Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages

Aspect 8.0 Time Segment Litigation Stages

The eight part of the attack plan is a general over view of the time wise prosecution of the case to effectively enjoin JPM from the bullion space. The case focuses is always upon the immediate JPM target. The general case attack plan is segmented into four time parts. There four operational segments consisting of 1) funding to and including preparation, 2) complaint filing to the hearing, 3) from the hearing to any counter punching, and 4) from the counter punching to any trial. All four time segments are in to the same district court before the same district Judge. While ROE and DOE persons and corporation are listed on the complaint, that is mostly to preserve depositions rights, and discovery, and it may have some intimidation value, but those ROE and DOE defendants would probably not be named at all, and a trial if any, will most likely only be against the real villain JPM, the real target of the case. 

The court public records should be full enough for US Justice to then go after JPM officers. By the end of the third counter punching time segment, JPM, the named DEFENDANT should settle the case. Each segment is about three months in planned duration. There will be no professional courtesy given, expect only common civility with no mercy and no pity, shown at any time, by the TEAM. An undertone of contempt for the defendants may be appropriately displayed at the rallies.

Aspect 8.1 General Time Table of Case Prosecution

Time table is important, so all can synchronize their watches.

Brainwave 4/29/13 Light Bulb Turns On
Coded Drafting 5/21/13 Spy Secret Work
Re-Writing 6/7/13 Into English Version
Daft Editing 6/24/13 Polishing and Editing
Edit and Final 6/30/13 Woo the Big Cheese
Funding 7/1/13 to 7/14/13 Cash on the Barrow
Launch 7/14/13 to 7/31/13 Selection of Team Players
Preparation 8/1/13 11/14/13 Getting Down to Business
Filing and Rally 11/15/13 Thanksgiving Party
Hearing and Rally 12/20/14 Christmas Party
Injunction Issued 12/17/14 Christmas Presents
Settlement Dismissal 2/14/15 Valentine Cards

Legal world moves very slow, especially for REID in light speed, but that is the legal system. One can figure by Valentine Day 2014, the manipulation in the bullion space by JPM will be over, and that gold bugs can stop crying about JPM and move one to next serious player in the Gold Cartel. But the plan will be a matter of Court record for adoption, and will function as a silver platter for US Justice. 

Aspect 8.2 Consent Dismissal and Settlement 

The case will probably be settled with defendant under a confidential consent order and dismissal. The defendant would consent not to participating in the bullion space or be limited so as not to dump henceforth, that is, to comply with injunction terms. 

The suit documents filed can be copied and replicated by anyone. The suit will allege 5B$ in damages. It is though at 100 million dollars is sought as a slump sum paid by the defendant subject to sharing. As part of a confident consent dismissal, JPM would agree to pay plaintiffs for fees and costs plus a sump sum. That lump sum shall be distributed.

REID shall be wholly responsible for accepting at his sole discretion any settlement offer and negotiating the any settlement, with plaintiff input as consideration only, and shall be responsible for the distribution of any funds received pursuant to settlement. REID shall be wholly responsible for designating any plaintiff, expert, counsel, possible plaintiff, standby expert, consultant or commentator. 

Aspect 8.3 Cross Complaints for Malicious Prosecution

JPM will expectantly cross complain against the PLAINTIFFs for various causes, as is the typical legal nonsense, to attempt to intimidate the PLAINTIFFs. PLAINTIFFs must remain steadfast and not fall for this shallow ruse. The only liability of any import is for malicious prosecution in the civil context. But, the record, complaint and moving papers will be so damning to JPM that such causes will certainly fail, and are really asserted as intimidating empty farces for public consumption. 

Aspect 8.4 Singularly Solely Complain 

    It may be that DOE and ROE fictitious individual defendants and DOE and ROE fictitious corporation defendants not even appear on the complaint as a means of simplifying the case and prevent JPM delays and discovery confusion. This issue will be addressed when REID interviews the Chicago PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and a decision is made then. First indications are that they will be dropped from complaint for simplicity and cost reductions.