Liberty and Freedom Objectives

Libereen Major Objectives

You re a Grand Old Flag

Please kindly support this noble effort. I do not seek to cement political power, obtain riches, build a library, or obtain self glorification, but merely serve. And I most assuredly will deliver these promises to the USA and Americans, provided of course, I dont get myself assassinated by the banking elite. Please ponder this question: Upon what legislative and constitutional grounds did President A. Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclamation?

The reorientation of the USA in its major aspects is for: 1) the states to use property taxes to care of local residents, mostly including safety nets for seniors, disabled, unemployed, providing minimally low cost law-suit immunized kitchens, clinics and shelters, with state licensed chartered banks and state police for intrastate crimes; and, 2) the federal to use national sales taxes, collected by the states and monitored by the IRS, mostly for legitimate federal concerns, such as, defense and intrastate commerce maintenance including green peace, alternative energies, border control, food production, research grants, infrastructure, and communications, and for policing interstate and international banking fraud, smuggling, and terrorism.

(It may be more suitable that the states have a singular sales tax, consistent with the federal revenue tax, for minimizing logistics, placing the states in collection of a federal portion for contribution to the federal government, and this would reduce the inherent problems associated with the consequences of high property taxes, for having only one tax that is consistent nation wide, simplistic, and least oppressive.)

States may only property tax in rem property, mostly used to support state safety nets, and thus tax money is return to citizens of the states, thereby placing foreign held property at a disadvantage to foreigners, tending to keep America owned by Americans. Abolishing income, inheritance, corporate, capital gain taxes, frees the people and economy but with a federal sales tax, only sellers file tax returns for gross sales. There should be no sales tax on food, gasoline, or firearms. There should no export of bullion, gasoline, oil, or food. The FED should be nationalized. All federal social programs should be abolished along with most federal federal social departments. The federal government should pay off Social Security net contributions as main street QE. The federal government should pay off all student loans as main street QE. The federal government should pay off or discount and resell to private banks all freddy and fanny home loans as main street QE. The federal government will assist the states with establishing sufficient safety nets for limited time. Only state in rem chartered banks can have loans on real property within the respective states to ensure state sovereignty. The FDIC will be abolished, and the states may provide deposit insurance using in rem chartered banks having Glass–Steagall style protections. No entity may have mortgage interest in real property except through a state chartered bank. The US government can seize any interstate insolvent bank bankrupted for reselling bank units and assets of failed banks sold to state chartered banks. Under interstate commerce clause and federal plenary power, states may not suspend driver's licenses, professional licenses and other state licenses and permits, for unrelated debts, such as student loans, child support, and tax property arrears. The US can not withhold US passports except for preventing criminal escapes from US justice.

Justifications: Emergency power to preserve the union, to recover from insolvency, to recover from unconstitutional judicial fiat, to recover from unconstitutional congressional legislation, to preserve domestic tranquility, to restore the constitution, to restore the republic, and restore personal liberties and freedoms from government to the citizens of the USA.

Star Spangled Banner

Pledge of Allegiance


Executive powers to preserve the union, to recover from insolvency, to recover from unconstitutional judicial fiat, to recover from unconstitutional congressional legislation, to preserve domestic tranquility, to restore the constitution, to restore the republic, and restore personal liberties and freedoms from government to the citizens of the USA.

Hail to the Chief

Libereen Reactionary Objectives

1) Resolve the immigration problem by closing the border to illegal immigration, enabling federal registration of illegal immigrants, with paths to citizenship as law abiding temporary residences, and then restrict immigration from countries by equal numbers of illegal immigrants who stay in the United States, as a fair and just solution, while forcibly deporting all illegal immigrants who do not register with the federal government providing federal identifications and permanent visas or violent illegal criminals, for reducing racial conflicts within the borders of the USA, while encouraging assimilation into Americana.
2) Nationalize the FED, the Federal Reserve System, as the Federal Reserve Bank of the Department of the Treasury, to eliminate undue influence over the US Government and eliminate massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the top one percent, to eliminate continued destruction of our money supply, and to eliminate inflationary taxation without representation, to restore honest money and honest markets.
3) Deploy EPA officials and US military into areas of mass toxic devastation to stop massive unspeakable destruction of wild areas. forests, wetlands and preserves to prevent catastrophic ruination of continental US lands, and diligently protect America the Beautiful for generations to come, creating the "Green Corps" to employ the unemployed in vital federal interests in cleaning up environment, rather than just handing out to unemployed, while our lands are abused. Federal sales tax can be adjusted state by state to pay for federal clean up of state lands abused by state businesses enabled by state governments and state peoples as fair means to defray federal expenditures for cleaning up state lands, thereby breaking positive feedback between stock holders and toxic dumping, to negative feedback to reduce corporate defiling of beautiful lands and waters.
4) Abolish Income Taxes, eliminate the national debt, Abolish Income Tax Filings, Obamacare and unnecessary federal mandates. Render the IRS incapable of targeting political enemies of the administration by down sizing the IRS and limiting tax collection to simple federal sales-revenue tax computation and collection. Accounting should be honest subject to federal fraud claims for false financial reporting, by using conventional GAAP accounting with mark-to-market rather than adjusted GAAP accounting using mark-to-fantasy, to prevent fraud upon the investing public and to render accounting books honest.  
5) Change federal tax collection only on consumptive sales taxes, while under plenary power, restrict states to only in rem property taxes, as a permanent bi-taxation mutually exclusive regime to further minimal state and federal taxation, and in so doing, use the federal power of taxation on consumption to reduce depletion of natural resources for improved green peace.
6) Acquire federal market interest in major US producing bullion mines with adequate compensation for securing bullion supplies to enable the switch from FRNs to constitutional money in circulation.
7) Increase Eagle coinage US Mint production to fuel the economy, using specially designed mint tooling to accommodate a switch from FRN irredeemable ponzi coupons and US fake coin tokens back to real money in circulation and Treasury certificates fully allocated to real bullion stored in the Federal Reserve BANK of the US department of treasury.
8) Abolish national bond issuance, with balanced budgets at the federal level and allow federal bankruptcies on state bond defaults.
9) Limit federal court jurisdiction, excluding medical malpractice claims, for reducing health care costs and federal court lotto games.
10) Encourage immunization of all licensed doctors from malpractice suits at the federal level.
11) Abolish all income and payroll taxes and other state and federal takings between employer and employee to fuel economic expansion within a Federal and State mutually exclusive taxation regime, promoting green peace through the power of the US economy and a supporting federal-state tax regime.
12) Abolish all federal social programs and return them to the states under a republic of states, and encourage at least minimal state safety nets including at a minimum clinics, shelters and kitchens.
13) Limit federal gun licensing laws and fully support the second amendment to protect citizens' freedom from government.
14) Encourage death penalty executions for Murder, Rape, Arson, Bank Robbery and Child Predation.
15) Encourage the execution of repeat violent criminals, in the public square, to teach our children there are consequences to repeated violent armed crimes.
16) Implement bi-currency FRN or Au-Ag legal tender laws during a transition period back to real money in circulation.
17) Seek the presidential line item veto.
18) Abolish deficit spending at the federal level and enforce balanced international trade settlements. The trade deficits have destroyed the US manufacturing base and has decimated the middle class, as good jobs are diminished replaced by low end service jobs. 
19) Encourage federal jobs serving vital federal interests, particularly for the habitually unemployed and the poor, improving race relations in the USA.
20) Encourage hard labor imprisonment on hardened criminals, and yet offer a rehabilitation path to prisoners through membership through work release into the Green Corps and US Army, for instilling pride in America, self respect, work ethic to depopulation the prison system while benefiting America.
21) Abolish all direct federal campaign funding from corporations to personal political office campaigns, allowing corporations to fund and contribute to PACs and Lobbyists.
22) Order the US Army to control the southern borders to stop invasion of illegal immigration, while concurrently solving the immigration problem.
23) Seek work renewable six month visas for migrant workers.
24) Encourage citizenship of illegal immigrants who have been in the US for years and who are not violent criminals.
25) Reduce federal subsidies not serving vital federal interests, and reduce where practicable federal regulations.
26) Encourage gays to respect parental rights to raise their children without indoctrinations by the gay community.
27) Encourage the execution of child sex predators.
28) Encourage states authorization of after hour volunteer faith base services in public buildings and facilities as the state voters deem fit.
29) Encourage child school room participation in the national anthem and national pledge of allegiance.
30) Encourage state control over social engineering to the extent that state voters deem fit.
31) Encourage state control over public faith base monuments to the extent that state voters deem fit.
32) Encourage state control over gay civil unions as state enforceable contracts in state courts as the state voters deem fit.
33) Restrict federal equal protection to Race, Gender, Origin, and Creed, allowing the states to extend equal protection as the state voters deem fit.
34) Resolve the abortion issue by protecting gender equal protection during the 1st trimester and by protecting equal protection of viable human beings during the 3rd trimester, allowing the states to control abortions during the 2nd trimester, while abolishing all federal abortion support.
35) Restrict Federal intervention into the bedroom between consenting adults.
36) Instill pride in America and respect from abroad using noble international diplomacy, destroying international terrorism using smart stand off weapon to the extent necessary to defend the USA homeland from terror strikes, without foreign land invasions, while protecting international sea lanes for commerce, while permitting foreign countries to develop their own cultures and democracies without undue US diplomatic and military interventions.
37) Smartly resolve the Iran problem through brokered diplomacy.
38) Improve foreign relations, particularly with Russia and China, resolving the rebellion in Ukraine without a NATO-Russian proxy war, and further fair international money flows, currency swaps, currency swap facilities, and international trade settlements, without asymmetric economic sanctions.
39) Prevent National Socialism from turning into Totalitarian Fascism as did the Third Reich.
40) Prevent National Socialism from turning into Collective Communism as did the Soviet Empire.

Yankee Doodle

Battle of New Orleans

The Declaration of Independence

Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln

Battle Hymn of Republic

Comprehensive Plan

There are many other actions that would be taken as a comprehensive plan for reorienting America back to personal liberties and freedoms from government consistent with the US Constitution and founding father principles. Fortunately, I am a work alcoholic, who can focus intensely, size up people and delegate responsibilities, being highly motivated, being inherently a problem solver, with the right skill set and psychological profile necessary, while having no interest in habitual golf games and campaign rallies, and will get it all done, and rapidly so. I have no desire to work in a think tank or in the bowels of a political organization. I have no desire to accumulate riches or be a career politicians, but if the country wants an incorruptible commander, a leader, a take charge and get it done type, and wants to recapture our founding father principles, our republic, our national birth rights, Im your guy.

Generally Stated, the major reforms justifying a project engineering approach are:

1) Nationalizing the Federal Reserve System under the Department of the Treasury.
2) Converting legal tender in circulation from Fiat Currency to Real Money.
3) Transferring the Federal Welfare State to the States of the Republic.
4) Reorganizing the Administration to Vice President, Chief of Staff, and Departments
5) Modifying the IRS code from Income taxes to sales taxes and corporate revenue.
6) Balancing international Free and Fair trade through the Import-Export Bank and Customs.
7) Resolving the immigration problem fairly with a closed southern border.
8) Establishing state charter banks having direct from the New Federal Reserve Bank.
9) Empowering state charter banks to support State robust safety nets for state citizens.
10) Empowering the states to collect state property taxes and federal sales taxes
11) Creating the Green Corps for empowering citizens to maintain the environment.
12) Rehabilitating prisoners using the Green Corps, Peace Corps and US Army.
13) Transferring federal student loans under the Department of Education to the States. 
14) Transferring federal home mortgages under Fanny and Freddie to State Charter Banks. 
15) Transferring federal small business loans to State Charter Banks. 

Project Engineering Government Reforms

To right the ship of state, the highest level of government functions, need to first get it right. Currently, loose cannons rule the roost, and so, what do you all expect? Come on folks, chop down them trees, viciously too, confliction running wild, and make as big a mess as you have done.

One should obtain an understanding the whole. The failures of Democrats, Republicans, and others, including Riflemen, Bugs, Spiritualists, Atheists,  Occupiers, Libertarians, American-Centric Electorate, Freedom Lovers, Totalitarians, Kenyesians, Austrians, etc, are perpetual, all being centered and playing their cards with MOPEd perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures, failing to comprehend the whole, with those MOPEd perspectives, where greed (Self Interests) and charity (Mutual Interests) are the real personal and global drivers. When taught and understood, powerful political forces can unite them all for humanity's continued ascent, with sought after solutions, and, couched in plain language constitutional terms, for the object at hand.

High order project engineering sets forth the trade offs in articulated terms, and then lets the tree choppers have at it, knowing that the close loop system will eventually work magic to align the tree choppers to right directions generally with maximal prosperity during the ascent of human kind. But Im still having trouble figuring out the price of tomatoes. It must be COMEX naked short selling and rigging price manipulations, preventing real price discovery.

Fight and Flight, concurrently is being aware of aggregate global perspectives, political parties and member personal skulls, experiencing cross currents and eddies, that translates generally into Freedom Lovers and Totalitarians. So, ying and yang have the system locked up as opposed by freedom lovers, which side are you really on, at this time, during the ascent of man?

In developing a precise executable battle plan, project engineering is the tool best suited. To perfect substantial sustainable reforms and plan and execution method must be devised. Project Engineering is used for substantial changes where as advisory panel discussion and meeting are used of insubstantial changes. Project engineering is a top down process, and is cook book engineering, really, if one understand it, but many don't, and so, many are clueless, but hope that writing about it now will help for interested. The function of project engineering is a simply defining a project. It is easy for one skilled in five area as a so-called "five hatter", if one can cross dimension in light speed between five skills, but unidimensional skills is just fine for comprehension of project engineering. We are all going develop a battle plan for the proposed action. The project engineer, yours truly, take various visions, and plans to kill the JPM target, which the proximal objective, the project engineer reviews the objective and various visions and then first determines what are the major obstacles to that objective with those visions and works them out tentatively. 

Stonewall Jackson Gods and Generals

The Bonnie Blue Flag Gods and Generals

Defiance Of The Tyranny

The project engineer designates system engineers, which in context at hand, are those familiar with administration and legislative functions, who will work with advisers who will work administrators to suggest changes in law and proposed legislation for congression adoption. And thus, one has a top down approach, which is a three major tier command and control of the administration. The project engineer does not now address nuts and bolts, but rather, focuses on the big problems likely encountered, and here, there are many big problems. Big problems are resolved by project teams. Small problems are resolved by advisory meetings. 


NASA Endeavour Space Shuttle

                                             ALL SYSTEMS ARE A GO!

God Bless America

None of LIB, REP or DEM candidates know how to fix systemic US problems. Repetitive platitudes, proposed band aids, pander and slip service will not fix systemic problems of the US and the federal government. Most politicians are focused on a couple of issues and do not view the comprehensive whole, and thus do not come close to understanding the integrated complex whole, the problems and the solutions. So called solutions offered by conventional political candidates are from various limited perspectives. The Libereen perspective is restoring the complex whole by restoring the Constitution to bring back personal liberties and freedoms from government, and by restoring economic growth and from that bring back peace and prosperity. The Libereens are proposing a major reformation of the US Government, back to Constitution and founding father principles. These changes will be rapidly implemented like a stream of impulse functions hitting an interconnected network of economic social subsystems throughout the country, that will causes resonances with tendencies to become unstable during transitory periods but carefully manipulated during critically damped oscillations. So, imagine a stream of presidential originating impulse excitations hitting a nested closed loop subsystems, as a model for the entire US economic social complex, rendering many aspects of the US society initially excited and possible leading to unstable operation, yet with purpose and a multiple of subtle on going adjustments to seamlessly transit these transitory periods, during a rebirth of Constitution and Republic under Constitution. 

Big changes cause excitations to economic and social subsystems. The presidential administration primary task at hand is not so much restoring the constitution and republic, as that is the easy part, but providing short term collateral social and market influences, during these transitory periods, to minimize perturbation shocks to the economy and social fabric of the nation, to provide smooth transitions and reduced dislocations. As there would be many concurrent parallel excitations, that are major changes to the US Government, its would be like juggling many balls in the air at one time, to keep the US economic and social subsystems running smoothly to prevent severe dislocations and perturbation shocks. That is where the real work is to be had, and this requires administration command and control with many operational teams tied together under a unified command and control authority of the president. It can not be done any other way. So, there are big plans for recapturing our Constitution and Republic that will necessary cause big excitations, and shocks to the economic and social fabric of the country. The possessed skills includes managing dozens of operation teams in the administration, respectively targeted to respective aspects of our society under excitations, for providing damping influences for seamless transitions and the smooth continuous real-time running of our society. Generally, these big plans will be executed through the administration, in close cooperation and transparency to the congress, and thus the people, and executed through hierarchical command structures of the administration with organized operational teams disposed within the administration, generally using time-line conventional project engineering methodology. Restoring the Constitution, Republic and Economic Prosperity can be done, done quick, with concurrent real-time fine tuning and damping for minimal disruptions to the country. It can and well be done. 

Federal Government Hierarchies

Efficiency is derived from organization and delegation for optimizing performance and perfecting command and control. These two optimizations are best perfected in hierarchical command structures. Where life and death are on the line, military science teaches hierarchical organization for command and control. Two branches of government are well suited for hierarchical organization, and they are the Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch. For optimization, these two branches of government should be, and generally are maintained within a hierarchical structure. The Executive Branch of Government is by name and organization, Out of Control. The Federal Court system has that inherent hierarchical structure. Supreme Court, Circuit Court, District Court. All Courts of the Judicial Branch should fit within this judicial hierarchy. The legislative branch is not a command and control systems, but rather bodies for debate and discussion, with members having votes.  

An ideal executive branch hierarchy includes the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, NSC, with logistics officers to the President; Secretaries of Departments, comprising of Agencies, Offices, Commissions, Administrations, Corporations; Directors of Agencies, comprising of Offices, Commissions, Administrations, Corporations; Generals of Offices, Chairmen of Commissions; Administrators of Administrations, and Officers of Corporations

All names and functions at the Federal should have this hierarchy, and none other. Thus, the name of US Attorney General, should be changed to The Secretary of the Justice Department. That might sound odd to some at first because of historical usage, but running a large organization requires simplicity, consistency and uniformity. For maximal efficiency, names and structures of the Federal Government could be changed, and organized accordingly. A created head of Department of Intelligence Collection, comprising CIA, NSA, DIA, INR. FBI and FEMA functions can be moved to DHS. Office of Manage and Budget could be move to the Department of Treasury. The Federal Reserve System should be nationalized as the Federal Reserve Bank, and placed in the Department of the Treasury.

An administration with oppositions can be disposed for improved operations. For Examples: Green Peace: EPA, Dept of Energy, Dept of Interior; Tea Party and Blue Dogs: Dept of Treasury and IRS and Federal Reserve Bank; NRA: Dept of Homeland Security, FBI, FEMA; Libertarians: President Vice President Dept of Justice, National Service Council; Democrats: Dept of Housing, Dept of Education, Dept of State, Office of Management and Budgets; Republicans: Dept of Commerce, Depart of Labor, Dept of Transportation, Dept of Intelligence Collection; Monetarists: US Mint, Commodities Future Trading Commission; Wall Street Occupiers: Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve Chairman, and Independents: Dept of Veterans Administration, Dept of Defense. 

Right to Work

Many states use totalitarian controls over their citizens to perfect payment of debt obligations. Professional licenses and driver licenses are often suspended to encourage payment of debts. This is inherently foolish, and one must normally use their professional skills and transportation to earn income to pay debts, and thus such state actions are inherently counter productive. 

Thus, through federal commerce plenary power of congress, a Right to Work bill should be passed that prohibits states from suspending professional licenses, except for misconduct related thereto, and from suspending driver licenses, except for misconduct related thereto. Passport restrictions are suitable to prevent flight with wealth when debt obligations are present, when there is present a court determined factual finding of likelihood of flight. States can seize assets for debts when assets are found to secure repayment of debts. Federal passport restrictions are suitable for perfecting the collection of tax obligations due, but with a federal sales-tax and corporate revenue tax, a pay and forget tax system, federal tax obligations for the 99% should be little and thus this federal passport restriction would inherently have little effect, on those wishing to travel abroad to perfect business. Thus, prohibitions for blocking professional licenses, driver licenses, and passports for unrelated acts and debts, would provide increased freedom and liberty from government and provide increase abilities to work and earn income as an inherent right of all citizen, to acquire assets to pay debts. 

All taxes, except for in-rem state property taxes, and federal sales and revenue taxes, will be abolished, so that, there shall be no takings by government from paychecks between employers and employees and between contractors and contractees, so that business and the economy is not burdened by governmental enforced takings. State and Federal governments, through courts and agencies can seize assets when found and issue court orders to pay as desired. No person shall be imprisoned for failure to pay a debt, even if in contempt of a court order to pay. The USA has been slowly, under governmental totalitarian control, implementing debtor prisons, and this will be explicitly prohibited nation wide by congressional acts. 

Flat Tax

The Tea Party stands for reduced oppression from the Federal Government, specifically reduced taxes, which is the power to destroy. Tax reduction is always subject to political pandering, such as Trump with his proposed reduced taxes for low income tax payer, but that is just simple pandering, as any modern politician does. In American politics, the winner is who best can pander the most, backed up with TV Ads, to "get the message out" even if a meaningless message, as long as it panders the voters, pushing hot buttons, to "rally the bases". Thus, the corrupt nature of modern American electioneering. The pander is of course just one means of mind control.

The Flat tax is characterized as 1) Mark-to-Fantasy, 2) Incentives and Control, 3) Invasion of privacy, 4) legions of tax agents and attorney, 5) subsidy and market distortions. The Flat tax does not fix the tax systems are its nefarious uses. Those who pander a Flat Tax, or a one penny solution, apparently, have no clue that the main issue is insolvency not budgetary, by applying 20th century methods to 21st century problem. 

The Flat tax is now the rage, but it is truly a half measure, as the Tea Party seeks to reduce oppression. Yes, those who propose a flat tax are all wrong, of course, if oppression is truly what they seek to reduce. The flat tax implies a fix percentage of net income, which means that accounting trickery is in play, such as Mark-to-Fantasy, and respecting expenses, deductions, depreciation, amortization, and such like. If you say a fixed sales tax, that simply targets "revenues", then you avoid the trickery of accountants and lawyers, and prevent the invasion into private accounting books, thereby making the system easy to understand, comprehend, and execute, with far less intrusion and far less expensive to implement. Secondly, unless the sale tax is party of a comprehensive solution, it standing alone does not prevent wealth transfer from the people to government and from the 99% to the top 1% through the use of fiat currency, QE and ZIRP. For the people and corporations, a sales-revenue tax is a simple, buy and forget process, or tax payment based on corporate revenue. Its simple and easy, but must also be done in combination with eliminating fiat currency and its wealth transfer, a hidden tax without representation used to sustain corruption in DC. I am the only candidate proposing a national "sales tax" as the ultimate tea party candidate, in combination with other solutions to make the tax reduction and simplicity real to all Americans. I request all true tea partiers to support my run for the White House.

Proposed Platform



As Libertarians, we seek a nation of maximum liberty and freedom from minimum government; a nation in which all individuals have maximized liberties and freedoms to conduct their own lives as individually desired.

We believe that respect for individual rights, personal liberties, and personal freedoms are essential for a tolerant, civil, peaceful, and prosperous nation, and, that only through maximum liberties of rights protected by government and maximum freedoms of conduct permitted by government, can constitutional domestic tranquility and prosperity be fully realized and enjoyed by all citizens.

Consequently, we promote individual rights to engage in activity that is peaceful, tolerant, and respectful to others. We seek a nation where individuals are at liberty with freedoms to conduct themselves in their own ways, free from oppressive restrictions by and unreasonable interference from government upon individual peaceful, tolerant, and respectful conduct.

We Libertarians oppose oppressive and unreasonable government controls, laws, mandates and regulations that diminish individual liberties and freedoms. We believe that all individuals have the right to exercise their liberties and freedoms as they choose free from oppressive and unreasonable controls, laws, mandates, and regulations by Government. We Libertarians promote minimum government, maximum freedom, economic prosperity, and global peace. 

WHEREFORE, NOW COMES, the Libertarian Party seeking to: restore and maximize individual liberties and freedoms from government; restore the Constitution, the Republic and The Rule of Law; restore and maximize economic prosperity; and promote global peace, by adopting the following platform articles of MINIMUM GOVERNMENT, MAXIMUM FREEDOM, ECONOMIC PROSPERITY, and GLOBAL PEACE, each of which articles having a plurality of clauses for perfecting the same. 

Article 1, MINIMUM GOVERNMENT. We Libertarians oppose:

1a) federal totalitarianism and concentrated political power;
1b) invasions of privacy and natural rights by government; 
1c) unreasonable restrictions on individual conduct;
1d) oppressive and unnecessary government functions; 
1e) judicial fiat concentrating federal totalitarianism; 
1f) oligarchical monetary fascist corruption of government;
1g) an unlimited totalitarian socialistic federal government;
1h) federal government by mandates and executive orders;
1i) an opaque government with limited transparency; 
1j) federal concentrated socialism and moral hazards thereof; 
1k) a multitude of federal and state taxes and takings;
1l) oppressive and intrusive federal and state taxation regimes; 
1m) federal and state insolvency and unlimited federal debt;
1n) habitual and systemic deficit federal and state spending; and 
1o) harboring second class residents and undocumented aliens. 

Article 2, MAXIMUM FREEDOM. We Libertarians support:

2a) maximum liberties and freedoms from Government;
2b) constitutional protected personal liberties;
2c) constitutional federal equal protections; 
2d) constitutional natural rights and freedoms; 
2e) tolerance and respect between all citizens; 
2f) freedom of association and contract; 
2g) freedom of speech and thought and creed;
2h) rights of privacy and to private property; 
2i) private communications confidentiality;
2j) the right to bare arms and self defense; 
2k) medical rights of privacy and confidentiality; 
2l) domestic tranquility and social harmony; 
2m) individual responsibility and work ethics; 
2n) a limited federal government protecting liberties;
2o) a republic of states having reserved powers;
2p) a republic of sovereign states of states rights; 
2q) the U.S.A. Constitution as written and amended;
2r) civil and honest electioneering and campaigning; 
2s) fair ballet access by all political parties;
2t) eliminating  systemic racism; 
2u) eliminating systemic sexism; and 
2v) depopulating prisons with offered rehabilitation; 

Article 3, ECONOMIC PROSPERITY. We Libertarians support:

3a) minimal state social safety nets for the disadvantaged;
3b) capitalism and price-discovery goods and services; 
3c) honest and fair price-discovery commercial markets; 
3d) real honest money in circulation, free from debasement;
3e) balanced and fair international trade and commerce;
3f) maximized labor participation rates and full employment; 
3g) competitive international money transfer systems;
3h) competitive international and domestic commerce and trade;
3i) an economically dominant middle class and robust economy;
3j) a wealth creation manufacturing base and rights to work;
3k) dominate private sector economy and commercial activity;
3l) simplified and minimal federal and state taxation;
3m) American culture of liberty, democracy, and capitalism; 
3n) lawful immigration with paths to citizenship;
3o) lawful immigrant assimilation into domestic culture; 
3p) green peace, conservation and biological reserves;
3q) free market education and state managed education; 
3r) a sound national infrastructure for the common good; and
3s) cost-effective low-cost state medical clinics.

Article 4, GLOBAL PEACE. We Libertarians oppose:

4a) unnecessary global military interventions and wars; 
4b) presidential unilateral military interventions and wars;
4c) unlimited and unnecessary military expenditures; 
4d) military interventions unnecessary to national defense;
4e) unnecessary military confrontations, wars, and destruction; 
4f) military domination of the world by the U.S.A. armed forces; 
4g) oligarchical undue influence over federal foreign policy; 
4h) ignoble foreign policy driven by fascist commercial greed; and
4i) international and domestic terrorism and military aggression;


Presidential Pledge


My fellow Americans, as 2016 President, I PLEDGE to:

* Eliminate the National Debt and Federal Insolvency;
* Eliminate Illegal Immigration and Undocumented Residents;
* Eliminate Undue Influence over Governmental Functions;
* Eliminate Federal Income Taxes and FED Wealth Transfers;
* Eliminate Federal Fiscal Deficits and Federal Socialism;
* Restore Noble Peaceful Foreign Policy and Fair Trade;
* Restore Constitutional Honest Real Money in Circulation;
* Restore the Constitution, the Republic and the Rule of Law;
* Restore Constitutional Personal Liberties and Freedoms;
* Restore Peace ful US China Russian Foreign Relations;
* Restore Prosperity and Price-Discovery Commercial Markets;
* Restore Congressional Cooperation with the Administration;
* Restore Transparency over Administration Functions; and
* Restore our Pride in and the Image of being American.

Please kindly support this noble effort. I do not seek to cement political power, obtain riches, build a library, or obtain self glorification, but merely to serve God and Country.                                              
  Derrick Michael Reid

DMR President

Comprehensive Solution Set

S01) Nationalizing the Federal Reserve System (FED), preserving its market mechanics, as the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), under the Department of the Treasury, with congressional oversight, yet, ending systemic fascist corruption between government and banks, ending 100 years of currency debasement, ending wealth transfers from private sector to Government sector, ending wealth transfers from 99% of Americans to top 1% money elites, reducing income inequality through wealth transfers to the top 1%, ending Bond market manipulations, ending currency manipulations, ending stock market manipulations, ending targeting inflation theft of purchasing power, restoring Capitalism, restoring honest price-discovery commercial markets, for restoring domestic economic activity, for preventing enslavement of the people, and for increasing wages and economic vitality.    

S02) Eliminating the use of debt-base note currency as the medium of exchange, by reinstating constitution real honest money in circulation, free from currency debasement theft and wealth transfers, including the acquisition of necessary bullion stocks, and the use of universal minting for state and federal consistent national use and standards, the design of mint production lines necessary for such minting use has been complete, with the consistent use of FRB certificates for ease of wide spread circulation handling, and for compact storage in FRB regional district depositories. 

S03) Eliminating the national debt by phasing out debt-based fiat currency while reinstating constitutional real honest money in circulation. 

S04) Reducing the US military footprint about the globe, by friendly peaceful relations with Russia, China, and EU, for international dispute resolution reducing global wars, civilian destruction and unnecessary military intervention, while maintaining a strong and robust nation defense. 

S05) Eliminating all taxes except one national sales-revenue percentage tax and one state property tax, for simplicity in taxation, for providing voters with easy understandable choices between increase or decreases taxes and government services for close loop voter direct control of taxation and service levels, with the federal income tax phased out over a short term period for remedial purposes of gross income inequality over the last 100 years, so as to spur growth back into the decimated middle class and small business, this simplified tax system freeing Americans from oppressive tax regimes while significantly furthering green peace by effectively replacing income taxation with consumption taxation.  

S06) Downsizing the IRS to only a core function of monitoring large businesses and their respective sales-revenues, freeing Americans from oppressive taxation, intrusions into privacy, threats of imprisonments, tax filings, and the use of IRS auditing functions as a political tool. 

S07) Restricting the ESF and FOMC market interventions for restoring capitalism and honest and fair price-discovery commercial markets. 

S08) Restricting the BLS from propaganda and false statistics based upon fraudulent reporting and erroneous adjustments to national statistics and publications, by requiring BLS to issue only raw data without model adjustments, such as the business birth-death model, so that the BLS provides accurate data for public consumption rather than adjustment numbers that are inherently misleading, fraudulent and a propaganda tool by the administration.

S09) Downsizing the Department of Education by eliminating student loans and educational institution loans, through direct forgiveness, to delevage private debt, to jump start the economy, by restricting the Department of Education only to direct Student Scholarships and direct research grants to state educational colleges and universities, relating only to vital national interests, to support students and educational institutions, but without debt enslavement, the scholarships and grants limited by federal balanced budgets, for restoring the Republic. 

S10) Assisting the States in creating a network of in-rem state chartered banks, with conservative investing authorization to Glass-Steagall state controls, tied into the FRB for monetary assistance, for providing home loans, auto loans, student loans, and small business loans, for restoring the Republic, for assisting middle class America with banking and finance facilities free from major commercial bank Dodd-Frank takings, BAIL-INs and the gross speculation of private moneys, for the protection of middle and poor class America from the predatory nature of big banks and corporations, with personal accounts having access to private deposit insurance for eliminating the FDIC.  

S11) Assisting the States in creating a network of in-rem state medical clinics for providing low-cost cost-effective medical services to the poor and middle classes, free from medical malpractice claims, ending medical malpractice federal subject matter jurisdiction, and initially financed through proximal state chartered banks through the FRB for federal initial assistance, for restoring the Republic and providing wide spread medical services. 

S12) Creating a Green Corps as an irregular military formation, comprising military commanders, volunteer private citizens and volunteer prison inmates, for cleaning up toxic dumps and littering, for specie preservation, for nature conservation, for reforestation, for public parks rehabilitation, for preserving the environment, and for depopulating prisons through volunteer rehabilitating national work, for reducing sentences, and for cleaning up the environment through national conservation. 

S13) Downsizing the Department of Housing and Urban Development, through the elimination of Fanny and Freddy, for transferring mortgages to state charter banks, reducing mortgage amounts and interest rates in so doing, for deleveraging private debt, for generating economic growth, and by restricting the Department of Housing to monitoring unfair rental and mortgage practices, and promoting Public Housing Projects only when in the National vital interest.  

S14) Transferring the federal welfare social service complex to the states for restoring the Republic, ending federal sponsorship of systemic national-socialism, ending federal welfare fraud, ending the ruining peddling for moral hazards leading citizens into fraud and indignant life styles, by substitution with robust state safety nets, where senior, disabled, disadvantaged, and unemployed citizens can obtain state assistance through state-controlled  monetary disbursements through state charter banks, with reduced-cost access to state medical clinics, and with reduced state property taxes, as the individual states deem appropriate in regulating social issues and necessary safety nets, funded exclusively by state in-rem property taxes. 

S15) Eliminating from federal jurisdiction, provisions, and control of all social services and transferring them unto the states for restoring the Republic and state voter control of respective state social services, for enhancing liberties and freedoms from the federal government. 

S16) Instituting noble foreign policy, for preventing banking, finance, corporate and transnational control over foreign policy, for purposes of foreign market penetration, greed and profiteering, by firstly establishing limited set of Red-Lines, of 1) Attacks upon the US, 2) WMD use, 3) Genocide, 4) territorial imperialism, and secondly, but a Red Line violation, submit to the US Senate authorization to use Military Force or asymmetric economic warfare, to prevent unilateral Presidential war and military interventions in on going senate resolutions, to enable Americans to control the use of Armed Forces, through political pressure upon the elected senators. 

S17) Balancing international trade for preventing continued decimated of the domestic manufacturing base, preventing the suppression of low end wages, preventing market manipulations, preventing unfair international trade practices, for restoring domestic economic activity and revitalizing wealth-generating domestic manufacturing, for enhancing economic prosperity. 

S18) Ending Judicial Fiat by submitting impeachment articles to congress whenever the Supreme Court renders decisions contrary to the plain language, purpose, object, scope and spirit of the US Constitution, for ending legislation from the bench, for ending political and ideological decisions, for restoring the US Constitution, and for restoring the Republic, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 

S19) Restoring Congressional oversight of Administration actions by engaging in regular White House conferences with and reports to Senators and Representatives to resolve foreign policies and domestic legislation issues, ending dictatorial Presidential rule by executive fiat through executive orders, for providing a unified cooperative federal government, cooperating to serve the people, and to restore the US Constitution, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 

S20) Restoring Administration transparency, for informing the public and congress, through extensive congressional oversight, robust FOIA disclosures, and regular conferences with conspiratorialists, for reducing conspiratorial theories and suspicions of government functions, for discovering information for public disclosure, for enhancing the democracy functioning with an exceedingly transparent federal government for improving intelligent public intercourse and discussion, for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S21) Assisting the states in holding a convention of state for determining Senatorial term limits, eg 4 elected terms, and for determining Representative term limits, eg 12 elected terms, for providing anyone a long career in federal service, such as, 24 years as a Representative, 24 years as a Senator, and 8 years as a President, for a maximum of 56 years of service in congress and the administration, for reducing systemic corruption, for reducing influence peddling, for reducing fascist control by banking, corporate and transnational over government, so that government works for the people and not the financial elite or corporate predators. 

S22) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for respecting and defending natural rights flowing from the 9th Amendment, including but not limited to: 1) Privacy, 2) Marriage, 3) Procreation, 4) Travel, 5) Work, 6) Enterprise, 7) Association, 8) Contract, and 9) Voting, for increasing the liberty and freedom of the people.  

S23) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for reducing restrictions to the right to bare arms, for defending the 2nd Amendment, for defending liberty of all Americans from federal domination and totalitarianism, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 

S24) Consulting and Conferring with Congress for restoring the Republic by limiting the federal government to Constitution enumerate powers, reserving unto the many states, states rights, including but not limiting inherent state rights to perfect social policy by the respective states as the voters desire through state representatives, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 

S25) Obtaining an Administration Cabinet comprising all major political parties and groups for serving all Americans as one culture and one people, united as one for common good of all. 

S26) Securing international borders for perfecting only lawful immigration, and eliminating sanctuary cities aiding and abetting illegal residents and illegal immigration. 

S27) Providing paths to citizenship, without amnesty, with a a nominal fine and probationary period to: comply with all laws; learn rudimentary English; learn rudimentary US history; and obtain US citizenship, for documenting undocumented illegal aliens, with origin prospective immigration allocation adjustments, for a fair immigration solution, for eliminating the harboring of second class people in America, for rapid assimilation of aliens into the Americana Culture of Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, and Capitalism.  

S28) Rehabilitating the national infrastructure for creating jobs providing value to all, for ending systemic racism, for ending systemic sexism, for providing employment and opportunity for the poor and unemployed, and for enhancing domestic communications, travel and enterprise, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 

S29) Ending the war on drugs, while protecting states rights to legislate in the area of personal consumption, prohibiting only drug interstate trafficking inconsistent with states rights and voter authorizations through state representatives, for restoring the Republic, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 
S30) Reserving unto the many states, states rights to legislate in the area of social conduct and social intercourse, for increasing liberties and freedoms from the federal government, and for restoring the Constitution and Republic for which the flag should stand. 

S31) Eliminating federal deficit spending and accruing unfunded liabilities for freeing Americans from enslaving debt, from pandering electioneering, from national bankruptcy, from oppressive taxation, for enhancing liberties and freedoms. 

S32) Restricting intelligence operations to probable cause for securing privacy from unwarranted government intrusions for enhancing liberties and freedoms.

S33) Restricting asset forfeitures unless held in connection with a criminal charge, held as evidence or as a implicit bond for pending criminal fines under due process of law.

S34) Restricting bureaucratic regulations unless approved by congress. 

S35) Maintaining a cash based economy capable of free exchanges without mandatory government monitoring. 

S36) Justice Department assigned four priorities in disposing FBI assets, the FBI and attorneys to be increased for 1) Homeland Security, 2) Supreme Court judicial fiat, 3) Banking Fraud and Market Rigging, and 4) Congressional Corruption. 

S37) Require all banks to report financial data based upon actual Mark-to-Market valuations using standard GAAP accounting for preventing fraud, deceit and market manipulations. 

5th Dimension Age of Aquarius

Broad Political Appeal

The Proposed Libertarian Party Platform, Presidential Pledge and Comprehensive Solution Set will have significant broad political appeal to nearly all constituencies across the nation including the three most significant political parties and their respective ideologies and values, including but not limited to: 

A01) Libertarian Moderates and Federalists; 
A02) Libertarian Anarchists and Sovereigns;
A03) Republicans, Social Conservatives, and Believers;
A04) Republicans and Fiscal Conservatives;
A05) Democrats, Social Liberals, Feminists, and LGBT; 
A06) Democrats, Socialists, and Compassionate Liberals;
A07) Independents and Moderates; 
A08) Reformers and States Conventionalists;
A09) Plain Language Constitutionalists;
A10) Tea Party and Taxation Opponents;
A11) National Riflemen and Gun Owners;
A12) Green Party and Environmentalists;
A13) Globalizers and International Traders;
A14) Pacifists and Peace Activists;
A15) Isolationists and National Defenders; 
A16) Global Democracy and Peace Promoters;
A17) Capitalists and Commercial Traders;
A18) Monetarists and Fair Traders;
A19) Entrepreneurs and Businessmen;
A20) Wall Street Occupiers and the 99% of Americans;
A21) Middle Class, Poor Class and Parents;
A22) Students and Educators;
A23) Seniors and Disabled ;
A24) Workers and Unionizers; 
A25) Impoverished and Working Poor;
A26) Latino and Alien Immigrants;
A27) Black Brown Red Yellow White Minorities;
A28) Consumption Legalizers; and
A29) Police State and Incarcerated Prisoners. 

Presidential Debate Address

I, Derrick Michael Reid, am an LP presidential candidate, being a Christian, Social-Conservative, Moderate-Libertarian, who can and 
will win the White House in 2016. Irrespective of political party & political orientation, I analyzed the social-economic complex of the country, determined the national systemic problems, the causes of those problems, and then, devised a comprehensive solution set, a political strategy to unite all Americans, a simple Pledge of main objectives, and a compatible presidential platform, for attracting 90% of voters to sweep the LP into the White House.

I am the only presidential candidate standing, of any political party, who can actually solve the national systemic problems, and, the only LP candidate who can and will win the White House, while saving the country from social chaos and economic ruination, and advancing the LP. All other LP candidates can not win, and are deemed, with all due respect, largely as irrelevant. I am the only Libertarian Presidential candidate who can expose the Democrat and Republican farcical pandering and ineffective plans, to actually defeat both of them and win the White House, while advancing liberties and freedoms, and avoiding decades of global economic depression and probable multiple global wars. I seek your support.

Libertarians, 2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation. WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!

If you are really fed up with totalitarian socialistic fascist DC, and want to:

    1) Restore the Constitution and the Republic; 

    2) Restore Prosperity and Global Peace;

    3) Restore Liberties and Freedoms;

    4) Create a Competitive Third Party;

    5) Save the Nation from Chaos and Ruination; and

    6) Plant the Libertarian banner on the White House,  I'm your guy. 

Battle Hymn of Republic

Political Victory Plan

The first step in devising a plan is to state the objectives, then strategic plans and then tactical plans, by the numbers. 

                                              THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY POLITICAL PLAN TO WIN THE WHITE HOUSE

I) Win White House
II) Cement viable 3rd party based upon and for increasing liberties and freedoms.
III) Save US from Social Chaos and Economic Ruination. 
IV) Sweep all 50 states in the national general election.

I) Appeal to all political Parties with an administration of Libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Greens, & Independents.
II) Transform "War on Drugs End" into "War on DC Totalitarianism" for broad message appeal
III) Transform "Sovereignty" into Federal Natural Rights and States Natural Rights for broad message appeal
IV) Devise Presidential Platform and Pledge for broad message appeal.

I) Devise comprehensive integrated Solution Set to solve systemic problems to prevent Social Chaos and Economic Ruination.
II) Map Solution set onto major political groups so at to ATTRACT all major political groups, 1) Occupiers, 2) Tea Partiers, 3) Latinos, 4) Monetarists-Marketeers, 5) Peace Pacifists-Sovereigns, 6) Liberals-Socialists-Seniors, 7) Conservatives-Christians-Parents, 8) Feminists-LGBTs, 9) Minorities-Poor, 10) Riflemen-Patriots, 11) Constitutionalists-Anarchists, 12) Greens-Students. 
III) National Campaign Front Line comprises 12 Libertarian Party Working Groups to appeal to these 12 respective political groups by social media explaining why solution set satisfies their core values and objectives.
IV) National Campaign Double Envelopment by Libertarian Party Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees is to trap, debase, discredit, and DEFEAT Democrat and Republican nominees in their meaningless pander, immense national failures, embedded systemic corruption and ineffective plans.