Wall Street versus Main Street

Main Street Wealth Transferred to Wall Street

The 99% are being sucked dry by the 1%.The deck has been rigged. Main street has no chance, save one, that is a DMR presidency. FED led policies is a corruption conduit to and undue influence over the US government. Banksters and CEO get free ZIRP money to rig markets for profits and CEOs buy by shares for huge capital gains. Wall streets campaign contributions have bought government. Savers and workers are be robbed daily through FED led QE, by dollar value devaluations, taxation without representation, that concentrate power in DC to enslave all as tax mules and dependents. Open borders and trade deficits are killing jobs and suppressing wages, for corporate profits, feeding bonuses. The supreme court just makes stuff up to enable totalitarian controls cementing public strife enhanced by the two political pandering machines. The constitution has been trashed, the republic is dead, our money defiled by fiat, and now government is going after the people guns for protecting the people rights and freedoms from government, as DHS is armed to the teeth, ready for marshal law as the economy implodes. The evil empire, comprising Wall Street, Judicial Fiat, and two pandering political machines are collapsing the middle class into enslaved yankee serfdom. 

USA Taxes, Manufacturing, and Free Trade

Trying to solve problems, one of the concerns is the promotion of wealth creation through the revitalization of the US manufacturing sector for creating good full time jobs and bring back US manufacturing from the depths of prolong ruination. As proposed earlier, basically, all income, capital gains, inheritance taxes are eliminated, with no more IRS fed filings for workers or investors or for passing wealth to another. Its call freedom. The Federal government get taxes from end user sales taxes of goods. The state can only get taxes from in rem property taxes. There can be no state takings between employers/contractors and employees/contractees, thus freeing money flows, while freeing the people from government bondage.

Imports and exports of goods are taxed as part of the federal sales tax. A US mfg or retail outlets pays sales tax to the FED as one taxable event. A US mfg pays tax upon export as one taxable event. An importer pays tax upon import as one taxable event. Thus imported goods take on two taxable events. Thus, a double tax, thus placing the US manufacturing in at least a fair position regarding foreign manufacturers. Foreign governments may also tax imported goods, but at least the US manufacturing is not inherently disadvantaged. Free trade implies equal treatment for imports and exports, and if all import and export are equally treated from a US government perspective, the trade is free and fair without subsidies of foreign government over US manufacturers. The import/Export sales tax and domestic sales tax insures that foreign manufacturing is not seriously advantaged over domestic manufacturing. This scheme is very easy to implement.

The switch from income taxes to consumption sales taxes is conservation friendly of course, and thus maximize income with minimize resource utilization. Global free traders may take exception, but it would seem that import and export "duties" or sale taxes is neutral on its face. The US government tries to implement "free trade" agreements trying to keep the US manufacturing on equal footing, or so it would seem, and hence the many free trade agreements as part of the US conquering the world. But, it seems that the whole situation is easily handled domestically, having equal import and export duties (sales taxes) and consumption domestic sales taxes.

As a projected result, incomes increase and manufacturing is put on reasonable fair equal footing regarding foreign government subsidies, and resources are conserved. Labor rates are naturally adjusted naturally so, by cost of shipping. It seems, that this total approach works, and is simple to implement, and has the correct motivations, to maximize income, create fair trade, increase domestic manufacturing, and penalizing resource use for green peace.

As part of over all plan, all student loans at the federal level would be forgiven, or discounted and move to state banks, as part of the proposed Department of the Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank, there should be a modest short term use of so-called QE during the bi-currency transition period from FRNs to real money. In stead of bailing out the big banks, however, US citizens, American graduates are immediately freed from government perpetual bondage. The US Department of Education would remain a down sized US administration department for using federal collected sales taxes when authorized but only for vital government interests. There is currently a shortage of engineers in the country. Direct scholarships, and not loans, to US citizens applying to engineering schools would be one area where the Department of Education could help the country revitalize the manufacturing sector with direct scholarships to US citizen engineering students. State government using cash in hand could likewise do the same, and States with cash in hand, and Universities, subject to Bankruptcy laws, could generally loan tuition money to students as well, but the Federal government should not enslave our graduates with loans as they enter the work force.

Dept of Education will downsize, transferring discounted student loans to state banks, with repayment collection in bullion to the FRB of the Dept of the Treasury. Dept of Housing will seize Freddie and Fannie, transferring discounted housing loans to state banks, with repayment collection in bullion to the FRB. Hence, federal government will stop stop originated housing and education loans, as Dept of Housing and Education, state inherent functions, are downsized and terminated at the federal level.

USA Lawlessness Running Rampant

Many Americans are confused and wonder why there is so much lawlessness, the money is corrupt, the politicians are corrupt, society is corrupt, the political systems are corrupt, as it seems where ever one looks there is a sense of corruption, degradation, malla en se, and lawlessness. Why is that? Because there is. Why is that? The answer is simply. There is no law. When there is no law, there is lawlessness.

The reason why there is so much lawlessness is because there is no law, no rules, because the justices do not defend the constitution, and honor their oaths, and just make it up, anything, as they go, anything they want, really, what ever their pandered hearts desire. They just make it up, and hence, there is no law, there is only result, lawlessness that is now running rampant. There is much discourse of late, and I think I know what is going on here. There is a general dissatisfaction out there in the USA, yet many can not articulate it, or why it is, and so, they make stuff up and go after the visible faces, especially politicians. Its called a witch hunt, by the way, but its now pervasive, without an understanding of the root causes.

And so the government systems and society at large enter phases of collapse, and many are heard loudly. But, I only see political panderers and private ranters. Im not seeing nirvana, the comprehensive way out. Allot ranting going on out there, but its all talk. Understanding that there is a problem is only the first step. You then have to understand why the problem was created. Then you can move onto solutions, comprehensively so, interrelated and grand, and solve the problems. Allot of ranting about problems going on out there, but that is about it. I offer real solutions, long term and permanent.

USA Main Street Over Wall Street

There is much talk about the precariousness of the banking system. The FRN printing is exponentiating, the ponzie scheme is playing out. Bonds could fall out of bed at any minute. The Public Banking Institute indicates that savings are not safe in big Wall Street banks. Credit derivatives take priority over individual accounts. MF Global is the case in point, where many investors loss their accounts to the big banks. FDIC could not provide the insurance necessary to the system failures. The banksters and Greedsters of Wall Street, and the Oligarchsters of the NWO will have priority of any moneys. Dodd Frank bill apparently was a prop to the big banks banks, the individual savers and small investors will get the short end. So what if the ponzie scheme hits the wall, and the irredeemable ponzie coupon, the FRN, fails, and with it, there is a general collapse of the financials?

There must be away to kick start the economy with USA main street coming out on stop, strong and vibrant. State chartered banks should take over all state in rem property loans and get the Federals, the FED system, the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters, and their NWO oligarchsters masters out of the picture, and protect the folks while pumping up main street, to save what is left of Americana. One can stop the influence of the NWO oligarchsters by nationalizing the Federal Reserve System into the dept of the Treasury. But what about mom and pop on main street?

How do you protect the folks, FDIC is without sufficient, when the big banks fail, to kick start back up main street? The President, with the nation under extreme conditions, could issue executive orders, nationalizing failed big banks, citi, wf, boa, jpm, gs, with no BK court processes, with bond/share holders taking it on the chin, while congress authorizes fiat money, for covering all of the folks up to 100K$, and keep bank employees then as government temp employees until assets can be sold, piece meal, as state banks, to not only break up the big banks, that are TBTF TBTJ, but turn a profit for the government, and putting main street back on the map. It can be done. 

So, let suppose, the FRN fails, bonds fail, and big banks are in trouble again, and the Federal Reserve Bank does not rescue the big banks. There would be no big bank bail outs. The Big Banks would file for BK, and thus are seized by the federal government, the shareholders and bond holders lose their equity. Individual savers, under 100K$ are insured, and the Federal Reserve System is nationalized into the Dept of the Treasury, which then ties into state public banks from the remains of the big banks, prohibited from gambling on derivatives, and used for depositing the 100K$ to keep main street alive, to keep these state bank alive, during the next financial crises. State chartered banks would be hooked up with the new FRB of the US Government, and 100K$ is placed in these state bank accounts for mom and pop to power main street. The Big Banks, BKed anyways, on leverage and gambling with failed counter-party risks, during a derivative implosion, are seized by the US Government, and skeleton operations maintained with employees becoming temp federal employees, until the big banks are sold off, piece meal as state banks, to end TBTF TBTJ, while saving mom and pop and creating sound local property loans, for fueling main street. The idea is that the next bail out may be just to big, and drastic measures will be needed, but this time, the focus will be on saving mom and pop and main street and creating a network of state banks, not the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters and their Oligarchster NWO masters. 

Banking and Finance are not one of my expertise, and this plan will need further development and refinement, with help from banking and financial experts, but this is the general plan, to save main street, support mom and pop, and create state banks, come the inevitable financial crises when the FRN fails. This plan, of them all, is the one most likely to get me shot dead as a president, but I normally work 16 hours a day, seven days, and hunkering down in the White House, working, is not a problem, with the Vice President more in public view and urging fast action before congress, as this seems to be the best safety play to get the necessary job done. In so doing, the economy would turn around and the republic of states strengthened.

UNIONS are fun as Tool and Die, Died Hard

When I was 21 yo, I worked on cruise missiles, saved the Litton fighter nav program, ;) with a spark, and as they retired endeavor this weeken, I think back to 1975, North American Rockwell, Downey Space, I was developing the elevon control system for the shuttle, could not buy a beer, out of UC Berkeley engineering at 20yo, and had a technician working for me, 62 yo, more than 3x my age, and man it was SO SO SO Funny. When you are 20yo, hyper active, brainy etc etc, just could not wait to fill out a Change Request to have the technicians come in and make a wiring change, like I got time. I would grab a wiring gun and schematics and off to the flight simulation halls, to make a wiring change, and then test again the servo responses. If these technicians saw me do it, they would write me up, to their union boses, to get a 50$ rat bonus from the union, to complain that engineer was doing tech work, a huge NO NO in union land, but like ants in my pants, screw that stuff. I was on a mission to get the damn thing working, fast like, ...... I kid you not ... they would follow me around, like 10 of them, just hoping and a praying I would pick up a wiring tool, talk about 007 sneak stuff, midnightish, in the sim labs. FUNNY!!!!
My family came out of the tool and die industry, plants in California, Oregon, Flordia. Mostly airfoils for jet planes, high end tooling, but also plastic injection for various parts. I recall in my early days, papa coming home with metal chips in his shoes, mom always outraged, THE CARPET!!. At 17yo, summer job, I scrubbed milling machines. Brother started a tool company. It went belly up in the 1980s. Papa retired, and stated last week end, he knows THAT EVERY SINGLE tool and die company he knew in 60s hay-days, ARE GONE. Main plants in California out of business, as there is no business. Tool and die makers are dinasours of the past, the heart of any serious manufacturing industry. This country use to have a robust tool and die industry, with legions of machinists, ready to make tools for industry, specialty high tech part to plastic toys. But not any more, that skill base is history. The entire tool and die industry is now decimated.

There were a couple of things Mitt said at the debates, that got my attention, relating to restoring the republic, by transferring social programs to the states, per the constitution. He also pounded the jobs creation focus if president. I have long indicated that Mitt is still a big government guy, throwing us constitutional freedom lovers a bone here and there. He would have a daunting task to restore prosperity in America, saddled with 16T and 1.5T in unserviceable debt, which is in my mind, the bankster's perpetual enslavement of us all.  Politically untenable after 110 years of leftist pandering, to restore our freedoms from government and restore the republic. Mitt will not make any serious in roads to the gargantuan fed obesity.

FDR promoting the RAW DEAL

At Jesses' Cafe, I saw a clip of FDR poo-pooing political opposition in the 30s, re social security and job programs, as a De ja vu thing, suggesting Mitt would gut SS, jobs programs. Jesse is giving himself up as a die hard lefty, big gov guy, apparently having no problem with concentrated socialism at the fed level, the republic be damned.  Its embedded in American culture now.

So while Mitt hints of freedom, and passing some social stuff off to the states, it at least is something, as the lesser of 2 evils. In cal, of course, with the dem lock, my vote is useless, but nonetheless, will pull for Mitt, at least he gives lip service to freedom's ring and a focus of jobs to ease the pain of our enslavement to the federals.

BHO used the term freedom, but was in reference to the civil war, RACE baiting. Mitt used the term freedom, in the context of pursuit of happiness, prosperity baiting. There is a difference.

Wealth Transfer from 99% to the top 1%

Currently, wealth is being transferred from the 99% to 1% through FED led policies and international trade. But, the greatest wealth transfer during the ascent of man will occur from paper assets to bullion and hard assets, as the world fiat currency regime implodes world wide. Wealth transfers currently are from the poor and middle classes to the top 1% based on FED policies, from the US to foreign nations based upon trade deficits, and from financial paper assets to real hard assets based upon fiat currency monetary inflation world wide.