Americana Liberalism

The Liberal Complex

There is a big difference between classical liberalism and progressive fascism. However, most people use the term Liberal incorrectly when Progressive is correct. Herein, the term liberal is used to mean progressive, so as not to confuse readers. The liberal complex, including politicians, media, and banker corporate campaign funding spreads corruption, economic devastation, and war nationally and globally. It has to do with nested feedback loops through compassionate pandering to means for sustaining. This will be done, turning the most complex into the simplicity, so that all may follow sound reasoning, a Derrick strength. Kissinger did more to further the cause of Totalitarian Socialistic Fascism in the US than 10,000 leftist political panderers. Now, connect the dots. As one person said in about 1972, "follow the money".

So, in 1971 US President Nixon "closed the gold window", meaning that, foreign Central Banks could no longer bring their fiat FRNs to the Treasury and exchange their FRNs for US gold bullion, thereby making the FRNs a floating fiat currency, that are now completely irredeemable ponzi coupons, while knowing that all 600 fiat currency throughout mankind have failed, with an average of lasting a mere 40, the US FRN as survived longer than it should because of three main reasons, 1) the US military dominance as only super power, 2) the monstrous US treasury BOND STACK, and 3) SWIFT control over international money flows.

Modernly, there are two primary means for foreign countries to conveniently place US treasury bonds, as wealth holdings, in their central bank forex reserves, and they are 1) the sell of oil, primarily the Saudies, and 2) cheap labor goods out of China. The use of the term "PETRO DOLLAR" is inaccurate, because it really has to do generally with foreign goods/services balance of trade deficits, but oil was first realized as the primary initial driver to global foreign forex reserves of US bonds accumulations, eg, China 1.2T$, Japan 1.1T$, Russia 0.5T$.

So, in the early 1970s, Kissinger may a pact with the Saudies, that the US gunboats would protect Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia would price their oil in US dollars, hence, The Petro Dollar. With the establishment of the SWIFT money transfers, foreigner, could take their dollar buy oil as needed, and those with current account surpluses could take their dollar and buy US Treasuries, US BONDS. The US totalitarian socialistic state expanded over the years, particularly with LBJ's corrupt society, creating fiscal deficits, to where, modernly there is an 18T$ national debt, creating a huge monstrous bond stack, for parking cash in foreign forex reserves. Thus, the Petro Dollar and SWIFT currency transfer system, enables foreigners to fund the US federal welfare state and US industrial military complex. With the SWIFT system being the primary means for international money flow, the SWIFT system is now used as a means for imposing sanctions on countries who do not comply with US foreign policy objective. Thus, an asymmetric warfare weapon and used. The US seeks to maintain dollar reserve currency status, the petrol dollar, and its asymmetric financial warfare tools to project US influence and for funding the massive US Welfare state. Those who seek to break this unfair means of projecting US influence, by using another currency for international trade settlement, place themselves in the cross-hairs of US foreign policy, hence, the blow back from Russia and China of late, and the creation of alternative money transfer systems (Ruble & RMB), currency swap facilities (RMB) and development banks, AIIB & BRICS.

The procurement of foreigners of US treasuries, through dollar global hegemony, SWIFT currency transfer system, and monstrous US bond stack, has enable the US to deficit spend and thereby fund the obscene US federal welfare state. Kissinger's play on the Saudies in the early 1970s, creating the Petro Dollar, has directly lead to the obscene federal welfare state, promoted by leftist political ideology, as a totalitarian means of enslaving Americans as state dependents through moral hazards innate, to where 50 millions of my countrymen are on federal food assistance, and that is nothing less than appalling.

Tricky Dick Saved the Nation

Richard Nixon in 1971 closed the gold window in that foreign countries could no longer exchange their paper dollars (FRNs) for gold. US had 20,000 tons of gold by the end of WWII and the US sat alone atop the global economic and financial pyramid. Of course, FDR stole the peoples gold and made it illegal to own the stuff, in one of the earliest examples of government Financial Repression. WE ALL GET THAT!

A purported conservative, why would Tricky Dick take the US off the gold standard, moving the US to a floating paper currency, (that aint worth a continental) exporting inflation abroad and at home leading to the inflation rise of the 1970s that was terminated in 1980 with draconian super high interest rates? The US purports to currently have about 8,000 tons left, and realizing the drain of THE ULTIMATE STORE OF WEALTH, and the ULTIMATE EXTINGUISHER OF DEBT, perhaps TrickyDick was simply just afraid of the US losing its last financial treasure. We just don’t know, or at least I don’t. But we can have fun with speculation. He may have been just that, TrickyDick. Lets run it down.

Bill Murphy and Chris Powell, of GATA, the Gold Anti-trust Action Committee claims that 2/3 of the US gold reserve has been sold, leased, loaned out, through accounting trickery, as part of the US government attempt to keep the dollar appearing strong, and yet, Rep Ron Paul, TX can not force an audit of the US gold reserves. GATA seek freedom of information, but gets stiffed by the Federalies all the time. That audit wont happen, less panic set in immediately, and in these days of Management of Perspective Economics (MOPE), both political parties wont go there and be honest with the people. But for the sake of discussion, let just buy it, that the US actually does have 8000 tons of gold. Using fractional gold banking, the gold reserves can be leased out with a leverage of 100 to 1, thereby providing means for JPM et al of the Gold Cartel to short bullion criminally on the NY COMEX exchange, in addition to using Naked Short futures to manipulate bullion prices in conspiracy with the FED and ESF, to maintain the illusion of a strong dollar, to keep the FRN ponzi scheme alive.

The US nation debt was growing then as now, and is on the exponential curve up. With recent QE to insanity, the fiscal cliff, the insatiable deficits, the path to economic collapse has been laid. Don’t fight the FED, they are bent on destroying the last 1% left of value of the US dollar since the creation of the FED. They target inflation, so as to reduce the real value of debt, a fool's errant when the deficit grow each year by leaps and bounds.

I am habitually amused by all these scardy cats saying that we have left this debt to our grandchildren to pay. The folly there is that it suggests that the national debt will be paid back. It aint going to happen, the national debt will never be paid off, so stop the blather. The national debt is used by the banksters to keep the Nation enslaved, just like the 30 year mortgage that we all are so eager to refinance time and again. The politicians, both REP and DEM, will see to it that deficits are maintained as part of the federalies' power grab, to tax and spend, take and give, inflate and rob, incentivize and control, and socialize and corrupt. It wont stop either, in our totalitarian democracy, where plenary power is concentrated in DC.

QE3 has to be one of the most irresponsible things I have ever witnessed in my life!! Our future generations have just been sold out! Some know where QE to insanity will take us all, ruination and economic implosion. Sure, many flunk history, and have to repeat, as does history, and but that does not mean we give up on the whole, to re-learn the lessons of 1) Limited Federal Government, 2) Gold and Silver Legal Tender, 3) A republic of sovereign states, 4) Free markets, and 5) personal liberties and freedoms from government.

When past the point of no return, be done with it, already. Have faith, my new friends, that the US government will continue to do the same wrong stupid things, enslaving us all as tax mules or dependents, for the phoenix WILL RISE to right wrongs of 110 years of leftist political pandering, judicial corruption, and legislative impracticalities. The system needs flushing. Sorry turds, but hanging in there expecting a different result from minor 4 years presidential adjustments, is near insanity. Im just more realistic than most and want to accelerate the rise from the ashes, and will surely vote BHO to get us back to the promise land just a tad quicker.

We can wipe out the national debt TOMORROW, and regain freedom from government. We can transfer all federal social programs at the Federal level to the states, TOMORROW, and restore the republic. We can abolish the FED and fiat paper money, TOMORROW, and restore honest money. We CAN do these things overnight. We collectively simply lack the political will to do so, and just need a huge kick in the pants. Human nature, our individual greedy devils and compassionate angels, and market forces will regressively return us all to the day of our past glory where the republic and self reliant hearts were strong. Have Faith. I thought phoenix would come by 2035, but now believe this decade may see long sought after changes. Keep the faith.

I for one, want my freedom back from the federals, but realize the cementing of totalitarian rule in DC, through 110 years of leftist political pandering in the US, vote for me and I'll give you goodies, that change will not occur, until an implosion requires us all to rethink the folly of centralize government control, again. Unless there is an monstrous economic implosion, and one is now certain, to where the US pumps out worthless paper money to the 47% on the government take, the system is locked. That is the simple truth and plain reality of our day, as we live in lock down by the federals, enslaved as tax mules or dependents.

But we can and WILL rise from the ashes. Just have faith that the US Government will continue its insanity until the phoenix rises again, and we all can be free again, free again, praise GOD Almighty, we all will be free again. Eliminating the National Debt is easy to do, but beware, the Banksters, enabling the fascist lock on DC politics will oppose it, until riots erupt, and many of them are simply hanged in the street as the selfish pigs they, and their Wall Street goons, GoldmanSucks and JPManipulators truly are.

Back to Nixon. The national debt can be wiped out tomorrow. Of the 600 fiat currencies used heretofore throughout the ascent of the man, ALL have eventually failed due to governments attempt to control, by debasing the currency employed. There is nothing really new here. The tried and true means to recover from a fiat currency collapse is a reboot through the use of real money, gold and silver. By retaining a gold hoard, and inflating the paper dollar away, the US can become back on top. China knows this. If GATA is correct that the US does not have all the gold it claims, then James G Rickards may not be correct, that US will be financial rulers based upon its gold hoard, China and the US will be on par, with papa bear peddling to catch up as fast as he can.

"In the event of an intentional or unintentional collapse of fiat moneys, the USA and her Anglo sisters would certainly survive a global fiat collapse better than most. While wars are often used to place an aggressor nation above others in power, control, influence, and wealth, the current progress of human cultural evolution is to avoid wars were possible and cooperate together for the common good. It seems then, that an alternative to war has been found, this time around, as the Anglo world could do the same by placing itself as the financial rulers of the world in a globalized world economy, in a war free global community, without firing a shot, by simply collapsing the FRN through uncontrolled fiat money printing while retaining backup real gold and silver coinage sustained production."

As hot wars and paper money transit to trade wars and gold, in this century, a viable gold hoard is mandatory, to rise from the ashes of leftist pandering, and the enabling IRS taxes and paper money, to regain our freedom from government, with a viable hoard of gold to back new gold/silver certificates and bullion, and a return to honest money, and the fiscal discipline it imposes on government. I have worked out a bi-currency regime during the transition from fiat currency to real money. Nixon, nor any Republican, cant defeat the current US socialistic mind set, being pandered for over 100 years, of socialism at the federal level. Nixon may have admitted this to himself, and in a grand act, of national preservation, from its own folly, preserved the last of the US gold hoard, and in the out years, Nixon may be deemed by some, as a true patriot, for just being himself, Tricky Dick.

Convention of States

Many are calling for a convention of states. Checks and Balances are gone, with DC ruled by totalitarians, making any law they want. The Constitution has in it the framework, federalism ignored. The Constitution is given mere lip service. A Convention of states to amend the constitution is meaningless, as any amendment could be likewise ignored by the totalitarians in charge. A convention of states could be used to define Term Limits, Marriage, and Abortions, three modern hot topics. But Convention of States will not serve to reinstate the Constitution. A strong president with the skills and plan can engage the Supreme Court and Congress to reform the federal government within the existing Constitutional framework, thereby reinstating the Constitution, and thereby reinstating liberties and freedoms lost to those totalitarians in Charge. A convention of states can also present amendments to limit federal state and muni accumulative bonds to annual tax receipts to prevent insolvency. 

Convention of States should address:

1) Federal Government Term Limits, 2 terms for President, 4 terms for Senators and 8 terms for Congressmen. 
2) Marriages enforced of Male Female couples and Civil Unions civil contracts between any two consenting adults 
3) Abortions,  1st trimester Gender Equal Protection, 2nd trimester states rights, 3rd trimester Fetal Equal Protection
4) Bond Limits of Federal State and Muni Governments accumulative bonds to annual tax receipts
5) State Tax limits, States in rem property progressive tax rates for services rendered, and safety nets with Religious exemption.
6) Federal Tax limits to flat rate Sales tax and flat rate Corporation & Entities Revenue tax rates excepting Religious donations.
7) Children Equal Protection within each state under custodian awarded fixed sum child support for all children in state. 
8) Nationalize Federal Reserve and authorize state charter banks for dispensing of state safety nets social welfare. 
9) IRS limited to sale and revenue simple flat tax collections for federal government operations. 
10) No government takings between employer and employee, contractor and contractee, for services rendered. 
11) Government fees limited to no more than administrative costs upon applications by individuals or entities. 
12) Parking fees allowed for muni revenue, but no toll roads or bridges, private or public, accessible to the public. 

Government Reforms

Real Tax Reform: Taxes limited to only state property taxes, and federal sales and Corporate revenue taxes, only, with no takings between employer-employee. REAL TAX REFORM provides state safety nets, federal national defense, without IRS thuggery, Bank Spying on the people and without burdensome tax filings, accounting, and tax courts. 

Real Government Reform: All federal social programs transferred to states per the constitution. Think it through, understand simplicity. Checks and Balances will be restored. I have plan to force @SCOTUS and Congress to reinstate Constitution, Republic, Freedoms, and Liberties. 

REAL Banking Reform: Nationalize FED with 1000s of state charter banks to protect money value and wealth from bankster greed, to enable local economy to grow without wealth transfers to the financial elite. REAL BANKING REFORM, substantially will end corruption of Banksters-FED-Government corruption conduit. 

Government reform is needed in an integrated, comprehensive, sweeping plan. I have the skills, the plans, to fix all major problems. Its time totalitarian government enslavement of people as tax mules and dependents end. Government reforms include eliminating the national debt, reinstating honest money and honest markets, and limit federal, states, and muni accumulative bonds to annual tax receipts. Government reforms are needed for state property taxes paying for safety as the state voters desires under direct control over states expenditures and social welfare per Constitutional federalism reserving unto the states states rights to control social affairs. Government reforms will limit federal government to only sales and revenue taxes, that are simple to implement, simple to control, with voter feed back to congress to limit government per Constitutional enumerated powers. The US government is insolvent as are most states due to uncontrolled borrowing lead by political pandering. Simple caps with voter approval provide indispensable feedback controls. 

Government needs reforming and specific issues need resolving, and this can be done through a strong president and or by a Convention of States. DNC, RNC and Scotus have caused insolvency at 18T$debt, 50m hungry, 100m unemployed, fake money, rigged markets. IT MUST STOP. DNC, RNC and SCOTUS over last 100 years has slowly enslaved most Americans as tax mules & state dependents. IT MUST STOP. 
DNC, RNC and SCOTUS over last 100 years has trashed our Constitution, Republic, Honest Money and Honest Markets. IT MUST STOP. 

As DC totalitarianism grow, with DHS armed to teeth, people guns are needed now MORE THAN EVER to protect FREEDOMS from government. People are enslaved by DC as tax mules and dependents, the control totalitarians in DC WONT STOP limiting freedoms. In this time in our history, every American should be packing, to protect liberties and freedoms from Government. All true Patriots in US, in founders steps, must rise up against DC totalitarianism now COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL. My Friends, I WILL reinstate the CONSTITUTION, REPUBLIC, HONEST MONEY, and HONEST MARKETS. 

Term Limits

Congress has elected members that receive donations from big money interests, as well as their PACs and political party. The Congress, FED and money interest form a corruption conduit that serves to maintain politician seats in congress with undue influence and while FED policy transfers wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. The institutionalized corruption in DC is subtle and pervasive. Many Americans are calling for congressional term limits. 

President can be elected for 2 terms providing 8 years of service.
Senators can be elected for 4 terms providing 24 years of service.
Congressmen can be elected for 12 terms providing 24 years of service. 

In the aggregate, that is 2x4=8 years, 4x6=24 years, and 2x12=24 years, for a total of 56 years of elected DC service. When adding 24 years of age to complete college and a couple of years of internship training, that is 56 years of elected DC service at the age of 70. That is enough to provide anyone a glorious and long lived career in in DC. I would urge congress to make it federal law, preferably through a convention of state for a constitutional amendment.