Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Preliminary Injunctive Relief

Aspect 6.0 Sustaining Preliminary Injunctive Relief

The sixth part of the attack plan is the sustaining the injunctive relief won at the hearing. JPM may unduly influence the FED bank or US Agencies in general, but the main motivation is greed. The bullion space is but a small portion on the profits of JPM who might be concerned over the fallout from the Judge when injunction relief is granted. Expectations are that the moving papers may be intimidating enough for JPM to settle immediately. 

It may be that JPM looks to the injunctive bond requirement for the injunction not to issue. However, proper protection of plaintiff should dove tail back into the bond requirements. The complainers cant afford a ten billion bond no doubt requested. It a farce played by JPM to scare plaintiffs, who has to be tough, throughout, and follow orders, but the bonding and reconsideration counter punching is a forlorn hope for JPM. The bonding amount would be excessive, in view of complainer protection and corporate limited liability should render personal wealth untouchable. Also, and more important, JPM will not be seriously damaged as they will still be permitted to sale, because the injunctive relief is specifically tailored to allow sales but without dumping and price manipulation. 

One can expect motions for reconsideration and excessiveness in bonding as a response to the injunction order and bond requirement. Also, to the extend that JPM shows damage by the injunction, JPM again admit to their nefarious business activity, thus again showing the price manipulation, as the counter punch dove tails back into proving PLAINTIFFs case. 

But having enjoin JPM, with a limited bond required, extreme preferential prejudice for the PLAINTIFFs will be had before the Judge and will be felt by all, which Judge, of course, never makes a mistake in self glory to save the country. DEFENDANT COUNSEL will be expected to seek excessive bonds and motion for reconsideration of any injunction, and thus give the PLAINTIFF yet another bite to prove its case. 

Injunctive relief obtained will be sustained but with a bond minimally set, and if any appeal from such an injunction, it would takes months or years while JPM is enjoined. It is expected that JMP will settle having it counter punches then exhausted with a standing injunction. 

The TEAM will MOPE the people and bias the Judge during the injunction hearing, placing much pressure upon the Judge for focusing the Judge at the HEARING, with MOPE people nationwide, US Government support, flag waiving rally people, fight song singing rally people, yellow hat wearing rally people, and nationwide MOPE people, will dovetails back into preparation for the hearing for a full press upon JPM and the Judge. The case will be placed on public record, even with a protective order, with access to the US Attorney. Hence, there is really no need for PLAINTIFFs to deliver a silver platter to US Justice to imprison JPM officers. 

Aspect 6.1 Misdirecting the Enemy and Total Confusion

There are plenty of opportunities to misdirect DEFENDANT COUNSEL, to keep them looking elsewhere and out of focus for mistakes, as they milk JPM, as the client seen coming by DEFENDANT COUNSEL. In the opening statement by REID will set the stage before passing the ball to the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL for expert examination and to the PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL for plaintiff examination. 

REID should start off with the formalities befitting the dignified court of the Judge, and specifically, the REID will, with all due respect, of course, and mislead, confuse, and confront the DEFENDANT COUNSEL with JPM evil deeds in an overwhelming way. REID will indicate that the Judge knows the law in simple tort actions, but that, the DEFENDANT COUNSEL should not spend it time to teach the Judge, as a waste of court time, as thus, clowns and comedians should shut up and sit down when in court. REID will characterize the DEFEDANTS as evasive, not wanting to let the truth be know, to enhance the over all set up of JPM to provide opposition papers with meaningful information that the TEAM is use in reply as admissions against interest, which is direct proof of PLAINTIFFs case. The DEFENDANT COUNSEL are traditional attorneys and are easy to manipulate swimming in self interest personal greed. REID will use DEFENDANT COUNSEL traditional styles as to the advantage of the TEAM, always, using the supposed strength of JPM against JPM. Misdirection will be had at all times particularly during discovery, initial filings, settlement letters, PLAINTIFFs examination, EXPERT examinations, and during cross examination of DEFENDANTs experts by REID.  

Aspect 6.2 Preliminary Injunction Shall Have No Wiggle Room

Wiggle room is common task for DEFENDANTs faced with an injunction. Enjoined DEFENDANTs will modify internal operations to avoid poorly written injunctions through wiggle room in these poorly drafted injunction prohibitions. So, the injunction must be focused, buttoned up and skin tight, allowing no wiggle room for JPM to effectively dodge the injunction so as to shut down price manipulation means. Hence, Client Pooled FIFOs, Chinese Walls, Staggered sales, and Threshold Amounts will be used to remove any wiggle room. The injunction will be comprehensively crafted using the engineering mind of REID avoid injunction dodge by JPM.

The enjoining of price manipulation will provide price discover and pressure the FRN so as to reduce greedster undue influence over US Government and FED bank. Thus, the JPM and FED banks conspiracy will be effectively is destroyed by the issued injunction. ZIRP and QE will not be used to enable JPM to continue its price manipulation and FED bank undue influence. Thus, the TEAM heroically rescues the FED bank from the undue influence of the greedsters, while concurrently stopping criminal price manipulation. 

The US Government will effectively join and support the TEAM to take down of JPM in public. The US Government can play this up for the public MOPE. The US Government and people will support the TEAM which finally effectively takes down a TBTF TBTJ wall street greedsters as the people rally to the bonnie blue banner of the TEAM and US Government in the public arena. The TEAM will produce and thus provide a comprehensive public records as a de facto silver platter to US Justice to put the officers of JPM and the perpetrators behind bars. The US Government comes out of this action clean and rosy, but JPM is enjoined while the FED bank is freed from undue influence. The MOPE people and rallies will pressure the judge, as part of a full court press upon the bias of the Judge to support the TEAM at the HEARING to enjoin JPM.  

The entire process all doves tails back upon itself and particularly into supporting the TEAM by ancillary Government and people forces at the HEARING. JPM cant dodge the injunctive when the relief is written well, which injunctions avoid positions limits and gross sells of in house and client money, and thus, the trap of JPM is complete. 

With the US Government in support, the case process tends to minimize risks of bribery of the Judge as the Government would be all over the case. JPM is out gunned by the TEAM and is mouse trapped by the tort claims, with US Government blessings, as the TEAM provides a full court record, the silver platter, to the Government for subsequent criminal prosecution of the executives of JPM, thus ending TBTF and TBTJ while freeing the bullion space. It will take at least one election cycle, 2016 to educate the people and open door and create a libertarian greens by 2020 to possibly politically rule in the USA, if the Republican party remain stagnant. 

Aspect 6.3 Public Notice and Motions for Continuance

There shall be no continuance of the action. Plaintiff and Experts need to be flown into the district, and continuances cause much logistical problems, and the TEAM shall insist that local time table rules be complied with. REID went public of the intent to bring JMP into court by tort actions by posting at LemetropoleCafe and at TFMetalsreport and specifically a public blog at Townhall beginning on May 29 2013 naming JPM as the target. 

The hearing by schedule is for February 14 2014, thus giving JPM eight months to prepare to defend in a civil court action, the three causes of action. Any claim or motion by JPM of being blind sided by the TEAM is merely a delay tactic, attempting to defeat the entire purpose to having local time rules of the District Court.