Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Complaint

Aspect 4.0 Preparation before Filing Complaint.

The fourth part of the attack plan is preparation in advance of filing the complaint and is the first time segment of the case, is where much planning and preparation is had. All related filings will dovetail into the all others for consistency by REID. The preparation is a shotgun blast from the start as a mortal death wound to JPM. The preparation involves proper preparation includes firstly acquired district support such as the Technologist, Secretary, Musician, Taylor, and Secondly involves coaching the PLAINTIFF for circling wagons around the PLAINTIFFs, thirdly interviews with EXPERTs and loading the initial paper filing of the complaint, motions and discovery. The preparation function of most significant is the interviews of PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. REID has two decades for drawing information from highly intelligent inventors and scientists for preparing simple and consistent patent applications, and the present case is not really different for REID during preparation to understand the complexity and then reduce that complexity into simplicity for the Judge. REID will be central to the preparation and generally lead that preparation. 

There are objectives during litigation that are perfected in advance by good preparations. Those objectives are first to secure short communications lines to all TEAM members, and waste DEFANTANT COUNSEL time and assets with misdirection, while showing necessary irreparable harm holding coinage and running bullion services. Other miscellaneous causes of action, motions and discovery with be used mostly to misdirect the opposition. All three objectives are defined precisely during preparation. The PLAINTIFF shall be reducing documents needed for proving the case and as Auxiliary EXPERTS and be available for simple discovery production, as suggested, such as trashing of unnecessary extraneous documents so that expected discovery demands are very simple to comply with. 

During preparations, it is hoped that the manipulator JPM realizes that TFMR and LMPC personnel may help DISTAL COUNSEL search the web for videos and judicial notice facts to forward to PLAINTIFF COUNSEL as a highly motivated team of supporters that are unstoppable. JPM may settle up quick, and this could happen even before the hearing. Anyone can pitch in and support the attack, by finding judicial notice URLs of documents and videos forward to the DISTAL COUNSEL. The preparation time will be about three months before filing the complaint. During the case, conjugal visit between REID and his wife and boys will be had in the district. REID will live at the HQ facility.

PLAINTIFFs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs declarations will mirrored testimony which effectively is scripted by REID to prove by inference or direct evident the element of each the three causes of action, as the case in chief of JPM price manipulations. Cross Examination of DEFEDANTs EXPERTs is the responsibility of REID. PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL will examine plaintiffs as auxiliary EXPERTs, and PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTS are examined by PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL following prepared declaration scripts as talking points, and is rather straight forward. But the DEFENDANT EXPERTS cross examination is life fire shoot outs action by REID. PLAINTIFF TEAM will do the legal flip, once again, that is partly the initial rapid shot gun filing attack on the DEFENDANT to take JPM down hard and fast. 

Cross examination is also part of that legal flip, turning the legal world upside down. The TEAM will insist that DEFENDANTs EXPERTs have good qualification fully before the court. Most attorneys will stipulate that experts would qualify so that their highly expert backgrounds are buried from the eyes of court, trying to diminish opposing party experts' expertise. The TEAM does the legal flip, and will insist that DEFENDANT EXPERTs be fully qualified and have resumes and background fully entered into the record. The TEAM will do the legal flip, will make sure that DEFEDANT EXPERTs are HIGHLY QUALIFIED, and then turn those DEFENDANTs EXPERTs onto the defendant JPM on cross examination. Set up JPM doing the legal flip. Then using leading questions and hypotheticals, REID would surely get these highly qualified experts to admit on the record, actual and probable nefarious business activities by UPM by destroying and humiliating DEFENDANT EXPERTs on the stand. Vicious ruthless REID will examine DEFENDANT EXPERTs on cross examination to utterly destroy and humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs on the stand and under oath for all to see.

DEFENDANT EXPERTs will attempt to firstly justify naked short sells as being allowed by trading laws, and hence, fair for DEFENDANT to use the same. The trick is get the defendants experts to admit it the immoral to use trading laws to manipulate prices.  Hypothetical, if federal law allowed murder and if compliant with federal gun licensing law, would murder then be immoral. DEFEDANT EXPERTs will eventually admit that selling something you don't have is fraud and that fraud is immoral. PLAINITIFF EXPERTs will have should all declared that JPM actions are immoral. REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit on the record that price manipulation is a crime, even if naked shorts sells are allowed, so that DEFENDANT use of massive naked short sells, are immoral and a fraud on the public with dominate naked short positions.

Using leading questions and hypotheticals to explain capping and down smash, REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS that, more probably than not, a dominant seller of naked short selling could cause capping and down smashed with orchestrated naked sales whereas buyers uncoordinated could not, and thus, capping and down smashes are possible by DEFENDANT whereas upside break outs and down capping in the same degree by many random buyers, is not. REID will persuade DEFEDANT EXPERTs that buyers generally operated in an uncoordinated manner and that price manipulation to the down side by a dominant naked short player is more probable than price manipulation by many random buyers.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit that infinite QE may lead to FRN failure and that bullion is the last ditch defense to total anarchy in the nation, and that selling bullion to China defeats US possession of bullion necessary to make bullion minted coinage as that last ditch defense, so that selling to China is in fact treasonous.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit that in-house funds can be combined with client money, and using client money during down smashed and in-house money during price recovery would be a breach of client fiduciary as the defendant to capture profits, and that defendant is motivated to secure profits.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit it is possible that DEFENDANT could use front running sells and market order stacking detections as signals to other bullion banks that a price down smash is immanent, so as to enable racketeering of a cartel of bullion banks that could act effectively as one to cap and manipulate bullion prices.

REID will persuade DEFENDANT EXPERTS to admit it is possible that capping and price manipulation prevent price discover, and that, FMV can not be determined where price discovery can not be had, and that, buyers would be irreparably harmed by any such capping and price manipulation, for not being able to have price discovery.

Aspect 4.1 Simple Proof and Showing and Graphics 

The manipulation of gold prices is driven by mere mortals and their machines, and does not involve rocket science. REID has personally seen spectral plots of market hip ups from Max Keiser, and this does not even approach at first glance rocket science, or come even close to it. During market rigging, mortals and machines are involved in relatively complex markets interactions, where secret arrangements and internal business operations are used, but this is a natural part of the world.

REID is highly qualified to interview attorneys and experts and is more than capable of understanding initial complex disclosures with expected interviews to determine such precisely. MAGUIRE has provided a the prima facie case of market manipulation. That is the starting point. Then, PLAINTIF PRIMARY EXPERTs are used approximate how JPM internal business operations are actually used in practice to rig the markets, and, specifically how clients and in-house moneys can be used to prefect the market rigging and sells dump of sell orders that produce the desired price manipulation. This has been already estimated by REID. 

Graphic charts and expected algorithms are generated as part of the case in chief at the hearing upon moving. DEFENDANT experts will go crazy attempting to rebut the same, and the TEAM will encourage that, getting as much information from DEFENDANT EXPERTS as possible, and the TEAM will not be disappointed, as the DEFENDANT will be admonished not to state simple denials, as the Judge will be the searching for the truth, and will not stand for typical lawyer evasiveness. PLAINTIFF will have provided an inference upon which the court can rule, the DEFEDANT must come clean, and that is the perfect set up by the TEAM headed by REID. 

REID as nearly twenty five years in actual rocket science, to understanding actual rocket science from the best of the best scientists, and then to transforming complexity into simplicity and will do so in the moving and reply papers. The reply papers will used DEFENDANT opposition filing as admission against interest to then provide on the record direct proof of market rigging to cement injunctive relief. The period between opposition and reply paper filings will be intense for PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and second interviews will be necessary. Moving and Reply paper generation present a logistical requirement. REID has personally modified PhotoShop and Canvas settings, and has used the same for years, and understand the graphics world generally. Communications hubs and telecommunications perfect rapid interviews and graphic generation for the moving and reply papers for the hearing. 

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are very skilled in the graphic arts with one being expert in operational graphic skills suitable for hearing displays and declaration exhibits, thus presenting the same graphics in moving and reply and at the hearing. REID will conduct rapid fire interviews of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS the reply papers can be submitted to the court in nearly a routine fashion though PLAINTIFF EXPERTS must be alerted and responsive. REID had eight years of mechanical drawing lessons and tool design drawings lessons before even leaving high school. REID has twenty five years of on the job drawings of very complex inventions. The graphic exhibits will be easily designed to prove a point by way of live testimony and with graphics visual aids. 

MAGUIRE must use commonly available data sets, like prestacked market orders, stop order stacks, and volume from various sources, including private and public data sets, and mush have, over the years of watching, developed some kind of algorithm to render his prediction. REID noticed in the Secret World of Gold, there were no oscilloscopes and no briefs, meaning so special hardware was used and no lawyers were used, to make the prediction and to CFTC. Hence, there is current no public action. But, data sets and algorithms are child's play to REID. From the algorithms, one can translate them into in-house and clients moneys uses of the JPM.  The next step is PLAINTIFF EXPERTs suggesting a likely interplay between those fungible money sources, and the algorithms used to show JMP manipulates the bullion space. The case is straight forward is prosecuted well. Thus, one presents the model of the nefarious business inside JPM without even having to look inside, so as to set up JPM in opposition for injunctive relief. 

If someone can predict price action and finger JPM from TA analysis and COT information and bank participation, one can show probable price manipulation by whom, and thus, the entire gold market is manipulated and render defunct. PLAINTIFF will directly or by inference, will finger JMP as the dominant market player who must be performing price manipulation. 

Aspect 4.2 Filing and Injunction Moving Papers

The filing any legal motion paper against JPM must focus on the fact where it really counts, in a comprehensive set which will offer the PLAINTIFF a great advantage, flowing from various engineering arts, legal skills, patent law, military science and the bullion arts of REID for cross-dimensional light-speed metal processing with rapid communications to PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and for a well guided complete comprehensive attack upon JPM. DEFEDANT EXPERTS and DEFENDANT COUNSEL simply can not face the onslaught of PLAINTIFF. Humiliation of DEFENDANT COUNSEL and DEFENDANT EXPERTS is expected. REID is show no mercy or pity upon the DEFEDANT, DEFENDANT COUNSEL or DEFENDANT EXPERTS, and REID will make sure that the PLAINTIFF win and humiliate the DEFENDANT for the public benefit. 

Aspect 4.3 Cut and Paste Attorney Efficiencies

Cut and Paste will be used in many papers drafted by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and such incorporated into filed papers. REID is very skilled at cut and paste and document generation with expedited communication hubs for rapid fire filings and responses to all court papers. JPM is simply out gunned and JPM will bang heads to even logistically comply with court local rules, whereas REID in command does not such logistical problem. 

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will offer to REID up to date citations using standard paralegal internal services, routinely so, and so the focus directed at the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL services are mostly finding boiler plate points in common tort actions for incorporation by REID. PLAINTIFF EXPERT will provide REID with insights into the bullion world. As REID can speak in five professional languages, so that communications between PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS by REID will be easily performed. 

Aspect 4.4 Budget for One Year of Litigation

The Budget is simple to estimate. The primary players will be eight with five attorneys and three primary experts at 250K each, for one year, which is 2m$ with three times overhead. With frugal care, nine expert can be used. But figure, as a very rough cut, 6m$ to take down JPM. JPM is big, probably having a market capitalization of 1T$. The case purpose is to end the clients and in-house money rigged price manipulation of bullion for legitimate price discovery, while educating the people, with a targeted initial shotgun filing followed by a hearing for an injunction with a six months event horizon. REID is not a finance expert, or a bean counter. Only an estimate is provided, for the take down of a life time. REID is supremely confident and qualified as planed.

Aspect 4.5 Attorneys Bullion Understandings 

It would take years to get the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, up to speed to understand in large measure the bullion market. That would be cost prohibitive. However, REID can translate for bullion understandings. PLAINTIFF EXPERTs do not know general details of the legal word. REID can translate PLAINTIFF EXPERTs specific knowledge first into a comprehensive bullion market system, and then translate that comprehensive bullion system to PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, for setting forth declarations for proving PLAINTIFF case and then assigned examination roles for the hearing purposes. REID uses legal talents for assigning examinations and carving out respective parts of comprehensive bullion system for each PLATINFF COUNSEL and EXPERT. Three area would also be in play, markets sales, internal operations, and probabilities. REID commanding the whole with cross dimensional understandings and parlance will cause the TEAM to function very rapidly as a whole. 

JPM may well afford to hire many lawyers and experts, but they can not respond as fast as REID can with the right responsive players in place. JPM has a logistical burden. Telephone tag prohibits fast accurate responses by JPM who will make many mistakes of which REID can and will take full advantage. 

Aspect 4.6 Pooled FIFOs, Walls, Staggered Sells and Thresholds 

To avoid jurisdictional problems, positions limits and gross dollar amounts are not touched by an injunction sought. The injunction sought fallow general injunctions and specific injunctions in a list of injunctions sought.

A first general injunction is for JPM not to manipulate the bullion market. JPM would look silly opposing this injunction as they claim they do not manipulate. 

A second general injunction is for JPM not to buy or sale naked short positions unless a miner actual forward sale. This is based in fraud. One should not be able to commit fraud by are selling something they don’t have. JPM can sale it actual stock in a cash market or it can sale short miner forward sells in the ground under production with proven reserves in the ground. 

A third general injunction will be to required oath, reported to the court, for clients that sale bullion positions, that such positions are of only existing stocks or of miner forwards in the futures market. 

A fourth general injunction is to buy and sale in cash market existing stocks in JPM possession or in the futures of miners forwards by miners.  

A fifth general injunction by writ of mandamus would be to required that the buys or sales of in-house money be pooled over a specified time. 

A sixth general injunction would enjoin the sale of transfer of any existing bullion stock directly or indirectly to China to stop the treason by JPM in destroying the USA last ditch defense to a failed FRN. 

A seven general injunction would be by writ of mandamus to require JPM to submit monthly reports segregated by in-house and clients, stocks and forwards, buys and sells, so as to verify that all injunctions and writs are complied with. 

An eight general injunction would be to enjoin JMP to stop undue influences upon the US Government and election processes, and would be by cap in contributing money to only one political party,.

A first specific injunction by writ of mandamus is the creation of the Chinese Wall between JPM employees operating in-house money and JPM employees operating client money, as the two are not combined to price rig the bullion market. 

A second specific injunction will be to enjoin the pooling of clients money for massive dumps on the market used to rig the bullion markets with regular down smashes in prices. 

A third specific injunction by writ of mandamus is to use pooled FIFOs wherein clients money is to be pooled and aggregated and collected over a specified time. 

A fourth specific injunction will be writ of mandamus to stagger by time sells according to time displaced receipts of clients money and the sales of client money, where client money is actually translated to sells of actual bullion stocks in the cash market or miner forwards in the futures, so that, the time displacement between incoming buy and sell orders are FIFO by time so that buy and sales can not be used to manipulate the bullion market.  

A fifth specific injunction would be to limit to a Threshold amount buys and sales amount for exiting bullion stocks or miner forwards over a predetermined amount of time so that massive dumps are not used and so as to avoid front running and detection signaling using market signals to co-conspirators so as to spread out buys and sales so as not to price manipulate. 

These Chinese Walls, FIFO, Pools, Thresholds are used to prevent JPM from manipulating the bullion space and put a stop to their frauds, crimes and treason, but do not prevent JPM from generally buying and selling existing bullion stocks and miner forwards, nor does it prevent JPM from obtaining any amount of positions limit, and so, JMP can buy and sale, and can take positions, provided they do not violated the injunctions and manipulate the bullion market. 

Aspect 4.7 Broadcasting Exclusivity Licensing

KWN, GATA and WATCHDOG are designed publicists. Chris Powell of GATA acts with MURPHY also of GATA. EMBRYS acts Eric Sprott and acts with KWN operated by Eric King. Greg Hunter owns and operates WATCHDOG. These three publicists should all be sympathetic to PLAINTIFF as in the proposed case. All three of these news outlets are currently existing and on line, broadcasting various releases, in various print data, video clips, audio clips and graphic displays.

KWN GATA and WATCHDOG should have the inside stories first with broadcast releases from REID, being disposed to already have a massive bullish following, from which, the people seeing all them bonnie blue flags waiving at rallies, as they get really curious, from the MOPE rallies, especially with a raucous fight song in support. At first glance it song seems racist oriented, but that is just the bait and switch of the people, nationwide. The straight talk from the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLATINTIFF EXPERT out of the upper mid west in the presidential totalitarians home court, for maximum attention, will be a huge pubic eye grab, as the Comex has a fit to the upside, with the perfect set up in play, as the PLAINTIFFs go national in the spot light. The preparation including noticing locals at the court by PROXIMAL COUNSEL and in the upper Midwest by PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL provides the MOPE. In just two cites rallies are had, plus grass roots elsewhere. Noticing LCS, bugs, churches, libertarians, tea partiers, etc, at just two cites would be an up front noticing function, for a public campaign, to put as much pressure as possible on the District Judge, in advance of the hearing opinion.

HQ will make regular frequency press releases and memorandum from HQ to the three broadcaster and commentators and rallies. Press releases will go to the three broadcasters for immediate release. The three broadcasters are KWN, GATA, and USA Watch Dog for  release and commentary, and release to the rallies to generate public support nationally and globally. Commentator may get special Memorandum with added information to add to the their press releases. Regular commentators will be used, such as, EMBRY on KWN. The releases and memoranda are to globally MOPE the people while biasing the Judge. The PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs can further make video clips for releases, such as POD CASTS and Video Clips disposed in the TFMR and LMPC services for placement onto YouTube as general means for release to MSN media for replay and repetitive broadcasts. 

Aspect 4.8 Invitees and Others Invited to the Rallies 

Tea Party member, Politicians and other may be good recipients of rally notices for filing and HEARING time before the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PROXIMAL COUNSEL for filing rally participation and district rallies. Other invitees will be searched for and noticed for rally participation, such as Wall Street Occupiers and Green Peace party members. 

Aspect 4.9 MOPE the Supporters Providing Nation Campaign

EMBRY, and DAVIES are excellent commentators at KWN. They are  respected and knowledgeable and can also present comments. THE PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS can record clips and pod casts for YouTube loading made available then to the world and to MSN. Chris Powell and MURPHY can serve GATA. Hunter can serve Watch Dog. YouTube, KWN, GATA, Watch Dog, may be used to promote rally participation as the primary means of providing MOPE of the people.

The Rallies are used as attention magnets to MOPE the public and bias the Judge. The Rallies are at District and in Chicago at the times of filing the complaint and at time of hearing, and thus, currently there are only four such rallies. Both locations will have a selected plazas, one in front of a district court in that gun toting state district, the beneath a high rise in the windy city, hopefully with about 500K people in each plazas for all rallies. The people will be given flags, yellow hats, and fight song music scores. The rally will thus have dark blue flags fluttering with big yellow stars as a modified bonnie blue flag, about 250 flags and 250 hats at each rally location. The people will be singing the fight song and waiving flags, and wearing big yellow hats. The rallies will look like a sea of blue, with gold stars and gold hats standing out, like the star spangled banner of the US standard, in central locations in each district and Chicago plaza. The plazas will have a microphone cluster for speeches by invited speakers. Reporters can be grouped in nearby tents. Speeches will be by invitees such as PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, Gold Notables, and Politicians. There can be a speaker podium and one person assigned for greeting and introduction and leading the rally in singing the fight song. Local congressman that are band wagon seekers can become invitees provided they keep content to the releases and memorandum. 

TEAM video clips and pod casts can be placed on YouTube for MSN replay consumption. An example of a pod cast, is where the first the PRIMARY COUNSEL and FURGESON have a discussion where a series of questions are asked and answer for a list of questions prepared in advance by REID. There are many options, but lead PLAINTIFF COUSNEL would be a face man, for example, and all PLAINTIFFs are natural face men and can be used for videos. Most of the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS can be used as well. REID generally would not be used as a face person at the rallies, as REID would be the speech writer, writing releases and memoranda and question lists, to keep all on the same page. The MOPE is to bias the Judge in favor of PLAINTIFF.

Aspect 4.10 Misdirections, Surprises and Confusion

There shall be no violence associated with the rally, and the court is use for peaceful resolution of a civil complaint. Motion for chief and En banc can be used as a misdirection. 

Filed papers can cite the plain language of constitution. The gravity of the complaint is necessity to protect the government, in  Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters, who don't really care about Government, or the enslaving 50 million with meal tickets, or stealing from hold holders, or treason, as its all about money and greed. Freedom lovers don't want to use guns or bombs but will fight for freedom, but will first take this civility route in the system. Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals is the fight song. Imagine all the people in front of the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and at the district court house. PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs will be sought for comment by MSM. 

Aspect 4.11 Headquarters Command Facilities

The HQ command facility is an indispensable central command post. Generally, REID at HQ reviews all filed papers, interviews PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, draft up press releases, wires graphic material for graphic realization for court displays provided by a local graphics printer for local hard printing of graphic court displays. Figures can be incorporated into filed papers, and court graphic displays will be ready for live action testimony and concomitant comment by PLAINTIFF EXPERT in court. Thus, HQ telecommunications is important in many regards especially with PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs to develop sufficient declarations and supporting graphics in support of the case, mostly by wire and telecommunications. So, the HQ must have computer embedded teleconferencing capabilities, in support of declaration filed with supporting filed brief. 

The case is supported by judicial notice of widely available facts, mostly found the URLs by the DISTAL COUNSEL and communicated to HQ generally by email specifying URLs for supporting PLAINTIFF EXPERT declarations and filed court papers, and presented and argued by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, using communication hubs that are lightening fast. REID is skilled is such hub communications. DISTAL COUNSEL and routinely solicit TFMR and LMPC members for searching for URL citations for judicial notice facts. 

REID will plan out stages of the causes of action during interviews with PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERT. REID has a quarter century of interviewing top line scientists for the federal government. REID has conducted lightening litigation as a lone litigator. But generally, during a decade of litigation, the defendant would not touch trial against REID, and settled cases to avoid REID in court trials. REID is generally available to make video lectures and pod cases as desired.

Aspect 4.12 Preliminary Funding Solicitations

REID has already perform preliminary solicitations through posts at LMPC, TFMR, and TownHall. The preliminary solicitations were communicated by tweet and emails and posted on line. 

Bullion Space: Ferguson Clue; Embry Clue; Sinclair Teaser; Livermore Teaser; Rickards Teaser; Kirby Teaser; Russell Teaser; Pento Teaser, Doctor Teaser; Murphy Teaser; Powell Teaser; Turk Teaser; Greyerz Teaser; Hathaway Teaser; Eveillard Teaser; Leeb Teaser; Sprott Teaser; Rule Teaser; Faber Teaser; Grandich Teaser, Gross Clue, ElErian Clue; MHommell Clue; Butler Clue; Norcini Clue; DrWillie Clue; Heller Clue; Fekete Clue; Jaitly Clue; Dines Clue; Adnani Clue, Ewen Clue, Cook Clue; SilverBullion2 Clue; silverseekcom Clue; GoldenGolith Clue; VerisGold Clue; GoldMoneyNews Clue; justcor Clue; silverdoctors Clue.

Economical and Political Space: Justice Clue; Guild Clue; Ron Paul Congressman Teaser; Paul Criag Roberts Teaser; D Issa Congressman Teaser; J Campbell Congressman Teaser, Brennan Clue; GATA clue; GOP Teaser; PastorLindsey Teaser; Schiff Teaser; Neveller; Warren Clue; Ryan Clue; Rogers Teaser; Grave Teaser, JWilliams Clue; GWilliams Clue; Steer Clue; DDenver Clue; Whalen Clue; F--S--B Clue; Ismail Clue, Masons Clue, McCleod Clue, Fitts Clue; Hoyt Clue, Chaize Clue, Mauldin Clue.

News Space: Hunter Teaser; King Teaser; Santelli Clue; Keiser Teaser; Celente Teaser; Durban Teaser; Barnes Teaser; Waltzek Teaser; Grant Teaser; O'Rielly Teaser; Daughty Teaser; Bonner Teaser; Kristol Teaser, Krauthammer Teaser; Zerohedge Clue; Rekoning Clue, GoldsilvBull Clue; Buchanan Clue; McLaughlin Clue.

Money Space: Peterffy Clue; Siegal Clue; Wynn Clue; Cooperman Clue; Schwarzman Clue; Adelson Clue; Simmons Clue; Koch Clue; Hughes Clue; Langone Clue; Devos Clue; Ricketts Clue; Marcus Clue; Zuckerman Clue; Trump Clue; Forbes Clue.

Cinema Space: Gibson Clue; Caleb Clue; Murdoch Clue.

Sir, I can take down JPManipulator, and end this nonsense.
Please carefully consider the following 3 cites as you wish.
The country needs saving, and we all must do our duties.
Most Respectfully, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD

== Teaser plus following Equals Clue by Code Names ==========
Nutshell for nuts. MOPE peeps, judge, US Government, and agencies, turning all on the manipulator, the wall street mob boss. Andy Dandy shows prima facie price targeting and manipulation. Star shows COT data fingering the Manipulator. Hyena show likely internal In house and Clients funds, for prima faci inference sufficient, but also for the setup, to get them to divulge nefarious internal business operation. Hence, direct proximal causation shown during the shoot out of all times. Irreparable injury to bugs, for injunctive relief. Injunctive relief in terms of staggered pools, time displaced sells, staggered FIFO, avoiding gross sell amounts and positions prohibitions, without any wiggle room for any dodge. Shut them down, easy and quick, hard and fast. Of course, back up sluggers and auxiliary appearances can replace or support, and then, pass case off to US Justice after shut down, to put snake and medusa behind bars, need 6m$ VC for 6mo.

Aspect 4.13 MOPE Fight Song, Hats and Flags

The fight Song would be modified by lyrics changes on the music score, to fit the modern cause for freedom, in the Freedom v TBTF TBTJ Greedsters public action. A local music teacher, called the musician, is hired for the job, during preparation for the initial filing. Those modifications being as follows: a) the score length remain as that found in Gods and General Bonnie blue flag as posted on you tube. b) "Southern" is changed to "Freedom" c) "Confederacy" is changed to "Conflicted Nation" d) "Northern" is changed to "Wall Street". Then flags, hats, and scores are copied with modified music scores with newly made flags and hats. The flags, hats and scores are procured for mass distribution at the public rallies. Thus. the fight song to go along with conspicuous flags and big conspicuous yellow hats, during the public rallies with a fight song for the excitement of the MOPE people attending, at Chicago and the district locations during the filing and hearing. 

Thus, there is a modern bent to fit the times, to MOPE the people, getting the people juices running wild concurrently. Various organizations should be placed on rally notices to enlist them to the cause, and thus hugely bias the Judge, with heavy national and local attention drawn on the case. The old southern bait and the modern bent switch, of the MOPE people, for drawing attention nationally and locally, and so as to draw in MSN, as a full court press public relations effort.

Aspect 4.14 Bias of a District Judge

Before and at the time of the filing and hearing, rallies are had to MOPE the people and US Government, and place pressure upon the Judge as a much pressure to bias the Judge from both a local and national perspective. 

The bias continues at the hearing. PROXIMAL Counsel may argue any expedited discovery motions, and EBM motions for Chief Judge assignment or En banc reviews, if called upon by the court. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL at the hearing will argue Chief and En banc motions, as a bias step, as the stage is then set to get heightened review, which EBM should be effectively granted after the filing of complaint as the complaint and motions will be filed together and the court should recognize the importance of the case per the complaint and motions filed concurrently, and thus, the EBM may be summarily granted by the court in advance of the HEARING, as a chief judge preliminary decision. Getting PROXIMAL COUNSEL in play to grand stand before the court has its prejudicial affects before the Judge, both being local citizens, as well as one of the any PLAINTIFF as the complainer. 

REID perfects plans for biasing the court. REID will make an opening statement with some general comments, at the HEARING, generally as follows. This case is really about Freedom of the People v TBTF TBTJ Greed. US Attorney General is on the record saying that Wall Street is TBTF TBTJ. This Case is not about the US Government inability but rather the undue influence placed on people and Government from the out reached tentacles of Wall Street led by a mob boss before the court. Only the Judge can save the nation, as REID apologizes for the shoulder weight, but the Judges signed up for the job of drawing the line which must be drawn by those who nobly volunteer to drawn the line. 

Parties opposite before Judge has enslaved 50,000,000 of your countrymen through meal tickets. Parties opposite before Judge enslaves 100,000,000 of your countrymen by rigging markets in the bullion space for pure greed and civil revolt is possible. Judges are well schooled of burdens and procedures in civil matters and simple tort action, and don't need comedians and clown to teach the Judge as prevarication, and comedians and clowns should not perform in this dignified court and should button it up and sit down. 

REID will mention that simple denials are games played by skillful lawyers, and that this a civil case where taking the fifth has no place and is repugnant gamesmanship. REID will mention that this court is hear to examine the fact presented. When the defendant rest upon denials, PLAINTIFF should be granted just decisions by the court. REID will mention the crimes of price rigging, conspiratorial front running, treasonous selling to China. 

REID will mention that the court sit in equity and that literal compliance with marketing laws is largely not relevant in equity, though it may keep the criminals out of jail. REID will mention that selling naked shorts as part of defendants business practice is inherent fraud upon millions of market participants. REID will mention that undue influence upon the government pervades and is led by the Wall Street fascists and its mob boss. REID will asked the Judges to focus upon the facts in this case, and render their just decisions in favor of PLAINTIFF. The court will put two and two together and be ready for the case and see that the country needs to be saved and needs a savior, the Judge himself. 

PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL will then examine the PLAINTIFFs and then, the PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will examine of the PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERT in turn. PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will take the stand and explain price manipulation, nefarious business practices and mathematically show price rigging can be effective by a dominant position market player. 

PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL COUSEL are used as PLAINTIFF and EXPERT examiners. PLAINTIFFs are also used as AUXILIARY EXPERTs to present testimony, including as LEASER, TRASHMAN, CAPPER, MINTER, SHOPPER and FALLGUY AUXILIARY EXPERTS. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are generally nice gentlemen, well suited for scripted examination of friendly EXPERTs. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are well suited with patience for examining PLAINTIFF EXPERT with non leading questions to obtain necessary facts on the record. 

REID, is used to connect the dots and as the vicious ruthless cross examiner, and would cross examines DEFEDANT EXPERT, and examining any TRAITORS with leading questions and hypotheticals, to utterly humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs in court. REID has the ability to store and instantly recall all facts, and has the Engineer mind to create any theory at light speed, well suited for cross examination of hostile experts. REID is also a righteous individual perfectly suited for the case equity, before the Church Bench, where morality is really the determiner. The question is really, is it fair. REID has a life time of powdering and answering such moral questions. To the extent that any of DEFENDANT EXPERT make favorable admission in a declaration of on the stand, DEFENDANT EXPERT will further cross examined by REID, to bring to light that admission in court, and proving any technical points desirable out of DEFENDANT EXPERT own mouths. 

The moving papers and plaintiff's case in chief should make DEFENDANT COUNSEL come clean as part of the set up at the hearing. Opening remarks can be briefly be also stated in the complaint and various motion papers to encourage DEFENDANT COUNSEL, and DEFENDANT EXPERT, to come clean to make them produce substantive facts showing internal business operations relevant, which will then be used to against them more under live fire court action. REID would then make summation marks, taking proven points and tying them together into an entire context, painting JPM as the mob boss. 

Aspect 4.15 Attorney and Expert Assignments

Assignments are first approximations but REID will remain flexible, for producing maximum favorable effects, by assignment of responsibilities. PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL works respectively in detail with PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL COUNSEL works with the PLAINTIFFs also as AUXILIARY EXPERTs. 

Aspect 4.16 Discovery Initiated upon Complaint Filing

The complaint and motion filing will be loaded with damning information. Further discovery requests will filed as desirable. Such expedited discovery would due in advance of the hearings. The discovery requests at time of the complaint will be fully loaded with interrogatories, requests for admissions, and deposition notices directed at JPM, with several purposes, of focusing the DEFENDANT as well as misdirecting the DEFENDANT, as part of the sneak attack plan. 

Discovery requests can be used to identify real names of the of JPM employees responsible for selling short and manipulating the bullion markets. Discovery requests can be expedited to examine DEFENDANTS EXPERTS in advance of the hearing for both substantive value and for misdirecting DEFENDANT EXPERTs. Discovery requests will prove largely PLANTIFF case and destroy JPM, such as showing the concurrent use of in-house and clients money to perfect price manipulation through concurrent uses. Discovery requests are generally hierarchical, for zeroing in on needed information from JPM, a REID litigation specialty with a comprehensive patent law and specific modality of subsystems of an engineer mind.  

The discovery requests can be used for hugely misdirecting DEFENDANT COUNSEL in advance of and at the HEARING. Discovery requests can be used for focusing on naked short sells causing significant sell down spikes, such as, on or about 5/12/13 where about 400 tons of gold were sold in minutes for the price smash. Anyone selling 400 tons in minutes is not interested in getting maximum sells maximum dollars but only driving the price down as clear manipulation of paper prices using inherent fraud selling massively naked shorts. 

According to KAYE, there are 15 banksters involved in the gold cartel, which sound similar to MURHPY gold cartel controlling bullion prices in a conspiracy, which leaves 14 banks acting in concert with JPM front running signaling the others such as GS to MOPE the market into desired price directions. Thus, JPM is front running manipulation and concurrently conspiratorially engage in MOPE used by other TBTF and TBTJ bullion banks. 14m$ per lot would rule out retail investors, and offers clues as to the other conspiratorial banks involved in RICO racketeering. A US attorney will be invited to the hearing as an extra reminder the DEFENDANT and DEFEDANT EXPERT to come clean, before the court, 

The purposes of PLAINTIFF rallies is to MOPE the people and to bias the Judge. The purpose of the complaint and moving papers is to paint JPM as the MOB boss, and to set up JPM, while misdirecting DEFENDANT COUNSEL, so as to provide the case in chief for the PLAINTIFF, to destroy DEFENDANT and DEFENDANT EXPERTS before the hearing even starts, and to make clowns of DEFENDANT COUNSEL before the hearing even starts, in a comprehensive attack, with no mercy or pity shown. 

For example, upon filing the complaint, street address and fax number are obtained from DEFENDANT COUNSEL by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. Being civilized people, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, when answering DEFENSE COUNSEL requests for any professional courtesy delay, they are given polite respect, and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will always co-operate in good faith, on paper, and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will always promise to get back to DEFENSE COUNSEL very soon, but will always need to get PLAINTIFF approval first, and get back to DEFENSE COUSEL by close of any business day, say by 4:45pm HQ time. But PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will then reject any such courtesy request, of course, always, and will then have return numbers and addresses, for service of further attacks of court papers, such as noticing DEFENDANT EXPERT depositions, which will be served on the DEFENDANT by 8:30 am the very next day.

Aspect 4.17 Secrecy Before filing of the Complaint 

During the initial drafting of the attack plan, random posts were made. That draft was heavily coded as REID's expired security clearance took hold keeping the base plan from DEFEDANT prying eyes through the looking glass. The code attack plan draft was assembled into a whole and sent to DISTAL COUNSEL, FERGUSON, and Powell of GATA so that hey made see where REID was going with this novel attack plan which was hopefully sent to EMBRY. The coded plan was then edited by REID into a readable English draft. The English Draft was polished by an editor into the present document used for funding. 

Aspect 4.18 Permits and Advertising of MOPE Rallies

Permits for demonstrations will be had for flag waiving, yellow hat wearing, and score singing by massed MOPE people at the two locations at the two rallies at the complaint filing and hearing times. Permits to demonstrate in public areas will be obtained through assigned the Chicago Law Firm and the local district law firm.

Aspect 4.19 Pod Casts for National MOPE Rallies

REID volunteers to make any promotion Pod Cast for funding purposes. After funding, and at Chicago or District locations, PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and PROXIMAL COUNSEL can create explanation pod casts and video clips for explaining the proposed action, and complaint and hearing. REID would generate scripts for such explanatory pod casts and video clips.