Pandering Political Machines

Two Totalitarian Pandering Political Machines

The political panderers know a voting block when they see one. Both the DEMs and REPs have devolved into pandering political machines, enticing people to vote for their respective political party, consistent with voters' predisposed bias, or examples, through the lure of promised government largess for the DEMs or the promise of minimal taxation by the REPs, and not for the good of the country, to selfishly cement political power. Its all about cementing political power, of the party, by the party, and for the party. Gay activists, women activists, socialists, collectivists, progressives, fiat monetarists, isolationists and doves are generally pandered by the DEMs, and, believers, gun owners, capitalists, individualists, conservatives, real monetarists, globalizers, and hawks are generally pandered by the REPs, by and large. Lets be honest and call it like it really is. In so pandering, by vociferous demagoguery, in desperate search of votes for cementing political power, the DEMs and REPs stir up public contempt and strife between opposing groups, contrary to the purpose of the US Constitution to promote domestic tranquility.

DNC/RNC political pandering machines destroy "Domestic Tranquility". Some denounce Indiana religious freedom law and stir up a frenzy. This frenzy is by those seeking tolerance intolerantly? You earn respect and tolerance by respecting & tolerating others, not by taking it, not by demanding, and not by pandering it. Carly needs to get it, that is the DEM/REP political pandering machines that cause contempt in citizens, not domestic tranquility. But then what do you expect from just another political panderer, out selfishly for cementing political power? You don't pander for selfish political power "rallying bases", you rally votes for good of country by the numbers, constitution and republic.

Over last 100 years, the US political complex has morphed into binary political pandering machines, for cementing political power, and not the good of country. One hundred years of DNC/RNC selfish political pandering has had accumulative effects. If democracy and rights are to be respected, gays should support IN law, because in so doing, they protect their rights to be respected. Americans have lost founding father roots, now whipped sawed by the two pandering political machines, causing conflict and contempt, nation wide.

Respect and tolerance is earned, not taken, not demanded, and not achieved through clear duplicity of the pandered seeking tolerance. The IN right to fire right to refuse draws in the pandered. Protesters dont respect constitution, states rights, republic, the vote, or others. Its all about them as politically pandered. They screech Bigotry,! disrespecting others, while seeking respect. THE DUPLICITY of it all. Protestors apparently in front of staged federal building are tools of the political pandering machine cementing political power. It is so damn queer, demanding tolerance and respect, intolerantly and disrespectfully of others. Gays should be allow to enter any establish, and shop, without pushing their life styles intolerantly on shop keeps and workers. Pandered people are most confused. They dont get it. They are stirred by political panderers to be intolerant and disrespectful of others purportedly seeking tolerance and respect.

         Pandering is a political ploy to rally bases for sustaining political power for the party, the country be damned. 


REPs are the farcical cave-in party. REPs cant out pander the DEMs. REPs get in when DEM policies fail. Here is the proof, ask Jeb or Rubio where in constitution found social security, medicaid, student loans? And so, when was the last time, REPs proposed anything serious about restoring the constitution? They dont. REPs pander right like DEMs pander left, in slow grind toward totalitarian socialistic fascism in DC. In so doing, the DEMs and REPs have butt hurt the country, into poverty & decadence, and DC monarchy. In the final analysis, there is virtually little difference between DEMs & REPs, voting booth lock up

State Law and States Rights v Constitution and Republic

States rights allow local voters to decide. IN and AR have spoken. If state law prohibits refusal to serve, religious people should respect law. Freedom of religion does not extend into work place or restaurant services rather, states rights may social engineer in the work place and restaurants. It is not really a religious freedom to serve, refuse, hire or fire, but more republic states rights.

Panderers call it a religious right to pander the religious voting block. Supreme court should read the amendments again, and stop making stuff up through judicial fiat. People are defined by gender, race, creed, origin per constitutional amendment. We all might be more pleased than, pandering DEMs, if gays respect those of faith. God might be more pleased than pandering REPs for Christian tolerance. It is political DEMs pandering of gays and REPs pandering those of faith, that causes conflict and diminishes domestic tranquility.

Some states have work place gay equal protection, under states rights. If states vote for gay equal protection, it should be respected by those of faith. If states voters approve of right to serve or fire, it should be respected by gays. States may social engineer, but not the federal government. States may extend equal protection to gays, or may codify rights to fire and serve, but not at the federal level, as the constitution prohibits RACE-CREED-ORIGIN-GENDER discrimination, and that is all. Panderers seek to change law for protecting gay homosexual preference. The supreme court just makes up equal protection extension. The elitists make up new justifications when gay activism is the root of intolerance and disrespect, and counter productive to acceptance, but don't tell the political panderers.

Service providers can refuse service, its a right to be respected. Conflict results more from pandering political machines to secure voting blocks. Tolerance and acceptance dose not mean Christians must abandon faith either. Freedom to boycott, shop, fire, quit, hire and fire is freedom of choice, as states decides, and state laws of states rights should be respected.

Right to fire or serve is freedom of associate-religion-contract under states rights. If gays can respect others rights, they gain tolerance and acceptance. States rights can social engineer under the republic as reserved under the constitution. The federal government dose not have right to social engineer. The two pandering political machines pander voting blocks to selfishly cement political power, as such, gays are tools, and are played, and Christians are tools, and are played. Rights to boycott, shop, hire, fire, serve, refuse, apply, quit are all personal economic rights that may be altered at the state level for social engineering under states rights reserved constitution powers, but not at the federal government level in the republic.

How do gays expect to gain respect and tolerance when they target children who's parents are charged with responsibility of raising their children, when they try to push gay teachings onto children, such as promoting unisex bathrooms in elementary schools, or, such as, trying to push overtly gays in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? If you can not define reasonable practicable outer bounds to liberty, then there is no such thing as liberty.

Federal Constitution equal protection is defined by amendments and is limited to Gender-Race-Origin-Creed, all else is political pandering at the federal level. When pandering political machines rally their respective bases, societal conflict and contempt results, as "domestic-tranquility" is destroyed by two pandering political machines. Americans have lost founding father roots, now whipped sawed by the two pandering political machines, causing nation wide conflict and contempt.

If democracy rights are two be respected, gays and Christina should support IN law, as well as CA law, because in so doing, they protect their rights and earn respect and tolerance. One hundred years of DNC/RNC selfish political pandering has had accumulative effects. Over last 100 years, US political complex has morphed into binary political pandering machines, for selfishly cementing power, irrespective of being good of country. People vote for the good of themselves, and not for the good of the country. Political parties should not pander for selfish political power by "rallying bases", but should rally votes for the good of country and done so by the numbers, constitution and republic. When folks are locked into positions, as pandered, their bias permeates their thought and speech, and are easy to identify. One means for the DEMs and REPs to cement political power is, is to pander voting blocks, that is, to rally their bases. Liberty is great, but there is always a responsible outer bound event horizon reasonably containing.

What this IN boycott is, is push back, stirred up by a pandering political machine to excite pandered zealots seeking rights through intolerance. If intolerant gays have right to boycott and quit, employers and providers should have right to fire and refuse. In order for gays to gain respect and tolerance, its starts off with respect and tolerance for others. Contempt resides in the citizenry. Disrespectful and intolerant unilateral perspectives unfortunately cause social conflict, and gay and religious zealots concerned about rights are stirred up and promoted by the two pandering political machines.

Employers and providers have decreased freedoms when rights to refuse or fire are diminished by gays seeking tolerance intolerantly. And instead of respecting others rights, the gay activist try to shut down business, seeking tolerance intolerantly. Service providers have long used "We reserve right to refuse service to anyone". When gays cant respect others rights, they deserve no respect in return. Its damn queer those seeking tolerance intolerantly. Providers could post a sign, "We retain the right to refuse service to anyone, including those seeking tolerance intolerantly."

Gay and religious expectations as stirred up by the two political pandering machines. Providers have right to refuse service, except when gays activists are involved, apparently. So how did gays get such special treatment, under law? Exercising rights to fire, refuse, employ, quit, boycott and shop are economic decisions, liberties and freedoms that all employers, providers, workers, and buyers should have for increased personal liberty and freedoms from government. Thus, libertarians should naturally support states rights accordingly.

Panderers and the Pandered

What does medicare have to do with constitution and and republic for which the flag should stand? Answer is none, its a product of political pandering.

Definition. Pandering: Promising unlawful goodies by DEMs/REPs to secure voting blocks for selfishly cementing political power.

And yes, I view DEMs/REPs political leaders as selfish children, if you can see the big picture for what it really is. The DNC/RNC are pandering political machines. The supreme courts with its judicial fiat, DNC/RNC with their political pandering locking up the voting process and political power, and the wall street banksters and the undue influence combine as an evil empire slowly concentrating totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC enslaving us Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors or state dependents with 50millons on food assistance, with 100m on government assistance, with a falling labor participation rate. DEMs and REPs need each other, to create divisive political dipoles for securing pandered voting blocks, the US political ying/yang.

The supreme courts with its judicial fiat, DNC/RNC with their political pandering locking up the voting process and political power, and the wall street banksters and the undue influence combine as an evil empire slowly concentrating totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC enslaving us Americans as tax mules, perpetual debtors or state dependents with 50millons on food assistance, with 100m on government assistance, with a falling labor participation rate.

Pandering has three shades, take-away, recapture, adding of rights, the later by Judicial fiat violating the constitution, with Make It Up stuff. Black, Brown, White, Gay, Guns, we want our rights, say the screeching mobs, rallied by political heads, divisiveness glorified. Some go to far: smear merchants, hatchetmen, gotcha pundits, hackers, move-on extortionists, slime balls, rallied by the political dipole. Glorification of divisiveness is code speak for rallying the base, as the panderers marshal their troops for country wide conflict and confrontation. Affirmative Action NAACP, race baiting black caucus DEMs, get to the back of the line REPs, they are so easy to spot, the panderers in public. Its not about securing Domestic Tranquility per constitution, its about selfish cementing of political power, panderers worshiped by hypnotized zealots. Panderers dare not resolve significant issues, less they loose their base, immigration unsolved, US with 2nd class peoples, simply appalling in USA.

The Voting Booth has substantially effectively been in a 100 year lock down. When will the 100 years of bickering rancor and political pandering end? Manipulated and Pandered electorate generally clueless, as to basis, but, "we want our rights", screech the fervent throngs and political hacks. But the pandered, incited for selfish political gain, fervent throngs, street screechers, egg throwers, are easily identified. The pandered electorate are identified by street parlance, words as "advancement" and "compassion" and "Line in the Sand" politics. You can spot them easy, panderers and the pandered. I will have any DEM/REP for lunch, I know what they truly are, inherently selfish. The pandering political machines, rally their bases. Knowing what they are, and how they operation, I will rip their lungs out in debate.


I believe I could do allot for the gays, a term I have used for 40 years, but for some reason, it is now a derogatory term, apparently. Now its LGBT or something like that. I suppose its the same for Indians, that are now Native Americans. The new terms have too many syllables! lol

If tolerance and respect is what the gays truly want, I can help them allot, but they first must think logically and intellectually, and that would take a huge mental leap for most of them, to get outside themselves, and dismiss from the equation their deed seeded prejudices and panderer heated biases.  

But I question the political agenda of the gay baiters, or the race baiters, religion baiters, war baiters, etc, that is, all of the baiting panderers. As a corollary to immigration, DEMs seeks open borders and sanctuary cities, the REPs want no amnesty and back of the line positioning. And so, you ask the DEMs how do you fix immigration with an open border, or, you ask the REPs how do they get to the back of the line when already here. The answer is that both pandering political machines, the DEMs and REPs, have no vested interest in solving immigration as that would diffuse the issue and render the Latino vote and Nationalist vote, being polarized respective voting blocks, neutral and immobilized, destroying their respective pandering abilities to rally votes as bases necessary to sustain their respective political power, for in the end, its mostly about cementing political power, with the gays, feminists, minorities, believers, servicemen and monetarists, as well as the whole country, being damned, and these voting blocks, as pandered and mobilized, are mere mice, with which the two cats play, on opposing sides of a volley ball net, in the political pandering game, that is corrupt Modern American Electioneering.

The gay issue is very difficult to address, not because of predisposed Constitutional Solutions, or Intellectual Examination, but for pandered mind sets and prejudices acting up, for political power, the same old same old. Right of Privacy, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Contract are all in play and provide necessary protections for private conduct. However, intolerance and disrespect fuel by pandered hysteria breeds bashing, and social strife, contrary to the intended purpose of the Constitution. If “marriage” is not even in the Constitution, why are presidential candidates even addressing it. Think it through.

Pandered voting mice are usually very easy to identify, sharing key and unmistakable characteristics, stemming from being battered habitually by pandering cats of the two pandering political machines which seek substantially to excite and rally the bases, for cementing their own political power. Pandered mice: 1) usually start off by screeching something about denial of the their God given rights, 2) have curt answers and shallow explanations for everything according to their perspective and biases, yet solve nothing, 3) typically are intransigent, ridged in their thinking, and fixed in their positions, 4) are not receptive to civil discussion or counter arguments, 5) become hysterical in their reactions to assertions inconsistent with their vision of the world, 6) seek to cut off free speech and thought of others not towing the corporate line and even resort to banning free speech as perceived trolling for remaining pure in their uncontaminated worlds devoid of opposing views, 7) vote in blocks as a heard as the pandering intend to coral the voting blocks, and 8) seek to change law contrary to the US Constitution so as to promote social strife, rancor and discourse.

You can Pin a Trunk on a Donkey, but its still an Ass

The DEMs and REPs are effectively on the same side using the same method to cement political power, thereby locking up the voting booth, and have done so for the last 100 years. The DEMS are the totalitarian socialistic fascist proposers and the REPS are the totalitarian socialistic fascit enablers, the cave in party, both pandering the voters, to rally respective voting blocks, to vote, not for the good of country, but for the good of the polical party. The consequence of this is not only locking up the voting booth, but also creating contempt and conflict in the citizens, contrary to insuring "domestic tranquility".

DEMs: Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 employees as CEO of HP. DEMs, heads up, laying off will be bigger than ever, with BHO's economy collapsing and failed policies. So, where is the blame, a CEO doing the job, or government policies? Are you democrats really that ignorant, or is it just political pandering to cement political power? That is not a difficult question. Any DEM who wants a female president, rather than the best president, exhibits the height of sexism. DUPLICITY ANY ONE? But dont feel bad DEMs, the REP pandering is just as obscene, to (you guessed it) cement political power. For the political complex, its not about the USA, prosperity, or freedoms, its all about pandering for political power.

Pandering Indirectly Causes Deaths

SC guy shoots 9 black people in church. Lawmakers hold prayer circle. Were they asking for forgiveness for sowing seeds of contempt and hate throughout the US by pandering states rights social issues at the federal level where it dont belong? States Rights, under the constitution, includes all "social issues" reserved from our so-called limited government. REPs and DEMs engage in "pandering" of "social issues" at the federal level to rally bases and polarize people. This pandered polarization sows contempt and hate in the citizenry, contrary to the constitution purpose. The purpose of the constitution is to insure domestic tranquility, by having social issues resolved at the state level. DEMs and REPs have bastardized the constitution, with an unlimited federal government, and do so by pandering state issues at the federal level. When you see Ferguson, Baltimore, and shootings, it in part, stems from DEMs and REPs sowing conflict and hate in the streets. Surely, SC shooting is tragic, and lawmakers do grieve, but most conflict in the US stems from congress and politicians pandering votes directed at state issues. Our founding father address religious plurality and gave a right to religion. They also did not want totalitarian power in DC and limited the federal government and reserved remaining power to the states which includes power to social engineer to keep the politics and social remedies local. But this federalism and the republic have been trashed by DC politicians of the two pandering political parties. So, the SC shooting is tragic, but its ironic that congress would have a prayer session for conflict that they themselves sow in US. Much street violence is cause by congressional pandering state issues. In the end, its all about pandering votes for cementing political power, with the constitution and the republic being damned. And So, the SC shooter was "big into segregation" and said he "wanted to start a civil war," It was race based. So, this SC racists goes off. But why? Could it possibly be Race baiting, because only black lives matter? Could it be federal policy creating poverty driven some into desperation? Could it be pandering created conflicts? The pandering in DC, to rally bases, does what it is intended to do, that is excites the citizenry into mobilization. Its kind of like the TX man who flew plane into IRS, some people SNAP from government excitations. Of the 300m in US, there will some who snap from oppressive totalitarianism and conflict generating pandering of the two political pandering machines. 

 And out of the woodwork comes the race-baiters, complaining of the SC confederate flag, as if valor, courage and patriotism of 1860s soldier is to be scorned. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and race-baiters can find a racist angle to anything, and so they do, as in the end, its all about cementing political power, because, BLACK LIVES DONT MATTER, one little bit, only the election result matters. The race-baiters attack Fox news and conservatives generally as racists, to fuel the flame. By race-baiting, these DEM led panderers will get more blacks shot, spewing their pander, which would make headlines for even more pander and more street contempt, hate, and shootings. Its sick alright. The CSA flag is a symbol of honor, courage and patriotism of CS soldiers, and a flag of states rights, republic, and constitution. Race-baiters, like CNN, BHO, NAACP pander black people, which tends to get black people shot, for cementing DEM political power and securing the black vote. CNN, BHO, black caucus, NAACP et al should stop race-baiting and preaching victimization, because ALL LIVES MATTER. This country was founded by immigrants, who knew victimization, yet they, through hard work succeeded. Why are black held back? Race-baiting to cement the black vote. Of course, there is no mention of Blacks being able to join the confederate army in 1865, with talk of emancipation. You can call south ignorant for 1860 slaves, and north ignorant for 1870 Indians, but neither the north or the south was ignoble or cowards during the civil war, and there is a big difference. US Heritage is not perfect with the Original Sin or Indian decimation, but to suggest the SC lowers it rebel flag is simply race-baiting, locking in the black vote, and cementing leftist political power. 

SC state lawmaker will introduce a bill to take down Confederate flag. So, will SC succumb to DEM led political pandering and haul down a flag honoring Valor Courage Patriotism and States Rights? Not only should the rebel flag wave proudly, but DC totalitarianism is OUT OF CONTROL. So put up the bonnie blue flag. Since everyone is race baiting these days, SC should haul down the US flag for genocide, decimating the American Indians 1866-1888, so says Black Kettle. The antebellum South was ignorant about blacks, but DEM led political pandering, makes blacks see the rebel flag as racism, not valor courage patriotism and states rights. The last thing the DEMs really want is civility between races for fear of losing black vote. Its that simple. Hurrah Hurrah for JEB and Cruz, for saying its SC call. Hurrah for states rights. Mitt Romney said take down CSA flag. Someone tell Mitt to keep his nose out of where it dont belong. Its SC business to honor valor and courage of patriots. Its SC's call to haul down the rebel flag. SC dont need outside totalitarians dictating to SC. 

The South had a legitimate beef about state rights, and their soldiers fought courageously. I dont see the rebel flag as hate. Why do liberals suppress political speech? Like dogs, trained by DEM pander, they know very little else, even civility. So, US history has bad parts and good parts. US has had an ignoble past, but many noble parts. Lets all honor the good parts and condemn the bad parts. I tell you plainly, those rebels standing in the firing line, were some awesome brave courageous patriots, I tell you. We all know slavery was a bad mistake. But dont let leftist pandering hate for votes, control anyone.  If you are full of hate, you will hate, if pandered, your hate is targeted. In 1776 slaves where lawful, does the US flag of 13 stars make one see bigotry, racism and hate? With all the pandering going around, its hard for most, to perceive from perspectives, and conclude objectively. The DEM playbook is smear and pander, and the REPs cant out pander, so the REP playbook, is get in the White House when DEM policies fail, and BHO is a total fail. The last thing the DEMs really want is civility between races for fear of losing black vote. Its that simple. The rebel South was ignorant about blacks, but DEM led political pandering, makes blacks see rebel flag as racism, not valor, courage and defense of states rights. Not only should the rebel flag wave proudly, but DC totalitarianism is out of control, so raise the bonnie blue flag.  The latest example of DEM pandering is BLACK LIVES MATTER, when it should be ALL LIVES MATTER, but that dont buy votes, now does it? But it works, and the voting black block is secured, to cement political party power, and many of those voting, are just used tools. I just think it sick, DEMs teach victimization oppression, destroying hope, and then entrap many with state dependency. I could only imagine how a life time of being race-baited and taught victimization, would warp reality, the intended DEM play. 

Bobby Jindal indicated that the SC shooting would be constrained by religion. Atheist complained at facebook for Occupy_USA. I rallied to Bobby's defense. One might not be able to explain why the big bang happened, why a dimensionless void was transformed, why they are here, and concurrently reject divine inspiration as a plausible cause, but "religion", and Bobby Jindal no doubt had Christianity in mind, does teach sound moral principles, and to that end, he has a point, even if rejected out of hand, by those to dont understand how such teachings do in fact constrain decadent behavior. 5000 years ago, mankind first established taboos, and then the great religion followed, at least as cultural evolution of man, and man and city state grew into prosperous societies. Modernly, the immorality of give and take of godless decadent socialism, wall street corruption of immeasurable greed, serial murders of abandoned hearts, broken homes of deficient commitment, et seq are consequences of deviant behavior, as our society rejects god, and as it suffers accordingly. Wall street occupiers going after the corruption of wall street, was a right and noble thing to do, a conscience of morality pervading, practicing a belief in a tenant, thou shalt not steal. A Good Thing. And yet, there are those of faith who carry things to far. Bobby was not talking about crusades, or modernly the neocon extension of the crusades, or the throat slitters, but moral teachings, thou shalt not kill. When you go beyond mere rejection of divine inspiration, and attack religion in general, you degrade moral cultural overlays over innate animal behavior, which overlays have served mankind well, over all, for 5000 years, ...... seriously. Bobby is not a idiot, but a realist, looking at pros and cons of religion, generally, and comes down on the side indicating that moral teachings does have a tendency to curb Sodom and Gamora, now the rage in some circles, as venereal disease, AIDS, greed, overdose, theft, murder, hate, propagates around the globe, as perhaps cheered on by those who do not wish to conduct their lives within such tenants, seeking innate freedom. And yet the atheist, who's GOD is mother nature, and bible is the physic book, can ascribe to a moral code of conduct, believing in self restraint, as the master of self moral conduct, and surely some atheists are moral people, but humans are not innately moral as humans are not born with a moral code, that is learned, as culture is learned, and which separates man from apes.

Libertarians should welcome all speech for public debate, to put issues in public vortex for discussion. FREE SPEECH FOREVER! Libertarian should cling to the Confederacy, as an example for fighting for states rights. With power being concentrated in totalitarian DC by two pandering political machines, the issue of states rights is highly important. We all agree slavery was a 1776 mistake, and racism evil, but states rights under CONSTITUTION and REPUBLIC is very important. The US flag stands for THE REPUBLIC, and that means states rights. Listen to the words of the Pledge of Allegiance very carefully.

At surrender at Appomattox, April 1862, the Union Army saluted the defeated Rebel Army. Was the Union Army Racist? Of course not, the victorious union army simply honored brave soldiers fighting for states rights. The rebel flag is a symbol, and means to the viewer what the viewer perceives. The media and race-baiters paint a picture that the rebel flag stands for racism, and have been successful in painting that picture. But the rebel flag really means something much more fundamentals to the US Constitutional federalism between totalitarian DC and states rights, and US history. So, history is rewritten, that the civil war was not about state rights, or the original sin of the US in 1776, but limited to modern day divisive issue of racism. In our day of increasing concentration of power in DC, and destruction of the republic, the lesson of the civil war, for what it really stands for is an important reminder of the abusive of DC. Common CS soldier had no slaves, fought because yanks there. The South succeeded from the Union for violating state rights. But race-baiters desire to push the racists aspect of slavery for securing votes, and the REPs just caved in. As I said many times, the REP party is the CAVE IN Party, and cant out pander the DEMs, and only get into power when DEM policies fail, as they invariably do, time and again. SC Gov Haley has hauled down the rebel flag in SC, and is simply a coward, shaming the brave confederate soldiers who died for their country (their states) with honor and sacrifice. Gov Haley raised the white flag of surrender to the race-baiters. Notwithstanding, its SC's decision, hoping that it is at least voter approved, but doubt it is. So now the cave-in REPs aid the DEMs in rewriting history. We are losing an accurate account of US history. Lincoln was not the great emancipator, but the great Union preserver.  The South succeeded from the Union because of states rights under the constitution. Surely, slavery, the original sin, was a mistake, but that is our history, and south sought to protect its states rights. That issue was settled by civil war. An honest analysis of US history needs to be preserved. Race baiters sustain and cause modern day racism, to secure the black voting block. It is unfortunate that the race baiting has caused, in this day and age, the removal of history lessons from public view, especially as DC concentrates more and more power. 

After the civil war, the yankees went out west and slaughtered the Indians, yet the US flag is not required to be hauled down. Toward end of civil war, south was leaning toward emancipation, a black CSA battalion marched in Richmond 1865. May be the race baiters should haul down all US flags for 1776 slavery and 1880s decimating Indians, to be fair, of course. But if the race baiters demand that SC rebel flag be haul down, then should not all southern state flags should be haul down as well, for the same reason, as symbols of racism? KY TN MD TX AL MS GA FL SC NC VA MO AR should haul down state flags, for same reason for hauling down the rebel flag, to be fair. Of course, racism is an evil, and gets people hot, a hot button issue, and mobilizes the black vote, and thus, its importance. It is best that the truths be viewed from all perspectives. Modern day racism is not fuel by the rebel flag honoring confederate dead, but those who color the past, and present actions with race, such as any criticism of BHO is being racist, which it is not, of course. Racism is evil of course, and sustained by those race-baiters who see things through racist eyes, for securing the black vote. One could argue that the rebel flag raises racism in the country, but that loose argument could be applied to nearly all aspects of American life, as DEM often do for securing the black vote.  It is the focus on race that in fact causes racism to persist, in a counter productive aspect of DEM pandering with supporting media bias.  

So, is GOP going two also cave in on the 2nd amend right to bare arms to protect states rights from totalitarian DC? The push today is to remove Rebel flags and guns, so that people cant fight for and will forget state rights against totalitarian DC and its trashing of the republic. With power concentrating in DC and DHS armed to the teeth, rebel flags reminders and guns for defense of republic states rights is needed more than ever. Race-baiters and  DC totalitarians are destroying history lessons, and THE REPUBLIC for which the US flag should, but does no longer, stand. The rebel flag, born of defense of state rights, is a symbol of the US Constitutional Republic. The Rebel flag is also symbol of courageous valor of the confederate soldier. As a nation, we should honor the Yanks for preserving union, and honor the Rebs for defending states rights, but also condemn slavery and racism. And when we condemn slavery and racism, that should start with the founding fathers and 13 stars and stripes. Both 13 stars & stripes US flags and the Rebel flags are symbols of rights and freedom against totalitarian rule, be it a King or DC. As a nation, we should honor the good parts and condemn the bad parts of our history, and never forget the lessons.

Lincoln's purpose was to preserve the union. Emancipation declaration was a political tool to keep Jacobins in the REP camp. Lincoln was the GREAT preserver, not the great emancipator. As power concentrates in DC, liberties and freedom slip away. We need the libertarian 3rd party. The Libertarian 3rd party is needed two check DEM/REP DC power grab, and their destruction of the constitution and the republic.

States Rights (Rebel Flag opposing DC Totalitarianism) and 2nd amend guns (to prevent totalitarian rule) are needed by the people to stand against DC totalitarianism taking our freedoms day by day, and they wont stop. Some may go at the issue from a gun perspective, and I agree, guns in the hands of the good people vastly outnumbering guns in hands of criminals, would reduce crime over the long term, but that takes bravery and courage to stand up and fight criminals, though. With DHS armed to the teeth, guns in the people hands are needed more than ever to prevent DC totalitarian complete take over of states rights and people freedom from government. The issue is not about being "safer", the issue is about being "responsible", the idea is that we are entitled to FREEDOM but must be RESPONSIBLE for our acts, and hanging murderers in public square would teach kids the consequences of crime and to respect law. This SC shooter had no respect for law, and should be hung in the public square for his crime. Cowards and Slaves can feel safe in a pig sty, but safety is not the immediate goal, FREEDOM and LIBERTY are the primary goal, as safety eventually flows from FREEDOM with RESPONSIBILITY. Dont put cart before horse, with being safer with the removal of guns from public hands, as that is a red herring. Killers will find a way kill. Focus on the whole, and dont succumb to pandering.

Taking down REB flag dishonors brave soldiers who fought for states rights. Race-baiters who seek to capture black vote in perpetuity, disgrace American heritage for power. The duplicity of these race-baiters, sowing hate and racism for political power is OUTRAGEOUS. With DC run by totalitarian socialistic fascists, the bonnie blue and reb battle flag must wave. It is just sick, that these race-baiters further racism in US for cementing political power. Sing the Bonnie Blue Flag loud, against the concentration of centralized DC power by political pandering machine. Slavery was wrong, racism is evil, but REPUBLIC is based upon STATES RIGHTS, the southern cause. As power concentrates in DC with mandates, the history lesson of the southern cause is needed. Lets us never forget honorable rebels fought to preserve states rights from totalitarian DC. What makes the shameful RACE BAITING obvious, is no call to haul down US flag for 1776 slavery. What makes RACE-BAITING obvious, is no call to end 4th of July celebration, or haul down 13 Southern state flags. What these pin-head race-baiters do, is go after rebel battle flag, an easy political target. These race-baiters are so transparent in pander, its a shame the black vote dont call them on it. Ironically, its these RACE-BAITERS that promote racism holding back US civility, causing hate. But its not about ending racism, but promoting it, to secure and lock in the black vote for power. These race baiters do tremendous damage to our black country men, who deserve better leadership. US history had good parts and bad parts. We should condemn the bad parts and honor the good parts. We should condemn slavery, and honor noble fighters for states rights. Lincoln was NOT the great emancipator, but the great preserver. Lincoln fought the civil war to preserve union. Lincoln stated his purpose was to neither further or destroy slavery but to preserve the union. Lincoln stated that if he could preserve the union WITHOUT freeing a single slave, he would do it. The Emancipation Proclamation came in order to keep abolitionist Jacobins wing in REP camp, a political move only. 3/4 of Union Army cared less about the "darkies", and fought to preserve union. The Civil War was fought over states rights v DC control over personal property. We can pretend Lincoln was the great emancipator, as race-baiters would have us believe, to divert attention away from the civil war purpose and rewrite history, but as Lincoln said "You (race-baiters) cant fool ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME". As Imperial BHO mandates from DC, lets all sing loud, for states rights, the Bonnie Blue Flag! Will you despicable race baiters get a grip on history?  Lincoln 1st inaugural in 1861: "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, two interfere with the institution of slavery". Fourth of July weekend leaves 44 shot and 8 dead in Chicago. YOU RACE BAITERS HAPPY now?

Currently 11 states are in a state of financial rebellion, and have tabled real money state laws, against totalitarian socialistic fascist DC for fiat currency printing by the FED, devaluing the wealth of its citizens for concentrating power in DC. Chief among the 11 states UT CO NH IN GA MD MO SC TX MT OH, is TX threatening to secede from the union for not returning its gold hoard. This is same as the 1860 rebellion of the southern states for interfering with property rights by DC. Yet, there is no race component upon which race-baiters can fuel of flames and sustain racism in perpetuity for cementing political power, trying to keep the black vote as a singular voting block. The race-baiters dont want their boys off the plantation. As blacks have been terribly hurt by the current administrations banskter bail outs and FED printing, blacks should rise up and wave the Rebel Battle Flag and Bonnie Blue flag of states rights against totalitarian DC for decimating their income, wealth, jobs and opportunities over the last seven years. 



The Bonnie Blue Flag.mp4

Identifying Political Pander

If one desires to identify pander, it is actually easy to do. Many news commentators, such as Bill O'Reilly just lets the politicians get away with Highway Blather. But there are some pro tips available for those who want to develop a discerning appraisal of the presidential candidates. 

Pander Pro tip #1: If a promising statement is directed at a segment of the population, its buying votes pander. For example, Trump wants to give all under 25K$ income a tax break.

Pander Pro tip #2: If a heart-warming statement is directed at a political base, without solution, it is meaningless pander. Huckabee will for stand up for religion. Huckabee can stand up, sit down, do somersaults, and back flips for all anyone really cares. There is no articulated actionable plan, just meaningless pander. 

Pander Pro tip #3: If a solution is directed at a political base, with a plan that is patently ineffectual, then its the band aid pander. For Example, JEB wants increased sanctions on Russia. JEB has no understanding of Russian culture, as the Russians will Rally to Putin's standard with increased US sanctions. JEB's isolation of Putin attempt fails from the get go.

The ABCs of Pander, A: Buying Votes, B: Meaningless, C: Band Aid. Get it down and understand it, as it is pervasive, and people just buy into it, without commentators calling them on it.

Here is a Pander Pop quiz, subject is, Ted Cruz. State five examples of Cruz Pander?

Pander Answer: 1) cute kids, 2) darling wife, 3) earnest prayer, 4) hand on heart patriot, 5) gun range practitioner. These forms of communications include no actionable executable effective plan whatsoever, but its great pander to rally those without a critical analysis skill. Now all we need is for Ted Cruz to kiss a few hundred babies, and there you go, the White House is a lock. 

Absolutely none of presidential candidates offer credible actionable articulated solutions to the big systemic problems facing US, save one. The two pandering political machine engage is social pandering as a mind control ploy for sustaining political power.