Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes of Actions

Aspect 2.0 Scope of Complaint Causes of Actions

The complaint causes of action are based upon only two tort claims, Interference with Prospective Advantages and Fraud. The two primary tort claims flow from market rigging, market front running, market racketeering, and government subversion. The totality of the wrongs support a third racketeering RICO claim.

A second part of the attack plan is its scope. The case is primarily two simple tort action for damages, which are speculative, justifying irreparable injury, for injunctive relief, for shutting down price manipulation. The PLINTIFF should own AGE, ASE and bullion services, all having been speculative damaged by price manipulation by the DEFENDANT JPM. The RICO cause of action is mostly use to flower the complaint, to 1) wholly paint the DEFENDANT as a treasonous criminal, 2) tortious paint the DEFENDANT as a civil wrong doers, 3) to paint the DEFENDANT as a government corrupt undue influencer, 4) to paint the DEFENDANT as a mob boss racketeer, and 5) to misdirect and confuse DEFENDANT COUNSEL and the DEFENDANT, to 6) to bias the court as much as possible in favor the PLAINTIFF to obtain the injunctive relief. The motion for injunction relief filed at the time of the complain, is used as a rapid fire sneak attack upon the DEFENDANT, to over whelm the DEFENDANT and DEFENDANT COUNSEL, to a quick hearing to rapidly stop bullion price manipulation. After the HQ facility is set up, REID will quickly interface with PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL to set forth sufficient but focused causes of actions in the complaint and set forth required elements for injunctive relief, while avoiding any venue change out of the district court. 

But without this action, the country and the people will very slowly effectively move toward the last ditch defense of gold and silver money, to avoid total anarchy in the country, for if, the paper dollar fails, only US minted coinage can provide the domestic economy with a means trusted by all to transact daily business. And so, through criminal price manipulation by DEFENDANT is effectively treasonous transfer the nation's treasure to the Chinese and Russians. Hence, the target JPM is not only villainous in its manipulation crimes, but is traitor, selling the nation out, for the bottom line paper profits, so that the officers thereof can live like kings, while the economy stagnates and the people suffer

All branches of the US Government, including the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches shall be held up as noble in high esteem, while painting the target JPM as the only real villainous criminal, traitor, and undue influencer, for focused public consumption through KWN, GATA and WATCHDOG. And so, the action wont touch directly the evils of paper money, even though it ain't worth a continental, as that diminishes the FED bank and the US Government. Through subtle implicit suggestions, this can be used to reference bullion in the US Constitution, and let the JUDGE put two and two together. REID will walk a thin line here. 

There is thus a very limited objective of this case, and that is, taking down the target JMP in the Bullion space, hard and fast, and so, all must be absolutely focused on only that. The PLAINTIFF seeks to rally the public generally and the US Government generally on the side of the PLAINTIFF, while giving the US Government a political out, as all of the corrupt undue influence is all the fault of Wall Street, and specifically, the target JPM as Wall Street mob boss. REID will, through command central at HQ, keep all players on the same page to rally the people and US Government to concurrently support PLAINTIFF in this case. The judge is part of the US Government and attacking the US Government is this action is not to be had under any circumstance. They are all kind sirs in Government doing their best to serve the people, many of whom will rally to the defense of the US Government. 

The scope of the initial complaint filing shall be, a three prong attack leading to the 1) hearing to enjoin JPM, 2) Summary Judgement Motions to butcher likely defenses, and 3) Expedited Discovery for finding facts and JPM traitors. The case will be supported by PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, all of which will guided by PLAINTIFF COUNSEL to the target JPM to stop at least five years of JMP bullion price manipulation. The complaint will be filed in a conservative gun toting states to avoid the DC or NY corrupt district courts which has already show their colors. Jurisdiction a conservative state is had by one of PLAINTIFF located in a gun toting conservative state through simple tort actions.  

The injunctive relief sought will in terms of Chinese Walls, Pooled FIFO sells, Staggered sells, and Threshold Amounts, so that the defendant can have any COT position it desires and sale any among of in house or client money, but done so, so to not price manipulate to cause local PLANITIFF tortious harm. 

The various Summary Judgement Motions (SJM) will knock out quickly, JPM alleged defenses, for example, clients hedges, which in fact can not possibly exist, as sells are not done through FIFOs but must be done in a pooled manner couple with in house money for massive coordinated sells and resulting price smashes. Another possible defense is that the use in house funds to support the client money is proper, but money is fungible, so it don't really matter what money is used to price rig. It is unknown what defenses would be asserted against simple tort actions, but elements are all present. Other SJM will created as interviews are hand with PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and with PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. During complaint filing by the PLAINTIFF, and in response the Reply to the complaint by the DEFENDANT, and in response to the reply to the motion for preliminary injunctive relief, PLAINTIFF will file discovery requests against the DEFEDANT and DEFENDANT EXPERTS, the responses to such discovery will be preferably used at the hearing.

All of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will made of court record. REID will be made OF COUNSEL for the general top down presentation of the over all view of the wrongs by JPM connecting the dots and will cross examine DEFENDANT EXPERTs. REID will be aggressive but walking a thin line. PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will be used for examinations of PLAINTIFF EXPERT. PROXIMAL COUNSEL will be used for up front EBM motions, introductions, local admissions, prologue remarks, and examining PLAINTIFFs. DISTAL COUNSEL will also examine PLAINTIFFs. The TEAM will be cost effectively used. 

The first pair of PAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF PRIMARY EXPERTs are used to show actual price manipulation. The second pair PLAINTIFF SECONDARY COUSNEL and PLAINTIFF SECONDARY EXPERT are used to show DEFENDANT nefarious business operations. The third pair PLAINTIFF TERTIARY COUNSEL and PLAINIFF TERTIAR EXEPRT are used to show mathematical probability and  supply-demand that JPM is the culprit. The EXPERTs will be supported by in court graphic displays. PLAINTIFF will be used as AUXILIARY EXPERTs and used to by PROXIMAL COUNSEL and DISTAL PLAINTIFF to finger JPM specifically. The three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL prepare the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY EXPERTs for concurrent presentation, and they all will be focused in respective assignments. At the Hearing, the issue will be speculative damages which need not be show precisely, but generally, that the price manipulation is downward defeating honest price discovery, and that bullion services suffer membership and enthusiasm when the prices are manipulated downward, for generally showing imprecise monetary damages and the required irreparable harm. 

There will be an inherent conflict by the Judge as part of US Government supporting the FED bank that is supporting JPM. The court must follow supreme court rulings and is ethically required to follow precedence, and yet, the Judge made an oath to the US Constitution and would concerned about civil war and freedom of the people. This is a personal conflict for the Judge. This is why it is important to avoid any venue change and retain the case locally using conservative judges under local public political pressure. The god fearing respect for an oath personally made and legitimate concerns for the local people by a conservative judge is the correct play. 

Fifty million of the people are trapped on food stamps nationally by JPM. The gold bugs are trapped by JPM through price manipulation. Another hundred million are trapped as tax mules by those in DC by the paper money printer and the IRS using excessive taxes, the two calling cards of totalitarian rule. The Judge will be made out to be a national savior. The stakes are very high. And this will be mentioned during the REID opening top down discussion before the court, so as to focus the Judge. The shoulders of the Judge will be heavily weighted, so that, the Judge takes the action very seriously, and thus will focus of the facts. 

The Constitution, and simple tort action law should provide any judge with a way of avoiding any precedent so as to rule in PLAINTIFF favor, to have the Judge focus where it really counts, on the facts to save the people and the nation generally from ruination. And thus, REID opening remarks at the HEARING will set the stage for a favorable outcome.

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will have some protection from the DEFENDANT COUNSEL by work product expert protection to limit harassment by JPM, that is likely to loose some discovery attacks, as is normal. These expect discover attacks by DFENDENT will be largely discounted as a misdirection ploy upon DEFEDANT COUNSEL. The purpose is to always misdirect DEFENDANT COUNSEL so that DEFENDANT COUNSEL are expensively and logistically looking in the wrong places, while the TEAM focuses on the injunction hearing.

The REID is highly skilled at turning the complex and into simplicity so that the public and the Judge can understand the action with painting JPM as the Wall Street mob boss unduly influencing the US Government. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINIFF EXPERT will be well focused while JPM and DEFENDANT COUNSEL are misdirected. The DEFENDENAT COUNSEL will be misdirected while the DEFENDANT EXPERTs are humiliated by REID possessing engineering and legal skills sufficient to humiliate the best of the best, and will do so without hesitation, and this is war, and there will be no mercy or pity. 

During the Reply to the complaint and in opposition to the hearing, focus will be had on JPM admission as used against interests for directly showing the nefarious internal business operation of JPM. Thus, PLAINTIFF SECONDARY COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF SECONDART EXPERTs will be focused in reply to the motion on the business operations of JPM that will amply supported by DEFENDANT EXPERTs. REID during the moving paper, will warn the court that JPM is likely to take the fifth as any criminal would to simply deny and delay, but that the noble court should seek the truth, so as to double up the set up the DEFENDANT upon moving for preliminary injunctive relief. 

As part of complaint filing, chief judge assignment, and en banc review EBM, SJM, PIM, motions and discovery requests all go out simultaneously as part upon JPM, with sets of interrogatories, requests for admissions, and for requests for production, for confirmation by target JPM. For example, how many contracts did you or your doe corporations sell during the 4/12 price drop during D hours +/- x hours. Produce for inspection all sells orders between D hour and Y hours. What was the average contracts sold (D hour +/- x hours) +/- y hours, during the dump on or about April 12th 2013. What was the price before D hour - y hours. What was the price after D Hours + y hours. Direct evident of JPM internal business operations will be sought to show that in house money and clients money are pooled by the manipulator for price manipulation, that is used to shake down the gold bugs and small speculators. Beyond simple denial, JPM will be set up at the hearing to show its internal operations, which tend will be used to against JPM. 

The TEAM will humiliate DEFENDANT EXPERTs on the stand and thus on the record, taking the DEFENDANT EXPERTs completely out of the action, for they can only argue that JPM internal operation don’t price manipulate, and thus state what are those internal business operations in support, which then is turned against JPM. The hearing set up will be completed with direct evidence on the record to amply support a preliminary injunction.

The proposed case actually has little to do with Banking, Finance, Economics, Anti-trust and Positions Limits, such like, other than to show Wall Street and particularly JPM unduly influences Government. The case will use EXPERT testimony, simple judicial notice of facts and pointed arguments, with focus filings, in a quick and hard take down of JPM to enjoin them in the bullion space using a simple tort actions and preliminary injunctive relief. Gold and Silver short sale raids in the Comex is likely to continue with expectant draw downs in stock as JPM treasonously off load bullion to China through Hong Kong. 

Even when gold piles are general not available, meaning GLD is nearly emptied, and price stagnant if not lower, while AU and AG stock pile draw downs on the Comex, one should look for SLV draw downs with raids on paper prices for low buys and high sells into open arms China, and for the bottom line profits by the JPM manipulator, at PLAINTIFFs expense. However, there is plenty of bullion stocks around and much time for the manipulation to continue. The price manipulation will not end unless it is enjoin by US District Courts.

Some price manipulatory targeting uses some client funds, and in those drop, the clients don't get a FMV for positions sold. During those spikes down, part of the price recovery is in house funds. Thus, JMP hangs clients out to dry while profiting on in house money. It  can be shown easily by spike time lows +/- delta time of in house sells, to expose the self center dealings of JPM hanging its clients out to dry, during JPM criminal price manipulations for bottom line in-house profits. Fair markets exist only where random buyers and random sellers collide to produce honest price discovery, and where any entity distorts that collision, market rigging can occur and price discovery distorted, and so, one must get injunctions on the public records, based on that, and without any wiggle room for the dodge of the injunctions, to ensure that, that collision is maintained. 

No one can have honest price discovery, in a market, where non-producing dominant entities are selling physical they don't even have. There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion cash physical market or in bullion futures markets, where non-producing non-holding dominant participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce, as in a bullion mine having the real physical stuff in the ground in deep storage. Naked short bullion sales by dominant non-producers is simply fraud on the bullion holders and public, notwithstanding literal compliance with federal laws.

There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion market or futures market, where non-producing dominant participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce. There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion physical market or in bullion futures markets, where non-producing dominant participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce. Naked short bullion sales by non-miners is simply fraud. The tort action will include a fraud cause of action. 

Using contingent stores say at GLD, as a legitimate basis to enter futures markets, is a manipulative trick. If you have current stores for sale, you sale them in the cash market. A contingent interest should not be part of a cash market or the future market. A producer can sale forward in the futures market. Stock piles owned and readily available can be sold in the cash market. Naked short sales in the futures through possible contingent interests without future production, is simply a fraud.

From a mere hypothetical perspective, let imagine that a single player is a "dominant" player with a large position in the COT, and that position is naked short in the bullion space. It is impossible not to manipulation the bullion market using clients funds, because clients funds are not FIFO received and placed, but are pooled, to some extent. Thus the market will have distortion on honest price discovery. Hence, there is per se manipulation. Is it impossible not to manipulate a market with clients funds where dominant participants use naked short sale. A dominant participant can now sell naked short a year worth of production without that being fraudulent. Because one complies with licensing law and can own a fire arm under the permit and licensing laws, does not give one the right to shoot people dead on the street, day in and day out.

The case is believed to be straight forward. MOPE the people and the judge and US Government and its agencies, turning all on the manipulator, the Wall Street mob boss JPM. Show prima facie price targeting and hence price manipulation. Then by COT data and bank participation that JPM is the likely the manipulator. Then show likely internal In house and Clients funds use for prima faci inference sufficient for an injunction. Set up the defendant to divulge internal operations and use that against the DEFENDANT at the Hearing. Get JPM to divulge their nefarious internal business operation in court papers. Hence, direct proximal causation is thereby shown during the hearing. Irreparable injury to gold bugs for injunctive relief then naturally flows as to what is real bullion price discovery. Bullion service providers can not place a dollar figure on the amount damages. The Injunctive relief is couched in terms of pooled FIFOs, Chinese Walls, staggered sells, and Threshold amount, while avoiding and enabling gross sell amounts and COT positions prohibitions, so that the injunction will have no wiggle room for any dodge. Of course, any standby expert can be used for any desired surprise appearances for replacing or supporting the action after which, the record can be used by US Justice to put officers behind bars.

Irreparable Injury flows from inadequate price discovery. The target must disgorge all profits made in bullion space since 2009. The suit is for profits in bullion space between 2009 to the preliminary injunction. Inadequate price discovery affects any one physically holding bullion, new letters, retail outlets, wholesale outlets, the US Mint as crimes, bullion services, any entity where the bullion price affects the business. Manipulating prices affect price discovery. Price manipulation, irreparable injury is on every AGE or ASE, and supports federal jurisdiction. The target took over from GS in 2009, date of first injury. JPM and the Gold Cartel basically comply with trading laws at law before the kings beach, and generally unduly influence courts and Government agencies, in which JPM regularly defeat actions there. This case will turn that world upside down.

The case is brought in gun toting state, in a district where the local people are MOPE for providing pressure on the Judge. The filed papers and presentation will further bias and influence the local Judge there in favor of PLAINTIFFs. The action is not based upon compliance with trading laws, as that is largely irrelevant, but rather brought in equitable jurisdiction before the church bench, where morality is really the determining factor. The case takes a totally different approach, and is based upon three claims, Interference with the market, Fraud in the market, and RICO Racketeering. The Interference and Fraud claims are in most focus, with the morality play, with the RICO civil claim used to bring in all collateral bad acts of the Gold Cartel, to paint JPM as the immoral mob boss. Interfering with Service Providers, Retailers and Wholesalers, unable to obtain FMV through price discovery by manipulation of prices.

Tortious interference with contract rights can occur where the tortfeasor convinces a party to breach the contract against the plaintiff, or where the tortfeasor disrupts the ability of one party to perform his obligations under the contract, thereby preventing the plaintiff from receiving the performance promised. The classic example of this tort occurs when one party induces another party to breach a contract with a third party, in circumstances where the first party has no privilege to act as it does and acts with knowledge of the existence of the contract. Such conduct is termed tortious inducement of breach of contract.

Tortious interference with business relationships occurs where the tortfeasor acts to prevent the plaintiff from successfully establishing or maintaining business relationships. This tort may occur when a first party's conduct intentionally causes a second party not to enter into a business relationship with a third party that otherwise would probably have occurred. Such conduct is termed tortious interference with prospective business relations, expectations, or advantage or with prospective economic advantage. In either of the above situations, the tortfeasor conduct must be intentional. There is no cause of action for merely negligent interference with the performance of a contract.

Fraud is based upon selling naked shorts, that is, selling something you don't have, like a year of silver production in five minutes. Fraud is a deception made for personal gain. In criminal law, fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual, the related adjective is fraudulent, and verb is defraud. Fraud is a crime and a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud. Fraud is a basis for equitable jurisdiction.

Preliminary Injunction enjoining JPM from price manipulation is the primary goal. A preliminary injunction, in equity, is an injunction entered by a court prior to a final determination of the merits of a legal case, in order to restrain a party from going ahead with a course of conduct or compelling a party to continue with a course of conduct until the case has been decided. If the case is decided against the party that has been enjoined, then the injunction will usually be made permanent. In most courts in the United States, the party seeking the preliminary injunction must demonstrate all four things together. That there is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits of the case. That they face a substantial threat of irreparable damage or injury if the injunction is not granted.  That the balance of harms weighs in favor of the party seeking the preliminary injunction. That the grant of an injunction would serve the public interest. The "balance of harms" refers to the threatened injury to the party seeking the preliminary injunction as compared to the harm that the other party may suffer from the injunction.

The United States Supreme Court revisited the requirements for obtaining a preliminary injunction in Winter v. NRDC, Inc., 555 U.S. 7 (2008). The Court changed one requirement just slightly: "A plaintiff seeking a preliminary injunction must establish that he is likely to succeed on the merits, that he is likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief, that the balance of equities tips in his favor, and that an injunction is in the public interest." The case law permits the actions proposed. But, the action must be comprehensively prosecuted. JPM can not equal the cross dimensional lighten speed scrimmages of REID with the necessary skill set in one brain as commander.
1. The Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964 expressly authorizes civil remedies, in addition to any criminal remedies that also exist to prosecute organized crime. 2. State courts have original jurisdiction to enforce the Civil RICO statute at 18 U.S.C. 1964. See Tafflin v. Levitt and Lou v. Belzberg, Rice v. Janovich and Village at Camelback v. Carr. 3. The Civil Case Cover Sheet for the Superior Court of California shows “RICO” as a standard case category. 4. A pattern of racketeering is expressly defined to mean only two (2) RICO “predicate acts” during any given 10-year period. See 18 U.S.C. 1961(5). 5. The federal statute at 18 U.S.C. 1961 itemizes all RICO predicate acts. The most common are mail fraud, extortion, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a criminal investigation, and witness tampering or retaliation. 6. Violations of State and federal laws both qualify as RICO predicate acts. 18 U.S.C. 1961(1)(B) itemizes a long list of federal offenses that qualify as predicate acts. 

Service Providers, Retailers and Wholesalers will bring a Civil Complaint for Injunctive Relief and Damages, against JPM using In House and Client funds for Manipulating bullion market in Gold and Silver Causing all PLAINTIFF personal damages using Front Running, Conspiracy, Sedition, based upon Cause of Action RICO Crimes, Fraud and Deceit and Market Interference, for suppressing price causing all of the plaintiff irreparable harm based upon a lack of price discovery. REID has the time, skills, energy, and determination to drive this case to victory as its commander. 

Aspect 2.1 Proximal Counsel Hearing Prologue Remarks

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is the local counsel in which the District Court is disposed. The PROXIMAL COUNSEL will first address the court. 

Introduction of PLAINTIFFs COUNSEL in dress code with red ties, and introduction of PLAINTIFFs in dress code in black ties. The PRIMARY SECONDARY AND TERTIARY COUNSEL will examine PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. The PROXIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL will examine PLAINTIFFs. CO COUNSEL REID will cross examine DEFENDANTs EXPERTs and witnesses. PROXIMAL COUNSEL then moves to have CO COUNSEL, PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY DISTAL COUNSEL admitted to practice before the court in this case.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL then argues EBM before the court.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL then delivers to the court a prologue address as follows.

A) A US minted Silver Dollar and a FED bank paper dollar both have "dollar" printed on them. One is a fraud and the other is not.

B) The FRN paper dollar has the word "note" on it, yet one can not redeem that paper dollar at the FED BANK for a silver dollar, and hence, the FRN is a fraud and is an irredeemable note.

C) The silver dollar has intrinsic value based upon labor and money required to make that silver dollar by the US MINT, whereas the FED BANK paper dollar has no intrinsic value, but only has inherent value based upon IRS demands that federal taxes be paid in FRNs, and thus, the FRN has inherent value based upon IRS threat of imprisonment demand.

D) In order to sustain national debts and fiscal deficit, the FRN must be printed in every increasing quantities, through Zero Interest Rate Policies (ZIRP) and quantitative easy(QE) of the Federal Reserve Bank, the FRN implement a ponzie scheme, and thus the FRN dollar is actually ponzie coupon, that is, an irredeemable Federal Reserve bank note.  

E) All ponzie scheme eventually fail, as is well known by all bullion experts, and thus, experts in the bullion and currency markets know that the FRN will eventually fail, as do all fiat currencies over time, the average being about 40 years, as President Nixon closed the "gold window" in 1971.

F) Gold and silver, mentioned in the US Constitution are monetary metals, and thus are special commodities deserving of special consideration. The FRN paper fraudulent money is in direct competition with gold and silver minted coinage real money.

G) In order to enable the defendant to manipulate the bullion market and thereby interfere in the market preventing normal price discovery of bullion prices, the defendant uses naked short sells thereby fraudulently selling what it does not have. In order to enable the defendant to manipulate the bullion market to any targeted paper price, and obtain profits thereby, the defendant is given free paper money by the ZIRP policy from the Federal Reserve Bank. Thus, the defendant is motivated to unduly influence the Federal Reserve bank keep the ZIRP policy in effect to continue manipulating the bullion market to continue to obtain criminal profits.

H) Thus, the DEFENDANT really opposes PLAINTIFF PIM in order to sustain their bullion manipulation and resulting illicit profits. 

I) The DEFENDANT may seek to hide behind literal market laws to engage in this illicit bullion manipulation with impunity, as the US Attorney General has indicated that TBTF TBTJ can not be effectively prosecuted by the US Attorney General. 

J) If the court any questions, CO COUNSEL REID is qualified to answer any questions posed by the court. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL then calls upon CO COUNSEL REID to make an opening address, while advising and representing to the court that REID would qualify is an expert in five fields consisting of patent law, engineering, political science, military science, and the bullion market, and thus has a varied and colorful speech pattern.

Aspect 2.2 Of Counsel Hearing Opening Remarks 

Time for some opening remarks. Proximal Counsel: Your Honors, I would like to introduce Mr Reid, who would like to make some brief opening remarks. Opening Remarks Outline:

I National Importance
A) 50m Enslavement of those on meal tickets
B) 100m Freedom Lovers up in arms and possible civil war
C) Wall Street Occupiers are demonstrating in the streets
D) US Attorney General TBTF TBTJ Wall Street Mob Bosses
E) Wall Street Mob Boss Unduly Influences Government
F) Court May Conflicted between Oath and Precedent
G) Only This Court can Save the Nation from Ruination

II Plaintiff Causes of Action
A) Interference Tort
B) Fraud Tort
C) Racketeering RICO
D) Case in Equity for Equitable Injunctions 
E) Ecclesiastical Court Decision is based on Morality

III Court Tactics of Defendants 
A) Teaching the Court simple Tort Actions and Injunctions
B) Relies on Irrelevant Market Law Compliance
C) 5th denials in a civil case is inapplicable
D) Will refuse to Provide Facts despite protective orders
E) Clowns should Sit Down and Shut Up in a Respectable Court

IV Defendants Nefarious Operations
A) Hiding behind Laws, Reports, and Trading Electronics
B) Unlimited Funding ZIRP by the Government
C) Client Fiduciary Breach to start Cascades in Price
D) Criminal Price Manipulation to a target price
E) In house Funds to buy Low using Fraudulent Naked Shorts
F) Front Runs to Conspirators in the Racketeering
G) Treasonous Sales to China in Face of Doomed FRN
H) Dominant position ensured price manipulation
I) Immoral and Unfair regular market intervention

V Injunctive Relief
A) Bullion Au Ag is constitutional money unlike other Commodities
B) Injunctions tailored to prevent dumping and price manipulations
C) Injunctions tailored to enable selling or any positions limits
D) Injunctions tailored to prevent Bullion Rigging only

Defendants are sure losers with Global Rock Stars PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs on Offense, and the vicious ruthless cross-examining attack dog REID on Defense.

Aspect 2.3 Prayer for Injunctive Relief and Motion Hearing

Equitable considerations are many. At the Hearing, Estoppel equitable defenses are unsupported by any credible evidence. In equity for an injunction, naked sales are inherently a fraud, selling something you don't have, such that client funds are pooled, contrary to cash on the barrow head in random buys and sells as legitimate price discovery. Lack of transparency, into JPM business operations, yet JPM is the FED's Bank, a pseudo public trust, raising nation wide suspicions of nefarious conducts. JPM participates in the enslavement of 50,000,00 on meal tickets as a public trust pseudo US bank. JPM Sells traitorously to China bullion, America last ditch defense to anarchy if the FRN fails, which is likely giving the current TRAP ZIRP QE, known by them. There are many bad acts that will paint JPM as the mob boss.

At the Hearing, Latches equitable defenses are unsupported by any credible evidence. Price manipulation is an on going crime in progress. REID did not figure it out until 4/29/2013, how to cost effectively take down JPM. MAY of 2013 was drafting a coded attack plan. End of May June of 2013 was spent by REID to perfect on line marketing and editing the attack plan into readable English version to secure funding. REID has worked diligently many hours each day and seven days a week. The TEAM has not yet made funding arranged. There has been no unreasonable delay. 

At the Hearing, Unclean Hands is asserted by the TEAM against the DEFENDANT, as an equitable assertion for the injunction, against any equitable consideration for the DEFENDANT, and hence, bullion price manipulation, crimes bypassed by Justice, conspiratorial front running, undue influence upon Government, RICO racketeering, personal damages to millions, naked short sells are public frauds selling something to don’t have, are singularly unclean hands of the defendant JPM, who shall be entitled to no equitable consideration. The inquiry lies in the literal compliance by the defendants in marketing laws, providing the DEFENDANT offender with supposed safe harbors, to conduct its crimes and public frauds, at civil law and at law, and is thus believed by all most as rock solid defenses at law, but not in equity, which is the equitable jurisdiction were injunctions can issue.

Reports can be required by the Judge to file Report with the court to monitor compliance with issued injunction such gross bullion sales and to whom, by existing bullion stock or naked short sells, and segregated by client money an in house money, and any forward futures segregated by miners, which adds to the logistic value of the injunction issued, and may cause JPM to leave the bullion space entire, as it is but a tiny part of their business, and they may not want the headache of reporting to the court. 

In equity for injunction, naked sales are inherently a fraud, selling something you don't have, as client funds must be pooled, contrary to cash on the barrow head in random buys and sells defeating legitimate price discovery, 

There is also a lack of transparency, into their business operations, yet the FED's Bank allows JPM to borrow at ZIRP, the defendants are pseudo public trust, raisings nation wide suspicions of nefarious conducts. The defendant enslaves of 50,000,00 on meal tickets as a public trust pseudo US bank. JPM sells traitorously to China bullion probably through Honk Kong, thus selling America's last ditch defense, minted bullion, to anarchy if the FRN fails, which is likely giving the current TRAP ZIRP QE, known by them, After any live testimony, or end of a hearing, REID should be given time for summation remarks, to tie it all together.

Rallies are done in public and to the initial great embarrassment of the DEFENDANT but like most other things, JPM will ignored it. Releasing news releases to the public about JPM and its bullion manipulation will have a seriously life-threateningly negative effects for the person concern. MAGUIRE experience shows witness tampering. If any one has information, actual or suspected, and hear say is just fine, regarding any threat or violence, towards any EXPERT, for spilling the beans, or after that time. It can be easily shown that there is wide spread undue influence, wide spread corruption, upon the US government. But, if an expert is threatened in anyway after time of spilling the beans, it adds a whole other dimension to that corruption, and a sought for consideration. If DEFEANT executives should be put in jail, this information should be made public and disclose in court documents. REID will request any relevant information.

The actions should be tort and with many prayers for relief at complaint filing with concurrent motions for injunctions, SJM, EBM Procedure Motions, and Discovery Requests, among many others, so that JPM is preliminary enjoined from manipulating the bullion markets. JPM cant really argue against simply injunction to stop manipulating because JPM has admitted they don't manipulate. And since it wont hurt them so JPM should sit down and shut up in court. The only thing is to upon motion, is to set up JPM to tip its hands, and explain its business internal business methods in a focused way to attempt to defeat the motion, where it believes it don't manipulate in the opposition papers. Thus, the motion is in part showing an interference as a set up. Hence, the immediate focus shall be upon JPM internal business methods. Hence, the put up or shut up will address in the opening remarks by REID, and the opposition papers will be in focus, with REID explaining the need to focus of the facts.

The reply paper will be focused on JPM admissions of their internal business to provide by admission against interest, and direct evidence of nefarious business operations. There will bullion manipulation inferred from the moving papers, with warning of denial or lack of showing of facts, as JPM will be obligated to respond with detailed facts, at will seriously damage JPM in court and provide the TEAM with motion advantages. Hence, the key is the initial moving papers that should simple to understand which is a REID's proven ability. Even Joe six pack will understand it all. JPM will get no sympathy and courtesy, with only a couple weeks to respond back in opposition papers to well guided motion papers and supporting expert declarations. And so, the tactic relies upon is the detailed up front preparation, another REID proven ability, according to the rules, so all can see and read. This is not rocket science, and they are not rocket scientists, but mere mortals, ripe for slaughter. 

The MAGUIRE apparently through the looking glass has shown prima facie price manipulation, and is probably having a hard time seeing inside JPM operations for the killer direct proof of nefarious business operation. But, JPM will hand by opposition admission, an overview of its internal business operations, that will be then used against JPM, thereby shooting itself in the foot, but prima facie manipulation will get PLAINTIFFs into court, as the TEAM will set JPM up for direct proof of internal operations. 

Irreparable harm is based on a lack of precise monetary damage computation. One can not put a dollar figure on uncertainty. One can not ascertain the damage effects on bullion general and bullion services generally. The price manipulation downward over then last few years 2009-2013 causes bullion services lack of enthusiasm and membership. There is no way to determine the exact price of the damage. Injunctions against bullion price manipulation is to restore price discovery and is the proper judicial remedy, warranted in this  case. The term "Chinese Walls" is a pseudo private resurrection of Glass-Seigle laws, but enforced in the private sector. MAGUIRE and Childon of the CFTC are traveling down the wrong procedural road, as Bart has already been there and done that, with admitted supposed insufficient funding. The TBTF TBTJ shenanigans can stop using this private action. The main focus will be morality, based in market interference, market fraud, and RICO racketeering. 

Crime is an act prohibited by statue against the state, which the TEAM will not enter, but instead go into equity before the church bench, as the Judge can wear two different hats, at law of the king's bench or in equity of the ecclesiastical church bench, where the former is based upon the written law and the later is based on morality. Statue enforcement make an act criminal. But, until the crime is enforced, it is an unenforced crime. The US Attorney general has indicated that the big banks are TBTF TBTJ. That translates morally into an inability to enforce the written law. So, the crime is never prosecuted. A crime that is never prosecuted it is not a crime, for the criminals are effectively granted immunity. So, if an act, otherwise deemed criminal is subject to immunity, it is no longer a crime by the ones granted state immunity. The US Government have effectively given the gold cartel a license to thieve by market rigging. Thus, exchange price manipulation is not a crime. Defenses regarding client fund use and federal statues are not in play. There is no crime or state jurisdictional basis to prosecute them, any more, according the US Attorney General. Acts by exchange players may thus be allowed by the state even if deemed morally criminal, and thus the perpetrators, walk time and again, with allowed prescribed conduct and de facto immunity, and JPM can not be stopped under the civil law at law before the king's bench. So, the king bench offers no real remedy to stop the price manipulation on the exchanges. 

The only other alternative is the ecclesiastical church bench, where, literal compliance and de facto immunity will not protect the perpetrators if it can be shown that the complained of conduct is immoral. And JPM experts will be asked, on cross examination by REID, if someone complies with gun licensing laws, is it moral to murder people in the streets? The dodge of course would be that freedom of contract and laws allows one to go naked short. The question then comes, but naked shorts is selling something you don't have? Is that a fraud? Is that immoral? The idea being that you take the fight into the church, and get DEFENDANT expert to admit on the record that what is being done is immoral, a REID specialty, where full injunctions can be had from the church bench. Thus, REID will be focus on the morality of price manipulation even if allowed by law and freedom of contract. The focus by REID as the cross examination attack dog is to get plaintiffs all to say that this conduct is immoral, and to get on cross examine of DEFENDANT EXPERTs to basically admit that murder is immoral, in no holds bared trading, enabling price manipulation, treason, fiduciary breaches, notwithstanding trading law compliance and freedom of contract. That is, the DEFEDANT may be compliance with law under granted immunity, but that price manipulation perfected by lawful at law conduct can be and is used immorality. 

The created public record being so complete, there will be no need to hand US Justice a silver platter, even though there would be no opposition to court orders to provide US Justice all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL notes, as those public record are made public, so that US Justice can at last bring criminal cases against TBTF and TBTJ greedster officers, and put the perpetrators in prison.

Aspect 2.4 Defendants Manipulations Since 09
JPM and bullion price smashes is were JPM and other bullion banks engage in massive short selling or then buying with their own in house money. The government has for some time bailed out these large financial institutions and have required repeated government bailouts and other forms of creative government financing, while the private section gets little, and hence, taxpayer money is used by JPM and others bullion banks. So, when do the little people get equal treatment from the government? GATA, LMPC, and A. Douglas monitored GS naked shorts between 2004-2009 where GS reduced it naked short position until JPM took over the naked short bullion suppression racket in 2009, which is the time limit of proposed action. 

Aspect 2.5 Defendants Anticipatory Smashed in Usual Course

JPM and its behemoth army can probably invaded personal computer systems. So got it back up system, rewritable optical CDs and redundant HQ systems are necessary to stay ahead of computer threats. There plan has been well planned and now advertised. JPM was given until 6/22/13 to go long silver on the COT to avoid executive jail time. One can reasonably suspect the perennial shorts are anticipatory with expected Comex smashes and invading other computer systems at will. Precautions must be used.

MURPHY would be could to show recurring price smashes, using his developed plans A B and Cs. FALLGUY can show price smashes. KAYE can show treasonous bullion flows. MAGUIRE can show price manipulation. KAYE and DAVIES can estimate JPM internal business operations. GRANT and GRANT and RICKARDS can show wide spread economic effects of these bullion price smashes. TRASHMAN, SHOPPER and MINTER can show effects of these bullion price smashes on bullion retailers, wholesalers, and the US Mint, generally. LEASER can show effect on lease rates. Admissions and Videos can show front running for conspiratorial manipulation and racketeering. The TEAM can cover the bases of all the total effect of the bullion price smashes on the Comex. Judicial Noticed facts can show over all government influences. 

Defense of compliance with Federal Laws is largely irrelevant, though could be used to avoid jail time, not at issue here. Just because someone complies with federal gun licensing laws, does not give anyone the right to come into a foreign state and murder people, day in and day out.

Aspect 2.6 Fungible Combined In House and Client Money

First understand that money is fungible, and one should not care as to the source. Secondly, there will be many dodges by JPM among a vast number of expected ones using transitional thinking, as they are locked into to that, looking primarily for the almighty dollar of JPM and tradition law firms. But, the attack plan developed involves, coming out the gate, pendent litigation, with preliminary injunctions and summary judgment motions, to totally blind side the JPM, in a shot gun style, from the start, and cost effectively so. Currently there are many videos of the head of commodities, BLYTHE, offering admissions against interests locking them into those clients hedge primary defenses, from which there is really no escape. That is, there is effectively no second bite at the apple for JPM, at the door threshold. 

Surely JPM wants to find and surely will order DEFENDANT COUNSEL to search for a million such like defenses, as any good licensed dispute resolution lawyer would, to suck more blood money from JPM. Hence, focus need only be targeted on that primary defense at this stage, which is often the make-or-break stage, with REID having personally traveled that well worn path. It will not matter a fig after the Hearing, because JPM will cave with differing settlement offers, as any smart business people would. 

Trial is highly unexpected, preempted by settlement, as heretofore, REID only once came close to trial, but, last minute settlement was had, and REID batted 1000% as plaintiffs attorney. The key to resolving disputes before trail, in court, is to come out hard and fast from the start as planned here, to ripped so many holes in JPM defenses, by that initial shot gun blast, at those arrogant people, that they with soon wise up and caved. Thus, the true focus need only be on any primary defense, at the start, knocking it out by SJM, and then proving at the Hearing by preferably direct evidence of the nefarious method employed.
Aspect 2.7 Treasonous Sells and China Accumulations

Surely, JPM causes physical bullion buys, such as through Mellon from GLD, to be sold to China, through Hong Kong. But any right thinking economist must know the FRN, under TARP ZIRP and QE to infinity, will eventually fail as was the currencies of Zimbabwe or the Weinmar Republic, and that, only minted bullion coinage can save the nation from absolute anarchy. Thus, as a collateral misdirection only, treason by JPM will be asserted on that basis. JPM is just stupid as admitted.

China was so accommodating to get the price lower, after years of flat action of the slow boat, but a new normal, is to help out the manipulator. The manipulator managed to push silver to three bottoms, on the Comex, with the use of client money, for the push down, to breach fiduciaries with clients, and at those bottom, used house money to cover shorts and buy at a low price, since the manipulator force the price low and knew where the price was going anyway. Then, the china market drifts back up, during globex, while the manipulator traitorously unloads gold bought for the dump into China arms. Thus, china gets the physical and the manipulator has house bottom line profits, while clients do not get MVF for bullion sold. But, physical is required to play that game, as China only wants the real bullion not paper promises. This would not last long with Comex and GLD supplies draining fast in June 2013, so a new game will soon be required.

On 7 June 2013, China’s Gold Reserves: 
How big is the Elephant in the room?
let’s just add-up what we have so far;
World Gold Council (2009).....1,054.1 tonnes
Imports from Hong Kong (2009-13).....3,360 tonnes
China’s Gold production (2009-13).....1,590 tonnes
Foreign Gold swaps (2009-13).....300 tonnes
Total (estimates) Gold Reserves.....6,304.1 tonnes @ End 2013

In June 2013, the bullion market entered a new normal. China is dropping the price, to help the gold cartel to cover and buy real bullion on the cheap, and as the price goes back up on the drift, during Globex, to make profits and deliver to open arms China, which is called a treasonous conspiracy. Chinese market use to be like flat. Then as bullion supplies dropped, there were some up and down spikes, but recently, China have drifted lower going into London, because China now wants bullion lower, in that control economy, not because they got a new hoard, but to help the Gold Cartel buy bullion for sale to China through Hong Kong? The new normal play, with NY Comex and GLD running low on physical supplies, is depicted in the change in price action. When was the time, the China market drifted UP going into London? That is a clue.

For example, the bullion price smash started in china, in weeks 6/10 6/17 2013. As indicated, its called a treasonous conspiracy, the new normal, which is for the China down drift, going into London, to help JPM buy US stock piles at lower prices using client money, recovering using in house, to make in house profits, and then to ship to China the real bullion, as China does not really care about the current prices, but only wants the real bullion, in that controlled economy. So there should be no surprise that the bullion price smash start in China, in fact, it should have been expected.

Aspect 2.8 Plaintiff General Proof and Motion Showings

Price action make commentary and upward price action increase participation of FERGUSON and MURPHY bullion service. All the PLAINTIFFs surfer speculative damages by price manipulation as there is no price discovery. 

Hearsay exceptions relevant are excited utterances, made at the time of the occurrence and recorded near the same time. This is like old news papers getting admitted as evidence as exceptions to hearsay rules. Hence, video and printed articles of experts generally around the world, will selected for key relevance and offered, and will get admitted, and then commented upon by PLAINTIFF EXPERTs. Hence, in the movie, the Secret Word of Gold, and KWN news interviews, MAGUIRE public statements will all get admitted, as will others, especially were the country is in peril, per US Attorney General Holders admission of records, admitting that TBTF TBTJ can not be prosecuted as being to big for the US Government to handle. Thus, the private sector must step up and answer the call of duty to the country, and only the court judge can save the country from ruination. Hence, the total mind screw of the Judge. Wide latitude should then be given PLAINTIFF to admit video and articles, of all kinds, selected for the courts education and for the exposure of the DEFENDANT itself in its self centered greed, hanging of clients during price smashes, and its treasonous sells, undue influence, and particularly the use of in house and clients money used repetitively to rig the bullion space all, all used in support of injunctive relief. The nation is being prepared for this action on line and in public. 

Aspect 2.9 Pending Motion Discovery and Motion Showing 

During Discovery, DENDANT COUNSEL examinations of PLAINTIFF documents can be wildly intimidating and widely searched, as standard obscene traditional practices of lawyers. PLAINTIFF may bring currently shredding of unnecessary paper positions and extraneous documents, and set aside the remainder placed in boxes for rapid production. This rapid production can be kept in the PLAINTIFF personal possession. There will be a need to produced for examination to the DEFENDANT. But, this production of documents can be had with minimal logistics upon the TEAM particularly where shredded documents are available on line, such as, brokerage houses, used for personal tax reporting. The expected production request will normally be had through opposition discovery and subpoenas for production. But, if they ask for them, that means that DEFENDANT COUNSEL must look through them in a timely manner and must also look elsewhere for sought after documents through expensive third party production notices. Hence, DEFENDANT COUNSEL will be expensively misdirected, thus, saving the PLAINTIFF the trouble, which in the long run, work outs best for the PLAINTIFF, and also, as well as to any bullion service TFMR and LMPC extraneous businesses operated and stocks positions. PLAINTIFF should appoint a respective members of such bullion services as respective document managers. PLAINTIFF personal homes should be purged of all business documents relevant except as to those related to US minted coinage in possession. All extraneous documents relevant should be boxed up by number, so that, the DEFENSE ATTORNEY must by discovery again search these boxes and search third parties such as the bullion service businesses and brokerages houses but only through other appointed documents managers. Thus, the PLAINTIFF home are relative secured as best able from the DEFENSE COUNSEL harassing discover attacks. There are expected to be legions of discovery requests from the DEFENDANT COUNSEL. So, the PLAINITIFF should reduce that harassment as  much as possible, so that the PLAINTIFF and the TEAM can better simply comply as will be ordered. But, DEFENDANT COUNSEL time and money is spent on wild goose chases. This sanitation by PLAINTIFF will be part of the preparations, relieving PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and thereby making time for the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL to go onto the offensive in preparation for filing the complaint and the concurrent hearings. PLAINTIFF should put COT and TA expertise chart analysis in play before the court and be integrated into the complaint and motions, as well as boxed up for complying with prospective discovery requests. Thus, the PLAINTIFF complains and move, while misdirecting the DEFENDANT COUNSEL but largely avoids conventional lawyer harassment and waste of time.  

Videos are generally exception excited utterances to hear say rule, and can be collected for court presentation, limited in number, but key ones can be used, and, TFMR and LMPC gangs, HQ and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, can due research to locate the video of interested, for court use, thus, an HQ local means should be established to convert YouTube videos for court presentations, and it would seem, VHS cassettes and TV for simple viewing in court, and thus HQ can issue a call for a video YouTube cites, generally, the YouTube cite URL relayed back to HQ, and there converted, or off loaded to a district located video house for making, for latter presentation, modernly simple respective CDs could be made as well, and used for admissions against interest, impeaching witness, instructing the court and attorneys, and proving case in chief. Thus, proof Expert Testimony and Declarations, Admissions Against Interests, Graphic presentations including Video and Bill Board Displays. 

Production have determine the business operations supposed. The initial discovery by PLAINTIIFF would be directed to the internal reproduction of the business operations nefariously used, with 30b6 named executives and this discovery will be filed along with the complaint, from the start, along with specific request for particular smashes to show examples of price manipulation, which two discovery methods would be a death knell to JPM. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL can argue why any delay by JPM in production by one so fully staffed and funded as JPM, is really just pure gamesmanship, and hence nail JPM time and time again during discovery until JPM learns that the TEAM wont play typical lawyer games, and JPM will settle the case. JPM will be ordered to produce singular key documents explaining that internal operation by and exemplar price smashes.

US Attorney General letter is sought saying big banks are TBTF TBTJ, which shows undue influence. So, a URL cite of his letter. She Head saying client money are used as a hedge, showing client money are used, but impeaching that client money can not be used and maintain price discovery because of collection and dump, showing self centered client hanging and price manipulations.  So, a URL cite of a video showing where BLYTHE said client funds are a hedge on Blooberg for example. 

Aspect 2.10 MAGUIRE Hypothesis and Discovery

MAGUIRE hypothesis gave rise to REID in a shot in dark, but lay observation over many years can be real value. It is known that MAGUIRE has been in the field for thirty years, and lately has acquired some predicative powers. So lets suppose MAGUIRE tactic. The trading platforms of MAGURIE must show the stacking orders on line, and MAGUIRE must see typical orders, such as the stops of sell orders, and using an algorithm derived over years, bases upon his 30 years, determined when JPM will now manipulate the bullion price, as just a shot in the dark by REID, because REID is in the dark here, without a MAGUIRE white paper in hand, as to how it will happen, as no MAGUIRE disclosure has been published, on how the prediction power works, such as shown in the secret world of gold.  But REID, using that Engineering mind, guessed it is probably an algorithm of sorts, and also, this cant be that difficult for REID to understand, as this is not rocket science, and REID has 5 skills in one, and so, it just cant be difficult to understand, as REID has 30 years  of engineering and patent law experience, where systems were much more complicated. REID, having interviewed the best of the best, for 20 years, of real US rocket scientists, can only conclude, that this is easy to understand and integrate into the attack plan of this case.

Aspect 2.11 Plaintiff Front Running Hypothesis

On or about April 23, when bullion got bombed and after the UT Mine failure, an expert put up a video on YouTube. It had light blue charts. The was only a chart with the cursor flying around, resizing, and drawing lines, and it showed the price action for the day, how within minutes, a year production was sold. As YouTube display was just of charts being resized and lined, by this expert, someone knowledgeable, giving an explanation by audio only as the cursor moved, and he would zoom in and out. The price action showing regular small pulses of sale, apparent signaling to other in the Gold Cartel that a price drop was about to happen, and to stand by as an unobvious conspiracy communication means. 

Aspect 2.12 Plaintiff Business Hypothesis Market Action 

Because hypotheticals are expertly allowed in court, lets imagine that a single player, JPM, has had a "dominant" position in the COT, and that position is naked short with a dominance say only at 50% COT position of shorts reported. Thus expert can defined dominance a naked short seller, which is really only 15% of the market. It will be shown that it is IMPOSSBILE not to price manipulation the market using clients funds, because clients funds are not FIFOed when received and placed. Hence client funds are in fact pooled to some extent. Thus, that pooling will have some distortion on price discovery. Hence, it will be show that JPM is a per se price manipulator. Is it impossible not to price manipulate a market using clients funds and having a dominant position.

KAYE's Hypotheses Market Action. Clear as a Comex closing bell, Comex low, illegal price targeting, manipulator buy Mellon redeemable GLD, at a low bullion price, lets the china price drift up during and after globex, to a price above the accumulated low price, the JPM manipulator makes some bottom line profits, and the sells traitorously to China, to cement profits on the bottom line, thus manipulatory price targeting and Comex price smash, and China gets the physical, while GLD and the people are robbed, for profits by the price manipulator JPM. Its clear at the closing bell, Comex and LBMA volumes are on sale, but the scam is hid from obvious view. This scam is working to perfection, Kaye KWN, Comex slam, rob GLD, slow drift up into slow boat Hong Kong for the double bottom line pop. 


Aspect 2.13 Graphics Expert Proof and Motion Showing 

RICHARD can be used for generating precision graphic display for use of all of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS at the hearing for injunctive relief. Drafts will come from REID and wired to RICHARD, and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, for review and for printer ready, and returned to REID for approval and relay to a district printer for generating court displays for all of the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. 

Aspect 2.14 Plaintiff Expert Proof and Motion Showing 

MAGUIRE, KAYE, RICHARDS and PLAINTIFF are the minimum set of experts required for the cause. But any of them can get cold feet, and back up experts or just supporting experts are desirable.  

Generally MAGUIRE shows price manipulation. KAYE proposes internal nefarious business. KAYE is good for global bullion flows, and is well suited for business and economic testimony generally, while supporting treason by the DEFENDANTS. PLAINTIFF finger JPM and show irreparable harm. RICHARDS can show mathematical probability and helps generate court displays. This is the minimal inference needed is simple tort case.

Backup PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are possible. Professor Fekete is not good for live testimony, just too damn smart, old and random, but his resume is outstanding. Sandeep JAITLY is a winner, young, articulate, knows his stuff, and could even be a primary expert. Additional backup Sluggers: Ted BUTLER, SINCLAIR, Jim GRAINT would be good for Bullion effects upon the economy and interest rates. William GRANT, of Things that make you go hmmm, Singapore. David STOCKMAN who has no clue, as he is an ex government hack, trying to sell his book, looking for band aides, and not lasting solutions. Clues were sent to Rick SANTELLI of CNBC news, he would get it, if any of them would or even could. STOCKMAN is loaded by his bent on the US Government, which is totally the wrong play under at the court, but attack on wall street are perfect. STOCKMAN would required allot of coaching to get him to focus on the defendants in wall street, and economists are not really needed, but bullion experts are. Nonetheless, if coached well, he could be a great general back up  slugger. He like ALL others propose Band aides, not lasting solutions. Broken Brokerage and Goliath Hunter are code names.

William GRANT, Investment Manager, Singapore. newsletter, things that make you go hmmm. Documented Price Dump on or about 4/12/13, showing conspiracy between target and others. a list of price dumps over a threshold within one year of filing is desired, with a list of GS recommendations, showing conspiracy with price movements thereafter in delta dollars, with large sells orders, correlated to price dumps during that period. FALLGUY can generate list of price targeting so correlated to that time. GRANT is good for mathematical inference. Suing and hearing support by declarations is used to show 1price targeting, actual price dumps, and price actions, third parties MOPE and like price projections, and In house and client money uses of business operations, for showing total price manipulation and conspiracies.

DAVIES of Hinde Capital and are well suited as business and economist experts. 

RICKARDS is also an attorney with bullion, politics, finance, and economic expertise. RICKARD would be the best of best. RICKARDS has five skills in the 3rd order with a large mass spectral density metal intellectual cube signature. RICKARDS should be used to show JPM gets free money from the government to price manipulate. 

Aspect 2.15 Judicial Notice of Indisputable Facts

Judicial notice can work to focus to prove a case as well as encourage DEFENDANT EXPERT for generating admissions as major set up of JPM, and hence, upon filing of the complaint, the hearing will be papers will be based upon Judicial noticing suggested undue influence alleged in complaint, shown in the injunction moving papers, and also for showing any needed expedited emergency discovery, thus, will be used concurrently distract the DEFENDANT EXPERTs and DEFENDANT COUNSEL in advance of opposition papers filed. 

Judicial Notice can be used to state multiple proofs such as useless investigations by the CFTC showing undue influence by the bullion riggers and target JPM. PLAINTIFF contemptuously fingers JPM on the stand, under the view of commander REID. DISTAL counsel search for URL cites using MURPHY and FERGUSON cite members, to research to get credible cites and data concisely stated for the hearing, lightening fast, to aid in the fact gathering, which reduces over all costs, and renders the TEAM to a leveraged advantage over JPM, for the quick draw in preparation for the HEARING. The gangs may gladly perform the services for the case. 

DISTAL COUNSEL and FERGUSON, as MURPHY could get into multiplexing tasking of noticed findings for court filings by finding Judicial Notice cites using the TFMR and LMPC members. PLAINTIFF generally can further provide research and locating judicial notice documents in support. 


Aspect 2.16 Injunction Naked Short Sales Prohibitions

On injunction should proscribes no naked short sales on any exchange in the US. Moneys can be transferred on the sly to third party, then placing orders to sale naked, thus sales appear as apparent third party clients, which is the same as using in house money. So to prevent any wiggle room, short sales are fine, if you got physical in possession as a casual sale, or to sale or forwards from future supply by minors. So the injunctive relief should prohibits naked short sells based upon the people as inherent frauds, and to prevent any wiggle room. Naked short sales enabling and venue transfer motions, can be defeated by showing undue influence, fraud, price smashes and that the system is broke and defective, for reasons and rationales. 

All short sales can not be naked, and should require actual possession in stores or for minor with under ground supply. The Comex needs to be cleaned. One can sale physical actually in possession or short sale miner forward supplies. Minor application to naked short side can miner forward sale but the miner must have proven reserves to sale forward. One can not sale that which one does not have. 

Because the FRN and bullion are both considered MONEY, now effectively tier one assets, FRN and bullion must be especially regulated. So the bullion space requires a prohibition against naked short sales, as it is the only way to be fair and prevent price rigging. Three years ago, REID proposed rules prohibited naked short sales, and it seems now a necessary play under CTFC jurisdiction rules, and as national defense imperatives.

Aspect 2.17 No Sherman Act or Position Limits Claim 

If one looks at the complaint of Nevilian v JPM, the attorneys had no clue, but played the same old loser lawyer game, the same old, the same old, to milk the clients seen coming traditional routine, and sued for a Sherman act anti-trust violation and COT position limits. This was the wrong play, and that is really so sad. Those gun toting state judges wont put up with fraud on the people bleeding in the streets, even if within federal licensing rules. This is what is meant by a one dimensional lawyer, who simply cant not think outside the of the box. Surely they are highly intelligent in the third order, and surely they follow the same old same old routines. In this case, PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL needs to follow orders from REID for the quick and hard take down of JPM. Twenty one days is typical motion time from filing, and lawyers are really not interested in solving disputes fast, and can not think out side of the box, as they will just milk the clients seen coming with the extend and pretend of a filed case. If a civil case goes to trial, that must mean, one or more of the lawyers, simply screwed things up, for anyone or more of a multitude of reasons. The TEAM will do the Legal Flip, and sue for simply civil tort damages for personal damages with immediate move for injunctive relief upon the complaint filing, and in three weeks of filing the complaint and concurrent injunction motion, and the TEAM can enjoin JPM.

Aspect 2.18 Military Scrimmaging of Defendants

REID is lighting fast drafting up court papers and understands generally the bullion market. REID can quickly interview experts and attorneys for drafting up raid responses and relayed for review. Military Science will be in play in the scrimmage of the DEFENDANT at every turn. Military science demands the sure play, by concurrent attacks and misdirections, with the Defense team then completely unsure and hopelessly spread out, just ripe for slaughter, and for the sure PLAINTIFF victory. Taking the case to a law firm ensures clients seen coming and years in waiting for the victory, if at all. This plan is different in execution and approach for a sure PLAINTIFF victory. 

Conflict of interest for JPM is to support long FRN from the bankster and short bullion screwing bugs. Done so while making an obscene amount of profit as the motivation of JPM to cheat and enslave the public with the FRN. JPM would naturally cause bullion suppression with an unlimited amount of naked shorts as one way to suppress bullion and support the FRN, making the FRN it more sound than what it is. 

Aspect 2.19 List and Acronyms used in Files Papers

A master lists will be maintain for concise presentation. For example, CFTC: Commodities Future Trading Commission; PM: Precious metals Au Ag in any fungible form; NSS: Naked Short Sells; CM: Client Money; IM: In-house Money; inter alia, of abbreviations, for those abbreviations and acronyms deemed necessary for shortening will be used. REID has twenty years of practice of assigning unique names and numbers in the patent context, and this master list will be developed so that the papers can be concise and compactly fully packed with much information, as needed. Thusly, effectively lengthening the limited length of pages by court rules of moving and sir reply papers so as to increase the nine fold inherent advantage by a two fold increase of inherent advantage at the Hearing. The ability to keep the master list straight at all times is a REID specially and will be particularly used and well practiced. REID also has already skill in bullion art and the list will even Judge sounding like a bullion expert before REID is done with the case. 

The Judge will be firstly biased toward PLAINTIFF side, and then turning the Judge onto papers and into expert sounding jurist. Thus, keeping the DEFEENDANT on track using the master list terms to keep JPM honest during court appearances. Confusing double dutch comments before the court by JPM will not be tolerated. JPM will be forced to comply with the list.

REID can type lighting fast and is a five skilled cross dimensional player with light speed mental associations across five necessary arts leaving JPM totally out gunned by the master mind REID, shady at best, where precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTs and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are moved in support of the case. This should provide plaintiff is a four fold inherent advantage. 

The master list of terms used in filed papers will use short versions names so as to save paper length where it really counts, such as, "the defendants and each of them, herein after to simply as defendants" and thus, one may use simply "defendants" thereafter without repeating the "and each of them", for shorten general allegations saving space for targeted substance in all filed papers. The courts like the brevity and focusing on just the facts. 

Aspect 2.20 FED US Defendant Criminal Conspiracy

The JPM manipulator is backed by FED bank under an alleged criminal conspiracy. JPM can slam the bullion price down anytime, rendering TA analysis useless and supporting the FED. 

Of course the target JPM is an agent of the FED bank and the US Government in practice, with unduly influence, and with corruption, of the US Government, under implicit if not overt criminal conspiracies as is obvious to REID, but strategically, the TEAM will play an opposite game in the court and in the public view. The TEAM game is always hold the FED bank and US Government and any of its agencies in high esteem at all times. The court, is a part of the US Government. So, for the court and Government as well there will  be a total mind screw.  

Aspect 2.21 FED US Defendant Motion Strategy 

FED bank and the US Government and its agencies are always to be held in high esteem. How patriotic this seems to the Judge in particular. The TEAM wants the public and the US Government to rally to the bonnie blue flags proudly waiving to support the case wholly and the TEAM and the cause. This includes supporting in the case the FED bank and US Government in all written papers and in public speeches. The TEAM does not want old glory waivers on the streets crying, nor does the TEAM want any US Government agency taken back by the cause of action. The TEAM must focus the attack plan to pick the target JPM precisely. The TEAM must cut out targets who may actually be master minds and string pullers. Hence, the TEAM will give the FED bank and the US Government a huge public out. The TEAM will get them out of the case for that sought after support and for victory. 

The TEAM will paint JMP as the Wall Street mob boss, and undue influencer, where the JPM target stands alone, ripe for slaughter, with FED bank and the US Government having the public out, which are the two main drivers to rally all to our bonnie blue flag standard. Thus, the team will public flip a large portion of the enemy camp into your camp at the Hearing, for the goal is victory upon the JPM target, fast and hard. That victory over JPM, aided by the enemy handlers, assures TEAM victory, and then next allows for the next move at the voting boots in a couple of years.

Thus, we can kill the string pullers themselves with virtually no effort at all, though the consequent of that victory over JPM may cause the FED bank and the US Government to fall much quicker, and so, one mistake by those who can not cross dimensionally think, is cutting out more than they can chew, and are totally unable to swallow the cut piece, going for the whole banana. Rather, the best play, is to divide and conquer, for the immediate tactical route, to route the JPM target in detail. 

The TEAM can effectively flip the FED bank and the US Government and onto the PLAINTIFF side by allowing them the public out, enroute to PLAINTIFF assured victory, minimizing possible corruption in so doing, and that JPM victory will later dove tail very quickly back against the FED bank and US Government. Thus, the TEAM will effective fight the direct enemy with collateral aid enemy camp but fighting for it own indirect death being ostensible on the PLAINTIFF side in the public view. 

Stay flexible always and keep your eye on the ball, with limited scope for the assured victory, using that victory to indirectly conquer all enemies, using that victory as a means against the larger enemy, to firstly aid your cause, and then to fall on its sword indirectly from that limited scope JPM victory. One should be smart about it, all using all cross dimensional skills in light speed to hang the larger enemy after it has just assisted in immediate JPM victory, and that is processed using military science arts and political arts as the two main drivers, with engineering skill in proof, patent law for translating complexity into simplicity, and legal skill in as the fighting means, in the context of a bullion skill. A five hatter is required to operate at light speed for a mental associations and for the fast and hard take down. 

Government is here to stay, despite all its fault and misguided policies. A limited government is needed. The best approach is to correct those misguided policies, and help government overcome undue influence and serve the people, extending as much freedom within providing proper security. There is allot of scrap going on out there. Evil is everywhere, granted. But, for better or for worse, we all are hitched in perpetuity. There is no foreseeable divorce. There is no real sanctuary. Best play is to do what you can to improve government. Bomb and bullets aimed at government is not the way to go.

Aspect 2.22 Equitable Relief Proof and Motion Showing 

If DEFEDANT COUNSEL in opposition, counter punches with venue change motion, which is likely, such motions would be in the face subtle implicit suggestions of undue influence in that sought after venue. Additionally, due to the infallibility of the Judge, and the up front mind screw, a motion for venue change would be an insult to the Judge, well qualified, always. There should be no fear of such venue change motion to the hot bed of Wall Street corruption, just be ready for it. Additional, to a likely motion for venue change, the logistic burdens of the DISTAL COUNSEL and the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL will be equally complex to logistics of DEFENSE ATTORNEYS coming out from Wall Street. Also, always paint the opposing attorneys as Wall Street hit men of the gangland mob boss JPM. Remember, all the problems of the country flow from the DEFENDANT. 

Aspect 2.23 Hear Say Evidence Generally Admitted

Hear say exceptions relevant are excited utterances, made at the time and recorded, like old news papers, as exceptions to hear say rules, and hence, video of experts get admitted, and hence, in the Secret Word of Gold, and KWN new interviews, AM's public statements can get admitted, especially were the country is in peril, per Holders admission of records, that TBTF TBTJ can not be prosecuted as being to big for the US government to handle, and thus the private sector must step up and answer the call of duty to the country, and only the court can save the country, plus all the other mind screws, and thus, wide latitude given to plaintiff to admit video, of all kinds, selected from the courts education and exposure of defendants self centered greed, hanging of client, treasonous sells, and in house and clients money to rig the bullion space in support of injunctive relief.

Videos are generally exception excited utterances to hear say rule, and can be collected for court presentation, limited in number, but key ones can be used, and, TFMR and LMPC gangs, HQ and sharks, can due research to locate the video of interested, for court use, thus, an HQ local means should be established to convert YouTube videos for court presentations, and it would seem, VHS cassettes and TV for simple viewing in court, and thus HQ can issue a call for a video YouTube cites, generally, the YouTube cite URL relayed back to HQ, and there converted, or off loaded to a district located video house for making, for latter presentation, modernly simple respective CDs could be made as well, and used for admissions against interest, impeaching witness, instructing the court and attorneys, and proving case in chief.

Thus, proof at the hearing includes Expert Testimony and Declarations, Admissions Against Interests, Video Presentations, Graphics Displays. As examples, US Attorney General letter saying big banks are TBTF TBTJ, showing undue influence. So, a URL cite of his letter. Ms Blyth Masters saying client money are used as a hedge, showing client money are used, but impeaching that client money can not be used and maintain price discovery because of collection and dump, showing self centered client hanging and price manipulations.  So, a URL cite of a video showing where she said client funds are a hedge, to lock in JPM defense from which they can not escape.

Aspect 2.24 Defendant Dominant Positions Assures Manipulation.

Hypotheticals are expertly addressed in court. let imagine that a single player as a "dominant" position in the COT, and that position is naked short, purely a hypothetical of course, now what is dominance. where in stocks it something like reporting at 15%, but let imagine, just hypothetically experts saying, that dominance is assured at 50%, so having defined dominance in a mark by a naked short seller, having a 50% position. It is impossible not to manipulation the market using clients funds, because clients funds are not FIFO received and placed, and hence pooled to some extent, thus have some distortion on price discovery, and hence, per se manipulation. Is it impossible not to manipulate a market with clients funds. Hypothetically of course. Just because you comply with law and can own a fire arm under the permit and licensing laws, do not give you a right to shoot people dead on the street, day in and day out.

There can be no price discovery, in a market, where non-producing people are selling naked short, of bullion they don't even have? There can be no legitimate bullion price discovery, in a bullion physical market or in bullion futures markets, where non-producing participants are selling bullion they don't even have and will never actually produce, as in a bullion mine having the real physical stuff in the ground in deep storage. Naked short bullion sales by non-miners is simply fraud.

Using current stock, say in Comex or contingent stores say at GLD, as a basis to enter futures markets, is a manipulative trick. If you have current stores for sale, you sale them in the cash market. A contingent interest is not part of a cash market or a future market. A producer can sale forward in the futures market. Naked short sales in the futures without future production is simply a fraud.

Aspect 2.25 Gold Cartel Racketeering the Bullion Space

Kaye of Pacific Group at KWN indicated there were 15 bullion banks that formed the gold cartel. The COT lists positions, but not by who? Over time spent in the field watching, there appears to be a noticed correlation and specific bank participation changes and reports of COT position changes that match closely for identify member of the Gold Cartel. Positions on publicly disclosed corporate books, and bank participation report can be used for putting two and two together, over time, for acquiring names of the COT dominate players that would be substantially inferred. 

Bullion banks are typically those that would buy miner forwards and make a spread shorting the same on the exchanges. These buy and sell bullion miner forwards would provide clues as to members of the Gold Cartel, which would confuse persons trying to identify the same, but would also have internal bullion stock piles. From COT, bank participation, internal stock piles, and miner forwards, member of the Gold Cartel can be identified. 

REID has acquired secret expert who would help REID in the case proposed, and other notables would be acquired over time, to provide REID in ready access to information on the manipulation scheme. For example, it was learned that there is a public letter where JPM is identified as the king pin among the Gold Cartel. 

A first cut tentative List of Gold Cartel is below. This list is likely to change a little as more information is learned by Reid. William Kaye's list of 15 would be most helpful. Kaye's list may become the official list, that all PLAINTIFF repeat as being on the same page. In preparing the legal assault upon JPM and the gold cartel, to end price manipulation in the bullion space, William Kaye of Pacific Group on KWN is now sought, and he used the word syndicate. REID translated that word "syndicate" into the "gold cartel" which consist of commercial bullion banks, REID will insist upon definitions for precise presentation, the patent law mind requires. And thus, names of said banks, for purposes of defining "the gold cartel" must be had. 

1. J P Morgan Chase (Mob Boss)
3. Deutsche Bank
4. Citi Corp
5. Bank of International Settlement
6. Bank of Nova Sciotia
7. Barclays Bank
8. Wells Fargo
9. Bank of America
10. Goldman Saks
11. Societe General 
12. USB
13. Credit Argicole
14. Mellon Bank