Cover Page and Table of Contents

Cover Page and Table of Contents  

A Proposal to Terminate Bullion Manipulation 
A Plan for Ridding from the Bullion Space, 
the mob boss JPM and the Gold Cartel, for
Terminating Bullion Price Manipulation. 
This document is hereby made public for anyone to review and copy and diseminate at will as a public service to the nation. I believe all the information contained herein is true and correct.

Yours, Derrick Michael Reid July 2013 
This document was never editing and proof read. 

Table of Contents


Cover Page, Ending Manipulation ---------------- Page 1

Table of Contents ------------------------------ Page 2

Title Page, The Dream Team, Tentative ---------- Page 3

Overview, Injunction Strategy ------------------ Page 4

Case Caption, Brief Form ----------------------- Page 5

Complaint Body, Brief Form --------------------- Page 6

List of Characters, Tentative ------------------ Pages 7-11

Table of Aspects, Generally Stated ------------- Pages 12-15

Aspect of plan, Generally Stated --------------- Pages 16-156

Appendix, Posted Comments by REID -------------- Attached 157