Corrupt Panderers and Riots
Ferguson and Baltimore Riots

Protests are in the Streets, from Ferguson MO to Baltimore MD. One variety is "Black Lives Matter" and another is "Higher Wages". Any death is a tragedy. We have political panderers add fuel to the fire. Even BHO commented on Ferguson. If we still hung murderers in the public square, kids would get a real education, learn better to respect parents and authorities, police would not be so trigger happy, because, BLACK LIVES REALLY DO MATTER. One should hope that ALL LIVES MATTER, so why the race orientation?

Black Lives do matter. Does any know ratio of Black On Black / cop On Black kill ratio? Explain that. If we are going to protest black killings, lets to it TOTALLY. What is ratio of Black On White / White On Black / No Of Whites / No Of Blacks normalized to population demographics. If black lives REALLY do matter, get to the heart of the problem, and explain it FULLY. Problem No 1, is black caucus preaching victimization instead of work-ethic and responsibility. Problem No.2 BHO FED-led policy of  transferring wealth from poor to rich. Because black lives do matter, the problem is a combination of lack of Jobs, Opportunity, Ethics, Morality, Civility. Surely some cops have stepped over the line, BUT WHY the propensity? What's the DRIVER? surely not to get fired/jailed. Protests Black Lives Matter directed at Cops, and White, implies political pandering and race baiting at highest level. Black Lives Do Matter, and we need to refocus black leadership for improving black lives through proper societal coexistence. BHO's economic policies has done more damage to the black community than 10,000 Baltimore. Tank Labor Participation, Increase moral hazard of socialism, spread dependence and hopelessness, and look out, there will be riots. Protesting about symptoms (cop shooting, poverty) is publicity. Knowing the drivers and perfecting solutions IS THE KEY.

During Riots in Ferguson, I opined that the driver was poverty. Then Black Lives Matter protests erupted leading to Baltimore. Over the last month, many have jumped on the Black Lives Matter, fueled by DEM led pandering, race-baiting, and citizen first order thinking processes. Then the bomb shell. At Shadow of Truth, last night, SoT 32, Brian Burkhardt, who tracks cop involved deaths, made a stunning conclusion, deaths are driven mostly by poverty. There are many minor contributing factors, such as disproportionate black crime rates, racism, police militarization, confrontational dissatisfied citizens, trigger happy defensive posturing by cops leading to a propensity to shoot first and ruff up prisoners, which are all appalling of course, but poverty is the main driver and cause. The USSA evil empire, comprising Judicial Fiat, Wall Street greed, and the two pandering political machines, have created over the last 100 years a totalitarian socialistic fascist government, the power center being centralized in DC as power increasingly concentrates there. The USSA evil empire, particularly under BHO, has decimated low end wages, the working poor, and middle class wealth, through many factors, including, FED policy of wealth transfer from 99% to top 1%, open borders, trade deficits, and taxes, destroying jobs and opportunity in the country and particularly in the inner city having high crime rates and trigger happy defensive cops, to where 50m are on food assistance, as the crime rate increases, as disease increases, with 150m on government assistance, as the labor participation rate crashes, as FRN velocity hits rock bottom with reduced economic activity, as economic growth stagnates. The conclusion is that ALL LIVES MATTER and cop involve deaths increases are driven mostly by poverty caused by failed US government economic policies, and BHO has made matters much much worst over his last six years in office.

We have on one side political panderer teach blacks that they are victims. Our criminal justice system does not provide sufficient instruction. Occupy group join in the protests over a shooting, and get right in the officers noses. Just a matter of time, in the street standoff, until someone looses and bodily harms comes. But this problem is deeper than minority pandering, trigger happy cops, a criminal injustice system, or occupy groups upset at the bankster control and influence over DC. The economy is tanking. These aspects, pandering, injustice, influence are only the sparks, the real fuel to riots across the US is youth unemployment is high. The kids are not happy, having been sold a bill of goods for Hope and Change, and instead got business as usual, with the FED transferring wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1%, causing economic destruction while the financial elite make allot of money. The economy is not going to improve anything soon, and riots are predicted, with increase intensity. They were pandered, voted, and got hugely burned, and dont even know it.

Time for the thinking cap. Why did DHS find it necessary to buy 1000s of tanks and Billions of rounds? Hint: Ferguson-Baltimore. Occupy wants to stop the Bankster Influence, Pandering Politicians to "rally" the bases, Black-lives-matter, trigger happy cops, are the sparks. But what is the driver? FED policy transfers wealth from mid/poor classes to top1%, economy tanking, youth unemployment high, and RIOTs will start. I have been watching twitter closely over the last month. Politicians have no clue. The kids are pissed, and any spark will do to start rioting in cities coast to coast.

There is some "serious hate" out on the street of America. One can feel it, watching the news from around the country. Now where does that come from? Anarchists, Gays, feminists, McD workers, are out in force, many of whom are foaming at the mouth, spitting vile poison with fangs drawn. Now, everyone, lets all hold hands, take a time out, take a deep breath, sing religious tunes to calm the inner soul. Ok, feeling better? Great! The Democratic party using pandering to rally bases to secure votes, the policy and country be damned. For its all about votes, for the party, of the party, by the party. In so doing, gay intolerant jam phallic symbols down religious throats, code pink screech women affirmative action, feminists demand the right to genocide for killing viable infants, anarchists with clinched fists march on city hall because only black lives matter, McD workers demonstrate because of low wages demanding open borders. You get the picture. US is the oldest democracy, and the democracy culture is a learn one, just like gay bar pick up random walk rump ranging styles. The democracy culture, as historically practiced and taught, allows one, to get into another face, spew the perceived mantra, and then shake hands and go vote. The democrats have forgotten the civility of the shaking hands part, and bastardized the intended purpose of the constitution, to insure domestic tranquility, by pandering states rights social issues at the federal level, where it dont belong. The founding fathers knew about diverse religious groups, and limited to the federal government, so that the states would social engineer by local vote, to reduce strife and insure domestic tranquility. The Democrat party, through their pandering of social issues at the federal level, sow seeds of hate, violence, and discord throughout the nation bastardizing founding father principles. The Democrats are taking Americans to a place we dont want to go. The old ways of harmony are gone, as social conflict pervades.

Oakland PD declared unlawful assembly. deaths, riots (summer watts 50yr) When these kids are out for summer, with no job, and hear about a shooting, mob violence, riots, deaths. Occupy was better when focus going after banksters, but this cop shooting only a symptom, as both flow from leftist moral hazards. 100 Baltimore Cops Injured in Riots. I predicted by September we will have RIOTS. Of course, Occupy does not understand the driver, with a limited field of vision, and it same with the cops and politicians.
Fire up DHS, occupy wont stop, and there may be riots coast to coast, in full flower, 50 years later after Watts. This summer is going to be hot, allot of protests turning into riots. It has begun already with 100 Baltimore Cops Injured in Riots.

DEFCON 2 this SUMMER 2015 

People power
DEFCON 5) vote
DEFCON 4) Demonstrations
DEFCON 3) Protests
DEFCON 2) Riots <-Summer 15'
DEFCON 1) Rebellion

THIS SUMMER, DEFCON 2, in US cites, as the cops call in DHS, and govenors call in the national guard. So, exactly why is this happening? The source of the problem, the driver, is totalitarian socialistic fascist USA. Cops are basically good folks. Occupy was better focus going after banksters,but this cop shooting symptom,R both from leftist moral hazards. When these kids are out for summer, with no jobs, and hear about a shooting, mob violence, riots, and deaths occur, and DHS moves out & escalates the situation. BHO will have no solution, because he dont even understand that he and his leftist pals are the problem. BHO FED led policies have decimated the middle/poor classes in wealth xfers to top1%. Young adults and late teens are not working. So, the tinderbox is there, and is starting to go SUPER NOVA, (100 police injured in Baltimore) Fed Gov will have no real solution. Young adults dont respect law, cops are on edge, in your face protest turn into riots, more deaths more destruction. A study was done, about 8 years ago, of this very thing happening. That is why DHS stocked up with tanks and ammo. This does not look good in the USA.

The DEMs really have the Latino and poor vote in on the same team, yet these two groups are opposed to each other, in that, as long as the border remains open, there will be increased immigration, pressuring downward wages. But dont tell the poor that, the DEMs need the Latino vote. But dont worry, DEMs will pander both groups with success, because the REPs, to this day, still have no clue, but will rally the "GET-IN-THE-BACK-OF-THE-LINE" crowd.

The two pandering political machines are so predictable and repetitive that its almost unbearable. Their illogic and pandering is immediately understood. The DEMs and REPs can not defeat my logic, the constitution, the republic, and founding father principles, but can only pander voting blocks for votes. They will have a religious experience. Libertarians, WE CAN WIN!!

Huckabee Panders the Religious Right

Gov. Mike Huckabee: "You don’t punish people for living by the rules". I agree mike, but TBTF banks violate law, market manipulation, but the government is so bought and paid for, that the 1% continue. Our totalitarian socialistic fascist government permeates all with corrupt governance, that then spread through our society. Before you can clean up wall street, the heart of the USSA evil empire, you first have to clean up government and enforce laws. But where you have a COWARD of an attorney general, unwilling to enforce law, eg Holter, government spreads its corruption. If the banks are given a pass to rob, starting with the FED and its QE ZIRP policy, you teach the banks to fraud as well. Your nice pandering sound bite sounds great mike, but you must first clean up DC, but you cant, and here is why. The migration of social services, unconstitutionally, to the federal level, creates a totalitarian socialistic fascist government. Our totalitarian socialist fascist government breeds and cements moral hazards in all Americans. These moral hazards of socialism extends to all in various degree, and the moral hazards are at heart of decay and corruption. You can not remove the moral hazard contagion, unless you TEAR DOWN THIS WALL, of DC corruption. You tear down the wall of federal level corruption by transferring all social programs from the federal government to the states. Social Service transfer to the state IS constitutional per limited government and the REPUBLIC for witch the flag SHOULD stand. The republicans can not OUT PANDER the compassion of the democrats, and thus the REPs are the cave in party, the DEMs being the proposer and the REPs being the enabler. The reason why REPs get elected from time to time, is because of the inherent economic failure of DEM led socialism. Thus, the DEMs and REPs are effectively on the same team, to enslave us Americans to that totalitarian socialistic fascist regime in DC. As the REPs are unable to defeat the DEMs at compassionate pandering, there is no way to eliminate federal social services. The truth is that it was the Supreme Court that was supposed to enforce the Constitution, but also failed the country. As you offer no solution, mike, and just spew your pandering sound bites, you provide no direction or leadership, simple. Pentagon using tax payer money on pron? Mike are you getting it? You might. But I know you are a stand up guy. I also know that you are playing it safe within political realities. Not to worry though, DEMs and REPs are full of cowards.

Acapella Doxology

Everyone is Killing, mobilized by Pandered Socialism  

Cops are killing. Blacks are killing. I want to make the point that the driver is economic political state as is the solution. Cops go out. Gang bangers and criminals about. Cops are on edge. Excessive force used. Its horrific, but why? I know from personal experience that "government apparatchiks" go beyond constitutional limits. My personal experimentation showed what happens all the time. Government employees are generally 1st order thinkers, by and large, trying to do a good job, as they view it. The use of excessive force must be driven beyond simple racism. I have tentative conclusions. So, lets take a mythical city, in a core black area and poverty abounds. Black leaders pander victimization. Black leaders pander whities' racism, as reason for Black poverty and suppression by whites. Black political leaders want to hold onto the black voting block to selfishly cement political power, as do the DEMs and REPs generally. The black community, especially the young, are taught that they must live in racist poverty oppressed by the man and whitie. Police are charged with law and order. The situation is ripe for conflict, as the cops live in daily fear, and are surely frustrated. You cant excuse cops using excessive force, nor black inner city lawlessness. What is the solution? BHO has devastated the working poor in this country over last six years, as clearly shown by the labor participation rate. DC politicians and the FED have effectively engaged in wealth transfers from middle and poor classes to the top 1%. So, it seems that DC faulty leadership has more to do with the cops excessive force and black crime than any other factor. Cops, by and large, operate from "good intent", and are not inherently evil. But to much excessive force is being used. If cops are not routinely placed in area of high crime, the excessive force would naturally decrease. At the turn of 20th century, black families stayed together, poor, but moral and honorable, even with blatant racism. Its seem that both the police state and the black leadership are at fault in large measure, causing crime and excessive force. What is the solution? I always look for the solutions. We need Trickle UP of jobs and prosperity in the inner cities. We need black leaders to teach self-reliance. We need to also of course, punish cops crossing the line. But that is not the driver. The driver is poverty, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity, and political pandering to cement the black vote. DEM or REP led economic policies are not going to substantially help the inner city prosperity. So, that is the real problem, in my eyes, and the DEMs and REPs have damned the black community to poverty, crime, and police state force. What is the solution? The solution is jobs, opportunity, and moral leadership from black leaders. I offer these solutions. As president I would start the US on the way to those solutions. I preferred it when occupiers were going after the banksters, because I know better how the banksters are transferring wealth from poor to the top 1%. I have the solutions. The DEMs and REPs dont have solutions. The two pandering political machines are the problem, not the solution. Unemployment is caused by Robotics, Immigration, Socialistic Moral Hazards, CEO self-enrichment, and a stifling Totalitarian Economy. To really help the inner cities, we need both trickle UP & and Trickle DOWN economic drivers, but that is politically prohibited by DEM and REP pandering political machines. I offer a new way for the US, to substantially help the inner city, not by hand outs, but by generating jobs, opportunities, and moral leadership. DEMs and REPs with their political pandering and fascist combination with the FED and banksters are the major problems we face. I can fix it all, and quick, if asked to do so.

Drugs should not be used to execute convicted murderers. Convicted murderers should be hanged in the public square, to teach kids consequences to violent crime, and resulting respect for law, so as to decrease trigger happy cops, because black lives matter. Children watching legs twitch is unforgettable. Why waste a convicted murderer. All assets should be in play. Violent crime is out of control. Lawlessness must stop. We have not effectively had the death penalty in the US for a century. The alternative is life in prison, bankrupting government treasury, while attorneys milk the system, and prison populations explode with no rehabilitation. I would want parents and civil leaders teach that good morals. In any criminal justice system, mistakes will be made, and that is tragic. The costs of crime is also tragic. From a policy consideration, the death penalty is practical. The country was founded on freedom with responsibility. There is no freedom for the people, unless there is responsibility. Those to contend the death penalty dont work, offer no solution, while crime escalates, and prison populations explode. Incarceration without serious rehabilitation is also impractical. My plan is death penalty for murderers, non-violent criminals sentenced to work in the "green corps", out of prison, for rehabilitation serving the country. Prisons should not be effectively life long paid vacations. The concept of imprisoning in mass, just dosent work. My solution is the Death penalty plus Green Corps rehabilitation work. Prison terms should be solitary confinement unless agreed to work in the Green Corps. Death penalty is not desired, but practical. There must be serious consequences to crime or crime impunity. The solution is moral leadership, death penalty for murderers, Green-Corp work for rehabilitation, so as to depopulate prisons.

So, a criminal is sentenced to prison. First stop, solitary confinement, a couple of months, exercising in place, served food, with access to books, pencil and paper. Then convicts are offered work in the Green Corps, to teach work ethic, and service to country, pride in work, with agreement that violating work release in the Green Corps is the death penalty, but with time off and reduced sentence for Green Corps work. If they run and will be caught, hung in the public square. Sure it is harsh, and no convict will be forced into Green Corp work. For such work, a pay is accumulated for when convicts are finally released, time served, and work ethic rehabilitation, with some money to make a fresh start. The country needs death penalty examples, paths to serious rehabilitation of convicted criminals, and depopulated prisons. Concept of throwing away the keys, for a paid vacation in prison, just doesn't work. Criminals must have rehabilitation and a path back to integration into society.

LGBT in Body Armour

The latest estimates put LGBT population at about 3.8%, Americans on average put that number at 23%, REALLY?? So next question, is why would average Americans be 600% off estimating gay population? The answer is that DEMs have successfully panderer bases, to lock in voting blocks, into believing that gays are totally abused. Homophobes bash gays demeaning religion condemning gays disrespecting parent rights. The DEMs are the pandering root cause for cementing political power. Gays and their sympathetically induced DEM allies have created over blown civil strife, for purpose of cementing votes and DEM political power. The gay community is and are a tool of DEM self-centered political pandering. Next time you see a gay bashed by a chair, blame the DEMs for stirring it up, causing out-of-control hate, strife and conflict. The key to chill gay related hate and conflict is mutual respect for others under state rights laws of republic. Gay should leave marriage, religion, kids alone, and earn respect and civility, and damn the DEMs for all the hate and gay bashing and violent street protests, insuring under our bastardized constitution, destroying "domestic tranquility".

McD Warriors on LA Streets

Los Angeles votes to up minimum wage, and under the republic, have the constitutional right. Low wage earners march in protest to low wages. Solution long term lies in both trickle up and trickle down. The trickle up has to do with closing borders, balance trade, ending the FED, but dont tell that to the DEMs panderers, or the neocon globalizers, or wall street campaign contributors. DEM need the low end to pander votes, REPs need the globalizers for Corps traders, and both want the wall street contributions, to cement political power. So, low end, you stay put, dont climb the latter, because the DEM values any voting block. The USSA evil empire comprises, Supreme Court judicial fiat destroying the republic and states rights concentrating centralized DC power, wall street undue influence through the FED sucking the poor and middle class dry, and the two pandering political machines pushing hot buttons, neither one serving best interest of US. FOR THE PARTY, BY THE PARTY, OF THE PARTY.

Minimum Wage of Surrender

America's workers have surrendered to Wall Street greed and the influenced political complex, and seek, in desperation socialist remedial actions, such as minimum wage, take and give, and progressive taxes. This leads to class warfare, moral hazard, and eventual implosion and is not the answer. The solution lies in leveling the economic playing field so that labor is paid an honest wage to at least eat and pay rent, which is currently being denied through wealth transfers to the top 1%. Solutions lie in balancing trade, reducing taxes, nationalizing the Federal Reserve System to stop wall street corruption, wealth transfer, and currency debasement. 

HRC calls for 15$/hr, yeah, pandering socialism, HRC has no clue what the problems are, or how to fix them, but just pander votes, and is an empty Shell. HRC is for gay marriage, yet wont push a constitutional amendment. HRC for 15$ minimum wage, yet wont plan to make it fed law, particularly with a REP expected congressional sweep. HRC is a panderer plain and simple. If HRC wont make gay marriage and 15$ a federal minimum wage, by federal law, then HRS is usurping state rights, putting her nose where it dont belong for one seeking the federal presidential office.

Bill OReilly indicates that the economic system is fair and that for people to get ahead they have to achieve. Bill believes in a minimum wage. Bill is 1/2 right 1/2 wrong. The economic system is partially rigged, as wealth is being transferred to the top 1% by FED policy. Low wage earners are getting hammered. Solution is not Bernie's socialism or Bill's minimum wage, are those things are mere band aids, that dont solve the systemic problems. Lightly regulated capitalism on a level playing field with dispersed prosperity, is the sweet spot in economic fairness based on effort. The solution lies in changing FED policy and preventing wall street greed from unfair market manipulations. The federal government should not engage in the moral hazard of socialism but rather level the playing field, dispersing prosperity, so that economic laws govern, and they will fairly so all can justice share in Americana prosperity.