USA Global Imperialism

USA Imperial Totalitarian Socialistic Fascist Empire

The US is imperial, in its attempt to influence all corners of the world. The use of fiat money has effect of allowing concentration of domestic political power in DC, and borrow from the future, to present value. Using the fiat monetary regime, the US government has enabled deficits to fund military expenditures, the massive federal welfare state and complex, and concentrate power in DC. The fiat regime also enables corruption to pass through FED, so that DC effectively enriches campaign contributing Wall Street, and thus DC has also become a fascist regime. Using fiat money, and creating the huge treasury bond stack, the US has borrowed from future generations to fund totalitarian concentration of power in DC destroying the Republic, an unconstitutional unlimited social welfare state to pander voting blocks for cementing political power in the two pandering political machines, a global reserve currency providing economic sanctions power to enhance foreign influences, and fund the largest military on earth positioned on bases throughout the world. US centric neocon perspectives encourage this extension of power by borrowing from future generations.  The consequence of this fiat monetary regime is the enabling of projecting imperial political influence about the globe. US nationalists agree with influential imperialism projection, however, it has caused ignoble foreign policies, military interventions, and national insolvency as the largest debtor nation on earth, presently causing a stagnant US economy.  

USA Imperialism

The US can be proud in many ways of its history, in providing the longest lived democracy on earth, as a glowing symbol of freedom and liberties for its citizens. Its generosity toward others is unmatched domestically and internationally. Its roots of free enterprise, democracy, capitalism, are good aspects that have heretofore provided riches and abundance. There are other parts of US history are not so noble, be it the original sin or the decimation of the native Indians from coast to coast, born of manifest destiny, which has been extended to the Monroe Doctrine, to the global fiat dollar hegemony, to military interventions world wide. Americans are generally willing to fight to fashion the world in the model of the US history. This imperial tendency remains strong in neocon spheres, though, recently, in this 21st century, there is some back lash occurring in the after math of 15 years of effective war in the middle east.    

USA Totalitarianism

With power being concentrated in DC, totalitarian dictatorial power has effectively been extended to the presidency under senatorial on going resolutions effectively giving the President cart blanch power to wage war, the senate having surrender its power to control the presidential war machine through declarations of war, thereby tending to make foreign military interventions protracted lasting over different administrations. The people rights to senatorial debate and declarations of war have been given up to the imperial presidency which now can conduct foreign wars and interventions unilaterally, and thereby project US influence world wide as only the president deems fit without necessary safe guards of senatorial checks. The people vote for the senators and can place pressure upon the senate to conduct war through the people's desires, but that implicit right of the people to effectively control foreign interventions has been surrendered by the senate, abrogating their constitutional obligations to the country and the people.  

USA Socialism

Vote for me, and I'll give you goodies, to buy votes. The people are at fault as well. Modernly, the people vote for the good of themselves, and not for the good of the country. Politicians exploit human weakness and human brotherly concerns to pander votes to cement DC political power in the two pandering political machines. As socialism grows in the US, people become trapped into state dependency based upon moral hazards. This socialism will implode based upon its own inherent absurdity of rewarding unproductive and penalizing productive. This socialism tends to condition people to vote along party lines, thereby perpetuating a corrupt decadent socialistic absurd system. With 50m on food assistance, 120m on government assistance, any attempts to seriously cut back government largess, will cause nation wide riots and destruction, and thus, the government is effectively trapped as are the people, in this grand scheme of funding social largess in perpetuity, with 1T$ perpetual budget deficits, and congress has caved in during budget battles, to where now, there is no real budget at all, with the president effectively spending at will in more dictatorial power, by the Cesar of DC, throwing out the bread while debasing the currency, to sustain political power. 

USA Fascism

Wall Street Controls Capital Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue. With 300m$ campaigns, contributions are everything, and wall street knows it. The FED is little more that a bankster agent, and of course as it should be, as it is a private bank owned by other banks, and does not work for the Federal Government, but for Wall Street. The marriage of Wall Street and DC, joined not at the hip, but at the FED, renders the US government a fascist government. FED policy not only protects and bails out the banks, but enriches the banks and the top 1% through its monetary policies, particularly QE and ZIRP, allowing the Banks to rig every market with free no risk cash, while the FED intervenes into every market, while debasing the fiat dollar. International Corporation also campaign contribute and lobby the government for special trade deals and subsidies, whereby the US sustains a 50B$/year trade deficit enriching international corporations and foreign nations concurrently, at the expense of the American workers, now decimated with stagnant wages, falling labor participation rates, with fewer jobs and opportunity, now forcibly locked into looking for largess, as the system feeds upon itself. 

USA Empire

The nation was built on hard work, honest money, and honest markets, with liberty and freedom for all, and these good aspects served the country well until the turn of the 20th century upon the creation of the FED, fiat dollar, and IRS. Since that time, the federal government has used the FED, fiat dollar and IRS to project American influence world wide through military interventions, bankrupting the nation, indebting generations to come, enslaving the people with taxes, mandates, debt, and moral hazards, and locking up the voting booth by two pandering political machines, so that, the modern corrupt DC machine extends in perpetuity. The modern USA empire is not really an American Empire born of revolution from monarchical totalitarianism, but a DC totalitarian empire, controlled by totalitarian socialistic fascist enslaving imperial Caesars of the two pandering political machines.  

The solution lies in returning to gold money for honest trade, money and markets, freeing the people from totalitarian socialism, reducing US military interventions to red lines, allowing other nations to culturally evolve in their own time, and returning to noble US foreign policies preaching, but not militarily enforcing, democratic and founding father principles world wide.

Military Interventions

Military Interventions seems to be a primary way for the US to culturally evolve the world, and that is the wrong play. There should be limited red lines to focus interventions according to predefined noble principles. If the US is directly attacked, that would invoke a proper and robust military response. Other types of global interventions should be limited and controlled by the senate to perfect noble principles world wide. The people elect senators and the senators have the authority to declare war. Under current practices, the senate through war powers enable the president to conduct foreign military operation without necessary transparency and senate oversight. When the senate controls the breath and scope of military interventions, then the president conducts military operations on behalf of the people, who should in the final say, control the president through the senate. The senate directs the president where, when and how to act in general war declaration terms, and the president is then confined to those guidelines to conduct military operations, thereby placing the people, who vote for senators, in ultimate control. Of course, presidential emergency power to act are necessary, but that emergency power should be largely unnecessary through intelligence collections world wide. 

Beyond a direct military attack upon the US, there are other foreign acts which may justify US military interventions, including the 1) WMD use, 2) genocide, 3) territorial imperialism, and 4) terrorism. If the president, of the world's only real superpower, desires to act, the president should make it publicly known through specific requests for senatorial authorization to act, limited in scope, to allow senatorial debate and thus public awareness, and brought before the Senate for approval and consent in public view. These noble military interventions with domestic public approval to act should be based upon Senatorial approval and consent. Where such acts involve strikes against countries militarily and politically aligned with other major world powers, the UN can be petitioned for resolution authorization, other countries can be consulted for coalition building, and direct foreign policy emissary interactions should be had with major powers, so that the world's major powers are consulted as well to prevent localized military interventions from escalating into world wars.  US unilateral and imperial military inventions should be limited to senatorial consent and approval, with state department consultation with the UN and world powers for building consensus world wide. 

US foreign policy is out of control using ignoble military interventions to culturally evolve the world in this "democracy century". China had it fleets off Alaska. Russian bombers have buzzed the California coast line. War rages in the Ukraine. NATO is mobilizing fighters and tanks in Poland. There is no end to it, as the pandering war mongering continues unabated, as JEB threatens Russia with more sanctions, as Rubio considers Cuba a threat, as the US military paints Russia as a US existential threat. 

This Business Will Get Out of Control

We will miss you Fred Thompson, RIP. 

ISIS? First I would have to determine if ISIS was a creation of CIA-McCain covert operations in Syrian for regime change, as to the extent of US Culpability there, in its interventionist policy perfecting the "new world order" "democracy century" PNAC Neocon globalization. I will unite the Big 4, Russia, China, US, EU as good friends for increasing global prosperity and into a moving global force to resolve disputes. Cultural evolution takes time, and if forced at gun point, create chaos, death, and wars. US foreign politic would be precisely stated, with defined red lines excluding most interventionist policies. The biggest threat to world peace is the Banking-Transnational-Military-Industrial complex of the information age guided by financial elitists manipulating governments to perfect market penetration and debt enslavement of peoples world wide under the guise of noble regime change led by the US in perfecting the Bush-Clinton-BHO "new world order".

International Proxy Wars

International proxy wars should be avoided. In the Ukraine there is the potential for a proxy war between the US and Russia. This is regrettable. From what is known, HRC accepted Ukrainian oligarch money, and a democratically elected president was removed from power at gun point. The US apparently did not preach civil impeachment by law, and apparently acquiesce to the lawlessness, and fail to stand tall and preach noble democracy principles. The US apparently did not consult with Russia over arriving at a peaceful transition of power through civil impeachment.  It appears the US just sat back and let the Ukraine devolve into a bloody civil war. This was shameful. Ukraine lost Crimea to the Russian, who back the rebels in eastern Ukraine, while BHO sends armor tank columns into Eastern Europe, and the situation escalates. Russia has threatened nuclear weapon deployment in Crimea. The Minsk accords renders static the situation for the eventual partitioning of Ukraine, for a land bridge between Moscow and Sevastopol, thus further empowering Russia's tendency toward territorial imperialism. The self-centered positioning of US foreign policy has create a mess, and effectively encouraged Russia to territorially expand, while setting up the prospects for a US Russian proxy war. Economic sanctions are counter productive as China build the silk road to the EU and while Russia builds the south stream oil pipeline through Turkey to bypass western oriented Ukraine, with an eye toward oil terminals in Greece, reacting from the Troika totalitarianism over Europe.  Thus, undemocratic operations in Ukraine and totalitarian financial repression in the EU is effectively encouraging Russia to territorially expand. 

The US should have encouraged civil impeachment in Ukraine, consulted and work with Russia for a peaceful resolution, but did not. BHO insulted Russia and effectively let Ukraine slide into civil war with the prospect of a US Russian proxy war. This kind of unilateral, US centric style of foreign diplomacy is ignoble and counter productive to world peace, and should be avoided. The US should take a noble approach to internal conflicts about the globe and seek to help others resolve disputes without rebellion and war. People within countries have the inherent right to rebel against oppressive governments, and in large ways, local disputes should be resolved by the participants. The US should work with other major powers to let locals self determine their own destinies without creating proxy wars. Humanitarian aid is always a good thing, and any aid to one side or the other further that cause as a way to support regime change, without funneling in more arms, and being perceived as a super power encouraging blood shed about the globe. 

Political Interventions

The US has a history of politically intervening into the internal affairs of other countries, mostly to support the US domination of the world. The US does not own the world. This comes from US internal views the US is righteous in all things and uses foreign policy to perfect US style political systems about the world that mirror the US political complex, and its history of civil liberties and freedom. Political interventions, such as directing covert operations to perfect regime change, should not be had. If the US desires regime change, it should so publicly state that fact and what actions the US will take to perfect political change. The US above all should stand for noble political interactions with all countries and engage in trade with all countries, even though foreign political system seem offensive to American standards. The US should stand for democracy and liberty, and not intervene into the political affairs of other countries, unless of course, the red lines are breached, and then react in public way. The US should not be a cowardly sneak in foreign affairs, but stand tall for noble intercourse with all nations, and be honored world wide for such nobility.

Cultural Interventions

Cultural interventions is where the US can nobly shine around the world. From humanitarian aid, to preaching personal liberties and freedoms from government, to human rights, while engaging all countries with bilateral commercial trade, and cultural exchanges, inter alia. These can affect world opinion of the US generally as being noble yet not perceived as a militarily aggressor nation. Where there is commercial free speech, political free speech follows. Condemnation of foreign countries internal policies can be done with a light touch to maintain civilly, but yet repetitively used to have a long term effect. The US can help other nations mature into civil democracy without ranker, and be perceived as a good influence, rather than an arrogant global military power. 

Do Ask but Need Not Tell

The issue of gays in the military can be resolved fairly simply, it would seem. The concept of don’t ask don’t tell is viewed as a part of a common sense approach. Gay men in the military should be welcomed by all the services but not on that basis. They should be welcomed as providing needed service. Some gay men, when in a fight, can be vicious killers. You want these gay guys on the front lines, when combat is ordered. Gay men in the military is a valuable asset to the military and should not be openly discouraged or encourage. All assets of the country should be brought to bare to achieve desired results.  

One should apply all military assets with common sense to practically address the issue of gays in the military. For example, the enlistment papers could have a box to check if the volunteer would like to placed in a "gay battalion". Commanders are responsible for order in the military organizations under their charge. If a gay soldier conducts himself in an obvious gay manner, that causes stress in the military organization, the commanders should be sensitive to that, and the gay soldier can be transferred into the gay battalion. There should be no shame or recrimination for such a transfer. It is just the way it is.

The command organization and soldierly common sense should prevail. Some straight soldiers will be naturally offended by outwardly flaming gay soldiers. Gay soldiers should be sensitive and respect the vast majority of straight men, and when a gay soldier is placed in a generally straight formation, the gay soldier should stay cool and don’t go flaming on the other straight men, in order to maintain formation cohesiveness. Its just common sense. If a gay soldier can not help himself then a transfer to a gay battalion, without recriminations, seem proper to maintain formation cohesiveness throughout the ranks. It seems that common sense should prevail, rather than actively trying to jam together men and women of different preferences, which can be viewed as offensive and disruptive. The military is not place for provocative social engineering. The military should fashion its policy based upon the attitudes of the populations in service. 

Currently, most men are straight, as only 1.8% of the general population is. Thus, nearly all formations would be straight as well. Gay soldiers can reside within straight formations if they respect the attitudes of most soldiers who are straight. The military is no place for social activism or engineering, but a command structure. The military is a place for command order and unit cohesiveness. If a gay soldier conducts himself properly in the military, and is sensitive to the repugnance of some straight men towards homosexuals, then there should not be a problem. If the gay soldiers acts blatantly gay, to activity jam his life style at  straight men, and that causes chaos or disaffection in the ranks, then that gay soldier should be transferred to a gay battalion, where such behavior is more acceptable. The idea is let soldiers be themselves within common sense limits that do not degrade unit cohesiveness, yet allows the country to take full advantage of those wishing to serve.

As to religious participation in the Military, there may also be non-believers in the ranks. In which case, their church is nature, and their god is mother nature, and thus their participation of bowing heads in parade prayers should be ordered and required. The military is no place for atheist activists, as 70% of the general population is christian. Soldiers are grouped in parade formations, serve as units, and must follow orders.  The military can also designate special units as atheist units if that becomes a serious issue. The military is well adapted at creating various units, for homosexuals and atheists in the ranks, and all can serve the country, as all assets of the country should be utilized. Until such time that society at large accepts homosexuals and atheists, the military can easily accommodate them both in respective battalions. Imagine a battalion pinned down, under heavy hostile fire, taking causalities on the battle field, the situation being desperate, and the commanders sees off in the distance a formation moving up fast. "What colors are they flying?" "They are flying the US and Rainbow colors." Imagine the cheers going up, as the gay battalion, flying the unit rainbow colors, comes to the relief of that distressed unit, saving the day, with high fives and big bro hugs, to their glory and the glory of the country, proving their worth for all to see. That is how one builds acceptance at large over the long term, to the day when such special battalions are no longer practicable or even desired.