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Political Summary, Derrick Michael Reid BS JD Candidate 2016 President, Engineer, Lawyer, Military Scientist, Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst. Twitter @DerrickMReid, Home of the Libereens! All May Come Join Us! This is a political blog for explaining comprehensive, integrated and sweeping actionable executable plans for restoring Americana Greatness, with Significant Political Writings Explaining Positions, Plans and Objectives, including real honest money and markets, personal liberty, & freedom from government.

The Democrats stand for totalitarian enslavement and moral hazards of socialism, bankrupting the country.
The Republicans stand for totalitarian enslavement and death and destruction through war, bankrupting the country.
The Libertarians stands for peace and prosperity, and, liberty and freedom under Constitution, restoring the country.

    SET MY PEOPLE FREE, from bondage under totalitarian DC, 
 enslaved as tax mules, perpetual debtors & state dependents.

Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln

US Second Revolution from Enslaving Totalitarian Democracy. 

Revolution Beatles

Totalitarian Democracy Web Site 

Totalitarian democracy is a term to refer to a system of government in which lawfully elected representatives maintain the integrity of a nation state whose citizens, while granted the right to vote, have little or no participation in the decision-making process of the government.

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My fellow Americans, I know how to fix the problems plaguing our country, and to my knowledge, no one in the country knows how to put it all together with actionable executable plans. Domestic and global affairs, economies and governments are complex integrated interconnected close loop systems, and it is most difficult for nearly all to get the heads around it all, and understand fundamental problems and solutions. I do, as that is a specialty of my coming from effectively nearly 100 man-years of education and profession experience across five intellectual fields. But I of course can not fix these problems alone in my present day obscurity. I need all of you Americans, to rally to my banner, with all oars in the water pulling together as a united country for the long term benefit of the country. I love my country and want to pass to the next generation a better America by restoring Americana greatness. I can ask for your unbiased objective understanding and support. 

For 15 years I have read various financial and bullion market pundits describe problems and trajectories. One pundit, who smart and articulate indicated there is no way out of this mess, basically caused by global insolvency. These pundits, especially the gold bug heavy, exclaim there is no way out of this mess, and on the surface they are correct. But they are all wrong.

There is a way out of this mess. I have thought it through. It took me 15 years to get my head around this world, to understand it all, and think it through. There is a way out of this, the old tried and true way. Its actually very easy to do, and the problem is not that we cant get out of this. The problem is, the solution is political, and the political complex is locked up by the DEMs/REPs who are locked into pandering to cement political power, and dont think in terms of the big picture or the big problem, or put their potential of cementing political power at risk, by not taking novel and completely out-of-box approaches, and thus the DEMs/REPs offer America no solution.

There is a solution and there is a political route to that solution. Today, its highly improbable the route will be had to that solution, but it is there, and I’m on it, I really am. I have a concrete plan to win the White House in 2016 and perfect that solution.

Over the next 8 months especially, and the next 18 months as well, I will teach my fellow Americans about this route and this solution. I got the text blogs initial posts up, and a video studio is set up, and now will start teaching Americans where we’ve been, are now, and are headed, the problems and the solutions, while humiliating any DEM/REPs opponent as panderers are easy to destroy. This will be a satisfying time for me over the next 8 months. I figure by year end, clips will go viral, setting up an LP nomination and then the presidency.

At 61 years of age, I have nearly 100 man-years of relevant educational and work experience, from working since 15yo 12hr/day 365days/year. I have studied this problem for 15 years, devised the solution, and set forth the political game plan to win the White house. DEMs/REPs just make stupid noise day after day, pandering trying to seduce voting blocks. Question is, do Americans like their totalitarian socialistic fascism, and their slide into economic ruination, or will they go with an unknown reactionary and rediscover their constitutional roots, peace and prosperity? Time will tell. God help us all.

We need libertarians for insuring freedom. We need democrats for compassion. We need Republicans for fiscal responsibility. We need all 3 parties holding hands to restore Americana Greatness. I plan a LIB-DEM-REP administration, to restore Americana Greatness, if we can get all oars in the water. I have the plan. Its party neutral. Its for ALL Americans and all political parties, including Greens, Tea's, and occupy, etc. Stop the party political pandering, lets all unite, all of us, and make the USA great beyond measure. Prez-LIB VP-REP SoS-DEM and other dept secretaries split between all parties, with the Tea's in charge of IRS and Greens in charge of the EPA, etc. I have the plan. I have the smarts. But cant do it alone. Americans, join me, to restore Americana greatness.

For 100 years, the CAVE IN party (the enablers, the REPs) have utterly failed to stop the onslaught of totalitarian democracy. 20T$ debt, as the GOP HAS NO SHAME. REPs failed Americans as the political check, as hence, on the DEM team effectively. DEMs and REPs have messed up the US, becoming mere panderers. The REPs will never be able to out pander DEM compassion, and should have shut it down and stand on principles. DEM compassion is admirable, but should be at the state level per constitution of limited government, and thus a fail. Te supreme court, let the DEMs and REPs get away with and furthered trashing US Constitution, which is simply appalling. It took 100 years, since the slide began, and we have arrived to Tocqueville's 1835 projection of totalitarian democracy. We should love DEM compassion at state level per the constitution. We should love REP fiscal responsibility at the federal level. These are two noble aspects of DEMs and REPs, but you all applied it wrong and trashed our constitutional law. The driver of wrong application of noble aspects is the sought after cementing of political power, selfishly. Now, the FED is painted into a corner, unpayable national debt, totalitarian socialism, both white washed by political pandering. The purpose of Constitution is domestic tranquility, bastardized causing societal strife. DEMs and REPs equally at fault. The DEMs and REPs are simply Americana failures, self-centered panderers. I am a neutral 3rd party LP candidate with the plan to fix it all and quick. I do seek to maintain political diversity, and serve to unite the country back to constitutional roots & tranquility. My objective and concrete plan is to restore Americana Greatness, constitution, peace & prosperity, liberty & freedom. UNITE AMERICA!

            UNITED WE STAND, we can not fail, together as one. 
                                   We are Americans! WE CAN DO!

Libertarian Party

In Re: Libertarian nomination for the 2016 Presidency.

The time is approaching for the 2016 presidential election. I want the Libertarian Party nomination. I have prepared a set of writings that set forth what I can do as President of the US. At first, anyone who looks at it, would be taken back, and I am sure you would most certainly would be to. But please take this very seriously. This is no joke. I am a very unusual person, to say the least. I spent the last 15 years getting my head around this world, and can now explain it all to anyone who wants to learn. I have listened to DEM/REP tweets over the past couple of months, and frankly, I find their positions and their pandering approach to be absolutely pathetic if not fraudulent. I readily find devastating flaws in all of their positions without exception. I have come to the conclusion that I would be able to soundly defeat any DEM or REP opponent. The libertarians can take the White House in 2016, through me, if that is what the Libertarian Party wishes.

I am not here to waste my time, your time, or anyone's time. I am not interested in promoting vague platitudes, pie in the sky dreams, and wish lists, but making fundamental concrete changes to our government along the lines of libertarian views. I would need profession political handling, of course, during a run for the 2016 White House, and would need party advise and political direction. I have thought out all of the major issues, and can address anyone of them, with explicit rationales, changes desired, and means of perfecting the same. If the Libertarian Party wants the 2016 Presidency, I am offering it to you on a silver platter. I would like you to find someone with whom I can regularly communicate at LP HQ, who would like to hold my hand through this process.

Please take this very seriously, and if anyone needs further explanation on exactly how I am going to accomplish these objectives desired, confidentially, I would be more than happy to explain it all, in detail. In my view, for me, its all now very simple and easy. I am not a politician by training, but an inherent problem solver with keen abilities to comprehend the whole in integrated complex systems. I am a highly intelligent and charismatic person who could rally legions to the libertarian banner. Having set forth these writings, I am now available to take to the field, and actively campaign, and can appear at any libertarian function as the party deems fit.

I kindly ask that you to take a very serious look at my writings. They are a first cut, but have all the basics. You will be most certainly and completely disbelieving and taken back at first, I am absolutely sure. But let me first get you aware of the comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping scope of changes deemed necessary. 

Most Respectfully
Derrick Michael Reid BSEE JD, Engineer, Lawyer, 
Military scientist, Bullion Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst, 
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party.

Twitter Home of the Libereens

Twitter @DerrickMReid home of the libereens, a coalition of support from all 10 major political segments (Libertarians, Greens, Teas, Monetarists, Constitutionalists, Riflemen, Occupiers, Latinos, Republicans, Democrats), with an eye toward sweeping the nation under the libertarian banner in the 2016 general presidential election. Please come follow me, and watch the live fire rebuttals through tweets on a daily basis, in response to various topics and for pointing out failed policies and duplicitous pandering of major DEM/REP political candidates, all of whom get the brutal truth, for all to see, real time.

Facebook Posts

The facebook blog is a duplicate of the information here and is made available for those wishing to message me through facebook and as a means to post in libertarians political facebook across the nation. The facebook is merely duplicate and encapsulates the platform, government organization, political campaign plan, positions and immediate objectives of a 2016 Presidency. The google site posted writings provide a comprehensive understand of our economic social complex for understanding problems and causes. While the language may be strong at times, it supports the comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping changes necessary to restore American Greatness with planning, calculated prospective actions and supported reasoning. It took decades, but I got my head around the US and the world, and its understandable and can be explained, and fair solutions to problems have been devised as a leader of the free world. I stand ready, willing and able, if so honored. 

Space-Time Event Horizon Detection

Before the big bang, there were no mass particles or light photons, and hence no gravity fields, no light, no space-time dimensions, it was a void. Then comes the big bang, from an infinitely small singularity, and creation of mass ejections, and light waves that started therefrom, propagating spherically outward, and as the mass and light propagated, it transformed the dimensionless void into space that is, having the space-time dimensions, having an outer space-time event horizon that propagated outward at light speed. Thus, the universe as we know it, but some where out there, beyond the stars, is the timeless dimensionless void.

5th Dimension Age of Aquarius

Question pondered was how do we detect the void or that void space-time event horizon moving away from us at light speed?

And if aggregate gravity fields sufficient, and the universe expansion slows down and stops expanding and begins to implode, it would necessarily bring the space-time void event horizon towards that singularity formed again, in the Big Crunch, before which man has endless struggles, and hence, only during the implosion, could the space-time event horizon be detected. Time will tell.

The most of all fundamental questions facing the USA today.

Question to all, will A Lincoln's December 2nd 1862, last hope on earth implode into ruination ala Alex de Toucqueville, or do we see the light and implement the solutions now presented before your eyes. Only time will tell. God help us all.

Washington, D.C.
December 1, 1862

I do not forget the gravity which should characterize a paper addressed to the Congress of the nation by the Chief Magistrate of the nation. Nor do I forget that some of you are my seniors, nor that many of you have more experience than I, in the conduct of public affairs. Yet I trust that in view of the great responsibility resting upon me, you will perceive no want of respect yourselves, in any undue earnestness I may seem to display.

Is it doubted, then, that the plan I propose, if adopted, would shorten the war, and thus lessen its expenditure of money and of blood? Is it doubted that it would restore the national authority and national prosperity, and perpetuate both indefinitely? Is it doubted that we here--Congress and Executive--can secure its adoption? Will not the good people respond to a united, and earnest appeal from us? Can we, can they, by any other means, so certainly, or so speedily, assure these vital objects? We can succeed only by concert. It is not "can any of us imagine better?" but, "can we all do better?" The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise -- with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation. We say we are for the Union. The world will not forget that we say this. We know how to save the Union. The world knows we do know how to save it. We -- even we here -- hold the power, and bear the responsibility. In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free -- honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth. Other means may succeed; this could not fail. The way is plain, peaceful, generous, just -- a way which, if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless.

Battle Hymn of Republic

The problem is equal in magnitude, translated from the slaves of 1860 into the tax mules and state dependents of 2015, being different but equally devastating in bondage, from 110 years of leftist proposing and rightIst enabling, bastardizing our constitution, corrupting our republic, destroying our money, markets and prosperity. If we Americans as a whole, can fully grasp the dangers imminent, we still have the vote to right the ship of state, and save the US from devastation, collapse, riots, and anarchy, if not civil war as public strife escalates, as the canary is fading fast.  

Presidential candidates, consistent with electioneering practices developed over the last 100 years, pander people, "vote for me and I will give you the goodies", that is, vote for the good of yourself and not for the good of the country, to sustain panderer political power by the two pandering political machines, that is then backed up with 100m$ of TV advertizement. Each of the two pandering political machines have carved out their respective constituencies, such as Democrat Feminist, Gay, Minority and Socialists, and Republican Religion, Police, Guns, Military. Thus, the two pandering political machines inherently divide the country, create divisiveness, social chaos and conflict, and flip-flop the presidency and congressional control over the election cycles, serving only to sustain political power of the two pandering political machines, with increasing totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level, enslaving all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. That has been the political construct for the last 110 years. The republicans, for example, do not want to "take back the country" for the good of Americans or America, but only for the good of, (you guessed it), the republican party. 

I do not view the electorate as mere tools and play toys to manipulate by nice sounding sound bites and pander to selfishly sustain political power. As an engineer and patent attorney, I view America as a complex fabric of governmental, economic, social and cultural systems and subsystem, integrated into the whole, and then apply analytical analysis to determine what are the major problems, the causes of those problems, and then devise integrated, comprehensive, and sweeping solutions for Americans and America. There is absolutely no pander appeal, nor motivations to selfishly sustain political power, but only solving problems in a top-down analytical methodology that will appeal to voter logic, intellect, and patriotism, and not political bias and prejudices embedded through 100 years of political pandering by the two pandering political machines.  If the voters can get outside themselves, view the problems in an honest objective unbiased way, I will appeal to all segments of our society, and upon election as president, fix major problems with astounding quickness and rapidity, to right the ship of state before the country hits the breakers.

God Bless America


Libertarians, 2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation. WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!

American Collapse Appears Imminent

Summer 2015 dont look good, BDI and SCFI indicate that global trade in collapsing. Velocity of money movement in banks at decades low indicating a collapsing economy. DOW at delusional highs respecting a stagnant economy. Global fiat currency debasement in full flower with US Japan EU engaging in QE. 100T$ bond market at 30 year highs appears set to implode if interest rates rise or QE discontinued. Economy and DOW set to implode with any interest rate increase. Banking and financials set to implode like dominoes through interlocking 2000T$ derivatives. Greece Grexit could start the dominoes falling in frightful rapidity. 600T$ global debt renders all major economies hopelessly insolvent. FED exporting inflation to emerging markets sending USDX to unfounded highs stressing exports. Trade deficits at 50B$ a month, tanking jobs. FED currency debasement crushing labor wages. FED QE ZIRP policies transferring wealth from 99% to top 1%. Banks are not lending money to start new businesses, but using free FED money to manipulate all markets for criminal profits. Corporations are not using money to build new business or buy capital equipment, but hoard cash for stock buy backs to only enrich top 1%. Wealth concentration to top 1% is accelerating. Fiscal budget now locked into 1T$/yr on going deficits to fund the US war machine and socialist policy. Federal Government now unlimited, unmanageable and chaotic. Fiscal budget now farcical as problem is insolvency as the US national debt is now unserviceable with any increase in interest rates. ZIRP is crushing savers and seniors' retirement money. There is no debt limit as the debt limit is merely raised each time the government want to spend more money it dont have. Real monetary inflation is causing rises in necessities of life. Public unrest is growing. Many expert pundits and commentators have indicated that Autumn 2015, the US economy and world economy begins to implode, which it is. It dont look good. The Counterfeiter in Chief at the FED should get ready for a 10T$ QE4 currency debasement, ala, the fall of the Roman Empire, throwing out more and more bread, which currency debasement and targeted inflation is mere theft of the people's purchasing power as a means to concentrate power in DC. 


Black Sabbath Black Sabbath

The Rolling Stones Sympathy For The Devil

Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire


       Time has come today for all to rally in defense of country and constitution.

Time Chamber Brothers

Presidential Candidates offer no Solutions

Capitalism in the US is dead, its death started with the creation of the FED in 1913. Follow the thinking, follow the trail, learn HOW pathetic are DEM/REP presidential candidates truly are. How can there be capitalism if savers are dying, if bank deposits risk bank seizures, if all are tapped out do to socialism? Capital has historically earned a rate of return, an interest rate. With FED induced ZIRP, the FED places the value of capital at zero value. The FED with QE and ZIRP, FOMC, ESF have destroyed price discovery in markets, now mere asset bubbles not reflecting the economy and economic reality. The markets are now a farce. Capital interest rates at 0%, DOW propped by interventions, national debt unserviceability, wealth transfers to the top 1%, all FED controlled. Despite 6 years at ZIRP, 7T$ spent by the BHO administration, the economy is stagnant, and will collapse if balance budget, or an increase in interest rates or stopping QE. The FED and US government are now trapped with ZIRP in perpetuity, deficits in perpetuity, and QE to infinity as fiat dollar regime ponzi scheme exponentiates.

The country may not even make it to 2016 without catastrophic economic collapse, as no fixes are being implemented. 

The economy teeters at the precipice, as any slow down of QE or government deficits will collapse the economy. No solutions were implemented following the 2008 financial crisis, as the FED and the government merely kicked the can down the road through QE and ZIRP. The global economy is tanking as well, with the Baltic Dry Ice and Shanghi Container Freight indices at multi-year lows. Capitalistic business cycles with necessary corrections and debt deleveraging have been dismissed, as global central banks print fiat paper currencies, now exponentiating, as all ponzi scheme do. With the US and major nations now utterly bankrupt by debt, global central banks are in a currency war, devaluing respective fiat currencies in a race to the bottom in value. With 18T$ in US national debt, the debt is debilitating, with the FED and government actions now socialistic, the US is utterly insolvent. Not one presidential candidate has proposed a fix. Controlled by banksters, sucking the people dry, the US DEM/REP presidential candidates wont fix the problems, or they might lose bankster campaign contributions. The US is totally insolvent, with the economy set to collapse, and yet not one DEM/REP presidential candidate has a vested interest in fixing the problems. Just today, another key interest rate was reduced. BREAKING: Bank of Canada cuts key interest rate by 25 basis points to 0.50 percent." The global ponzi scheme continues.

The global economy sits at the precipice of deflationary deleveraging and collapse. More QE and lower interest rates no longer have substantial affects. Market exchange interventions, continued QE to infinity, increasingly negative real interest rates, are the only game in town. Capitalism and economic growth are dead. There are no more markets, just interventions. (C Powell GATA ~2009) Real market valuations, market price discovery, and necessary business cycles are all now gone. Not one DEM/REP presidential candidates addresses the most significant problems facing the US. DEM/REP presidential candidates merely pander the voters for cementing voting blocks. The US political complex is dominated by advertising, bankster money, sound bites, pander, without offering urgent SOLUTIONS to the problems facing the US. Just today, FED head Yellen states "Nation Faces Serious Debt Problems in Years Ahead. Monetizing debt at ZIRP will fix the problem." She is dead wrong, so much so, its criminal the falsehood propagated. Bernake said gold is not money. Now Yellen says QE and ZIRP will fix the problems. BOTH ARE LIARS, yet know the truth, as perjury before congress is dismissed in the corruption conduit between Wall Street, the FED, and Congress. The US is now led by a totalitarian socialist, backed up by the FED and its failed policy, characterized as corrupt perjury. Despite 7T$ in government spending, FED led QE and ZIRP for six years, the economy bottom bounces, is stagnant, as labor participation is utterly decimated, crashing wages and prosperity. The FED-government-Wall Street corruption conduit has America trapped in wealth transfer to top 1%. NO amount of QE, ZIPR, NIRP, DEM/REP political pandering will cure the systemic problems facing the US. No solutions have even been offered for public discussion.

Why would fixes be implemented, with DEM/REP pandering political machines bought and sold by bankster money for power rewarding wall street for its campaign contributions? The US econo-social complex is locked up by two DEM/REP pandering political machines and bankster wealth transfer to top 1%. The economy, wages, business growth, labor participation, global economy are all in chaos, unstable, with no solutions being tabled by the DEM/REP presidential candidates. Politicians pander votes, with nice sounding but empty words. The FED is destroying the economy without the government implementing necessary solutions. The US is sinking fast in economic strength and degraded by the moral hazards of socialism. The slide into economic ruination is 100 years in the making. 
              National Socialism always devolves into Totalitarian Fascism. 

      Washington DC is on path for Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Lock Down.

Livin On A Prayer Bon Jovi

The US imperial presidential pandering politician in chief with executive orders, the supreme political machine spewing out unconstitutional judicial fiat, and the congressional bankster enslavers of the two pandering political machines enslaving all Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, have created a federal totalitarian socialistic fascist DC regime. The trend is clearly toward more DC totalitarianism, economic devastation, state dependency, moral hazards, tax mules, destruction of the private sector, and of course, political pander by the two political pandering machines. As DC totalitarian power concentrates, state rights and the constitutional purpose of "insuring domestic tranquility" are abandoned, if not ridiculed. Constitutional Checks and Balances are now completely off the table, as the supreme court, the president and congress seek more and more DC totalitarian power concentration. Checks and Balances, States Rights, Limited Federal government, market economy, voting choice, and the constitution have all been destroyed. The political pander, wealth transfer to top 1%, national socialism, and, tax mules and state dependency enslavement now rule the United Socialistic States of America. 

Occupiers, the nation was stunned by the march on Wall Street, that effort being noble to stop Wall Street greed, corruption and undue  influence over the federal Government and the transfer of wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. Since that time, occupiers have taken up other pressing issues, but Wall Street banksters and greedsters remain public enemy number one. The fiscal budget and deficit has become farcical, as the problem now is systemic and completely out of control, as the national debt is now an unserviceable national debt, and no amount of budget planning or band aids will cure the unpayable national debt. The government also uses targeted inflation, ZIRP and QE to debase the currency and thereby concentrate more power in DC with effective taxation without representation to feed an insatiable drive to tax and destroy more of the private sector. Thus, the robbing of citizens is a two fold problem, taxes and currency debasement. A plan has been devised to ward off both federal means of taking and centralizing power in DC. As the 2016 presidential election cycle heats up, all occupiers are requested to rally, to focus all efforts on removing the corrosive Wall Street influence over DC, and the transferring of wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. Now is the time, the time to rally in defense of country, flag and constitution by all true Americans.

Tea Partiers, the collective actions to reduce taxes and the growing federal government enslaving us all as tax mules and dependents, won a tremendous victory in the mid terms. The fiscal budget and deficit has become farcical, as the problem now is systemic and completely out of control, as the national debt is now an unserviceable national debt, and no amount of budget planning or band aids will cure the unpayable national debt. The government also uses targeted inflation, ZIRP and QE to debase the currency and thereby concentrate more power in DC with effective taxation without representation to feed an insatiable drive to tax and destroy more of the private sector. Thus, the robbing of citizens is a two fold problem, taxes and currency debasement. A plan has been devised to ward off both federal means of taking and centralizing power in DC. 

Environmental damage is out of control. Toxic dumping, pollution, deforestation, and mass extinctions must be stopped. 

America the Beautiful

 We can and will end systemic racism, while providing illegal immigrants paths to citizenship, and Indians with cultural dignity.

My friends, a dark horse is in the race for the White House, with a comprehensive view of interconnected deteriorating causes and affects in the USA, with the necessary skills and actionable plans to fix rapidly the overwhelming problems facing the country. No other candidate has this absolutely necessary holistic approach for solving many interconnected problems with an integrated plan. The DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN pandering political machines offer only more totalitarianism, without concrete solutions. On all fronts, immigration, international trade, prison populations, foreign policy, taxation, corrupt ZIRP, wealth transfer QE, currency debasement, stagnant economic growth, civil conflict and strife, wealth transfer to top 1%, Constitution, federalism, republic, civil liberties, CIA-NSA-IRS spying on US Citizens, massive federal welfare state, race baiting, socialistic moral hazards, states rights, national debt, fiscal deficits, suppressed wages, targeted inflation, judicial fiat, strangling regulations, DC political power concentration and more totalitarianism, the DEM and REP machines comprise mere political panderers beholding to Wall Street and the financial elite, to effectively maintain a corrupt symbiotic relationship between Wall Street and DC, with absolutely no substantial plans to restore this once great country. There is an alternative, the only known 2016 Presidential Candidate with qualifications, skills and plans absolutely necessary to Restore Americana Greatness, with a concrete political plan for leading the Libertarian Party to victory in 2016, as ALL DEM and REP candidates can be easily destroyed politically by merely pointing out their duplicitous pander, their ineffectual band aids, and their shockingly profound lack of comprehensive views and solutions, offering only more failures in DC. The below referenced presidential candidacy web site is now up and running and provides much information about the US problems and the solutions. With financial markets in turmoil, with the economy stagnant and set for a 2016 disaster and resulting street riots and police state lock down, with significant and demoralizing REP party infighting, and with more counter-productive DEM party socialistic platforms, the stage is set for a Libertarian Victory in November 2016. All are invited to follow @DerrickMReid on twitter for daily commentary on the corrupting pander, empty words, limited focus, band aid approaches, inherent duplicity, and increasing enslaving taxation and state dependency totalitarianism of the DEM and REP presidential candidates and their big money financed pandering political machines.

Americans Awake! I know how, can, and will turn the US ship back to constitution and prosperity. There is an alternative to the endless pander of the two pandering political machines, to save US from ruination, with skills and plans. I have ready a comprehensive plan, with the skills necessary to restore the AMERICANA GREATNESS, as the only presidential candidate offering the country the necessary solutions. 

The Most Important Issue

The many issues are so interconnected that one issue actually raises them all. The problems are systemic, interconnected and embedded. To fix one problem means you have to fix them all, concurrently. Thus, the solutions are comprehensive, integrated, and wide spread, and must be solved concurrently. And that means, monitoring many social-economic subsystems, tweeking the same in real time, during the remedial solution process, to maintain a relatively seamless transition as dislocations provide impulse functions and excitations to those subsystems during the remedial fixing process.

The number one issue, and the consequential rise of multiple system problems therefrom, is the bastardization of the Constitution over last 110 years by leftest political pandering as enabled by the U.S.S.A evil empire, comprising 1) Bankster greed and undue influence, 2) Judicial Fiat and 3) two pandering political machines.

I am a master of reducing complex systems to their simplicity. In patent prosecution for example, reducing inventions so that juries and judges can comprehend the core, while patenting this country’s most sophisticated inventions by this country’s leading scientists and engineers, my success rate was 98%, whereas the average is 56%. Unless a candidate has the mix of skills and training that I have, (Engineering, Law, Markets, Military, Geopolitics) there is no way they will be able to cope with and solve these numerous systemic problems concurrently. 



Dont Stop Believing Journey

The Declaration of Independence

DMR President

I stand for the Presidential Nomination of Libertarian Party for 2016 US President. I am the only LP candidate that can and absolutely will defeat, if not shame and humiliate, the Democrat Party and Republican Party nominees, in a resulting nation wide sweep, placing the LP 3rd party in national competition, as a competitive 3rd party, not seen in the US since 1912, thereby providing real choices in the voting booths.

I offer America a presidency not seen since the Lincoln administration, to free all Americans from bondage as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. I offer the Libertarian Party an opportunity to plant the Libertarian banner on the White House, creating a viable 3rd party choice, standing for maximum liberty and freedom from government, so as to lead all Americans and all political groups, together, united as one, for saving the country from social chaos if not anarchy and economic ruination if not devastation, by restoring the Constitution, Republic, Liberty, Freedom, Prosperity and Peace.

I do not seek to decimate any political party, as political diversity is essential in a free democracy, as I seek an administration representing all significant political groups, functioning together as one for common purpose, thereby uniting the whole country.

I do not seek to social engineer, as social engineering is state rights under constitutional reserved powers, with the people of the individual states deciding for themselves how to fashion social constructs.

My business is focused entirely upon the US Presidency for the purpose of restoring Americana Greatness, restoring the Constitution and the Republic, providing maximum liberties and freedoms from the federal government, restoring economic prosperity, and furthering global peace, and thus, I seek to lead all Americans and all political groups, united as one, for common cause at the federal level, and seek to unite Russia, China, EU and US in cooperation with the UN for maximum global dispute resolution avoiding war and destruction.

The executive plan is comprehensive, integrated, and sweeping in scope, including 1) transferring all social programs to the states to stop national political pandering and restore our Constitution and Republic, 2) nationalizing the Federal Reserve to stop government corruption and wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, 3) eliminating all taxes and government takings except state property taxes and pay-and-forget federal sales taxes, 4) solving immigration with fairness to US Nationalists and America yet providing paths to citizenship, 5) launching a robust economy thereby defeating the moral hazards of socialism, 6) curbing US military inventions presently based upon ignoble regime changes for enabling banking elitist and transnational market penetrations for profits and exploitation of foreign countries, 7) balancing international trade so to resurrect our dead manufacturing base, 8) restoring honest real money in circulation that is free from currency debasement by the Federal Reserve and thereby stop government theft of wealth and the resulting concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, 9) stopping market interventions and manipulations for restoring honest price-discovery markets thereby resurrecting capitalism in the US, 10) depopulating prisons with real rehabilitation, 11) eliminate the national debt to stop bankster taking wealth from Americans through federal fiscal irresponsibility, 12) established a system of state charter banks for supporting state home and business loans free from wall street speculators, 13) deleverage debts of poor and middle income families, students, and businesses to jump start robust and sustained economic main street growth and prosperity, the 13 stars of freedom, among many other precise and integrated plans. 

I am the only presidential candidate in the country with the qualifications, skills, plans, and drive to free Americans from government bondage as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, and from pending social anarchy and economic collapse.

                                          WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!!!