Pandering Political Machines 
     Two Totalitarian Pandering Political Machines
     State Law and States Rights v Constitution and Republic
     Panderers and the Pandered
     You can Pin a Trunk on a Donkey, but its still an Ass
     Pandering Indirectly Causes Deaths 
     Identifying Political Pander

     Farcical Republican Party
     Totalitarian Cave-In Party
     USA RNC DNC Political Stalemate
     Rebellion Against the Deterioration
     OReilly and Taxes
     Four Republicans
     Mitt's plan offers no hope
     112th Implements Cut-Go
     Republicans offer NO hope or change
     Americans Propagandized
     Real Money & Compassionate Conservatism
     Presidency of the USA
     Presidential Candidacy

     Pandering Democrat Party
     Open Loop Vote Democrat Party Pandering
     DNC anti-christ Jihadist politics
     BHO Is Our Prison Keeper
     Intellectually Dishonest Democrats
     Required Pandering Training
     Liberals are so Easy
     Honest Lefties are Misguided
     Traditional Americana
     Honorable Liberalism

     Constitutional Reactionary Politics
     In Remembrance of President Lincoln
     A Libertarian Dark Horse
     The Libereens
     The Party of Tolerance
     Personal Intercourse Four Tiers
     Libertarian Party Delegates
     Liberty and Freedom
     Anarchists and Sovereigns 
     Constitutional Libertarianism
     Libertarian Party Nominee
     Libertarian Big Tent Party
     Libertarian Republic

     Liberty and Freedom Objectives
     Libereen Major Objectives
     Libereen Reactionary Objectives
     Comprehensive Plan
     Project Engineering Government Reforms
     Federal Government Hierarchies     
     Right to Work

     Flat Tax
     Proposed Platform
     Presidential Pledge
     Comprehensive Solution Set
     Broad Political Appeal 
     Presidential Debate Address
     Political Victory Plan

     Political Summary 
     Vote for Liberty and World Peace
     Totalitarian Democracy Web Site  
     Libertarian Party
     Twitter Home of the Libereens
     Facebook Posts
     Space-Time Event Horizon Detection
     American Collapse Appears Imminent
     Presidential Candidates offer no Solutions
     The Most Important Issue

     Devils and Angles, America's Birth Right
     National Founding upon Devils and Angles
     Moral Hazards of Socialism
     Onward Christian Soldier
     US Exceptionalism Crusading Foreign Policy
     The Five Cross Dimensional Skills
     Trustees of the University of Southern California
     Less is More 

     One Nation Under God 
     Atheists need an Attitude Adjustment
     Progressives belittling Faith
Babies are born Naive
     Religion and Government

     Americana Liberalism
     The Liberal Complex
     Tricky Dick Saved the Nation
     Convention of States
Term Limits

     Paved Road and Pot Heads
    Left Fork in the Paved Road 
     Reefer Madness
     Tobacco Alcohol Drugs Firearms
     Marijuana Legalization Advocates
     Corrupt Panderers and Riots
     Ferguson and Baltimore Riots
     DEFCON 2 this Summer 2015
     Huckabee Panders the Religious Right
     Everyone is Killing, mobilized by Pandered Socialism
     LGBT in Body Armour
     McD Warriors on LA Streets
     Minimum Wage of Surrender

     Sean Hannity Makes the Call
     2008 Election Demographics
     What a Great Country
     2004 Election Demographics
     Mighty Mouse was Decorated

     Societal Psychological Analysis
     In Constant Observation 
     Totalitarianism and Freedom Cycles
     Endless Struggles of Mankind

     Absolute Truths of Mankind
     Political Spooky Action
     Migration of the Evil Empire
     In Divine Conclusion

     Two Absorbing Beautiful Minds
     Modeling the Human Mind

     Government Apparatchiks
     I was in the Cross-Hairs of the Apparatchiks
     The Surrendered Gun was Kept by the Totalitarians 
     The no Pot Pot Case by the Police State in a Sweep
     The Children be Damned, the Police State is in Control
     The AA Driver, and the Drunk Police State
     Bank Highway Robbery and Police State Reinforcements
     Neighborhood Rants got one Dead Beat
     Home Owners Association, Tow Trucks, and the Tagger
     The IRS, Tax Attorneys, and the FRN Con Job
     Clowns at the County Medical Clinic 
     Medical Doctors are Spying for the SS
     The Pet Chicken was Betrayed
     Damned by the Lawyers and the Court
     Pharmacy Civil War at the Pool
     National Socialism evolves into Totalitarian Fascism
     Elementary School Totalitarianism
     Middle School Totalitarianism
     Stick it up your Bunny Hole
     The Squirrel Family
     Gaming the Welfare State
     Police Cadets get Hammered
     Apparatchick Experimental Results

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