List of characters and Table of Aspects

LIST OF CHARACTERS and Table of Aspects

============ PLAINTIFFS =================================
FERGUSON     Mr Turd Ferguson is the owner of TFMetalsreports.
             Mr Ferguson is designated Plaintiff and 
             Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert.

MURPHY       William J. Murphy III is the Chairman of the Gold
             Anti-Trust Action Committee and owner of
    A graduate of the School of
             Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968.
             Mr. Murphy is designated a Plaintiff and
             Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert. 

A MARK       A Los Angeles CA Bullion Wholesaler
             Selected Corporate officer can act. 

GOLD         A Springfield IL Bullion Wholesaler
CENTER       Selected Corporate officer can act.

CMI GOLD     A Phoenix AZ Bullion Retailer
& SILVER     Bill Haynes is an expert on currencies

GOLDLINE     A Manhattan Beach CA Retailer
             Selected Corporate officer can act.

TEAM         A general named assigned to plaintiff, plaintiff
             counsel and plaintiff experts

============ FENANCIER ======================================

FINANCIER    A name assigned an individual, organization, or
             or group to fund the proposed case 

============ NEWS BROADCASTERS ===============================
KWN          King World News, Mr. Eric King, Broadcaster and
             editor for Audio broadcast and News Print. 

GATA         Gold Anti Trust Action Committee, Mr Chris Powell
             corporate Secretary and Editor at, for
             Print, for posting News Print.

WATCHDOG     USA Watch Dog dot com, Mr Gregg Hunter, for News 
             Print visual video Clips and posting interviews.
============ PLAINIFF COUNSEL ==============================
PLAINTIFF    A general name assigned to OF COUNSEL, three 
             DISTAL COUNSEL local counsel. 

REID         Maybe simply stated as REID. 
OF COUNSEL   Mr Derrick Michael Reid has experience in 
             Political, Military, Engineering, Patent 
             Law, Bullion Market, and is designated,
             Plaintiff Of Counsel Commanding Plaintiff
             team of Attorneys to move to district HQ. 

PLAINTIFF    The three primary litigating plaintiff 
LAW FIRM     counsel for a Chicago Law Firm

PRIMARY      Fictitious name of Primary lead counsel,
COUNSEL      and a member of the a Chicago law Firm.

SECONARY     Fictitious name of Secondary lead counsel,
COUNSEL      and a member of the a Chicago law Firm.

TERTIARY     Fictitious name of Tertiary lead counsel,
COUNSEL      and a member of the a Chicago Law Firm.

============ PLAINTIFF LOCAL COUNSEL ======================
PROXIMAL     A Fictitious name given to Local Counsel, 
CONSEL       having a Local Law in the district in which
             the law suit is to be filed.

DISTAL       A name given Mr Brian Hannemann, a California
COUNSEL      attorney who understands Bullion Market Generally, 
             and can function as URL searcher, with 
             Backup Discovery Experience and is a member.
             of TFMR

============ PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ===================
PLAINTIFF    A general name for plaintiff experts, 
EXPERTS      comprises 3 primary plaintiff experts, 
             3 secondary plaintiff experts, any number
             of tertiary experts from TFMR and LMPC 
             members, and any number of auxiliary
             plaintiff experts

PLAINTIFF    Maybe truncated to simply primary experts
PRIMARY      A group designated and the three primary 
EXPERTS      plaintiff expert to appear for plaintiff  


PLAINTIFF    Maybe truncated to simply secondary experts,
SECONDARY    and is A group of additional or back up 
EXPERTS      primary plaintiff Experts to add weight to 
             the primary plaintiff expert testimony

PLAINTIFF    Maybe truncated to simply tertiary experts,
TERTIARY     and is a group of additional plaintiff 
EXPERTS      experts from the general population of gold 
             bullion notables and TFMR and LMPC. 

PLAINTIFF    Truncated to simply auxiliary experts,
AUXILIARY    A name assigned to auxiliary plaintiff experts
EXPERTS      to provide supporting weight to case and from 
             TFMR and  LMPC to the extent of showing

============ BULLION SERVICE MEMBERS ==================
TFMR         Turd Ferguson metals report, a bullion
             service, owned by plaintiff FERGUSON, and 
             having TFMR members having Audio Pod Casts, 
             Posting of Video Clip, and New Print, and 
             Graphic Displays

LMPC         Lemetrocafe, a bullion service, owned by
             backup plaintiff MURPHY, and having LMPC
             Members having News Print and Graphic 

===================== DEFENDANT ATTORNEYS =============
DEFENDANT    A general name for defendants attorneys,
COUNSEL      and most probably based in New York. 

DEFENDANT    A Fictitious name for JPM defendants, 
LOCAL        COUNSEL  as yokel is fictitious for a local
===================== DEFENDANT EXPERTS ===============
DEFENDANT    A general name for JPM Defendant experts 
EXPERTS      witnesses, which expert will try to discredit
             plaintiff experts considered as torpedoes

DEFENDANT    A fictitious name for JPM defendant employee 
TRAITORS     bearing witness against any of the name 
             defendants as internal whistle blowers

============ PRIMARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS  ===============
MAGUIRE      Mr Andrew Maguire having prediction price
             manipulation of bullion market, and is 
             designated a primary plaintiff expert,
             based in London, believed.

KAYE         Mr William Kaye of Pacific Group, based in 
             Hong Kong, understand global bullion flows
             and business organizations and designated 
             as a primary plaintiff expert. 

TURK         Operates Gold Money, provided Articles and 
             videos, articulate knowlegeable. 

============ SECONDARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ================
DAVIES       Mr Ben Davies CEO of Hinde Capital, and 
             understand business operations, and 
             designated as secondary plaintiff expert,
             believed based in London

JAITLY       Mr. Jaitly works at Sandeep as economist and 
             as an editor of a bullion news letter

RICHARD      Richard Guthrie is a regular guest in the Midas 
             Column by back up Plaintiff MURPHY, and 
             understand Bullion and can generate Graphics

============ TERTIARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ================
GRANT        William Grant, Investment Manager, and 
             Editor of Things that make you go 
             hmmmm, based in Singapore.

RICKARDS     Mr James Rickards is an investment banker at 
             Tangent Capital, Author of Currency War, 
             knows Bullion, Banking, Legal, Finance.

SPROTT       Mr Eric Sprott is the CEO of Sprott Asset 
             Management, follows bullion supply and demand


SINCLAIR     Mr. James Sinclair of JSMineSet for posting
             of video clips, graphic displays and printed 
             matter, CEO of Tanzania Royalty, and is also 
             know as Mr Gold, and is a Gold Market Expert

EMBRY        Mr John Embry is a Strategist for Sprott Asset,
             based in Canada, understand Global Affects,
             best used as FINANCIER and TEAM leader.

DENVER       Dave in Denver blogging at The Golden Truth 
             writing regularly for Midas Lemetropolecafe

============ AUXILIARY PLAINTIFF EXPERTS ================
TRASHMAN     A Fictitious expert in bullion price action of 
             a history of posting Premium. One of Plaintiffs 

LEALER       A Fictitious expert in bullion price action of 
             history Least Rates. One of Plaintiffs

CAPPER       An fictitious expert in bullion price action 
             capping of 2% on the upside. One of Plaintiffs

MINTER       An fictitious expert in US Mint production 
             of AGE and ASE. One of Plaintiffs

SHOPPER      An fictitious expert in Local Coin Shops 
             supplies and price divergence. 
             One of Plaintiffs 

FALLGUY      And fictitious expert in frequent down drafts 
             in bullion Price, the hallmark of price 
             manipulation One of Plaintiffs

 Table of Aspects

SECTION 0 Prologue and REID

016  Aspect 0.0 Prologue, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths
027  Aspect 0.1 REID is an Expert in Five Fields
027  Aspect 0.2 REID has Neural Net and Computing Power
029  Aspect 0.3 REID as Commanding General
029  Aspect 0.4 REID is a Grandiose Alpha Werewolf 
035  Aspect 0.5 REID is Ready for the Case. 
036  Aspect 0.6 REID has a Robust Resume
038  Aspect 0.7 REID is Retired with Legal Bar Dismissal
038  Aspect 0.8 REID Wears Five Cross Dimensional Hats
039  Aspect 0.9 REID has Disdain for the Legal Profession 
044  Aspect 0.10 REID has an Aggressive Spiritual Psychology
045  Aspect 0.11 REID has made a Call to Arms

SECTION 1 The Team

046  Aspect 1.0 The Plaintiff Team 
047  Aspect 1.1 Cast of Characters
051  Aspect 1.2 The Plaintiff 
053  Aspect 1.3 Plaintiff Experts 
054  Aspect 1.4 Plaintiff Attorneys 
056  Aspect 1.5 Plaintiff Core Team 
057  Aspect 1.6 Local Counsel
058  Aspect 1.7 The Chicago Law Firm 
059  Aspect 1.8 Secondary and Tertiary Plaintiff Experts 
060  Aspect 1.9 Auxiliary Experts at TFMR and LMPC
060  Aspect 1.10 Demand Letters to Defendants 
061  Aspect 1.11 Defendants Attorney Generally 
061  Aspect 1.12 HQ Advanced Preparations upon Funding 
064  Aspect 1.13 General Litigation Process Flow

SECTION 2 Complaint and Hearing

070  Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes of Actions
079  Aspect 2.1 Proximal Counsel Hearing Prologue Remarks
081  Aspect 2.2 Of Counsel Hearing Opening Remarks 
082  Aspect 2.3 Prayer for Injunctive Relief and Motion Hearing
086  Aspect 2.4 Defendants Manipulations Since 2009 
087  Aspect 2.5 Defendants Anticipatory Smashed in Usual Course
087  Aspect 2.6 Fungible Combined In House and Client Money
088  Aspect 2.7 Treasonous Sells and China Accumulations
089  Aspect 2.8 Plaintiff General Proof and Motion Showing 
090  Aspect 2.9 Pending Motion Discovery and Motion Showing 
092  Aspect 2.10 Plaintiff Rigging Hypothesis and Discovery 
093  Aspect 2.11 Plaintiff Front Running Hypothesis
093  Aspect 2.12 Plaintiff Business Hypothesis Market Action 
094  Aspect 2.13 Graphics Expert Proof and Motion Showing 
094  Aspect 2.14 Plaintiff Expert Proof and Motion Showing 
095  Aspect 2.15 Judicial Notice of Indisputable Facts
096  Aspect 2.16 Injunction Naked Short Sales Prohibitions
096  Aspect 2.17 No Sherman Act or Position Limits Claim 
097  Aspect 2.18 Military Scrimmaging of Defendants
097  Aspect 2.19 List and Acronyms used in Files Papers
098  Aspect 2.20 FED US Defendant Criminal Conspiracy
098  Aspect 2.21 FED US Defendant Motion Strategy
100  Aspect 2.22 Equitable Relief Proof and Motion Showing 
100  Aspect 2.23 Hear Say Evidence Generally Admitted
101  Aspect 2.24 Defendant Dominant Positions Assures Manipulation.
102  Aspect 2.25 Gold Cartel Racketeering the Bullion Space

SECTION 3 Financier and Funding 

103  Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget of 6m$ for one year
105  Aspect 3.1 Practical Business Operations
107  Aspect 3.2 Counsel and Expert Fees Expenses Retainers
107  Aspect 3.3 Financier to Must Fund Case in Advance
108  Aspect 3.4 Compliant filing and Injunction Hearing 
108  Aspect 3.5 Attorneys and Experts Skin in the Game
108  Aspect 3.6 Attorney Attire Court Dress Code
109  Aspect 3.7 California Distal URL and Discovery Attorney
109  Aspect 3.8 Marketing of Plan and Acquiring Funding
110  Aspect 3.9 Problems Raising Venture Capital
110  Aspect 3.10 KISS Marketing at Totalitarian Democracy 
111  Aspect 3.11 Lecture Available to Group of Funders 
111  Aspect 3.12 Mechanics of Initial Funding
112  Aspect 3.13 Plaintiff Inherent Advantages 
114  Aspect 3.14 Movie Producer as the Financier 
115  Aspect 3.15 Private Party as the Financier 

SECTION 4 Preparations 

116  Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Complaint 
119  Aspect 4.1 Simple Proof and Showing and Graphics 
120  Aspect 4.2 Filing and Injunction Moving Papers
121  Aspect 4.3 Cut and Paste Attorney Efficiencies
121  Aspect 4.4 Budget for One Year of Litigation
121  Aspect 4.5 Attorneys Bullion Understandings 
122  Aspect 4.6 Pooled FIFOs, Walls, Staggered Sells and Thresholds 
124  Aspect 4.7 Broadcasting Exclusivity Licensing
125  Aspect 4.8 Invitees and Others Invited to the Rallies 
125  Aspect 4.9 MOPE the Supporters Providing Nation Campaign
126  Aspect 4.10 Misdirections, Surprises and Confusion 
126  Aspect 4.11 Headquarters Command Facilities 
127  Aspect 4.12 Preliminary Funding Solicitations
128  Aspect 4.13 MOPE Fight Song, Hats and Flags
129  Aspect 4.14 Bias of a US District Judge
131  Aspect 4.15 Attorney and Expert Assignments
131  Aspect 4.16 Discovery Initiated upon Complaint Filing 
133  Aspect 4.17 Secrecy Before Filing the Complaint 
133  Aspect 4.18 Permits and Advertising of MOPE Rallies
133  Aspect 4.19 Pod Casts for National MOPE Rallies

SECTION 5 Burden of Proof 

133  Aspect 5.0 Burden of Proof at Injunction Hearing 
135  Aspect 5.1 Presentation at the Injunction Hearing 
137  Aspect 5.2 Defendants Nefarious Conduct
138  Aspect 5.3 Defendants Injunction Prohibitions 
138  Aspect 5.4 China Drift Enabling Treasonous Bullion Sells 
139  Aspect 5.5 Experts Generally Do Not Cross Dimension
141  Aspect 5.6 Price Rigs, Front Runs, Shorts Buys, Drift Sells 
143  Aspect 5.7 Defendants Turn Coats Traitors Testimony
143  Aspect 5.8 Inference and Direct Expert Testimony
143  Aspect 5.9 Defendant Hiding Manipulation in the Market

SECTION 6 Preliminary Injunctions 

144  Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Preliminary Injunction Relief 
145  Aspect 6.1 Misdirecting the Enemy and Total Confusion 
146  Aspect 6.2 Preliminary Injunction Shall Have No Wiggle Room
147  Aspect 6.3 Public Notice and Motions for Continuance


148  Aspect 7.0 Discovery Before Trial and Trial
151  Aspect 7.1 Plaintiff Communications Hubs
151  Aspect 7.2 US Justice Counsel Will Be Court Amici
151  Aspect 7.3 Plaintiffs Experts Consultants Commentators

SECTION 8 Case Duration 

152  Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages
153  Aspect 8.1 General Time Table of Case Prosecution
153  Aspect 8.2 Consent Dismissal and Settlement 
154  Aspect 8.3 Cross Complaints for Malicious Prosecution
154  Aspect 8.4 Singularly Solely Complain  

SECTION 9 Summary

154  Aspect 9.0 Summary and Conclusions 
154  Aspect 9.1 Offers to Settle and Misdirections
155  Aspect 9.2 Moral Releases and Justice Jail Time
156  Aspect 9.3 Agreement Signature Page 

SECTION 10 Appendix

157  Aspect 10.0 Appendix of Personal Posts (Attached)