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Constitutional Reactionary Politics

Idealism needs balanced with practical reality. The Libertarian party has already the idealism. I will bring to the Libertarian Party practical reality, and sought after solutions. Libertarians are inherently reactionary, as the reactionary libertarians seek to restore constitutional personal liberties and freedoms from government under Constitution, Republic, and founding father principles. In so doing, Reactionary Libertarians seek to restore reserve powers under Constitution so as to reinstate states rights. States rights include the sovereign reserve powers to social engineer. Enumerated Constitutional Federal powers are inherently limited, under a limited federal government. Under the exclusive control, for over 100 years, the liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have collectively bastardized the Constitution, the Republic for which the Flag should stand, founding father principles, and constitutional federalism separating federal limited enumerated powers and reserved sovereign states rights, and have so by enabling judicial fiat, and as powered by political pandering to cement political power, so as to unconstitutionally concentrate centralized totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC contrary to the spirit, plain language, and purpose of insuring domestic tranquility of the Constitution, as clearly embodied in the US Constitution, as clearly intended by the founding fathers, who wrote what they meant, and meant what they wrote. 

Libertarians include both social liberals and social conservatives, having common cause to restore reserved sovereign states rights for state wide social engineering and limit federal totalitarianism per the Constitution. Surely, social liberals and social conservatives will disagree on social issues at the state level, which are resolved by state voter approval under the Republic. Nonetheless, reactionary libertarians unite under a big tent for common cause for protecting personal liberties and freedoms from government under constitutional federalism.  

Libertarians sense the ever growing federal mandates and laws restricting liberties and freedoms, and know something is going very wrong, as political power concentrates in totalitarian socialistic fascist DC. Libertarians may remind some as college grads, eager beavers, dreamy eyed, and idealistic, and that is great, though practical realities must be cemented. Societies require government controls, economic controls and cultural controls, or societies devolve into decadent anarchy and economic ruination. A reasonable and practical balance must be struck. Modernly, DC is out of control and the nation desperately needs that balance in DC. So, I will bring that necessary practical reality to the libertarian party only so far as to make it competitive for the US Presidency, and will bring that needed balance to DC. The best message is "less government, more fun", which is code speak for maximum liberties and freedoms from government, within those necessary but minimized controls, so as to maximize prosperity, liberties, freedoms, yet maintain necessary order for any functioning society. 

In Remembrance of President Lincoln

I studied the civil war for 20 years, and consider myself an expert on battle tactics, strategies, and campaigns of that war. And in so doing, I read much about Lincoln, the real version you do not necessarily get in school.

Lincoln was a true American hero. He fought and won a noble war to preserve the union while collaterally freeing his fellow man from tyranny. He effectively freed the enslaved. The 20$ US gold coin was king of cash, real honest money, everyone could trust. He would not play ball with the banksters, and would not engage in bankrupting interest payments to the banksters, and hence, he created the GREENBACK, a US treasury note, free from bankster entanglements. He was not a socialist, nor a commie-pinko, but a capitalist and a traditionalist. He was not a panderer, but a realist. He grew up in a cabin, but never said, poor me, give me entitlements. He did not create nor use federal income taxes to enslave his fellow citizens to promote a socialistic agenda of any kind. So let all remember Lincoln on his birthday, and be proud to be American.

Fast forward to the 2009 Inaugural, where "that individual", that socialist, that TAX-&-SPEND, TAKE-&-GIVE, INFLATE-&-ROB, INCENTIVIZE-&-CONTROL, SOCIALIZE-&-CORRUPT individual, had the gull, the audacity, the despicable nerve, to wrap his arms around the Lincoln Memorial, proposing a socialistic agenda, pandering the folks, and thereby, implicitly urinating on the memory of our great president Abe Lincoln.

The 16th amendment, as used modernly to fund the welfare state, is a slap in the face of our 16th president. As your president, I promise I will not rewrite history, or degrade the memory of our founding fathers or of President Lincoln, in a farcical charade. In 1861, Lincoln signed the Revenue Act of 1861 creating the first U.S. income tax. This created a flat tax of 3% on incomes above $800 (20K$ today) for paying interest on WAR BONDS, not to socialize and corrupt our country.

A Libertarian Dark Horse

Libertarians, a dark horse is in the race for the White House,  with a comprehensive view of interconnected deteriorating causes and affects in the USA, with the necessary skills and actionable plans to fix rapidly the overwhelming problems facing the country. No other candidate has this absolutely necessary holistic approach for solving many interconnected problems. The DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN pandering political machines offer only more totalitarianism, without comprehensive concrete solutions. On all fronts, immigration, international trade, prison populations, foreign policy, taxation, corrupt ZIRP, wealth transfer QE, currency debasement, stagnant economic growth, wealth transfer to top 1%, Constitution, federalism, republic, civil liberties, states rights, national debt, fiscal deficits, suppressed wages, targeted inflation, judicial fiat, strangling regulations, DC political power concentration and more totalitarianism, the DEM and REP machines comprise mere political panderers beholding to Wall Street and the financial elite, to effectively maintain a corrupt symbiotic relationship with Wall Street, with absolutely no substantial plans to restore this great country. There is an alternative, the only known 2016 Presidential Candidate with qualifications, skills and plans absolutely necessary to Restore Americana Greatness, with a concrete political plan for leading the Libertarian Party to victory in 2016, as ALL DEM and REP candidates can be easily destroyed politically by merely pointing out their duplicitous pander, their ineffectual band aids, and a profound lack of comprehensive views and solutions, offering only more failures in DC. The below referenced presidential candidacy web site is now up and running and provides much information about the US problems and the solutions. With financial markets in turmoil, the economy stagnant and set for a 2016 disaster and resulting street riots and police state lock down, with REP party infighting, and with DEM party socialistic platforms, the stage is set for a Libertarian Victory in November 2016. All are invited to follow @DerrickMReid on twitter for daily commentary on the corrupting pander, empty words, limited focus, band aid approaches, inherent duplicity, and increasing totalitarianism of the DEM and REP presidential candidates and their pandering political machines.   

The Libereens

The informal Libereen coalition primarily embraces Liberty and Freedom with a coalition banner of the 13 stars spangled banner reflecting our national roots. There is no interest in riches, libraries, personal glory, or perpetual political power, but only righting the ship of state, at this time, before its too late, where when, all can join and help this noble cause to save the country from ruination and collapse. The country needs political diversity and free speech from all quarters. The political parties and associations, including but not limited to Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Tea Party, Occupiers, Riflemen, Monetarists, Spiritualists, Minorities, etc, should retain their leaders, agenda, and rank and file in tact, without hostility from this new Libereen coalition. The Libereens shall encompass the political beliefs of all Americans as necessary for the continuation in the out years our great country. However, we must, as one nation, come together to right the ship of state as our founding fathers sought and as the plain language of the US Constitution prescribes, before the ship of state hits the breakers.

Each Senator and Congressman from their respective state can preach their desired political agenda for their soverign states. Each State can choose for itself how to conducts its internal business and politics within the frame work of our limited federal government Constitution. The US Government has the primary role of to protecting the country, from invasion and disintegration, regulating interstate commerce, protecting election rights and to transfer unto the many states the primary responsibility of regulating social issues, under reserve powers of the Constitution, so as to restore the Republic. All political parties and the Americans will benefit from this coalition service as a non-aligned coalition that will seek rapid changes needed so as to provide basic solutions to the major systemic problems facing our great country.

Righting the ship of state, particularly from the banksters and greedsters and totalitarians will take much persuasion and support, for the good and necessary many reasons. This prospective rapid implementation of needed redirection can be implemented when all Americans pull together for the purpose. Many naturally will be disbelieving at first, but there are many people about the country who can assist in this noble effort. 

It is time to rally all Americans for the good of the country, in one of its darkest hours. With audacity, one thing should be clearly understood, there is no interest to sit idly by and wait for the country's ruination. Action is required by those able. I am able. We must all rally together to preserve the nation.

Derrick Michael Reid is a supreme commander and can lead American to accomplish a necessary reformation of the Federal Government. I am running for US Presidency 2016, as a no name populace, for the Libertarian Party. My fellow Americans, I stand as a presidential candidate for the Libertarian party for the US. 

To the Libertarians, I feel your frustration as governmental oppression and mandates limit your freedom and liberties, increasing year by year. I seek to dramatically focus the federal government to restore our founding father liberties and freedoms from government.

To the Tea Partiers, I understand pain under an oppressive tax regime that enslaves Americans as tax mules under concentrated totalitarian DC rule. I seek to abolish the current income tax code and replace it with a pay and forget sales tax regime. 

To the Wall Street Occupiers, I feel your frustration, that Wall Street tentacles reach far to pervasively corrupt governmental functions and transfer wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. 

To the Greens, I feel your frustration as our society over consumes natural resources of mother earth. I seek to install a pay-and-forget consumption sales tax where consumption is penalized and not rewarded, to conserve the resources of mother earth of this great nation.

To the Democrats, I feel your pain, as income inequality pervades with worker low wages and wealth transfers to the top 1%, with fifty million of my countrymen on food stamps living in indignity and shame, on government hand outs. We must insure that states safety nets provide for the hungry, sick, homeless, retired without the moral hazards of federal socialism enslaving our countrymen as state dependents.

To the Republicans, I sense your disillusionment in federal insolvency and unserviceable national debt and seek to eliminate the national debt and restore federal fiscal balance supporting a strong national defense. I seek to restore the Republic and founding father principles.

To the Spiritualist, I sense your disillusionment with the moral decay, and seek to have all live in faith with tolerance and respect with nonbelievers.  

To the Riflemen, I feel your urgency, to retain the full rights under the 2nd amendment to protect our freedoms from federal totalitarian take over of our national liberties and freedoms. 

To the Monetarist, I feel your anxiety, as the irredeemable FRN ponzi coupon distorts the value of labor, currencies and markets and seek to reestablish real money and honest markets.

To the Minorities,I feel you pain, and seek to eliminate systemic racism in the USA. I seek to eliminate 2nd class peoples living in the USA. 

To all Americans, I seek to restore Constitution, Republic, Liberty, Freedoms, Peace and Prosperity throughout our great country. 

I kindly ask all Libertarians, Greens, Occupiers, Republicans, Democrats, Spiritualists, Nonbelievers, Riflemen, Monetarist, Minorities, to rally to the Libereen banner of inherent State Rights and Liberty, to restore the Republic and our freedoms from totalitarian socialistic fascist federal government, to conserve mother earth resources, to unwind the concentration of federal political power enslaving us all as tax mules or state dependents, to unleash economic growth so all can live in dignity, to destroy corrupt bankster undue influences upon our federal government, to live in faith with tolerance, to live in liberty with respect, to possess lawful guns as the last defense to totalitarian controls,  to eliminate fiat money and the national debt, so that we all may live in freedom again, together as one, without destructive conflict, to ensure domestic tranquility as our founding fathers sought for this great nation

Perceptions are important. Anarchists are extremely frustrated libertarians When Darryl at the MA LP debate said he wanted to eliminate the federal government, that is the kind of thing that scares most folks. My eyes rolled of course. The idea is that Darryl, not even being registered with the FEC, is an empty deed, with no chance at winning a general presidential election, no matter how earnest he his, and no matter how much liberty is sought. If the federal government is unnecessary, then in territorial magnification, neither is a state, in further magnification, neither is a county, in further magnification neither is a city, in further magnification, neither is a Home Owner Association, in further magnification, neither are parents in a home, and that is, there is no government at all, no rule of law, no order, no controls, no enforcement, nothing, in absolute freedom and liberty, necessarily rendering a state of decadent anarchy, were bullets are the coin of the realm, where sex slaves and assassins are the fully employed, where might makes all rights, where tyranny is merely supplanted form city hall to mob bosses and warlords dividing up turf rule into ad hoc city turfs, and in the end, all that was really accomplished was replacing one form of oppression with another, and hence, the inherent fallacy of absolute liberty, an idealistic dream, by ideologues only, and thus, a bankrupt philosophy, whereas, the concept of maximum liberty is achievable within a necessary government, and that is what should be sought.

Anarchists are exceedingly frustrated Libertarians, who are in turn, exceedingly frustrated Americans, such as the teas, who feel the tyranny of oppressive taxes. "Less Government, More Fun" is translated to Less Government Mandates and more Liberty and Freedom from Government, and not no government and decadent anarchy. As in all things, when you cant get all what you want, you take what you can, when you can, and score at least a significant victory, than score nothing at all. As the significant victories mount, you expand liberties and freedom to that permissible outer bound in balance between maximum liberty and minimum government. Its time for a first major national victory. Im on it.

Libertarians sense the ever growing federal mandates and laws restricting liberties and freedoms, and know something is going very wrong, as political power concentrates in totalitarian socialistic fascist DC. Libertarians may remind some as college grads, eager beavers, dreamy eyed, and idealistic, and that is great, though practical realities must be cemented. Societies require government controls, economic controls and cultural controls, or societies devolve into decadent anarchy and economic ruination. A reasonable and practical balance must be struck. Modernly, DC is out of control and the nation desperately needs that balance in DC. So, I will bring that necessary practical reality to the libertarian party only so far as to make it competitive for the US Presidency, and will bring that needed balance to DC. The best message is “less government, more fun”, which is code speak for maximum liberties and freedoms from government, within those necessary but minimized controls, so as to maximize prosperity, liberties, freedoms, yet maintain necessary order for any functioning society.

I have attended local Orange County California LP meetings a few times, and once in LA. I am not concerned with state issues, as the states of the republic can choose their on ways under the constitution defining our republic. I found the local libertarians to be set in their perspectives and directed mostly to state and liberal social issues, and generally not appealing to the general population at large. When people with particular viewpoints seek tolerance and respect from others, they must approach others with tolerance and respect, in order to get tolerance and respect in return. Many in the libertarian party are passionate about certain issues, and that is great, but if that passion overwhelms their civility, they intolerantly disrespect others and other view points, being counter productive to that which they seek. I can not assist much those who are extremely passionate about local issues. But that is not the emphasis of a US Presidential campaign seeking to unite all political groups for saving the country from collapse and ruination, when attempting to rally ALL AMERICANS to the Libertarian banner for the US Presidency, that I most certainly will win, and will win big. I am the only Libertarian candidate with a message that would appeal to the country as a whole across all political persuasions. I would be considered a SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE LIBERTARIAN, believing in adequate state safety nets, and thus generally appealing to the public as a whole across the nation, and not as much to local Libertarian organizations directed mostly to a few particular local state social issues that concerns them most, particularly on the liberal east and west coasts. In restoring the constitution, the republic of states choose their own respective ways, and that is where local libertarians having passionate views toward state social issues can assert themselves. Of course, I would be happy to attend a California State Convention including any presidential debates, as well as any other state convention having some interest in the US Presidential campaign. The keynote address by LNC chair Nicholas Sarwark should be heard by all libertarians, as it was on point to growing the party where many, of course, do not share identical views on all issues, but have, as a common binding thread, belief in maximum liberties and freedoms from government. When I have the honor to represent the Libertarian Party before the nation, standing for the US Presidency, the Libertarian banner will be planted on the White House, as all opposition candidates will be exposed for the farcical panderers that they are leading the nation into social chaos and economic ruination. My libertarian friends, you all have now an ability to save the nation from collapse and make the Libertarian Party nationally competitive. 

Libertarians, 2016 presents the Libertarian Party with a truly historic opportunity, not seen in the US for over the last 150 years, to capture the White House and save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse, caused by 110 years of Democrat Party leftist proposing and Republican Party rightist enabling, resulting in national bankruptcy, economic stagnation, social strife, bastardization of our Constitution, and the concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC, suppressing our liberties and freedoms from government. The two major pandering political machines have selfishly locked up the voting booth as two sides of the same coin, by corrupting our federalism, by unconstitutionally mixing social programs with federal responsibilities at the federal level, so as to enhance their political pandering abilities and increase their money elitist campaign contributions, causing wealth transfers from the 99% to the top 1%, income inequalities, destruction of the middle class, destruction of our manufacturing base, enslavement of all Americans as tax mules or state dependents, confused ineffectual government, destruction of our once real honest money, and destruction of our once honest price-discovery markets. The United States titters at the precipice of national ruination. The call is made to all my libertarian friends to unite and stand up together as one, for this noble purpose, to lead the nation and all Americans and all political groups, in Restoring Americana Greatness, Constitution, Republic, Liberties, Freedoms, Prosperity and Peace. Rarely in generations do confluences align offering national salvation by so few freedom lovers as now. Now is our time, our time to rise up and stand united for this noble purpose. Please join me. Now is our time in history to fulfill our destiny and restore our great nation. WE ARE AMERICANS, WE CAN DO!

In order to defeat the democrats and republicans for the presidency, a libertarian nominee must 1) understand their tactics, 2) how those tactics evolved over the last 110 years, 3) understand the constitution, 4) understand the geo-US-social-economic-cultural complex, 5) understand the fallacies of democrat and republican proposals, and 6) must be quick to rebut and shoot from the hip. In addition, because of the cemented political machines, one must be able to 7) think totally out of the box to drawn intense media attention, and 8) appeal to the entire population as a whole and 9) appeal to voter logic and intelligence against DEM/REP pandering and media blitz. In order for anyone individual to possess all these indispensable campaign characteristics, they must have 10) five particulars skills and 11) have  thought through a multitude of social systemic problems 12) to devise comprehensive solutions for providing a real choice and clear alternative in the voting booth. The confluences have truly aligned to finally take down the two pandering political machines, and end a century of bastardizing the US Constitution and American Society. I'm your guy.

I received by email a copy of the LP response to the 19.6T$ debt ceiling limit, which is merely illusory, as there is no such thing, just like the budget, there is no such thing, because the problem is not fiscal or budgetary, but national insolvency. LP National, as nearly 99.999% of the people have great difficultly in getting outside themselves and understanding the comprehensive whole, and naturally fall back upon old dogma of the past, that fiscal responsibility is the cure, which is incorrect. The US is long past the point of the no return, as to solving the national debt problem through fiscal responsibility or budgetary constraints. If fiscal responsibility were injected, as JEB would suggest, the heroin pulled cold-turkey, without the interest free 1T$/year juice, the addict goes into immediate withdraws, and economy goes into an immediate death spiral.

The debt will continue to increase to 1) continue wealth transfer from the 99% to the banksters, greedsters and elite money interest, 2) concentrate totalitarian socialistic fascist power in DC, 3) enabling mindless political power pandering of social issues, and 4) to sustain political power of the two pandering political machine. That is a sure bet.

I do not fault LP National for falling back upon outdated dogma of the past, of fiscal responsibility, as that had been the means for two centuries to maintain sound governmental budgets, but in the 21st century, with the nation hopelessly bankrupt, a new solution is needed, and that solution has worked 600 times before, without failure, during the ascent of man. The reboot is coming, either force through hyperinflation and economic calamity, or by the election of a President who knows exactly how to reboot the system, seamlessly, to get national financials in sound working order, to free the people from bondage by the federal government, as tax mules and dependents.

Another outdated dogma is curing the national debt through inflation, that is, targeted inflation by the FED, to inflate away the debt, and thereby rob all Americans of wages and savings, which inflation by definition concentrates power in DC, as American wages and savings are lost to money printing for spending by the US Government. Another 19th century dogma that is inapplicable to today’s insolvency situation. The problem is that such inflation merely transfers wealth from the 99% to the top 1%, as intended, by the FED owned by banksters. Money printing, with ZIRP and QE to infinity, has not gone into the general economy for starting new businesses, with cap-ex expenditures and robust new employment, but rather has actually contracted the economy and merely gone from the FED to the banks under ZIRP and back to the FED as excess reserves, so that the banksters and transnationals can borrow at zero percent (ZIRP) and be paid interest on excess reserves parked at the FED, so that the banking elite obtains the interest rate differential, as pure profit, and the economy dollar velocity remains stuck at zero and hence, economic stagnation, and such banking profits are at the taxpayer expense, as the debt load, both public and private is so large, that any economic stimulus, does not stimulate, as banksters suck up any moneys available. During the 20th century, when residual confidence in the dollar was real, and the debt load was modest, 1$ in stimulus spending, would through commerce dollar velocity, produce 3$ in GDP gain, but with the debt load modernly, 1$ in stimulus produces 10ct in GDP growth, for a net gain of MINUS 90%, and that is why QE does not help the economy, but rather only feeds wealth concentration in the elite money interests. You dont create wealth by merely printing money, but only rob the 99%, and feed the money elitists more wealth characterized by exponentiating increasing income inequality, and to concentrate pandering political power in DC. Government and Banking have coupled forming a DC fascist state, in The United Socialistic States of America.

I realize this is a difficult subject for most to get their heads around fully, but that is game, and its the only game in town.

The Party of Tolerance

The libertarian party is the party of tolerance, seeking social tolerance among all citizens, to further the constitutional objective of "domestic tranquility". This phrase is directed in large measure to race and sexual orientations causing social strife and conflict across America. As to racial intolerance, there is a concrete plan to end vestiges of systemic racism. 

The gay community apparently seeks tolerance and respect, and this can be delivered, under constitutional freedoms of rights to privacy, freedoms of association and freedom of contract. Tolerance and respect can be delivered to the gay community, provided that, the gay community does not also succumb to the democrat party pandering of gay issues that raises hate and anger in the gay community then seeking to invade heterosexual marriages, religious faith, and parental rights. The gays are being used as tools by the democrat party to rally bases for votes for pure political power by that pandering political machine. 

If gays truly seek tolerance and respect, within the Party of Tolerance, I can help them achieve just that, and create social harmony pursuant to the objective of the US Constitution of domestic tranquility. But its a two way street. To get tolerance and respect, you must tender tolerance and respect. Christians are inherently tolerant and respectful of others, and this is what can be relied upon by the gay community. Christians can respect and tolerate rights of privacy, freedom of contract and freedom of association. This does not mean that Christians must accept gays as friends under freedom of association or must approve of gay life styles under Christian faith. But gays nor Christian need acceptance, inner personal circle association, or approval, a state of mind under freedom of thought. But gays and Christians can tolerate and respect each other civilly in daily life, provided neither one attacks the other, under political pandering of the two pandering political machines, where both gays and Christians being played for votes, in selfish lust for political power. The two pandering political machines do not want tolerance and respect among all citizens, as to achieve such, would diminish their ability to pander and rally bases for votes for their selfish political power. Gays and Christians are being used as political tools by the two pandering political machines. 

If gays honestly seek tolerance and respect, the way is clear, and I can deliver to them just that, and in so doing promote social harmony, justice and domestic tranquility. I ask all gays to rally to the libertarian banner and help me promote tolerance and respect throughout our great country, so that we all may come together, as one proud people. We can love each other, without required acceptance or approval, but with tolerance and respect achievable only under the Party of Tolerance.

I feel love Donna Summer

Personal Intercourse Four Tiers

There are basically 4 tiers of personal association.

Tolerance, to act towards another without hostility (no gay bashing for example)
Respect, to act toward another with civility (good morning, greetings, best of luck)
Acceptance, to allow another into a personal friendly relation (freedom of association)
Approval, a mental state approving of the conduct of another. (freedom of thought)

Our constitution mandates or attempts to achieve between citizens tolerance and respect towards one another to insure “domestic tranquility”, which is civil discourse.

Tolerance and Respect for others is key to the Libertarian Party platform, rightly so.

Acceptance and Approval are individual aspects that should not be attempted to achieve by intolerance and disrespect of others, the my-way-or-highway approach, that leads to social strife, not “domestic tranquility”.

Citizens of different faiths, races, gender, sexual orientation, etc, can be tolerant and respectful of each other without being required to  accept or approve, yet provide “domestic tranquility”.

Political panderers push hot buttons to mobilize bases for votes upon unconstitutional grounds, to cement political power, usually under presupposed rights that are not, using various constituencies as mere tools, to achieve their ends, which results in social strife and conflict, contrary to the purpose of the constitution.

Libertarian Party Delegates

I have given 4 speeches to date, each about 10 min, though I could speak for hours. These speeches, and many more to come, in the aggregate, will allow most people, who review my speeches, in short order, to get an understanding of the comprehensive plans for solving major systemic problems facing the US. These solutions are integrated, and all solutions work to support the other as a sweeping set. I am the only candidate with the skill, plans, qualifications and know how to fix major US problems. I have, in the 4 speeches todate, touched upon fiat money, economy, foreign policy regime change, national insolvency, systemic socialism, immigration, global peace, tax overhaul, green peace, prison over population, political strategies, inter alia.


I AM A Christian and Social Conservative, generally. 

Speeches links are on the home page for all to review. 

The next speeches I would like to do:

1) FED nationalization, state charter banks, local distributive banking, saving the Middle Class and Main Street, which has to do with protecting average Americans from the abuses of wall street, the FED, and totalitarian socialistic fascist DC.

2) Ending systemic racism, infrastructure build out, KKK and the rebel flag, promoting social harmony.

3) Tolerance and respect within “domestic tranquility” of the US Constitution, promoting social harmony.

4) DEM/REP corrupt political pandering, stagnant political processes, decaying Americana, unpayable 20T$ debt, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, social anarchy, economic collapse, concentration of totalitarian socialistic fascist political power in DC. The problems facing the country are systemic and wide spread, embedded through Constitutional debasement, cemented by political corruption, and perpetuated by DEM/REP pandering electioneering. Only I know how, can and will fix it.

In reviewing the DEM REP LIB candidates, none of them address in significant regard the major systemic problems facing the US with credible solutions. Generally, all presidential candidates fall into 5 classes as follows:

Presidential candidates are either:
1) DECEITFUL (they know problems but pretend their band aids will work);
2) CORRUPT (they know problems but bankster money bribes them not to cure);
3) INCOMPETENT (they know problems but dont know how to fix them); or
4) IGNORANT (they dont even know what the problems really are, and merely pander bases).
5) IDEOLOGUE (They dont care about the problems or the Constitution, and will install ideological laws)
6) PANDERER (They dont care about problems or the Constitution, and will pander any vote possible)

Their pandering methods are clear:
1) Vote Buying Pandering: Vote for me, and not for the USA, and I will give you the government goodies and hand outs.
2) Meaningless Pandering: Sound goods, warms the heart, mobilizes bases, but has no plan for accomplishing result.
3) Band Aid Pandering: Offering a plan that will not work to solve major problems and has no real effect upon the US.

There is at least one who is astounded at the pathetic empty shallow pandering employed by all presidential candidates, bar none.

There is even one Libertarian Presidential Candidate, (I kid you not) seeking the oath of office, upholding the US Constitution, defining a  federal government, yet seeks to abolish that government, giving rise to term oxy ——————————- moron.

In a political analysis, generally speaking:

The US is like a terminal cancer patient in an emergency room suffering from insolvency, social chaos, and economic deterioration, (generally suffering from totalitarian socialistic fascism at the federal level in the brain).

The DEMs run in and choke the patient with socialism and moral hazards.
The REPs run in and put on many nice sounding superficial band aids.
The LIBs run in seeking to disembowel necessary government functions.

May of 2016 will give the Libertarian Party an historic opportunity, one not seen in the US for 150 years, to:

1) save the nation from social anarchy and economic collapse,

2) restore the Constitution, the Republic, honest money, honest markets, capitalism, social responsibility and tolerance,

3) cement global peace through uniting Russia China US EU as moving forces to dispute resolution, and

4) create a nationally competitive 3rd political party absolutely necessary to restore real choices in the voting booth.

The Libertarian Party delegates in Floria 2016 will have an awesome responsibility to the nation, for it will not be just the nomination of a token head as in 2012, but a means of solving major systemic problems facing the US.

The Libertarian Party delegates will be remembered in spite of themselves.


Washington, D.C.
December 1, 1862

I do not forget the gravity which should characterize a paper addressed to the Congress of the nation by the Chief Magistrate of the nation. Nor do I forget that some of you are my seniors, nor that many of you have more experience than I, in the conduct of public affairs. Yet I trust that in view of the great responsibility resting upon me, you will perceive no want of respect yourselves, in any undue  earnestness I may seem to display.

Is it doubted, then, that the plan I propose, if adopted, would shorten the war, and thus lessen its expenditure of money and of blood? Is it doubted that it would restore the national authority and national prosperity, and perpetuate both indefinitely? Is it doubted that we here–Congress and Executive–can secure its adoption? Will not the good people respond to a united, and earnest appeal from us? Can we, can they, by any other means, so certainly, or so speedily, assure these vital objects? We can succeed only by concert. It is not “can any of us imagine better?” but, “can we all do better?” The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew. We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.

Fellow-citizens, we cannot escape history. We of this Congress and this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation. We say we are for the Union. The world will not forget that we say this. We know how to save the Union. The world knows we do know how to save it. We — even we here — hold the power, and bear the responsibility. In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free — honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth. Other means may succeed; this could not fail. The way is plain, peaceful, generous, just — a way which, if followed, the world will forever applaud, and God must forever bless. A Lincoln

Liberty and Freedom

Liberties are personal actions protected by governmental laws.
Freedoms are personal actions not prohibited by governmental laws. 
The US Constitution set forth liberties and confined government laws for maximum freedom.
The Libertarian Party seek minimum government, meaning minimal laws confining freedoms, and seeks maximum liberties. 
In so doing, the Libertarian Party seeks maximum liberties and freedoms from government, an object of the Constitution. 
Tolerance and respect are achieved when the constitutional objectives are respected and upheld. 
The Democrat and Republican parties lay more and more mandates upon the people, restricting liberties and freedoms. 
The Democrat and Republican parties seek by their action totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people. 
The Libertarian party seeks Constitutional liberties and freedom from government. 

Democrat liberal totalitarian socialistic fascism, Republican conservative totalitarian socialistic fascism, and Libertarian reactionary personal freedoms and liberties, are the three choices offered to the people. The Libertarian Party is indispensable to the nation to oppose the DEM/REP concentration of power in DC and the commitment enslavement of all as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents, for increased liberties, freedoms, with personal tolerance, respect, and responsibilities.   

Anarchists and Sovereigns

Anarchists seek to abolish government functions. Sovereigns seek to abolish government control over personal conduct.  In both cases, the weight of government oppression on liberties and freedoms is the motivation. The problem with Anarchy is that society collapses giving rise to mob bosses and tyrants, replacing totalitarian government tyrants with other tyrants. The problem with sovereignty is that individuals do not live in isolation requiring enforced codes of conduct for society to prosper. Freedom is with responsibility, but at times, some people are not very responsible, affecting others adversely, requiring codes of conduct.

Anarchists and Sovereigns are core libertarians who have let their passion for liberty and freedom exceed reasonableness bounds that are necessary for a thriving prospering society. Anarchists and Sovereigns are necessary elements in the Libertarian party seeking more liberties and freedom from government. The libertarian Party slogan of "minimum government, maximum liberty" is key to the understanding that government controls currently have gone to far and need to be minimized, and in this, anarchists and sovereigns are on the right tract towards maximum liberty. Anarchists and Sovereigns can help guide a libertarian administration seeking to minimize government and maximize liberty, moderated by reasonable and necessary bounds.  

So Sovereigns believe in "Natural Rights", the right to do as one pleases as long as you dont "hurt or take" from others. This is a good base for libertarians to promote libertarianism, provided liberty sought is "reasonable".  The terms "hurt or take" are ripe for lawyer scrutiny and how the desires for natural rights can work practically for society at large.  Black and White analysis seldom practically works well. 

Lets take for example, a nuisance case, where your neighbor plays loud music late at night. Is he hurting anyone? He is not hurting anyone physically, directly, though may be causing emotional stress in others. Is that a "hurt"? In all matters where people live in close proximity to each other, social conduct is seldom isolated without causal connections to others and to the general population. Pure natural rights could be successfully practiced by a 19th century mountain man, such as Bridgers, where he could be his own sovereign in remote isolated areas, being totally free, with natural rights of liberty. In our society, where 300m+ live in large cities and towns, natural rights should be maximized but also need to be reasonably contained, so that society as a whole advances with maximum prosperity and civility. 

Lets take another example. A 1000 home community is predominately Christian, with a center Church and School, and the families all love their community. An individual with allot of money buys up properties between the Church and School, so that, the kids pass therebetween each day. This individual wants to recruit and indoctrinate new patrons. This individual builds 1) a whorehouse, 2) an opium den, 3) a Satanic Temple, 4) a casino, 5) a pot shop, 6) a pornography shop, 7) an XXX movie theater, 8) a gay bar, etc, buildings having purpose contrary to the life style of the parents of the community. Did this individual "hurt" the community, the homeowners, the parents, and their parental rights, or the children?  If you ask the parents, they would say yes, of course, as this individual showed no respect at all for the community, the parents and their parental rights, and degraded their property values, and injected decadence into their lives and their community, homes, life styles, and children. To the homeowners,  that is real hurt, unspeakable hurt, an outrage in the extreme.  

In the end, natural rights are desirable to the extent reasonably practical under all the circumstances. The focus of the sovereigns should not be the absolute demand for natural rights, (my way or the highway) but to push toward increasing natural rights and liberties and freedoms from government, all within reason and to the furthest extent practicable, without "indirectly" hurting and disrespecting others. 

The US Constitution provides the means to resolve disputes, particularly social issues, by reserving unto the many states, respective states rights, to vote and choose for themselves codes of social conduct. While no system is prefect, it is the best system known for resolving social disputes. Sovereigns should push for increased natural rights and liberties before the collective minds of the voters of the individual states for increasing liberties as desired. 

Thus, Anarchists and Sovereigns should seek as they desire, minimum government and maximum liberties, as practical as possible, under the Libertarian Party Banner, while respecting the rule of the law and the majority votes, however they are decided, and in so doing, bring main stream respect to the Libertarian Party and broadly positions the Libertarian Party as that party that seeks increased liberties and freedom from government, a necessary 3rd choice in the voting booths, to restore Americana Greatness, cementing a competitive 3rd political party for the US electorate. 

Constitutional Libertarianism

The US Constitution does not speak to Democrat party liberalism. The US Constitution does not speak to Republican party Conservatism. The US Constitution does speak to liberty and freedom of the Libertarian party of minimum government and maximum freedom. 

Through political appointment and competitive rancor between the DEMs and REPs, the US Supreme court has been politicized into the Supreme Political Machine, bastardizing the US Constitution, rather than upholding the Constitution according to their oaths, through Judicial Fiat flowing from the political persuasions and orientations of the justices, engaging in regular high crimes against the United States, destroying the Rule of Law, so that, totalitarian socialistic fascist political power and unsustainable socialist spending programs have migrated to the DC totalitarian socialistic fascist level, thereby enabling the two pandering political machines, on the same totalitarian team as the Proposer and the Enabler parties, to pander votes, cementing divisive pandering political power, creating public rancor and divisiveness, sowing the seeds of social strife, chaos and anger, bankrupting the country and creating a myriad of overwhelming systemic problems across the country. Only the Liberty and Freedom Libertarian Party can break the national devastating dead lock, and restore the Constitution, Republic, and Rule of Law. 

The Libertarian Party represents liberty and freedom of all the citizens, supporting and upholding the US Constitution of liberty and freedoms from government, and thus, the Libertarian Party is the only true American political party, seeking to serve all citizens with responsible government along the lines of the US Constitution, Republic and Rule of Law.    

Battle Hymn of Republic

Libertarian Party Nominee

A tradition in American politics of political parties is that, the last presidential nominee, who lost the last election, does not run again, for many good reasons. Recent examples are GORE, MCCAIN, KERRY and ROMNEY. Recent past nominees enjoy party notoriety and member affections, but must not doom the party to stagnation and repeated failures. Political parties must evolve and necessarily over time present new approaches, emphasis and ideas, so that losing campaign approaches, failing electioneering rhetoric, and narrow ideas are set aside, opening up the party, for reinvigorating and revitalizing the political party with renewed opportunities for capturing the presidency, the ultimate goal of any political party. In so doing, the party can attract new members and move toward ultimate success.

Of particular interest is the Libertarian Party, where membership has been stagnant and the ideology has been limited to attract the vast majority of the American electorate. Libertarians of the Libertarian party actually comprise a spectrum of liberty and freedom views, from extreme anarchists wanting to abolish all government, to passionate sovereigns wanting expansive natural rights, to liberty moderates wanting increased federal and states liberties and freedoms, and to federalists wanting increased liberties from government, including for examples Tea Partiers against federal oppressive taxes and Occupiers against bankster control over the federal government. When a political party focuses on only one segment of its natural base, it tends to alienate other segments of the base as well as alienating the general electorate as a whole.  A successful libertarian party presidential candidate should appeal to all liberty minded segments of the Libertarian Party political base as well as to a super majority of the general electorate.

People who are politically passionate tend to lock in their thinking processes, to only absorb information consistent with their specific view, to only associate with others having identical views, and to only champion presidential candidates with absolutely identical views, collectively having a narrow political profile thus failing to attract the general electorate. The politically passionate become rigid in thinking, espousing absolutism, inflexible in compromise, exhibiting a my-way-or-the-highway intercourse, become conspicuously intolerant, mean spirited, and disrespectful of others and other points of view, even within the libertarian party base having a plurality of liberty and freedom segments, all having a common view toward increasing liberties and freedoms, a common thread binding all libertarians together under the libertarian banner. The Libertarian Party Chair, in an October 17 2015 keynote address, at the Worcester Massachusetts Libertarian Party Presidential debate, though not explaining the reasons why, requested that libertarians be nice to others. Unfortunately, It had to be said. This may have been in response to stagnant membership of the Libertarian Party. It obviously could have been in response to some feedback of intolerant, mean, and disrespecting libertarians towards possible new members of the party. Many state libertarians chairs have expressed the concern over stagnant growth in membership of the party. The answer is clear, it is because of a narrow focused view of libertarianism, centered upon rigid-thinking passionate views of only one core segment of the much broader libertarian party base.  A narrow focused and last nominee candidate, appealing only to a narrow but passionate segment of the party base, and not appealing to the vast majority of the electorate, is doomed to fail yet again, stagnant the membership of the party in perpetuity, and does the party a great disservice, despite having significant residual good will, admiration, and affections from the entire political base. Such a last nominee, for the good of the party, for increasing party membership, and for actually advancing increased liberties and freedoms across the nation, should not attempt to exploit that good will, admiration, and affections for no actual real good, resulting in continued harm, save only self glorification.   

As a liberty moderate and Christian social conservative of the Libertarian Party, seeking actual significant increases in liberties and freedoms from government, I offer the libertarian party renewed hope, with fresh ideas, a concrete plan to sweep the nation for the libertarian party, to propel the libertarian party membership to new highs, to cement the Libertarian party as a perennial competitive nationwide political party, offering the general electorate a real third choice in the voting booth, with a specific articulate plan to solve the many major systemic problems facing the US, so as to save the country from social chaos and economic ruination. In this election year of 2016, with kind due respect, admiration, and sincere affections, I call upon Gary Johnson, who I look forward to meeting in Virginia on March 5th, to withdraw.   

From Politics and Portal Web Page: "There were audible sighs of resignation from a significant number of libertarians following Gary Johnson's underwhelming third-place finish in the 2012 presidential election. For so long, the prevailing argument was that the party needed a high-profile and nationally recognized presidential candidate to elevate the brand and ideology into mainstream American politics, and capture the attention of the public. And in Gary Johnson, many believed that they had found such a nominee. After all, his record as Governor of New Mexico can withstand the toughest scrutiny, and his campaign is without doubt the most organized, expansive and well-funded in the Libertarian Party history - all this without factoring the effect of the ostensibly disenfranchised Ron Paul Republicans. So, perhaps his not quite 1% share of the total popular vote could be viewed as a disappointment.

On the other hand, however, an even larger majority believes that the Libertarian Party is on the cusps of breaking through the two-party hegemony. The flourishing grassroots movement, comprising primarily of the younger demographic, along with the emergence of a blossoming national-level election machinery, will accord future libertarian candidates with some sorely needed organizational support, and perhaps, eliminate the perennial issue of ballot access.

The key now is to maintain the momentum, and leverage the inroads made in 2012 for the 2016 presidential election. And thus, the search now commences for the individual to take the party to the next level; a presidential candidate that will bear the huge responsibility of capturing the imagination of the American public, and achieve something that has never been done since 1912 - building a nationally competitive third party."

In effect, most Americans want more liberty and freedom, innately, suitable for winning the White House by the Libertarian Party and actually deliver increases in liberties and freedoms. A narrow vision of "liberty" of the sovereign BIG Ls does not appeal to the overwhelming percentage of voters having a LITTLE L. All liberty minded voters, nearly all Americans, should be welcomed into the Libertarian Party with tolerance, forming a big tent party. 

Libertarian Big Tent Party

The Libertarian Party has the opportunity this year to take the White House and actually deliver increases in liberties and freedom. Most Americans have deep seated desired for increase liberties and freedoms, and this huge voting block can be attracted to the Libertarian Party banner. The Libertarian Party can become a big tent party have many voting segments.  

Marijuana Legalizers are those seeking freedom to smoke. Extreme Anarchists want no government, which is not obtainable, for once government is abolished, power will take its place, be it war lords or mob bosses.  Border Sympathizers are those seeking an open border, which is adverse to the presidency serving citizens and the country, not aliens and foreign countries, and the harm done to wage rates, quality of life and neighborhoods. Immigration is great with control entry for time needed in the melting pot, for assimilating those who wish to become American. Passionate Sovereigns are those wanting to have complete control over them own actions. The problem is that people to not live and work in isolation, but rather in close proximity, necessitating rules of conduct. Freedom Lovers are moderate Libertarians seeking increased liberties and freedom from totalitarian socialistic fascist state governments and federal government. Specific Liberators are generally single issue libertarians seeking freedom in a specific area, for examples, Tea Party as tax opposers, Occupiers as banking-gov fascist opposers, Monetarists as fiat currency opposers, Latino as shadow opposers, Marketeers as intervention opposers, Prisoners as incareration opposers, Riflemen as gun confiscation opposers, capitalists as socialist opposers, debtors as debt opposers. The platform further appeals to safety net democrat, fiscal conservative republicans, seniors and students, et al. 

In all these groups, the common thread is a desire for increase in liberties and freedom, and thus the largest group are the freedom lovers. When the Libertarian Party focus primarily only on sovereignty, the field of sympathetic voters is very small, and a reason why the Libertarian Party fails at the national level, getting less than 1% of the vote. The Libertarian Party as led over the last 4 years by the last presidential nominee has stagnated appeal, decreasing membership, and no hope of being anything other than a side show, While all those with Liberty Values can pitch their values at the state level, competing with liberal and conservative value, the president must follow the constitution, and many of the sovereignty liberty issues can be solved by states right, largely not being a federal concern.  

As a Christian Social-Conservative Freedom-Lover Presidential Candidate, I would appeal to 90% of voters, excluding the far left National Socialists (Sanders) and the far right war mongers (HRC JEB RUBIO), and when nominated, win the White House, having the plans and skills to fix DC. Each State has its own LP platform for state electioneering, and that is what a republic is all about. At the national level, a broad liberty appeal coupled with restoring the Constitution, Republic, Liberty, Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity, is a winner, with ability to debase the DEM or REP pandering nominees for the Victory. 

Does the Libertarian Party, after 50 years of going NO WHERE, now stagnated, as a mere curiosity, want to squander yet another opportunity to actually achieve meaningful results of increases in liberties and freedoms, take the White House, and create in perpetuity, a third party providing a necessary Constitutional Liberty choice, against the liberal totalitarian and conservative totalitarian choices?   

Mr Johnson is not delusional. He is correct, he has no chance to win the general election. Merely seeking to increase voter turn out, is such a low bar, that he offers the LP no hope, demoralizes the rank and file, with loss after loss, and keeps the LP as a minor political curiosity.

100 man years of intellectual training was applied to the LP growth over the last 4 years. Over the last four years, with an apparent lack  of leadership, to make the LP competitive nationally, losing members and interest, the question pondered is why, when nearly ALL Americans seek innately more liberty and freedom. From what I have personally seen with my own eyes, and reading political commentary, and such like, a plausible answer is an ostensible lack of comprehending the systemic problems in view of the US political complex, the intolerance of the BIG Ls, and no real PLAN to attract new members to the party. As the major problems and causes are apparently, if not OBVIOUSLY, not understood by others, how possibly can the LP offer serious SOLUTIONS that would concurrently provide more LIBERTY and FREEDOM, as a winning strategy?

My best guess is that:

1) The sovereign BIG L dominates the LP, is intolerant, if not disrespecting, to small Ls, and engage in close nit association with only like minded persons, thereby inflexibly cementing narrow spectrum perspectives, limiting the reach of the LP, and directly alienating others;

2) The last presidential nominee utterly failed as titular head to lead the LP to recognize that 90% of Americans are potential LP voters, but did not IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY modify the LP posture to attract more libertarians to the party and appeal generally to all Americans including the small Ls; and

3) There has not been, until now, an LP presidential candidate who can A) fix DC attracting all Americans, B) fix DC in such a way as to increase liberties and freedoms attracting all Americans, C) address the many varied constituencies across the nation explaining exactly why the particular fix fit their main long term political orientations, and D) articulate why the fix must be had to avoid imminent systemic social chaos and economic ruination in a economic death spiral.

Offering Americans a comprehensive, integrated, sweeping SOLUTION SET to major systemic problems, which solutions will increase liberties and freedoms, was collectively personally recognized for its inherent potential synergy that will be a very powerful unstoppable magnet nationally, that will be fully exploited, to VICTORY in November.

With the right leadership, plans, skills, and candidate, the Libertarian Party can win the White House, appealing to all Americans with some liberty and freedom values, and deliver to all Americans increased liberty and freedom from totalitarian socialistic fascist DC.  The candidate must be able to: 1) Win the White House with the right general appeal to liberty values, 2) Fix DC and the national systemic problems, and 3) Deliver to the country increased liberties and freedom. 

Libertarian Republic

In the US, from the federal perspective, constitution and congress control law. My approach is to attract 90% of electorate, and actually WIN the white house. How? Thinking out of the box, I bifurcate "natural rights", into Constitutional Federal Natural Rights and Sovereign Natural States Rights. The those constitutional core natural rights (privacy, marriage, procreation, travel) as contemplated by founders are liberties protected by the federal government. The expansive sovereign natural rights, (legalized heroin for 18yo to shoot up smack on the corner) as viewed by LP, perfects the republic, so that, at the national level, 90% are attracted, and at the state level, LP competes their liberty values with liberal and conservative values. As a moderate libertarian, I am focused at the federal level and the white house. The approach is simple and can attract 90% in a national election, and leave unto the states states right to social engineer as they vote and deem appropriate, to liberty, liberal, conservative values. Its practicable, it works, and is the path to the white house.

In this regard, the restoration of the REPUBLIC is desired, and to the extent that states rights are promoted, by liberty values, liberal values, and conservative values, to extend basic constitutional rights, I leave to the states to decide for themselves. Thus, Constitution and Republic are restored, offering liberty, liberal, conservative social engineering competition to the states and political parties therein. Libertarians should compete at the state level, rather than seek the concentration of power in DC to protect all expansive rights. I am on the only LP presidential candidate who can and would win the white house.

Further still, the transition from the WAR ON DRUGS, to the PROTECTION OF STATES RIGHTS, become the new focus. That is, the War on Drugs, is replaced by the War on Totalitarianism. Rather than wage an endless war on drugs, you wage a war protecting states rights, and thus, end the theoretic on the war on drugs, focusing on states rights, and if CO, for example, legalizes pot, the federal government should respect the states rights. Thus, restore Constitution, restore the Republic, appeal to 90%, and end the war of drugs. Its a winner for the LP, if we can get pass the pander of the other LP presidential candidates, who can not win, and who can not achieve ANY RESULT toward increase in liberty and freedom. 

By focusing on restoring the republic, by offering a comprehensive solution set to national systemic problems, by appealing to 90% of the electorate to the national ticket, by uniting all political groups, the libertarian party can attract 90% of the electorate, and win the White House.