Women Rights

Women are Actually Different than Men

Abortion is a perpetual conflict and has long been a troubling spot for Americans. Founded on One Nation under God, religion has had a major influence. Poverty traps mothers in a life of poverty. As society turns away from God and family, pressure mounts to liberalize abortions. Since Roe v Wade, the country remains in conflict over the abortion issue, its lingers, creating divisiveness. Its time the abortion issue be resolved. If you want to ban abortions in the USA, a constitutional amendment is the proper legal course, but unlikely. Surely, those of faith can pray for women to make the right life choice, but civil law is what a president is sworn to. Some claim that the abortions are so many, its genocide.

God is great for personal mental stability, and divine worship in church furthers peaceable interactions while schooling the folks about proper and righteous codes of conducts. Attempt to abolish religion generally, is wrong, as societal interests are promoted, and equal protection for creeds and religious freedom is a must. Religious zealots, such as, clinic bombers, take their belief systems to far. It is one thing to believe abortion is sin, pray for lost souls, peaceable preach, and support orphanages, as one may choose, but another thing to take law into your own hands, and spew hate and violence, contrary to loving religious tenants and law.

Women are different from men. Women and men have respective different reproduction biology for procreating the species. Women have wider hips than men for child birth. Men have wider shoulder for hunting and bringing home the bacon for supporting child bearing wives and families. Women have breasts for feeding infants, while men have massive muscle structures for heavy work and hunting. Men have facial hair to weather the hunts in extended cold weather, whereas women do not. The origins are clear. Men and women were ancient hunter-gatherers, paired for procreating the specie, but with respective roles in food collection and procreation. In examining men and women, the physical differences are obvious. From hips to tits, from muscles to facial hair, both men and women are different and well suited as mates for their ancient roles, as hunter-gatherers. The physical differences are clear, but those difference do not stop at the neck line. Why would it? So, then, there is the brain, and here to there are very slight differences. Women, consistent with home location for gathering and child raising, operated in nested gathering groups, and tend to be more communicative, whereas men out on the hunt, tend to be more focused and aggressive. Girls with tendency toward communications tend to do better in elementary school than boys, but the boys catch up quick in high school with innate aggression to achieve. Men and women have differently wired brains. It is the way it is, and you cant change the innate differences between men and women.

Feminist Activist Hysteria

So vehement are women activists and feminists that they discard economic laws and seek quotas and totalitarian controls in the work place for so called equal pay. Businesses seek profits and economic laws, over the long term, are excellent drivers toward equal pay for equal work, as the best practical means of reaching equal pay for equal work for anyone. But don't try to suggest that economic laws are the most practical means to a feminist, or you might be marginalized as being called a sexist in an attempt to demean, marginalize, and chill freedom of thought and speech.

My Grandma was a Rosie Riveter during WWII. My mother was a book keeper her entire working age. I know women can do it, and we need their contributions. And Yes, women should be paid a fair wage just like men. THEY CAN DO IT!!!!

The feminists screech Equal Pay for Equal Work, whipped up through pandering by the DEMs, who don't hesitate to call any male REP candidate a sexist rather they are one or not. That is typical and right out of the DEM playbook, and we all get that. But the question is, do they really mean it? The focus is not on work done, but the title of the positions, that a female manager of one company should be paid the same as male manager of another company. One may first ask if the political pressure of the feminists have rapidly advanced many women beyond their capacities and are placed in jobs that they can not really handle, but done so as to advance women in the work force. There is probably allot of sexist bias in the work force, dominated by males who prefer working with males, rather than be distracted by tight skirts in close proximity, as one can not change the innate male brain. In objectively viewing the situation, personally, I have known to many women of awesome capability to belittle women in any way. And there is probably some legitimate complaints in the work force of keeping women from higher pay and advancement. Question is really what do practically about that. Federal equal protection extends to gender as it should. Systematic hiring and paying through gender prejudices, without good cause, should be remedially corrected in the courts. This apparently is not enough for the DEM pandered feminists, they want higher pay and advancement, deserved or not. How do you practically enforce against gender prejudices in the work force outside clear proven systematic prejudices shown in court? The DEM would no doubt want a federally mandated, read totalitarian solution, where all workers in the US are placed on a pay grade, like the military, that is, all workers are assigned a job title, and are to paid according to that job title, and companies that do not have equal numbers of male and female working at the same job title are taxed more heavily, read incentivize-and-control totalitarianism. Any objective unbiased person would realize that this end solution would be economically stifling and impractical. It seems that the old tried and true methods of compensation according to age old economic laws are the best without government totalitarian mandates. If any person produces, they are sought, not because of their gender, but for the addition to the bottom line profits, and let the natural economic laws level out the pay rates, as all are free to quit and apply elsewhere. Through education, on the job performance, and economics laws, the most practical solution is had to the gender problem, but don't tell the DEMs of this most efficient practical solution, they want that feminist voting block to selfishly cement political power, at all costs, be they at equal pay, rather than fair pay.

Women have been played by a leftist pandering political machine to selfishly cement political power. Under gender equal protection, systematic work place economic discrimination of women is wrong. The right to an abortion is not an amendment to the constitution. Conservatives are likewise pandered by a rightist pandering political machine, again, for selfishly cementing political power. Christie of NJ, basis his anti-abortion campaign on GOD, pandering the religious right. God has no business in enforcing the constitution, except collaterally as ensuring rights to religious freedom under amendment, and equal protection under amendment, as to creed allowing all to believe as they chose. The abortion issue touches many federal concerns as to rights of privacy, gender equal protection, and due process equal protections. The abortion issue should be resolved once and forever, and eliminate that scourge from the public vortex, to promote "Domestic Tranquility".

The right of privacy goes to the doctor office and what forms of treatment a patient may desire. Gender equal protection goes to women rights to control their own bodies. Due process and general equal protection goes to in vitro viable fetuses' right to live. These are competing interests. Adults should have the right to engage in sex provided they are responsible for their conduct, including supporting their children. The supreme court started the abortion issue off in full flower with Roe v Wade. In gestate termination touches religious and political concerns. Its a hot button for sure, but should be solved once and for all, to reasonably restore to the nation's "domestic tranquility".

Fair Market Value of Service Rendered

The only economically viable measure of the value of services rendered is the market place following economic laws, for determining the fair value of services and labor. Attempts to forceable change this only practical means of determining the value of services and wages only leads to misallocation of wage values and overt discrimination. Where there is provable discrimination against women, beyond freedom of association, the federal government can step in with remedial action under gender equal protection. Women can prove their worth by simply earning it allowing the engine of market economic set the pay scales, and work place has done for men over the ages. If women are going to work in the work place, stepping into a man's world, they should play by the rules, and should not favorite, but rather, let their FMV of wages be determined by personal achievement and market forces.  

The Abortion Issue Solution

As practical solution to the abortion issue, a reasonable regime would be, at the federal level:
1) No state shall prohibit a woman from having an abortion during the 1st trimester.
2) No woman shall murder a viable fetus during the 3rd trimester.
3) Federal funds may not be used to encourage or discourage abortions.
4) Under states rights of the republic, any states may control abortions during the 2nd trimester, may encourage or discourage abortions, may engage in childhood sex education, and may provide birth controls, as local social engineering rights of the many states, under voter approval.