One Nation Under God

Atheists need an Attitude Adjustment

To my atheist and agnostic friends, please take a moment and consider your relation to those of faith. Of the major faiths on earth, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islamism, and Hinduism, Atheists are a minority. In the USA we have separation of church and state, for many good reasons. Though I may be a Christian, it is unamerican to impose my moral code and religious teachings upon my fellow citizens, so that my fellow citizens do not impose their moral code and religious teachings on me. The founding father were very smart is establishing freedom of religion and separation of church and state, so that, we as Americans could live together in peace and harmony. These founding father principles serve the country as a whole very well and have done so for 250 years. We have been blessed by our founding fathers and our national birth rights.

Another thing that our glorious and insightful founding fathers did was set up a REPUBLIC of sovereign state, vesting in the many states right to social engineer as the local community voters deem fit. If my city of Laguna Beach voters may erect a cross honoring Jesus, or a same sex statue honoring gays, or a solar system honoring atheists, and so on, as they deem fit and should be permitted to do so, without ranker and violence. It is not the federal government business to dictate to states and local communities on how to conduct their local constitutional vested rights. There is unfortunately much ill will across the land because people, with fervent views, want all according to their self-centered views, contrary to our freedoms as a people under our constitutional and founding father principles, wrongfully attempting to deny others personal liberties and freedoms from government.

Many atheists and agnostics object to the pledge of allegiance because of the relatively harmless phrase "One Nation Under God". Atheists, in their self-centered view, take this to strictly mean a God of creationism. There are many Gods worshiped about the globe, and no one has the exclusive right to the term or to interpret what "God" means. The question becomes which "GOD" does the that phrase mean. The answer lies in the heart of one repeating that phrase. To satanist, the word "God" means the devil himself, to Pegan Druids it means a collection of deities, to the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, it means a collection of Gods. The phase "God" can mean whatever the speaker wishes it to mean in their hearts according to their beliefs and practices. Since the word "God" is but a word, meaning anything to any person, as that person decides for his individual self, atheists may define "God" as used in the pledge of allegiance as they deem fit. Likewise, in public prayer, you can interpret the words as each individual deems fit. It is merely an attitude adjustment, and no more.

My fellow Atheists, Mother Nature is your God, and the Physic Book is your bible. With that definition in your hearts, you can join all of Americans, in proudly saying, "One Nation Under God". You need not waste your treasure in the courts. You need not spill your contempt at your fellow countrymen. You can join all of us Americans in proudly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and we as a proud country, respecting all "faiths", can move forward, without discourse and conflict. Will you not join me, for a better inclusive America?

Pledge of Allegiance

Progressives belittling FAITH

GO BEARS! but the progressives are more than counter productive. Here is why. So, Im 19 yo, in the Cal Berkeley labs, diffusing my first piece of silicon, 1974, silver was vaporized, no not on the crimex, but in the bowels of that Marxist-Lenenist "Zoo", patterned metals runs disposed over a MOSFET, and it actually had a gain, greater than one. It was easy. I started feeling like a GOD, the brain, ITS ALIVE, ITS ALIVE!!! Jump back to 1968, uncle regularly picking up, to go to church. The indoctrination had its affects. There was good news for modern man. But it was the zoo, that cemented faith. Fast Forward, 1976, two bro's and I cruising to Mammoth on a snow bunny run, Im in the back, a PhD in physics shotgun, my high school bro driving. The PhD guy goes, Derrick do you honestly believe that Christ rose from the dead. It was one of those infinitely long, awkward silences, the driver quiet, waiting in suspense. The answer rang out, loud and clear. YES The driver, followed exclaiming. YES! When I started realizing the scope of the universe, at the zoo, it was humbling, the miracle before our telescopic eyes, the product of "something". Physics is based on the physical world, the calculus. Religion is based on faith. You cant prove it. You cant touch it. Its a freakin head trip.

I am a sinner. Who would have ever guessed. Hanging up the Christmas lights this year, a neighbor saw me, and asked. Derrick, I thought you were not religious. I go, you cant be a real sinner, unless you are religious. I do not know why, a wretch like me, would be so blessed. I walk with the lord, pray every day, in my own way. Who would have thunk it. But I tell you all, there is glow inside, the spirit working me, a spark of happiness, ever lasting, and why me o'lord, why me?

I do not demean the unbelievers. I pray for them. They are missing it, in my view. I do not condemn their non-belief, though I question, why they would not want to promote healthy life styles, why THEY would demean a belief system that has good teachings on how we should relate to others, give to needy, help thy neighbor, not covet thy neighbor's wife, dont corn-hole your bro, be honest, dont lie, etc. It seems to me, WE ALL CAN AGREE, by and large, these teachings are inherently good for any society, and should not be callously demeaned, even if based upon ancient teachings, and the incalculable. The religious core, coupled with the nuclear family, providing the next generation, of morally strong tax-paying citizens, I think should be encouraged by all, notwithstanding a basis upon a pillar of faith. I walk in happiness and am kind to others, and that is a good thing.

The progressives of course want to destroy the focus of religion, to worship the DC marble statues, the false prophets in DC, saying its Christian to pay taxes, the collective tax receipts being acceptable tithing credits. There is block in our society, purposefully destroying faith, so that we instead, place our faith in kings and princes, and many an unbeliever jumps on the band wagon to bash those of faith. Evil is everywhere. It has been our devils and angles inside, that has made us, as a whole, a strong people. Rather than demean and imprison our devils and angles, the innate global human driver, as is the want of the progressives, if truly interested in helping our society, they should promote faith, unleashing the angles, within us all. No one has to believe. For me, it just simply works, and for society, it just simply works. And from a practical perspective, it should be respected, and not belittled.

Babies are born Naive

I saw a post on an atheist  Facebook, that read, "I was born an atheist but someone lied to me". Its clear, plain and concise, and started me thinking. As to the lie, that is an opinion, as atheist can not, and never will explain why they exist, why anything exists, why we and this universe are here, why there is no measure of the beginning or the ending. Man is inherently naive to explain logically why there is reality. Thus, atheists and believers are, from a physical scientific perspective naive. Faith is not based on the physical scientific perspective, as the wonder of reality and existence can never be explained scientifically. The aforementioned statement should be rewritten as more precisely as "I was born an atheist and can not and never will be able to explain scientifically why I and all of us exist". Since existence can not be explained scientifically, the ONLY plausible answer for existence is divinity. Atheists can not possibly explain, the beginning of time, existence, or eternity. 

Many Atheists are moral people, in the sense that they obey laws, live what believers would call a moral life style, free of adultery, free of corruption, free of what believers would assert as decadent sin, save only believing in divinity, and this moral life style is a good thing. But how, may I ask, did that good thing come about? By and large, we humans are not dogs, and have self dignity and self respect, and dont usually fornicate in the streets, steal from others, though many in our society are losing moral guidance, and engage in what believers would characterized as decadent behavior. About 5000 years ago, as man was looking up at the stars and pondering the universe and self existence, came the great religions, to provide man the answers, to save his doomed physical life, to provide moral guidance, to maintain strong prosperous procreating societies. Unless there are socially imposed restraints, babies would not normally mature into moral beings, and would remain innately dogs. The morality by which moral atheists conduct themselves, by and larges, find its origins in the great religions, and such morality is adopted by atheists, in large measures. Atheists should not belittle those of faith, for it was faith that has maintained a sense of morality during the ascent of man. While atheists may not believe in divinity, the great religions upon which divinity is based has directly given to them and society as a whole, moral guidance, and for that, the atheists should exclaim, THANK GOD.     

Acapella Doxology

Religion and Government

There are many who profess to being believers. I personally believe in playing remote control car toys with my two young boys, so, I guess I am also a believer. What is suspected is that there are many vicious intolerant people who engage in lawlessness and seek to physically harm others, and particularly American Christians and their symbols of faith. The question is, which is worse, the vicious intolerance exhibited or the cowardice displayed in fear. Under my vision of restoring the Republic, for which the US flag should stand, the federal police state would be directed towards those exhibiting actionable vicious intolerance rather than the cowards living in fear. Federal Congress can decide to accept or reject any offered symbol on federal lands by majority vote or a super majority of votes for its removal after acceptance or after being put in place. The state legislatures can decide to accept or reject any offered symbol on state lands by majority vote and super majority vote for its removal after acceptance of after being put in place. The removal of such so-called religious symbols should not be taken lightly, for the six religious groups teach moral codes of living, and as such, by and large, help the people to stay on an honest and moral path for the good of nation and the many states. The many states of the republic have jurisdiction over family issues. There is a legitimate state interest in preserving the status of marriage between a man and woman, a special contract, so as to procreate the next generation of tax payers. Freedom of contract allows any couple to cohabit without police supervision of the bedroom, to allow any couple to share alike, and as such, is enforceable. The gay marriage issue is simply silly, at best. A state court certified contract between any two same sex people to live the rest of their lives together and share, equate to a civil union subject to state rights of equal protection. Anyone of these two people could have custody of a minor child which goes to benefit of that child to live with one gay parent or one heterosexual parent that can be at issue, as would be spousal support and distribution of community property, where lawyers can earn an honest pay. The only legitimate state interests is that children must not become public charges and the upholding of contracts, and as such, child support for any child should be a fixed amount determined by the state legislatures, as the states would so choose, where the lawyers stay out of family destruction by instigating yet more combat between spouses and the consequential deleterious affect upon children, but lawyers can help determining the division of community property and the amount and length of spousal support. 

The Lords Prayer