering of the two pandering political machines serving to cement for themselves perpetual political power while concentrating political power in totalitarian socialist fascist DC enslaving us Americans increasingly soas tax mules and state dependents. 

 Mean while, the Bullion Banks of the Gold Cartel, led by the RICO bank JPM, suppress the price of gold through criminal naked short selling on the COMEX, getting a pass from the CFTC and FED so that the fiat dollar appears stronger than it is, as the confidence game continues, and thus enabling the shipping of the gold from west to east, destroying America's last ditch defense to total anarchy in treason to the country. Goldfinger has a tight grip on the gold market and is sucking it dry for sell to Russia and China, for greedster profits of the top 1%, America, the middle class, the working poor, the economy, our future be all damned. 

                      BULLION BANKS OF THE GOLD CARTEL


Sorry Polymetals, No Utah Mint

I designed a mint production line with patentable proprietary technology, and integrated into a business now available for licensing. It is intended to be use during the transition in the USA from fiat current back to real money in circulation. 

I sit here in the war room, hunkered down, with the doors bolted and barricaded, locked and loaded, defending my home from government intrusion, and wonder if it is treason, to use international global pressure to defeat the US FED bank, the heart of the global fiat money complex, to return the USA to constitutional money, real and honest money, of gold and silver coinage. I may need a shark to advise me, but I dislike any entanglements with the monopolizing licensed dispute resolution sharks that sit beyond the court bars.

I am thinking of contacting Polymetals, Kraznayarks, Russia, to further Putin's plan to dethrone the US FIAT DOLLAR as the world reserve currency, in my attempt to return the USA to its constitutional gold and silver coinage, doing it, through the back door, so to speak, as the political hacks in DC have no backbone to make such a difficult move.

I am more than capable of setting up a gold and silver mints for producing gold and silver coinage for the US domestic market. I am capable of managing the development of new production capabilities, developing new technology by high tech US tooling companies that can be employed for the production of small gold silver items with improved cost-effective custom production methods. Polymetals, located in Kraznayark Siberia and Habarosk in Primorski in the Far East, may just want to engage me in assisting them in setting up custom minting operations there, using US technology for the sale of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium small items for retail sales throughout Russia and the EU, South America, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. This business would be ripe for the billion dollar oligarchs to multiply gains and wealth. The idea is to put bullion coinage in the hands of the folks, in case the world goes to bullion backed currencies by UN treaty.

Russia, China, as well as the USA, must plan for the inevitable currency turmoil that lies directly ahead of us all. We as a global community have not seen the worse of it, and it is going to get much much worse, making the 1930s style depression look like a cake walk. Putin was in Dovas Switzerland recently, and he is correct, the world must dump the US fiat dollar as a reserve currency, and get all countries on equal fair footing, with honest money, and the only way that happens is by UN treaty outlawing fiat money use, as global community returns to real honest gold and silver money, and here, the USA, Russia and China have very good gold and silver mine production, for that to happen, and it will happen, in time.

If the USA will not lead the way, by hanging on to its global enslavement and power projections using FIAT money, I could help Russia or China, expand their mint capacity with updated modern minting equipment. For example, I could help Polymetals get into minting, on a massive global scale, so as to put bullion in the hands of the folks for profit with a standard honest medium of exchange world wide. I can help extent Russia's bullion business into the cash markets around the world, by setting up Russian owned mints, replicating modern USA tooling and equipment, strategically located in Russia around the globe in five strategically targeted locations, including the EU, South America, Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.

What I would propose, is a standard modular transportable high capacity mint production line design, that is readily expandable in quantity, that takes refined large bullion bars, comex acceptable for example, and produces small items using novel automated production processes for sale to the people en mass, and these production lines can be set up anywhere by anyone in any amount, as desired. This would be like Stalin's mass movement of Russia arms production plants to the Urals as the Nazies advanced on Moscow, except modernly, it’s the US FIAT money encroachment into every FOREX reserve account of every major central bank in the world, and hence, the strangle hold, and enslavement. As such, if the USA retains its fiat money, and retains its FIAT status as the world reserve currency, enslaving the world with it and by it, I could assist Polymetals in setting up Russian private mints, for example, three in Russia, such as, St Petersburg, Kraznayarks, Habarosk, and five outside of Russia, South America, EU, Central Asia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, so as to provide good global coverage in these markets. I could do this for the USA, China, and Russia, and any major player as part of a UN perfected plan to put all nations on an equal monetary footing.

In the out years to come, war and fiat money will be eventually replaced by THE TRADE WARS and REAL HONEST MONEY, gold and silver coinage, where the UN, by international treaty, outlaws fiat money world wide, so that all nations trade fairly as between all nations. You just cant cheat a real gold or silver coin, that has no liability, no counter party risk, and can not just be printed and inflated. My concern is that Treasury or IRS will throw my butt in jail for treason. I think I will stay hunkered down, (for the time being), I have a wife and two kids to feed.

Big Money is Made in the Golden Arts 

It has been suggested lately that Mr. Sinclair acts merely on faith as if his belief in gold is based upon a religion, though I have never heard of Mr. Sinclair praying to a golden bull. Mr. Sinclair as well as Midas have followers that are akin to religious zealots or are fascinated in cults of personalities, taking on the big guns with the contrarian views. However, many objective yet inexperience bullion investors have doubts in the projections made by these two fringe bullion analysts.

What these bullion investors are missing is that projections are mostly an art form, and not a precise science, and not a calculus, and looking for only the sure bet objective standard will always fail. The key is to look for sound technical reasoning, fundamental analysis reasoning, and artistic qualities in the analyst. The black boxes work as a science based upon a calculus. Straight line TA analysis works as a science often with straight line break outs. Fundamental analysis works as science, as well with average PE ratios. Boxes, rulers, and income reports however never tell the full story, nor guarantee future price performance. Why are Jrs in the tank? You tell me. What is missing from these scientific approaches is the necessary key aspect of human cultural analysis intermixed in the technical analysis as a comprehensive art form in bullion projections.

Often, in analyzing market technicals as a science, such as focusing on buying at a double bottom, or focusing on increases in income per share, projections are made with the exactly stated reasons. But pure scientific analysis will never provide the complete analysis offering the best and more accurate projections of the gold price. Gold is a commodity that plays on human emotions since the beginning of time and to this day and gold must be viewed respecting human culture propensities. For example, how does the Chinese affinity for gold play into the market science? It don't. When Chinese are dirt poor, they may not buy as much gold in percent terms of income, but when Chinese are filthy rich, they may just leverage their buying disproportionately to a much much higher percentage of income, and hence, a retarded kick-in of a huge buying potential that would not be apparent in a pure technical analysis looking several years down the road, which is what investing is all about.

It must be difficult to quantize the Chinese affinity affect on gold, because that is art form, yet, it is very real. Perhaps some day, someone may make a technical analysis on how changes in the China GNP, changes in income distribution, and in gold sales volume, to scientifically correlate the Chinese human cultural affinity to the price of gold. Mathematical models could be developed, I suppose, yet, there are so many human factors that may affect individual decisions that any model would only work just part of the time. For another example, how would one analyze the buying attitudes of the Indians? It to is an art form, unless one could fit those cultural attitudes into precise technical changes when purchasing changes are correlated to swings in price. Has anyone developed a third order differential equation that relates the time-rate-change of the gold price into a pure technical read out on Indians' willingness to buy for a local marriage during price fluctuation? I don't think so.

Human cultural drivers are real but are very difficult to quantize scientifically, and are largely ignored by most technical analysts. Humans beings control this earth, and only human motivations and emotions will continue to set market prices. Yet, human cultural affects poorly fit into any scientific methodology with precise modeling because of the difficulty in precisely understanding how the human minds of thousands of different human cultures around the world affect the price of gold in the aggregate.

The best scientists are true artists. Scientists often use their "gut" to propose new theories opening up a new avenue of investigation. They proposed new models of real world physical happenings. They then plan experimentation for proving their models, which if proved, the gut call can then be relied upon, based upon "good science". However, they started with their gut feeling, that intangible art form derived much prior experience and from a billion of brain neurons interassociating at lighting speeds, which ended with a best guess. A Phd is a doctor of philosophy, not of science.

As we humans progress in age, we acquire experiences. Some of us old guys develop good "gut" feelings. Personally, I often just kick it, and merely watch the gold ticker, and at some point, something deep down, say it will go up or it will down. Just yesterday, I was watching the ticker, for example, as the price of gold cycled up and down for a couple of hours within a range, a few bucks each way. So is gold range bound, as called by most in the market? I noticed that the volume kept increasing as the price of gold went lower from about 25% off the high in the range and dried up after gold came off the low, as if volume was precisely technically phase shifted in time relative to price, as the volume peaks just before the bottom was in, in each cycle in the range. I stepped back and recognized this recurrent behavior, and came to the conclusion, that their were tons of buyers coming out of the wood work each time the price softened just a little, a mere three bucks. This observation was non-technical art form, I simply inferred, that is guessed, that buyers are presence for duty in droves, and then came to the conclusion, the correction will be very short lived. There was no science here, just observations, and then making the call, the gut feeling, as the art form.

Personally, with engineering and law formal schooling, and 35 years of professional employment, and a continuous child-like curiosity into all things, including sciences, politics, physical and cultural anthropology, cultural evolution, history, military arts, psychology, inter alia, I believe I have accumulated much knowledge over the last half century. But most importantly, I believe I have developed that "sixth sense", the gut feel, in some ways, that is on more than off. The gut feel does not come out of a vacuum, but rather, it is a coupling of extensive education and experiences across a variety of disciplines. In engineering, I would create out of thin air electrical systems, and, in the law I would create arguments out of thin air, as my mind has worked for 35 year creating out of thin air, which is a practice of mental flexibility necessary for good "gut" calls.

From the technical perspective, the dollar is going down based upon "perceptions" of inflation, unregulated counterparty risks are ramped throwing "fear" into all markets, decreasing commodities per capita continues declining about the globe as unfortunate people starve to death and in "panic" eat their seed stocks, as other panic in the pits buying it all up, yet others in a gold rush, pile in, in a rush, in a fanatical burst of "greed", or, "panic" sell for "self-preservation" unnecessarily selling at the bottom of a market correction, to even bailing out of a high rise when they lost their shirts in "despair". The world of gold is not for the faint of heart. Our lives are full of perceptions, risks, greed, panic, and despair which are extreme market drivers. But how are these human emotions qunatized by a precise calculus into solid predictions of future gold price action? There are not. The technical sciences are great, but only the a first step in developing a good gut feel and a comprehensive view. How does one really get that gut feel? Well, you get through years of mental flexibility, education, and experiences, in both the arts and sciences, and as you do, your calls becomes more accurate.

My impression is that Mr. Sinclair understands in detail the interworkings of the financial and commodities markets, yet, to my surprise, he also focuses allot on geopolitical troubles, as well as government interventions feeding the bleeding hearts, bailing out the bankster, while noticing the fear of a financial collapse, while observing government reactions. Mr. Sinclair mixes, on a daily basis, political propensities, geopolitical events, with a knowledge of human emotions as they have affected prices, which are not normally subject to technical analysis, a science, yet, are indispensable factors to the comprehensive view and a good "gut call". So, Mr. Sinclair has demonstrated a clear knowledge of the technical sciences in the markets, but also has a life time of professional experiences, and has incorporated into his thinking human nature and the human experience, to arrive at his gut call conclusions. Very few among us, have this tri-focused education, experience, and human cultural awareness, for the comprehensive understanding, as does he. Based upon the complete picture, Mr. Sinclair "makes the gut call", and so far, he is has been right on the money, and you cant beat that, yet he does not prove his calls using an exact calculus, that would necessarily fail anyway.

Personally, I have been repeatedly insulted, ridiculed, lambasted, shunned, and avoided, for doing exactly the same thing, putting the world TA and the non-technical aspects of human culture together in arriving at a novel view of world, that no one before me has, to my knowledge, and I to have predicted world events going out some 50 years hence, defining man's course, and why, and it is based upon a life of education, experiences, and creating thinking, incorporating both the technical science and the human analysis art form. I view Mr. Sinclair, as well as Midas, in a like manner. Mr. Sinclair is shunned by some, as a "TWIT". Midas cant get the Cartel's action in public view. Name calling is of course the immature response of choice by the uninformed, confused, irrational, and coolaide drinkers. That unkind of comment about Mr. Sinclairs sound very familiar to me. I know it well. I know exactly the type from which it comes. Mr. Sinclair does in deed discuss many aspects of the human experience, and of course, including the technical science aspect of it. I am equally sure Midas does not agree, as do most in the caf‚, with my vision of the world, yet Midas has that mind of the curious child and is not afraid to engage others' perspectives. It is an inherent part of the curious mind, to accumulate vast knowledge, skills, and eventual understanding, to the extent practicable over an entire life time. As we age, our ability to comprehensively integrate many perspective serves the overall understanding for making the best predictions possible.

I have a great deal of faith in Mr. Sinclair's gut calls, though I wont slaughter a lamb and I do disagree with some of his geopolitical prognostications. Mr. Sinclair is right on with his calls because, he does have 1) that education, 2) that life of creative thinking, 3) that life of professional experiences, and 4) most importantly, because he also collaterally focuses upon human nature, what makes people tic, and thereby, completes the mix of necessary inputs to arrive at the best credible projection possible, which can not, and never will be proven up front by any calculus. The conclusion reached, is a sound one, just have faith baby! I would and have in large measure put my bet on gold, during years of reviewing Mr. Sincliar and Midas. I absolutely believe in Mr. Sinclair's call that Gold is going to 1650, though I think Midas' projection of 3-5K will be much closer to a near term peak of the current bull.

This is why Midas is also in that camp of those great thinkers. He played ball, so, he huddled with the boys, and he should know human  beings well. He is apparently a sociable person, has friends, and seems like a people person. He is educated and experienced in commodities trading. He is old enough to have that life time of education and experiences in both the TA science and of human kind, the art form, to put it all together, to come up with a credible projection that necessarily mixes science and art. Jim says 1650, I say 2750, Midas says 3000 for the price of gold as a near term peak. Take your pick. But I bet we all three jumped in big time at the bottom in 2000. Serious money should only bet on a horse having the full compliment of skills, including TA, a life time of professional education and experiences, and that indispensable insight into human nature, as big money is made in the golden arts.


Renegade AFC 2011

Gold and Silver moon shot 

Ron Paul has a truck load of CDE stock (silver mines) and a big investor in mine shares, and I bet has a private hoard of metal. Wasn't there something in the constitution about the only legal tender being gold/silver. You bet, and Ron Paul want to abolish the FED, and with that, the FRN Irredeemable Ponzi Coupons. The Federal Reserve Note, aka, the dollar. Look at one, you will see it says "Note". Well a note is suppose to be redeemable. At some point you redeem the note, that is, pay it off. NOT! National debt will never be repaid. DEFAULT is inevitable. Take that "Note" into a federal reserve bank and tell them you want to redeem their note. You will be laughed at, hence irredeemable.

And as more and more ponzi coupons are printed, they exponentiate in number, and hence, monetary inflation, the means by which the RICH steal from the poor, and is the hall mark of a PONZI scheme, irredeemably plus the need to print more and more, exponentially, to keep the ponzi scheme (dollar world reserve currency status) alive. Now, get this straight. The US Mint mints $1 dollar face value silver coins. The Federal reserve note, (FRN) is also call a dollar. Pull one out and look at it. So a silver coin is call by the US Government a dollar, and the FRN is called a dollar. BUT WAIT, they are not the same thing. ONE IS FRAUD the other is not. For you mental giants out there, here is a clue. THE FRN is a fraud. Thus, the FRN is only a coupon, not a dollar, but is passed off as such, and suckers around the world, take it, and use it, sustaining the US government robbery of us all.

THE BIGGEST CON GAME in all of history, and you all are watching the implosion of THAT FRAUD, and all fiat paper money, before your eyes. Keep an eye on the US dollar index. When it breakdown below 70 (now at 75), PANIC sets in, dumping the dollar world wide, and gold and silver take a moon shot. 

Chinese Gold Buys

With my direct question posed, on 4/1/09 Bloomberg Asia, of the secret gold buys, the Chinese fess up to it one week later. That is what you call a major gotcha by a nobody. How does a nobody predict the fall of the Berlin wall, three years prior? I told a supervisor once, Im lucky. He looked and said, consistent luck, is not luck. I am not a polished politician, and I type fast trying to keep up with the mental associations flashing through the brain, with many typing errors, without the spell check, or grammar check, as I quickly dump the missives, but, looking past these insignificant aspects of my writings, and focusing on the totality of the comprehensive view, many will find that my vision for America to be rock solid, if they understand Americana, and love its roots, I believe. The only real question remains, in my mind, is that, will the present fiat money experiment collapse, in view of the cemented expectations of entitlements, to such an extent, that Americans are willing to abandon 100 years of that fiat experiment, and entitlement expectations, and reject the DC pandering, and give a nobody the presidency, to take the country back to founding father principles and hoped for revival of dignity and self-reliance, of our first century as a nation . Who knows. I will do my perceived duty to the country, and campaign solo on the streets for president, and if unwanted, so be it, but I will know that I was true to my convictions with good intentions, and made the effort. I have no handlers, no secretaries, just a lovely wife, two wonderful boys, love of country, and a willingness to serve with a vision. I have thought much about what I would do to make the transitions to REAL MONEY and LIMITED GOVERNMENT, and know decisiveness will be needed, with bold leadership, keeping close to the chest many plans, to be executed in a rapid fire manner if ever sworn in. I am ready, but is America ready to turn away from pandering the indignity of entitlements? It is sad that it will take very tough times ahead for America to seek alternatives to the same-old mantra of DC. I have not found my comprehensive view in others, though, what do I know. Three sigma off the bell curve maximal and most are taken back, by the bold redirection proposed. I can not find intellectual flaws in what I see in offering THE FOUNDING FATHER PRINCIPLES once again to America. Many agree with me, but say forget it, you cant make a difference. But I have always rejected the word "cant". I do see a glorious rebirth ahead for our country, with or without me, as the eternal optimist.