Aspect 5.0 Burdens of Proof at Injunction Hearing

Aspect 5.0 Burdens of Proof at Injunction Hearing 

The fifth part of the attack plan is a detailed focus on burdens presented for the HEARING before the presiding Judge. The standard for review in the a civil case context is more probable than not, a mere fifty one percentile. In civil cases, inferences of proximal causation and direct proximal causation will be in play. Such inferences are used to shift the burden and are used as an intended set up of the DEFENDANT in the complaint, injunction motions and summary judgement motions all filed concurrently in the District Court. 

The moving filed papers will put the DEFENDANT in an untenable position, that will be fully exploited by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. In typical motions, there is 1) moving, 2) opposition, 3) reply, and 4) sir-reply papers filed in the court before the Judge. The moving papers will provide at least an inference, which is indirect proximal cause, to shift the burden, that will be sufficient in civil cases without rebuttal in opposition. Addition direct proximal causation adds weight. The moving papers minimally draw inferences as proof and as part of the set up of JPM, with the DEFENDANT's opposition containing damaging admissions that will be used against JPM as admission against interests of JPM providing then addition direct proof. That is the primary set up of JPM. The moving papers will minimally provide sufficient proximal causation for a ruling in favor of PLAINTIFF' as preemptive set up of JPM.

MAGUIRE and other experts will supply facts for necessary inferences drawn to price manipulation by JPM. KAYE supply the inference of commercial evil business internal operations and global bullion flows resulting in the manipulation of the bullion paper prices and the treasonous selling of bullion to China, all of which are mostly hidden from direct view for years, and can mostly be only inferred. JPM will be effectively shell shocked, inundated and concurrently misdirected. JPM will be forced to state admissions on the record in reply in defense of the moving papers. TURK or JAITLY or WILLIAMS among others EXPERTS will show that JPM is the probable culprit. PLAINTIFF having COT and Auxiliary EXPERT experience will also finger JPM as the culprit. A letter introduced by judicial notice will also support direct evidence to show that JPM is the only one that could possible influence bullion prices.

PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs will finger JPM as the price manipulator in the moving papers. JPM may just settle with PLAINTIFF within a week of filing the complaint and moving papers as that should trigger a rise in bullion price alone as well as share drop of JPM stock shares. A serious continued public exposure of nefarious conduct by JPM in the bullion space may not be worth it to JPM and their bottom line profits as bullion profits are but a small portion of profits made by JPM. JPM may react as smart business people and attempt to settle just after the filing of the complaint and moving motion papers. 

In the oppositions, DEFENDANT COUNSEL and DEFENDANT EXPERTs will be forced to rebut the inference and direct evidence presented, but in so doing, will then place admissions upon the record, which in reply by PLAINTIFF will be used against JPM. JPM may try rehabilitation of itself in the sir-reply, but it is impossible to unring a bell and to seriously rebut one own damaging admissions. All the time, the Judge, being initially biased and then heavily biased further still by rallies, will be focusing on the just the facts to justify issuance of an injunction to save the country from ruination and be the glorious national savior. 

In making its decision, the Judge will be torn on two sides, one side is that the Judge can be improbably impeached by the US Senate and is required to follows socialistic Supreme Court precedents, and on the other side, the MOPE rallied people demanding at end to TBTF TBTJ and his oath to the defend the Constitution with its plain language. The judicial out for the Judge is to cite all decisions based upon simple tort law and the plain reading of Constitution and then issue the injunction. Thus, JPM will be enjoined with the Judge on solid legal ground in rendering an opinion supporting the issuance of an injunction against JPM.

Right now, the Gold Cartel led by mob boss JPM are manipulating the bullion paper price on the Comex. The greedster bullion banks in bullion trading use mostly large obscene naked shorts, and are trying to wash out bullion holders and gold bugs out of their bullion, particularly those with weak hands, so as to profit and thereby move bullion into central bank hands and foreign country hands, by manipulating the paper Comex price downward, so that, the gold bugs and gold holders end up with little bullion, and the central banks will end up with nearly all of the bullion, as a prelude to an inevitable financial reset of central paper currency to a gold backed currency. In so doing, with the greedsters, such as officers of JPM will convert their illicit paper currency to bullion real money, when paper FRN currency fails as bullion rockets upward in price with the banksters and greedsters possessing nearly all the real gold and silver money wealth.

During this paper money reset, as the banksters and greedster manipulate the paper price, so as to damage the gold bugs and people and all of the PLAINTIFFs, the central banksters may become the buyers of bullion of last resort then buying up all the bullion possible using infinite quantitative easing. Hence, the central banksters and bullion bank greedsters will dominant the bullion space so that their officers can live like kings in the out years with nearly all of the real money bullion so as to continue their control of governments with continued undue influence and control over the people. It may take another five years up to a decade for the financial reset. The evil empire comprising banksters, greedsters, and unduly influenced totalitarians must be struck, struck now, struck hard and struck fast, to free the people, and end the crimes against government and the people. 

Aspect 5.1 Presentation at the Injunction Hearing 

At the hearing, PROXIMAL COUNSEL will also be assigned as introducing to the court, the PLAINTIFF and all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL befitting a dignified and respectful venue before the Judge presiding in court. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL makes prologue remarks. REID will follow with opening remarks. PROXIMAL COUNSEL then examines three PLAINTIFFs and DISTAL COUNSEL examines three other PLAINTIFFs. Then the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, the three Chicago attorneys, will provide respective examination of the three PLAINIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTs. 

At the Hearing, the idea is to get local counsel seriously in play before the Court, though each assignment given will not be that difficult, but PROXIMAL COUNSEL will get his fair share of public court speaking time before the Judge at the hearing. Thus, the TEAM need this associate local PROXIMAL COUNSEL by rule and by deed, as a well known orator local rules counsel from the HQ district. 

At the hearing, REID can and will shoot from the hip as necessary as the Judge will be cautioned by PROXIMAL COUNSEL during the prologue remarks by PROXIMAL COUNSEL that REID may have a very colorful speech pattern because of the plurality of skills, and thus REID ostensibly is obviously handicapped as the sympathy flows in the court. As such, REID should be given a wide room to lay it on very thick or light, as needed, while the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL COUNSEL are very straight forward as practiced litigators. 

At the hearing, comments will that JPM, is the mob boss and the undue influencer, home base is a stationary base in bed with the Wall Street Banksters and Wall Street Law Firms in the Southern district of NY, in the light touch, and then REID says nothing further about that, letting the Judge put two and two together in his own mind, and that JPM is undue influence peddling across the democratic election processes throughout the land and importantly through campaign contributions, with the DC District Court throwing out a CFTC case, by Childon of the US CFTC regulatory agency, of FED central banking agency. REID will speak in open court of bullion market rigging, the conspiratorial front running and electromagnetic detection signaling, with Judicial undue influencing, with US Agency undue influenced, painting JMP as the Wall Street MOB BOSS, with out reached tentacles extending from Wall Street NY and across the country.

Thus, REID should at the hearing or any motion for venue change will use the light touch of implicit suggestion of corruption, suggesting nation wide total influence peddling, for the righteous biasing of the Judge, who is the nations only savior, while the Judge defends the PROXIMAL COUNSEL, as kissing cousins.

At the Hearing, REID will pull out all the stops. The noble court will be sitting in equity, under its ecclesiastical jurisdiction. REID should note that JMP has alleged filthy hands of the most despicable grimy paws imaginable, deserving of absolutely no equitable considerations, whatsoever. After cross examination. PRIMARY, SECONDARY, TERTIARY, PROXIMAL, and DISTAL COUNSEL would sum up their respective examinations, followed by REID summation of entire whole using cross examinations testimony. PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will address and make all objections during the hearing.

There are plenty of videos on Blythe Master, a defendant officer, and her public admissions can be used against JPM, ripe for live action  impeachment. At the Hearing, the TEAM should have an inherent thirteen to one advantage over JPM because of biasing, paper content compression, comprehensively understand by a single mind, and because of the REID vicious cross dimensional skills. As part of preparation for any hearing or trial, discovery forms will be made with blank lines, and, upon receipt of opposition papers, expedited notices will be duly served to preserve justice, of course, with rapid filing runners and servers, to prevent any suspected perjury, and to avoid likely prevarication, with reporter transcripts, availability timed before the hearing. REID is highly skilled at humiliating experts in deposition so much so that REID cases never go to trial. In the HQ conference room, depositions can be had of DEFENDANT EXPERTS to just utterly humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs before the HEARING. As JPM stumbles around, REID will be ripping new holes in JPM defenses constantly with no let up until JPM settles the case completely as is the style of REID. 

Aspect 5.2 Defendants Nefarious Conduct

The nefarious actions can be simply stated has 1) price manipulation, 2) treasonous sales to China, 3) fiduciary breach against clients not receiving FMV during down price smashes, 4) fraudulent naked short selling, 5) undue influence upon the US Government, and 6) conspiratorial racketeering with fifteen bullion banks for manipulating the bullion space. 

For example, by dumping of regular small amounts or by stacking orders, the defendant can front run a bullion price drop through electronic signaling indicating immanent naked short sell dumps to other bullion banks. As another example, the China Market controlled by the Chinese government can be accommodating to get the actual bullion prices lower, to help out JPM then buy low and then use in-house to sale high to off load bullion to China. Thus, during the drops in price by China or JMP, client money does not get fair value, and thus a breach of fiduciary duty to JPM clients. 

TARP ZIRP and QE by the FED bank is also a contributor for enabling the bullion price manipulation, and treason and fiduciary breaches. With free currency, JPM can by undue influence to keep the FED bank accommodating in providing JPM will low interest rate money so as to enable JPM to perfect its crimes, manipulations and treason. As always, it’s the fault of JPM as the head MOB BOSS of the Wall Street greedsters and Gold Cartel, having Wall Street Law firms in support for recurring business and the banksters for recurring obscene bonuses. 

JPM uses clients money as sells order, but JPM does not FIFO stagger in time based upon incoming sell orders timing as would be fair. JPM pools client money sells order and then waits for the smash times, and then supports an initial roll off in bullion price with front running signal to get conspirator ready and then uses client money for the initial cascade down in price. JPM is thus committing two separate crimes of manipulation and conspiracy, thereby justifying racketeering clams with other banks of the Gold Cartel.

JPM and the Wall Street banksters rig democratic elections through campaign contributions nationwide, to also accommodate leftist and rightist political machines bent on using paper money to fulfill campaign promises, which paper money is the very means by which JPM manipulates the bullion markets. 

JPM, in the full court press, unduly influences the US Government while corrupting the election process. JPM does so in literal compliance with market and election laws, while hiding its active market manipulation and undue influences from the public with impunity form the US Attorney General and US Justice. 

Aspect 5.3 Defendants Injunction Prohibitions 

The injunctions shall be expansive in number so that, JPM does not continue the use of 1) pools of client or in-house money to manipulate the bullion space, 2) moneys for front running so to signal co-conspirators of the gold cartel of fifteen other bullion banksters, 3) moneys in campaign contributions for obtaining undue influence upon the US Government and to rig general elections, 4) moneys to treasonously sell bullion to China. 

Aspect 5.4 China Drift Enabling Treasonous Bullion Sells 

KAYE at KWN has described the "drift" up in bullion prices to allows the bullion banks to sell to china, for the double profits, as China, seeing the paper currency failure over the long term, is a huge buyer of bullion. There is an the alignment of goals, JPM profits and China bullion hoard increases. The drift up in price was first indicated by a globex after market drift up of a historical a stable China time price, that has recently change as the new normal, to add now China drifts down in price enabling JPM to buy low. This strongly suggests that JPM and China have conspired together if not overtly, indirectly.

This is all done in a general bullion bull market due to the prospective failure of the FRN that has been in place since 2000, when GS was actively doing the same bullion price manipulations. KAYE would be great as PLAINTIFF EXPERT.

Aspect 5.5 Gold Experts Generally Do Not Cross Dimension

GS in the early 2000-2008 time period was the dominant manipulator while puppeteering US Government and others, for even more profits. But MURPHY was relentless in his attacks upon GS. Adrian Douglas RIP monitored GS COT positions that went from very high to zero, meaning that GS bailed out of that relative tiny bullion market, no longer willing to take the heat from those like MURPHY. But, JPM took over the racket as the mob boss, and through COT started manipulating bullion prices in about 2009, and JPM soon took and maintain a dominant COT position, mostly through naked short sells in the futures market. 

David Morgan has fully indicated that JPM can hide its true position through COT reporting through over the counter activities. But any Gold Bug in the bullion space such as REID for thirteen years can tell that bullion prices are regularly smashed to the down side and then capped on the upside. There is no black magic here, but only mere mortals and machines, such as GS and JP and their trading platforms, who can flush the small speculators on the exchanges regularly and done so between 2009 and 2013, and thus, the bullion market is rigged with conspiratorial front running in that manipulation crime and racketeering. 

KAYE asserted bullion banks gain profits through futures arbitrage and GLD sales, indicating that COT small speculator flushes are not enough any more and hence, the new normal. Through future arbitrage and GLD price reflections of the Comex, JPM can price manipulate to buy low in future arbitrage and in GLD shares, and through Mellon bank, pick up GLD physical bullion and then treasonously sell bullion to open arms China as the price recovers, for the double increase of bottom line JPM profits. KAYE understand bullion flows movements, as well as general internal operation and could readily inferred internal JPM operations. 

MAGUIRE is excellent for showing predictive price manipulation for presenting the smoking gun to the Judge. MAGUIRE discovery is easily translatable into front end market action for rigging. Front running of small time displaced sales signals or sale order stacking to other bullion banks of pending cascade downward of market price, and for possible clues to internal JPM business operations. For JPM, its all about greed with plenty of profits to go around to all the bullion banks participating in the racket. 

MAGUIRE price manipulator market movement can be easily translated into a best guess by KAYE of internal operation for a first order inference of internal operations of JPM while physical bullion flows are inferred by reported from Honk Kong bullion imports. So, both prediction-inference or inference-inference are sufficient for court law suit to file actions and prosecuted, yet, gold notables with means and with sufficient probable cause have not yet moved. 

MAGUIRE with prediction-interference is apparently keeping his discovery close to chest, that is a first important clue. MAGUIRE then goes to the CFTC which would be before same corrupt DC court, which is a second major clue. Either gold notables and MAGUIRE are acting in self interest or are afraid of being shot dead by JPM, or lack the ability to take down the JMP greedster manipulator. The gold notables are wealthy and have the means to sue but don’t. The gold notables must talk to each other, such as, GATA and TURK. So, they communicate together, understand the manipulation, have the means to sue and stop the manipulation, having the necessary inference for probable cause to file suit, but don’t. Something is wrong. MAGUIRE is going down a proven wrong road while keeping his discovery close to chest. This is very strange. 

Max Keiser interviewed MAGUIRE who indicated that his discovery is confidential, yet its affects the public, and that really strange.  MAGUIRE can spill beans on the quite. The gold notables wont move on the greedster JPM. One has to ask why. What is the problem? The notables can afford parallel processing so it is not the means, and it is not probable cause, but it is the procedural wrong play, inadvertent or planned. One has to ask why? Maybe they are all afraid of getting shot dead even in extra territorial locations and out of the JPM greedster's home jurisdiction. That is a possible conclusion, they are all afraid. 

Maybe the gold notables have not met someone like REID who can do the job. Yet parallel processing is the same as REID, just way more expensive. But it is the same thing to kill the greedsters, so the hesitation is not finding one like REID. The gold notables hesitation can be simply fear of being shot dead, even in Canada or Hong Kong or London, as the reach of greedster guns can be far afield. There is a remote possibility that the gold notables and MAGUIRE are corrupt as well as the JPM greedsters, but sincerity has been felt for years, so corruption cant be the answer for the hesitation. 

Fear is a strong possibly why serious action has not been taken to date. Mortality can be a game changer even for those who have sincere conviction and understand the bullion price manipulation in process. Though, corruption and fear do not play in god fearing people, like REID. But, fear can may important to most mortal. The best play is for a take down fast and hard by a central HQ using small team of players forum shopping. MAGUIRE predictive-inference can be played in legal world with a command HQ with talented experts. The HQ may need security dogs with cameras in front yard and with security guards packing pistols. 

But MAGUIRE did go public, so fear is not the main reason for the hesitation, but some cause must be present and active for the hesitation. The hesitation by gold notables to stop the bullion manipulation must be the procedural failure and no clue how to take down the mob boss. Surely, these gold notables are third order guys in their field and very smart about that field, but have no clue how to cross dimension. That must be the reason for the hesitation. The gold notables cant think procedurally outside the box. This is very understandable and must be the reason for the hesitation. 

REID, with five cross dimensional and necessary skills did not come up with a viable plan until May 2013, even after watching the manipulation go on for thirteen years. REID now offers a FINANCIER a plan to take down the manipulator. This plan can be adopted and replicated to pick off the remaining co-conspirator bullion bank members of the gold cartel so as to utterly destroy the fifteen member bullion bank gold cartel. REID can do, now and finally, offer the gold notables a real viable plan to liberate bullion to obtain full bullion price discovery. 

Aspect 5.6 Price Rigs, Front Runs, Shorts Buys, Drift Sells 

Typically, JPM has shorted London and New York, with clients led funds, causing a price drop, and then recently buys at the lows GLD shares, the then uses in house money to cover shorts and buy GLD shares as the price recovers upward, for a profit, while picking up physical bullion through Mellon GLD gold, and then unloads the GLD gold to the Chinese for a profit. To support the price drops and recoveries, JPM signals other member bank of the gold cartel. To signal, JPM uses front running signals and stacked sales orders, thus electronically signaling other cartel members comprising bullion banks. 

Further, to enhance smashes in price, JPM acts with other bullion banks to release MOPE information predicting price drops, to MOPE participant to predict price drops, to MOPE potential buyers out of buying thus supporting the downward price drops with market participants selling at desired times to obtain desirable price drops and profits. JPM uses market electronic communication with member bullion banks using either 1) electronic front running and 2) market stacking of orders to perfect racketeering with Cartel members while using MOPE of participants to profitably manipulation the bullion prices. Thus, JPM is able to hide it racketeering using ostensibly market trades and resulting stacking orders resulting in unspoken signaling to other cartel members with others to MOPE participants to perfect its racketeering and manipulation of the bullion markets. 

MAGUIRE has been able to replicate this singling by stacking order data sent, which is unspoken signaling, using a detection algorithm to demonstrate prima faci price rigging and racketeering. This is direct evidence of price manipulation as to not only when but to what price. KAYE indicated that JMP must use client and in-house money to price manage to the target price which is manipulation, for JPM to get their profits. The gold notables have not moved on JPM, but the action awaits. The gold community is cautious and hesitation with taking on JPM. This plan offers such. 

The cartel comprises 15 major bullion bank greedsters in on the manipulation, for free profits, engaged in the racket. Videos has demonstrated front running signals where advance sales small spikes front run major smashes and the order stacking detections, to tip off the other racketeers. MAGUIRE has developed an algorithmic detection means for price prediction. This signals to MAGUIRE that a smash down in bullion price is about to happen, and exactly to what price. If MAGUIRE can do, any Gold Cartel co-conspirator racketeer can do the same. It is just an algorithm, and nothing more. Thus, there are now two modes of hidden communication signaling, both are forms of communications, without speaking a word, and they are 1) front running sale signals, and 2) algorithmic detection.
Aspect 5.7 Defendants Turn Coats Traitors Testimony

Traitors are those who signed confidential employee agreements with JPM, such as employees and key managers. They would be useful in explaining exactly how JPM perfects its manipulations. The operation of JPM is by admission divided into in-house and client money and business operation are well understood by KAYE. Traitors and JPM expert will support and disclose nefarious operations of JPM with the MAGUIRE smoking gun for modeling JPM business operation into supposed business nefarious operations. During depositions or live cross examination of the DEFENDANT EXPERTs, the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL can flush out the traitors of JPM. JPM may well be in compliance with trading laws, but that it is immorally used to price manipulate the bullion market. 

Aspect 5.8 Inference and Direct Expert Testimony

Inferences will carry the day in civil cases. Direct testimony is always preferred for added weight. Impeaching cross-examination testimony will add much more weight. The establishment of inferences will be had and require JPM to put up counter evidence that would be fully exploited as admissions against interests as part of the moving paper set up of JPM. Hence, the moving papers will draw all the necessary inference of civil immoral wrongs supported by direct declarations. JPM will have to counter and thereby give up internal operations through expert and officer declarations which is subject to impeaching cross examinations. 

Aspect 5.9 Defendant Hiding Manipulation in the Market

JPM basically literally complies with trading laws, and in misabliefs trades the markets immorally. JPM can thus hides behind the trading laws immune generally to conventional law suits. JPM can hide internal operations that are believed compliant through nontransparent reporting and electronic market orders. That is, JPM can hide behind market electronic signals during trading with limited reporting, pursuant to literal law compliance, as all can only see the general stacking trading orders and resulting electronic signals, which are not transparent. JPM can thus dodge conventional law suits, supposed in good faith. So, to defeat JPM, one must think and attack them outside the conventional box, to avoid at conventional legal actions and remedies at law, as those will fail from the start. One must avoid the Eastern and Western Coast government corruption as well. 

However, just because someone complies with gun licensing laws, does not mean one can immorally murder causing blood to flow day after day in the streets, even when the US Attorney General indicates the murderers are TBTF TBTJ, thus providing de facto government immunity. So, with bullion notable abundantly hesitant, one must move cost-effectively with the right skills in simple tort law seeking equitable relief as an effective morality law suit. This law suit is totally outside the box. The keys skills necessary are patent law for comprehending the whole, legal disdain for rapid cost effective litigation, engineering to solve problems, military science for scrimmaging in the courts, and a bullion knowledge to understand the context, with an anomalous psychology to aggressive pursue the suit to victory, of a suit brought in the right place, a gun toting state in the middle of country, which, in total, is totally unconventional and untraditional, to take JPM down to then destroy the gold cartel.

JPM will try to hide behind a lack of direct communications particularly for the fraudulent naked short sells. This will fail. There are many forms of communications. In the Bullion world, the commentators mostly use the yakty yak, which is an all talk and no go characterization. But in the real world, there are spoken words which require vocal cords and ears. There are written words which require hands and eyes. There are electromagnetic signals which require transmitters and receivers to perfect market orders. But here, there is first a hand to keyboard communication, then a processor and transmitters communication, and then from transmitters to receivers communication, and from receivers to processors and then to drive monitors for human visual perceptions. Hence, there are intermediary technologies between hands and eyes communications. There are many forms of communications where human thought is moved from one physical place to another in various transmission physical dimensions. And so, front running signaling and detection signaling are forms of communications, in the modern context in the information age. But, it will not matter what is the form is the communications as long as there is communications, to sustain the fraud, interference, and racketeering causes of action.