Title Page and Overview

Title Page and Overview

A Proposal to Terminate Bullion Manipulation 

The Dream Team, John Embry, Sprott Assets, Team Leader 

Turd Ferguson          Bill Haynes         Thor Gjerdrum
Plaintiff              Plaintiff           Plaintiff
tfmetalsreport.com     CMI Gold & Silver   AMark

William Murphy        Brian Crumbaker     James Hausman
Plaintiff              Plaintiff           Plaintiff
lemetropolecafre.com   GoldLine            Gold Center

Derrick Michael Reid   Attorney            Attorney 
Of Counsel             Proximal Counsel    Distal Counsel
totalcontrol.com       Not Selected        Preferably Selected

Primary Counsel        Secondary Counsel   Tertiary Counsel
Chicago Law Firm       Chicago Law Firm    Chicago Law Firm
Not Selected           Not Selected        Not Selected

Andrew McGuire         William Kaye        James Turk 
Coghan Capital         Pacific Group       Gold Money 
Primary Expert         Primary Expert      Primary Expert

Sandeep Jaitly         Ben Davies          Richard Guthrie
Bullion Basis          Hindsight Capital   LeMetropoleCafe
Secondary Expert       Secondary Expert    Secondary Expert

William Grant          James Rickards      Eric Sprott 
Things that go Hmm     Tagent Capital      Sprott Assets 
Tertiary Expert        Tertiary Expert     Tertiary Expert


J P Morgan Chase Inc. Defendant



aka Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Geedster

The TEAM (Comprising one Commander as Of Counsel, three Primary Extra Territorial Experts, 6 Secondary and Tertiary Experts, and three Chicago litigators, plus two local counsel auxiliaries. 

Expert Andrew McQuire for predictive prima faci Manipulation of price (Direct proof of Price Manipulation)

Expert William Kaye for translating MAGUIRE Manipulation as to best probable inferred nefarious internal operations.

Expert Richards LPCF for Graphics, and Supporting Inference.

Incidental Local law firm, 1 local rules filer and 1 backup.

Plaintiff holds AGE and ASE Damaged by Manipulation

District Court in gun-toting State Forum Shopping. 

File complaint Plaintiff v JPM with Preliminary Injunction. 

Injunction motion shows actual price manipulation, and infers by who by COT & Bank Participation, admission letter, and probable business nefarious operations. 

Opposition to PI motion reveals by ADMISSIONS of actual internal operations.

Rely uses ADMISSIONS of internal operations showing nefarious internal business operation and PRICE, both as DIRECT PROOF and proximal causation, to have injunction issued couched in terms of FIPOs, Chinese walls, polled time staggered sells, threshold gross dollar amounts.

Settlement: Stops manipulation and pays lump sum dollars.

Case Over, Price Discovery Recovery is had in the Bullion Space.

Consequences, Central Banks globally fall one by one and paper money is trashed as freedom is restored to the peoples. 

GAME OVER, litigation approached is used against remaining 14 bullion banks of the Gold Cartel to end price manipulation.
 Case Caption
Plaintiff Attorney Of Counsel 
Plaintiff Chicago Attorney Firm 
Plaintiff Attorney A
Plaintiff Attorney B
Plaintiff Attorney C
Plaintiff Auxiliary Firms
Plaintiff Attorney D
Plaintiff Attorney E
Defendant New York Attorney Firm
Defendant Attorney A
Defendant Attorney B
Defendant Attorney C
Defendant In House Attorney Firm
Defendant Attorney D
Defendant Attorney E
Defendant Attorney F
Defendant local Firm
Defendant Attorney G
US Attorneys Amici
United States District Court In and For the 
City and County of Lincoln Lancaster Nebraska USA
Plaintiff, Servicer,  ) 
Retailer, Wholesaler  )        Civil Complaint for 
Persons & Corporations) Injunctive Relief and Damages
v                     ) Using In House and Client funds 
JP Morgan Defendant   ) for Manipulating Bullion Market
A New York Corporation) of Gold and Silver Causing
and Doe Officers      ) Personal Damages In Said County
of said defendant     ) For Price Manipulation using House 
and Roe Persons and   ) and Client Funds, Front Running,
and Doe Corporations  ) Conspiracy, Sedition, Supporting 
acting under control  ) Cause of Action A RICO Racketeering 
and Roe Corporations  ) Cause of Action B Fraud and Deceit 
Acting In Concert     ) Cause of Action C Market Interference 
 Complaint Body, Brief Form

Jurisdiction Diversity of Citizenship

Interference and Fraud by pooling in house money and or client money defendants have used sells orders to manipulate the bullion market. 

Plaintiff holding AGE ASE has been damaged by said manipulation.

Defendant acts in concert with said Doe Person and said Doe 

Defendant and said doe persons and said Roe Corporations using in house and or client pooled money to perfects global and domestic manipulation. 

Defendants have rigged the bullion markets by manipulations

Defendants have front run the bullion markets by manipulations.

Primary Defendant have used doe persons, doe corporations, and or roe corporations in a criminal enterprise under RICO. 

Defendants have used said manipulations to subvert the US Government and agency and Judiciary and Regulatory authorities such as the CFTC to perfect said RICO crimes and .  

Defendants as a pseudo US Government back have acted selfishly towards clients, treasonably sold bullion to China knowing the FRN was likely to fail and thus sold way the US last ditch defense to total anarchy, and rigged the bullion space, and conspiratorially front run the bullion space to prefect its treason.

Claims for Relief
Punitive Damages  $15,000,000,000
Actual Damages         $6,000,000 Generally Unknown
Nominal Damages                $1

Injunctive relief Chinese wall between in house money and client money

Injunctive relief FIFO client money staggered over time.

Injunctive relief Staggered time sails of pooled in house or client funds

Injunctive relief Threshold in house money before sells over time.