Paved Road and Pot Heads

Left Fork in the Paved Road 

My friends, please do remember at all times, that, Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Socialists, Police, Military, Intelligentsia, etc. are not inherently evil people, but at times horribly misguided as to government's relationship to the citizens in the context of our Constitution and Founding Fathers Principles. Politicians promise. Toucquiville in 1835 indicated that as soon as the people learn they can vote themselves the goodies, the US will enter a state of totalitarian democracy. We have arrived. Toucquiville understood the drivers of the innate human being. Politicians pander for votes to cement political power. In so doing, have taught American to vote for themselves, and not the good of the country. Many politician believe that what they are doing to the right thing, and government larges continues to increase. It is not that they are evil, but misguided as what the constitution really means in maintaining a republic. The moral hazards of national socialism corrupt all that it touches. WW FDR LBJ BHO are not evil in a sense of doing something they know is wrong, but rather are misguided in the proper relationship between government and the people, for optimizing "domestic tranquility".

Reefer Madness

POT is a low level intoxicant, destroying motivation, better pot vegetate in a house, than wild drunks on road killing. POT or alcohol under state rights to control in a REPUBLIC, while the federal government regulates interstate transport/sells, per constitution. Federal government controls uppers, downers, opiates, hallucinogens that really screw people up into ZOMBIES. POT use is absolutely devastating to one's motivation to achieve, that the real evil of POT. You teach your kids to just say no, teach consequences, and hope they choose wisely, and if taught well, they will. As a parent, under right of parenting, I teach mind preservation, not rot, and hope when 18, they choose wisely. I dont approve of POT SHOPS, but by law and the numbers, and damage caused, should be a states right issue. For personal use of barbiturates amphetamines opiates hallucinogens the punishment should be fines, confiscation, and community work, and not incarceration.

Perhaps a reasonable balance would be for cultivation, and trafficking of Pot to remain illegal, but all confiscated Pot would be put on sale by the state, and registered smokers of age and of public record, can procure one ounce every month but only from the state, and such registered smokers would not be prosecuted under prosecutorial discretion for transportation and possession within one hour of procurement from the state and the smokers must consume the state purchased pot in their private residences. The state would get tax money, and non-violent smokers could smoke in their own homes, and pot smoking be kept out of the public without the state legalizing it and thus not encourage consumption. The problem with Pot is that it destroys motivations to achieve, the smokers are aligned to socialists of the nanny-state.

POT destroys one's motivation to achieve, as its number one detriment, bar none. But then, I would rather a pot head veg out on a couch, than drink booze and drive and kill. One might do a mathematical correlation between regular POT use and college graduations. If you want to be an over-achiever, its impossible with a 24/7 fussed brain and lazy work ethic. A lifetime of proximal observation says motivation is destroyed. For those who think Im wrong, here is the question. Would a person achieve more in life without pot use?

Reefer Madness

Tobacco Alcohol Drugs Firearms

Legalization should depend on a balance between liberty and detriment to society, states rights, the constitution. Firearms under the 2nd are authorized and possession protected. When a person reaches 21 years, the right to bear arms must be protected under the 2nd Amendment. Tobacco Alcohol Drugs consumption goes to states rights and federal regulation of interstate commerce. Tobacco is addictive and leads to health impairment, but calms personalities. There is a trade off of benefits and detriments and society has decided to limit tobacco use by age and environs.

Alcohol has been debated and deemed available to adults. During prohibition, the US learned that the detriments of prohibition out weighed the benefits of legalization. Alcohol use rots the brain and produces aggressive behaviors combined with physical dexterity impairment leading to death and destruction by automobiles and personal actions, but also provide enhance personal socialization. Society limits consumption to adults with laws prohibiting drunk driving, and thus the trade off balance.

Drugs have a scale in detriments and benefits, from sleep-aids, anti-depressants, marijuana, barbiturates, amphetamines, opiates and hallucinogens and respective societal trade offs are made. The quality of life is enhanced when drug free. Sleep-aids, anti-depressants, marijuana have small benefits and detriments and should be left to the individual states to decide with the federal government regulating interstate trafficking. Barbiturates, amphetamines, opiates and hallucinogens have tremendous detriments and little benefits, and should be highly regulated by congress with the federal government regulating interstate trafficking. Civil liberties are important and maximum civil liberties should be provided to the people, where practicable and reasonable for the over all enhancement of the citizenry, but the people, state officials, federal public authorities and resulting laws should be concerned with pervasive rot of human beings consuming intoxicants, which should have no place in school, and limited on college campuses, tempting the young into a life of intoxication and rot.

Marijuana Legalization Advocates

The individual states can decide for themselves through voter initiatives the extent to which marijuana can be used by their respective citizens under states rights, which should be controlled as is alcohol. The federal government will control interstate and international transportation and sales of guns, tobacco, fire arms and drugs.