Pandering Democrat Party

Open Loop Vote Democrat Party Pandering

By pandering social issues at the federal level, the democrat party produces nation wide hate, strife and conflict, contrary to the constitution purpose of limited federal power for insuring domestic tranquility.  For example, pandering gays, to cement the voting block, to attack marriage, religion, parents and their children, has caused gay bashing, hate and conflict nation wide. When gays right are brought exclusively under state law, and the voters deem fit, mutual respect is earned and harmony promoted. 

The Dems have 4 Aces and Jack kicker. The REPs always fold. REPs can not out pander the DEM but get into power when DEM econo-policies fails in the 100 year long presidential cycling. DEMS open loop vote pandering the winning hand. DEM open borders suppress low end wages, a pair of aces for openers, securing Latino and low wage earners votes. Erect gay tools jerking off marriage, religion, parents, causing gay bashing ripe for pandering gay vote for a 3rd Ace draw. Pander aged by Social Security while devaluing dollar value with deficits, pandering aged vote for even more gov spending for 4th ace. Fair Market Value wages pandering code pink, its never enough, promoting baby killing enable women work as the Jack Kicker. The DEMs open loop vote pandering has the REPs on the MAT, but cyclic econo-implosion save the REPs, DEM-REP presidential cycle. God bless American and the selfish stupidity of two pandering political machines. 

I seek solutions to problems. Is shooting up heroin in elementary school bathrooms cool? Some say Why not? Then tell they love their fellow man, and really care. Some say the entire drug war is completely unconstitutional, so they say. Then perhaps murder jail time is also unconstitutional as not found in the constitution. If you push drug use, decadence, society collapses, eg the Brits in Hong Kong opium dens. So, are the drug use liberators intent to collapse society? Because, that is the natural consequence. It is becoming increasingly clear free drug use advocates are devoid of true compassion. From a Christian perspective lines of conduct are tight, and, from a gay perspective, lines of conduct are loose. Civic leaders faced with drawing lines of conduct, seek lines to maximize benefit to society. Societal issues and resulting opinions as to drawn lines vary greatly. The US Constitution inherently solves this problem through reserved states rights. Federal government has no business social engineering, the states individually do. Social conduct is regulated by states as the voters deem fit. If California enables sparkling parades, civil unions, free pot shops, that is California business. California voters have twice rejected gay marriage, but allows contract civil unions. Gays goes beyond state law, and attack marriage, religion, parents, and kids causing strife and conflict. Gay bashing is direct result of DEM led pandering two stir gays to attack others rights. DEM led gay pandering done to sow conflict and rally votes two cement political power. DEM led gay pandering at the national level defiles the US Constitution, and corrupt society generally. The purpose of US constitution is to insure, not destroy, domestic tranquility. The USSA evil empire comprises Judicial fiat, wall street and two pandering political machines. It can not be more clear. DEMs and REPs have failed the people. Over the last 100 years,the US political complex has devolved into two pandering political machines out for votes. Naturally, both DEMs and REPs seek to cement political power, the country be damned. Respective bases are toys, with selfish political power the goal. In effect there is no difference between DEMs and REPs, yet they both complain of China's communist party. I am teaching a societal continuum, and where society should draw the lines, under state rights. In my town, gays respect my marriage, faith, kids, and earn my respect in return. We get along, with no problems. Gays, stirred up by DEM pandering for votes attack marriage, faith, kids, and thus, they cause gay bashing, conflict hate strife, which is the wrong play. The federal government has no business social engineering, the states do as voters deem if. If California wants civil unions, no problem, that is part of states rights. All people, gays and straights should respect state rights, including boycott/shop hire/fire serve/refuse apply/quit. Respect of state law is the solution. The problem is DEM nationalizing social issues, causing nation wide strife, hate, conflict, attacks on gays, churches, marriage, and kids. The key is mutual respect under state law to insure "domestic tranquility" as laid out in preamble of the constitution. The Constitution spells out limited federal power and reserved states rights, now bastardized by judicial fiat and pandering political machines. When the DEMs and REPs concentrate social power in DC, they destroy the fabric of our society, leading to hate and conflict that is now OUT OF CONTROL. I can fix it all, fast.

The Democrat party targets groups that are susceptible to political pandering, for example, minorities, feminists, and gays. By focusing on these voting pools for political power, the Democrat party has failed the country, leading to social strife, national insolvency and bastardization of the US Constitution. The DEMs generallu promote intolerance and disrespect for political power, as they do not seek to unite Americans, but cause confrontations for political power. 

DNC anti-christ Jihadist politics

None of them teaching FOUNDING FATHER principles of Capitalistic Individualism under a limited federal government providing a LEVEL FAIR PLAYING FIELD, supported by a republic of sovereign states, and real honest money gold/silver coinage, you know, that trashed constitutional stuff. To them, ITS ALL ABOUT NATIONAL SOCIALISM, and intentional subversion of the PLAIN LANGUAGE OF THE CONSTITUTION, that they swore to uphold. Therein lies the lies and the truth. It starts with totalitarian democratic self-enslavement into national socialism. The Federal Government has enslaved us all, trashing our constitution, necessarily, in so doing.

Democrats assert that government should feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and shelter the homeless, drawn from Christ's teachings, yet their big government politics, leading toward more and more totalitarian socialistic fascism, destroying freedoms from government, and founding father principles, are anything but christian. Christ did not teach salvation through the worship of pandering politicians, or marble monuments in DC, or political parties. Christ did not teach salvation through the COLLECTIVE. Rather, his teachings were that each and everyone of us,  in accepting God, Christ, and holy spirit, can be saved. It is an individual right of passage, not a collective one.

When the democrats say that it is not christian or "morally troubling" not to tax more, to help others, BY GOVERNMENT, it is not only pandering at the most despicable level, but A LIE according to both Christian teachings and founding father principles. The individual right of salvation through Christ, and the individual FREEDOM from government can not be obtained through the collective of TAKE AND GIVE, TAX AND SPEND, INFLATE AND ROB, INCENTIVIZE AND CONTROL, and SOCIALIZE AND CORRUPT, of the US Government.

It is ONLY FREEDOM from the chains of government, which chains are made of burdensome taxes and business and personal suppression and handouts, according to founding father principles, that we then even have the capacity to then give fully according to our desires and compassion as Christ would have us all do, individually pursuant to Christ' teachings.  The right of freedom as taught by the founding fathers is a personal individual right, DESTROYED by big government pandering politicians.The right of salvation as taught by the Christ is a personal individual right that can not altered by BIG GOVERNMENT. The individual responsibility to show compassion is an individual one, DESTROYED by big government pandering politicians, as giving VOLUNTARILY is what makes angles sing, and not the deprivations of  property under threat of imprisonment by uncle sam. The individual accordingly to both the constitution and Christ teachings, is demeaned and imprisoned by BIG GOVERNMENT as either tax mules or dependents.

Democrats and Republicans both could care less about individual rights, christ's teachings of salvation and compassion, or founding father freedoms FROM GOVERNMENT, at its all about political power of the political parties, as they spend 100sM$, not trying to promote charities or christian ways, or more freedom through less government, but getting themselves elected, cementing power and control for their own self glorification, and not the glorification of Christ, or the individual freedoms from government. Lets face it, their game is power and control, over all of us, to their glorification. While the democrats may lead the degradation of Christ, his teachings, and founding father principles, the republicans are not much better, as they to will not propose returning the country to its roots of individual freedoms and rights FROM GOVERNMENT. This country was once GREAT, not because of monetary wealth, but because of the freedoms from government, providing the means to help others individually according to Christ's teachings, as we once could according to our individual means, as we individually decide through compassion to help others. Now, the US is an immoral socialistic totalitarian fascist state trying to control every aspect of our lives, with ruinous taxes and handouts enslaving us all, which is INHERENTLY UN-CHRISTIAN.

The anti-christ, if there is one, IS THE US GOVERNMENT, and its pandering political minions, enslaving us all, with their laws, rules, regulations, taxes and handouts, with all three branches conspiring for control with increasing power OVER THE PEOPLE. There is nothing Christian about that. Merry Christmas My Friends.

Liberal faint champions of human rights, with criminal court trials for terrorists, amnesty for illegals, soft border protection, cut and run, time tables, and the soft touch on Iran, as we dont want to offend anyone anywhere, as Rodney King preaches, cant we all get along, yet now Americans get to have their "junk" groped upon entering a domestic plane for a simple intrastate hop. Through their inability to stand for anything, other than political pandering to cement political power in order to sell and perfect totalitarian fascist socialism in the US, they manage, time and time again, to imprison Americans each day, with more and more of their rules, laws, taxes and handouts.

Americans, especially the weak minded ones, looking to the state to solve their problems and who do not approve of quick military actions and tribunals, total pursuit of THE enemies with vigor, deserve the social incarcerations and suffered indignities each day for voting liberal, and thereby compete for the farcical award with their sub-cult, THE MUSLIMS, who do not curb their own, who quietly support jihadist efforts to rule the world through JIHAD, who then complain about suffered indignities at airports, as if they, through their righteous jihad, should be excepted by the scanner police. They to, deserve what they get, for preaching jihad or through tacit approval of it through failure to curb the jihadists themselves. Liberals and Jihadists, a match of co-extensive objectives, both seeking enslavement of Americans through totalitarian fascism and the continued deprivations of founding father FREEDOMS.

BHO Is Our Prison Keeper

BHO says "Im My Brother's Keeper" is the America he knows, He means a PRISON KEEPER he wants it to be. God and innate human compassion drives us all to help our brothers in need through voluntary charity,and Americans are the most generous charitable people on earth. . No where in the Constitution does it proclaim that the government is OUR BROTHER"S KEEPER. No where in found father principles is it taught that the supposed LIMITED GOVERNMENT is suppose to REPLACE OUR INNATE human compassion with a NANNY state, enslaving us all as tax mules and entitlement dependents, forever trapped and imprisoned in the clutches of government in perpetuity. BHO wants the state to replace GOD in our lives, and are innate charitable nature, and taxes us so much that we are personally no longer even able to be our brother's keeper.

The left political base is primarily women and minorities. Any woman (Palin) or minority (Williams) who does not tow the progressive liberal line is demonized and muzzled, by any anti-free speech method, with no holds barred, by the liberal left, out of fear of losing their political base, and hence losing their ability to drive this nation into totalitarian socialistic fascism desired by the DC leftist elitists, to enslave us all as either tax mules for or dependents upon them, cementing their political power.

When BHO says "Im my Brother Keeper" is the America he knows, IT IS A LIE. It is the totalitarian socialistic fascist America HE WANTS IT TO BE, enslaving us all under THE GOVERNMENT PRISON KEEPER.

Intellectually Dishonest Democrats

Founding Father Principles conflict with leftist DNCs who pander and obfuscate for selfish political power. In order to be successful in US politics, the Democrats must pander, spin, and obfuscate in order to capture a portion of the center to be successful, because there is still left in the country some notional respect for founding father principles, which taught 1) real money coinage legal tender, 2) limited government, 3) a republic of states having substantial states rights, and 4) a citizenry that would vote for the good of the country. Over the course of the last 110 years, the democratic party (with the republicans in close tow) has all but destroyed our belief in our founding father principles in the US.

WW introduced fiat paper money with the creation of FED BANK, the notes being the quintessential ponzi scheme, as our money is now irredeemable notes with a government propped upon an ever increasing national debt of more ponzi notes, which debt no one expects will ever be paid off or redeemed, the hallmark of a ponzi scheme. You take FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES into a bank and try to redeem them, notes are suppose to be redeemable, for 1oz US minted silver coins, and you will be laughed at. The socialistic enabling ponzi scheme has been perfected and cemented in the US.

WW also over saw the income tax used by Government to enslave us all as IRS mules, not envisioned by the founding fathers, who respected freedom from government, but instead we have an army of IRS thugs spying upon us for tax money, under threat of imprisonment, which is the ONLY thing that gives the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE any inherent value. Ain't that sweet?

FDR expanded government with his social security, and raw deal, introducing the nanny state, now expanded to all kinds of entitlements to where now the government, through its entitlements is no longer limited, but persuasive rendering at least half of us dependent upon the state, as Caesar throws out the bread, to control the people, through enslavement of those now dependent on the hand outs, where the government now rewards all unproductive acts, and through taxes, penalizes all productive acts.

LBJ pumped it up some more, with his CORRUPT SOCIETY, to where now people expect and are given the state promised goodies, to where, you are rewarded if you quit your job, retire, get injured, don’t feed, cloth or house yourself, etc. You name it. Anything that leads to unproductiveness in the country is rewarded, as Caesar never had it so good in absolute control over the minions.

BHO pumps up the nanny state even more with his socialistic agenda including but not limited to universal heath care, as the republic dies from judicial fiat rendering the federal government more powerful over our lives as the courts have cemented the PLENARY POWER --read totalitarian power--.

There were a few exceptions over the last 110 years. Jack Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". Ronald Regan said "Government is the problem, not the solution", as his beloved country has now turned into another evil empire, the United Socialistic States of America, the USSA, next of kin to the USSR, over which Ronnie was most instrumental in defeating.

But most American would have difficulty understanding the concept of obfuscation and pandering, so, lets give a few example to drive the point home, clearly and unequivocally.

1) VP Joe Biden says that "Its patriotic to pay taxes". You mean, its criminal if don’t pay taxes and you will get thrown in jail, your freedom taken from you. Now imagine if you will, him saying that on the docks next to the Indians of the Boston Tea Party of the 18th century. My bet is that those Indians would have slit his throat 10 ways to Sunday and unceremoniously dump his decapitated body in the Boston Bay for the crabs to munch. (Why did that just make me smile?) But do you get the point? The power to tax is the power to destroy. Hence, according to Joe Biden, it is PATRIOTIC to destroy the wealth of the people and businesses.

2) BHO said to congress "We bailed out the banks --read socialism and undue influence--, we bailed out the corporations, -- read socialism and undue influence, BUT MOM AND POP ARE SITTING AT HOME ASKING WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME", -- read pandering for political power to cement entitlement expectations and to perfect national socialism and the immorality of take and give, and corrupting socialism necessarily appending thereto.

The founding fathers did not envision a country where people looked to the government to provide for them. Lincoln did not feel impoverish growing up in a log cabin, though the DNC would have you believe that that was a crime deserving of a government solution. You see, no one then, or even Lincoln felt so impoverished that he needed government hand outs. Back then, people were more self-reliant, self-respecting, and would not even think of the massive hand outs of today. Today, people line up at the unemployment office in droves, willingly so. They have no shame.

3) The judiciary claims the constitution is a living and breathing document, so the law school professors will teach you from day one in law school. What they are really saying is that the constitution is of no real consequences, that paper and ink are not permanent things, that plain language is complex requiring constant reinterpreatations, that through judicial capricous rulings, the constitution can be interpreted to mean just about anything. From plenary power, --read totalitarianism over AZ rights of self defense, to Gay Marriages through judicial fiat defying the public will and law in CA--, judges will do anything they are politically oriented to do, especially where it gives the judiciary more power over our lives such as the power now to resolve gay rights, yet gay rights were not listed as freedom's unalienable rights or governmental enumerated rights. I would like to know how two gay boys can "consummate the marriage" as required at the common law. They cant, as our common law is thrown out the window. Gay rights rose from the creative minds of lawyers and judges expanding the role of government even more and cementing more judicial power over our lives, giving the lawyers yet another reason to wage profitable racketeering through the courts. Lawyers can now get fat separating gays. Lawyer racketeering through the courts never ends, but is expanded constantly.

So, lets just step back, and get the BIG PICTURE. Lawyers get fat and wealthy using the state licensed monopoly to dispute resolution, which wealth is maximized if the people fight more between themselves, as more and more interpreted rights are found in the constitutions to feed their insatiable greedy appetites. Lets give the people more made up rights, for more fights, so lawyers can come in and bleed everyone dry. Medical malpractice claims ramp up health care, as the lawyers turn federal medical malpractice claims into a federal court lotto game. Child support is not based upon the State's need to prevent public charges, having a simple fixed amount for all parents, but rather, child support is based upon income, another targeted TAKE AND GIVE taxation of government, so parents are more than willing to fight over custody, feeding lawyers, the primary corrupt objective of family law courts.

Politicians get fat cementing political control through pandering more entitlements, with TAKE AND GIVE, enabled by that licensed monopoly and that judicial fiat. The more massive the relative size of government grows, the more fights, and more laws, the more lawyers and judges are needed to help cement the political power of the politicians. It is no wonder why most judges and politicians are lawyers, they are all on the same team, the one that serves to enslave the people and create more laws, rights, and fights subject to the dispute resolution monopoly and totalitarian control over the people's lives, as the lawyers get fat.

The legal profession is really the nucleus of the degradation of founding father principles in the country over the last 110 years. They through selfish interests, and as judges and politicians, have expanded government and complicated government creating huge needs for more and more and more fighting lawyers with obscene "reasonable rates", to get fat and drain the wealth and the life blood from the average guy, to where anything goes under the constitution to cement socialism and growing government, to rendering the constitution effectively meaningless, and to politicians pandering the people to cement votes and life long power -- Byrd 51yr, Inouye 47yrs, Thurmond 47yrs, Kennedy 46yrs, Hayden 41yrs, Stennis 41yrs, Stevens 40 yrs, Hollings 38yrs, Russell 38yrs, Long 38yrs --, and you can bet neither politicians or the judges will allow effective term limits. 

We no longer hang murderers, rapists, and bank robbers in the public square to teach people that there are consequences to crime. No, we have to build concentration camps and put criminals on death row for 20 years, so the lawyers have plenty of time to milk the tax payers, and give the judges make-work income, while politicians pander the folks into believing that the government is there to protect their rights, as criminals effectively get a pass to prey upon us all.

If you consider the whole, comprehensively, that attorneys by and large support the democratic party and its destruction of founding father principles to grow government to enslave the people as IRS mules or dependents, and the army of judges and lawyers now necessary to administer the ever growing number of laws upon us all, you can only but reach one profound conclusion.

Lawyers are members of a most despicable self-centered profession, and are in the pocket of the DNC, which lies, spins, panders and obfuscates founding father principles to enslave us all as mules or dependents, while the lawyers get fat draining the life blood out of the country, and while destroying any belief in our founding father principles, into leftist decadent socialism enabled by the courts, passed by the politicians, and executed by the pandering presidents, as a de facto conspiracy of the three branches of government to control and enslave the people, with the lawyers behind it all, with their "reasonable rates".

Politicians, Judges and Lawyers should be thrown out into the streets as the totalitarian socialistic fascists they are, for destroying our belief and practice in our founding father principles.

Required Pandering Training.

"Democracy is a form of government that cannot long survive, for as soon as the people learn that they have a voice in the fiscal policies of the government, they will move to vote for themselves all the money in the treasury, and bankrupt the nation". Karl Marx

But old Karl Marx left out the capitalistic nature of self-reliance, the conner stone of a successful democracy. Our founding fathers specified REAL money to keep the gov honest, living within small taxes, (there was no income tax upon which to build the unforeseen welfare state, resulting in the FED-IRS-FIAT enslavement of the people), did not forsee the use of fiat to disproportionately project power about the world, saw a perpetual self-reliant citizenry with a small gov. Unfortunately, the dem have destroyed self-reliance belief of most Americans, and the politicians have blown up government and its deficits, and destroyed the based upon which democracy can function well. WE'RE FREAKING DOOMED.

THE BOTTOM 50% pays 2.9% of taxes. WOW!!!!! Surely they dont care about paying taxes, (The Reps are blowing smoke to them) being very patriotic, making only the productive pay taxes, destroying motivation to gain and produce, as the blame gamer Biden sees it.

That means the bottom 50% should be locked into the DEM's gov care, pandered by the Dems, and the bottom folks just suck it up. That tells me that no matter what, the experiment of capitalism is dead, and that the US will continuously devolved into the under world of hand outs and gov care for an increasing number of voters, until, there is no turning back. once we are over 50%, is there no turning back? I dont think so. As the guru would say, we're freaking doomed!!!

I have 3 Hampsters, F, Emille M, Collette, F, and Linquinie M, (for those of you who have seen, RATATOULLIE). These rodents depend upon uncle derelict to spend household money to feed these unproductive rodents, who only play and eat and sleep. They contribute little to increasing the productivity of the household GDP, they pay no taxes and do not contribute to the household expenses, but, will stay my friends in their little cages, for only so long as I pet them with pandering, and feed them, care for them, and employ them with little cage toys. They love me for it and will vote for me, as long as I continue the deficit spending cage care.

Obama and the DEMS' socialism are destroying this nation, by pandering gross gov care, to weak self-centered losers, mostly, which gov care destroys self reliance, self respect, and productivity, to win an election, the continued consequences of which will be a continued deficit and degrading dollar and degradation of the US. Both Dems and Reps push the bailouts, the Dems more than the Reps, but both are weak in political clearity and direction. Both get failing grades with their BAIL OUTS into socialism.

“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to lose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

“The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith;
From spiritual faith to great courage;
From courage to liberty;
From liberty to abundance;
From abundance to selfishness
From selfishness to complacency;
From complacency to apathy;
From apathy to dependence;
From dependence back into bondage”

There is some uncertainty as to who actually made this quote. But it doesn’t matter who said it, as it presents a great truth about the cyclical nature of human behavior over the ions. And doesn’t it sound all too familiar, especially the part about “loose fiscal policy”? There’s no mystery as to why this cycle works. Poor economies force humans to adopt positive behaviors. And good economic times results in negative behaviors, to the point where it eventually brings the whole system down upon itself. And the final tragic end result every time: Bondage. A couple days before the election, I had called an OBAMA win about 10 days earlier, in view the economy, and was talking to a couple of Laguna Beach locals at a buddy's place. Laguna beach is very liberal, in a conservative congressional district. 100T in unfunded liabilities, AINT ENOUGH, is the leftist mantra, as far as I can tell. No amount of gov-care will be enough, as addicts always want MORE. And one guy goes, if I get sick and cant work, I will have to go BK. We need universal health care. And even though I hear it, time and time again from the herd, I am always astounded.

I said buddy, when you were born, the only thing you are ENTITLED to, is a tit. When you come into this world, no one owes you a GD thing, and why you think you have some kind of entitlement right to take money from others to pay for your life style, IS BEYOND ME. And how you would degrade yourself by taking gov assistance, is beyound me. They demand not only mom's, but the gov tit, in perpetuity. I just cant not believe how these lefties have not self-respect, no personal dignity, and line up for the hand-outs, (just like my hamsters), and the drop of hand-out check. Just amazing how people think, and he, of course is not alone. This is america, and it is now full of "its all about me", socialists.

The have not lefties say give me. The have lefties says, but dont touch my wealth, I will move it off-shore (Soros). A farce of course. And it is beyound me. Incomprehensible how people will sell their votes for the pandering promises so that they too can become gov-tit sucking socialists. Just amazing to me. Yet, these lefties seem to think they are ENTITLED to other's money to pay for their health care. ENTITLED!!!!! Do you get that? Where in heck do they get that? These lefties have been so conditioned by the Dem pandering for DECADES, actually, since early 1900s, and it is now so engrained into their thought process, that I believe, (quoting a famous guru), WE ARE FREAKING DOOMED!!!!

I wrote a piece in "china transforms north korea" where I talk about the failed unaffordable promises of the left, and OBAMA will be a failure in view of the Left's eyes, while I think he will move to the center, and be very pragmatic, (hoping anyway), and he will pi$$ off many a lefty, with his broken pandering election promises, but, what's new about that on the left? MARK MY WORDS I dont really have problems with Job Programs, like building need infrastructure to get people back to work if unemployment goes to high, as long as there is value for money paid. Military-Industrial complex jobs is ok as well to serve national defense. In bad times, a little "socialism", is ok, if limited to jobs programs, clinics, shelters, and soup kitchens should be the bounds. Remember, wealth and poverty are not crimes and it is immoral to redistribute income, to steal from one and hand over the stolen property to another, and both are general nothing more than a reflection of societal reward for one own's productivity, requiring rewards to promote the highest level of productivity, which is the aim, is it not, to increase the standard of living of all, thereby?

If this whole thing implodes, and depression hits, and I will at least have some measure of satisfaction watching some of these lefties pick dandelions to survive. The Left will take us all down, (with the right no better with their bankster bail-outs).

Many a hard-core lefty are rooting the gov-care on, knowing how destructive it is to sound money management, and hence, the gold bug world has many a lefty cheering on the gov-care, for not only the hand-outs, but also for the bullion rise. AINT THAT SPECIAL? Almost like 80% of the gold-bugs just a hoping and praying (excuse me, they are mostly immoral, so not much praying), that the whole thing collapses so they can make a buck at other's expense. Aint that special. Just listen to the words of most lay gold bugs, you do get a sense, they just hope the whole thing collapse. Aint that special?

It all goes back to real money. If real money was the coin of the realm, deficits would be gone, and hard choices made. Its the FED-FIAT-IRS complex that has corrupted America, mostly pushed by the "anything goes, if it feel good do it, there are no rule, marry a hamster for crying out loud, and, there are no consequences, even from the decadence, as, the gov is here", dem leftists.

Last night wife and 2 boys went to the park, after dark, and I took, Big-Bad Emille, polite Collette, and red-eyed Linguine to the park, all transported in three rat balls, (no not the wife and boys, the hamsters, silly) and I released them at the park, and man-o-man was that fun, them little hamster just running wild, OPEN and FREE FREE FREE, (well I kept an eye on them), and they would run and run, all over the grass, basketball courts, in spurts, stops, sprints, just fun, and all the kids at the park were watching, and I let the kids pet and hold the hamsters (I have trained them well, they dont byte at all).

Yeap, I feed them, employ them with cage toys, house them each in spacious multi-room huge elongated tubed cages for each, spray lice/tic/flea sprays as need under universal free health care for all, I even wash their dirty butts from time to time, and I provide bedding material for warm cozy nights in the back yard cages, and now they get year-round camping trips to the parks for out-door recreation, beyond the back yard recesses as well. Yeap, my rodent herd just loves me, (they never bite) and they will vote for me every year!!! (as long as I promise them everything). Hamster rearing should be required training for any dem office seeker.

During 24 hours emulated combat operations,
Emile (RIP) was co-pilot, crawling over me in chair,
to wake me up at critical times, when enemy
fleets were approaching. Best wing man ever.  
Emile was bankrupted by the IRS and being
penniless had to sale his home to the banks.




White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane

Liberals are so Easy

A few good men is something gays wants in SF parades, or teaching our children a learned decadent culture, destroying the nuclear family, the core strength of any society, throughout all of time.

Once you understand the devils and angles concept, and how the left is consumed by their angles, and the notion of liberty obtained through limited government, liberals are an easy target, and really have no defense, accept to say that they think progressive secularism and godless socialism is desired, but without the back up rational. I have yet to find any liberal who can shout me down, drown me out, shut me up, or use convincing logic, when relying only upon the empty screech of unfairness, what ever that means, as how can be unfair for all to live within their own means.
Take and Give, is immoral, punishes producers, rewards leeches, is imprisoning in both tax enslavement and welfare dependency to government, creates class warfare, and political divisiveness, and is inherently UNAMERICAN, but forced upon us by leftist political fascists and accepted by DC totalitarians A and totalitarians B, and perpetuated by the 4 year presidential cycle of who can out pander the panderers.
What a mess. National Debt to be 16T$ by 2012, the dollar losing 97% of its value, and debt of future wages all from our original sin of the financial 1913 FED bank and income tax creation now under unlimited governmental corruption and totalitarian domination of the people in the good ole USSA. The FED was created in 1913, along with the IRS and 16th amendment and income taxes. That was OUR ORIGINAL FINANCIAL SIN, leading to government enslavement, which led to the roaring 20s, BOOM, which led to the depression 30s, BUST, saved by war procurement, which led to increasing, expanding wedge formation in the dow/gold. With the use of fiat, the government can over spend, inflate-and-rob, tax-and-spend, to finally, we have come to TAKE-AND-GIVE, in immoral robery by the Federal government, COMPLETELY contrary to the founding fathers' vision of a limited government. As long as government keeps that FED/IRS/FIAT complex alive, we are left with INFLATION, CONTROLLING INTEREST RATES, INCREASING DEBT, BOOM-and-BUST cycles, TAKE-AND-GIVE, TAX-AND-SPEND, and domination of the people by government, which is contrary to the founding vision of domination of the government by the people. When will it end, as ALL FIAT MONEY EVENTUALLY DOES, as fiat money "AINT WORTH A CONTINENTAL", and that is, a fiat collapse and ruination for most. WE HAVE BASS-ACKWARD, and are self enslaved.
Remember this, GOLD is the ultimate extinguisher of debt, Gold has no counter party risk, no liability, and can not just be printed by greedy banksters. The founding father's understood that fiat AINT WORTH A CONTINENTAL and made sure our country used only gold/silver coinage as tender. Yet, we mortgaged off the country and our prosperity so that government can tax-and-spend and take-and-give in socialism, also contrary to our founding principles.
And now, the GD greedy banksters and hedge fund mob bosses, not only pocket billions in bonuses, but now, we have to bail out the banks, AND GIVE THEM MORE BONUSES, but this time, at tax payers expense, because DC does not have the COURAGE to let them fail and be cannibalized through normal liquidation processes. No, we have live with the FINANCIAL COWARDS in DC, and the Rodent HERD on main street, so that THE COWARDS can FEED the COWARDS. SICK CRAPOLA for sure. WHY ARE NOT AMERICANS OUTRAGED????? Because 1/2 are on the give me's and hope like heck only for their check as in their limited field of view, whereas the ELITISTS in DC cant admit mistake in de-regulation of the BANKSTERS and the control the GREEDY MONEY CHANGERS, and force the BANKS to come clean. The FRAUD through the banking system is/was RAMPID, and instead of forcing default liquidation of the banks, WE PAY the BANKSTER MORE BONUSES in peddling the gov led bailout money.
You leftists cowards make me sick. You rightist greedy banksters are the PUKES OF THE WORLD for your peddling toxic derivatives for BILLIONS in personal bonuses rewarding OUT RIGHT FRAUD, and passing off your fraudulent mortage securities, and FRADULENT rating agencies are IN ON THE CONSPIRACY to get their cut of the action to make sure the fraudulent security are well sold to investors around the world, as corruption permeates the banking and government in failing to regulate, force defaults, and admit mistakes. No, they all try to hide it all, by bailing out the banks, under EMERGENCIES POWERS, so that the bankster get even more bonuses peddling TARP money.
DC-banking complex is a hotbed of corruption, and the people just give em all a pass. LOOK what that corrupt DC/FED/IRS/FIAT complex and the coupled GREED and FRAUD has  done to our money and OUR GREAT COUNTRY! IT IS OUTRAGEOUS! Example, right now, the CFTC is on its third investigation into SILVER price manipulation, that spells GOV led JPM control of silver prices, to make sure you cowards dont buy gold/silver in competition with the fiat dollar. ITS A MASSIVE CRIME IN PROCESS, the concentrated JPM short positions ARE SO OVERWHELMING, that no one, I mean no one, could POSSIBLY REMOTELY assert that there is no criminal manipulation of Bullion prices, yet those CFTC pukes do nothing. WHY? Because the GOV and BANKS are joined at the hip to keep you UNDER THEIR THUMB and control you all like the good little minions and rodents, THAT YOU ALL ARE. GET IT?
Example, The GOV props up the DOW on a regular basis. The FOMC, aka Plunge Protection Team (PPT), Reagan's little baby, is in there every day, "managing risks" and the markets, in a FREE MARKET, supposedly. WHERE IS THE INVESTOR OUTRAGE? "There are no more markets, just interventions" Chris Powell, GATA.
Yet, despite it all, our country is the greatest OF ALL TIME, we have the 2nd amendment for many good reasons, chief among them is the need for some angry mobs with guns at times to keep the government and banksters in line.
ONLY 53% of Americans consider themselves Capitalists. They must be the ones paying taxes. If 47% are not CAPITALIST, what possibly could they be? Curious aint it how its the CAPITALISTS who have to pay for the TAX and SPEND and the TAKE and GIVE? Why would that be? It has to do with who are productive and who are not. It has to do with who supports who. GET IT? The OTHER 47% includes Rodents, EU clones, leeches, appeasers, socialists, and definitely NOT believers in the teachings of the founding fathers, or the US constitution, limited government, as an OBAMINATION of America. Traitors also come to mind, as well. Those who fought in all of US wars to date, HAVE FOUGHT and have ALL DIED IN VAIN, thinking they were fighting for OUR CONSTITUTION, for our Americanism. One sick state of affairs for sure. How did we get like this? Start with the GANG OF FOUR  WW-FDR-LBJ-BHO's teachings in relation to the enabling FED/IRS/FIAT complex for a clue.
You got that right President Woodrow Wilson, YOU DID RUIN THE COUNTRY, as you said back in 1913, the year of infamy. Great Empires DO NOT DIE practicing what made them strong, but rather from CORRUPTION within deviating from those strengths. The US now has moved from a ONE china policy, to a ONE WORLD POLICY of collectivized TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENTS. I hereby declare, OBAMA and his rodent heard are TRAITORS to the US CONSTITUTION, the founding fathers, and our Americanism, now in the TRASH HEAP of failed experiments. Well it did not really fail, it got perverted from within in by a multitude of well intentioned undiscernable baby steps through the last 100 years.But really, that is not new is it? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Americans have been conditioned to accept their enslavement through 100 years of propaganda, poor-me pandering, and socialization. And I bet they are PROUD OF IT!!!! And you republicans are really NO BETTER in large measure, as the politicians find the power of taxation and control, irresistible. Absolute power, to enslave us all, corrupts absolutely. We all know the democrats are appeasing socialists. But, when you have COWARDS like McCain representing the republicans, getting in bed with the democrat being a moderate, (code for political traitor), surrendering the southern border, you JUST KNOW WE REPUBLICANS AND THE NATION ARE ALL SCREWED, trying to be democrat lights, out pandering the panderers. Well screw you McCain and your moderate republican traitors as well, who are in bed with their TOTALITARIAN CONTROLLING democrat brothers. Irony of it all of course, is that McCain fought for AMERICA and ended up in a POW camp being tortured having his arms all busted up, yet, THESE ARE THE VERY SAME ARMS that were raised up on the southern border, SURRENDERING American sovereignty. GET IT? His mind apparently got busted up as well.
With 53% being capitalists, there is some hope of reversing the tide, but dont count on it. DOLE and MCCAIN have proven that a moderate republican CAN NOT WIN. When you republicans get in bed with the democrats, you may gain some moderates, but you loose most of your energetic base, and offer NO REAL CHOICE AT ALL. I have voted TWICE in my life, 1) Reagan, and 2) GWB 2004, AFTER invading Iraq and showing some real stuff. Other than that, only a bunch of weak minded moderates have been offered by the REPUBLICANS, who are ONLY a tad right of the socialistic left, and are basically DEMOCRAT CLONES, and therein lies the root cause of our slide into decadent godless socialism, in furtherance of the teachings of the GANG OF FOUR, and the ruination of our founding liberties in our OBAMINATION.

Honest Lefties are Misguided

Some honest lefties say that the right has disdain for the progress into socialization of America, which is an accurate characterization. I enjoy their honesty, as least some guts to call it like it is. Lefties want socialism, and we hear you, and you are not alone, as more than half of Americans are in the leftist camp, and they represent the larger half of America today. I admire their honesty, their honest revealed love of the totalitarian take and give, and their buddy buddy with the world's socialists. I am glad there are a few honest people left on the left in this country, in stead of the farcical right, pretending to be conservative, or traditionalists, or libertarian. The left wants to protect the poor and in desperation goes to socialism to level the playing field as the wrong play, doomed to fail. 

We need not condemn the left, for being left of our the conservative left-of-center, as the lefties are at least honest with us and themselves. They like socialism, but to be PC civil with their sensitive left-of-center adversaries, they wont use that "socialist" word by and large, the "S" word, trying to let us righties down easy, but they nonetheleft, promote socialism in spades. Some socialists are much more honest, and like socialism, and yell it proudly. Most Americans have become socialists, though many wont say so, pretending of course, but at least some are honest with us, and like our socialism, that is not going to change, until the negative feedback in socialism, through a fiat money collapse, forcing a return, IF EVER, back to our traditional limited-government constitutional roots.

So, I would wish that all conservatives, who are now PC correct, being left-of-center anyway, rally around the KOMMIE PINKO presidential standard, and support OBAMA fully with his bail out, stimulus, social engineering and bankrupting of fiat dollar, because, until the soup lines come back, and people understand fully the folly of self-unreliant tax and spend socialization, our slide into decadence, will not stop. Poverty and Wealth are not crimes, but now we need much more poverty to reveal fully the limitations of socialism, from the trash heap of fail socialistic promises, to return to our constitutional limited government roots, with an abolishing of the FED/IRS/FIAT complex. The true socialist yells it proudly and is helping us all to get an education and a return to our limited government constitutional roots. We should be thankful for the societal education, though it will be a costly education.

GO BAMA and tax and spend us into fiat paper money dollar ruination. As only then, will we learn our original socialist sin, of 1913, and the creation of the FED bank, its fiat paper notes, and the enabling IRS thuggery. It is one thing to buddy-buddy with the world socialists, to be nice, but another thing if led down the road of weakness and appeasement. So far, BHO has killed in pakiland, but has now DID NOTHING regarding the NK launch. I proposed shooting it down. IF BHO runs an appeasing foreign policy, (the jury is still out, but not looking good), matching his buddy-buddy bad-USA rethoric, then, the 1-2 dynamite punch may become a sock and slobber, and a dynamite 1-2 punch a failure as a surrender, as BHO lets our American dead die in vain and undoes the gains  against dictators, totalitarians, and terrorists.
Jury is still out, but not looking good. There is a fine line between buddy-buddy firmness and appeasement, the former being civil yet firm, the later ruination. BHO has led us into monstrous socialism, and the people are starting to see it. If BHO couples this with an appeasing foreign policy, the republicans will be back in power, but will still be contaminated with the tax code incentive social engineering propensities of the GOF/FED/IRS/FIAT totalitarian controls, and hence, WHO REALLY CARES who gets elected, as either way, its freedom denied from the unlimited government elitists cementing socialization in America, the USSA.

If BHO can not translates his buddy-buddy demeaning of the Bush Adm and USA, into result in foreign affairs, taking out the nuvo NK IRAN nuke builders, or lets terrorism rise, then, all he has done is demean the USA's firm stances in foreign policy. That is not a gain, but a self-demeaning surrender, in my view. But then again, he is a totalitarian socialist, voted in by socialists, and to the extent that the USA become a world totalitarian socialistic clone, under the new world order, then he is leading us there, by the numbers, with voter approval.  We are so freaking doomed.

Traditional Americana 

The United States has prospered for 230 years based upon constitutional liberties (government), a bible belt moral code (culture) and free market, supply demand, price discovery capitalistic markets (economics). These three functions, government, culture and economics collectively acted together to cause sustained prosperity and domestic tranquility, providing strong families raising well adjusted children, providing maximum prosperity lifting the indigent and working poor out the indignity of poverty, and providing liberties and freedoms of expression to table many perspectives for debate in the public vortex for crediting good idea and discrediting bad ideas. It worked very well for a very long time. Modernly, liberties, moral footing and economic prosperity are all under assault from various pandered constituencies for votes by demanding special interest rights at the expense of others. Totalitarianism is escalating in DC through the concentration of federal plenary power by the two pandering political machines. Family values to procreate the next generation are being devalued. Capitalism is being degraded by government and the financial elite by rigging and manipulating all markets.

Honorable Liberalism

Classic liberalism of the old democrat party was absolutely great, protecting our liberties, such as free speech, privacy, and assembly. When the liberal democrats addressed feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and sheltering the homeless, they touch my heart as a Christian, and I do support robust state level safety nets. In this regard, the liberal democrats act nobly, and I applaud and support their efforts. When the democrats express concerns for the working poor, I applaud and support their efforts. When the liberal democrats seek to protect women's privacy rights and life style choices, as a libertarian supporting the US Constitution, I applaud their efforts. I support liberal democrat opposition to bailing out the banks. I support liberal democrat opposition to foreign wars. There are many good aspects about the liberalism of the old democrat party.

Honorable liberalism has morphed into progressive fascism. Hitler of Nazi Germany came to power pandering national socialism, using MSM propaganda, and brown shirt street thugs, denying citizens basic civil liberties. The progressive democrats want to be the sole power in the USA, and embed DC national socialism, that corrupts everything it touches with moral hazards. Why work if taxes are to high? Why work if the hand outs are to high? Why work when you can game the system, in fraud, and live off the state? The progressives are trying to micro manage all aspects of our lives, trying to enact laws enumerable, and in so doing, have used all means, in an aggressive way toward increasing totalitarianism. National socialism always devolves into totalitarian fascism. The progressives effectively reduce people to monotone ants and ordered to walk in line, as they deem fit, destroying our individualism. With the rancor of the progressive democrat leadership off the charts, with the progressives pushing their agenda vigorously by using any and all means, the progressive movement is evolving into controlling totalitarians, to impose their agenda, that is actually in opposition to noble liberalism of the old noble democrat party. This evolution is shocking to any reasonable civil person believing in liberty and freedom. I use term fascism as the combination of government and corporate influence to perfect changes in society along the lines of an ideology. Socialism leads to poverty of lives, enslaved minds and totalitarian controls.

Examples? Classic Liberals would fight for civil liberties, for example, free speech, assembly and bear arms. Modernly, Progressive want to limit speech under the guise of hate speech which does not exist in a free speech democracy, limit political opponent assembly, such as Trump or American First rallies, and limit gun rights, such as to pump stock rifles. Liberals expanded and protected our liberties. Progressive reduce and limit our liberties. As Progressive use more and more laws to limit our liberties, they have become totalitarians. Using world government globalist funding, Progressives have become controlling.  

The progressive democrats seem to want to be the sole power in the United States, and will use any device, such as illegal immigration to perfect that end.  Do the democrats desire to walk Trump supporters into the gas chambers? Makes you wonder, when you hear the vile parlance of street thugs. Achieving the "sole power" in California, democrat policies lead to high taxes, child indoctrination, poverty, homelessness, etc. People are leaving California in droves to escape from the totalitarian oppression coming out of Sacramento. Long term consequences will be devastating to California. 
The progressive democrats have effectively become the sole power in California, destroying democracy, opposition debate, and bipartisan compromise. 
The Democrat party has for all intents and purposes destroyed democracy in California turning California into what is effectively a totalitarian state, using methods similar to those used in Nazi Germany, including street violence, propaganda, pandering national socialism, voter fraud, and election rigging.  The Obama administration weaponized the IRS to go after political opponents. More and more revelations are surfacing how the CIA/FBI protected HRC from her crimes and concurrently weaponized the CIA/FBI to go after Trump's campaign and now his presidency with clear bias and propaganda. To further limit free speech, California would require rules on social media 'bots' under new legislation. Does anyone believe that Senator Bernie Sanders got a fair shake in the 2016 California primary? 

The progressive democrat party will eliminate their own to cement political power. In this case HRC "bought" the DNC and had the democrat party rigged the election nomination discriminating against Sanders, and, instigated a bogus Trump-Russia collusion story, a bogus obstruction change against Trump for firing Comey, a bogus impeachment effort for Trump not being a liberal, after weponizing the DOJ/CIA/FBI against Trump to sabotage his campaign and his presidency . Currently, the democrats in California are push college "safe spaces" isolating student from the full exposure of political perspectives, and are indoctrinating children in school, denying parental rights, with progressive transsexualism, which is akin to the indoctrination of the Hitler Youth. Hitler took control of the judiciary. The 9th circuit is full of ideologues who rule by ideological judicial fiat and by upholding the constitution, and thus the 9th circuit is over ruled on a regular basis, such as currently in immigration bans. The progressive democrats and become intolerant and violent against civil liberties attacking political figures and their supporters exercising free speech and right of assembly. Nazi Germany censored media content against anti-nazi commentary. Liberal Google, Facebook and Twitter are censoring and restricting conservative speech. The progressive democrats now seek more gun control. Germans were racists against Jews and Slavs. By allowing millions of Latinos through an open border, for cementing prospective political power, the demographics change against blacks, whites and Asians as a form inverse racism. The Third Reich persecuted Jews as the progressives are persecuting Christians and their moral code. The Third Reich despised communists as the progressive despise conservatives. 

So, the progressive democrats are engaged in 1) pushing national socialism, 2) backed by progressively liberal biased media, 3) backed by an Antifa street army denying people free speech and assembly, 4) eliminating political opposition both inter and intra party opponents, 5) indoctrinating our youth and college students, 6) court packing effectively through judicial fiat, 7) controlling gun use and gun prohibition, 8) violently reducing civil liberties, 9) religious persecution against Christians, 10) political persecution against conservatives, 11) racism against blacks, whites and Asians, 12) corporate media censorship of conservative, and 13) dominate California with political power, and thus have successfully effectively become the sole power in California destroying democracy. I do not suggest that the progressive democrats are as monstrous as the Third Reich, but there is a legitimate analogy to methods, practices and results, used to effectively become the sole political power in California.

   The Progressive Black Shirts         The Biased Main Stream Media

I disagree with national socialism and progressive democrat policies which have in fact hurt the working poor, isolating students in safe spaces and indoctrination children with life styles denying parental rights. Pandering national socialism creating moral hazards, embedding policies that destroy jobs for the working poor and indigents, denying free speech, and indoctrinating children, are wrong and immoral, and the progressive democrats should be ashamed of their political pandering, for party political power, effectively throwing the indigent, the working poor, parents, and students under the bus.

What on God's earth has happened to the old noble Democrat party and the Bay Area Liberals protecting individual civil liberties, rights and dignity? In a free speech democracy, there is no such thing as hate speech. Speech and Expression are protected liberties allowing all to just let it all hang out. In stead of hiding in university safe spaces, our young students should be vigorously engaging all political perspectives in search of the truth. The motto of the University of California is LET THERE BE LIGHT, but now evil forces are pervasive trying to dim the light of freedom and liberty. Referring to a man in a dress as a man, is not a crime, but the exercise of free speech, necessary in the public vortex of individual rights of expression. Political correctness limiting our free speech and forms of expression in liberties and freedoms is out of control suppressing desired communications. Let the scrutiny of the public vortex credit or discredit ideas, speech and forms of expression, so good ideas rise up and bad ideas fall to the ground. No one has the right to not be offended. If you disagree with another's free speech, then discredit that speech in the public vortex of debate. Trying to shut up political opposition through violence is horribly wrong. Limiting our liberties to pander for party political power is also horribly wrong. It is one very sad state of affairs when progressive democrats and students must be taught to relearn basic concepts of democracy and constitutional liberties. Oprah wants me dead. No matter how disgusting her rhetoric is, I will truly love her back, as that is what our lord Jesus Christ wants me to do. As a libertarian and a classic liberal, I will vehemently protect her absolute right of free speech and expression, no matter how vile, divisive, and disgusting it may be.  
 Triumph Of The Will
 National Socialist Convention

       Nazi Fascists                                             Controlling  Progressives
1) Pandering National Socialism                                Pandering National Socialism
2) News Media Propaganda                                      Main Stream Media Biased News
3) Brown Shirt Street Thugs                                      Antifa Black Shirt Street Thugs and Violence
4) Political Opponent Elimination                               Election Rigging, Bought DNC, CIA/FBI against Trump 
5) Indoctrination of the Hitler Youth                           University Safe Spaces and Public School Child Indoctrination
6) Suppression of the Judiciary                                9th Circuit and California Supreme Court Judicial Fiat
7) Confiscation Gun Control                                     Gun Control and Gun Ownership Prohibtion
8) Totalitarian Fascist Control                                   Assault on Free Speech and Assembly
9) Religious Persecution of Jews                              Religious Discrimination against Christians
10) Political Persecution of Communists                   Political Discrimination against Conservatives
11) Racism against Jews and Slavs                          Racism against Blacks, Whites and Asians
12) Fascist censorship of the media                         Google, Facebook, Twitter censorship of Conservatives 
13) Sole Political Power                                            California Overwhelming Political Control