Aspect 0.0 Prologue, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths

Aspect 0.0 Prologue, Parties Weaknesses and Strengths

The primary purpose is to free the people from totalitarian rules perfected by taxes and the FRN. Governments need taxes to operate. Thus, the FRN is the primary target. As real money bullion and papery money FRN are both money, but are inverses in markets. Thus, the attack is on the paper money FRN is hence also a liberation of bullion. Hence, the primary purpose is the free bullion from price manipulation so that bullion can trade freely and obtain legitimate price discovery. The so-called Evil Empire uses FRNs. An attach on the FRN is also an attack on the Evil Empire comprising Bankster, Greedster and Totalitarians

An attack on Evil Empire raises four primary questions that must be answered first, and they are: 1) Who to Strike, 2) Where to Strike, 3)  How to Strike, and 4) What skills are needed for the Strike, for the winning slam dunk touch down. 

At attack upon a government is out of the question and thus the attack must be upon the private sector. JPM has been identify as the lead private commercial bank, the biggest in the world, as the weak link in the Evil Empire.  

Because the Wall Street Commercial banks, aka, Greedsters are located in the Eastern US, and because sympathetic political forces control both coasts of the US, with corruption and undue influence, the place to attack, the where to attack, is in a conservative state, aka, a gun toting state in the middle of the US.

How to strike and succeed quickly means simple tort actions offering injunctive relief, instead of failed Sherman Act Anti Trust Actions, and, Action to enforce Position limits on the Commercial Banks of Wall Street. 

In order to perfect a gun-toting, simple Tort action, rapidly, the skill set required must be unique to fit the task. The propose plan can be replicated by anyone. The action enjoins bullion price manipulation, and thereby discredits paper money FRN, and thus, the central bank currency paper printers start falling, one by one, as bullion become the money of choice. The objective is not really the manipulator, per se, but the follow on consequences, and that is Freedom from the currency central bank paper printers, and that means, freedom for the people from the Evil Empire for the Evil Empire can not make bullion out of thin air. Freedom from the Evil Empire is thus the real goal of the action. The bullion price manipulator JPM is simply the weak commercial link where to strike to start the central bank currency paper printing dominoes to start falling one by one. US congressmen, US senators, and the US CIA have been given the notice of the propose action.

No one has enough resources to generally put JPM out of business, nor is that really desirable. Conventional actions are taken against JPM are because of conventional perspectives while using traditional law Wall Street law firms. Most large law firms generally act selfishly with "client seen coming" and plaintiffs will get the typical Sherman Act and Position Limit shot gun type of actions, and drawn out in time, so that the large law firms make allot of money with no immediate result, if any. 

The proposed action will not take down JPM generally. The proposed action enjoin their price manipulation of the bullion space and will seek to end the high crimes and treason perfected in that bullion space price manipulation. And where you have one who lived in legal shame with them PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, thinking completely outside the box occurs, and you get a completely different tactic.

And so, if one wants to take down the Evil Empire, and end this TBTF TBTJ greedster bankster undue influence and corruption nonsense, a team must be assembled with the right skill set for the proposed action. The second necessary required is funding for the proposed action. The "gold heavies" certainly have the money if a viable plan is proposed. That is the object of this paper. The proposed plan and the necessary skill sets are particularly stated. And so, the question really is can the gold heavies, that is, the FINANCIER step up and fund the proposed action. That is, can the gold heavies, fund a well defined organization with a small team of active player, and play Raider Football, and say "JUST WIN BABY", and let it happen. During settlement of the proposed action, it is assumed that the FINANCIER with profit from funding the team. The proposed action seek to enjoin JPM from price manipulation within six months of funding, which funding is summarily calculated at 6m$, if funded for 6M$, the FINANCIER should get back 18m$ within one year for a two times ROR. The team needs to be headed by an exceedingly aggressive individual, who is this author, with the right skill set to QB a very small team of active players, to very quickly stop the price manipulation in the bullion space. 

The most amazing thing learned during generating this proposal, over the two month, was that the real key in taking down the manipulator, was the combination of patent law, engineering, military science, legal shame, and heart, in that combination, that is not found in the bullion space or at Justice. And the inherent problem is, of course, are those conventional perspectives and traditional law firms. Thus, raising the funding required is expected to be very difficult.

So what is the enslavement? Its actually called Totalitarianism by Government unduly influenced by fascist Greedsters and Banksters and Lawyers of Wall Street. What are the enablers? Printable paper money and IRS thuggery demanding paper money taxes. How do you change federal taxes? You make tax collection a pay-and-forget system by a national sale tax, and give the earth a break. However, one should first destroy paper money because it is printable for immediate results. Where do you attack? Not Government directly, they are merely undue influenced, but you must attack the fascists in Wall Street extending their fascist control over Government. Where do you attack in Wall Street? You don't attack the NY law firms or Banksters they are secondary fascists, but attack the commercial weak link, and that is the Greedsters. Which one? The mob boss, JPM, of course. And how do they sustain the paper money? Buy suppression of the gold cartel. What is that? The gold cartel comprises 15 large bullion banks controlling the bullion space and led by its mob boss, JPM. 

The attack plan seeks to enjoin JPM, the mob boss, among the bullion banks of the gold cartel, that is, the king pin in the bullion space, and put their executives in jail for treason. Because the attack plan can be replicated, the attack plain can be applied to picking off the remainder of the bullion banks of the gold cartel, thereby utterly destroying the gold cartel, thereby liberating bullion price discovery, thereby concurrently destroying in turn, the FRN and the all paper money, thereby liberating those enslaved by paper money, to thus free the people in the US and world wide and free mankind from totalitarian rule. Its all about freeing the people from Governmental totalitarian rule, without attacking government directly, in a cost effective manner. 

MURPHY visited FEGUSON at TFMR and posted a COT analysis. MURPHY is always great with his take on the COT. And COT data provides many clues to bullion market action as a valued input. Many "bugs" have complain about the naked shorts selling for many years, and it seems that it wont stop. Many look forward to a central back FRN reset, which offer to all those with bullion in hand to profit much eventually in time. But, what about the poor people without bullion getting zero during an expected economic devastation, and, what, fixed income earners that would be just devastated by high inflation rates, both of which, who cant just make a living during that greatest transfer of wealth from FRN holders to bullion holder. Is that really a noble thought by bugs to look for an FRN reset. The more noble plan is to not take down the evil empire and the FRN, and free all the people, with high economic output and freedom, so that everyone wins. Many bugs are hoping for a COT flip, where dominate naked short sellers go long bullion as the signal that bullion has been liberated for destroying the FRN, because it is believed that TPTB and totalitarians use taxes and paper money to control the people, and maintain a lock on power.

So, with the estimation that the FRN is the real enemy of the people, one can see that JPM and others bullion banks are simply out trying to make a buck, even though that feeds the maintenance of the FRN. So the manipulators, are out for bottom line profits,  are not really the friend of the people. There is a possibly of private hands buying bullion in mass to over run the naked short bullion banks, but it seems that has played out long enough, for a at least a decade. And so, the people and bugs are trapped in the control of totalitarians and the manipulators, and its seems to be getting worst, not better, as more and more laws are constructed, as the bullion manipulators profit, as the taxes and paper money FRN means pervade more and more. It seems as though that is an endless struggle, so keeping an eye out on the COT for a possible COT flip is important these days. But after 13 years eye balling, the charts and believe in my heart that a plan has finally been devised to stop the bullion price manipulations, it is time for real bullion price discovery come back, but feel presently feel helpless and impatient. 

As long as the FED bank can funnel FRNs into the manipulators, the manipulator are going be naked short and control bullion price action. And so, the next step is, to consider if there is no more physical, and no more market manipulative push upon the bullion price downward, to support the FRNs, can the totalitarians, that is, TPTB, still can control people and the bullion price? One could envision how to enjoin the manipulator, JMP, so that they are given no wiggle room in avoiding an injunction, and thoughts of JPM passing money to third party conspirators, which then come in as supposed clients money, and that, one end up where one was years ago. Three years ago is was proposed to abolish naked shorts in the bullion space, allowing only the sale of physical bullion or minor forwards as in traditional futures, because bullion and the FRN are money, but not all other commodities. But it, seems like creative games can be created and played unless the manipulators are enjoined without any wiggle room to avoid an injunction. So, what if the manipulators are supposedly over run by demand? Are price controls next to occur given the corruption and undue influence over government. First the bugs were watching the fort Knott, then the bugs were watching the COT, then the bugs were watching supply and demand. But will being over run by demand really be the end of it? The central bankers can print in perpetuity and government can impose price controls. Thus, to surely defeat totalitarianism, through the use of the FRN, the commercial bullion bank manipulators must be enjoined from manipulating bullion price action to allow price discovery to come back. The US coasts, East and West, are effectively locked up by money interests, law firms, greedster, and banksters. Only an effective strike now in a conservative gun-toting state offers the people any chance of ending these manipulation crimes and saving what is left of the country, and that is what is being proposed, but realize it is a novel approach facing conventional mind set and traditional law firms, and so stalemate and frustration results, while a last chance, to really do something, may be slipping away from the people. 

Many bugs are looking at COT reports, and that is good information to have, but is one so sure that even with supply all gone, that demand prices will be allowed to go up and to have a paper money FRN reset? Today one may question if another decade of waiting is going to play out until there is COT flip. And if the COT flips, the manipulators going long, is anything really changed by it, as the totalitarian can maintain price controls, and there are many options. Many bug think the nation will enter a state of absolute totalitarian control. Then, the question is, why bother now with any good COT data, if government will control all prices any way? If the nation will play out into the absolute totalitarian end game, the COT data, while providing a good market data points, don't solve the political questions. So, in the end, the COT data provide valued indicators of the state of affairs in term of market action. But if the paper money printers can print in perpetuity, and if totalitarianism is the projected outcome, then the bugs and people need to strike, and strike now, and strike hard and fast, while there is still a chance to do so. The bugs now at least have a plan.  

How is the bullion at Fort Knott? That believed to be a national trade secret, as no new developments are on that front. Bugs went through GS lowering naked short positions, and JPM took over in about 2009. Currently, EU CB was selling bullion under the WGA and then the EU CBs switched from selling to now buying. It appears as though the EU CBs are simply reloading. Now the EU is burning, but starvation of the people there will takes over, as the people there return to work. When the bullion price got bombed in April 2013 and combined with the UT mine disaster taking out supply, the COT did not flip, when it should have, and that was a major clue of things to come. The COT did not flip, as it ought to have done under normal futures action. 

So, in conclusion, its not COT, its not the WGA, its not the supply, it not the Fort, its not the EU burning, but a solution can only be had in the political area. The problem is a political problem. The US has the national RNC and DNC controlling bodies and the US politics of the legislative and executive branches are effectively locked up by the totalitarians using the FRNs. Bugs should not expect any change there. The USA government has three branches, and they are Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, and all three of which are locked up on the coasts by corruption and undue influence. But, there is a middle section that has conservative value, and there is one branch that is not looking toward elections, and that one branch in that one area, is the place to strike the Evil Empire and specifically JPM. That is the proposed plan. The propose plan can be replicated by anyone. The proposed plan is not really difficult, but certainly novel. It is the consequence of the plan, an injunction, that will discredit FRN paper money by liberating bullion real money, and this discrediting will start the central bank currency FRN paper printers falling, one by one. Hence, the objective is not really the manipulator, per se, but the follow on consequences, and that is freedom from the paper printers, totalitarians in control. Thus, freedom from the Evil Empire and the liberation of bullion real money to finally obtain real price discovery. The manipulator in the case proposed is simply the weak commercial link, where to strike, to start the dominoes falling one by one.

A prolog is needed first to determine specifically HOW TO STRIKE and determine the SKILL SETS required to do the job, before actual questions of mechanics, which will be developed precisely. Legal actions are like a war where the parties shoot it out with various resources and assets, and so, military training can play an important role. But before military science can be applied, strength and weaknesses must first be assets. In military science, a strategy must be developed, and that includes, 1) an objective, 2) command and control, 3) an attack plan, 4) logistical support, 5) skill sets required, and 6) forces required, 7) supply line for resources required. As so, to develop a strategy comprehensively, strength and weakness of the target and the attack team must be stated as guiding principles, for a killer game plan.

So, lets determine the relative strength and weaknesses of the combatants, and surprisingly, much is already known through advance reconnoiter over the last decade. So lets look at the odds based on that a list now generated and to then devise a killer game plan.

The bullion price manipulator, that is JPM, is supported by the FED bank whereas the TEAM is simply not. JPM is huge whereas the TEAM will be operating on a small limited budget. JPM is wealthy and the TEAM is poor. JPM is slow and the TEAM is fast. JPM is relatively stationary and the TEAM is highly mobile. JPM have nearly all the time in the world whereas the TEAM financial supply is small and limited. JPM is are mortal and the TEAM is not. JPM will extend professional courtesies whereas the TEAM will not. JPM are traditional thinkers whereas the TEAM will play mental tricks and manipulatory mind screws. JPM will have an army of employees whereas the TEAM will but a few hired hands. JPM will be a counter puncher whereas the TEAM will serve initial strikes. JPM will get no sympathy whereas the TEAM will. JPM will fumble with large command structures whereas the TEAM will be a nimble with only a few hired hands. JPM will have deep pockets whereas the TEAM will operate on a small budget. 

There of course are many others relative weaknesses and strengths, but those recited are key ones, that will be used by the TEAM to maximum advantages to JPM maximum disadvantages. So, let us use these considerations just as a prolog list, to set the stage, to target JPM using the best abilities to maximize the TEAM chances of success, and thus, improving the odds of winning the battle in court, with an up front suitable battle plan with the highest probability of reaching sought goals and objectives, as the battle plan and execution thereof now unfolds, striking hard at the JPM and the central bank currency printers.

The envisioned attack was realized on April 29 2013, after 13 years of eye balling charts, and in three weeks, a 200 page, single line space attack battle plan was fully developed coded for security reasons. Then, in the last week of April, online solicitations functions were developed. And now and English readable version is offered for funding considerations.

In developing a precise battle plan, project engineering is the tool best suited. Project engineering is a top down process, and is cook book engineering, really, if one understand it, but many don't, and so, many are clueless, but hope that writing about it now will help for interested. The function of project engineering is a simply defining a project. It is easy for one skilled in five area as a so-called "five hatter", if one can cross dimension in light speed between five skills, but unidimensional skills is just fine for comprehension of project engineering. We are all going develop a battle plan for the proposed action. The project engineer, yours truly, take various visions, and plans to kill the JPM target, which the proximal objective, the project engineer reviews the objective and various visions and then first determines what are the major obstacles to that objective with those visions and works them out tentatively. The project engineer, REID, PLAINTIFF OF COUNSEL, then designates system engineers, which in context at hand, are the PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYS, located in a Chicago single law firm. The system engineers work will technical engineers, the PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. And thus, one has a top down approach, which is a three major tier command and control of the TEAM. The project engineer REID does not now address nuts and bolts, but rather, focuses on the big problems likely encountered, and here, price rigging is key, and the initial focus is firstly determining if there is enough in place to prove direct proximal causation to directly prove the nefarious business conduct of price rigging. One technical expert, MAGUIRE has provided evidence of the prima faci price rigger. The PLAINTIFF acting as a self serving expert will finger JPM as a dominant COT player and thus infer that the price rigging occurred through JPM. Another PLAINTIFF will then  transpose COT data into likely nefarious business activity for a set up of the JPM, to lure JPM into disclose of its internal nefarious business operation, to set up and then enjoin the target JPM. The project engineer REID worked out the basic design formula of the battle plan without any inside information as a major problem intellectually problem solved. And thus, the battle plan is ready for funding and execution. At the project level, the selection of the system engineers, and that is the Chicago litigating attorneys understand the system level problems in detail and detailed solution through interviews, and detailed interviews will be had.  Next, is the technical engineering front, PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. One of them has been determined for prima faci price rigging and is particularly identified, two others have been designated and defined, but all have their respective roles to play and are integrated into the entire battle plan. Of course, the actual interviews to understand the technical solutions in detail will be necessary after funding. Hence, the systems and technical solution to be played out after funding, under the command of a five hatted with the right skill set to lead the TEAM. 

The major problems anticipated are Jurisdiction and Venue Actions. Jurisdiction problem is met by the causes of action in tort law, avoiding CFCT position limits. Venue change is largely defeated by plaintiff locations and counsel locations. 

Actions are simple tort claims that any judge can understand for case simplicity in equity for irreparable harm from a lack of price discovery, where remedial injunctions are sought, to effectively deny continue price manipulation crimes, naked short selling fraud, selling treasonous to china with TARP ZIRP QE likely failure of FRNs, breach of fiduciary using clients money for cascade down drafts in price where clients to not get FMV, front running signaling for racketeering conspiratorial control of the gold cartel. 

The plaintiff are selected to include Service, Wholesalers and Retailers to cover possible damages, and the injunction couched not in terms of positions limits. Two of each general type for six named plaintiff in a JPM action. The PLAINTIFF will represent the whole of the US but weighted from the gun toting US center to the west coast, and so, TFMR, LMPC CMI Gold Center, A Mark, Gold Line are the six preferred PLAINTIFFs, supported by global gold experts. To retain venue, TX CA IL NE CA AZ PLAINTIFF go up against NY JPM with IL CA CA TX COUNSEL to go up against NY lawyers, for defeating venue change into a corrupt NY jurisdiction, which venue change opposition is support by judicial notice showing unduly influence on the East coast in various jurisdictions there. So the venue change and Jurisdictional claims for change of venue is defeated. Specific federal jurisdiction by an east coast state or US agency is defeated by particularly by sought after injunctions couched in terms of Chinese Walls, FIFO in-house and client funds, Staggered time wise sales, and Threshold amounts, to avoid special sales jurisdiction of CFTC. The added benefit is that, one appearance is all that is needed by all of PLAINTIFF EXPERTS and PLAINTIFFS and PLAINTIFF COUNSEL where the PLAINTIFF can also function as auxiliary experts thereby reducing substantially logistics. 

PLAINTIFF primary counsel are used for direct examination of PLAINTIFFs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, whereas REID of counsel is the cross-examining attack attorney, being inherently a vicious ruthless type well suited for humiliating DEFENDANT EXPERTS on cross examination, a REID specialty.

The project problem is generally understood, and it implementation requires a commander, the project engineer who can understand legal systems and bullion systems and technical subsystems, the command system, then the team is assembled, and interview the team players, but that is a second level analysis. Major project engineering was the WHO and WHERE. Particularly, PLAINTIFF should have AGE and ASE coinage and operation a bullion service such as TFMR and LMPC, for showing irreparable harm, the injunction should be couched in terms of staggered sales, Chinese walls, threshold amounts, FIFOs, of in house and clients money, should defeat the so-called hedged defense, so as to avoid CTFC position limits exclusive supposed jurisdiction for bringing the case in a conservative gun-toting state in a federal court, and be based upon simple tort action for rapid action, to avoid long delay Sherman Act and Position Limit cases. The project concept appears to fit with major project problems addressed and sufficient solved.

In ordering events, top down, the project engineer has designated PLAINTIFF, PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS. The TEAM will also have two important auxiliary attorneys, PLAINTIFF LOCAL COUNSEL located in the district, and PLAINTIFFS DISTAL COUNSEL, located in OF COUNSEL REID home state of California, where both the DISTAL and PROXIMAL attorneys are considered as local counsel, the former being more for local rules compliance for filing as a forward logistician and the later as a rear guard logistician as URL discover and discovery backup. Hence, forward and rear local counsel as the part of TEAM. A HQ facility has been defined as well for central command by the OF COUNSEL, with staff proximally and distally disposed, with disposed forward and rear local counsel that will have respective assigned roles. Hence, the TEAM comprises three systems and three technicians as front line corps and two adjutant as HQ staff support, the rear adjutant is more of a URL searcher and discovery back up, with the proximal local counsel on point for filing papers under local rules and motion appearances and primary discovery attorney. Hence, the rear adjutant will be an assistant in the rear, but is a necessary element to battle plan. Thus, the complete intellectual TEAM comprises an HQ commanding general, a five dimensional player, the three corps PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY on the front lines comprising three pairs of system and technicians, with an adjutant on point for reconnoiter filing under local rules, one adjutant in rear guard for communications back to the FINANCIER, and thus the entire team is very compact and very cost effective for desired cost effectiveness with the required skill sets. 

This definition of the TEAM with the required skill set is part of normal project engineering, but here mapped upon to and on a military structure, for cost effective take down of the JPM target. Additionally, on the political front are three wild card forces, and they are, the JUDICIARY and the ADMINISTRATION and the PEOPLE in support of our cause, the TEAM, and can play very important supportive roles as further auxiliary supports. Additionally, the PLAINTIFF, to guide as the complainer, who also is a PLAINTIFF EXPERT in COT and TA analysis, for fingering JPM. Additionally, both TFMR and LMCP, both as further can provide PLAINTIFF AUXILIARY EXPERTS, and provide distributed communication hubs for improved communications line. For example, local coin shop LCS price and availability, US MINT sales, ND Lease Rates, and Demand-Supply data, all of which support of the attack plan of the TEAM. 

Thus, main battle line comprises three corps of PLAINTIFF ATTORNEYs and PLAINTIFF EXPERTS, backed with a five hatted commander, PLAINTIFF OF COUNSEL, able to interface will all of them but with reduced adjutant logistics with a central HQ, two remote communications hubs, with short time wise communications lines, with an over all plan having thought it through at the project level first. The detailed plans occurs after an interviews phase that is had during a preparation phase for the complaint filing and the injunction hearing. The TEAM is and will be substantially determined and defined, by project engineer, REID, having man power appraisal skills, but the team needs funding now. The resistance being those who can not cross dimension at light speed. But, it is important to use all personnel wisely for their specific own roles, and currently project engineering has made first level approximations with judicial mind screw of the judge, local counsel appearances, political pressure the administration and people, the legal flip, and, the set up attack plan with prima faci fact and inferences necessary to thus, turn moving papers with those facts and interference into projections of nefarious method actually used without having an JPM insider, and that has to been resolved favorable, as well as, jurisdiction and possible witness hesitations, and the roles the three litigators. The next step is funding by fancy pants, but hiring attorneys, and enticing witness, setting up interviews for perfecting the complaint filing and injunction hearing. And surely, the battle require much preparation and hard work for rapid execution, but, the team and facilities have been defined, and is ready for funding and execution.

Execution of the plan as been largely define. MOPE the PEOPLE in rallies, mind screw the judge, with hands off the US Government and agencies, so as to turn them all on the JPM, the manipulator, painted as wall street mob boss, the corrupt undue influencer. MAGUIRE shows prima facie bullion price rigging, bullion price targeting and the bullion price manipulation. PLAINTIFF shows COT data fingering the manipulator or controlling COT market participant. KAYE shows likely internal In house and Clients funds, and global bullion flows, for prima faci inference sufficient, but also for the set up, to get JPM to divulge in court papers their nefarious internal business operations, then used as admissions against interest for direct proximal cause of price rigging. Hence, direct proximal causation will be shown during the hearing for to see and on the court records. Irreparable injury then flows to PLAINTIFF having bullion coinage and bullion services, TFMR and LMPC, for issuance of injunctive relief. Injunctive relief in couched in terms of staggered pools, time displaced sells, staggered FIFO, and threshold amounts, avoiding gross dollar sell amounts and positions limit prohibitions, and without any wiggle room for any dodge of the injunction orders for a quick and hard stoppage of the bullion space manipulation. Of course, back up sluggers and auxiliary appearances can replace or support PLAINTIFF PRIMARY EXPERTS. The case can then be past off to US Justice to put DIAMOND and BLYTHE behind bars. These named DEFENDANTS were given until 6/22/13 to go long silver on the COT to avoid jail time. 

Many bugs may be intimated at first, as is their character, with only supposed inferences believed insufficient, but simply showing a dominate position in the COT and pooled in house and or clients funds, price discovery in the futures is defeated, and manipulation necessarily flows from just that alone, deserving of injunctive relief. REID is boldly confident. As REID will QB the TEAM, much time will now be spent to understand his very unique characteristics, and much personal information is divulged. But once this case is proven, and others are made believers, the case and the attack plan can be replicated over and over again against dominant COT players, to thus pick off the manipulators, one by one, so as to destroy paper money, so as to free the people from totalitarian rule, which is a good thing for mankind. We all can win here and defeat TBTF TBTJ greed and undue influence.   

Aspect 0.1 REID is an Expert in Five Fields

REID would qualify as an expert in five fields including American Politics, Patent Law, Bullion Markets, Engineering Arts, Military Science. REID is comfortable sitting on the bench, in retirement, raising two boys, but will come out of retirement and QB the TEAM right now if funded. REID is a self described "grandiose alpha werewolf in light speed" with an anomalous psychology and five skills operating in one skull for rapid fire cross dimensional thinking and communications with the TEAM players, and with proven experiences. MURPHY came up with the now notorious description of REID, "He is one strange cat". REID resume is stated herein. REID resume is also online.

Currently REID is retired raising two boys. Fun with them is great. For example, a group of young boys with high speed remote controlled race cars with varying chargers and battery packs, for the varied pits stop, and go off big time all the time, and the two boy, 8 and 10 go to regularly scheduled Tae kwon do meets, and are black belts, and they just fly. So play time and school and coordination development are important for the boys, and REID loves toys and playing with kids. 

Aspect 0.2 REID has Neural Net and Computing Power

REID has a burned in neutral net and that supplement his computer. Back in the early 1980s, when the neural net was burned, in with 250 macros for fast WORD processing, with a fail-save system modifications that were built for ten minute recovery times, so that, if software crash or is infected, REID could self reliantly recover quickly and keep his computers running with backup redundant personal systems in the garage. During retirement, the neural net was not much used and became slow, but after typing the first edition to the attack plan, the neural net was rapidly re-burned. RIED can type eighty wpm and fly across an IBM AT keyboard for rapid text entry and word processing, further enhanced using modern forms, and cut and paste tools. REID is powerful text entry and manipulating machine, well suited for commanding the team. 

During retirement, four years, REID got rusty, mostly just listening and reading bullion articles and war emulation, and thus then there was not much typing, and so, REID has gotten back up to light speed, in the typing skills that are fast and furious, with neural net that was burned in twenty years and computer tools still work, with those 250 macros to make WORD emulate as WordStar, a first wordprocessor, for the neural burn exploitations. And this all goes with a track ball mouse and the AT keyboard layout. And there are plenty of keyboard and mice backups, so REID has covered all the fast computing bases, as REID is prepared because the funding may be acquired at any time. 

Self Reliance in the formation age is important. REID and formatted his own distinct computing power to aid work functions. REID can teach others how to keep your system operational during invasive combat, particularly during computing invasion by JPM and its behemoth army of employees, which is probable, and where command and control is everything, to avoid two man years in trial and error. First, divide your computer system into software and data personally preferably keeping software on C and data D, each separately backed up on off line storage preferably on rewritable optical, and make images of them commercial ghosting, separately, allowing for reboots as needed. The software on C and data on D are independently back upped when updated and making various image versions thereof for archival purposes and his useful in case you are invaded by viruses and such like, risking at only temporary data as one type of new data sets. Here, your temporary data is at risk, but can be in fact temporarily stored on line using facilities for rapid use. So data can not be lost. For a software recovery, you first determine new program installation and settings and test them out, and then recover the last archival software version and make a new one off line creating a new recoverable software image versions. Data is substantially updated with new data sets, created as new data backup. Thus, you can independent recover, either software or data, usually within ten minutes, and be back up to speed within ten minutes. 

This is not applicable to hardware failure, however the opposition can not look through the looking glass and destroy off line storage, and can not create hardware failures, so you are really safe, when in combat, and they cant touch you, and please don't expect this from the information commercial houses or at the local computer store. Remember, one of the golden rules, self interest, and recurrent businesses success to profitability. But, if you use your brain, and understand the processes involved, its easy, and you can protect your data and software, and be recovered in less than ten minutes from viral attacks and invasions, using archival revisions to hunt down really sneaky viral bugs. This in total makes your computer immune to attacks regardless of running old operating systems, from and by JPM and its employee army 24/7. And you can laugh in their faces, saying so softly, bring it on.

Aspect 0.3 REID as Commanding General

Organization, command and control, secrecy, attack plans, and force definition, recruitment, training, and deployment are collectively the key to winning the war and the proposed case will be a battle with a quick and decisive victory over the forces of evil. 

REID has historically been a USA team player working on USA weapon systems, flight systems and USA intellectual property rights, most of his career. REID is inherently a strong USA patriot, thought currently has allot of gripes against the US political state of affairs. Putin and the FSB boys don't intimidate REID at all, especially with an in law implant, a full bird colonel, with a full ethic Russian wife, and with two dual-citizen little 8yo and 10yo boys, and another boy, and with 28 years old boy that is currently in the US Army killing bad guys completing three tours of duty. 

REID is usually asleep between 9pm to 1am, that is four hours down each day, and then twenty hours awake, all seven days a week. This a typical work week and explains how REID crammed 100 years into 40 years of professional work, with twenty year per hat, in one skull. REID has been like that since 1971. 

REID bats 1000% as plaintiff's attorney, so the TEAM gets improved probability of winning the case and basically rig the game for once. REID bats 98% as US patent prosecutor where most struggle at 56%, and is currently registered to practice before the US patent office. Please don't worry about calling Hatter out with trash talk, as that QB commanding at HQ, was in the garage for a quarter century, a loner of sorts, but currently on the bench, sitting it out, is a veteran of many fights and can handle the cat calls with very thick skin, while loving of all the adoring fans. 

REID writes a political column at Totalitarian Democracy teaching folks the world, while also contributing at TFMR and LMPC as a member of both in the bullion space. REID is a natural geopolitician offering advice to conflicted world leaders and a natural take charge commander. REID can easily size up people for proper placement and utilization in teams to get assigned task completed. 

Aspect 0.4 REID is a Grandiose Alpha Werewolf 

To understand REID is to understand the human mind. Mankind, which is often referred to my many as the human experience, can be easily understood using an engineer's mind. The mind can be modeled. In such modeling, the intellectual mind is like a rectangular volume, where along of linear sides. This model of the intellectual mind allows an understanding. Though its dynamic, as experiences are time dependent, along any one dimension, but is considered linear. For simplicity, consider the current time, fixed in time for discussion only. The cube has three axis, order, skills and communications. Human experiences vary widely across individuals, but lets again, for simplicity fix the mind for an average adult, as a typical human being, who operates mostly in the fact and root memory world of three orders of complexity. The first order being excitations and stimulations, the second order being the consequences and resonances of the first order, and the third order being the interplay and feed back of the first and second orders. For example, technicians, to engineers, to inventors along the first and second and third orders along one axis of the intellectual mind. Another axis is the communications skill from a typist, to editors, to writers, where most have varied communication skills at communications orders, but generally operate in the first order. Most oscillated between the first and second order. Along the third axis of the intellectual minds are the skills as part of an individual skill set. Some have many skills, and thus, wear many hats, along one skill dimension. It is a necessary when taking down JPM. The volume within the intellectual cube is the inherent brain power. 

REID was never much of a secretary in the first order of the communication axis, deemed insignificant for to many years, but think of mother nature or spiritual dimension to solve a 4th order simultaneous differential equation, that will rock your world. But the JPM target operates mostly time in the first and second orders, and will be easily defeated by a significant grandiose alpha werewolf in light speed in the third order along five skills. This should help those who are confused by the REID and the randomness and perceived confusion. So, let there be light. 

At 12 yo, expertly playing clarinet in various marching bands. In Junior high school and high school, the girls would line up at the sock hop to dance with REID. The older brother and sister where 9th Street West and Hullabaloo regulars, and it rubbed off on REID, who now loves 1960-90 music. The Federal authorities are afraid of REID, and local cops keep an eye on REID, and REID knows bombs and rockets and is inherently defiant, and REID is marksman with long barrow six shooter, all six at fifty feet in the bulls eye. Though, the best play is to civilly take JPM to court to teach and mope the folks for lasting political changes. REID was a Demolay, teen Free Mason, where one's word and personal honor were strongly taught and taken to heart. 

Life has many blessings, and its fun, the world is playground for REID. REID dresses in worn clothes, twenty dollar sneakers, where looks and keeping up with Jones are unimportant. But REID still has in the closet, with the tuck, the colored coded links, the cumberbums, the suits, the ties, and the dress shoes, for special outings.

REID planed to graduate at UC Berkeley Engineering in three years, at fifteen years of age where junior college was first attended for lower division studies, with 19 units while working 40 hours a week at a car wash, and always through going to summer school and going to school 12 months a year. REID planned it all out, every course and when at 15 yo, and then executed. REID started Junior College taking 19 units, while others were left in high school, while working at the car wash, and that was easy for REID to do. Then, it was off to State College for math and science courses as college sophomore while others were just starting college. REID went to the University of California as a Junior at 17 years old, while others were still in lower division. REID went to the University of California only for the heavy engineering studies to get the degree fast, as the parents just could not afford the usual six years to complete that was actually accomplished in less than three years. 

There was a switch from engineering to litigation when REID could not raise VC for REIDesign. There was another Switch from Litigation to Patent Prosecution when REID could no longer stomach being with lawyers who prey on society with that licensed dispute monopoly. 

Calculating early on, at 17 yo, REID planned UC Berkeley engineering BS in three years, but did it in 2 years, cost effectively so, at Junior College, State College, University, for bang per buck, namely, Cypress, Cerritos, Long Beach State, UC Berkeley. REID continued his education with WSU Law School at night, and USC engineering graduate work. REID learned to play Bridge at CSULB in student hall, from early days watching parents play pinochle for hours on end. REID has intuitive card play sense. 

Twice UC Berkeley tried to throw REID out for poor English skills and graduating too fast, but REID argued success showing English competence with above average grades, and showing twice the number engineering courses and labs completed, and always kept up US history studies though, a secret love. With tons of job offers, the first job was working on the Space Shuttle, elevon control systems. 

Sibling rivalry and little food placed on the table, hardens the soul early on, and playing board games make one shady at best to gain parental congratulations. Of the 1 of 2 of 5 to even graduate from high school, REID got out early and completed Engineering school in 2 years. Applying for law school, to study business law, REID was told that LSAT said REID was illiterate and to just go away, but with BS degree, the law had to let REID in. REID was on probation more than not, but REID passed bar first time and grossed 300K first year out on his own in 1983. On one day, REID Simulated Electronic circuits regarding disk head technology in morning, and in afternoon, at Anaheim, saw the Rolling Stones, and at night in law school, studying constitutional law by a bunch of totalitarians.

REID first natural profession language was Calculus in written form, with equations, and plots in graphic form, the math is parusski with allot of D T X Y Zs tongue twisters, and still have problem with plural verb forms in English, with all them damn silly Ss. Math is the language of Engineers, Scientist, Chemists, and Physicists. 

REID now believes that the reason no heavy gold bug has taken JPM down, is the lack of heavy patent experience putting it all together for presentation and the heavy engineering design experience for systems comprehension. The gold heavies seems unable to personally connect the dots. Surely the heavy gold bugs have Legal, Politics, Bullion, Business, Banking, Finance, type of skills, and they are all nice civil people, but lack the key skills and psychological but kept up US history studies though, a secret love, necessary, to put it  all together and then press it hard, relentlessly. REID is a diamond in the rough, literally, with sharp faceted serrated teeth good for chewing meat.

But surely, when in Rome, REID speaks the native language, REID can adjust to church, or school, but when then forums, CAN LET IT RIP, for a magnitude 10 on the Richter, off the charts, and way fun too. 

Politics, Bullion, Military, Legal, Engineering is a five dimensional player with 100 years of training in one skull operating at light speed, with high energy, and running 16-20 hours a day, at seven days. Legal Experience is mostly as lone wolf in garage for 30 years, without secretary taking on 100 man law firm, and REID could not afford to waste time playing the old lawyer games, and so, REID had to go for  throat in each case, and try to shut them down fast. REID never made it to trial, as the defendants always threw in the towels before trial. Engineering experience was fun for REID, an actual designer, and designed a disk drive by himself, showing inherent problem solving. Patent Experience was intellectually stimulating with top level scientific invention, with scientists being the best in the country. REID as patent counsel had to reduce very complex invention into simplicity so bus drivers and judges would understand. Psychological statistical anomaly is the hall mark of grandiose werewolf capable of being ruthless and vicious and cold and calculating, yet sweet and compassionate.

REID has the ability to focus, blocking out the real world. For example, in 1981 rented a flat on Lido Island Newport Beach CA, a quite place to study for the California bar, and REID was plugged in for six months into audio tapes while driving, and reading legal essays and taking practice exams at night, passing the bar examination the first time. Be it math in high school, university degree, problem solving, engineer jobs, litigation cases, patent invention prosecution, the REID history is one of extreme focused drive to get the job done, no matter what it takes. 

REID has computer tools aided the werewolf in modern society, with a neutral net burned while using a 250 macro based word processor, coupled with always thinking outside the box at light speed. 

REID can word process at lighting speed necessary for taking down large lawyers firms, though proof reading is a pain, as brain reads as thought written. 

REID has proposed US Political solutions with a comprehensive view and base understanding of human motivations. The US Justice incompetent with a political hands off policy being politically leftist and totalitarianism, to keep campaign money from wall street flowing, under fascist rule, the US republic be damned. 

REID knows military science that allows for cost effective war, force deployment, recruitment, sneak attacks, and misdirections, with take charge mentality, assumes command, and then plans, leads, and executes, as a self starter, with emulated war actual experience. An expired Secret clearance for the legal dodge experience to code messages from prying eyes has been in play.

REID knows Bullion, for example, only one who finally fingered China secret buys, and understand present modes of manipulations, where most have no clue. REID understand basics of global bullion flows. 

REID has the right skills at the right time for the freedom v TBTF TBTJ greedster case and is driven to accomplish the same. Revolutionary freedoms must be restored in the USA. REID is  reactionary and is defiant, and willing to puts his life on the line, without hesitation. 

REID is morality incorruptible by earthy money, being god fearing, seeking freedom and justice for all. REID is USA patriotic and is  trying to save nation from pending doom. REID looks forward to a libertarian-Greens 2020 sweep but needs to teach and MOPE the people first. REID is driven on a mission to stop enslavement of the people by destroying FRN as the means used by the totalitarians to enslave people. 

REID operates at light speed through mental associations with skills in one skull, plus a burned in computer neutral net for prolific data generation, and REID think outside the box. REID design creativity is routinely applied to other fields, in the light speed of neutral transmissions. REID possibly has a unique mental profile in country. County psychologists had a field day with REID trying to dope REID up, but no mind altering drug are allowed. The Treasury, FBI, sheriffs, Cops, White Coats, have come knocking at REID's door, in body armor with assault rifles drawn, but that is because they don’t understand as REID is not intimidated at all by any of them.

In March 2009, REID retired from working for a living, no longer willing to be enslaved by the totalitarians ruling the nation, and so, REID is on a mission. In March 2009 and there about, REID did the data dump for all to see in a public blog, Totalitarian Democracy, and REID then gave up a 250K$/year job. Then, REID started playing emulated war games to finish off military book schooling, and continued reading and watching bullion articles. In October of 2012, REID joined TFMR and in May 2003, REID rejoined LMPC as members of each. 

On April 29 2013, REID figured out how to attack JPM and bring down the mob boss of the Wall Street Greedsters who fascistly control US government now enslaving the people. The information rush absorbed by RED at TFMR was key. Presently, the TBTF TBTJ shenanigans stops now as REID cant wait for bullion banks to be over ran by demand from private hands.

Aspect 0.5 REID is Ready for the Case. 

REID is no longer interested in retirement. The boys are old enough at 8 and 10 for REID to take on a new assignment. After four years on the bench in retirement, REID is ready for the case proposed. And it would be special to do it for MURPHY, before REID and MURPHY both ride off into the sunset. MURPHY the owner of LMPC is designated back up or co PLAINTIFF, as desired. 

REID is simply incorruptible, and in the case proposed, would first MOPE nation wide, and rally the local PEOPLE, as part of the planned preparation. REID will just totally mind screw the judges from a gun toting state, as the country depends on them. REID will stay out of the East coast where corruption and undue influence are acute. JPM could bribe the judges and bribe the Chicago attorneys, but personal security can handle the attorneys, plus REID habitual eyes, being QB and generating all scripts and talking points, and with one little slip, and attorneys admonished severely, but, up front hiring discussion should weed out incorrigibles. 

The judge is always an unknown, thus, the TEAM moves for chief judge assignments and also en banc, 5 man court review, to reduce the probability of judge corruption as much as possible, and with national MOPE, and the local people, and a total in court mind screw, collectively, should provide the best chance of success at the hearing to enjoin JPM. Money is a powerful inducement to the heathens and REID is going in with eyes wide open. 

Adding courage to your convictions, of course, starts with a conviction otherwise you cant add anything to it. And it never ceases to amaze me, knowing US History, generally, that nearly all today, start off solving any problem, with "I cant". There used to be an American "CAN DO" attitude pervasive and a work ethic to "GET IT DONE", doing "WHAT EVER IT TAKES" to get the job done, but it seems that those went out of vogue in 1960s, when the US government turned on the people big time, making them all, Americans tax mules and dependents, willing slaves, in the greatest MOPE this country has ever seen, as most people say, you cant do anything about it, you cant fight city hall. REID say bull to that loser mentality.

In retirement, REID has been taking care of two young boys as house husband. But REID is up to speed, and REID don't do random, as REID always has an objective, and JPM is it. REID does not mess around, planning the route in detail, having an planned organization and with command and control and force definition with proven secrecy, all well in order for the greatest take down of all time. The plan is worked out well with defined HQ facilities, command and control, support facilities, communication lines, logistics, front line forces, auxiliary forces, an attack plan, that all looks really good, and needs now funding, which are supply lines to the FINANCIER with the funding hunt system on line and working great. After funding, its on to immediate execution, for the greatest take down of all time. 

Aspect 0.6 REID has a Robust Resume


  DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ.                Patents    
     Attorney at Law (Retired since 3/09)  Trademarks
    26 La Costa Court (Since 8/87)         Copyrights
Laguna Beach, California (Since 1956)   Unfair Competition


WESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY, Fullerton, California.
JURIS DOCTOR, May 1981, Emphasis in Business Law.

Graduate study in Electrical Engineering in 1976. 
Graduate studies covered digital systems, programming, and IC design.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, March 1975, 2&2/3 years to complete.
Emphasis in material science, digital and analog circuit
analysis, integrated circuit design and processing, finite
state machines, computer architecture and software systems.

                      BAR MEMBERSHIPS
     California State Supreme Court.
     U.S. Eastern California District Court.
     U.S. Northern California District Court.
     U.S. Central California District Court.
     U.S. Southern California District Court.
     U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
     U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.
     U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

                    WORK EXPERIENCE

Turdville Army (2012 to present)

LemetropoleCafe LeMenu (2005-2008 and 2013)

Presidential Candidate. Political Commentary  Bullion Market Analyst, Utah Mint Promoter, 
World Leader Advisor, Global Confluence Predictor, 
Emulated Military Commander, Adjutant, Chief of Staff, Strategic Deployment, Supreme Commander (2009 to 2012)

Patent Lawyer, DERRICK MICHAEL REID, ESQ., Laguna Beach Ca.
My practice centers upon Patent, Trademark and Copyright applications, prosecution and infringement litigation
emphasizing services concerning high technology electronic
and computer components, communications circuits and systems, and computer circuits and systems. (1985-2009, Retired)

Attorney at Law, LYON & LYON, Los Angeles Ca. My
responsibilities were related to Patent, Trademark and
Copyright applications, prosecution, and infringement cases
and trade secret cases. I developed a litigation computer
system for data base management in complex cases. (83-85)

Manager of IC Development, MATTEL ELECTRONICS, Hawthorne,
Ca. My duties comprised manpower management, hardware and
software procurement and department operating procedure
development to facilitate Integrated Circuit sustaining,
diagnostic and simulatory compiler design activities.(82-83)

Promoter, REIDESIGN, Newport Beach Ca. I engaged in venture capital activities for a VLSI silicon design company based on redesigning MSI into VLSI MOS technologies using silicon compilers & semi-custom techniques. (81-83)

Senior Electronic Engineer, PERKIN-ELMER, Garden Grove, Ca.
My function was the design of disk drive micro electronics.
This required micro processor circuit design, firmware code
development and custom VLSI design with CAD tools such as
ICE development systems and logic circuit simulators.(80-82)

Electronic Engineer, BASIC FOUR, Tustin, Ca. I was responsible for the developmental design of their mid-size computer systems. These systems employed various controllers, memories and CPUs which use random logic, sequencer-firmware and micro processor technologies.(79-80)

Electronic Engineer, CALCOMP, Anaheim Ca, My duties included
CAD development of floppy disk drive electronic circuitry
which comprised stepper motor, transducer pickoff, read-
write and control circuitry.(77-79)

Electronic Engineer, LITTON GUIDANCE SYSTEMS, Woodland
Hills, Ca. I was responsible for the design of Cruise & F-16
inertial navigation electronic circuits such as gyro spin
supplies, precision torquers, synchro buffers, quantizers,
temperature controllers, resolver amplifiers and their
built-in test circuits in hybrid technologies.(76-77)

Electronic Engineer, ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL, Downey, Ca. My assignments included the design of digital and analog computer interface circuits in a flight simulation environment in which various computer systems exercised space shuttle simulation instruments in closed loop simulations for design verification. (75-76)

REID has lived in the same house for 26 years, now with two boys attending a the local public elementary school, and all this is verifiable, in fact, 

Anyone could use map data web cites and actually get a picture of the house, and since, the garage is the war room, anyone can know exactly where REID is, each day and night, and having posted an exacting life history, for anyone to read, all information is consistent. REID cant hide being an ex lawyer, and in the coppers eyes, as the REID business has been on the public rolls for 35 years, and within the city limits for 26 years. The actual address has been on line for 35 years. Most can know exactly who is REID, who has to be a law bidding person. MOST can go on line and see printed information, such as, where REID is located, and what REID is doing, and when REID does it, by time stamps. REID has nothing to hide or be ashamed about. 

Aspect 0.7 REID is Retired with Legal Bar Dismissal 

In March 2009 REID retired from patent law practice. REID has since then not paid any attorney bar dues. REID is no longer officially a lawyer in the state of California or elsewhere. REID is however now classified as a patent agent before the US Paten Office. REID dose not have to live in shame any longer, as being an official member of that less than honorable profession with a licensed dispute monopoly, with clients seen coming, with federal court medical malpractice lotto games. REID can now speak my mind without censorship from the bar associations under ethical rules. Its working out just fine. Reinstatement will be easy, as bar just wants the money, of course, and to be lawyer again for a year for taking down the manipulator, look like it would be fun. So, the first order of business is to distal counsel working to get the bar license reinstated as REID flies off to Chicago to interview the Chicago attorney firm 

Aspect 0.8 REID Wears Five Cross Dimensional Hats

Skills are so-called hats because TFMR uses hat tips for reward good posts, through the looking glass on line and seems appropriate for the analogy to brain power, but the hats can be color code, like resistor values. And so there is POLITICS, the purple hat, comprehensive in royalty, with a wide field of view, BULLION, the gold hat, where old yellow is signed, and is a prize sought, ENGINEERING, the blue hat, the designer problem solving, honest and true blue, to the cause, LEGAL, the grey hat, working clients in self interest, ethically for the bar, shady at best, MILITARY, the black hat, taking no prisoners when 1st corps black hat fellars appear. So, there you go, the five hats, color coded. 

Aspect 0.9 REID has Disdain for the Legal Profession 

REID is disappointed with the legal profession that is based upon self centeredness greedy lawyers, and its pervasive. REID in a 100 man law first, first two years, as an internship of sorts, and got an eyes full. REID then broke out of the clutches of a law firm, and sued a first corporation for patent infringement. REID first appearance was before a chief federal judge who enjoined the defendant corporation and also granted several summary judgments motions at the same, to knock out key defenses, and shut down the defendant, within a few weeks of filing. That big bag approach will start to sound familiar. But representing plaintiff, they were not greedy, and just an average license fee 6% and 250k cash for past infringement was asked. So the defendant fired their top rated defense lawyers, and got a 100 man firm. This new firm, not really interested in the client survival, was going to bury REID. Two years later, with defendant rolling up 2m$ in attorney fees, broke the defendant corporation, 200 people lost their jobs, and at 3am in the morning, before trial was to start, the defendant finally settled up, for guess what, a 6% royalty and 250K cash payment for pass infringement damages. Lawyers for the worst, self serving members of that less than honorable profession with a licensed monopoly to dispute resolution. REID switched from patent litigation to patent invention prosecution to avoid attorneys.

The legal profession is now discussed firstly from a personal perspective, then a hired perspective, then to the legal world of lawyers in relation to the REID, and then to the legal profession, but from the psychological profile, as best understood. An understanding of the psychology, relatively. There are those in the world that have great humbleness, that is admired by most, and they and their kind are taken back by arrogance in a completely different dimension as in the being grandiose. But in this world, its what ever rocks your boat, but to one in self focus just now having never gone there, wont ever, it just is not the style. And from the early days of not mixing will the students, the humble goody goody two shoes, and the acid heads, and the head bangers, one could play in all their worlds, and REID did somewhat, but as a loner and by default, having a rock solid mind. MOST were considered mediocre at best. Though self induced goal, to being a golden bear in three year from the number third ranked engineering school in the country in a most difficult of arts, the alpha werewolf showed his teeth, running in light speed, 24/7 to focus on the prize at hand, a grandiose one at that, and as it turned out, so focused and so driven. The goal was accomplished two years. My how focus and drive works in completed goals. The field of choice so focused and driven was easy actually, designing disk drives alone, for example, but then tried raising venture capital for the REIDesign, but there having to deal in self reliance with horrible real business people, but lacking accounting skills to prove the cause, REID simply fell short without the right self reliant skill. REID was busted, but don't mind living in the gutter, as the spirit in sky operating in the forth order holds the hand, worth more than all the treasures on earth. It was never about REID or any money for fame, and so the alpha one will never go there. But, having gone to the legal institution for sucker punching by black robe reapers, at night, during which, werewolves really do shine during the full moons, REID passed the bar, but went to law school to understand the business world, because them venture capitalists are tough nuts to crack in the real world, and so law school was just a pretend to extend, but, being busted with the credit cards tapped out, when trying to raise the venture capital, and nearly alone, REID command PLAINTIFF COUNSEL. But in the technology days as an engineer, REID passed the bar after going to law school at night, but working day and night is the normal routine anyway. 

So in the good old days, and now the hundred man firm partners loved the background as fit the law firm going firstly after IBM for stolen magnetic disk thin film head technology. REID was personally assigned to redesign the whole discovery processing center, where millions of pieces of paper where involves. REID ending up providing a properly coded and operational and functional system. REID was on the 45 floor with an PC loaded to the maximum with 64K ram and two 360k floppies, to exploit those darn typing skilled. REID got lambasted by firm partners. REID being thick skinned, another psychological trait and a loner in light speed, brushed it off, the  partners generally operating old Dictaphones back then, while REID burned in the neutral net typing communication skill exploiting rudimentary typing skills. The alpha werewolf was now processing and progressing, wherein wearing by then two hats while developing communication skills, burning the net where really mattered, in the real world. Communications is one of those axis of the mental signature in the volumetric mental space of the intellectual cube and is a necessary evil in the real world. And since many hats are required for the job at hand, knowing that three primary hats must be worn, eighty words a minutes being one of them, on emulated word with 250ish embedded macros such that window WORD is configured to emulate like WordStar, REID is exploiting to this day the neural net burn, perpetually, where WordStar is an early first word processor, where the burning of the neutral net first burned. This is like a golfer, with a regular predictable swing, made to perfection, and Tiger Wood would understand this. As time past from this early stage, after the initial burning of neural net, the nest WordStar to get seriously burned in and then was completely totally burned in, to where now there is no turning back to relearn any of the modern tools. This is why Windows 2000 is used exclusively used and why window Word is emulated, when macros are installed. REID once thought typos and misspellings, being frequent, were of no importance, but later found that communications is one of the axis of the mental density space where individual mental signatures is realized. Speaking in tongues is not required in various languages, as that would increase the communications skill, but REID uses just plain old very day American English, not that foreign English, but the domestic USA one. REID the alpha werewolf is not really a secretary and the home language was considered to be not only boring but just a tool for the real world, but is actually it is a necessary skill for those inclined as grandiose alpha werewolves on light speed, as there is a world to conquer being then impatiently young. 

Cut and paste is a marvel modern trick in the information age, and its used habitually by the PLAINTIFF COUNSEL, but that is a trade secret, so don't tell the clients having been seen coming. Each paper to a client seems to be original thinking well deserving of the made up invoice behind closed attorney doors. Yeah, its fraud and deceit, but what do you expect from self centered lawyers circling around clients seen coming, when in reality cut and paste is just a poor attempt at efficient copyright infringement by the circling lawyers. And who is going to fund the secretary pension plan is for another go. And don't you love the golden bobbles for the significant others. But what do clients known not being in the shark secret bowels that is loaded with self interest. The client is always jazzed paying through the noise and cant wait for the hearing before the Judges as the arbiter and the jury sitting in final determination. Client are just marveled into paying for the whole self serving process rather than a legal profession out of quickly resolve societal disputes.

Today, REID, the grandiose alpha werewolf, wears the all five primary hats needed for the attack on JPM, and REID has the psychology grandiose makeup necessary operating in light speed in one skull. It may be obvious to some and very opaque to others where crazy is often heard, but REID is thick skinned, and one just consider the sources and background and all is understood. 

REID has a very unique mental signature of and in the volumetric mental space of a grandiose alpha werewolf, necessary for the proposed attach on JPM, which skills and psychology is absolutely required within one, more and prohibited expensive paralleled processing. 

PLAINTIFF role in handling the legal world is questionable. The proposed PLAINTIFFs could actually form a team being similarly situated provide bullion service and owning bullion coinage. But first we need to discussed the role of money upon the PLAINTIFF. The PLAINTIFF are indeed intelligent people, but are mostly operating in the second order, and are singularly deficient for guiding EXPERTS and LAWYERS for attacking JMP. But the PLAINTIFFS are necessary and just fine as they have their roles, but are inherently deficient for the leading experts and lawyers in a grandiose attack upon JPM, without the required skill sets and psychology. Lets be honest, PLAINTIFF are nice guys in the bullion world.

The lawyers are generally truly third order guys, operating on at least two of the mental axis, with respective signatures in the mental space, namely dimension and communications. These lawyers operating in the third order, are high powered and are high achiever types, with well defined skills, and they are locked in by law necessarily operating under self serving ethic rules with law specialties. 

The PLAINIFF PRIMARY SECONDARY TERTIARY COUNSEL should be found in a major Chicago law firm, as they collectively will pretend to extend their self interests, as self interest is everywhere for those who are looking for it. And so, its ethical to have the clients best interest at hand to pretend and extend, but guess who wrote the rules of ethics, the lawyers of course, who are in bed with the totalitarians, and the lawyers must be in ethical control of each case having the clients best interest at hand. So say the ethical rules. The lawyers see the clients coming and circling according to those ethical rules and those self interests. As another pretend and pretend of the ethical rules is that the clients best interest can only be served if the shotguns are used,  in combat as every possible claim and defense imaginable are ethically used, but that is very expensive to the lawyers gain and to the client's lost, and hence, not are focused and are very expensive. So what dumb clients are met with the typical prolific number of claims and defenses jazzing the clients by self interested and ethically driven lawyers. This gets to one conclusion of the world of lawyers, clients are expensively seen coming, and only client interests can be served shotgun style as it perceived ethically necessary as the only thing to do, locked in of course to their ethical self interests which run wild in the real world. 

REID is an alpha werewolf who runs totally open loop, in our society, against those members of that less than honorable profession, now is disbarred in the golden state for simple non payment of dues, and REID does not any longer live in shame, no longer a member, so REID mouth can open widely demeaning lawyers of that less than honorable profession, with the licensed monopoly, with self centered ethical rules, expensively running shoot gun style, seeing the clients coming. There is no moral base where inexpensive fast resolution of societal disputes is morally best served, as lawyers are self centered, and ethically driven, lacking any out of the box thinking, and not wearing hats necessary for the take down of JPM, and would surely fire in a large field of view, rather than zeroing in for the kill, to the vitals of JPM, with well guided precision PLAINTIFF EXPERT, inexpensive so, for fast dispute resolution. Questions are posed to the novice, who is going to pay for those 45th floor suite rents, the gym memberships, the multimillion dollar homes, the golden bobbles of the significant others, the secretarial pension plans, among others expensive toys? Answer is of course, the clients seen coming. The lawyer pretend to serve the clients best interest, but so honorable served by lawyer self interest in compliance to those ethical rules written by and for lawyers. The clients have no clue and are seen coming. Its a societal set up, ruled by totalitarian in control in all three branches of Government. 

So, the PLAINTIFFs need to be sincerely asked, can you command a bunch of lawyers, so self interested and ethically bound in self interest, but yet inherently efficiently guide precision EXPERT. Do the PLAINTIFFs have the skill set required to cost effectively guild the EXPERTS in a world stacked against them and against the support from the target JPM and the manipulatory behemoth army of employees. The logical conclusion and best guess is that the PLAINTIFFs wont be able to cost effectively manage a group of lawyer and then guide the precision EXPERT to attack successfully JPM to bag the mob. PLAINTIFFs need a grandiose alpha werewolf in command with the necessary skill sets with the right psychological profile, flexible in thinking outside box, with necessary communication skill sets, and wearing many hats across the dimensional cross currents and eddies, with the right stuff, in view of the prolog, and the objective, to hold hands with the PLAINTIFFs, during the war for the take down of all time. 

This disdain carries into comedy. Here REID is imagined interviewing of hired guns at a Chicago Law Firm. First imagine a stretch limousine offered and rejected, REID totally unimpressed, been there, done that, and then, REID pulls up in a rented Ford Pinto, 20 years in the making, at the firm, plaintiff primary counsel home base, in towering Chicago, but, REID is unimpressed again totally, been there, done that, and REID first talks with a partner, and the partner sees the back sweat pants and black tee shirt of REID, and says, "you are not appropriately dressed for the conferences with hired gun candidates", and the REID response being, "JESUS and Judges count", you don't, then comes lunch at the five star lunch house, with the invitation offered, but, REID is unimpressed again totally, been there, done that, the REID response being "hot dogs from a local deli would be fine and delivery works", "ketchup please", the poor things, the hired guns, having a working lunch, in three pieces, eating down hot dogs. REID and the hired guns live in completely different worlds. 

But reinstating the bar card of REID would take about $3000 and 10 days, which can be done easily, but has one serious draw back for REID, because, as licensed attorneys ethically, of course, must hold the honorable legal profession always in high esteem, meaning that REID once re licensed, REID will shut his mouth, free speech censored again, but most of the complaining is all on line, so not much more needs to said by REID, but having to shut his mouth, about that less than honorable profession, that is going to be one on going nightmare for REID who can live with it during the case.

Aspect 0.10 REID has an Aggressive Spiritual Psychology

REID has a Christian Uncle. This uncle introduced REID to the heavens, reading the good book and good news for modern man, and the spirit is inside REID providing a spark of life, that is ever present.

Uncle Pappy, I believe the spirit gave me a mission in life. Don't know if that is part of his grand plan, but it seems God has brought me through life, preparing me over a life time for this. Just a hunch.

REID is after JPM and not achieve wealth, fame, or money, but rather to help the country to end the TBTF TBTJ mind set of the Government and the Undue Influence of Wall Street over the US Government, and is willing to come out of a happy retirement for this sole purpose. 

The wife is just being nice, I suppose, but its used or really welcomed, these days, but surely the kind thought is appreciated, bless her soul. But really, give it your buddy friend, we will like it, as REID just got no time or use for alcohol, these days, in a different time, in a different life, with a new mission in life, to end TBTF TBTJ in the land of the free, to free mankind, and that is enough for any mortal desire with two little black belts and a honey, so really, REID just don't need or want that alcohol around these days, to keep the mind 100% razor sharp at all times, as the brainwaves pass in and out, with those vicious ruthless sneaky plans 24/7, being devised, even when sleeping, so do me and the world a huge favor, and just give it away to Joe six pack.

In the case at hand, it will be centered in equity before the church bench, where morality will be the key top issue. REID has spent a live  time considering morality, particularly social issues. PLAINTIFF will be coached to put on cardinal caps in the moving papers. Through cross examination, REID will be able to have DEFENDANTs EXPERT testify that market manipulations are inherent immoral, frauds and evil, per se. The one big caveat is the question that, are manipulation, conspiracy, treason, racketeering, fraud, still today considered by judges as immoral. That might be one huge toss up, given the mind set of modern judges. In the end, the heathens and nonspiratualists of today continue to degrade the entire moral complex, to where even judges are suspect, being bias by modern social thinking, as we all approach the event horizon of one huge ugly mess. The saving feature of this is that the judicial case law, is mostly to date, still based on traditional views of fairness and morality, to where the guiding case law will provide all the necessary direction and support in equity before the church bench that inherently wants to save the country from ruin. Victory is overwhelmingly essentially assured in this proposed case. 

Aspect 0.11 REID has made a Call to Arms

With audacious MOPE, one thing should be clearly understood, there is no real interest by this author to sit idly by and wait for the bullion banks to be over run, as the country's ruination is at stake, here and now, and those stakes are just way to high, to just wait it out, at least for one, and can not in good conscience just wait. Action is required by those able. I MAGUIRE able. We must all rally to our  standard of our cause, through activity, to save the country. The attack plan has been more or less completed, with 1000s hour spent, if not 13 years of eye balling, uselessly, as a first very rough draft is completed, and now turning to funding the same. My friends, you should know who is the target by now. The plan is believed immanently viable and is being reviewed by one of our own, 6m$ in 6mo from lift off, and the target will go down fast and hard, as victory and freedom is won for all, so help me GOD. Sing along my friends, sing along, its the least you can do for freedom. change "northern" to "Wall Street";   "Southern" to "Freedom" change "confederacy" to "Conflicted Nation"; and sing along my friends to the fight song. See YouTube The Bonnie Blue Flag - Gods and Generals.

And so, what you have is self controlled focusing person, using a cross dimensional mind, always thinking outside the box, of ways of beating JPM, to solve the manipulation problem, to then drive forces executing the plan to victory. There is a real plan now in taking down the manipulator, JPM, and that plan came from a combination of patent law for simplifying complexity, engineering for problem solving, military science for the attack, legal shame for the legal flip, heart for the drive, and bullion knowledge for the context, and that combination is not generally found in the bullion space or at Justice. REID has called upon the bullion heavies for support to end the bullion price manipulation, the FRN, and the socialist totalitarian control over the people, to free the people from tyranny, even if self imposed by elections. 

Derrick Michael Reid can be personally vouched for by Hannes Tulving of Southern California, a wholesaler of US Minted Coinage.