Societal Psychological Analysis

In Constant Observation 

From days of attending High School, internally aloof, but ostensibly engaging many groups, as a member, I have observed and analyzed our segmented society. These groups including eggheads, sports jocks, surfers, druggies, headbangers, gays, low riders, Christians, minorities, inter alia, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of learned cultures overlaid onto innate human instincts. I have always been a curious child as I am to this day, trying to understand the comprehensive whole, from geopolitics to micro clicks. It is difficult being five sigma, intellectually a lone wolf, living in a lonely world, at times, going cerebral constantly. It is self enduring isolation, in some regard, as many fail to comprehend the whole. Oh well, we all carry our own crosses. Despite government totalitarianism and enslavement of the people, pervasive corruption, and societal decadence, I wont give up on humanity and mankind, always believing in a resurrection of their better angles, even when living in a lonely world.  

  Dont  stop believing in mankind and constitution during your life journey, 
                        even when living in your own lonely world. 

Dont Stop Believing Journey

The over lay of learned culture on innate instinct, is a human dynamic, that has always been and will always be in a state flux, especially with respect to the cyclic nature of government totalitarianism and individual freedom, and is perceived by some modernly as movement of states of social intercourse, for example, as a slide from the bible belt into social decadence. It is the comprehensive view of this dynamic and nature that allows one to have such a comprehensive understanding, from which, societal problems can be understood and solutions reached for the betterment of society in general with an eye to preserving the US Constitution with its main objective of insuring domestic tranquility reducing public strife and conflict. 

My older brother and sister were popular teen age dancers, known by many. In the late 1960s, the two would go on American Bandstand, 9th Street West, Hallabaloo, Shebang TV dance shows. They were very popular, known throughout southern California. I picked up a little of that. In High School, the girls would lie up to dance with me at the sock hops. At UC Berkeley, I was the only white guy invited by the hottest black girl on campus to come to the black only dances, and politely made a token short appearance. It was fun and way cool. At 19 years old, I was "bumping" with the hottest black girls on campus, while these 250 pound football players were eye-balling me at the black only dance. It was just way to funny. But I never needed a large number of friends, as just a couple would do. My best friend in High School, was Emilio having parents from Guatemala. But, my older brother and sister knew many people, and many minority folks, and from that, I learned of many different types of people with many racial and economic backgrounds, and that was a good thing, as today, I do not have a racist bone in my body, understanding people generally, and that is a good thing. I wish all Americans can come together as one people and stop the racism and race-baiting and economic income disparity envy and greed. At CAL, the funnest time was "Bumping" with the Berkeley Bloods, a cherished life time memory, from the university days. 

Ohio Players Fire

University of California Golden Bears

Totalitarianism and Freedom Cycles

People innately want freedom, stemming for ancient instincts to spread the seed, the core of youthful rebellion to fly the nest. People in government, want to do a good job, and order society, restricting freedom. Thus, the natural opposing forces of people freedom and government totalitarianism. The balance between government totalitarianism and people freedom has cycled throughout the ascent of man. In 1776, freedom won the day. In 2015 totalitarianism is out of control in DC. Its expected, and will lead to rebellion if not checked. There is a continuum of government economic interventions between communism and capitalism. As government seeks more and more totalitarian control over the people and enterprise, there is a decrease amount of private prosperity. 

The founding fathers based freedom on a limited federal government and a moral population. Modernly, the cultural slide into decadent socialism is added by DC totalitarian controls implementing more and more moral hazards of socialism, to where people game the system, destroy dignity, self respect, and self reliance, in an open loop totalitarian feedback system, creating more and more of the same. Humans are not born with a moral code. Children under parental rights, must be taught good from evil, character, righteousness, that was a founding bed rock upon which the US constitution is based. 

There is a complete circle of human behavior, the out circumference of which defines the scope. There are inner concentric circles of defined social taboos and cultural overlays that define moral righteous conduct. As society pushes outward acceptable behavior, societal strength is degraded, economic prosperity suffers, and governments tend to be more totalitarian in nature, implementing moral hazards and corrupting the population as a whole. 

In the context of social behavior, under the US Constitution, states rights are used to define acceptable social interaction. The federal government has no business in the bed room, the marriage ceremony, or safety nets, as those are inherently social issues reserved unto the states, to "insure domestic tranquility" to the maximum extent possible. When the federal government, by congress, supreme court, or the presidency invade the states right, domestic chaos, strife, conflict, hate, and violence naturally result, in violation of the US Constitution. 

Endless Struggles of Mankind

Endless Struggles and the reflections of turf wars in Venezuela, and coco chewers in the Andes, to man up, crawling through tiny mine holes, in fear of starvation, bringing forth the value of labor, as starvation can be a tremendous motivator, upon which labor capital is created, to over abundance, relatively, to fuel greed of all the bananas as yet another motivator, the sign of only our times, or is it, as civilizations clash and merge, but it seems that its the same old, man struggles on in perpetuity, with fear and greed, its hallmarks,  developed in bygone eras, and the reached for salvation's rise to ease the path to inevitable, as fault lines erupt from time to time, the seemingly endless short-sighted story of man's adventure and growth, in the ascent of mankind, between liberation of personal freedoms to totalitarian controls, between matured civilizations and peoples, both clashing on the streets, having respective benefits in opposing eyes, the same old same old, and it will not change as long as man persists, for that is mankind, as long as heavenly reshuffling is not revisited, but in this particular day of heightened greed, and totalitarian currency controls, the natural bio-events, stemming from that labor and that capital formations, controls and liberation, fear and greed, will be habitually intermingled, that greed and fear contained best by personal divine grace to ease that inevitability, now losing it ways, or so it seems, and so it seems, a natural event of recurrent revivals and statue building, and recurrent greed and fear, that ITS COMING, yet again, in spades this particular time around,  in endless cycles, or so it seems, in this small look see, of that ascent, and you personally had better be ready, so keep stacking saving all the labor you can, for you will need the help personally, with perhaps some divine inspirations of you and the masses, in that cycle, in that endlessness, or so it seems, in the inherent bio-struggle, during the ascent of man.

Fed plans to create a cashless society so gov can track us all more closely. Remember, Totalitarians are control freaks, government employees trying to do a good job in good faith, and they will never stop, currently in US, in the endless cycles of totalitarianism v freedoms, cycling throughout the ascent of mankind. In 1776 freedom won the day. 2016 totalitarian lock down expected. Then, the libertarians rise up, naturally again, in the endless struggles of man, and its been going on for 6000 years, since the cultivation age during the first creation of city states.

Absolute Truths of Mankind

Truths are many, discussing several of them presently, but, they are obscure to most through a normal walk on earth, and first up to bat is, looks don’t matter, even at 58 years old and looking 40ish with about three decades left on this silly earth, its genes guessing, but when you are young, driving the muscle machines draped in gold, then, you are hot and really shoot your shot, mostly driven by biology on the hunt for that significant other, when you are hot and really shoot your shot, and chicks seem to really care about cars and bobbles, so the game is played, and the profession arena seems to care allot also, its the image of course, but then again, you are on the hunt, and you are hot and really shoot your shot, but in these later days, no longer on the hunt, where other perceptions are no longer personal drivers, where you actually have plenty of blessings and can at least eat, and you are out of the professional game, retired, looks dont really matter much, and driving a twenty year old jalopy and in rag tag sweats are just so comfortable, trying not to forget to properly bath and shave every few days, and besides, the car is easy to drive with lots of practice, especially when huge no nos abound the streets, all three tons of them moving fast in the daily dodge ball, but the trick here, is to drive yourself and not let others drive you, and if you get there, looks dont matter, and besides, the main man dont really care about looks anyway, and second up is that, less is more, and before retirement, spent twenty years book learning military science and particularly the marble man, because the revolution was not comprehensive enough and the 20th century was to sophisticated, and then, emulated that science on the job, through the looking glass, and there, the wife just threw a fit, funnier than heck actually, it was just a game to her, but, being unemployed and apparently just playing games, where that time and play were deadly serious enhancement unbeknownst to her, and it was a full on emulation with complete uniforms and honors and rank and organization and diplomacy, live fire action, and it had death stars and leviathans, my favorite kind of shoot downs on the sneak, with juggernauts, battleships, heavy cruisers, light cruisers, destroyers, fighters, scouts and outposts plus two hundred guys at the helm, and we were rocking, the vessels had photon torpedoes, disruptor guns, laser cannons, with different relative costs and mobility each, but that was really a continuation of being an historian of sorts with a passion in high school and college, but found after the emulation and in the jalopy in audio that it actually was for real purpose, where looks were not important any longer, and then, looks don’t matter, and now will have disagree with Shelby Foote, as Marsh Robert the marble man was indeed humble, but he only focused on one primary skill and did not comprehensively like hatter take on many fields, Marsh Robert wore only one hat, and that lizard in the southern white house only wore two hats, and neither one could see the forest and did not have the skin and skill set to take down leviathan, and did not have the comprehensive skill set for the job, but began in one field as top dog, Marsh Robert tried to shoot down leviathan and failed, when the very best were taken, and when they drove old dixie down, when Virgle ran a Danville railroad to Richmond and back in the winter of 1865 and people were just barely alive, because less is more, and next, MrBs are joes, and they are a funny combination at first impressions, usually wrong, and practicing as a lone wolf for two decades, many MrBs were met with billions, and it was observed that they too had to take down the shorts to take a dump, and that they to had their own set of problems, and concluded MrB and Joe are of the same mankind specie really, just slightly different at a particular level, but, the same in deed, and concluded MrBs and joes are the same generally here on earth, and there is no personal worship here of MrBs because when you get really down to it, they are just common joes after all, even though pretending to be all high and mighty, aint that special, but now realizing they are really just common joes, figuring its whatever rocks your boat, and just let it go, knowing full well with eyes wide open that after all the particular level reached, MrBs are joes, and next, we are enslaved as tax mules or dependents by the totalitarians printing paper, enslaving us all as tax mules and dependents, and being a historian by nature, since high school and in college and while reading military books and plugged into audio always, while driving, which is one of them huge no nos again, along with actually thinking, and while reading for thirteen years the gold heavies, and thinking about the forest view, concluded we all are enslaved by the totalitarians, and that is why leviathan is the big target sought, because, from that shoot down alone, the Kenysian central bank paper dominoes will start to fall one by one to give us back our revolutionary freedom and consequently free mankind, free at last, and so you have to start the comprehensive analysis with the fact there is something wrong, and that is, we are all enslaved, and next, the jones are elusive, constantly moving the goal posts, as we all have had those insatiable appetites, always wanting more, but once to reach the goal post, keeping up with the jones, the goal posts are moved higher, and thus the jones elusively move the goal posts which will never be reached, and so, why play that game, if you are a dead loser, trying to reach the goal posts, well understanding that if you are in a rigged market with the villain always moving the goal posts, then you should walk away from that loser internal battle, and paper trading, trying to keep up with the jones, and thus, the jones are elusive, and next, someone should step up, and thus stack like crazy, being a hard core stacker, a true bug, for it will be needed, desperately so, by the lost minions, so stacking is one sure fire way, to feed the masses including the heathens, as they do not know how to boil street crack dandelions, as in the great depression days, and someone is going to be needed to feed them retches and heathens, being the BMOC, the big man on campus, swapping silver coinage for bread to feed the masses, it the only descent thing to do really, and besides, it feeds your ego being a BMOC, and makes you seem really important, for those psychologically inclined toward arrogance, the thick skin type wearing many hats being arrogant at times, to feed the masses, when the poo hit the fan, and it surely will, and you should be prepared to step up, and, do the right thing, without government regulations demanding such, and so, someone should step up, and finally, its all about love, if you ever happen to reach the forth order in thinking into the spooky world of the last psychological trait, and just so happen to flip the coin of life between mother nature and spirituality, and realize that he really is a boss in charge, then you realize in that fourth order, its all about love, and the boss dont care much about earthly things, to the boss, its all about love, for your brother, and even the heathens, to find out why in the fourth order, if you are inclined to even look, and then think it through, because in the human intellectual final analysis, its all about love, and so my friends, the truths are that, looks dont matter, less is more, mrBs are average joes, we are all enslaved, the jones are elusive, someone should step up, and finally, its about love.

Most operate at 1st order thinking, excitations (plain view), advanced thinkers at 2nd order, resonant responses (consequences) , then there are 3rd order thinkers, feed back control loop analysis (interaction of excitations and responses), like me. Come join the Laguna Tuna, down under, and stay way way way down deep. 

Tom Tom Club Suboceana

Let's go suboceana, To the place where fish sleep, Down, deep, down under, And rock with the Dream King.
He says, Trust me, just trust me, I live in your mind, I'll be your dream master. 
All of us know this, We're going inside, This is your life after. Boom boom chi boom boom (4x)
Generations in a picture, Lay their heads down to sleep, Forgetting sin to remember, Way, way, way, down deep.
They say, We are your future, From out of your past, We'll be here tomorrow. 
Pick up the pieces, As fragile as glass, We will hear your sorrow. Babies are born. They accept the bizarre.
Moving beyond, Beyond life in a jar, let's stay down under, way, way, way, down deep.

Political Spooky Action

There is a corollary between quantum mechanical theory and societal political orientations, where both, for full comprehension, requires one to, respectively, divorce oneself from conventional space-time familiarity and pandered political biases, that is, to not only think outside the box but contrary to innate, inchoate or taught individual mental processes developed over the biological eons and under the debilitating effects of political pander and learned biases. The political spooky action is a mental liberation from quantum theory entrapment of short sighted DEM/REP presidential candidates and their respective pandered bases. 

People think intuitively about the world in conventional space-time, that is, three spacial dimensions along time. This intuitive thinking is innate and supposed biological in nature and origin as mankind interacts with its normal space-time environment. Quantum theory as modernly perceived runs contrary to this intuitive thinking process. Man does not regularly travel at light speed, and hence, the understanding of relativity is difficult for most to get their heads around, how gravity warps space-time, just as it is difficult for most to comprehend quantum theory, which is, in large measure, counter-intuitive to normal space-time experienced by man throughout the eons. Quantum theory requires understanding abstract ideas and counter-intuitive mathematics and phenomena, which understanding is generally foreign to most human individual thinking processes. For example, humans have difficultly visualizing four or more dimensions, by thinking only in terms of X Y Z three dimensions. To fully understand quantum theory or the political objective whole, people need to rewire their innate thinking processes. This is a most difficult thing for people generally to do, as quantum mechanics manifests itself in real numbers along the lines of conventional thinking and the electorate generally divides itself into a political dipole, the other side obviously to some, are in another political dimension. It is not until one, rewires their brain, thinks logically and intellectually, can one begin to understand quantum theory or the political comprehensive whole. To fully appreciate opposing political perspectives, one with ingrained political biases and prejudices must also rewire their brains, and think objectively to understand the comprehensive political social cultural economic whole. Those with belief systems at the extremes of political thinking, the far left or the far right, for examples, will have much difficultly in comprehending the whole leading to optimum political social cultural and economical solutions for enhancing all our lives under government.  

In quantum mechanical theory, there are demonstrable notions of Particle Entanglements, Probabilistic Determinations, Quantum Information Theory, and Uncertainty Principles. Apparently, for example, paired quantum particles are entangled so that, when split up, and observing one, can instantaneously change its pair infinitely distal therefrom across time and space. Einstein did not believe it and called it "spooky action".  These abstract concepts are not experienced by humans and thus intellectually foreign to them. To comprehend quantum theory with a working knowledge requires one to rewire their brains and logically and intellectually accept notions that are innately counter intuitive. 

People during the formative years and thereafter form political biases and prejudices. They lock themselves into a way of thinking. All facts are construed in support of internal biases and prejudices, because, after all, they believe themselves correct. They rationalize all in favor of their belief system, because they know for sure they are always correct. They absorb only information consistent with their belief system in reinforcement. They associate only with others having the same belief system to again reinforce their own belief system. They lock themselves into a way of thinking, and no one or fact can break them of this. This lock into a belief system is ripe for pandering political exploitations by politicians pandering bases for political power. The politicians need only say the right words, and those locked in, rally in support. It is an exceptional individual who can recognize this, and break free from their own belief system and view events objectively, logically and intellectually. How does a socialist truly understand the concept of moral hazards and soviet failed style of concentrated control? How does a laissez faire capitalist truly understand the concept of compassion for the unemployed and anti-trust for sustained economic health over the long term? It is very difficult of course for both camps, because the belief systems become cemented and locked in. They are locked into their own thinking, no matter how right or wrong is their own belief system. 

So, as now, with the country experiencing major systemic problems, as the country and its culture, economy and political systems are failing, few socialists will appreciate the failing debilitating effects of the concentrated centralized federal welfare state and the immoral take and give through taxes, and, few capitalists will appreciate the beneficial nature of robust state level social nets for increase productivity over the long run, and as such, they will rally behind their chosen panderers, such as Sanders and Cruz, who  can not and will not solve the major systemic problems facing the nation, but actually, would make them much worse, for both camps fail to appreciate the comprehensive whole and therefrom fail to devise an integrated solution set necessary, as in the end, its all about pandering political power from ideologues, as bases are rallied, in defiance of necessary political spooky action to entangle political pairs for the great benefit of the country. 

Nearly all can not comprehend how the National Debt can be eliminated in very quick order without a direct default, because people inherently and innately think in conventional terms from their immediate experiences. If one looks at the past 5000 years in relative monetary time, and the collapse of all fiat currencies and the results thereof, and the solutions thereto, the US solution is actually simple to understand and implement. Most can not get outside themselves to view things from different perspectives to comprehend the whole, nor over the time span of mankind, in the full view of monetary history, in political-monetary spooky action. Most are locked into their belief systems, stubbornly so. I suspect though that the reason for the perpetual growing and systemic national debt is to feed entrenched money elites. in perpetuity, on the backs of tax mules. The politicians, even if they knew how to eliminate the national debt, would not suggest doing so, in fear of getting shot dead by the global money interests.   

In the context of the 2016 US presidential election, none of the DEM or REP candidates have a plan that will solve in a meaningful regard the major systemic problems facing the US because they can not rewire their dipolar political brains to think outside the box and view the comprehensive whole. What solutions that have been tabled by DEM and REP will be ineffective, and merely continue the slide of the US into chaos and ruination. They can not get off their pandering political dipoles, as the conventional modern ways of cementing political power. 

White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane

By contradistinction, I inherently think out of the box and view the comprehensive whole devising an integrated solution set that will solve the nations major systemic problems, appealing to all political groups, with an entangled solution set offered to the country for salvation from imminent social chaos and economic ruination, through inherent political spooky action, that requires, irrespective of political orientation, 1) social and economic system analysis, 2) problem identification, 3) causes identification, and 3) solution set creation. I can and will fix the US.  

5th Dimension Age of Aquarius

Migration of the Evil Empire

Totalitarian socialistic fascism of Moscow during the 20th century, migrated to Washington DC in the 21st century, the means employed are different, but the suppression of freedoms is nearly as deep and pervasive in many regards. From Soviet Moscow, with 1) territorial imperialism, 2) political oppression and 3) centralized communistic control, to Washington DC, with 1) two pandering political machines, 2) judicial fiat by the Supreme Political Machine, and 3) banksters undue influence over and controlling government functions. The evil empire migration from Soviet Moscow to Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist DC took 50 years, and I watched it go down in real time. The soviet gulags, communism, central controls, and territorial imperialism was replaced by American enslaved tax mules, perpetual debtors, state dependents, and ignoble regime changes, America's brand of global exceptionalism. USA! USA! USA! Curiously, Russia moved to the right as the US moved to the left, being somewhat equal generally, but the US has now moved and is moving increasingly toward totalitarian socialistic fascist lock down enslaving Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependent, as executive mandates, invasive federal laws and executive orders increase day by day. 

Elvis Presley Jailhouse Rock

The migration of the evil empire, from Moscow to DC here on the earth, watching the action, in real time, over a life time, is exceeding subtle to most. Perhaps it can be fully appreciated in context of a Russian movie. It is only when one steps way back and takes a 100 year view and concurrently jumps out of themselves to distance life long prejudices cemented by modern political pandering for objective analysis. The total objective view is subtle yet seriously convoluted and requires complex thinking. Here is a review of a 2005 Russian movie, loaded with humor, religious, monetary, and political ques, that is way out there, so please do muddle through as best able.

I was watching a 12 hour movie, couple of hours each night, made in Russia, 2005, English subs, on a book written 1925ish, published 1935, suppressed by Stalin's NKVD, until liberated and made in 2006, tech behind US standards, but WOW, religious over tones, spookie devils, what a show, what a show, comparing personally, 1925, 1935, and decade of Russian culture perspectives, 2000-2010, on a movie made in 2006. WHAT A SHOW. Personally wished spoke fluent Russian, understood soviet culture completely, and got all the freaking jokes, wife in stitches, constantly, but, I could recognize some humor, mostly from the video portion, but was able to follow the story line, as best able, now concluding, as best able, the book was directed, personally thought, to making fun of Moscovites, by funny devils, and I mean hilarious, of course Moscow then was in lock down, and making fun of the system, then, was a huge no no, Stalin would get angry, and also, bringing to their eyes, some bible teachings, planting seed of liberation, again a huge no no, then, recalling how the orthodox and catholic Churches were decimated during the lennist-marix totalitarian lock down, and it completely squared up, and the 50 year suppression of that book. Of course, the government called this guy crazy, must be on drugs, threw away the keys, and hence followed by 50 years of suppression, its squared up, completely. The old Russian bank notes, were always focused upon, as well as hiding gold coins and currency in the mattresses, from the terrorizing NKVD. Merely a tap on the shoulder, "you are arrested", and the piggies just followed, as any good soviet would. Lets face it, as far as the government is concerned, you gold bugs and freedoms lover are nuts, wacko, loons, as cheered by TPTB, TBTJ, TBTF and MOPEd habitually, as tanks are procured by DHS, taxes increased, the web is drawn tight around freedom lovers, in this epoch of the eons, as ying and yang of mankind are yo-yoed, during the ascent of man. However, there is an interesting parallel, to the 11 parallel universes not bought, but parallels that and some of our "liberated" thinking processes. The gold bug and freedom lovers, in lock down, by TPTB, and the hue and cries facing government,  tools, sharks, and totalitarians, seem to have written that book, clearly. One day, like the book, the buggies and freedom lovers will be liberated, cocsure about that, from kenysians and totalitarians controls of the TPTB, TBTF, TBTJ. Keep on stacking. Sincerely Yours and Most Respectfully. It is an honor to be your obedient parrussky servant.

The show, The Master and Margarita, Russian 2005, was fantastic, for us five sigma types, or just common Russians, living in outer space, and it was full, what a day for a  day dream, to the hilt, John Sebastian turning, where there is hell, a place called earth, Belinda Carlisle also turning, where 20th century Moscow being the epicenter, of course, where Rome is just a playground, its just a matter of personal taste, of course, then we have the often looked for moon shot, purgatory, on the moon, going lunar, out of this word stuck in orbit, nuts wacko suitable for loons, of course, a place for the wishie washie types, Pontius Pilot was a star, for two millennium, in the bright lights filming, between rocks and hard places, on the lunar rocks, going wacko of course, with rolling stones, in sympathy for the devil who routinely appears during a full moon, yet was first seen in the bright sun, go figure, where the master author was finally liberated where Matthew made a cameo with and for the devil and in and for bright lights, where the master author of the book finally got peace, with his chick witch, the queen of the dark ball dancing, to print his fifty year suppressed book, in self interest, the same old same old, and there was the sun, the center of the universe, many correctly supposed, so let there be light, as one of the trinity was hung up to dry, in a rain storm, and Pontus Pilot, they two finally exited stage left, but were not pink panthers, that old snaggle puss, we bugs could use him, even if dist by some, the ultimate investigator, who finally figured out who done it, looking into a mirror. The movie was a complete riot, literally and figuratively, of course, with some hanging tells, of black cats going off with a six shooter, the NKVD ducking for cover, yet another set of stars in that cosmos, those NKVD scoundrels, where, an insult is the reward for hard work, which not only is historical soviet slang, but appropriate for devils, black cats, fallen angles, devil helpers and scoundrels and all, just hilarious, the NKVD dazed and confused finally sweeping it all under the bed, the devil was an artisan hypnotist, obviously, to the applause of many Moscosvites, and life was nice again in lock down, and of course, there cant be good unless there is evil, how true how true, and so my celestial friends, out in outer space, with divine inspiration, don’t get hung out to dry, on margins, there is an eternity out there, looking for the moon shot, and as always just keep stacking.

Lovin Spoonful Daydream

And Yet, through it all, the conflicts, apparently intended in the grand play, in the endless struggles during the ascent of mankind, much pleasure is simply derived from just loving a significant other, watching the kids grow, helping as best able, as backyard papa bird chirps steadfastly on guard, as mama bird is out hunting, with chicks so patient and quite. There are many pleasures in life, thank god, in this spooky world, full of nefarious characters, witch hunts, lock downs, various perspectives, dens of lone wolves, and teams of heavies, marveling most, and sometimes all, in a place called hell, earth.

Note that the Russian bank notes were used for daily transaction, but real wealth, in the form of gold coinage was hoarded secretly. Sound familiar? That is one huge clue. The destruction of America's last ditch defense to absolute total anarchy, is revealed in the secret world of gold, as, Tricky Dick's 1971 preservation of the US gold hoard, and our only defense to fiat collapse and ruination, is being squandered by the totalitarians, banksters and greedsters, in total control, leaving Americans and America at the precipice of total collapse and anarchy, no doubt, providing a reason to deploy 1000s of tanks and billions of rounds held by the DHS, to lock down America and our freedoms, when ever the global financial elites and transnationals, of the new world order, the real controlling power over the US government, decide to pull the trigger on the USA, now held hostage to foreign secret elitist influences.  

Secret World of GOLD

Goldfinger Theme

A barbaric relic, for rambling on, which, in these older golden years, is in a spooky world, full of bank robbers, thieves, rocket jocks, bugs, hot heads, truthers, and protoreptilians, just to name only a few nefarious characters, but don’t you think it odd, that the king pin sprouting ancient coins, sprott global, properly encased, in glass, in the Eiffel tower, made of fifty ounce gold windows, having a team assembled, in courageous cannuck lands, of a team of gold heavies, when asked if its all still there, which really is a good question, obviously deserving of a smile, saying yeah, that’s a good one, is nonetheless on the right track, going in circles in the latest race to the currency global bottom, trying to fill an Olympic size pool, while common heads are swimming, and spinning, or ringing, he has with apparent kindest regards to others occupying tracks besides, as all were sitting together, cumbiya style, in a race to the top, during a race to the bottom, has actually assembled a team. Well how about that, of impressive ones, but without the impressive one, borrowing a Trud Ferguson army, from time to time, with predictive powers, with a CFTC guy couched shot gun, apparently unseen, another blues clues, but apparently went AWOL as the missing key skill, and not sitting cumbiya style, apparently uninvited or not qualified, there's another blues clues, with those spooky predictive bullion market rigging perceptive powers, the apparent lone wolf, in a spooky world of gold, who is probably out playing a yo yo, behind the wheel, again, with all kinds of tricks, predicting the latest celestial alignment, with yet another CFTC guy, but failing to prove who done it, before tax and crash, as another starting gun, of another race elsewhere, or during that race to the top, during the global race to the bottom, goes off near that impressive team, while, one of them is surely at least eyeballing that 1TD Zimbabwe note, getting totally numismatic, in this spooky world of dens, of such impressive ones, so, one might think that the team missed the boat, and cant bag the mob, without the impressive one, also failing to bag the mob, whilst desperately trying to find out who took it, as it must be gone from the Kentucky fort, it must be, yet the team misses a key skill out playing the yo yo, apparently. So, until the pool is filled, knowing where's it gone, and who done it, keep swimming, and do always keep stacking.

In Divine Conclusion

Throughout the eons, the ying and yang of mankind, there is a season for all, in that endless struggle. Currently, in our time, Kenysians and totalitarians have the upper hand, but what is right just now, and for what purpose? The pendulum swings, as the balance scales move. The earthly purpose now is standard of livings of us all, market force redistribution, and hence, for this time, personally, I fall squarely on real money and freedom, our time is due, and now, is our time. As best able, there is a Devil and there is a God, both offering oppositely an eternity, and the earth in endless preplanned worldly struggles during the ascent of man, as the ying and yang move balance scales, and we mortals on earth are all just riders, for an instance in time, as pendulum swings back and forth, currently heading toward real god's money and freedom, moving the scales away from Kensyians and Totalitarians, in the good ole USA. Real God's money and freedom is hoped to trump Kenysianism and Totalitarianism in our day, just now, during this endless struggle. Currently, Kenysianism and Totalitarianism, is a match made in hell, temporarily, in our time, opposing real god's money and freedom, of the apparent grand play of that endless struggle during the ascent of mankind.There will come a time when ying yang causes a flip, but not now, in our day. There is no good without evil, in the endless dance, where real money and freedom dance with kenysianism and totalitarianism, both having equal opposing benefit to mankind in an endless cycle at respective times, but for now, at this time, in the 21st century, real money and freedom are sought over keysianism and totalitarianism, until the scales are rebalanced, yet again.  I could be right, way right, reactionary, in this time. Real Money, gold and silver, is God's Super Nova Money, in this time. Real Money is the same as Freedom, in this time. The Pendulum swings back toward freedom, in this time.

Everything that begins to exist has a cause.The universe began to exist. Therefore the universe has a cause. Why couldn't natural forces have produced the universe? Because there was no nature and there were no natural forces  logically prior to the Big Bang—nature itself was created at the Big Bang. That means the cause of the universe must be something beyond nature—something we would call supernatural. It also means that the supernatural cause of the universe must at least be:

 spaceless because it created space
 timeless because it created time
 immaterial because it created matter
 powerful because it created out of nothing
 all knowing because it fine tuned cosmos constants
 intelligent because the creation event and the universe was precisely designed
 personal because it made a choice to convert a state of nothing into something (impersonal forces dont make choices).

Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum

Belinda Carlisle Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Surely I am not perfect, and have had many failures, but I try hard, 
and if you are not making mistakes, you are not doing anything. 
I am a sinner. I confess my sins, pray for forgiveness, and move on.

Billy Idol Catch My Fall

I dont know why god choose me, but the holy spirit has been 
with me my whole life, a spark of joy, ever present. Im so blessed.
God's mercy is infinite. Jesus' love boundless. I know it truly. 

Battle Hymn of Republic

Two Absorbing Beautiful Minds

The boys have a pet and are learning to love our dog Sonia. Dogs are easy, just give them lots of love, and they give it right back. This is our dog, Sonia, a 2 year old stag-red pure-bred MinPin, who will hopefully have puppies in 2016. She is a good dog, never bites, never snarls with teeth showing. She always want to play with the boys and of course eat anything around. Dogs are wonderful for little boys to teach respect for animal life, and love of pet, and that is a good thing. I have lived in Southern California for the last 60 years and in Laguna Beach California for the last 30 years. Over the last 6 years, mostly as house husband, and continuing my personal studies of markets, geopolitics, and military science, I have been raising, teaching and opening the eyes of my two little boys, now 12 and 11 years old, Taekwondo Jr. Black Belts, explaining all constantly, from cosmology to quantum mechanics, from world history to domestic politics, from creationism to human cultural evolution, from mathematics to biological sciences, inter alia, and surprisingly, they absorb much like a sponge, and this has been the most enjoyable period of my life. I did the same with my first born, who scored near perfect on US Army aptitude tests. He has had three tours in the middle east. I love my country, the USA, its the US Government that concerns me most. My wife of 15 years does not understand politics. Please leave her alone. My two boys 12yr/11yr are doing great in public school. Please leave them alone. Our dog Sonia is territorial and protective, and she loves us, so don't push your luck. 

                                 SONIA had a very Merry Christmas!

Spend allot of time with the kids, and you will be amazed. Note the two black belts hanging on the wall plaques. Nickolae and Ivan (named after 1st and last Czars of Russia) earned Teakowndo Jr. Black Belts, at ages 7 and 8. Both are incredibly smart, note the medals hanging for school achievement awards. I always give them daily lectures, on everything, physics, cosmology, cultural and physical evolution, mathematics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, to you name it, and at young ages, they absorb like sponges, opening their eyes. Its the most enjoyable part of life, and Simply Amazing.  Just Now, Ivan age 11 (Vanya) is learning the Violin. Nickolae (Kola) age 12 is learning geodomestic politics. Both prefer American Silver Eagles over paper FRNs. Both are skilled drawers from painting school. Both go to weekly chess tournaments. Spend time with the kids, and they will amaze you. I got the dog for my two boys, they reached 9/10 years of age.  Boys are made of snails, nails, and puppy dog tails.

So when ever Im in the car taking the boys somewhere, I get really heavy with them, and always wonder if social services would consider it child abuse, but after the Surf Camp Skim board morning lessons, I take the two boys to Carl's Junior for shakes and burgers, and while we are in route, I get into remote control toy car damage. This is a big deal. Now the 2nd grader is a terror on wheels, and can race that puppy big time, but he has a habit of slamming the car full speed into the curbs and breaks the front end of the car, so I get another trip to the local repair shop, I mean whats a race car without spin outs, right? Of course other trips may involve galactic formations, human cultural evolution, electromagnetic spectrum, totalitarian enslavement, super nova, solar system formation, solar fusion and mass ejections, plate tectonics, evolution of species, spiritual creation, moral codes, you know, every day child's play stuff. So at Carl's I get into it, very slow, at first, explaining velocity, like mph, and he gets that, the 4th grader is a pro already at physic kinetics, then, since I have no chalk board, I do the imaginary graph drawings with the hand waiving, horizontal lines for constant velocity, and explain dead stop is zero velocity, then medium speed at 30 mph then high velocity at 50 mph, three horizontal lines. He gets that, but old stuff for the 4th grader.

Then I explain that velocity is the time derivative, time rate of change, of distance, using LA to DC, and 1000 mph, and ask questions like, If traveling at 1000 mph, and LA to DC is 3000 miles, how long would it take. The correct answer comes, 3 hours. So, he is still in play. Then we get to the second time derivative of distance, which is acceleration, which is the derivative of velocity. WOW, he gets it!! Then I talk about those graphs again so tangent curves of acceleration from the velocity curves, hitting the curb going fast, and you get an impulse function in the acceleration curve, and that area under the curve, the integral of acceleration is the energy absorbed by the car. HE IS STILL WITH ME!!, 4th grader is a little bored though, he already knows this stuff. Then I talk about the plastic front end that bends upon impact to absorb impact energy, but that the front end of the car can only absorb so much of the mechanical kinetic energy, equally mass times velocity squared, and if the energy of the acceleration impulse function is greater than front end deformation absorption capability of the front end plastic part, the car front end will break and will need repair. HE GETS IT!!!

I will do anything to reduce the number of trips to the local remote controlled car toy repair shop, and what is really scary, is that this 2nd grader, GETS IT!!! Teaching freshman college physics and calculus to a 2nd grader is heavy stuff for a 2nd grader. Now at the school, they teach other facts, like, the earth is round. LOL, I tell the boys, they are pretty slow at school, so just play along, and they do, the 4th graders stays cool with it. LOL!!! They are both well past understanding others' minds, knowing the backgrounds from which they come, and then using that to manipulate the screws out of other people for more personal power. THEY GET THAT!!! The 2nd grader has the "poor me" routine down pat with mama. So does the liberal left. LOL!!! Opening little minds is so so fun!! Its summer time!! The boys get daily 1 hour reading and writing lessons to stay fresh with that so that when going back to prison, I mean school, they hit the ground running, but it is mostly fun fun fun, with some car time lectures on the universe, because its summer time!!! So, this summer, they have Taekwondo advanced Black Belt lessons, Reading and Writing lessons, Swimming lessons, Surf skim board lessons, beach surf play, and allot of home toy play, my favorite time. Some work, but mostly educational and fun play. SURFS UP!!! The  boys moved from belly boards to skim boards, on 7/1/2013, but in 4 years will move to surfboards, and in 8 years, will own laguna beach, becoming real Laguna Tunas, knowing many and would be mayors of the town.  The 4th grader, after swimming lessons and weinershiztel stop, could not find a book to read, as part of keep up English during the summer. so, I found a 12-17th century Russia art history book for him to read, and he can, first chapter today. 4th grader reading college liberal arts books, fire them up early. 2nd Grader now wants to kill tuna off San Diego, in mid August, he says hes ready.

In the old days, if a kid got out of line at school, he got the paddle. Kids mind their manners. But today, parents are striped of raising kids, its the state duty now, and they are failures at parenting children, less the parents get thrown in jail for child abuse for not sparing the rod, with the SS contingent at school and in the doctors office, ready to report parents to the SS HQ, because they think they know better. So, both at home and at school, the kids are not seriously disciplined. Consequently, the teachers spend more time trying to maintain order in the class room than actually teaching. So, they off load the teaching on to parents, with massive amount of homework, so that they can pound their chests and get federal funding, both parents now a days working trying to pay taxes for the nanny-granny state, and kensynians print more bogus money trying to keep the ship afloat, that is sinking fast.  The schools are seriously messed up, the take and give is out of control, the central planners are corrupting the hearts and minds, as the politicians pander even more corrupting goodies, as the parents are screwed, parenting out of their hands, with the SS over seeing anything, teaching kids to report on their parents, right out of soviet KGB days, as corruption permeate US society at large, with theft now is the name of the game from EBT card carrying walmart shoppers to the goons on wall street.

Our children have but one life to live, one life long shot at happiness. A family with a mother and father, and of course, man's best friend, provides the best environment for children to grow up. Surely, husband and wives dont see eye to eye many times, but none of us are perfect, and tolerance and respect, starts in the home, raising the next generation of Americans. Surely, husbands and wives dont to see eye to eye on all things, and sometimes many things, and heated arguments could be considered healthy, even if routine, to let it all hang out, get it off your chest, knowing that in the end commitment to marriage, family, kids are most important in life. And that is a good thing, and besides, the hugs and kisses are always so much better afterwards. Mistakes are made, if you are doing anything, and having a someone there to hold your hand, is priceless and a god send. Being absolutely faithful is a must in marriage, yet disagreements can and will strain the bonds of marriage. Individuals in marriage are truly aided by spiritual belief, centering life in commitment, and over the long run, that is a rewarding life.   

Now for some humor, because I bet you all need some. The wife of 15 years living together in Laguna Beach California, is very perplexed with it all, and said "You live in la la Land". I responded, "You mean after 15 years, you finally looked at our address?"

Two of Hearts Stacey Q

So the significant other, an ethnic Russian, went to an Orthodox Catholic church, presented in her native Parusski language, and she gets back from the so-called spiritual meet, and I asked where did you go? She answered, "I went to church", and the questions I immediately posed to her were:

Did you sing? nope,
Did you recite scripture? nope,
Did you hold up your hands? nope,
Did you handle snakes? nope,
Did you have trouble speaking? nope,
Did you roll on the floor? nope,
I then said, "you did no such thing".

  Chapel of Holy Martyr Tatiana, Vladivostok, Russia

But in the end, Its about love that makes us humans. 

Heart What About Love

Modeling the Human Mind 

So tell me, who are you? 

Duality, in the binary information age is used to tell you who you are, so with the market closed, and on the weekend, assume the position, frequently heard by some, but try a meditation position just relaxing, maybe with a cup of coffee, and get ready to find out really who you are, because this is the back page, where anything goes, and so, now, there are many dualities in life that can be used to defined oneself, and bugs are of an interest here, alright already who are you, well that takes an understanding of the mind which is very complex, but to make it there, think simple, a Derrick specialty of the complex, and so, you will need a pen for check listing, and having picked up your pen for checking, you are now ready, alright already who are you, firstly you have the individual mind and then you have the global relational plurality of minds called the collective minds, and because all human beings have the same minds, when you understand the individual mind it is easy to understand the collective minds that are then understood as the heard, and you are personally an individual mind, duh, so, the first duality is the individual mind as one of them collective minds, which individual mind is understood when one knows that the individual mind can be sized up very quickly for various purposes, and thus used to accomplish an objective, alright already who are you, well its really a difficult question, but for skilled engineers its a piece of cake, the mind can be easily understood through modeling of the mind as a convenient tool for sizing up people quickly, though some would have difficulty with it, alright already who are you, well in that engineering convenient modeling, you have three volumes, a square fact box, a psychological trait sphere and an intellectual skill cube, and the second duality are the thinking volumes defining the brain power including the sphere and cube, and to the extent that the sphere and cube are filled, its called brain power, which can be used for sizing up others, a necessary function for any manager, alright already who are you, well, as you learn facts you simply store them in the fact box, both psychological traits and intellectual skills are developed over a life time, as you modify the psychological sphere and the intellectual cube through development, you learn to think, as you fill the intellectual cube and psychological sphere, thus you have it, the individual brain power can be modeled, and through life, you fill the fact box with facts and develop the psychological sphere and intellectual cube, the sphere having many spokes being rod like traits extending end to end to the of the outer surface of the sphere, each rod being of varied length of a respective psychological trait, and, as you grow up, you developed the psychological traits and intellectual thinking, which intellectual cube has three axis namely the skill sets and communications channels and complexity orders, with all three volumes in the brain having cross-currents and eddies being physically mapped onto each other and contained within the skull of each human, as, the brain power of the psychological sphere and the intellectual cube can be thought of as a mass spectral density volume homogeneously mapped together in a singular skull for each human being, and there you have it, the brain and resulting brain power, conveniently modeled, for quickly sizing up the brain power of others, so that discussion of your brain power can be realized, alright already who are you, well lets look at them traits discarding for the time being the fact box and intellectual cube, and so you have traits, but like any rod there are opposing ends, with amplitudinal mass densities distributed along the rods of traits, and where your trait amplitudes fit along the rod is a mass spectrum positioned in a mass spectral density sphere, and so, trait duality inherently defines your sphere, each trait being general in nature, such that there are many duality traits, and each are varying in equal opposing degrees in amplitudes, but nonetheless, you have psychological traits, such as, humbleness and arrogance, lonerness and teamplayfulness, but the intellectual cube does not posses dualities, and the fact box dose not really have dualities, but both the sphere and cube are backed up with stored many facts in the storage fact box, and, schooling generally fills the fact box mostly, and parenting through university teachings developing the sphere and cube, generally, and all three volumes increase the over all mass spectral density of the brain during a life time, and there you go, that is who you are, alright already what is a bug, well bugs will vary allot in intellect across the three primary axis of the intellectual cube and as such does not really define a bug, there can be smart bugs and dumb bugs, but generally there are two types bugs, a gold bug and silver bug, but they are still bugs, where rich bugs then toward gold and poor bugs then toward silver, but all bugs can have many stored facts in the fact box, but that really will not make them bugs, actually, what really defines a bug is the psychological sphere, so having that pen for list checking lets see if you are a true bug, generally speaking of course as the cross currents within a human mind is tremendous, but lets generally define the bug as you check off as you go, having a general set of duality traits, and they are, such as, humbleness and not arrogance, lonerness and not teamplayfulness, real money believers opposing fiat money believers, they value oaths over appointments, they then to be strict constructionists opposed to interpretationists, they then to be honest rather then dishonest, they tend to be fair rather than manipulatory, they tend to value freedom over domination, and hence they tend to be freedom lovers rather than totalitarians, they tend to be self reliant rather than unreliable, independent and not dependent, they tend to initiate rather than respond, they then to be active rather than passive, they then to believe in supply and demand rather than interventions, they tend to right politics than left, they tend to be suspicious rather than gullible, they then to be doubting toms rather sheep, they then to be spiritual rather than nonspiritual, they then to be judgmental rather than forgiving, but these are only general duality traits, as no one of them bugs fits a precise definitional mold, but actually possess a mix of psychological traits, and hence, in any bug community, there is allot of variance across the psychological sphere of duality traits, but hey, we all have to get along, but some bugs are huge statically anomalies, way out there, in the crowd of bugs, having straits very heavily slanted to one side, and some are very extreme bugs in a crowd of bugs, the extreme bugs having thought it through using the intellectual cube, but, if you find a bug having an huge intellectual cube spectral mass density having reached a relative peer pinnacle and with heavily slanted psychological traits for the job of the take down of a life time, and having long past the last duality, for the supreme launch of that bug into absolute nirvana, you might have just met a bug with right combination of intellectual prowess of the cube coupled to highly slanted motivating traits, reaching that last psychological duality trait between mother nature and spirituality, you thus may have just met an alpha wolf cross-dimensionally associating at light speed.

Adventures of Superman


Mighty Mouse

Warren Zevon Werewolves Of London

Acapella Doxology

The human mind is very complex. To understand Derrick is to understand the complexity of the human mind. Mankind, which is often referred to my many as the human experience, can be easily understood using an engineer's mind. The mind can be modeled. In such modeling, the intellectual cube is like a rectangular volume, having three linear sides, and a defined volumetric mass density. This model of the intellectual cube allows understanding. The intellectual cube is dynamic, as experiences are time dependent, as a 4th order, along any one dimension, but is considered linear. For simplicity, consider the current time, fixed in time, for discussion only. The intellectual cube has three axis, a skill set, skill complexity orders, and communications channels. Human experiences vary widely across individuals, but lets again, for simplicity fix the mind for an average adult, as a typical human being, who operates mostly in the fact and root memory world of the three orders of the complexity orders. The first order being excitations and stimulation, the second order being the consequences and resonances of the first order, and the third order being the interplay and feed back of the first and second orders. For example, technicians, to engineers, to inventors along the first and second and third orders along one axis of the intellectual cube. Another axis is the communications channels from secretaries, to editors, to authors, where most have varied communications skills at communications orders of the communications channels, but generally operate in the first order. Most oscillate between the first and second orders. Along the third axis of the intellectual cube are the skills set, as part of an individual learned skill set. Some have many skills, and thus, wear many intellectual hats, along one skill set dimension. The skill sets, communications channels, and complexity orders form a volumetric mass spectral density in the intellectual cube.

Derrick's first communication skill was mathematics with English being inherently a second language and Derrick was never much of a secretary operating in the first order of the communications channel axis, at it was deemed insignificant for to many years. Time is the fourth dimension, and the FIFTH DIMENSION of the intellectual cube, is in terms of mother nature or spirituality, and one might need to solve 5th order simultaneous differential equations for precise modeling. But most operate day to day in the first and second orders. Often, those thinking in the 3rd complexity order confuse others operating in the first complexity order, with apparent randomness and the resulting perceived confusion, failing to appreciate rapid mental associations. Federal and local authorities as well as those operating in the first order may be intimidated by Derrick.

Derrick planed to graduate at UC Berkeley Engineering in three years, at fifteen years of age where junior college was first attended for lower division studies while always going to summer school thus going to school 12 months a year. At 15, Derrick planned the curriculum planning every course and then executed that plan. Derrick started Junior College taking 19 units, while others were left in high school, while Derrick was working at a car wash. Then, it was off to State College for math and science courses as a college sophomore while others were just starting college. Derrick went to the University of California as a Junior at 17 years old, while others were still in lower division. Derrick went to the University of California only for engineering studies to get the degree fast, taking twice as many laboratory classes as required. Derrick had to complete the degree fast as the parents just could not afford the usual six years to complete. Attending five different schools in less than three years, the engineering degree was earned 2.7 years after receiving a high school diploma. In the late 1970s, there was a switch from engineering to law when Derrick entered patent federal court litigation after passing law school at night, while working as an engineer during the day, and passing the bar the first attempt. There was another switch from litigation to patent prosecution when Derrick could no longer stomach being with lawyers who prey on society with that licensed dispute monopoly. As a youth, Derrick was Demolay, being then taught honor, duty, service, loyalty, and love of country. Derrick has been published around the world, mostly politics and bullion in the US, politics in Russia, bullion in Europe and South America, and even published in Teheran of all places.

Derrick planned UC Berkeley engineering BS degree in three years, but did it in 2.7 years, cost effectively so, at Junior College, State College, and a University, for cost effectiveness, those schools being Cypress, Cerritos, Orange Coast, Long Beach State, and UC Berkeley. Derrick started engineering work at 20 years old, working on flight controls for the Space Shuttle. Derrick continued his education at USC engineering graduate school. When the F16 fighter program was in trouble, Derrick left USC grad school to fix the problem, and did so. Derrick did not return to grad school, but instead went to law School at night, while working as an engineer by day. Derrick diffused his first silicon chip at 19 years old and designed a disk drive at 22 years old. With formal education in engineering and law, Derrick studied for decades, military science, bullion markets, and geopolitics, with enhanced knowledge of US and world history and geography, cosmology, and human cultural evolution, having a tenacious ability to focus intellectual analysis. From engineering, Derrick is inherently a problem solver. Derrick can type and word process at lighting speed for necessary rapid communications, though proof reading is difficult, as the brain reads as thought written. Derrick litigated and prosecuted patents for 25 years totally alone without a secretary or paralegal in his garage office. Derrick developed a computer system backup and recovery method for maintaining personal computer systems, such that, recovery in 10 minutes is had for any software or hardware crash. Derrick is expert in graphics generation with 6 years of mechanical drafting, 12 years of electrical circuit and subsystem drawing, and 20 years of patent drawing with talents using a drafting board and canvas and photoshop graphic computer tools. Derrick was schooled for 15 years by this country's leading scientists on advanced technology, reducing complex invention into the simple for rapid  comprehension by judges and juries. Presenting the most complex into simplicity is a Derrick strength for rapid effective communications. 

Most people have 1 communication skill (English), 1 profession or trade, and think in the 1st order, for a gross intellectual score of 1x1x1=1. An exemplar doctor MD working in a hospital has 1 communication skill, 1 profession, and thinks in the 3rd order for a gross intellectual score of 1x1x3=3. Derrick has 3 communications skills (English, Graphics, Mathematics), 5 professions (Engineering, Law, Military, Markets, Geopolitics), and always thinks in the 3rd order, for a gross intellectual score of 3x5x3=45. 

Do the math.

Derrick retired from working for a living for five years now, no longer willing to be a tax mule, enslaved by the totalitarians in charge. Derrick is on a mission. Derrick has written 100s of political and market memos, 100s of patent applications concerning this country most sophisticated technology. Derrick has studied for years markets, geopolitics and military science with years of emulated military command and control, and emulated warfare. Derrick had 100s of real live persons under his command, as supreme commander and operations planner with battle maps aid in execution. Derrick generated target packages, and assigned missions to various warriors, operating tactically individually as a collective force to achieve strategic war objectives. Derrick designed military geopolitical strategies games for teaching strategic command and control and geopolitical history, with expertise in the US Civil War and WWII. Derrick has bought and sold 100m$ in gold and silver bullion and has designed a proprietary patentable modular expandable mint production facility line for mass producing bullion items cost effectively, match to a plan to switch the US currency from a fiat irredeemable ponzi coupon, that aint worth a continental, to real money in circulation. Derrick has set forth a transition plan for returning silver and gold coinage back into circulation as a fair and honest medium of exchange. Derrick wrote a 500 page legal memo on how to enjoin JPM in the bullion space to stop COMEX paper gold manipulations of bullion prices to finally defeat the gold cartel and with it, the central banks world wide from using deceitful paper currencies.

On 4/1/09 Derrick exposed China secretly buying gold, as the supply demand figures just did not add up. In suppressing bullion, by the FED/ESF through the manipulating naked-short bullion banks, the gold/silver markets are exceedingly distorted. As C.Powell of GATA once famously said, there are no markets, just interventions. In doing an analysis of bullion flows about the globe and the political alignments trying to maintain the illusion of value in fiat currencies, which are nothing more than irredeemable ponzi coupons used to enslave peoples under totalitarian socialistic fascism, the missing gold was soon discovered by me first about the globe, and it was China, who, after two weeks of being exposed by me on Bloomberg Asia, confessed to then having accumulated 1000 tons. Today, its closer to 5K tons, as China hedges its huge FRN forex reserves in view of US EU Japan massive QE in view of the inevitable collapse of fiat currencies world wide. The Chinese are really smart folks.

Derrick thinks at light speed through mental associations with five skills in one skull, aided by a burned neutral net for prolific computer data generation and communications. Derrick habitually thinks outside the box. Derrick has the right skills at the right time in US History to serve the country at the highest level. Revolutionary freedoms must be restored in the USA. Derrick is a political reactionary. Derrick is inherently patriotic and morality incorruptible. 

The five pillars of freedom are: 1) God to believe as you choose, 2) Gold for honest money free from the printing press, 3) Guns to defend hearth and home and freedoms from government, 4) Land to live as you choose, and 5) the Vote to contain political corruption and enslaving totalitarian socialistic fascism. 


In younger days, praying to the almighty, once said, just get me to 60 ole lord, and I'll be satisfied, modernly, Im aint so sure, but now is the time, my time may be soon up, so recapping a life thus far, for all to share, for what its worth, its one wild ride for sure, recapping is  delivered up, The humor is out there, and the thinking process complex, and its deep, of course, so please forgive me, and do try your best to comprehend and muddle through it all, you will need patience. Im a US-California citizen, concerned of course, and so, here is one US citizen recapping a life thus far.

Old familial guys, with bank bags, stuffing little blue books, with circle sockets, between pinochle hands. Its war, but no blood here, but one thin real dime gets you a gallon. WOW, Rifles and bullets, on fortress main street, turn left or get shot, for a brand new holiday. Out of here, stuck in the library, Algebra and Trig in one, no biggie. Golden Bears, Impeach Nixon, Cant see a bra, Calculus ten minute exams, Silicon Diffusion, no biggie, but wishing legal beer procurement, certified of course. Navy Missiles on the rocks, problems solved, overnight, no biggie. L-Sats says cant read nor write, wont pass, give it up, you damn fool, just to get the head on straight. Golden bear in only two, you aint got a choice, open the law gate, and the bar a piece of cake, first time. Six figs, chowing down, first one out, told you so, dont ever underestimate mighty mouse. 1 Diamond, 2 hearts, for the slams, a piece of cake, no biggie. Filet maggots, cream-del-la-crem, but what to do, what to do, next up to bat. Kruggers baby, Kruggers baby, got a piece of the action, the first moon shot, but only on golden thrusters. Volcker gonna have it his way, my way or the highway, see ya baby. Touch down on moon rocks, new rocks needed, another epoch coming, it can be felt. Completely Cal-numed at Edwards cinema, but not for those 100oz bars and all those freakin safes. Screw it, going all in, don’t know better, not being that stupid. Holy cows, the bottom of bottoms, bikinis look great, G Brownies are toasted in foreign affairs selling at lows, so not being that stupid, with no time for walking on the wild side in sparkling parades. Interest peaked, inganeers can read graphs, not being that stupid. Similar projected outcomes, but its gone, I tell you, its all gone, at Ft Knox. Yeah right, ok, where did it go, its gone, I tell you, its all gone. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you, it’s a conspiracy, but no wall flies. Damn it, its gone, it’s a conspiracy, its gone, but don’t know where. Ok, but gotta stink, hold your dark horses, into the primordial soup, gotta stink. AH HA, April fools 09, it aint so and so, must be the 6000 thousand year guys, no other conclusion possible. Fessing up just days later, got caught, hand in cookie jar, secreted bar buys. Endless Kenysian printing with green ink. Austrians throwing in the towel again, thrown into the mix, for the desperate ride. Currency combat goes global, the new rave, wow thats a new twist. Race to the bottom, 1930 beggers everywhere, the new twist, Chubbie now twisting with quantitative easing going global, until they tear the house down. Inganeers can read graphs, projections in lines, with all them wiggles. Conflict on main street, thats one freakin mess, gots to stink, in the primordial soup, again. AH HA, Totalitarians rule the roost, with facilitators, and greedy 1%ers going for all the bananas, they seemed scared though. Briefly institutionalized, being way to intellectual for 1st order thinkers, and they are scared, FBI and Treasury, the raw raw club, cocsure, of course, lets just BK him, that will work on the margins, but what do they really know, for they know not what they do, forgiven. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you, it’s a conspiracy, those guys. Ok, sure looks like it, but where's the cocsure whistle blowers. Bugs are stacking, locked and loaded, buying food stores. The beginning is here, it’s a conspiracy, doomed we tell you, we are freaking doomed. Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murhy, having the time of their lives, but in naked shorts just now off the west indies. You are welcome, but look out for rocket jock Turds, as this goes ballistic, no problem with sailing tact, the real deal is always on the back page with a Right-on clue on the front page. A mine disaster, and PMs tank, of course, and tanking on tax and crash, there is the clue, well blow me down. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you, it’s a conspiracy, those guys. Ok, already, protorepetilians, have to stink, in the primordial soup, yet again. Tools, Sharks, and Totalitarians, what else do you need to know. On tax and crash, with mine disasters, and money falls out bed. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you, it’s a conspiracy, those guys. Corrupt socialism, totalitarians rule, with greedy ones along for the ride by the west Indies wind, really, what else do you need to know. I would not be surprised if its all covered, Ackroyd and Murphy, pulling strings, just doing their thing, now off the Bahamas, but not off the reservation. Into the primordial soup, the political ying and yang being the prize. Mr Gold's pal Dannie is using TA and going marbles drawing webs of lines, with IFs going parabolic, as an indicator, while Ackroyd and Murphy are having the times of their life, makes complete common sense. They are all corrupt, I tell you, it’s a conspiracy, those guys, clearly heard whilst they buy food stores in stacks, as the backup, being ready is always a good thing. They are all corrupt, but so is totalitarianism, whats the big difference. But we are locked and loaded, they are all corrupt, and capping when possible and now, of all things unexpected, tanking mine disasters on tax and crash, the timing to perfection, MOPEd again, as Ackroyd and Murphy reaches the Bahamas. The granny states get along, with some of those locked and loaded. It really dont square up, the granny support, locked and loaded, probably just bleeding hearts, and that’s just fine, really, dog food is just fine. So, when does it go long in the tooth, we are locked and loaded, ready, manning battle stations. In the future or the futures, necessarily, but sooner than later, as green ink grips the nation, as the mine collapses with chripping screaming minted eagles. Supplies are flying, screaming eagles, going parabolic, locked and loaded, at your local coin store. Sounds reasonable, if not unexpected, the disaster being a new twist, just marking time, of this epoch. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you, it’s a conspiracy, those guys. Disaster, Noko, tax and crash, concurrently, looks like it, for sure, its falling out bed. Savior on the cross barking, could unrepentantly finally go long, its due. Ponzi note printing is inherently doomed, any fool can read that, so keep stacking. Questions of Stalin-esque and reactionary outcomes unsettled by California lawyers, only time will tell, with hope on hopium, so, blow me down again is the current mind trip. Time will tell, just keep stacking.

The FED with operation TWIST and ZIRP-QE follow on, will continue to debase the dollar, until they tear the house down. 

The Twist Chubby Checker