Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget

Aspect 3.0 Financing and Budget

REID can say it simply. If funded for 6M$, with 18-30m$ back ROR to the FINANCIER, within about one months from complaint filing. REID believes that a TEAM can enjoin JPM in the bullion space, within six months of funding and prevent JPM price rigging the bullion space to then settle with PLAINTIFF within one year for about 100m$ plus costs and fees. Disbelief by most is expected by REID.

The third part of the attack plan in adequate financing, and funding need to be up assured. The funding will needed for the take down of JPM. REID is not a bean counter or a venture capitalists, so an estimate is merely presented, where the funding is first estimated with an expected time duration for the case to play out quickly to settlement where JPM settles the case within one year, with a three time factor considered for general over head for fees and expenses, for total of 6m$ for a cost effective legal plan. 

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL can be enticed to cost effectively join. But in the scheme of things, going against a 1T$ market capitalized behemoth like JPM, the amount of funding is perceived as not only necessary but also is actually small for the action  proposed. The funding needs are now addressed as a necessary evil in the real world among mortal men. 

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL is probably the most expensive item, and then the PLAINTIFF EXPERTs of moderate expense. Miscellaneous support personnel are consider as part of general over head and not considered in detail. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERT will be paid an hourly rate plus costs and will share in the settlement as enticements to join the case, all becoming world class heroes to the people. 

REID knows how to cost effectively run a small business and has done so 38 years tracking every penny, and a full accounting will be kept and provided. REID reasonable rate has historically been one eighth of contemporaries, as REID is not in life for any loot. REID has never been in this world for the money. Satan always lurks ready to jump on the faint of heart, the greedy and the confused. 

PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS will need courage and conviction to stay true to the cause as JPM has vast dollars to corrupt any one of them, except REID. REID is simply incorruptible. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS will be continuous screened by REID for any possible signs of corruption. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERT are not indispensable players and anyone of them can be dismissed at any time. The PLAINTIFFs appear to be well enough off with a personal stake in the case, and would share in the settlement. So, for PLAINTIFF, moderate rate and reimbursement for expenses seem to be part of general over head. 

PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTs, for security purposes, generally will be physically generally located outside of the US and outside the general reach of JPM and their thugs and thus generally outside of the home turf of JPM. 

PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY AND TERTIARY COUNSEL, all three of them should be considered presumptively at a thousand per hour reasonable rate, currently, and they will be highly skilled legal artists and in the third order of high thinking. They would be located in one Chicago Law Firm. PROXIMAL COUNSE and DISTAL COUNSEL would be hired at a presumptively rate of four hundred dollars an hour. REID will keep all of PLATINFF COUNSEL on short leash in assignments and costs.

REID OF COUNSEL would be hired at a presumptively rate of one eighteen hundred dollars an hour. REID would delay any invoices to accommodate cash flow as needed and would will do so and timed for any settlement. The attack plan in general scope has been public in on line services, Totalitarian Democracy, TFMR and LMPC currently being used as effective marketing tools. REID has sent teasers to many in the bullion space, the economic space, the political space, and news space so as to inform the public. REID is putting it all on the line, coming out of retirement for this purpose alone, and is absolutely committed to destroying TBTF and TBTJ, for god and country.

REID can roll JPM if adequately funding with experts enticed to join the team. The FINANCIER can provide the funding. The FINANCIER and the PLAINTIFF can function as face men to contact and secure PLAINTIFF EXPERT participation. The question remains if the FINANCIER can play Raider Football to put an organization and team in play and say "just win baby", and allow REID to manage the organization as the commander, to help secure key experts. 

Many in the bullion space offer great commentary and great posts are indeed great, and appreciated by nearly all, nearly all, but don't you think in the scheme of big things, of which the bug really complains, and that concerns most, they don't really solve much, excepting providing some comradary and supporting mutual comfort and mutual back slapping? Misery loves company. 

Price manipulation produces a lack of price discovery. A lack of price discover is irreparable harm and causes some civil tort monetary damage, to any one who holds an AGE or ASE, or who holds any amount of precious bullion specie, or in the precious metals trade who transacts any buys, sells, serves the public, publication, retail, wholesale, or to anyone acting with an unduly influenced US government agency, like the US mint, which is not only an actionable civil tort and RICO claim, but also specifically, a RICO crime against the US Government agency, US Mint, offering jail time to the offenders of such price manipulation.

Speaking Plainly, REID is offering to take down the manipulator JPM within 6mo of funding and needs 6m$ in funding to do so, to enjoin and terminate the habitual price manipulations of JPM, and form a public record so that US Justice can prosecute a criminal case. REID tend to seek solutions, rather than back slaps.

Aspect 3.1 Practical Business Operations

The TEAM will go in with a thirteen to one advantage, hence, the case is considered fool proof. This advantage is derived from proven skills and affects. For a bullion or private FIANCIER, with 6m$ invested, a 2-5x dollars profits out in about 9 months is expected. PLAINTIFFs would acquire a world famous image attacking JPM as the world top financed bank and greedster. REID will use JPM size to its disadvantages to the advantage of the TEAM, because this is war, and no Jedi mind trick will be left unplayed, because the TEAM is going for the throat with no holds barred after JPM. PLAINTIFFs should obtain a certain level of trade recognition, globally now, especially in view of the to be aired Secret World of Gold to rally the bugs and the public. 

PLAINTIFFs already have public figure status and world recognition and have possess polite people skills and they should entice the proposed PLAINTIFF EXPERTs to join the team, cost-effectively, and less than one year is the time expected from complaint filing. PLAINTIFF EXPERTs might just join merely for the recognition and fame for being world class heroes or for legitimate concerns over people oppressed everywhere

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are surely locked into greed, but just maybe the Chicago Law Firm would have skilled litigators join the team with reduce rates for the fame and glory and trade recognition of taking down JPM, which a firm marketing trick by the law firm partners. REID will play this out when interviewing Chicago Law Firms. 

Cost Reduction wile keeping flexible, PROXIMAL COUNSEL may provide the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL temporary offices during hearing and deposition for reducing the size and scope of HQ command office. The HQ office should have an office and a conference rooms that double as a temporary office during the Hearings when the TEAM is at the court, which should only be once for the hearing. 

REID will effective approve all significant expenditures for cost effectiveness. The HQ office or conference room should have telecommunication for video replay and video conferencing for reduced plane fair costs. REID office should be equipped with an air mattress and with small refrigerator in the lobby for around the clock and sleep. It would be to dangerous for REID to actually drive in the district, so a limousine service will be located by REID in the district, though not often used. Hence, technologist computer support is key from the start as a first action item.

PLAINTIFF EXPERT, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, PLAINTIFF, gold bullion specialists and rally public MOPE speakers may get the limousine transport from district hotels and airports as needed during the rallies and hearing, so as to make the rally and Hearing spectacular event to feed the MOPE. A small HQ command office with robust telecommunications in REID HQ offices and conference room as the primary communication hub is used for fast communications reach to the outside world. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, may mostly stay at their respective homes with like telecommunication  facilities.

KNW GATA and WATCHDOG and commentators will be wired copies of press releases and document as filed for immediate postings and comment as desired. MSN reporters can fish from the clerk office for public copies. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will be at court during hearings, and during filing rallies, with the people waving bonnie blue flags, wearing yellow hats, and score singing the fight song. Political individuals may speak at the rallies provided they only attack opposing political party policies totally consistent with the case, and there shall be no attacks directed toward the US Government or any of its agencies.

There should be a total MOPE media blitz with the speeches at rallies and released pod casts before complaint filing and before the hearing as a pump up the MOPE and bias the Judge. So, there will be a total MOPE of the nation as part of biasing the Judge placing and much pressure as possible upon the Judge. Office over night mail can be used for thick packaged full disclosures from PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. Hence over night mail for full disclosures is added to rapid telecommunications videos for many interviews, with wired transmission for briefs, declarations court documents, press releases and proposed rally speeches. 

Aspect 3.2 Counsel and Expert Fees Expenses Retainers

PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are to paid an agreed to fixed rate fee plus expenses, to review documents, for interviews with REID, prepare and execute declarations, and attend the hearing. Experts may be elevated plaintiffs upon agreement. Counsel are paid a reasonable rate plus expenses, to generally prepare and review the complaint, declarations, and moving papers, and to attend and examine witness and argue objections at the hearing. Possible Plaintiffs, Standby Experts, Consultants are generally not paid a fee but are reimbursed any authorized expenses and they may be elevated to plaintiffs and experts upon agreement. Consultants may be designated as Commentators who shall receive press releases directly from HQ for public comment.

All appearing plaintiffs, counsel, and experts shall comply with the dress code during court and rally participation by forwarding body measurements upon hire in advance to the tailor who shall have dress suit made as uniforms and readied well in advance of the hearing and rallies. Counsel, Plaintiffs and Expert fees are due upon invoice. Counsel may be retained by advanced retainer. 

Aspect 3.3 Financier to Funds Case in Advance

FANCIER will put up 6m$ to fund the case for one year to help make history with a two times to five times ROR upon settlement. This funding is basically used to hire PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. PLAINTIFFs are considered EXPERTs for funding purposes. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will have incentives besides the dollar per hour rate with is a share in any settlement. A 100m$ is expected settlement, plus counsel and expert fees and costs. The TEAM should be small with a maximum of six PLAINTIFFs COUNSEL, six PLAINTIFFs and nine PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. The PLAINTIFF are used in a double role as PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTS. Each having a scheduled share of the settlement for enticement plus hourly rates and costs. 

Aspect 3.4 Complaint Filing and Injunction Hearing 

The case starts off with advanced preparation and then filing and then the injunction hearing. The filings are at the same time of two planed rallies in Chicago and in the District. A second rally is on or just before the hearing to MOPE the public, to MOPE the US Government and to bias the judge. Just filing the suit should cause gold to rise hundreds of dollars per once in the Comex paper price and as well as a drop the share value of JPM. 

Aspect 3.5 Attorneys and Experts Skin in the Game

PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will have no skin in the game, except their personal bullion like tens of millions of other gold bugs and freedom lovers, having been enslaved by JPM. REID has his heart into the case which is more effective than skin. ALL will be motivated by dollars per hour rates plus settlement sharing enticements. 

Aspect 3.6 Attorney Attire Court Dress Code

When at the hearing or any rally, or any time in court, before the Judge, dignity and respect must pervade. The TEAM of six PLAINTIFF, six PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and nine PLAINTIFF EXPERTs shall wear blue suits and yellow shirts with respective black ties for PLAINTIFFs, red ties for PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and blue ties for PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. This is avoid friendly fire and confusion yet maintains the dignity and respect of the court before the judge enabling the judge to quickly identify TEAM players, as well as to distinguish in court between the DEFENDANT comedians, clowns, criminals, traitors, and hoodies, and who are the PLAINTIFF good guys in blue suits and yellow shirts. 

PLAINTIF COUNSEL must be all be dressed for this TEAM uniform whereas the opposition will be in a state of confusion reflected by their random dress so that Judge will be able to quickly identify court who is the DEFENANT team and are the PLAINTIFF TEAM. This will provide general a sharp noticeable contrast when in court and at rallies, as part of the biasing of the Judge. The Judge will appreciate the dress code actually to make his life easier to manage the court room. 
 Thus, all of the TEAM members will participate in this dress code at all hearings before the court and at rallies. The district located Tailor will be selected in advance. Full body measurements from all TEAM players, PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will be forward to this district Tailor in advance for making the blue suits, the yellow shirts and red ties, back ties and blue ties, for wearing at any of the hearings or rallies. 

Aspect 3.7 California Distal URL and Discovery Attorney

DISTAL COUNSEL should be a member of TFMR and LMPC and is used for locating URL cites for Judicial noticing of facts and can solicit members of TFMR and LMPC to help search for requested URL cites while active as a back up case discoverer. DISTAL COUNSEL or the SECRETARY can open bank and credit card accounts and be provided advance sums as necessary to further the case. Every penny shall be accounted for. 

Aspect 3.8 Marketing of Plan and Acquiring Funding 

The marketing plan for acquiring case funding has been released by REID on line for public education mostly at Totalitarian Democracy. REID has sent marketing teasers and notice to those in the political, economical, bullion and news spaces to further gain advance exposure of the plan presented here. The herein proposal will eventually be sent to all PLAINTIFFs, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS for their education. Global reach for funding is also had by way of Astro Empires and at WATCHDOG under Ms Catherine A Fitts commentary, a known GATA supporter, as well as at TFMR and LMPC. REID will attempt to contact EMBRY of Sprott Assets for funding as the preferred FINANCIER and TEAM motivator with a communicated version of this attack plan. 

REID has sent out teasers to various Political, Economic, Bullion, Masonic, Religious, and News organizations to gain advance exposure. REID can provide video lectures and pod casts as desired for securing funding. The main keys of the attack plan is the novel legal approach and the cost effectiveness of the plan. Initial draft of the plan was done in piece meal post in secret code as REID has an expired Security Clearance from the US Government to keep details of the plan generally secret during drafting. REID has since gone public giving JPM effective notice of the intent to provide effective notice legal to JPM. REID has sent coded copies to EMBRY, the preferred DISTAL COUNSEL, FERGUSON, MURPHY, and POWELL.


Aspect 3.9 Problems Raising Venture Capital

The gold notables do allot of talking but are generally cautious and hesitant while being enslaved by JPM and by the gold cartel, and that is the initial condition. REID must take the lead in securing funding, and get the FINANCIER on board, with funding in place. The FINANCIER's influence will then be used as a face man, to persuade initially a few PLAINTIFFs to join the attack. Then the FIANCIER and joined PLAINTIFFs turn on the remaining hold out PLAINTIFFs to stack up six PLAINTIFFs as a ready attack team. Then the FINANCER and PLAINTIFFs will turn on PLAINTIFF EXPERTs to persuade them to join the TEAM, thus, completing recruitment of the necessary FINANCIER, PLAINTIFFS and EXPERTS, to get the case moving. REID will hire PLAINTIFF COUNSEL separately.

To understand and appreciate the attack plan completely, one needs about ten years experience in many fields, including Patent Litigation, Military Science, Engineering, Bullion Markets, and Politics, while having a disdain for the legal profession with an anomalous aggressive psychology. The legal, Engineering, and Military parts may be difficult for most bullion notables to fully understand. The plan is considered by REID to be fool proof and adoptable, with replication that can be used to destroy the gold cartel of bullion bank greedsters. 

Aspect 3.10 KISS Marketing at Totalitarian Democracy 

KISS Marking is mostly initiated in stages. The plan was first publicized on line for mass immediate awareness at Totalitarian Democracy, the REID personal blog. The Totalitarian Democracy blog was used to not only inform the public but to give actual notice the DEFENDANT JPM. REID has also devised simple teaser communications plan for contacting known notables in the political, news, bullion, and economic businesses for marketing exposure mostly through postings, emails and tweets. 

The attack plan herein has been worked out pretty much with defined HQ facilities, command and control, support facilities, communication lines, logistics, front line EXPERT forces, auxiliary PLAINTIFF forces. The plan looks good but now needs funding which is a supply line to a financier, now with a funding exposure marketing system on line and working well. After funding, the plan moves on to execution needing about 6m$ for six months, for the greatest take down of all time with a district court resolution in less than a year, and probably within 6 months. The taking down JPM in the bullion space is the prime objective.

REID has already perfected a global reach through Totalitarian Democracy, Astro Empires, an WATCHDOG postings, along with personal posting, emails and tweets. This advance marketing function has been already perfected and is in use today. REID posts regularly the TMFR and LMPC for enhance global reach as part of the marketing plan, keeping those audiences well informed. US Government politicians including the House, Senate and CIA have been informed of the marketing plan. 

Aspect 3.11 Lecture Available to Group of Funders 

REID is willing to give a lecture to a team of financiers interested in taking down the bullion price manipulator, JPM, and for that purpose only. The last lecture by REID was at in 2000 at DVGU Vladiostok, Russia teaching Russians market economy and intellectual property rights. REID can well address large crowds and a court sitting en banc without hesitation. 

The proposed funding lecture can be, for example, for a group of financiers with a lecture coordinator. The lecture can have robust questions and answers, attended by team of interested financiers, bullion notables, and prospective experts. This lecture can be made into a pod cast as well. At any confidential lecture, personal notes should only made be taken and then kept as personal work product notes, and not to be distributed to anyone, but kept as confidential personal notes only. 

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, financiers and bullion notables can attend by way of visual and audio telecommunications. REID would use a chalk board, or easy erase ink board, as proposed lecture would use diagrams for rapid perceptions.

Aspect 3.12 Mechanics of Initial Funding

A funding conference should take place with an interested FINANCIER. On line conferencing can be used, but face to face is an option in the lower fifty states. The first conference should be between REID and the FINANCIER being preferably EMBRY. As such REID can travel to San Clemente and visit Rick Rule Sprott Global facilities there. The FINACIER can cause domestic funds from Rick Rules' facility in California and procure 6M$ of AGE from Tulving Southern California, a trusted dealer of REID, to place funding in REID possession, as REID has procured over 100m$ ASE from Tulving during past two years, and REID has a decade of personal relationship with Tulving, and Tulving is trusted, as a trusted personal relationship. The funding in AGE can be picked up by REID at Tulving so that REID can then immediately start execution of this plan. MURPHY and POWELL can also be used as a trusted reference, as REID, MURPHY and POWELL have had communications in the bullion market going back to 2005. 

After funding, DISTAL COUNSEL will start URL searches, as REID takes off to Chicago in search of a suitable Chicago Law firm and then back to the district to search for a suitable PROXIMAL COUNSEL. It is hoped that the FINANCIER would activate internal resources for locating a technologist for putting together the HQ facility as REID is off to Chicago as parallel advance preparations. 

Aspect 3.13 Plaintiff Inherent Advantages 

PLAINTIFF should go into the hearing with an approximate thirteen to one advantage over the DEFENDANT. These advantages are derived from the use of papers filed, biases of the Judge, and the proven experiences of REID. 

REID team is use the "legal flip", while biasing the Judge. Judges are typically third order guys and very light on their feet. Judges in simple tort cases are probably tired of hearing the same old legalese and citations. Judges in gun toting states would probably be upset with Judges other foreign states, unduly influenced, if not corrupted, by supreme court socialistic and totalitarian opinions. Judges in a gun toting state may a personal agenda against the system, and that can should used to a maximum benefit. 

Judges hear simple tort cases in a federal court their whole professional life, and are inherently up to speed in tort actions. The judges need not be taught again what is the law in simple tort actions, and most probably want just the facts for a decision. The TEAM will play on these inherent biases toward the system and experiences on the Judge in a gun toting state. This provides an initial advantage to the PLAINTIFF of at least two to one in favor of the PLAINTIFF. 

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL have a limited 15 page space in moving paper where typically experts and counsel will use about 13 pages of useless argument and citations, leaving only about only 2 pages of actual facts. The TEAM will flip this page usage for maximum benefit. The bulk of moving papers will contain 13 pages of fact and only 2 pages for legal citations well cited, but which is not much. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL fills 13 pages with focused technology and marketing argument leaving only 2 pages of legal citations. The judge will focus his reading on those 13 pages of technology and marketing in the moving papers. Whereas, the JPM opposition paper will use about 6 pages of fact and argument and about 9 pages of citations, which is used by the TEAM to provide full citations for any review possible review by the court and any the circuit court. Hence, the TEAM will use the traditional legal roles of the DEFENDANT against the DEFENDANT in the legal flip. 

The DEFENDANT COUNSEL is locked into tradition practices, and the DEFEDANT will put in the standard boiler plates citations and legal argument in DEFENDANT papers filed, using up most space with cut and paste standard citations and standard argument. Hence, the DEFENDANT will use it opposition for mostly standard citations placed on the record with only two effective pages for focused fact argument on the technology and marketing issues. PLAINTIFF moving papers will use 13 pages with precision facts and argument providing plaintiff with inherent advantages using DEFENDANT traditional style against the DEFENDANT. The Judge will be focused is reading the facts and argument, and will probably not even read DEFENDANT papers wholly. The Judge will concentrate on the moving papers and the reply papers. The will be reading all declarations in summary, and reading PLAINTIFF's moving and reply papers mostly. 

Additionally, DEFENDANT opposition papers will give the TEAM the admissions against interests and JPM internal business practices as part of the planned set up of JPM. In planned practice, the TEAM will have about 26 pages of real fact and argument to the DEFEDANTS 4 pages, if that. And so, the paper space uses places odds highly in favor of the TEAM, with highly focused PLAINTIFF moving and reply papers are read by the Judge being initially and concurrently MOPEd for totally biasing the Judge while reading in favor of PLAINTIFF. 

The TEAM uses the DEFENDANT traditional style to feed additional legal citations as necessary, to support PLAINTIFF cause. The PLAINTIFF will get two shots, the moving paper and the reply paper for 26 pages of fact argument, while the DEFENDANT will have opposition and sir-reply papers. The reply will focus on using DEFENDANT additions against the DEFENDANT, where the sir-reply is really of no consequence. And so, the odds by paper filings is heavily stacked in favor of PLAINTIFF at by 26 to 2. Additionally, PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will be on point bullion experts and fully prepared and coached, but with the record sufficiently full of legal citations as a large wasted of DEFENDANT in court resources. 

The DEFENDANT EXPERT will tip the hand of JPM and will be forced to describe by admissions to the court JPM internal operations and thus disclose to the TEAM JPM internal business operation focused in those a few pages and supported by DEFENDANT EXPERT. The paper filing is an inherent nine to one advantage for the PLAINTIFF.

The REID cross-dimensional transformation factor that flows for two decades of transforming various complexities into simplicities will also increase the odds in favor of PLAINTIFF for the Judge and the public rapid understandings. Two examples are used to clarify that additional advantage by the REID transformation. The first example is a herein TFMR posting by REID. A question was effective posed. A TFMR poster was directed to bringing common readers to a conclusion but that wasted allot space in so doing. REID did the same thing  concisely and clearly stated using only four sentences. Where one was directed to a community at large or to the general public was verbose in space usage whereas REID provide a concise answer, showing the REID transformation at work, cutting to the chase, simpliticly stated. The question posed is why do gold bugs complain only when the bullion prices are taken down. The REID transformation was actually about a twenty to one reduction saying nearly the same thing, but in only much fewer words, a REID specialty is turning the complexity into the simplicity. 

As a second example is in the patent prosecution context. One should understand the patenting process. Inventors regularly appeared in two general types, the first type of inventors are those with a reduction to practice, in which there is a physical embodiment, and the second type of inventors are those with mere paper tigers. Complex inventions are a close approximation to the bullion market complexity. The actual reduction to practice versions have a much better chance of showing to REID suitable demonstrations of effectiveness whereas the paper tiger versions are always suspect from the start. Through REID interrogation and interviews, many times the paper tigers are shown to be inherently defective, as errors do not easily slip by REID and errors are then pointed out to the paper tiger inventor. REID states why the invention will not work, and this often requires REID, as will happen in this case, to help the inventors to resigned the paper tiger right in the patent office for suitable filing for patent protection. There are of Federal Record, of some 250 on line examples of the REID transformation, where REID has in fact reduced rather complex inventions to only a few pages, for concise filings, whereas the original disclosure files contained many times more paper. And hence, the REID transformation of the complex to the simple, has repetitively been done successfully over the many years, and this is another key in the whole process proposed. This inherent REID transformation process add advantages to the PLAINTIFF plaintiff from nine to one of space usage, to eleven to one, approximately. The MOPE and biasing of the Judge will take this advantage to about thirteen to one in favor of PLAINTIFF. 

Aspect 3.14 Movie Producer as the Financier 

There may be possibility that movie producers would like the inside story with rapid access to information for purposes of making a moving on the greatest take down in modern times. The Lehman Brothers movie would be an example of such movie making. Movie producers may be enticed into funding the case with granted licenses. Ruth Caleb of Leopard Production, Mel Gibson of ICON production, and Rupert Murdoch are the likely candidates. 

This proposal is also an agreement document, wherein on the last page, is the signature page, for the experts, counsel and plaintiffs, for all 6+6+9 = 21 of them, and the FINANCIER. It is expected that only a one day hearing appearance will result in a share in any settlement. This proposal will be presented to personal private individuals by REID, and if necessary to some bullion notables, and to EMBRY of Sprott Assets, as is the best one suited to fund this proposal. But, the proposal may also be concurrently presented movie producers, for production rights of the movie, based upon the action proposed, with plaintiffs and experts and counsel, all becoming emulated personalities on the big screen.

Movie Producer Financier
Advance copy of attack plan, 
Authorization to Make Movie based upon the proposed case. Authorization to use name and likeness of 
        plaintiffs, counsel and experts, 
Advance copy of press releases. 
Advance copy of examination scripts.
Advance copy of cross examination scripts.
Plaintiff share 1/3, 1/18 each 
Counsel Share 1/3, 1/18 each 
Expert Share 1/3, 1/27 each
Plaintiffs and Experts can be added, with individual shares then prorated, and would they would be provided a reasonable rate and reimbursed all expenses. Counsel would be provided a reasonable rate of pay plus expenses. 

Aspect 3.15 Private Party as the Financier 

If the proposal is funded by a private person such as a gold market notable, the FINANCIER would get a dollar profit on any settlement. 

With a Private or Gold Notable Financier
Financier 1/4, prorated to any funding team 
Plaintiffs 1/4, 1/26 each 
Counsel 1/4, 1/26 each 
Experts 1/4, 1/36 each
Plaintiffs and Experts can be added, with individual shares prorated, and would be provided a reasonable rate and reimbursed all expenses. Counsel would be provided a reasonable rate of pay plus expenses. 

In July 2013 REID will being in earnest to promote funding for the plan and case. By the end of June 2013, politically conservative billionaires and the GOP have been contacted as an advanced promotion. During May 2013, many economic, political, bullion, and news notables have been contacted with notice teasers and clues. 

EMBRY in the bullion world is considered best suited as a bullion FINANCIER because of his knowledge and demeanor and he can be used to woo PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs to join the TEAM being a seasoned veteran in the gold community. EMBRY is a straight shooter and already a KWN commentator for news commentary and broadcast to the people. The plan funding is from a movie producer, a bullion notable, or a private person. REID can attend meetings with Sprott Global in the San Clement offices of Rick Rule as a preliminary contact with EMBRY during promotions while staying in touch with FERGUSON, and MURPHY and other potential PLAINTIFFs, as well as with known experts in the field, one of which has already been made a REID personal behind the scenes consultant.