Aspect 1.0 Plaintiff Team

Aspect 1.0 Plaintiff Team 

The TEAM has at its core, PLAINTIFF, REID, PLAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL, and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, Primary, Secondary, tertiary, and auxiliary players in play to the extend acquired.

The filing of the complaint is joined with a mountain of moving motions to destroy defenses, enjoin JPM, and create a public record. 

The first part of the attack plan involves getting the PLAINTIFF reading for the case. REID has viewed FERGUSON over the many months and MURPHY over many years. PLAINTIFFs are an appropriate mix of PLAINTIFFs in REID's cross hairs as perfect complainers, minimally holding one AGE and one ASE. TFMR and LMPC provide bullion services, with PLAINTIFFs generally situated for sufficient irreparable damages justifying the injunctive relief. 

One purpose of the HQ is to secure cost-effective short communication lines between REID the PLAINTIFFs, and, the PLAINTIFFs could now enhance and modify those communication lines with minimal logistics, by providing a special email address for legal communications, which a necessary tool for winning the battle against JPM.

And thus, there will be several instructions placed upon the both PLAINTIFFs, as the PLAINTIFFs are made useful in showing convincingly that there such position dominance from the COT, and manipulation from technical chart action, as daily presented, but presented summarily as PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTs on the stand with evidence over current bull market time, from 2009 to 2013. The PLAINTIFFs would appear as self-serving PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTs in a dual role in a cost effective limited man power space. 

The initial filing of the complaint and moving papers goes for the throat directed at the vitals of the JMP. The PLAINIFF can make moves to reduced burdens. Hence, trading paper and respective positions with natural counter party risks thereof should be shredded and all such position liquefied so as to place the PLAINTIFF only in two position, bullion coinage and bullion services. This would include liquefying all numismatics and such odd ball coinage, as well as all paper positions and supporting documents and with brokerage accounts zero out, and, cessation from all further brokerage house documentation from entering the home, so that as to reduce discovery and protect the PLAINIFF from very harassment for simple command and control. Thus, during the preparation, the PLAINTIFF can place misdirection placed upon the DEFENDANT COUNSEL, by reducing harassment and discovery of the PLAINTIFF. 

The objective is to minimize DEFENDANT COUNSEL attacks from the outset personally upon the PLAINTIFF, the PLAINTIFF saving necessary COT documents and analysis chart data for person reference for use during testimony, and which will be discoverable, along with documents showing the basis of such bullion coinage and bullion services kept during litigation, and during such discovery personally served upon the PLAINTIFF. Of course other personal documentation can be retained, but generally undiscoverable and can be boxed for production during the preparation phase.

The PLAINTIFF must be protected, and the PLAINTIFF can then effectively be used in combination with other PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and thus, the initial filing includes a full spectrum spread launch toward JPM including the precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and all AUXILIARY EXPERTS with offensive and misdirection attacks concurrently. And, while the DEFENDANT COUNSEL are misdirected on wild goose chases, and they can are lethargically focused elsewhere, while DEFENDANT EXPERTS are overwhelmed from all the many precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, all of which will be very well executed to guided PLAINTIFF EXPERTS toward the vitals of the JPM, as the target, to sink the JPM, notwithstanding destroyer interference during initial complaint filing. And thus, the TEAM will get both offensive and defensive assets in play, with DEFENDANT COUNSEL on wild goose chases during the time of the motion period while PLAINTIFF EXPERT effectively bypass DEFENDANT EXPERT. Hence, this PLAINTIFF preparation serves to focus the TEAM, while concurrently misdirecting the DEFENSE COUNSEL, for the slam dunk at the hearing, for creating a global Kenyensian scandal. 

Aspect 1.1 Cast of Characters

Every court action planned needs a cast of characters.

Turd Ferguson, Plaintiff and Auxiliary Expert
TFMR Administer, document secretary, Tertiary Communications Hub 
Bill Murphy, Plaintiff and Auxiliary Expert
LMPC Webmaster, the document secretary, Tertiary Communications Hub
CMI Gold and Silver Plaintiff Retailer
Bill Haynes for Gold and Silver Plaintiff, Auxiliary Expert
GoldLine Plaintiff Retailer
Brian Crumbaker for GoldLine Plaintiff, Auxiliary Expert
Andrew Maguire, Primary Plaintiff Expert
William Kaye, Primary plaintiff Expert
Denver, Primary plaintiff Expert, 
Ben Davies, Secondary plaintiff expert
Sandeep Jaitly, Secondary plaintiff expert
Richard Guthrie, Secondary plaintiff expert 
LEASER, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on ND Lease rates
TRASHMAN, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on Junk Premiums
CAPPER, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on price capping
MINTER, Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on US Mint productions 
SHOPPER Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on LCS supplies and divergence
FALLGUY Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert on bullion price smashes
REID, TFMR and LMPC member and Of Counsel Commander, 
      Cross Examiner, Tertiary Discoverer, at HQ
Headquarters, District HQ and Primary Communications Hub facility
Secretary, Miscellaneous Office Functions at the HQ
Technologist, For installing computer equipment at the HQ. 
Printer, For printing graphic board court displays
Musician, For generating fight song score for public MOPE. 
Bearer, For making bonnie blue flags for public MOPE.
Hatter, For making big yellow turdville hats for public MOPE.
Servicer, Limousine Service for Rally Shuttle of Experts
Chicago Law Firm, plaintiff attorney law firm, 
         Secondary Communications Hub, Lead Attorney Firm
Primary Counsel, Patent Lawyer and with Jurisdiction specialty,
          Plaintiff Examiner, Plaintiff Expert Examiner
Secondary Counsel, Exchange Lawyer with Procedural specialty,
          Plaintiff Examiner, Plaintiff Expert Examiner
Tertiary Counsel, Commodities Lawyer with Discovery specialty,
          Plaintiff Examiner, Plaintiff Expert Examiner
Proximal Counsel, Local Counsel, Primary Discoverer, Court filings,
        Plaintiff Examiner
Local Counsel Law Firm, Secondary Communication Hub, 
        Temporary Offices, Deposition Rooms
Distal Counsel URL Searcher and Secondary Discoverer, 
        Plaintiff Examiner, Tertiary Communications Hugs
Financier, funding of Plaintiffs, Counsel, Experts.
Private Financier 
Bullion Financier 
Movie Producer Financier 
Judge, The District Court Judge
Complaint, filed to initiate action upon JPM
Hearing, filed with complaint, set within one month
Clerk, for receiving complaint and Injunction papers
Defendant, JPM JP Morgan Chase, The Target of the case Proposed
           JPM Behemoth Army, employees of defendant JMP
Defendant, Doe officers and managers of JMP, 
Defendant, Roe Individuals under Control, or Concert, Unnamed
Defendant, Doe Corporations under Control, Unnamed
Defendant, Roe Corporations Acting in Concert, Unnamed
Traitors, Whistle Blowers and Employees of JPM
Defendant Attorney Law Firm, a NY Firm, Unnamed Firm
Defendant Local Counsel, Unnamed, for filing defendant papers
Defendant In House Counsel, Unnamed Attorney
Defendant Experts, the JPM DEFENDANT EXPERTs, Unnamed
US Attorney, Amici attendant, US Government Justice Attorney

PLAINTIFF may well be doubting toms, and surely the trip into global fame can be risky for the mortal soul. PLAINTIFF has to make the call to join the action

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL must be a vicious set of aggressive and driven attorneys to take on JMP, and should remain flexible in thinking while contributing with suggestions to the attack of JMP. 

REID can arrange trips to select and interview the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL in Chicago as needed and with extra territorial disposed PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. 

REID will draft news releases and for news broadcast and communicated for dissemination to the broadcasters at KWN, GATA, and WATCHDOG. REID will draft all public speeches for all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. The releases and speeches are to keep up the public MOPE as adoring auxiliary forces in supporting play. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL will grand standing in court in court, for the kin effect upon the Judge. He will have much to do, besides chief, En Banc, Admissions, Discovery, Protective motions, and will make the Prolog Remarks at the hearing. At the hearing, in the prolog by PROXIMAL COUNSEL it should be noted that target preys upon bullion and is motivated to rig the bullion space with the paper notes because paper money is effectively irredeemable. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL will address JPM conflict with bullion. Conflict of interest for JPM is to support the long position of the FRN, so would naturally suppress bullion, and unlimited naked short is one way to support the FRN, making the FRN more sound for what it is. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL will prepare PLAINTIFF for the hearing as the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY COUNSEL prepare PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. PROXIMAL COUNSEL will also be responsible for receiving noticed papers court filed documents filed by DEFENSE COUNSEL with the CLERK of the court, and disseminating the same to the remaining PLAINTIFF COUNSEL by wire.

DISTAL COUNSEL will search for URL exhibits and be a back up discover, and examine three of the plaintiffs during the hearing.

DISTAL COUNSEL may reviewed filed documents. REID organizes the same for general comment by all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL as comments are sought by all of the TEAM. DISTAL COUNSEL will appear at the hearing in code dress and examine three of the plaintiffs. 

HQ will be an office and have a local LEGAL SECRETARY for further travel arrangements of necessary traveling trips, and assist generally interfacing between all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. The SECRETARY can also make arrangement with local tailors, flag makers, and song writers for the MOPE of the people. Preferably, the secretary is recruited from the local law firm of the PROXIMAL COUSEL, for seamless communications between HQ and the local law firm, who would be already familiar with the local area. 

MAGUIRE can be substituted with bullion capping statistic, video of the Secret World of Gold, Keiser interview, inter alia, to draw an inference of bullion price manipulation. This is not as good as MAGUIRE in court testimony. If MAGUIRE, does not want to play ball as a willing PLAINTIFF EXPERT, he can be substituted. All PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are inherently replaceable. REID is replaceable as well, providing funding is vast and parallel processing is available, which is it not. The PLAINTIFF can even be replaceable. The entire TEAM is replaceable, though not as good and not as cost effective. But the plan has been generally laid out and it can be adopted. REID however stands ready now and there is no hesitation by REID. It must be the engineer in REID searching always for solutions, especially the real big ones. But for now the bugs must wait, either for the bullion banks to be over whelmed or the bugs can take JPM down hard. REID can only offer the service. 

PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are currently unknown, and will be asked to voluntarily join the TEAM as supporting players, the enticements being part of history, world class heroes, and monetary incentives. 

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will collectively paint JPM as the mob boss greedsters, controlling the Wall Street fascists unduly influencing the US Government, US Judiciary, US Regulatory agency, US Justice, and the US Executive with controlling undue influence, in the most respectful terms in front of the Judge, of course. REID will walk the thin line of course between bold allegation and subtle suggestions as desired. But REID is basically broke, and any court fines should be minimal, in any. 

HELP is currently requested, REID is searching for the URL of a video done about early April 2013 where huge instantaneously sale spikes occurred, 5B$ worth, and there were small spikes ahead of it indicating front running, conspiracy, and acting in concert. There was a graph displayed only. The expert user talked showing resizing of the display for presentation. The audio portion described the action, indicating price rigging and signally to cohorts for front running. 

HELP is currently requested, REID is searching at LMPC, and REID would like a copy of an old "Le Patron Memos" thread, made about 2008, and a second thread "Extreme Rants" made at the same time. The reason these two are very important are two fold, 1) GS reduced shorts in 08 time period, and A Douglas deceased, tracked them, and about 09 collapse, JPM took over the NY racket, and hence would sue for years 2009 through present time, and there is allot of info on GS and JMP, 2) The three files would be integrated, and posted on line, thus aides marketing, in that REID really knows what he is talking about"

Aspect 1.2 The Plaintiff 

The plaintiff include service providers, retailers and wholesalers, two each. The PLAINTIFF attack in depth for the power punch of PLAINTIFFs as AUXILIARY EXPERTS to attack JPM traditional defenses, with reduced logistics, with the advanced public MOPE and mind screws, with fanned out PLAINTIFFs covering more basis and options for damage proof and irreparable harm proof, thereby misdirecting the JPM. So, the PLAINTIFFs are stacked up and examined by the by proximal and distal counsel. Then PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL examine the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS for the general assault on JPM. REID is used for clean up as the vicious ruthless Of Counsel on cross examination of DEFENDANTS EXPERTS, showing no mercy and no pity, and taking no prisoners, of under the commander in charge and on scene directing the action.

To the extent the defendant is shown to and unclean hands, that is a breach of a fiduciary, and feeds back to the unclean hands, as a breach by the DEFENDANT against the PLAINTIFF directly. 

The PLAINTIIF are individuals and Corporations led officers uniquely possessing sufficient dimensional skills, and complexity orders. Each individual has a unique displacement signatures or profile, operating therein, and the PLINTIFF are no different with unique signatures. The PLAINTIFFs are ethically actually in control of the case, though REID must assume command of the TEAM and thus all must be on board with the game plan from the start.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL will prepare assigned PLAINTIFF EXPERTs comprising the three PLAINTIFF PRIMARY EXPERTS and these experts. PlAINTIFF COUNSEL can be though as guidance systems, and the experts thought as precision torpedoes PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, headed toward the DEFENDANT to sink the mob boss.  

It is suspected that the PLAINTIFF cant really cost-effectively manage the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and it is doubtful that the PLAINTIFF does not know how to organize testimony or manage PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, because one must truly know the real word of attorneys and as litigators and know how the real world of presentation of expert operates, to do a good job, as this is war to be waged. Thus, it is doubtful that the PLAINTIFF can manage the TEAM effective.

It is also questionable if huge amounts of money in settlement and the global fame associated with going after the JPE, if the PLAINTIFF will not be absolutely destroyed. Some PLAINTIFFs are older and the concern is not there, really but more toward younger PLAINTIFFs. TURD has admitted to possessing a moral character. TURD may not be like REID, an older person with a rock solid mental foundation, and perhaps TURD is incapable to handle such monetary temptations, but joining the action is anyone of the PLAINTIFFs call.

The PLAINTIFF be placed on complaint and made of record before the JUDGE, as the in fact controller on record, but holding REID's hands, all the way, and so, the PLAINTIFFs are in REID's cross-hairs as the head of the TEAM, but not to worry, REID can hold PLAINTIFFs hand, and with that, cost-effectively manage PLAINTIFF COUNSEL so that the precision PLAINTIFF EXPERTs are in fact launched under extreme care and guidance, going for the vitals of JPM, at complaint filing time, to effectively destroy JPM, as this complete the take down team, comprising the PLAINTIFFs heading the TEAM on record and commanded by REID, with the PLAINTIFFs shinning bright at the center before all of mankind, but this is really just an expansion of the PLAINTIFFs present occupations, so, odds are that PLAINTIFFs can generally handle the new found fame, money and glory, that will come their way, with REID generally out of the spot light, as REID is personally only interested in the fall out, freedom, from sinking JPM, but is needed because of the volumetric cross current mental operational orders, communications, and skill sets, to effectively manage and cross communicate with the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs, then launched, on target, to the objective sought. Thus the take down team is complete, but there will be options.

Just in case, mind you, I mean, just suppose real birth given legal names are not publicly used, well all that means is that the complaint uses the public name, and real name is used under sealed a protective orders, hence secured real names can be made of record confidentially. 

MOPE the people and government with Bonnie Blue Flags waving, with Fight Song Singing, and Yellow Hats dispersed therein, as one huge public and press eye catcher, to even more mind screw the Judge, totally.

UC Cal Bear Colors are Blue and Yellows. This wild imagination goes with thinking outside the box, by a five hatter. The wild humor comes from the cross dimensional light speed associations, indispensable and necessary for the job at hand. So the complaint public paper is filed with PLAINTIFF and EXPERTS maintaining the public image. Protective orders are routine and common for PROXIMAL COUNSEL to procured to get again the PROXIMAL COUNSEL into play at the HEARING. PLAINTIFF with new wealth and fame, places their souls at risk, a difficult call for any mortal man. 

REID knows his place as commander with PLAINTIFF being used for ice breaking, and encouraging PLAINTIFF EXPERTS to join the TEAM, with FINANCIER on line with support. PLAINTIFF have polite people skills, whereas REID can be a ruthless vicious curt person, calling things matter of fact, with no punches pulled. So PLAINTIFFs are perfect as face men visiting and communicating generally with REID as the commander and the cross examiner. 

Aspect 1.3 Plaintiff Experts 

Its time to let all the PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs know that they are in the cross hairs, any some can come peaceably or not, and be a world class hero, or get arrested, respectively, their call of course. So, all should have notice that they are sought. Its the honorable thing to do. Most have a tweet or an email address where they can be reached.

PLAINTIFF are designated and shall be given, confidentially, updates of the attack plan. PLAINTIFF are mostly long term bulls in the bullion space, and definitely has an agenda to kill manipulation. The service providers are in gun toting state for jurisdictional forum shopping.

The PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, like all skills, may be found else where, if required, but all of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS are currently included, for several good reasons, and are firstly identified by talent, communications and morality, and that talent primarily includes proximate cause proof, precious market savvy, and mathematical plausibility, that is at least as required. The moral sense is important for justice to pervade, but now, temporary, at this stage, as we approached funding, and the cast of characters be modified. 

REID guessed it correctly, the engineering mind, with no look see. MAGUIRE explained how traders were trading virtual or electronic silver anonymously using algorithmic trading systems "moving in and out of the futures markets in the blink of an eye. That is the indispensable engineering mind of REID in play. One could reverse engineer MAGUIRE glory, if MAGUIRE don't comes along willingly. Algorithms, are child's play to REID. But hey, it worth a meal ticket on Keiser. Blown wet pants Bart supposed confidentiality. Could depose in England if necessary, or bag him upon us entry, with subpoena, with protective order from tent, or admit confidentiality blown, so he might at well be a world class hero, and come peaceably. PLAINTIFFs politely address as necessary, with REID on a leash. MAGUIRE gave it up: Four hundred contracts a second, each contract represents 5,000 troy ounces of silver." Maguire described a sudden and massive wave of selling of up to 45,000 contracts which drove the price of silver down. Give me  a break. JPM is insulated from potential losses (on their short positions) by the Fed and/or the U.S. taxpayer." Remedial Difference. have no clue but would need to skirt incompetence. He went public in April 2010 with assertions of market manipulation by JPM Chase and HSBC of the gold and silver markets, prompting a number of lawsuits, including a class action lawsuit.

Aspect 1.4 Plaintiff Attorneys PLAINTIFF COUNSEL

REID heretofore as an example was before a chief judge, never holding valid any patent invention, was successful, focused in light speed, and that and other experience are initially important to the case when JPM will be shot gunned at the start. So TEAM must remain flexible in thinking outside the box. A gun toting conservative states near or in the MURPHY and FERGUSONs home turf is better than operating in DC before the a district judge there leading to the Federal Circuit, whom district court has already shown his colors before CFTC in round number one of position limits. As the Judge there apparently did not care about his oath, or the literal meaning of the Constitution, but rather was in Wall Street best interest supporting the totalitarians. 

PRIMARY COUNSEL is a litigating patent attorney, and jurisdictional attorney, and should be highly skilled in the third order with patent law skills to turn complexity into simplicity, skilled in subject matter jurisdiction, a forum shopper, with the causes of actions for injunctive damages, including preliminary injunctive relief.  

SECONDARY COUNSEL is a general business litigator knowing procedures including filing and serving and local rules and calendering which will be absolutely necessary operating closely in with PRIMARY COUNSEL. His focus is to set forth inferred internal business operations of JPM.

TERTIARY COUNSEL, is a details guy, a commodities litigator, generally interfacing with support staff of the Chicago Law Firm and with secretaries and paralegals setting forth in detail recent citations and spread outputs forms in support the other two PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. A Chicago firm will be selected and 3 primary litigators interviewed, hired and assigned to the six pack. These three will be given specific tasks. They will appear and examine experts. Mostly though they will be acting as very expensive paralegals on a short leash, and time durations, for the Of Counsel Commander.

A minimum specialty skill sets is necessary for the three PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, but absolutely controlled and focused for maximum bang per buck, inexpensively so, for the take down of JPM. The PRIMARY COUNSEL is central to the TEAM. The main big guns of the team comprise CO COUNSEL REID, and the three PRIMARY COUNSEL, as a lean mean fighting machine.  

The reason why PRIMARY COUNSEL are from the windy city is because that place is near the district and would possess the required skill set, and thus led by litigating patent attorney. The five examining PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY CONSEL and will be court front men, with PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS will as public face men, whereas as REID is "of counsel", will be the script writer, while walking a very thin line, being shady at best. 

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is the local counsel in the district and a general discovery attorney and is used for filing and conforming court papers, primary discoverer, and filed paper disseminator.

DISTAL COUNSEL is a rear URL Judicial Notice and discover back up attorney for the PROXIMAL COUNSEL as primary discover. DISTAL counsel searches for Judicial Notice URL for communicated to REID and relay to technologist. 

REID will select the Chicago PRIMARY SECONDARY and TERTIARY COUNSEL, first by conflicts to select the firm, and discuss the firms stand on taking down the Gold Cartel and thus repeat business and fame for reduce rates, and then for each suitable firm, have skill set determined of possible set of three attorney with comprehensive skill sets. Security reviews of the attorneys will be had before a final selection is made. 

A Chicago firm will be selected and 3 primary litigators interviewed, hired and assigned. These three will be given specific tasks. They will appear and examine experts. Mostly though, they will be acting as very expensive paralegals on a short leash, and time durations, for REID. REID has a reasonable rate of about 1800/hr, times about 2000 hours spent so far, over the last several months, that is about 3.6 million, but REID has his heart into the case. Heart out weighs skin, any day of the week. Current plans calls out 1000$/hr for primary litigators, 400$/hr for proximal and distal attorney, and 1800$/hr for REID as his reasonable rate, which in 1984 was opinioned to be 840$/hr, but would be generating invoices that would not be presented nor paid in a timely manner, to keep the case well within budget, but mostly used for recapturing fees from the DEFENDANT upon settlement. REID is not coming out of retirement to take this case for any money, or any glory or any fame, as self centered mortals can play that game for all its worth. REID is in the case to help the US Government by liberating bullion so as to take down the TBTF and TBTJ greedsters, so as to take down paper money and thereby freeing mankind from totalitarian rule.

The PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs will be generally be off limits by attorney client and work product privileges. But, DEFENDANT is likely to submit numerous discovery requests. Steps will be taken to minimize PLAINTIFF production burdens. 

Aspect 1.5 PLAINTIFF Core TEAM 

PLAINTIFF TEAM includes a commander REID, for the take down TEAM, , has been defined, but three PRIMARY COUNSEL are needed, and those are the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, professionally disposed closed to the court. These PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL of the Chicago Law Firm don't now exits, but have been assigned skills necessary. They would all function in a the Chicago Law Firm later selected and determined by REID.  

The PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL are hired guns of the Chicago Law Firm under the command of REID, skills necessary to take down of JPM. Six months is figured to enjoin JPM to liberate the gold bugs and another couple of months to settle up and dismiss the case. 

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and there would be six of them, would all be officially named of record before the court as well as PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERT to take down JPM and start the central banks falling like dominoes one by one, until they all throw in the towel, and paper money is abandoned and the gold bugs are liberated, and freedom is then restored to the people, and to mankind from the totalitarians, if you employ the right skills, well managed at the right place. 

PLAINTIFFs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS would be stars of the show. PLAINTIFF would be of record. PLAINTIFF EXPERTs would stand on filed declarations. Both would be instant world-class heroes, hoping that the fame and money does not draw them away for their right moral places. For REID, its not about money, so therein is the conflict, but the PLAINTIFF and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS are in REID cross-hairs. Hence, you have the commander OF COUNSEL REID, the PLAINTIFFs examined by PROMIMAL and DISTAL COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs examined by PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL.

Aspect 1.6 Local Counsel

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is responsible for filing papers with the clerk of the district court of the Judge and is a form, fit and function type of guy, a primary discoverer, and PLAINTIFF examiner. PROXIMAL COUNSEL is located proximal to the district court for rapid paper filings and knowing the local rules of the court, where filing of papers are usually under the command of the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and REID as well. But, PROXIMAL COUNSEL can be used to a secondary discoverer, examiner of PLAINTIFFs. REID would be the cross examiners of DEFENDANT EXPERTs and examine TRAITORS of JMP. REID would further help with routine discovery filings and discovery set ups. 

Grand Standing by PROXIMAL COUNSEL is great to get PROXIMAL COUNSEL in play beside arguing Motions for chief, en banc, admissions. This grand standing, generally would show why JPM preys upon bullion and is motivated to rig the bullion space and support paper bank notes because paper money is effectively irredeemable. With one paper dollar and one ASE, both having a "one dollar" printed on them, saying, one is a fraud and one is not, guess which one, and the court ponders, Wall Street uses one of them, to paint the villains as evil, and the villain likes the paper notes, but even Joe six packs understands what is a note, a promise to pay back, to redeem the paper note, yet modernly, the paper notes are used as currencies in US and these paper notes can not be redeemed at FED central bank, and the villain manipulates the bullion market to keep the paper note as the preferred currency, and hence, prefects its crime of manipulation by using the paper notes, which are never will paid back and redeemed, and thus, the paper notes are irredeemable notes, and hence, the paper note is not really a note, but is an inherent absurdity as an irredeemable note, and hence, the paper note is a fraud as being irredeemable and used by the villain to rig the bullion market, and that is why JPM uses naked short selling while using irredeemable paper notes. Of course, the FED can cure this with change policy at any time by making all paper notes redeemable in FMV of genuine US minted coins, turning remote FED members into coin shops, but that is the FED banks call when it decides to do so, ably led by intelligent chieftains, as REID puts hands over rolling eyes, and now REID has some opening remarks before the case in chief is presented by the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL. This gets the PROXIMAL COUNSEL before the court in substance, before REID and then PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL take over, as an excellent prolog, for biasing the set up.

PROXIMAL COUNSEL is given a wide birth during introductions and prolog remarks by the local Judge, as they are kin folk, sort of, while laying a foundation why the villain is motivated to act like a villain, without attacking directly the FED bank, but only with compliments for the FED bank on the record. 

Aspect 1.7 The Chicago Law Firm 

PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL are found in the home turf of that totalitarian socialistic fascist racist in the White House and that home turf is the best place to find the skill set necessary for the job. The problem with that, of course, is increased logistics of flight times with longer communication lines, but, the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL can fly, temporarily as desired, as they are just but two hours by plane away, suitable conjugal visits and reporting in the Chicago Law Firm. 

The Chicago Law Firm, is selected during a trade off between reduced logistics and shortened communication lines, but they are two hours away, so one should find the best or best with the necessary skill sets required for the attack on JPM. 

The Chicago Law Firm having internal communications can act as a secondary communications hub for the TEAM.

PLAINIFF counsel at this law firm, must follow orders from REID, and this will be agreed to at the start. 

This is important because the motion tactic will be novel them and they will be in unfamiliar practices. The TEAM is on a rapid take down, that focuses on an injunction motion at complaint filing, so as to bet JPM and get then very close to the truth, because the court will demand from the opening remarks by REID. 

The staff at the Chicago Law Firm will be vetted for security purposes. The attorneys will be screen for possible corruption from JPM and will be asked if they each will be satisfied by a dollar per hour rate. 

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL should cover as many relevant legal bases as possible within a limited three man attorney set, offering a massive cost-effective skill set. 

PRIMARY COUNSEL should a patent litigator with expertise in operations systems and fault tolerance systems and control systems. 

SECONDARY COUNSEL should be business and securities litigator with expertise in stocks securities and bond securities and over the counter securities.

TERTIARY COUNSEL should be a commodities litigator with expertise in the Comex exchange and the DOW exchange and the NYMEX exchange.

All three of PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL are litigators that must come from the same Chicago Law Firm for cost effectiveness with shorten communications lines.

Aspect 1.8 Secondary and Tertiary Plaintiff Experts 

DAVIE is the back up to KAYE both of whom are articulate, know physical flows, and are located extraterritorially, and compassionate. DAVIES would be a good great back up KAYE. DAVIES could an appear for added weight, and he may just do that for added weight. 

The KAYE hypothesis is actually working, that first target slams of Comex price, so that JPM can load the boat from GLD, and then let the bullion price drifts up, and the sells, for the bottom line pop, getting gold through GLD, for then treasonous sales to open arms China. JPM has this wired, while COT and TA guy eats their hats confused by it all. 

RICHARDS would provide court graphics knowing the bullion market.  

JAILY could replace MAGUIRE if MAGUIRE avoids appearance. There is enough video on MAGUIRE to make the case, and JAITLY could comment on it was well. 

EMBRY and SPROTT would be good tertiary experts, both straight shooters, knowledgeable, and would not be intimated by opposing counsel.

TERTIARY EXPERTS can be generally drawn from bullion space. Any expert can show and add weight and become a world class hero. 

Aspect 1.9 Auxiliary Plaintiff Expert at TFMR and LMPC

PLAINTIFF would function as self serving AUXILLARY EXPERTS, and used to show 1) lease rates, 2) junk premium, 3) price capping, 4) US mint production, 5) price smashes drawing inferences to price manipulation in the bullion space. Both TFMR and LMPC can function as tertiary communication hubs for finding needed judicial notice on line documents and videos. DISTAL COUNSEL will join both TFMR and LMPC for using tertiary communications hubs. 

MURPHY and FERGUSON will be also used as COT and TA AUXILLARY EXPERTS. PLAINTIFF would collectively finger JPM as the dominant COT player using bank participation documents to inferred the bullion price manipulator rendering TA effective useless in the bullion space as opposed to normal markets, and that with a dominant position can make any market action it wants and any TA channel its wants primary to the down side, hiding the same down channel in well known Fibonaci TA levels. 

Aspect 1.10 Demand Letters to Defendants 

First there should be a polite demand letter from the PLAINTIFFs to write JPM, as follows. I hereby demand that JPM Inc and or JPM Chase Inc, et al, and their subsidiaries in which JPM or JPM chase own any shares therefor or act in concert in anyway, and those all acting in concert with you any where, and all of them, to immediate vacate the Au and Ag bullion space, and not cause any bullion to treasonously enter China or Honk Kong, including immediately liquidating all short COT Au and Ag bullion positions and refrain hence forth from using in house money or client money, or subsidiaries moneys, or money of those with which you act in concert anywhere, including any short future sells or buys of Au and Ag bullion or bullion futures, or COT bullion positions, or bullion derivatives, within 30 days hereof. 

The Caveat is JPM suing for declaratory relief, in southern NY, but which would hurt share value, and the reply would bake them, as JPM would not take that chance, but it would get the ball rolling, but, odds are this demand letter ends up in the trash can or most probably some in house attorney gets back to the PLAINTIFF, and a good thing, so that, while heart-felt honest tear-jerking good faith negotiations are on, PLAINTIFF file complain for the surprise effect, as it is the civil thing to do. 

Aspect 1.11 Defendants Attorneys Generally 

Defendant attorney most likely will come out of a Wall Street Law Firm. These will be traditional lawyers playing the tradition legal game of milking the client and drawing out litigation with the shot gun blast. This is expected and will be their undoing. They will be skill with detailed market knowledge, totally unsuited for the proposed simple tort action and rapid move to injunctive relief. 

Aspect 1.12 HQ Advance Preparations upon Funding 

It is hoped that EMBRY of Sprott Assets will fund the propose case, and will then activate Sprott internal massive resources to rapidly get the HQ facilities operational while REID is personally off to Chicago to interview and hire PLAINTIFFs COUNSEL, to expedite the set up of the HQ facility. But if not, with can be rapidly done using self help in self reliance. FINANCIER may have a massive on line organization that could be cost effectively put in play immediately. , 

As part of the public MOPE, 500 battle flags from a district supplier, 500 yellow hats from a Turdville supplier, 2000 musical lyrics from a district music teacher will be procured. HQ will be leased by district real estate agents. A district located technologist will help with installing computer and communications equipment for HQ primary communications facilities, with redundant fault toleration computers and communication line systems with land lines and fiber and antenna systems for tri concurrent primary communication lines, all installed. Much that can be immediately put on line by parallel processing and these low end tools and high end tools, using the FANANCIERS existing organization would help move initial preparations along

A legal Secretary will be hired in charge of general flight ticketing and auto transport between airports as needed.

EXPERT and COUNSEL interviews will be important patent law function, for reducing complexity into simplicity, a REID specialty, 

The HQ will be manned by REID. The systems include window OS 2000 profession based computers, with dual monitors, so that cursor action flies there between, one of which REID computers having standard system launch icons, the other of which computer, being a secondary work space. The two monitors provide for rapid cut and past, with full screen visuals, such as, two ViewSonic monitors requiring a dual monitor drive board imbedded in the mother board. The REID computers should have at least 2G of ram, a standard floppy, and a minimum 2GHz CPU. The C drive is partitioned into C and D with about 50meg on the C partition for OS installed with WORD 97 SR installed. REID may have original installation disks somewhere unknown. The REID computer should have external, very small size, speakers for the 1960-90 YouTube tunes, a must synthetic amphetamine. The REID computers should have a minimum 750meg in the D partition. An extra magnetic drive E, from Tiger supplier, for example, for form, fit and function, reliability being the keying driver to neural net exploitation. Both should have floppy ghost driven programs, for independent backup and ghosting, either C or D drives. The monitors preferably being models 12132, so that existing software tools can be used quickly used with full on communications. The second redundant like system is used simply as a backup. The keyboards must have an AT keyboard layout and Window style track ball mice. Thus, the technologist must install for ready use and back up REID computers. REID can communicate normal dot dot for macro install, so WORD can emulate WordStar for neutral burn exploitation. The REID computer must have an optical CD reader for reading optical CDs in transit and be used to separately back up the two magnetic partitions and drives in the C/D and E magnetic space. The REID computer should also have optical CD writers. The REID computers requirements are  all well within common technology expertise.

It is also preferred that the REID computer be compact and placed under the table to permit maximum desktop drawing pace for the creation of figures, and REID generates by HAND most drawings for transit and graphic court presentation. The drawings will be necessary to communicate perceptions to PLAINTIFF GRAPHIC EXPERTs, and also to PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. The HQ desks should be good size for making drawings. REID bring old drafting tools as desired to HQ. The HQ is preferably between the airport and the district court but closer to the court than the airport. 

REID will primarily live 24/7 in his office for rapid cost-effectiveness. An in office shower is preferred placed in the HQ and with a quiet small refrigerator placed in the lobby. An air mattress with bedding is preferably situated in the REID office along with suitable air conditioning. REID generally wont leave the HQ, and will live in HQ. Preferably, the HQ is next door a grocery store. The HQ should be leased and located between the airport and the district court. Selecting, leasing, and installing equipment is a first action item. A small closet should be in the HQ for dress code uniforms. A small storage closet for storing rally flags and hats should be available. 

The HQ should have at least one REID office and one Secretary Lobby. The HQ should have at least one conference room for sitting at least eight persons. The lobby and conference room should have copying machines. REID office and secretary Lobby must be positioned in close proximity to each other, as close in work will be needed at times. The lobby should have a fax machine, used as needed, but fax is not generally used. The lobby should have a scanner taking small letter size and legal size paper. The REID computer should also have small size line scanners, for manual feeding in letter and legal size papers, such as Strobe Pro line scanners. The use of two REID computers is important in case of infinite mortality, so that, while a first system is repaired quickly, a second system can be used, without any down time whatsoever, using like hardware and software, whereas the lobby can have a modern computer for secretarial use. The conference room can a fax machine as well. Standard modern systems can be used by the secretary or by visiting PLAINTIFF COUNSEL and PLAINTIFF EXPERTs in the conference room. The software and hardware can be installed, in advance preparation while REID is off to Chicago to select a suitable firm and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL there, as a lead time item. 

REID will hit the floor running fast. So, HQ is need to be put together fast. REID will immediately get reinstated before the California state bar. PROXIMAL COUNSEL can easily get all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL admitted to the district court for the case. The HQ facility can be put together by a responsible technologist hired for putting together computer systems. The technologist could also locate the HQ facility for lease, as REID is off to the Chicago looking for the PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL. After which, REID will then come to the HQ searching for the PROXIMAL COUNSEL, so that the HQ and all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL are online fast as advanced preparation. Also during this advance preparation period, the FANANCIER, PLANTIFFS, and REID can further select various experts about the globe and cement their participation with emails address exchange for communications and interviews from HQ. EMBRY is best suited for woo experts to join the cause.

After the HQ is set up with the technologist, and selected secretary from the PROXIMAL Law Firm, and the FINANCIER is on line, and with PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL, PROXIMAL COUNSEL, DISTAL COUNSEL hired and on line, with the PLAINTIFF in support, PLAINTIFF EXPERT acquisition can begin in earnest. The PLAINTIFFs and FINACIER are best able to entice PLAINTIFF EXPERTS to join in the cause. 

During the case process, REID is the central commander, with interface interviews of PLAINTIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL and PLAINTIFFs and EXPERTs. REID will draft scripts, for auto fit into various briefs, wired to all of PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, for integration fast into boiler plate forms, with form fit and function, per local rules for filing, with PLAINTIFF COUNSEL adding in minimal citations, as the TEAM will not teach the Judge what are the court rules or teach the Judge simple tort actions for damages and the equitable relief sought in civil matters. PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, wire, edited version back to HQ and to REID and PROXIMAL COUNSEL for final reviews, and preparation for filing, all by wire, and filing and service of court processes. 

The computer will be equipped with speakers and the office equipped with push button, auto dial, answering that, when phone rings, REID can hear message for screening calls and no hand use. Simple recorder answer phone can be used, there should be a mute ringer for quit thinking without interruption when the secretary is not present. HQ facilities should be equipped with REID office, and a lounge, and a lobby for legal secretary, with one large conference room for deposition and video conferencing and general meeting. The HQ should be located close to the court between the airport and the court.

Aspect 1.13 General Litigation Process Flow

================ Preparation Phase =================

Financier, Reid and lead plaintiffs rally all plaintiffs and Experts. 

All Rallied Plaintiffs are also auxiliary experts made of record.

All rallied Experts will eventually be made of record. 

Reid first travels to District, and hires Technologist to Start constructing HQ. 

Reid then flies to Chicago, to hire Chicago Law Firm. 

Reid selects Chicago law firm and there selects three Chicago counsel, the three causes of action respectively assigned to the three Chicago Counsel selected and hired. 

Reid then flies back to district to man HQ. 

Reid and Technologist work together to get HQ completely operational.

Chicago Counsel then give REID first read of elements to prove for three Causes of Action in the complaint (COA).

Chicago counsel then give REID first read of elements to prove for preliminary injunction motion (PIM).

Chicago counsel then give REID first read of possible Summary Judgment Motion (SJM), with likely success and weakness points. 

Reid at HQ in district selects Proximal Counsel and Secretary. 

Proximal Counsel then gives REID first read on Chief and En Banc Review Motions including with points to be proven for each and as procedure motions for chief judge assignment and for em banc review, both herein designed as Em Banc Motions (EBM).
Secretary starts litigation account books and opens checking account and litigation credit card account. 

Secretary locates and selects local music score Musician, bonnie blue flag Bearer, court display Printer, dress code Tailor, in the district, and shuttle limousine Service for both Chicago and District. 

Secretary locates and selects big yellow Ferguson hat district Hatter. 

Reid assigns plaintiffs and experts based upon expertise and qualifications to points of proof in COA, PIM, SJM and EBM. 

Distal Counsel finds URL of Judicial Notice Videos and Documents. 

Distal Counsel remains on standby for fast action finding and relay back Judicial Notice videos and documents. 

Distal Counsel sent URL of exhibit video clip and articles to REID, as REID sends Distal Counsel additional searches for URLs for exhibits of Judicial Notice video and articles.

Reid drafts up COA for returned to Chicago Counsel for review. 

Reid drafts up PIM SJM Motions for returned Chicago Counsel. 

Reid drafts up EBM motions returned to Proximal Counsel. 

Proximal Counsel selects filing date and hearing date. 

Plaintiffs calendar to attend Chicago Rally or District Rally on filing date

Secretary communications with plaintiffs, Chicago Counsel, Proximal Counsel,  and experts for rally appearance hearing calendar clearing and appearance. 

Secretary communications with plaintiffs and experts for arranges plane fairs for plaintiffs and experts.

Plaintiffs and experts clear calendar for Hearing date during which plaintiffs and experts are shuttled to district Hearing Rallies. 

Chicago Law Firm sends notice of filing rally and hearing rally to politicians as invitees for generating a list of political invitees. 

Proximal Law Firm sends notice of filing rally and hearing rally to politicians as invitees for generating a list of political invitees.

Reid drafts up Expert Declarations in support of all PIM SJM and EBM motions. 

Reid select and creates draft graphics exhibits to COA, PIM, SJM, and EBM.

Reid selects Judicial Notice exhibits to Expert Declarations for COA, PIM, SJM and EBM.

Secretary communicates draft graphics to graphic artists. 

Proximal Law Firm arranges permits for District Demonstration. 

Chicago Law Firm arranges permits for Chicago Demonstration.

Secretary loads form fit and function legal shell documents at HQ computing systems. 

Reid gives Chicago Counsel draft COA, PIM, SJM, and expert declarations with draft graphic exhibits and Judicial Notice exhibits in support. 

Reid gives Proximal Counsel draft EBM and expert declarations with draft graphic exhibits and Judicial Notice exhibits in support. 

Secretary hires Musician, Service, Bearer, Tailor, Hatter to produce and reserves Scores, Flags, Hats, Dress Suits, and Limousines for rallies and hearing date. 

Chicago Counsel gives Reid review of Draft COA and PIM and SJM. 

Proximal Attorney gives Reid review of Draft of EBM. 

Reid finalizes COA, PIM, SJM, EBM papers for filing.  

Secretary generates form notice of defendant officers and expert depositions.

Reid drafts set of Interrogatory Discovery Requests. 

Reid drafts set of Admission Discovery Requests. 

Chicago Counsel gives Reid review of Draft of expert declarations. 

Reid finalize Plaintiff and Expert Declarations. 

Secretary prepares and loads shell deposition notices in HQ computing systems. 

Proximal Law Firm notices times for Supporters, Politicians and Plaintiffs in District Filing Rally and notices Supporters, Politicians and Shuttled Experts is District Hearing Rally. 

Chicago Law Firm notices times for Supporters, Politicians, and Plaintiff in Chicago Filing Rally and notices Supporters, Politicians and Shuttled Experts is Chicago Hearing Rally. 

Counsel, Plaintiffs and Experts send body measurements to Tailor. 

Secretary sends formalized Graphic Displays to Printer for generating court displays. 

Secretary formalizes and communicates declarations, and COA and signature pages to experts including graphic display exhibits and judicial notice exhibits for execution and return. 

REID send to Technologist URLs of Judicial Notice Exhibits.

REID send Technologist list of URL Judicial Notice exhibits of video clips with time specifications and portions for creating a CD of exhibits of concatenated Judicial notice video clips for in court playback.

Technologist create a CD of all URL Judicial Notice Exhibits.

Secretary formalizes EBM with graphic display exhibits and judicial notice exhibits for execution by Proximal Counsel for filing. 

Secretary formalizes COA for execution by Reid and Plaintiffs.
Secretary send signature pages and formalized Complaint with signatures to plaintiffs.

Secretary send signature pages and formalized declarations with graphic display exhibits and judicial notice exhibits to plaintiffs and experts.

Secretary ships Hats, Flags, Scores to Chicago Law Firm. 

Secretary ships dress code suits to counsel, plaintiffs and experts for YouTube Broadcasts and Rallies, or which can be convenient retained at the HQ or Proximal Law firm for passing out at time and day of Hearing. 

Reid issues COA Filing Press Release, COA, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues SJM Press Releases, SJM, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues PIM Press Releases, PIM, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues RM Press Releases, EBM, with Rally Notices to Broadcasters and commentators.

Reid issues Political and Invitee press release as what to say and what not to say during filing rally. 

Plaintiffs, Experts, Chicago Counsel and Proximal Counsel creates filing YouTube videos for MSM broadcasts in dress code uniforms. 

Secretary activates district and Chicago limousine Service for Plaintiffs and Counsel, and for Court Filing date. 

Printers sends HQ court graphic displays for Court Hearing use.

============= The Filing Phase =============

Proximal Counsel Files complaint, PIM, SJM, EBM for the Hearing date. 

Chicago Counsel serves defendants with complaint, PIM, SJM, and EBM, with PIM, SJM, and EBM set for Court Hearing Date. 

Secretary releases Filing YouTube Videos for MSM broadcasters for public MOPE. 

Commentators provide Broadcaster with filing comment for public MOPE.

Proximal Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up mic stand and chairs, at District Filing Rally and removes mics and chairs at end of rally. 

Proximal Counsel and Plaintiffs are taken to district filing rally in limousines.

District Filing Rally is had for Proximal Counsel, Supporters, Politicians, Plaintiffs, and Invitees, with Proximal Counsel and Plaintiff in Dress Code. 

Chicago Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up mic stand and chairs, at Chicago Filing Rally, and removes mics and chairs at end of rally. 

Chicago Filing Rally is had for Chicago Counsel, Plaintiffs, Politicians, Supporters, and Invitees with Chicago Counsel and Plaintiffs in Dress code. 

Counsel, Plaintiffs, and experts are taken by limousine Service back to airports and hotels in the District and Chicago. 

Plaintiffs, Experts and Counsel creates hearing YouTube videos in dress code uniforms for MSM broadcasts at time of Hearing.

Secretary arranges planes and hotels for Counsel, Plaintiffs and experts at time of hearing. 

Reid should provide court notice of plaintiff hearing agenda, which will probably last multiple days, including Proximal Counsel Argument of EBM, Proximal Counsel Prolog, Reid Opening, Proximal and Distal examination of plaintiff, Chicago Counsel examination of Experts, Reid Cross examination of defendants officers and experts, Chicago secondary and teritary Counsel and Distal Counsel Argument of SJM, Chicago primary Counsel Argument of PIM, and Reid closing summation. 

The Technologist sets up computer and video monitor for in court play back during hearing, using video clips of Judicial Notice video clips from REID and Distal Counsel, and creating a CD for sequential playback.

============ The Hearing Phase ================

Proximal Counsel issued notice of expedited depositions of appearing defendants officers and experts for depositions by REID at HQ in advance of Hearing. 

Chicago Law firms serves issued notice of expedited depositions of appearing defendants officers and experts for deposition by REID at HQ in advance of Hearing.

Secretary release hearing YouTube videos for MSM broadcasters for public MOPE. 

Counsel, Plaintiffs and Experts are taken to hearing by hired limousine service. 

Counsel, Plaintiffs and Experts attend hearing and respent EBM, SJM, PIM while presenting Proximal Counsel arguing EBM, prologue by Proximal Counsel, opening by Reid, case in chief including Plaintiff examinations by Proximal Counsel and Distal Counsel, Expert examination Chicago Counsel, and defendants expert cross examination by Reid, and, Summation by Reid, while experts may be excused for shuttle by limousine to the district hearing rally. 

Commentators provide Broadcaster comment for public MOPE. 

Proximal Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up Mic stand and chairs, at District Hearing Rally, and removes mics and chairs at end of rally. 

District Hearing Rally for Shuttled Experts, Politicians, Supporters and Invitees. 

Chicago Law firm passes out Flags, Scores, and Hats, and sets up mic stand and chairs, at Chicago Hearing Rally, and removes mics and chairs at end of rally. 

If TV feed is provided of the Hearing, then, a large monitor shall be set up at both rally points for live feed and the rally could extend several days to be set up by the Chicago and District law firms. 

Counsel, Plaintiffs, and experts are taken by limousine Service back to airports and hotels in the District.