World Peace Tour

International Political Assault Plan

Russian Consulate,
San Francisco, California, USA
Drazyuviecha, moya drookie.

I am running for US President 2016, though my chances now are nearly nil. A formal trip now to visit the Kremlin may jump start my campaign. I have been to Russia 12 times, and Ukraine a few times. I believe my presidency would serve world peace, and greatly improve US-Russian relations. The Kremlin would enjoy an unbiased fair American at the US Presidency , who understands the world, to serve world peace, and improve international relations. I have ideas and rationales for resolving the conflict in Ukraine. I would be most receptive to Russian financial assistance, a Russian diplomatic passport, and an invitation at this time to visit Mr Putin in Moscow to further these objectives.

Very Truly Yours
Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, Engineer, Lawyer, 
Military scientist, Bullion Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst, 
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party.

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Libereens, before we take down the DEMs and REPs, and position ourselves at the head of the Libertarians, we 1st rally the foreign legions. The libereen foreign legions include EU Russia and China strategic political supports. Libereens, after capturing the libertarian ticket, we then take down the DEMs and REPs in a grand slam sweep. So, the Presidential assault plan is 1) obtain global recognition, 2) capture libertarian ticket, and 3) take down the DEMs/REPs winning the Presidency, ending 100 years of domestic strife, political pandering, bastardization of the US constitution, and exceptionalism foreign wars.

Russia China UK World Peace Tour

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev
Russian Federation, Moscow, Kremlin

Foreign Minister Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov
USA Russian Embassy, Washington DC

Russian Consulate
Consulate General Sergey V. Petrov
San Francisco California USA

Premier Li Keqiang
Ambassador Zhang Qiyue
Peoples Republic of China
New York New York USA Embassy

Candidate Nigel Paul Farage
United Kingdom Independent Party
United Kingdom, England, London

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

In Re: Request for an Invitation to Visit Moscow


Rarely in a life time does an opportunity come to a world leader to rise atop a mountain of world leaders and become immortal for all time. I herein offer you such an opportunity, to step outside yourself and become remembered for all time during the ascent of man, as a world class leader promoting world peace, mutual respect, and economic growth, in these current days of international mistrust, global conflicts and economic failures.

When the US Attorney General indicated that the criminal banking elite of Wall Street New York were To-Big-To-Fail and To-Big-To-Jail in combination with rebellion in Ukraine, I was stirred out of five years of retirement to do my duty. First, I wrote a legal plan to enjoin criminal activity by the Bullion Banks in the COMEX bullion space, and then, I devised a plan to become president of the USA to fix problems here in the US. I am an announced candidate for the US Presidency in 2016 hoping to be nominated next year by the US Libertarian Party. This is why I am writing you now.

I am politically an unknown, though known, a little, in some circles. I have been published around the world, writing hundreds of bullion, financial markets, and political memorandum. I have been to Russia twelve times and to Ukraine a couple of times. My wife and two boys were born in Russia and carry US and Russian passports and dual citizenship, and I have a distant cousin in law who is a colonel in the Russian Military. Jesus does not care about money, and neither do I, as I have lived very poorly over the last five years, in a quiet obscure life style, as that has been preferred, but now is the time for me to take command of US domestic affairs with an eye toward civil intercourse among all nations.

The US Democrat Party and US Republican Party have locked up the US political complex for a hundred years, and have devolved into selfish pandering political machines for purely cementing political power, failing the country and us Americans time and again. I possess the qualifications and capabilities to intellectually ruin in civil debate any of their candidates, in no uncertain terms, with solid plans to recover the US and world economies. Please note the Baltic Dry Ice Index, the US labor participation rate, and the use of US dollar hegemony as an asymmetric warfare weapon. I do not believe in the neoconservative exceptionism that motivates US military interventions and unfair trade practices, but rather seek world mutual respect and understanding with the primary objective of resolving disputes such as in Ukraine now, and others globally. If you, President Putin, seek world peace, mutual respect among nations, cooperative fair international trade, and increased global economic wealth creation, you would have a friend in me in the US White House.

I have no fear of the Russian Bear or the Chinese Communists, and respect their cultures, and regret that there has been confrontations with the US. The EU to this day follows by and large the US lead in international affairs and the two are designated as the West, whereas, Russia and China, designated as the East, have become much closer friends in trade and mutual respect. At times, there is much East-West confrontation, led in part by US interventions. I seek to unite the BIG FOUR, Russia, China, EU and USA as a solitary core, uniting East and West for common cause for furthering world peace, mutual respect, increased trade and global economic growth. This could be a new day for the world, and, you, President Putin, are the indispensable key to that world vision.

The US Libertarian Party is registered in all fifty US states suitable for fielding a viable candidate for the US presidency, and I am politically aligned as registered Libertarian in California USA. The Libertarian Party is based on empty platitudes with no real plans of fixing problems in the US or solid plans for politically capturing the White House, whereas, I have specific political plans, defined objectives with particular operational plans. If I could become known, I would be invited to address Libertarian conventions, and would most certainly secure the nomination for the US presidency for the Libertarian Party, and then most assuredly defeat Democrat and Republican party opponents. Thus, once becoming publicly known, the White House presidency would be easily captured. In planning and thinking things through, in view of my personal financial limitations and obscurity, the easiest and most effective route would be for me to take a "Peace World Tour" to become publicly known. This is where you, Mr. Li of China, and Mr. Farage of the United Kingdom come into view. You, President Putin would be the first stop, and if you agreed to meet me, that would in advance, encourage Mr. Li and Mr. Farage to meet me as well. Thus, President Putin, you are key, to that world vision. No one in this world could immediately provide me such exposure, and frankly, it is the only practicable way I could gain such exposure, and thus capture the White House, to further that world vision.

Traditionally, candidates for the US presidency, during campaigns, have visited Western European heads of state, playing it politically safe. I am a bold person and think always outside the norm. As a US presidential candidate, I would seek to visit Russia and China. I am politically aligned with Mr. Farage of the UKIP party, and visiting him would be a third sought after meeting. Each of these meetings would be very short in duration, and one hour seems sufficient. A short 15 minute formal press conference would be desired, where a few minute motion camera clip would be generated for world wide release. I of course would be humble, respectful, and only say polite things, and such a clip would be released to the public only upon approval of the inviting host. A short news reporter interview outside the Kremlin Moscow, Tienanmen Square Beijing, and Big Ben London would be also desirable. The news releases and interviews would go public and that would be a great surprise to Americans in the USA, and hence, the sought after publicity secured.

So, that is the plan, and the proposal. World peace, mutual understanding, international respect, and increased economic trade and prosperity hangs precariously in the balance. You, President Putin, are key to this plan. It is your decision of course, I can only humbly ask. Please kindly advise.

Most Respectfully,

Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, Engineer, Lawyer, 
Military scientist, Bullion Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst, 
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party.

Open Public Proposal to US and Russia

I am offering my services to the US or Russian Federation, or both, as a private intermediary for reducing tensions in Ukraine while improving USA and Russia relations. To perfect this end, I would require, modest residences in Moscow and Vladivostok, language translation secretarial support, a diplomatic passport, and a modest salary, primarily for expenses.

Posts in the NY Times from the Kremlin are mostly deemed self-serving, and summarily dismissed by and large by most Americans and US political leaders. If Mr. Putin really wants peace and prosperity, really wants to communicate with the American people, really wants reduced tensions in the Ukraine, really wants fairness in international trade, really wants friendly relations with US, maybe I can help. It would be an honor to serve the world.

Derrick Michael Reid BS JD, Engineer, Lawyer, 
Military scientist, Bullion Market Analyst, Geopolitical Analyst, 
2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party.

Ukraine Rebellion and International Analysis


I Derrick Michael Reid possess no state secrets. I am not employed by any government in any way. I am a private person expressing my opinions as a private citizen of the US, expressing in some regards, my loyal dissent, as free thought, speech, and press, as protected by the US Constitution. The following is my best fair objective evaluation of the state of global affairs as best understood relying on 50 years of awareness and public information consumed mostly relating to US and Russian tensions of late. There is no agenda here, other than to state my perceptions as I fairly see them from the perspective of a loyal American with some understanding of global affairs. I am certainly not a pacifist, but would like tensions eased between Russia and the US. The main subject here is the civil war occurring in Ukraine, and the possibly of an east-west military confrontation, as the potential for a US/RUSSIAN proxy war presently unfortunately exists in the Ukraine.

Global Confluence

Problems associated with the middle east will be much easier to deal with, as the Russia-China-US-EU, the big four CORE, coalesces into a cohesive moving force in the UN, and remedial action could be much more easily obtained. Under current military spending, the USA will remain the dominate superpower having conventional heavy invasion forces capable of being projected worldwide. The UN and the big four could restructure force capabilities with more system administration forces, that is, peace keeping forces and support logistics, such that, these forces can be effective in action and quickly deployed for rapid resolution, with the USA taking down real bad guys, with the rest of the big four and others following up with massive peace keeping and humanitarian aid for immediate nation building after a UN action. Under this combination of power, global bad boys can be taken down, converted, and integrated into the CORE of the big four, so as to economically and politically connect rouge GAP countries to the CORE, and improve GAP countries with prosperity and civility, in so doing, with sought after international trade, globalized cooperation, and mutual defense. The Big Four could cooperate in many ways to reduce international tensions. The USA has used its material logistics resources abroad in time of regional devastation. Be it direct money grants, direct aid in food stores and materials, protection of others and international trade routes through vast military expenditures, and capital investments, the USA stands tall in its unilateral compassion for others, the vast majority of whom are GAP recipients, notwithstanding a lack of global appreciation. The US has done much good about the world, but at times over reach noble means of achieving good results. The global confluence is supported by a worldwide collective battle against all terrorists, and over time, acts of terrorism should substantially decease. The untold benefit of a collective worldwide fight against terrorists in the war on terror is the increased intelligence sharing that may have a direct consequence in lowering international crime including drug smuggling, currency counterfeiting, organized crime, and the trade in human slaves, children and women.

To support this global confluence, the budding democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan may have a spill over effect in the region, as set in motion by the last conservative USA Bush administration. The USA should not seek to destroy Islam, having at its core, a moral foundation, that provides the social glue in the region. Like responses to abortion clinic bombings here in the USA, Americans seek to contain extreme elements of Islam, that is, the terrorizing Islamic fascists, and this will eventually be fully understood by Islamic countries in the Middle East, resulting in lower hostilities. Iran, as well as Syria and Saudi Arabia, may move toward more democratic principles, with Syria and Saudi Arabia instituting fair regional elections, and moving to give women the right to vote and equal rights, which will have a positive affect in geopolitical interaction with the CORE of the big four. In so doing, hard line Islamic countries may finally turn away from centuries social stagnation caused by intolerance and the conquer-the-by-sword mentality reflected by the iconic flag of Saudi Arabia, towards new found prosperity and cooperative civility.

Human Cultural Evolution

France and England are the classical historical teachings of prior confluence. For 1000 years, England and France were going at it in war, empire building filling the vacuum as new lands were discovered. But eventually, those new areas of empire building eventually became full with occupation and new entrants, such as the USA. As the ability to expand empire became more limited, France and England eventually became to be cooperative allies, and have effectively remain so, for the last 150 years. Here, the big four and others have exhausted expansion tendencies, by and large, and now seek cooperative interaction as it has so become in their collective and individual interests. But it will take more time to get the global house in substantial good order, and the second half of the 21st century will focus more on environmental issues to support the peace of the world, without the recurring war culling of humans and consequential property devastation.

The global confluence has its roots in God. Here, the USA morality has led the world through its exceptionalism. No one can honesty believe, the USA was in Iraq to take their oil from them. The USA can buy as much oil as needed, as oil is a fungible commodity. The USA has not sought empire building in a fully occupied world, though that only stopped after completing of our manifest destiny, the expansion to the west coast of the USA, just as the Russians expanded through their far east to the coast of North America. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Soviet Imperialism are the modern exceptions of course, operating from selfish desires for global dominance. But with cooperative interactions, coupled with mutual defense, with globalization of trade, and with functioning rule sets for dispute resolution, it seems that these exceptions will be contained, by the remaining partners, in the out years. It is the USA morality that has lead the way in modern times. The rise of Christian-Judeo GOD rejection of evil war lords and tyrants, starting at about 300 BC, has been the primary moving force toward civility over the centuries worldwide.

I believe we are reaching a tipping point, as the wealth, population, and interaction of the CORE of cooperative countries (Russia-China-EU-US) exceeds that of the non-functioning GAP of disconnected countries, (Africa, Middle East, and South Pacific, and of course, the cold-war hold-over in North Korea). Of the 6 Billion on earth, 4 Billion live in the CORE in relative peace as war breaks out from time to time in the GAP. As the CORE becomes more dominate over the GAP, at some point, there is the bend in an exponential, and rouge militant countries will fall like dominoes and connect with the CORE, as global peace breaks out. A collective fight against terrorism may have put into motion a last and inevitable collapse of social global militancy, as we as a global people will eventually find over-all functioning peace. We Americans are culturally eternal optimists, and I plead guilty.

There is a natural course of human cultural evolution, in that, there was first the creation of kings with tribal rule sets from the cultivation age to the iron age, then there were great empires battling for remaining lands and conquest over others from the iron age to the industrial age, but as the great geopolitical CORE of the big four abut each other, with no more room for expansion, and the eventual learning of the draw backs of global war and the benefits of collective cooperation, human kind and geopolitical functional rule sets finally culturally evolve from the empires of the industrial age into civilized partners in the information age, and that is a very good thing.

The Big Four

The global confluence speaks to the age of empire, and as the world was discovered and populated, the age of empire expansion is or should be a long past global experience, of human cultural evolution, during the continued ascent of man. I had hoped that we as a global people, through increased interconnectedness, would reject the age of empires. Iraq is not the 51st state of the USA, but Crimea is a Russian Federation state now, as Putin parlays and consolidates his N.Georgia gains. While certainly, the US foreign policy is one of subversive political, financial, economical, and military controls, it does not reach the level of territorial expansion of the age of empire.

Mr. Putin has done a remarkably good job for Russia, keeping the federation intact, building an energy empire rivaling OPEC, and opening up Russia to international trade. However, there appears to be dark ominous imperialistic clouds forming over the Kremlin. When Russia plants flags in the arctic, invades Ossetia, annexes Crimea, Russia lives in the past of the age of empires, and for that, in all fairness, those collective moves may be seen as empire building in the information age, even though there are legitimate concerns for ethnic Russians in foreign lands. The US, through political subversion, economic sanctions, and military interventions, is trying to influence the world through its democracy century under American exceptionalism, be it with good intent, though failing to do so nobly, tarnishing America's image world wide. China is smart out buying up all the gold it can and all the possible commodity resources it can knowing full well that the US fiat dollar reserve currency status is destined to fail, as Russia and China implement international payment systems, as parallel to the US SWIFT system, to avoid the US use of the fiat dollar and bond stack as an diplomatic tool of US foreign policy. The EU remains stagnant with its EU-wide socialism and undemocratic continental eurozone control using its fiat Euro, as it bids to out print Japan and US with its own version of quantitative easing, in a global wide race to the bottom of fiat currency values and global economic destruction.


I have witnessed, during my lifetime, in real time, the migration of Ronald Reagan's "Evil Empire" from the Soviet-KGB empire to the totalitarian socialistic fascist DC-DHS-CIA empire. As an American, with 1000s of armor tanks and billions of rounds of ammo of the DHS, pointed directed at the American people, as the constitution right to bare arms, as a protection of freedoms from government, is dismembered slowly, by weak minded totalitarian politicians, it is my duty, and historical American tradition, to lambast the US President and Government officials for destroying our freedoms day by day, and enslaving us Americans, with increasing amount of federal mandates (IRS, FED Financial Repression, Obamacare), as tax mules, perpetual debtors, and state dependents, to feed the banking elitists through wealth transfers from the middle and poor classes, through control over and undue influence upon governmental entities, and this loyal dissent is done so, under freedoms of thought, speech, and press, where perceives wrongs are committed by government officials, as necessary public feedback, to preserve our personal liberties, our freedoms from government, our Constitution, and our Republic for which the flag should stand.

The DHS has become the armor spear point for the American Police State. The medical profession is now part of the state internal spy network feeding private information to social services becoming increasingly in control over our daily private lives. The legal profession is enabling totalitarian controls, while profiting from the system, self-serving, and in bed with government entities, getting rich by it, turning medical malpractice into court lotto games, rocketing higher the cost of medical insurance, while profiteering from criminal law enforcement during extended modest vacations of violent hardened criminals, while not protecting us Americans from the totalitarian socialistic fascist abuses of the federal government. DHS and local police state authorities are mobilized to muzzle free speech were free speech expressed views are viewed as dangerous to the continue rise of American totalitarianism, in unwarranted fear of domestic discourse, as the FBI and CIA routinely spies on law abiding Americans.

The US political complex is dominated by the Democratic party and the Republican party, the former being the totalitarian socialist fascist proposer, the later being the totalitarian socialist fascist enabler, the cave-in party unable to defeat 100 years of leftist pandering, on the march to increasing totalitarian socialistic fascist control over the people in the US, collectively providing no real choice in the voting booth, while destroying personal liberties and freedoms from government, as permitted by the US Supreme Court which most certainly dose not up hold the US Constitution of honest real money and limited enumerated federal powers, collectively defiling our Constitution, corrupting the people with moral hazards of totalitarian socialism, enabling the manipulation of and interventions into all markets, mostly through the ESF and the Federal Reserve System (FED), as puppets of hidden hands of the banker-financial elite through undue influence upon and control over government functions, feed a banking cabal untold riches, primarily through TARP TWIST ZIRP Quantitative Easing I, II and III (QEI QEII QEII) so that the Wall Street bankers and the financial elite destroy the our middle and poor classes forcing 50 million Americans on food welfare, while the labor participation rate falls year after year, destroying the best economy in the world, while destroying the last vestiges of states rights under our constitutional Republic of sovereign states. The significance of these US domestic changes is reflected in US foreign policy. In order to fund domestic totalitarian socialistic fascism, the US has over the last 100 years created a huge bond stack with 18T$ in national debt, that enables the FRN dollar to become the world's reserve currency, supported by SWIFT international trade settlements and the IMF controlled by the US. The political reorientation of the US as a socialistic state has enabled the use of international payment system and funding bank as a tool of US foreign policy. This foreign policy, while having good intent, has been executed ignobly, tarnishing the American image about the globe.

The current US President is viewed by some as an incompetent totalitarian socialistic fascist, and is determined to further destroy the good values of the American government, traditions and culture. The US government has in its inner circles, a hard-core neo-con contingent who project American militarism under the guise of American Exceptionalism, which is little more than, My Way or The Highway, in international affairs. They do not know how to properly and fairly achieve noble results in a noble way, in their zeal to project that exceptionalism. I generally approved of US President Bush, though he committed two exceptional blunders, TARP and the IRAQ land invasion.

Wolves cull the heard of the sick and impaired so that the heard remains viable and sustainable. Through the TARP initiation, GWB set into motion totalitarian socialist fascist monetary policies that led to ZIRP TWIST QE1 QE2 QE3, going to QE-to-infinity, and obscene financial repression by the FED, as the US fiat dollar printing exponentiates, exporting inflation world wide, as the dollar presently strengthen in a desperate safe haven reaction, but ultimately destroying the US fiat currency and US economy and the middle and poor classes, while maintaining banker-elitist fascist control over and undue influence upon the US Government. The current US administration is more than happy with this TARP initiation, as it panders the US electorate with "vote for me, I'll give you goodies" and the moral hazards appended, and of course, the 50 million on food welfare, with rigged manipulated markets, and a falling labor participation rate. This TARP set into motion the current global currency wars, as Japan and EU counter with quantitative easing as well,  forcing rival world trading countries to engage also in monetary easing, as the 1930s beggar thy neighbor and economic depression repeats. The western global monetary ponzi scheme must necessarily collapse upon its own absurdity, hoping that, from the ashes of failed monetary policy, real money, gold and silver, reinstates itself as the only true fair monetary medium of exchange in domestic circulation and for international trade settlement. Russia and China know full well this end game and are buying gold to protect against total anarchy.

The liberation of Kuwait and the defense of Saudi Arabia were noble uses of US military might as sought by those two Middle Eastern Countries. The land invasion of Iraq proper was less than intelligent. Saddam did use WMD against Kurdish women and children, and violated UN resolutions and sanctions for 15 years. The childish slogan "Bush lied, soldier die" comes from biased minds with a political agenda, and are summarily dismissed accordingly. The proper course would have been for the US Senate to properly to declare war on Iraq, thereby placing the Saddam regime heads as legitimate war target, and use long range stand-off weapons to take out Saddam and his cronies at the head of the Iraq government, and then let the Iraqi people find their own way toward whatever form of government and culture they choose, with the US taking the noble high road. Instead many Iraqi and American lives were unnecessarily lost, and America's image was tarnished world wide.

The concept that President Bush acting through the CIA was instrumental in the twin tower WTC Airplane attacks also comes from biased minds with a political agenda, and are summarily dismissed accordingly. Taking the fight to Islamic jihadists into Afghanistan was a legitimate act of self defense, but here again, the fight was done intelligently. The US Senate failed yet again to declare war on Al Quida, with the exclusive use long range stand-off weapons and or special operations to selectively and repetitively strike Muslim fanatics in any country in which they seek safe haven. Mistakes at the highest level were made by the US. It is also shameful that the 95% of Muslims, by and large, in probable cowardice, being peaceful, do not restrain their own.

We informed Americans know exactly what these US totalitarian socialist fascists in control of government are up to. The problem is that Americans have been pandered for 100 years by leftist ideology, losing our way of freedom from government, honest money, honest markets, and our republic for which the Flag should stand, with nearly all having no living memory of freedom from government, hard money currency, and states rights, and now, most accept willingly our enslavement by government as tax mules, perpetual debtors and state dependents. Currently, the US Government is nearly completely dysfunctional, without proper direction and noble leadership, having lost its roots decades ago, and now, with an incompetent totalitarian socialist fascist in the White House, and increasing governmental enslavement of the people. This lost of noble way by the US is a direct result of political pandering leading to moral hazard extended into international politics.

Totalitarian socialism leads to inefficiencies, moral hazards, and a collapse of society as a whole, based upon its own absurdities. It is simply immoral for any government to take the hard earn wages of one man and give it to another, under the communist slogan of, from all according to their ability and to all according to their need. It has taken 100 years to pander the US citizen into believing wrongfully in a massive federal welfare state, that indirectly encourages US external interventions.


I have been to Ukraine, specifically Kharkov, Kiev, Chernivtsi and have been to Russia, Vladivostok a dozen times and have an understanding of Russian history and culture, as well as western and eastern Ukrainian culture. I once gave a lecture to military cadets on military science in Kharkov. I also gave lectures at DVGU Vladivostok on intellectual property rights as Russia enters fully world trade, and I have actually campaign on the streets of Vladivostok encouraging friendly US-Russian relations. About 1997, when Chechnia exploded, I was in Kharkov at the time, and understood very well ethnic Russians disgust with the violence in Chechnia. I recall the outrageous downing of airlines in Russia and the despicable slaughter of children in a Russian school. These acts of terrorism and rebellion are simply inexcusable of course. At that time, I recall sending the Kremlin a message, encouraging the Russian Military to go into Chechnia with a "Black Flag", taking no prisoners and putting down the rebellion and its Islamic terrorism, and six hours later, a news ticker on US FOX NEWS, indicated that President Putin said he would go into Chechnia with a "Black Flag", my message to the Kremlin apparently having been received and recited. Both the US and Russia have responded to acts of terrorism. In 1860, Russia was a dear friend of the US, and that relationship can and should be reinstated.

A Russian critic has been recently shot in Moscow. I recall a reporter some time back being murdered as well purportedly by the Russian government. Be it the annexation of Crimea, the MAL shoot down over Donetsk, critic assassinations, the perception by Americans of Russia is tarnished, emboldening US foreign policy to over reach with less than noble international means. Acting Ukrainian President has ordered security operation to resume, heating up cold war style spying and assassination. It appears that political assassinations are back in vogue. 1930s may repeat in more than one way with political assassinations, economic depression, currency wars, annexations, and military alignments.

On behalf of peace and freedom loving Americans, an apology is extended to Mr. Putin for the US President's exceedingly rude remarks of late. But, lets be fair, and recall the statement about US President Bush being a "maniac with razorblades". Exchanging childish insults has no place at the highest levels of government in international affairs. In such a state of international affairs, name calling is counter-productive, war may be immanent, people are dying in the Ukraine, and focus must be redirected towards civil solutions.

Common Russians, of course, blame the US for Russian economic problems of the late 20th century, rather than the economic inefficiencies and moral hazards innate in state controlled economies and socialism. The Kremlin can exploit these incorrect perception for popular support to feed war aims in Ukraine.


China has moved over the last several decades toward capitalistic markets even if now still largely controlled. The protests in Hong Kong is the rebellious nature of youth impatience for rapid democratic change. But, in time, much time, it will happen. China has opened up markets, enabling some economic free speech, and where there is some economic free speech, it will naturally grow leading eventually to political free speech. As China enters more commercial trade, it has acquired trillions of dollars of US bonds in its Foreign Exchange reserves. Hedging such bonds, in view of massive US QE, it is natural for China to procure gold bullion, now taking up the entire world gold production, with an estimated 5-10K tons of gold accumulated. The collapse of the US reserve currency status is a fore gone conclusion, and China is smartly positioning itself to survive the economic consequences. The Chinese RMB, presently, is unsuitable for becoming the world reserve currency, as it lacks a sufficient bond stack to absorb global wealth. There is only one other currency that can replace the FRN as the global reserve currency, the ultimate currency, and that is gold, repriced much higher upon a monetary reset, as the US FRN collapses in value through over printing through QE required to sustain the federal socialistic welfare state. There is nothing inherently wrong with China and Russia establishing international payment systems for trade settlement and regional currency swap facilities to facilitate international trade, as well as international funding banks. Until such collapse, Russia and China may engage currency war, by printing RMBs and Rubles, to counter US, EU and Japan QE.

There are growing number of peoples about the world understanding the dangers of global currency collapses of the currency wars, the 1930's version of the beggar thy neighbor. China and India cultures have a natural affinity toward bullion, but the Russians have entered gold buying as means to hedge against the FRN collapse as a protection against total anarchy as the fiat currencies collapse. This gold buying is a natural response to infinite QE required by massive deficits to fund the every growing federal welfare state. When the fiat currencies collapse, peoples will not trust IMF SDRs, another ponzi coupon, and thus gold is the only possible alternative to the collapsing FRN reserve currency. The basic problem is insolvency caused by funding requirements of the massive welfare state at the federal level as pandered by leftist political parties over the last 100 years.

European Union

Europe remains basically stagnant with its inherent inefficient socialism, and has compounded its problem through the established political and economic controls by a centralized unelected body. Due to insolvency, funding requirements of socialism, QE and monetary easing runs wild. Greece is now subject to additional bailouts, kicking-the-can to bond defaults as the interconnected banking domino risk banking derivative counter-party defaults that could collapse the global banking system. The EU is also bent on kicking-the-can as long as possible until all major paper currencies and international banking collapse as derivative losses explode, during a necessary bullion price reset.

Super Powers

The Russians are concerned with American military bases around the world and US control of the world money flows as a means to force Russia into complying with US foreign objectives, as the US is concerned with Russian support of militant nations and concerned with soviet-style territorial expansion. The dipole between the US and Russia, given the legacy of the cold war, is natural. China is more inwardly looking and generally avoids creating tensions more so than the Russians and US between themselves.


If Iran wants to pick a fight with the US, its easy, and here is how they can do exactly that. Tehran can get a couple hundred college girls in black uniforms lined up in parade in a military formation, and have them, in unison, swing their fists while screeching "Death to America", while supporting Muslim nations, for example Afghanistan, harboring terrorists, while recruiting a division of Iranian suicide bombers at the ready, concurrently having political heads of state proclaim wiping Israel off the Map and that the US is the Great Satan, while developing enriched uranium technology, while procuring advanced cruise missile technology, while developing intermediate range missile technology, and trust me, the neo-con core of the US Government will go super-nova with naval blockades and MOAB strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities and drone strikes on Iranian political heads of state. There is a loose screw in Tehran, as one should expect from any infantile democracy.

Teheran is much closer to Moscow than DC, and Russian support for Iran would seem foolish, until one recognizes the confrontational acts of US foreign policy world wide and the Russian perception of it. There is room for a peaceful resolution of the Iranian issue, and I have the plan, though the US state department seems to rely on its reserve currency tools and economic sanctions to perfect change, which encourages others to leave the SWIFT system all together. Hence, US foreign policy is self-defeating when economic sanctions are applied over the long term.


Syria has effectively a dictator that is sympathetic to terror groups, and thus a natural target of US interventions, as the US neo-cons seek to help liberate the Syrian people, whether they want it or not, now engaged in a rebellion. As Russia is a long time Syrian supporter, it is natural that Syria would raise tensions between the Russia and US during this rebellion that may increasingly turn into yet another proxy war. The use of WMD is inexcusable, and the WMD in Syria should have been destroyed in response to the phantom red line of BHO. If the WMD have been destroyed, the US should let the insurgents fight it out, without Russian support of the Syrian regime. Let Syria find its own way. To the extent that ISIS is in Syria, stand off strikes would seem a reasonable response by the US. With Russian backing up Syria, the chance for a proxy war increase, with the US backing the Syrian Rebels and ISIS. 


There is no Geneva convention protection for fighters out of uniform fighting for private international terrorist groups. Advanced nonlethal interrogation methods are suitable upon such individuals to reasonably fit the international outlaw circumstance. The US Senate should have declared war on international jihadist terrorists upon the WTC strike, but failed the US people. The jihadists imprisoned in Guantanamo should have tried for war crimes by military tribunal and if found guilty, hung or sentenced to hard labor, and if not found guilty, released, long ago. But when you have political correctness, of totalitarian socialism, cowardice mentalities run ramped in various disjointed quarters of the US Government, created in part by socialistic moral hazards, so that, there is no solution, and no progress in defeating international terrorism.

International Trade Settlements, IMF, BRICS Development Bank

The globe is dominated by the FRN dollar hegemony and its reserve currency status. The US uses its dollar reserve status modernly as an asymmetric tool in its foreign policy. In so doing, it relies upon its monstrous bond stack, supporting domestic socialism, and uses the SWIFT system as a sanction weapon against other nations who do not conduct themselves according to US desires. Iran is sanctioned for nuclear development and Russia is sanctioned for annexing Crimea. International powers who acquire US Bonds and use the dollar in their international trade place themselves in the cross-hairs of US foreign policy. The US controls the SWIFT system for international trade settlements and payments. The SWIFT system is combined with the IMF by the US to perfect not only their intended financial functions but to also perfect US foreign policy, thus the placement of foreign powers under US geopolitical pressure. Russia and China, in response, are developing respective trade settlement systems and the BRIC development bank so as to avoid being pressured by the US into US foreign policy objectives. The US controls the IMF in part to perfect US foreign policy. The BRIC development is becoming a modern alternative mostly supported by China and Russia as an international funding means and to avoid pressure from the US perfecting US foreign policy. There should be no inherent objection to Russia and China developing their own payment systems, currency swap facilities, and funding banks.


The US is fearful of the Russian bear expanding soviet style domination over territories and support of terror sponsoring nations, as the Russians are fearful of US global military might in every corner of the globe and US financial asymmetric warfare sanctions, and hence seeds of the modern post cold war tensions. The western Ukrainians, after a history of soviet domination, obviously started the conflict in Ukraine by ousting an elected president, rather than through civil impeachment for wrong doing if any. The US and Russian diplomatic corps did not seek jointly together to keep the elected president in power per noble democratic principles. The US foreign corps through malfeasance or nonfeasance did not seek to maintain democratic principles in Ukraine. The US did not act nobly. The Western Ukrainians took the law into their own hands.

The US had a civil war, where a portion of country up and left. That succession was not overwhelming approved by the US population as a whole. The Crimea vote, was not a vote of the whole Ukraine, by an overwhelming majority. I find fault with the Western Ukrainians for not following law, by over throwing an elected president, notwithstanding old resentments of soviet domination. Western Ukrainians should have had impeachment proceedings, and impeach the president civilly, and not at gun point. Donetsk, encouraged by Russia should not have engage in armed revolt. The US should not have been encouraging the Western Ukrainians. Crimea should not have had a vote for leaving Ukraine, unsanctioned by the whole. Russia should not have annexed Crimea into Russia.

Western Ukrainians started the mess in Ukraine and sowed the seed of rebellion, and Russia exploited that to annex the Crimea. What Russia did was not an international norm, and Russia sowed the seeds of intractable rebellion and long lived civil war in Ukraine. Russia should have known that annexing Crimea touched a US old sore spot of Soviet Expansion, and set into motion a counter sanction move by the US. There is plenty of blame to go around. US, Russia, Kiev, Crimea, Donetsk all made mistakes, and now, people die in the Ukraine. Now that all these players have got Ukraine into a mess, the question is what to do. Some creating thinking is needed, which I doubt will come from the US State Department. I believe I have a fair objective mind and skills, and can propose possible diplomatic solutions, if ask to do so by either the US or Russia. I stand ready, willing, and able.

There are reports surfacing that then Secretary of State H. Clinton had received money from a Ukrainian Oligarch. Ukrainian national treasure of 36 tons of gold mysteriously vanished, believed transported to the US by plane. The USA did nothing to prevent the outing of an elected president in Ukraine. Crimea voted for succession without a general Ukrainian election approving that succession. The US Senate has voted to provide arms to the Western Ukrainians in control of Kiev to put down the Eastern Ukrainian rebellion. Ukraine is now in civil war with Eastern Ukraine in rebellion to the regime in Kiev. Russia has annexed Crimea into the Russian Federation. Russia has threatened the placing of nuclear weapons in Crimea. President Obama has mobilized NATO armor racing to Eastern Europe in support of the Kiev Regime. The prospect of a NATO/Russian proxy war exists in the Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is getting completely out of control.

Big Four Political Cultural Orientation

The US EU Russia China, the Big Four, have respective political and cultural Orientations that when understand can be engaged effectively for resolving world problems. But its first starts with understanding the respective people, their respective cultures and their respective government functions. When one understands these civil aspects, mutual respect, mutual cooperation and civil intercourse can be had. The political complex of the United States by and large does not understanding these civil aspect, and remains steadfastly US centric, under the self proclaim US exceptionalism, leading to military interventions and war, unfair international trade practices and asymmetric sanctioned warfare, disrespecting personal insults, international stalemates, and diminished global economic growth. I have such an understanding of global civil aspects, and would bring a new perspective the White House, one based upon unbiased, objective, fair and mutual respect in international intercourse and diplomacy, leading directly to reduced tensions and increase economic growth. Currently, there is a global currency war as nations print paper currency trying to stave off economic collapse. As the currency wars heat up, inflation is ravaging emerging market economies leading to the move of currencies to the US dollar strengthening consequently.


The US political complex is driven by two pandering political machines, one the totalitarian socialistic fascist proposer and the other the enabler. These parties have by and large locked up the voting booth. For all practical long term consideration, they are effectively one. American are culturally eternal optimists, believing in, yet not modernly practicing founding father principles and capitalism supported by a moral culture. Some tend to think that the US is exceptional among nations and project this exceptionalism into foreign affairs, with military interventions if necessary, attempting to change the world according to American ideals long lost over the last 100 years. With open and free trade without a balance trade and destroyed the American manufacturing base, which is the real engine of wealth creation. The US has suffered years of economic stagnation, brought on in part by FED led transfers of wealth from the middle and poor classes to the top 1% through TARP TWIST ZIRP QE FED policies, trade imbalances, and the massive unconstitutional welfare state. The national debt is unserviceable. FED money printing attempt to forestall the inevitable economic collapse. The US government is insolvent. The FED is insolvent. The major US banks are insolvent. Wall Street through corruption controls the US government and the FED.


The European Zone is primarily lead by unelected totalitarian socialistic fascists. The Troika (EU ECB IMF) is extending QE and bail out management trying to forestall an inevitable economic collapse. For example, Greece is now at the limit of its insolvency, with a GREXIT now pending. Political shifts are occurring in the UK and France more particularly away from the EU, as the PIIGS nations suffer from overwhelming insolvency. The Eurozone financial state is inherently flawed without central control over the finances of the individual member states. The EU seeks expanded trade, particularly Germany with attractions toward the Euraisazone for sustained commerce with Russia and China, though being restrained by the US foreign policy, brought to the forefront by the civil war in Ukraine and the economic sanctions on Russia for annexing the Crimea. The EU comprise socialistic leaning populations through centuries of social class economic immobility.


Russia internal culture is well use to strong man rule, from the days of Ivan the Terrible to the modern Soviet Politburo. Russians generally feel comfortable with President Putin's strong man rule. Russia's government suffers from a legacy of the Soviet imperial territorial imperialism, and evinced by territorial gains in Georgia and Ukraine, as indicated by planting a Russian flag in the Arctic. Russia has become more democratic over the last few decades, though till has problems with free speech and press, as indicated by reports of anti-government reporter and politician deaths. Russian oligarchs play a role in assisting the Russian government. Russia is becoming more capitalistic and free, and has fully engaged in world trade particularly having an energy empire rivaling OPEC. Currently, Russia is attempting to avoid US sanction through AIIB BRICS banks fund and development and the use of alternative currency transfer and swap facilities in international trade. Russia clearly understand the FED lead debasement of the US dollar global hegemony and petro dollar, and is selling forex reserve US Treasuries and is buying gold in preparation for the inevitable collapse of the US dollar.


Culturally, China is an inwardly looking country with large areas of distinct ethnics groups, for example the Tibetans in the south the Muslim in the west, and are focused on keeping China integrated, and thus the political moves in Tibet. China seek control over its people through communications censorship and totalitarian political controls. China has a one party system, the communist party. There is debate within the communist party providing new approaches to modern governance. China has over recent decades become capitalistic in domestic and foreign commerce, aided in large measure by US open trade and trade imbalances. China is generally not imperialistic, but did respond to foreign entanglement in the Korean War and the Vietnam war, both juxtaposed China. China is out circumnavigating the globe looking to buy resources to fuel its growing economy. China is generally not a driver in international politics, looking more inward than outward.


By and large there is little difference in practical effect of the Big Four, be it the US political lock up of the two pandering political machines, Russia strong man rule with open political dissent, EU totalitarian dictates with political free expression, or debates within the core of the China's communist party. The US is generally apprehensive the territorial imperialism of Russia and the communist title of China's communist party, stemming from the era of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and China support of North Korea and Vietnam, both age old, but lingering in minds of Americans, with some residual justification, but by and large, the BIG FOUR has respective governments matching their respective cultures. Russia and China are apprehensive of US global military might. The US is apprehensive of Russian territorial imperialism. All four are now engaged in currency war, with the Japanese going all in with its brand of QE. All of the four seek improved prosperity from a self-centered perspective. The currency war is destroying international trade as evinced by the Baltic Dry Ice Index. Russia and China are selling US Treasuries and buying gold in preparation for the global collapse of fiat currencies. With all print fiat currency with abandon, only Russia, China and India are serious buyers of gold bullion in preparation for the coming global collapse of fiat currencies.

With each of the BIG FOUR having respective governments and cultures, and all seeking improved international trade, there is room for cooperation by the BIG FOUR to resolve disputes about the globe. Trust is a difficult thing to build when there are self-centered governments. The main opposition today is between the US and Russia. The US needs to relax from it exceptionalistic military interventions. Russia needs to relax from its territorial imperialism. All four need to stop the currency war and become fiscally sound with pay go fiscal budgets.

The big four can cooperate together to solve world problems. The US can take the lead fighting terrorist and keeping the air and sea lanes open for international trade. Russia can extent energy delivery into the EU and China and can lead in resolving middle east tensions. China can lead in resolving territorial disputes, reunification of Korea, and setting up competitive global funding and development banks. The EU can cement the Eurasia trade zone and work with US, Russia and China for increase global free, fair and balanced trade. There is plenty of opportunity for the BIG FOUR to cooperate together and resolve global disputes and tension. The US could go along way in reaching the end by dismissing age old fear of Russian Imperialism and Chinese Communism and work with these two primarily for a much better global community for improved international peace and prosperity.