Farcical Republican Party

Totalitarian Cave-In Party

When was the last time the GOP platform asserted republicanism, where all social programs at the federal level be abolished in favor of constitutional states rights under our limited government of a republic of states under the constitution that they swore to uphold? They dont. The RNC is simply a slow drag on and the enabler on the DNC's slow liberalization toward increasing amounts totalitarian socialistic fascist enslavement of the people as tax mules or dependents in the grand give and take.

At least we know the democrats make no pretense about driving the country into decadent immoral godless socialism with plenary federal power to enslave us all as tax mules or dependents contrary to American traditions. The Republicans are a farce, because they play on the degree of enslavement, just a little less than the other bad guys, but not its kind, and are effectively in the same camp, with no real difference between the RNC and DNC, with the resulting lack of real choice and disillusionment of people in elected officials, the Republicans being mere facilitators of socialism in compromise being weak minded politicians, that they truly are, for if they really stood for Republicanism, along the lines of our constitution, they would step up, and propose the abolishing all federal social programs, and reinsert real gold and silver money into circulation, per the constitution, to free the people from federal government tyranny. The REPs are merely DEM Lights. You can pin a trunk on a donkey, but its still an ass.

Poor Bill OReilly. He is desperately trying to find solutions for Republicans to champion for a change in national direction. The problem is, its WAY TO LATE. WW-FDR-LBJ-BHO and their leftest panhandlers have drove the US into ruin with leftist pandering. The amount of paper printing, (not just US but world wide) is so pervasive, in the competitive devaluations, that as of today alone, 15,000$/oz gold and $1000/oz silver is already baked into the cake, and because these pandering politicians cant stop pandering, BUYING VOTES, the deficits will not stop, until there is hyper-inflation and the resulting crash of global fiat paper currencies, including the US Dollar, (that irredeemable ponzi coupon, being printed, in the trillions, as far as the eye can see, exponentiatingly so). This of course means that, over time, the 15K$ and 1000$/oz figures will also, exponentiate higher over time, as the paper money is destroyed to TOTALLY ZERO VALUE by over printing for buying votes. Simply put:  high taxe, fiat currency and socialism equals INEVITABLE DISASTERS or sustain enslaved mediocrity in perpetuity and loss of freedom from government, enslaved as tax mules or dependents. 

Bill OReilly had screeches about HIGH GASOLINE PRICES, high taxes, and over-reaching in socialization with the monstrous nanny state. But this is all just simply down in the noise, looking at symptoms, but not the cause. In the big picture, every fiat currency that has been controlled by politicians, have always ended up in the dumpster with the economy following right behind. You cant stop the tax-and-spend politicians, DEMs and REPs, as they are locked into pandering to cement political power. The DNC and RNC are after political power, and not really following the constitution or solving the fundamental problems. 

Global depression, deleveraging of financials, explosion of 2000T$ of OTC derivatives, paper money and extreme taxes, make the implosion INEVITABLE. There is one hope. The ruins of our great national economy, when people REALLY start looking for answers, OUR FREEDOM will necessarily come back as THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE, rather than totalitarian lock down. Sorry Bill, neither a republican or a democrat can stop the implosion. Now if you want solutions. try reading the US Constitution, you know, the stuff about Gold/Silver legal currency to keep governments honest, a REPUBLIC OF STATES, where social programs are exclusively at the state level per a republic of states. The solutions are there in plain language, right in front of you, just look down into that trash basket, and pull it out, and take a peek. The preferred fix is to abolish the FED,  return to Gold/Silver coinage legal tender, abolish all federal social programs, have one federal consumption sales tax, one state property tax, and then we will have continued prosperity, as far as the eye can see, and we will all regain our constitutional freedoms from government.

USA RNC DNC Political Stalemate

Recognizing the cycles, totalitarian controls (corrupt socialism) and Freedom polarities, and when it gets bad enough, and kings rule DC and city hall in Stalinism, Freedom comes back, driven by innate human drivers, sometimes by civil discourse, other times by war, but it cycles, nonetheless. Those in political power, though they may pretend otherwise, in good faith, will relentlessly drive towards or end up towards increased totalitarian controls over time, the push back being the innate human driver of freedom and liberty from totalitarian control. Thus, the endless cycles. In 1776, it was rebellion, and Freedom won the day, and it lasted until WW "ruined the country", and for 100 years, the US had slid toward increasing totalitarian control. Its about time for Freedom to rise back up, as the country faces conflict, an early symptom of the clash ahead, as the DHS procures armor vehicles and a billion rounds, as the people arm themselves, despite pandered weapon licenses and effective enforced surrenders of the people's guns, held to prevent totalitarianism over the people, as held sacred by the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, now being trashed by the totalitarians in control to sustain the totalitarians control, to keep up the political lock up to cement power and enable the sucking dry of the American people by debt to the oligarchsters, banksters, and greedsters, as 99% of the people become tax mules and state dependents, so as to sustain political party power and the sucking dry of the people by the master enslavers, comprising the oligarchsters, banksters and greedsters..

So the two major parties are now jockying for political position to see who will blame the other party more for shutting down the government, as debt limits and Obamacare hit the trip wires. If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would not believe the government is run by self centered nurses placing another bandaid on a dying patient, The politicians and the people are trapped by 100 years of political pandering. Meanwhile the country economically implodes from Oligarchster, Bankster, Greedster mastery of self induced enslavement debt and political stalemate. 

So, the people don't push back against the totalitarians, and Stalinism is the outcome, which eventually collapses, the innate human driver of freedom and totalitarainism in an endless struggle, the ying and yang of human kind over the eons, at play before my eyes. So Im watching Hannity, and he has a townhall group, and they are discussing Obamacare, and each one has in depth analysis, and an opinion, tree-chopping a subissue, and Im thinking these people are children, playing with intellectual toys, trying to maximize this or that, and score points, and yet they are very intelligent people, expert tree choppers, yet I place them in the big picture in the school yard, like apes pounding their chest, for they are so into micromanaging human affairs, as paid experts, that they cant understand the beauty of human innate drivers, biological laws, and the republic for which the flag should stand, or economic laws and real money, being their solution they can not see, as congress digs in its heals to shut the government down, to adjust federal social spending, where there should be none, in the first place. I walk away thinking it comical but sad, that many heretofore have died in vain.

Why do homeowners get rewarded tax wise for going into debt? Because the oligarchsters and banksters seek to suck the people dry through debt, be it mortgages, credit cards, or the national debt and thus the banksters exert influence over the politicians to increase public debt where possible, and the politicians spin it as helping housing and the people. Its part of totalitarian enslavement of the people as tax mules and state dependents enabling the banksters to suck the people dry through a debt regime. Dr Shiller is part of the problem. He says that tax deductions for interest payments, will encourage housing, and that is a government incentive, where there should be none, as incentives are part of the totalitarian play, which is, tax and spend, take and give, inflate and rob, incentivize and control, socialize and corrupt. Dr Shiller is conventional in thinking, in the modern era, like 99.99% of the people, so no disrespect intended, just observing the 100 year pandered mind set of Americana, brought to the US people by pandering politicians serving to lock up political power, and they have.

Biden v Ryan debate was sad. Why did not either address 16T$ unserviceable debt. Sure at 0.1% interest, we may prolong, but seriously, interest produce savings produce investment produce productivity gains produce employment produce tax receipts, and unless we can PAY for real interest rates on the debt, which is IMPOSSIBLE under their budgets, the ship of state remains on the breakers, PERIOD. The 6000 pound gorilla in the room, GOT A FREAKING PASS.

Both major political parties are in the game of MOPEing the people with bogus economic data, as part of the pretend and extend, kick the can mentality of the Federal US Government. "Nonetheless, the quality of government reporting has deteriorated sharply in the last couple of decades. Reporting problems have included methodological changes to economic reporting that have pushed headline economic and inflation results out of the realm of real-world or common experience". -- John Williams, Shadowstats.com

Rebellion Against the Deterioration 

Its time the people to rise up, those American believing in limited government and freedom from government, and over-throw the Elitist pandering DC. 50,000,000 of my countrymen are on food stamps, 200,000,000 have their bank accounts spied on, and if you dont think that is absolutely appalling, then you will probably vote again for another totalitarian socialistic fascist in the White House, for 4 more years of decadent degradation of American history, culture, tradition, and FREEDOM. BHO is the Social Fuhrer of 1920s Berlin, promoting evil in government, enslavement of people in a decadent, anything goes socialistic society. Hitler, backed by the Bavarian conservatives, used the decadence godlessness of 1920s Berlin to help gain control. When anything goes, societies collapse, and eventually end in ruination. From greedy leveraged financials, counterfeited money, degraded morals, the DNC, with RNC in close tow, have totally destroyed this once proud, great, self-reliant and FREE country. Sorry Bill, your public display of consternation, on minor manners, to show a real difference between the DNC and RNC, is laughable, if not pathetic in its focus.

HERE IS THE GOVERNMENT SPIN: FBI warns of threat from anti-government extremists WASHINGTON | Mon Feb 6, 2012 7:21pm EST [(Reuters) - Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday. These extremists, sometimes known as "sovereign citizens," believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference. The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard. Routine encounters with police can turn violent "at the drop of a hat," said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI's counter terrorism division. "We thought it was important to increase the visibility of the threat with state and local law enforcement," he said. In May 2010, two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers were shot and killed in an argument that developed after they pulled over a "sovereign citizen" in traffic. Last year, an extremist in Texas opened fire on a police officer during a traffic stop. The officer was not hit. Legal convictions of such extremists, mostly for white-collar crimes such as fraud, have increased from 10 in 2009 to 18 each in 2010 and 2011, FBI agents said. "We are being inundated right now with requests for training from state and local law enforcement on sovereign-related matters," said Casey Carty, an FBI supervisory special agent. FBI agents said they do not have a tally of people who consider themselves "sovereign citizens." J.J. MacNab, a former tax and insurance expert who is an analyst covering the sovereign movement, has estimated that it has about 100,000 members. Sovereign members often express particular outrage at tax collection, putting Internal Revenue Service employees at risk.]

Yeah, in modern America, it is extreme, to want your freedom back. It is the depraved enslaving combination of WW's IRS and Paper Money, and FDR/LBJ/BHO socialism that is the root of government evil, enslaving the people as tax mules or enslaved dependents. Its extreme to follow the constitution, gold/silver money, and a republic of states. Yeah, That's extreme. They are so intellectually focused on sustaining the power concentration in DC, that they are blind to enslavement of people, and actually think, its just fine. We "extremists" (more accurately called Reactionists) are not ANTI-GOVERNMENT, (that is the government spin and lie here), we are capitalists, traditionalists, god-fearing individualists, constitutionalists, freedom lovers who are ANTI-TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISTIC FASCIST government. There are a dozen or so STATES who are trying to put up REAL MONEY BILLS, to protect state citizens from the DC printing presses. YEAH, THAT's Extreme. There are millions now who are enslaved and disillusioned with the US Government. NATURALLY SO, who want their freedoms, constantly taken away, and enslaved by government. Wanting to be free from GOVERNMENT OPPRESSION, (and spending 75% of your adult working life for the government in paying taxes) is oppression and enslavement. 

Now, the police state, led by DHS, are mobilizing in fear, as they should be. But, police state mobilization is only the first step.
I have predicted that we will see US ARMY TANKS on Whilshire Blvd LA, when the US GOV is forced to cut back the hand outs. GREECE ANYONE?  give it some time, we will get there. REBELLION, DISGUST, DISILLUSIONMENT are in the cards,
while our constitution is in the trash can. The projected outcome is either totalitarian police state lock down, or a return to our constitutional freedoms. National Socialism evolves into Totalitarian Fascism, but something is down to stop the slide. 

OReilly and Taxes

OReilly went off this this night about increasing taxes, increasing in blue states, decreasing in red states, and blamed liberal policies, but failed to drive the point home. There are two sectors that are increasing, government employees and state dependents, even though one could argue they are essentially the same, and that as the state dependents increase, the non-productive increase, the productive are penalized more to make up for the short fall, and which is voted for more and more, and more and more become state dependents. Some tax mules die each day, as the partition rate falls day by day, as government employees, disabled recipient and food stamp recipient skyrocket.Tax mules and state dependents, the later of which will and is killing the former, as the unproductive are rewarded as the productive are penalized, increasingly so, in the 100 year continuation, until collapse and ruination. While many complain about the market manipulation, particularly in the bullion space, it is really just an extension of our totalitarian democracy, voted for, where state dependents are destroying the tax mules, in a death spiral toward corruption, collapse and ruination.

So, continuing the theory, that totalitarian socialistic fascism results in state dependents killing off the tax mules, until the private sector is dead. So, we have a government worker, and sure there is some work product. Take a congressman. His pay is $150K example, and pays 50K in taxes, the net is 100K$ of state dependency. The 100K$ comes from the private sector, its slow demise. Of course that work product is oriented toward more of, you guessed it, totalitarian socialistic fascism. The totalitarianism speaks for itself, the socialism is the pandering to cement the vote, in a totalitarian democracy. The totalitarianism spills over into controlling all markets and money, which means of course, suppressing bullion and restricting currency to paper fiat, in the fascist combination of banks and government. Because of the positive feedback, the system enters a death spiral towards soviet style, more and more controls by the state, and the rise of oligarchs.

In the days of the cold war, there was a shinning example of western economies, having a substantial private sector, to draw the comparison between what is corrupt socialism and what is capitalism, and the soviets failed. Modernly, there is no such shinning example to compare, as all the world government head towards state controls, in a race to bottom, just like the con game that is the fiat paper money system. It is hoped that economic collapse would wake people up, but how do you wake people up, if there is no shinning example to which to compare, except history books of glory gone by?

The economy is terminal because of the absurdity of a totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC that penalizes the productive (income taxes, capital gain taxes, inheritance taxes) and rewards the unproductive (workers compensation, welfare, social security, food stamps), which regime is enabled by the high court that has trashed the US Constitution with unlimited federal government and paper money, the later of which is used to rig all markets, and sustain the spending in a paper money ponzi scheme through QE and ZIRP and federal deficits, led by congress and encourage by the politician in chief, and enabled by the FED and ESF and IRS, that collectively sucks the working people dry, through every increasing national debt and taxes, destroying the private sector of tax mules, and creating legions of state dependents, including government assistance recipients and state workers, the later of which is in control, feeding itself and building more and more totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people, in an open loop positive feedback system, enslaving all Americans as tax mules and state dependents, leading to only one outcome, and that is economic and societal implosion of the whole.

The CAVE-IN party is buckling at the knee. I saw a Republican bill that paid gov furlough workers back pay as soon as the debt limit is increase, meaning they support PAID VACATIONS. Sure it could be a pandering political ploy, but arnt they all. The CAVE-IN party is all they will ever be.

Four Republicans 

4 Republicans, Bachus and Hensarling et al, apparently dont care if JPManipulator can flush the small spec's regularly on the CRIMEX with a monstrous naked short positions. These slimeballs must think 1.5T deficits and FED QE to insanity is just fine, trashing our money, economy, and corrupting hearts and minds. You guys are a farce, using the threat of harassment, under the guise of cutting government waste. Slimeball stuff, no other word for it. I do wonder what the heck took CFTC so long to propose position limits, but when you go up against JPManipulator and their bought and paid-for congressman, I suppose its a formidable challenge.

We all know that the top contributors to the Republican party are THE BANKS, with their HFT and manipulation. Government should get back to policing INTERSTATE COMMERCE rather than caving in to the DEMs on bankrupting the country with their social engineering. It does not get more despicable than this, more obvious in being bought by big banks. Yeah bail em out some more.  JPM gets a slap on the wrist, re Bear Stearn, and JPM gets to keep flushing the small spec's on the CRIMEX. Sweet .... 
Four Horsemen: Republicans Challenge CFTC on Position Limits

Four Republican congressmen have written a letter to the CFTC challenging its controversial position limits regulation. The letter was signed by House Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus, Vice Chairman Jeb Hensarling, and two additional members, Randy Neugebauer and Scott Garrett. The CFTC suffered a setback in late September when its position limits rule was blocked by U.S. District Court Judge Robert Wilkins. The rule would have limited the number of contracts traders can hold in 28 commodities, including oil, coffee and gold. Wilkins ruled that the CFTC failed to prove that position limits regulation is necessary for healthy market functioning. In their letter, the four Republican congressmen advised Gary Gensler of the CFTC against an appeal to the ruling. “We are very concerned, in the wake of the financial crisis, that CFTC staff are using limited resources to pursue ideological and political goals rather than using the resources allocated by Congress to carry out the direct requirements of the agency,” they wrote. Republicans have differed with the CFTC on whether position limits regulation is a mandate of the Dodd-Frank Act.  Gensler has been unequivocal on the issue. “Congress mandated us to do this,” Gensler said at a derivatives conference on Wednesday.

Mitt's plan offers no hope

The current administration had no plan, except campaigning. Mitt would have head winds, if elected. 16T debt (interest rate rise is impossible as debt is unserviceable, to spur savings leading to investment and productivity gains, DOA), 1.5T Deficit (pulling the plug on gov spending, over-coming fascist socialism, DOA), 600B$ in trade deficits (no amount of $ debasement can overcome that, mfg has long been buried, people have no inclination for it, exports DOA), Stopping QE (too late, cooked into the books, non-sterilized balance sheet guarantees inflation, question remains hyperinflation, and with 16T 1.5T, a stable dollar is DOA), I cant believe that in a failing global economy, Mitt will pull a rabbit out of his hat, and create so many real jobs, that we can grow our way out through job growth, DOA. I cant see it, a Mitt win, and turning the ship around. You can not reverse 110 years of leftist pandering, now cemented thinking in our culture, with the debt and deficits so large and our non-mfg, with all that in place, grow us out of this mess. DOA. If Mitt tries conventional ways, of "growing us out" of this mess, given the deficits, debt, non-mfg, political strife, and cultural orientation, his plan is DOA. Mitt is an empty hope, without serious changes. The lesser of 2 evils, is still evil, and he offers no real change necessary.

I do think that a RADICAL shift, in 10 years, we could emerge much stronger, but that would involve defaults, abolishing of the FED, Tax Code, Fiat money, Fed Social Programs, etc etc in a sweeping revamp, and Im affraid he will have no mandate to do so, and does not know how to think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, in which we find ourselves. I give Mitt zero chance of getting the ship of state off the breakers, ZIPPO. I place my faith in the markets, to trash the US economy and paper dollar so soundly, that from the ashes, then and only then, do we regain our heritage and strength, in a massive reactionary rethinking of totalitarian socialistic fascism ruining the country. 

112th Implements Cut-GO

In the latest razzle dazzle coming from congress, after reading and then trashing the US constitution, in another tear-jerker, from the Speaker, the US House, by royal proclamation, is forthwith implementing Cut-Go, with first the CUT, that is a downgrading of US debt, and full faith and credit of the US, by equating the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) to the IPC, The Irredeemable Ponzi Coupon, and then with THE GO, with 14T IPCs and counting.

How many out there in la la land believe for 1 second that the Republicans will having any meaningful impact on the budget? How many out there in la la land believe for 1 second that the Republicans will NOT raise the debt limit? Yeah, I mean with HReid and NPilozi pandering, that handout recipients will be harmed, AND ITS ALL the republicans fault, so can bet your bottom dollar, that the debt limit will be increased, and that no meaningful cuts will be had.

John Boehner proposes Austerity. Who's he kidding? This Cut-Go is about as bogus as Obamacare. It sounds good, but solves nothing. And of course, and you watch, the first order of business by the REPUBLICANS will be a US Debt limit increase. The government cant collect enough taxes to pay all liabilities. Cut-Go is irrelevant, as to little and way to late. Soon, I suspect, America will wake up to government insolvency. QE, Tarp-barf, Cut-Go, Pay-Go, or any no-go you want, will not solve the inherent problem of a totalitarian socialist fascist government run by elitists, who enslave us all as tax mules or dependents, supporting the handouts, as the DC Caesars throw out the bread to maintain political control, and after 110 years of it, the US is insolvent, increasing so, and the false hope in QE, Cut-go, or austerity are NOT SOLUTIONS. These politicians will only find ways to funnel the banks more money, for more CEO bonuses, and solve nothing. Cut-go is No-go, solves nothing. The long term systemic problem of the WELFARE STATE that is the government, cant be solved with "austerity", as the debt levels are SO HIGH, that balance sheets of tax and spend ARE NOW IRRELEVANT. The solutions of 1950-2008 of stimulus spending, tax cutting, pay-go, and now cut-go, WILL NOT WORK, as the debt level, both official and prospective, are so large, that these heretofore gimmicks are of practically NO VALUE. The markets are so leveraged with 2000T$ of derivatives, that a 10 year deleveraging depression  is now required before growth can occur in earnest. The Welfare state and the financial leveraging is so massive, that tinkering with these false hopes and gimmicks, can only kick the can down the road a little longer, AT BEST. The US government needs over-hauling, to transfer all social services back to the states, under states' rights and a respected constitution of limited government, in addition to the outlawing fiat paper money in favor of real money, as the founding fathers prescribed, as real money is Gold, the ultimate store of wealth, and Silver, the ultimate street currency.Until that happens, John is whistling past the graveyard. But it sounds good, and the Americans will buy it, and a Republican will be elected in 2012 to the presidency.

John's heart maybe in the right place, and may actually realize the folly at hand he proposes, and is now proposing only that which is politically acceptable to the pandered American electorate now expecting all the goodies. But, he and the republicans offer no solution, merely anti-democrat rhetoric, for the political power play, in the game of presidential tag, and these bozos at the DNC and RNC wont face the fact that TOTALITARIAN SOCIALISM does not provide prosperity, only enslaves peoples, always looking to government to solve problems.

Sorry John, but you offer no solution. Sure, you are BETTER than any democrat, but that is not being HONEST, COURAGEOUS, and HELPFUL. You only provide Americans with some sort of FALSE HOPE, and for that, you are classified as being in that most despicable class of citizens, government politicians. John B. should change his name to Herbert.H.

Republicans offer NO hope or change

The Republican party will once again be swept into power in 2012, controlling both houses and the presidency, due to the on going implosion of the US economy, the imploding US dollar, the bankster socialism practiced by the FED, the global fiat paper money trade wars, and 2000T$ of financial derivatives, weapons of mass financial destruction, that the greedy banksters use to suck the people dry of their wealth, future, prosperity and hope.

In other words, the Republicans will be voted into power, not because they offer any hope or change, (because THEY CANT POSSIBLY), or a way out of the current financial catastrophe befallen the nation, but merely because the Democrats will be blamed for the last 4 years of no growth, and continued impoverishment of the US homeland due to the 110 years of pandered socialism upon the US electorate, (read WW FDR LBJ HBO gang-of-four of the USSA --United Socialistic States of America), destroying our American practice of founding father principles, including but not limited to: 1) a republic of states (and not federal plenary power concentrated in DC), 2) Gold and Silver legal tender (and not the federal reserve ponzi note that ain't worth a continental), 3) limited federal government of specific enumerated powers (and not the totalitarian socialistic fascist centralized control by the political pigs controlling DC), 4) a citizenry that votes for the good of the country (and not the selfish good of themselves as pandered), and 5) a self reliant, dignified, self respecting culture (and not one of being enslaved as tax mules or dependents).

The implosion of the US economy, the FED reserve note, and the global economy IS BAKED INTO THE CAKE, as a 10 year long economic depression is absolutely required to deleverage the Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction, and the Republicans will be voted into power, just in time to be coincidentally in control at a point time when the entire US and Global economy tanks into a global depression. As the public opinion drops further, after the 2012 elections, the 2012 Republicans will be known as the Herbert Hoovers of the 21st century (yet again). Don’t they ever learn?

Just like the austerity politicians in the EU are experiencing violent reactions to reduced government handouts, with a culture of socialism practiced and embedded in EU politics, the Republicans to will get their full measure of violent reactions from the promoters of socialism and many Americans who bought into the US government hand outs in expectations as a matter of right. Expectations are the focus. The American rebellion was initiated because King George decided to levy taxes upon the Americans when Americans WERE USED TO NOT BEING TAXED, their freedom from the exchequer of England being taken from them, and the reaction was the REBELLION of the colonies. Here to, but from the opposing posture, many expecting the government handouts, AS PROMISED by our politicians, will be forced to be reduced, with the expected social unrest to follow. US Army tanks will be deployed on Wilshire Blvd LA, to control folks, starving and fighting over street crack dandelions to boil for food, (as grandma did in the 1930s).

The 2012 Republicans are trapped, and they wont be honest with the people and explain that ITS TO LATE FOR THE STANDARD CURE, (stimulus spending as the addicts over-dose themselves time again, with diminishing effects), as an implosion is necessary to deleverage the financial world on the back of the US tax payers, suckers once again. If they kick the can down the road, and spend like the Democrats (perhaps a tad less), they lengthen the time of that global inevitable depression. If they engage in austerity to control the budget substantially, the US economy immediately tanks even further in a nose dive, as social unrest sky-rockets, and America drops into a great sooner than later, but an absolutely necessary economic depression for a decade or more. There is no way out, (but don’t tell anyone, its a national secret, as the US Army prepares War Games in the US, when, not if, Marshal law is declared throughout the land of the free and brave.)

The Democrats are the destroyers of founding father principles, but the Republicans, (referred to often as "dem-lights") will not be able to set the house of cards right, nor will they have THE POLITICAL COURAGE to be honest with the electorate and explain that the last 110 years of Dem-led socialism has not only bankrupt the US treasury, but also the hearts and minds of Americans, as BOTH parties pander their socialism and government plenary power and control for selfish political power.

If the republicans were honest, they would propose dismantling ALL social programs by the Federal Government (eg Social Security), and turn all those programs over to the individual states, (PER THE CONSTITUTION of a republic of states and a Federal Government of limited enumerated powers). But you don’t hear that from the COWARDS at the RNC, to call it like it is, and the need to over-haul the US government operations, back to founding father principles of LIMITED GOVERNMENT, and a REPUBLIC OF STATES.

There are of course a couple of STAND OUT EXCEPTIONS. Ron Paul of TX will bull-dog the Fed Chairman and exposed THE GRANDEST PONZI SCHEME ever know throughout all of history. John Campbell of CA recently indicated that TAX INCENTIVES are inherently wrong, as the FED GOVERNMENT should not be dictating to the people how to spend their money.

Sure, there are a couple of stand-up republicans who understand fully how the country no longer follows founding father principles, to our collective ruination, and how the people are now enslaved as either tax mules or dependents, with governmental enslaving chains that must be broken, to free us all, ONCE AGAIN from the tyranny of Government oppression, dependency, and enslaving taxes. But nearly all politicians are COWARDS because they seek not to serve, but to sustain POWER for themselves and can not help but pander the people into believing that government can AND SHOULD solve their problems.

There is virtually NO DIFFERENCE between the DEMs and REPs, as both will exploit the pandered culture of Americans, having been taught for 110 years that government should and will solve their problems, rather than returning to the days of Americanism, now dead, of self-reliant self-respecting peoples.

If the Republicans were honest with folks, and really wanted to minimize the indispensable and necessary economic implosion and deleveraging, they would propose dismantling 80% of the federal government, abolished the FED, income taxes, IRS, and all federal social programs, (and thereby reduce their own selfish power), and return those programs to the several states and let the competition between the states control the amount of social nets and supports per states' rights and the bonnie blue flag. But we all know, the Republicans wont go this far, as it is political suicide, given the modern American culture of "We bailed out the banks, we bailed out the Corporations, but mom and pop are sitting at home, asking WHATS IN IT FOR ME?" (BHO before Congress). The only question remaining then is: Who will be the next REPUBLICAN HERBERT HOOVER (or possibly, who really wants that job and tag for all time?)

Ryan capitulated yet again, as expected, on behalf of the Republican Cave-in Party, the totalitarian enablers, and raise the debt limit to 19.6T$, which really, as shown again, does not exist, as the debt limit is illusory and the basis of mere pander, as usual. The problem is not fiscal responsibility, as that was thrown out decades ago, but national insolvency. The country is bankrupt, living on the FED credit card, that is, the printing press. As long as interest rate remain zero under ZIRP, the US government can borrow as much as desired, to thereby concentrate power in DC, and sustain the wealth transfer from the 99% to the top 1%, banksters, greedsters and elite money interest. Of course the REPs will spin the debt ceiling limit as a good deal, when it is in fact another means by government to enslave the people with more debt to thereby concentrate totalitarian socialistic fascist power in the DC.  As is in the song "White Rabbit", the Knight is Talking Backward. 

Americans Propagandized

The government buys toxic assets saying its needed, to cure the credit crises. This is absolute nonsense, of course, but how many people out there are buying it, just because the Government says so? This is nothing more than corrupting of the folks, with campaign socialistic promises, wrapped in old glory, with more of the financial pandering upon us, so that the gov can TAKE CONTROL over our lives, and that means, bailing out the banks who can now have their way with the people's money. But we have a history of it, dont we? President Wilson created the FED, fiat money, with hardly a murmur of discontent. Man were we every sold a bill goods, that's right, a mere piece of fiat money paper as the end all of human misery. Did we ever get suckered into the FED interest rate control enabled by and with the fiat money fraud that it is.  FDR's raw deal saw social security, with 50T$ now worth of unfunded liabilities, another sold bill of goods, but with the confiscation of the People's Gold in 1933, to make sure we ALL cow tow to the DC elitists and support the fiat money inherent worthlessness that gives government more control over our lives, and we bought into it. LBJ and his corrupt society, has worked wonders, just note the number of un-wed mothers, fatherless children, with a drug pandemic, and the number of people on unemployment, for the clue to that fail societal promise of utopia.
We will never learn to respect our history, heritage and traditions, because the DC panderers are very skilled in persuading the folks, that MORE DC CONTROL, is not only good, BUT ABSOLUTELY needed to prevent catastrophy, but, I submit, the catstrophy upon us, IS A DIRECT RESULT of 100 years of socialistic pandering and practices. It is what got us into the mess we are in. Socialistic Pandering is the EVIL, not a cure to our collective problems.
There should not be any FED notes at all, in the first place, as it is a complete fraud. Think about how the dollar has lost 96% of its value since 1913, to where now, the money is characterized IN THE TRILLIONS, with 50T$ of unfunded liability in social security, and in the face of imminent collapse and financial ruination of most in this country, YET, despite this sad state of affairs, OUR GOVERNMENT, is now proposing universal health care, and trillions of bankster bail outs. IT CANT MORE RIDICULOUSLY SAD than this, can it?
BHO is not over his head, he knows exactly what he is doing, and that is, enslaving us for generations to government control under the socialistic mantra. Make no mistake about this. He only cares about the collapse in so far as it retards his socialism, and is seeking more government spending based upon THE FALSE NEED, to raise 3T$ of new debt that sure does enslave our children to the government, through IRS thuggie collections for generations to come. Just look at the pork in the so-called stimulus bill, that wont, but will further the socialistic mantra. BHO knows exactly what he is doing.
Now the compound effect, as bankster fraud and manipulation, are stacked high upon that fiat disgrace of our once real money, once trusted by all, every where, any time.Not any more, as the Chinese do the double dutch, trying to get out of dollars, without tanking its values, in a rush for the fiat dollar exit, as the DC socialist loose control over the nation's commerce and money, which in the long run, is a good thing, provided we return to the gold standard, and hence, return to monetary value in our markets, the only viable international solution to the fiat dollar reserve currency status, now hated around the world. There should be NO BAIL OUTs of the banksters, essentially rewarding crimes in derivative manipulations of market for their managers profits. 
I was watching Bernie Lo, of Bloomberg, last night, and he had on a guy, subject to a viewer question regarding JPM's monstrous manipulating concentrated short position in silver, and whether the derivative bomb going off will cause a short squeeze in silver. That viewer must be reading my stuff. GET THIS STRAIGHT, with 1000T$ of toxic derivatives, and more and more are being created every day, THERE IS NO WAY the government with a trillion here or there is going to stop a global economic implosion. 1000T$ is just TO BIG TO BAIL. This guest on Bloomberg, just nailed that analysis for all to see, which, I have be saying for five years now. Curiously, this same guest indicated 2010-11 as the dooms days, which MATCHED by late 2005 prediction, now coming to past, for those who can see it for exactly what it is.
The government says that gold is an ancient relic, and hence no one needs to hold it, to support that fiat dollar, while encouraging us to abandon any protection from the excesses of DC, to strip us naked before GOV-CARE, so we can only look to the government as our saviors. How many of you bought into that stinker, pandered to support an inherently worthless PRIVATE BANK FED notes, in violation of our constitution? Yet, gold has been real money, valued in worth for at least 3000 years. So there ya go, no historical lesson kept in mind.Had we stayed on the gold/silver standard, deficits would vanish, and so would socialism and the banksters crimes in fiat and derivatives.
You all bought into social security, (so that the old unworking sap suckers are favored over our young, the nation's future, who cant vote nor be so readily propagandized, as a very poor use of resources). Curious, aint it, how the non-voting children got stiffed. Why? Its all a power play by the DC elitists.You all bought into unemployment checks so that IT PAYS to not work.You all bought into socialism, thinking the government will solve all your problems, AS PROMISED, yet they have not, have they? You still have to live with your gutless dependency in your national pig sty, dont you? The lies, falsehoods, and pandering corruption of our will, traditions, and constitution is an on going process through propaganda to propagandize Americans into scumming to governmental totalitarian democratic controls over every aspect of your lives by controlling panderers of DC,  because they have successfully persuaded us THEY KNOW BEST. You all sold out the nation's heritage for an unemployment check, where it now pays to not work. Well my fellow Americans, your voting in BHO is working its corruption, with his 3T$ already spent as enslavement debtor-prison of our grandchildren. Aint that special? My fellow Americans, you are a bunch of gullible weak-minded cowards, who have throw our collective responsibility, self-reliance, self-respect, and freedoms into the trash heap of failed socialistic pandered promises. Only thing remaining as a glorious end to that century of pandering, is a financial collapse coming to every main street near you, along with relearning the 1930s style of eating out, and that is, boiling street-crack dandelions, just to survive. Bon Appetite.

Real Money & Compassionate Conservatism

I was watching the tube, Foxnews of course, and heard that the bottom 50% of Americans pay 2.5% in taxes and that the top 10% pay 70% in taxes. I thought that wild, and it indicating that the 50%-90% crowd pay the other 27.5%. Talk about socialistic income redistribution. Sure, some progressive taxes are good, but extremes can be damaging. It seems to me, I spend half of the free thinking time, just thinking of ways to defeat the IRS, and that is a shame. But thinking further, I reached profound conclusions. With 50% of the people paying nothing, and mostly living in godless dependency, as taught them by the leftists, with both poltical parties pandering for votes, we have reached a point of no return. Gov-care and financial bailouts are the modern watch words. There is no turning back to real gold and silver money until a FIAT money collapse occurs, and it is just a matter of time before the exponentiating gov-care and bail outs completely destroys the global fiat complex, lead by the FRN's pending demise.

With 50% paying nothing and with the leftists gov-care mantra, "I will solve your problems and made sure the government takes care of you", the left is promoting more and more expectations, and over time, teaches the bottom half that socialism as acceptable, while the right bails out the banksters in yet another form of socialism. WHAT ABOUT ME, the people ask, I want more from the government, while the bankster cry for bail out money. Then I reflect upon the rightists, with their, "compassionate conservatism", and thought, that with 50% being so conditioned on the left, the right power bosses are leaning that way, as well. So, the Clinton-Bush administration enabled low cost home loans, because, it helps the poor obtain property, yet, when we look back, it was that "compassion", that socialism, that lead to the sub-prime debacle, then the credit crisis, then the financial crisis, and now, the mother of all bailouts in Fanny and Freddie, lead by the socializing right. The left and right have merged into socialistic practices.

As I lately wrote to Bush, you cared to much. With the sub-prime evictions in view of social agenda, sucking the life blood out of America, the American Dream aint to rosy these days. But with the leaning left of the American political complex, both the democrats and republicans, more and more bad things are happening. Most Americans now don’t pay any share for that "compassion", or the socialism, and look to government to solve their problems and take care of them. And look at the financial mess we are in this day. As I had written earlier, Godless socialism has proven a failed policy over all of mankind's history, yet, it is now being repeated yet again. Godliness, now swooning in America, provided the best safety nets, but now, thanks to the left's teachings and the right following, it’s now the government job to provide all. And to enable the LBJ's great society, or current democratic gov-care, or the rightist bail outs, we have a fiat regime which when couple with necessary defense spending, renders our money worthless, creating a downward spiral of increasing governmental expenditures and bail outs, in yet another extreme form of government socialism. But what is the long term outcome?

Societies live with negative feedback. Wrong choices are ultimately proven wrong and all that gov-care and bail outs will come back to bite you in the tail, through uncontrolled expenditure with a concurrent demoralization of society. So, there must be light at end of the downward cycle of the corruption of society in reliance upon others and debasement of fiat money, rather based upon Godliness in self-reliance with the use of real gold and silver money. It seems that the government is trapped and can not escape the coming collapse of the global fiat complex, lead in large measure by the FRN and the leftist mantra and Rightist banksters. When that collapse occurs, starting in earnest in the 2010-11 time period, economic recession/depression will occur, with responsive drastic actions. Initially, gold mines and farms may be seized so as to feed the people as well as stock real money in currency. As gold will not be able to be depreciated in value like Fiat, the government will be forced to live within its means, and that means that this bottom 50% will have to get a job or starve, and will they be angry, in view of decades of leftist promises of gov-care, while the bankster lose their wealth from holding onto fiat denominated assets. As they are forced to work or do without, or take their financial losses, that will foster self-reliance, godliness, and a return to real money usage, and, hence the pendulum will swing back to the center of traditional America, but with the abolishing of the fiat moneys, bail outs, and hand outs, a good thing, to keep all honest.

So sure, things really look bad just now, but I'm a traditional American, an eternal optimist, and believe, that there will be a glorious rebirth, when the FED, IRS, and FIAT are abolished and the people return to those roots which made the USA strong, in godly self-reliance using real money. Both political parties in the US are pandering votes and exhibiting extreme socialistic programs from gov-care to bail outs. Consequently, the enabling fiat regime will collapse as the world returns to the exclusive use of real gold and silver money as sole medium of exchange, as we are reaching the point of no return for the fiat complex. The effects of the corrupting fiat money regime and the socialistic mantra, as practiced both left and right, in view of the practice of pandering votes by politicians, have reach the point of imminent return to real gold and silver money.

Presidency of USA

I did not vote for Donald Trump, having many serious doubts.    

I have carefully observed him over the past year. He is most certainly physically fit and mentally sound to perform his duties as The President of the United States, there is no doubt whatsoever about that. I admire Donald Trump for regularly golfing, getting his exercise, staying healthy and fit, as he is our president, and we should all wish him good health for the good of the country. 

Melania has a checkered past, being a young a beautiful girl and making mistakes. Dont we all. 
As first lady, however, she has been gracious and dignified, simply superb. I am proud of her as first lady. 

Objectively, Donald Trump seems sincere to want to help the United States become strong and prosperous. Donald Trump seems to be working very hard, day after day performing his duties as The President of the United States. Donald Trump, as President of the United States seems to be getting much accomplished, despite having all of the Democrats and many Republicans in opposition, and he is regularly up against formidable opponents, objectively indicating superior intellectual prowess. I do not agree with Donald Trump on all issues, but I will not engage in rancor or demean The President of the United States. I stand shoulder to shoulder with senior statesman Vice President Biden in that Donald Trump was duly elected and deserves a full and fair opportunity to govern. 

Donald Trump is intrinsically an authoritarian, being a CEO boss over his life time. He exudes confidence and will not hesitate to act if he believes action is necessary.  His America First base is fired up, and in view of his many accomplishments over the past year, a landslide victory is expected in 2020. Americans have grown to like having eight year presidents, generally. It is most probable, Donald Trump will be the president of the United States for seven more years. 

President Trump is hitting it out of the ball park in Davos, 1-26-18, standing tall for the USA. Senator Schummer rejected Trump's comprise on DACA. I am not sure the democrats understand what the 2016 election was all about. Seems to me, Trump is in the driver's seat and will steam roll the democrats again. But this is further evidence that the democrats really don't care about the dreamers, its pure pandering for political power, and I bet it is really upsetting the dreamers. I mean, if dreamers are given paths to citizenship, then the issue falls to the ground, and can't be pandered any more for political party power. 

President Donald Trump has cut taxes and regulations, and most Libertarians wont give him one kind word. This is so wrong, but expected from ideologues. However, the 2017 GDP reported was 2.3%, only slightly better than the eight prior years at an average of 2.16%, and when adjusted for actual inflation, means we are still in economic stagnation, as easy money exponentiates the equity markets, similar to the Weimar Republic of the 1920s.

As the next US Senator from California, where the California constituency generally supports the president on an issue, I will fully support Donald Trump, and where the California constituency generally does not support the president on an issue, I will respectfully disagree but work with all democrats and republicans and the administration to find common ground solutions to the many big problems facing the country. We are all Americans, and we need all oars in the water pulling together, to find common ground solutions to those big problems. I look forward to working with my democrat and republican friends and the administration in a positive, productive and cooperative manner. UNITED WE STAND!

What is curious is that his base complains about the nevertrumpers, calling them in derision RINOs. Yet, Trump pushed for "REPLACE" of the ACA, and when he got his tax cuts, there were no offsetting spending cuts. I call Trump KING RINO, because he is inherently authoritarian and politically a moderate. Though I certainly do not agree with all of his agenda, he is performing his function well, as president. Politically, he has rolled the democrats time and again, and has consolidated the republican party bringing the nevertrumpers into line. You have to give Trump good grades for all of that. 

 Hail to the Chief
 State of the Union

Presidential Candidacy

Trump, so far, is the only REP candidate with courage to propose a real fix, and that is, build a wall on the southern border. Enforcing law and closing the border to only lawful immigration is a compenent of a successful immigration problem. Trump does not offer a comprehensive solution to the immigration problem, but rally US nationalist with a partial solution. Trump has also proposed eradicating sanctuary cities. That shows character, to be bold, regardless of political fall out. Trump indicated he would spend $100,000,000.00 to win the White House. That is one sad testimony to the nature of the pandering TV Ads necessary for a modern presidential candidate to win, and Trump is following that school of thought, to inundate the electorate with pandering sound bites to gain votes. This is how one buys an election in modern America, and Trump seems determine to buy as many votes as necessary. 

Trump seems to not pander either, socialism or band aids, but in a simpleton fashion panders conservative values, well sometimes, and panders liberal values sometimes as well. He is a donkey with a trunk pin on it. Trump can be respected for being his own man, and calling it like it is. He is courageous by risking political fallout to speak his mind openly. When sizing up a man, character is first, and in this, Trump appears honest and courageous. However, the solutions so far considered by Trump will be less than effectual, even if his heart is in the right place. Trump reminds me of a story in our US History. In Mid 1864 as general Johnston was back peddling the CSA Army of Tennessee on defense to the gates of Atlanta, pressed by General Sherman’s 3 USA armies, CSA President Davis wanted fight, and Johnston kept retreating. So, Davis was going to replace General Johnston. In Virginia, Davis asked RE Lee what he thought of Hood. “Hood is a bold fighter. Other qualities are doubtful.” Hood did show fight, with 3 sorties out of Atlanta, but gave it up, and went on to wreck the CSA Army of Tennessee in the disastrous Tennessee invasion. Notwithstanding the rise of Trump, he has yet to address the fundamental problem, totalitarian socialistic fascism of the US totalitarian democracy from 110 year slide by leftist political pandering, as in so doing, would have to address the corruption of the Constitution, and the solutions thereto, aspects that is business experience is not well suited. Telling is that Trump has not mentioned the Constitution one time during first few months of campaigning? Trump is a closet democrat, running in the republican wing, which is consistent with the little or no practical differences between the DEMs and REPs. Trump has indicated he will GIVE Americans a ‘Zero’ Tax Rate. So, the value of money is zero, as Trump panders attempting to buy votes with further currency debasement. Trump would find allies debasing the currency and throwing out bread, as did Romans during collapse of the Roman Empire. 

Trumps says that as president he will get all saying Merry Christmas again. Of course, that warms the heart of us Christians. But curious, how does that fit into separation of church and state, and exactly how will he accomplish the same? Will Santa Trump declare marshal law, limiting free speech? I dont know, because, as all panderers do, there is allot of emotional button pushing, but no plan, of course. Trump must be attending Cruz-U. 

Trump is not hard to figure out. He is honest and courageous. He exudes confidence and use to command and control. He exhibits his psych qualities in a bombastic manner, in line with republican (as well and democrat) pandering, pushing hot buttons, to garner support, though, out done by the democrats,  twhen it comes to meaningless pander.

Trump to date has indicated:
1) deport all illegal immigrants (which necessary mean untold inhumane misery to millions)
2) bomb ISIS (when he does not know if ISIS is a Saudi mercenary army, under Israel influence, assisted by Turkey, to further US desires to oust Shia Assad, so that the Sunnie oil production can flow to syria, capturing more production in Iraq, in competition with Russia, the neocon arch enemy of imagination)
3) ban Muslims (when the vast majority of them are tolerant and peaceful)
4) Negotiate with Putin (when its not about the price of a bag of potatoes, but rather a clash between Russian territorial imperialism and US Military-Industrial-banking-transnational complex desire to penetrate and exploit foreign markets and peoples, that is, its embedded cultural tensions, and not a mere negotiated price, as Trump apparently has no clue how to effectively deal with the Russians)

I have concluded, as predicted in June 2015, that Trump should not be the president based upon a defective authoritarian profile and lack of intellectual flexibility in dealing with complex cultural, social, military and economic interconnected issues, both domestically and internationally, but he would make a good secretary of commerce, that is, put the right man in the right job, for max results. He also has made mistakes pursuing women. 

Trump said he would have everybody saying merry Christmas. of course, he spelled out no plan to do just that, but, like Cruz, pushes the religious hot button for the pander that it is. These guys are so obvious, once you understand the DEM/REP pander game, and then you can expose them for the farcical show that they are, and just pick em apart. 

If you understand their methods, you can understand them for the clowns they truly are. You think about this, 20T$ in debt, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, markets rigged, constitution bastardized, republic dead, money a con job, corruption in congress, all for wealth transfer to top 1%. The mismanagement of the country’s affairs is absolutely astounding. Now honestly, should not trump fire them all in DC?

There is then the problem becoming focused. On one hand, Trump is fear mongering to pander republicans who believe that Muslim immigration should be halted to protect the homeland. The Libertarian Party embraces all people, regardless of national origin or creed, two of the equal protection aspects in the US Constitution. It is true that the Koran, written 1000 years ago, was based upon the spread of Islam by the sword of Mohamed. Muslims do have in a tiny percentage a brutal ideology towards Jihad and Infidels and the spread of Islam, while the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and tolerant of others. The United Sates is a melting pot. All new comers should assimilate into Americana, of liberty, democracy and free speech. The goal is not to ban Muslims, but to assimilate them, as good citizens, for those who want to come to the US, into Americana culture, so as to teach Constitution, Liberty, Freedom, to make Muslims love America for what it is, a land of liberty. Trump bombastic pronouncements do not solve problems, but are counter-productive to solving ethic and religious problems, and are inherently divisive, pandering and fear mongering, sowing seeds of social strife. The better approach is to screen violent persons, but welcome, teach and assimilate those who want to live in the land of freedom and liberty.

Trump is going to deport illegals, bomb ISIS and ban Muslims. He is on a roll with pandering the US Nationalists.

I dont begrudge Trump for plagiarizing my campaign slogan, but he has no serious plans and in no way will be effectively for making anything great, but, perhaps an ego on the stump. 

The Putin Endorsement of Trump. I guess anyone is preferred over HRC. Russian strong man president Putin has endorsed Trump. There are two things that are most important to Russia, 1) holding on to the Crimea, in the face of NATO supporting Ukraine against Russian incursions, proposed arm sells to Ukraine and US economic support, IMF approved Ukrainian default on Russian debt, and US transnational penetration into Ukraine, and 2) the lifting of sanctions for annexing the Crimea in violation of norms, while the Russian economy is tanking and while the Russian Ruble is collapsing. Trump got a favorable read from Putin, so the question is, did Trump promise to surrender the Crimea and lift sanctions? You make the call. So, the question arises. Did Trump promise Putin to force Ukraine to surrender the Crimea to the Russians and did Trump promise Putin to lift economic sanctions.

These two aspects are the most important to Russia and Putin's hold on power there. This early endorsement of Trump must have some factual basis. It is true that Putin has warned the US about socialism, mostly from debasing treasury notes with Russia holds in its forex reserves, and that means rejecting Sanders, and HRC, beside being a pandering criminal, is very anti-Russian. On the Republican side, JEB and Rubio have already staked out territory on increasing sanctions, war mongering, and targeting Russia as a premiere threat to the US. It may be that Putin's endorsement of Trump, is merely the lesser of 4 evils, but the endorsement, this early on, suggest something else is in play. 

Trump want to place a trade killing tariff on Chinese imported goods. This is pandering, as China is not the biggest Currency Manipulator, nor an unfair trader, but a smart trader. This is a clear example of how Trump does not even understand what the problem is. But the pander is great, China is always an easy target for DEM/REP politicians. 

Trump says Christianity will have power, but of course, no plan was stated, just pander. 

Trump first indicated that he would deport all illegals, but now says will grant amnesty, rather than uphold law, after a wall is built. So, Trump has flip-flopped already, from deport to amnesty. Flip-Flopping is the hallmark of a panderer. 

Trump: Pope Will Wish I Am President If Vatican Is Attacked. 
Absolutely astounding. This guys seems to want war.  Deport, bomb, ban and War? 
Absolutism coupled with simpleton aggressiveness does not serve peace, but promotes conflict and war. 

Donald Trump is a bombastic property mogul pandering any which way he can, of course. 

@realDonaldTrump I hear the Rickets family, who own the Chicago Cubs, are secretly spending $'s against me. 
They better be careful, they have a lot to hide! (2/23/16) Did DT just engage in extortion, to limit free speech and expression? 
You make the call.

Donald Trump's son is on Fox News complaining about declining social norms!!! The Trump Strategy. 
Declining social norms???? How many churches has that bible waving billionaire built? eg the Vegas Tower?
Of course, the best place to build an ostentatious egotistical church is in sin city. 
Yo 11 baby, going to heaven the hard ways, through an eye of a needle?
The gambling tower property mogul complains of declining morals? 

Apparently, someone of interest has been a nude model in the past, perhaps getting paid to appeal to prurient interests. 
But we all make mistakes. We all can do better. A view of possible redemption should at least be extended. I am a sinner to. 

Trump wants to increase military spending, yet seek Russian cooperation. 
Is DT oxymoronic, or just simply duplicitous and dangerous? 

Trumps says the FED needs to be audited, which is a direct admission of his gross ignorance. The FED is the epicenter of corruption in the US and is insolvent with a balance sheet in the red when marked to market. The FED does not need audited, it needs to be shut down. 

 Trump is randomly shooting from the hip to garner hard right support, big on pander, short on effective plans.