US Exceptional Foreign Policy

USA Ignoble Foreign Policy

US Foreign Policy is driven by a self-centered view that the US culture is the best and should be adopted world wide, whether they like it not. This and led to military interventions world wide. While the intent may be good, the use of might to bend wills has negative repercussions. Foreign Policy must be smart, with selective applications of force to secure vital interests, yet applied through civil means where mere cultural changes are desired. The foreign policy can be defensive in might and offensive in nobility. Uniting the Big 4, Russia, China, EU and US for cooperative dispute resolution is the correct play. 

Be it GHWBush, Bill Clinton,  GWBush, Barrack Obama and the New World Order and the Democracy Century, the imperial presidents have brought the US into to wars, be it Kosovo, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and on and on, as they will not stop trying to extent Banking, Financial and Transnational business interests into other countries while concurrently feeding the Military Industrial Complex, for enriching the top 1% and Mr Global, under the ignoble guise of global policing, setting the world in flames, from one nation to the next, always purportedly trying to help thy world neighbors, at gun point, invasions and bombs, if necessary. 

Under the pretext of US exceptionalism, the US foreign policy, driven by neocon PNAC globalizers seek to culturally evolve the world into the image of the US, whether others like it or not, and at gun point if necessary.

When the W.Ukrainians over threw an elected president in Kiev, the was not a single voice from the administration that democratic principles be maintain and that the president should be civil impeach for perceived cause. NOT ONE WORD.

The US is not nobly helping the world culturally evolve, but ignobly taking down selectively totalitarian regimes so that Banking and Transnationals can penetrate foreign markets for exploitation and profit, done under the pandered guise of reducing foreign brutality, consequently causing chaos, death and destruction in the wake of US foreign policy. 

BHO Appeasement Foreign Policy

It is not clear why the US is closing embassies, only to make one observation. The BHO foreign policy is generally appeasement, notwithstanding Afghanistan surge and Drone hits, which may be strategically viewed as rear guard actions, on the retreat, and confrontation is generally ruled out, and cut and run is the means to perfect current foreign policy, generally.

Now it is learned that CIA operatives were on the ground at and during the Benghazi fiasco, yet these operatives and other special forces were not dispatched to save the head of the US ambassador. It appears that calls for increased security were effective ignored by Ms Clinton, while the president was out golfing. These moves, or a lack thereof are consistent with current US foreign policy.

With respect to flare ups, particularly in the middle east, they are symptoms of walking liberty. Members of the core should generally keep a hands off approach and let freedom fighter fight their own fights against the totalitarians in power, rather than actively support either the totalitarians or freedom fighters. Keeping all core members out of the fight is the trick, while taking sides is not, and thus let human nature play out, without core member entanglements, which usually end up badly, causing long term systemic resentment. The US has perfected free trade ocean lanes, and has generally civilized the world, despite flare ups as liberty walks through gap nations. The US should not be playing world police cop and engage in every little flare up. During the US civil war, England, France and Russia, the big power players, would not intervene into the US domestic affairs, which was generally a good policy, as at the end of that war, the US people generally did not harbor resentment toward the big power players of that day. These flare ups will be continuous during the global confluence as gap nations integrate themselves into the core of connected nations. Active land force involvement is not advisable, though at times, stand off diplomacy and special forces can be used to protect vital US interests.

The major problem today is the lack of senatorial oversight of presidential foreign actions, and the middle of the road, non-committing guidance by congress, leaving the president, the politician in chief, to fend for itself. This is generally a symptom of a dysfunctional government, because of the political lock up by the two major political parties. Currently, you have the global neo-con cowboys in bed with the politician in chief trying hard to prefect appeasement foreign, which is self conflicted and messed up.

USA Foreign Policy and WAR

If you define American foreign policy correctly, it tends to confine war efforts along those lines of enforced cultural changes. Nation building and Regime Changes are generally not US vital interests, whereas, self defense, WMD development and possession, open air/sea trade lanes, international terrorism, crimes against humanity (which includes international drug trafficking), and totalitarian expansion, should be. 

So lets have some fun, thinking totally out of the box, as a hypothetical. The US goes to China and says, lets end the cold war on the peninsula and WWII in Formosa, and force Formosa and north Korea into public referendum, to wit, integrate with south Korea, and integrate with China, with 2/3 majority? Could you imagine the political pandering? That would out do our gang of four, in the greatest battle for hearts and minds, civilly, of all the ages.

BHO Defending Humanity

Dr Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) piece in WKN illustrates the point. He contends that BHO would violate international rules by hitting Syria, and hence BHO would be a "war criminal", under the very law used to hang the nazis war lords. His analysis as well as most libertarians are flawed. As to the libertarians, the question of where to draw the line surfaces again and again, that is, what are the government rules, as without rules, it all collapses. They generally dont have the back bone to DRAW THE LINES, as liberal thinkers mostly. PCR is along that line. BHO is not exercising naked aggression in Syria, but rather, seeking to punish for war crimes, the use of WMD. The nazis killed 40 million, going well beyond some simple border dispute. To apply the case against the Nazi naked aggression to BHO's proposed punitive action is simply RIDICULOUS, but that is the nature of some PEACE types, and some LIBERTARIAN types. 

Lines must be drawn, reasonably so. The use of WMD, international terrorism, crimes against humanity should be those type of lines where any power can exercise humanity's right of self defense and punish the transgressor, and here, BHO appears to be justified in striking Syria for WMD use. The UN is so political, that it is a failed institution per se. To just roll over, to screech peace at any cost, to preach liberty without rules, is a shallow base, empty of back bone and resulting morality. Crimes against humanity is one thing, and nation building is another. Surely, the US, as a super power, has attempted to conquer the world by nation building, and has been wrong in those regards, but to suggest that BHO is without justification to punish WMD use, demonstrates the proponents of unworkable solutions, unable to fix or deal with any problem, and is merely ranting, without balancing the pro and con, and without thinking it through.

If the US is so sure Assad used WMD, why not move the UN for a resolution authorizing an assassination? Russia says the US has not proved its case and that it believes the attack was staged by rebels to provoke intervention in the civil war. A dodge, and a false flag, are used to keep Russian arm sales alive. What else can one reasonably conclude? Some in support of BHO can articulate the reasons why, simply put, negative feedback to the use of WMD on civilians. OK, makes sense, characterized as direct causation.

Now the other side, what are the reasons against? They are rather global in nature, distal causation, and not specific, 1) Peace at any costs, 2) against Dollar hegemony, 3) against US foreign policy for nat gas, 4) cant afford it, etc, not irrational, but a million reasons can be found against, and with creative minds, there are many reasons. A million reasons are put forth to do nothing. To bad there were not a million reasons put forth early on to join the fight of the mid 20th century, to save 6 million jews from WMD gas. It is greed, self interest, cowardice, or whatever, that rules, NOT NOBILITY. Shame anyone? How about lets encourage by inaction, Assad to take out what 4 million rebels with WMD.

Questions for PCR. Explain exactly how one would equate BHO planned retribution for Assad’s WMD use on unarmed civilians, with Nazi War Lord crimes against humanity. Do 6 million Jews count in your calculus? Who has the right to defend humanity?
There is no way Putin will risk his prestigious club med toy boat, nor risk a humiliating clash with the US and Jews in theater. No way. He will side line playing on anti-war feelings for the political gain, but not risk a military lost. WWIII raging is simply hysteria. I also doubt that Russian "sunbird" whatever its called, purported super sonic cruise missiles will be used, as this is not the time to give up real live fire action performance. I bet Putin is putting the screws to Assad to not use them if Syria has them. Just a hunch.
Who has the right to defend humanity? Most believe that WMD was used on civilians. Where does this false flag come from? There are charges, from those with self interest, in the geopolitical dipole, that Assad did not order the hit, and I suppose, there is always some doubt, but "false flag", seems to be mere screeching. I suppose this is just like saying Saddam did not have WMD, Bush lied, soldiers die, yet 1000s of kurd women and children were photographed laying in the street, or was that syria, I get my totalitarian tyrants confused, or do I? The US congress is party politics at its most confused. BHO will get his resolution, I bet. Those needing support, will oppose a war, as long as the resolution carries, of course. Congress plays the folks. NO WAR, but sorry I could not convince the others. Folks are played by the two parties. Of course, some may argue that the US supported the Rebels, for nefarious 2nd and 3rd order analysis purposes, and thereby forced Assad into extreme measures, and hence, its the US fault. That is not irrational. Just shows some will do anything to find the US at fault. Freedom v Totalitarianism is one of those ancient struggles of man kind, playing out in Syria these days. One could argue that the US should keep hands off, but so should the geopolitical dipole, else duplicity, in the 2nd or 3rd order of analysis. But false flag use in the 1st order seems misplaced. As to the 2nd and 3rd order, we can play those games all day, and get nowhere.

Personally, I dont have a problem with BHO "defending Humanity". What I have a problem with is the method employed. Harry Reid stands up in the senate and says US dont assassinate or torture, to all of the clamoring and cheering peace guys, the cut and run types, for the political pander, manipulating of course. Where does that come from? But, its ok to send in 200K troops and totally wreck a country and mangle thousands of US soldiers, and kill 1000s more civilians in collateral damage, when a just execution of a convicted war criminal by covert spies would accomplished the desired result? Maybe Hitler should have been convicted and assassinated early on. It seems that it would be much more preferred if a war criminal is tried by the US Senate, with a resulting execution sentence if found guilty, than 500 cruise missiles launched indiscriminately at Syria. That would be cost effective with focused retribution. Harry Reid and party political pandering, is part of the problem. Perhaps Assad could be tried in the Senate for war crimes against humanity, and if found guilty, the Senate would issue the execution order to the president to carry out, in the name of and in defense of humanity. That would involve much less destruction and would save many more lives, yet punish the guilty war criminal.  

On 9/8/2013 at 9:41am, I said "So, Assad ordered the gas attack, or his Lieutenants did without Assad consent, which means that he has no control, and in either case, minimally, he has to give them up, so, here is the minimum diplomatic solution, Assad gives up Syrian WMD or the US takes him out." Im not sure if this was picked up by the state department or the Kremlin, but apparently, the next day, 9/9/2013 Sec of State Kerry made the same kind of statement in a news conference. Mr Kerry was in London on Monday morning on the final leg of a whirlwind European tour to drum up support for intervention in Syria. When asked by a reporter whether there was anything Assad's government could do or offer to stop an attack, Mr Kerry said: "Sure, he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week – turn it over, all of it without delay and allow the full and total accounting (of it).

Then this was came across zerohedge, News Flash on 09/09/2013 - 10:24


BHO, comes out clean on this, if this is pressed.This avoids Putin having to Hide his new med toy boat, avoids showing the world again that he has trouble with his weapons, and that darn wet bag, as this is a win win, BHO should jump on this.
Apparently, Sec of State Kerry let loose the idea of Syria giving up all Syrian WMD, saying it would never happen, but that is just posturing, in my view, and he must had been given the OK by BHO to let it out there, and Putin seized upon it. Which seems to be the out for Russia, Syria, China and the US. Yes, let the tyrant murderer live another day, if you get all his WMD destroyed. That's a go, and republicans should support the president here on this deal, if it happens.

Nation Building and Regime Change are two aspects of US foreign policy which only serve to conquer the world, as if that is US destiny. The aspect of open air/sea lanes for trade and crimes against humanity are fair game in defense of humanity. The US foreign policy of nation building and regime change lead to excessive foreign entanglements, when others can and do fight for their freedom when under totalitarian rule, if they so choose, rather than being supported or encouraged by outside intermeddlers. It seems that US is defending largely against a phantom. Sure, we all love utopia, from our wished for perspectives, but that dont make it obtainable nor right. On the other side, to oppose totalitarian world power expansion is another aspect. It seems that if the world powers kept their nose out of things, and let the locals have at it, world diplomacy would be a snap.

In the present war cry in Syria, Sec of State Kerry said he was just being Rhetorical with his No Strike - WMD give up. Im sorry, but the offer having been made, and it was a good one, and was apparently accepted, a deal is a deal. Kerry should comply or resign. 

Now, my idea 9/8 morning, of a minimal diplomatic solution is getting traction, within 24 hours. Glad to be of service.
John Kerry's offhand suggestion that Syria could avert strikes by handing over chemical weapons gains traction Washington, Damascus and Moscow.

Rebel Yell and THE NWO

There was an interesting link in the Midas regarding "the new world order". But what is, the precise definition of a new world order? It was not to precisely defined in that link, just several vague quotes were presented. However, there many good quotes that offered suggestions in that well done piece. Some quotes suggested rule by a world government, the UN, I suppose was meant. Some quotes suggested a "global parliament", a ruling body of sorts, with the US giving up its sovereignty. This struck me, being a civil war buff. To me, this dove tails into the classic American confrontation, "The war between the states", the contest between the plenary power of the centralized government versus individual distinct states' rights.

The southern rebellion in the US was predicated on the belief that the US constitution implicitly gave a state a right at any time to opt out of the union. The idea being, that they would not have entered it if they could not opt out. The new world order, then, in 1860, in north america, was the US government, and the southern states wanted to opt out, mostly to maintain their slave-plantations culture, without interference from the northern abolitionists. However, such opting out, would, over time, destroy this country, and hence, cry of "UNION" was the first "noble" cause of that war. Of course, President Lincoln emancipated the slaves (well not really, he only freed slaves in rebel held territory as a war measure under executive powers, where the US had no control, and did not free one slave, but that was enough to get the freedom train rolling, and slavery was eventually outlawed), as a secondary reason for that war, giving that war a more "nobler" purpose, but in the end, the war was a war of the suppression of a rebellion from that "new world order", as in the context of the US as a whole, as envisioned by the founding fathers, so nobly worshiped in that Midas Appendix link. It is ironic, of course, that that piece, which slams suggestions of a NEW WORLD ORDER, based upon love of the founding fathers, yet it was the founding fathers that did exactly the same in north America, which creation of a new world order, is now being derided in that Midas Appendix link, by the creating of a word-wide "new world order", in the global context.

Lets now expand US founding-father experimental concepts to the so-called "NEW WORLD ORDER" occurring, allegedly on the global scene world wide. First of all, I will distinguish here three themes, 1) the New World Order, 2) PNAC, the project for the American Century, and 3) The Global Confluence. (See thread entitled "china transforms north korea" for a full understanding of one interpretation of the Global Confluence, by your truly, as posted at lemetropolecafe). Regardless of how others interpret or explain these things, as I am no expert on any one of them, I will use my own parlance and explain these three things in my own way.

The base proposition is that freedom is based upon the "high-five", GOD GUNS GOLD LAND VOTE. What this really is, is a short encapsulation of the bill of rights, freedom of religion (to think and believe as I choose), right to bare arms (to prevent government from enslaving me and providing me the right of self defense), the right to property (and keep the rewards of my own work, and, capitalism to enjoy the fruits of my own labor, and, not to rely upon the hard work of others in life long and spiritually corrupting socialism, and, the right to hold constitutional real money to keep money honest and free from manipulative bankers and federal governments' destructive manipulations of moneys and economies) and democracy (to provide the government with the collective wisdom of the people as the best course of conduct, with majority rule as a core of personal freedom and rights of expressions). As an American, these freedoms are the key to long term civility among peoples, and is based upon the high five. These things must be preserved, or we all are, or will be soon, enslaved, one way or the other.

As far as an "American Century" project is concerned, the propagation of the high-five rights around the world, is a good thing. If the PNAC groupies seek to promote these freedoms around the world, I am for it, otherwise, forget it. What the PNAC groupies miss is that, long term change for the better occurs from within, not from without, and hence, forcing people to adopt American Culture is more difficult and will have less affect, than if such people are lead to understand the benefits of the American Culture, the high-five. Hence, the PNAC groupies may be counter-productive to the very things they themselves desire. The Global Confluence is a passively driven global movement toward international civility through the adoption of similar cultural values, whereas PNAC seems to be a down-your-throat means of perfecting the same. To the PNAC groupies, I would say, chill out, and let the global confluence takes it course in due time. Notwithstanding, however, the majority rule aspect of a democracy, is the key to understanding the 1860s US civil war, and the inherent problems perceived in the purported up and coming "NEW WORLD ORDER".

As to the GLOBAL CONFLUENCE, that is naturally occurring and is passively driven human cultural evolution, it is realized as a convergence of separate and distinct national states, changing from within, or causing a change within by activating external pressures due to internal conduct, (such as now with Iran, which is going to get rattled from within, by external military might, for their internal decisions to spread islamo fascist terrorism and the proliferation nuclear arms), and is motivated within, and due to, the human cultural drivers, of desires for freedom (democracy) and survival (capitalism) and spirituality (freedom to worship your own god as you desire). As such, the American Century, the New World Order, and the Global Confluence are three different perspectives of our changing world, with inter-relationships, in an on going every changing world. The Global confluence is a natural PNAC occurrence, so the new world order is viewed with respect to the global confluence.

So, the issue of focus is the distinction between a global new world order (the UNION forces), and the individual rights of states, (the REBEL forces), as the classical confrontation, in the context of the human cultural evolution driving the global confluence. The US so far, has done very well not to submit to the depravities of UN governance, dominated, or perhaps better characterized as, infected by, totalitarians, dictators, socialists, crooks, and islamo fascists, among other hideous and insidious influences, through the use of the security counsel VETO power. We, us Americans, are still to this day an independent state and people, but look out for the slippery slope into a global government that may seek to deprive us of our high-five rights.

The world today is not like our 18th century USA, where, by and large, only two "states", both north and south held many common values, save one, slavery, but that was of some common value when this nation was first founded. We paid for our original sin in blood, for that one. This is reflected in this world today. For example, the Chinese government would shoot dead their young in a heart beat for mere political expression. When will the Chinese people have enough of that, and revolt? I think, as part of the confluence, we are seeing it right now, this day. I certainly, don't want to be dominated by that totalitarian state, nor forced to praise Allah, to save my throat from being slit. If on the other hand, the new world government, the UN, and our global people mature, and the UN issues a bill of "national rights", guarantying each state those "high-five" rights, well a UN global governance of increased powers, may not be so objectionable, if the world is all on the same team, defining states' rights, and having basically the same high-five culture, but, of course, the world is not in that state, just yet, and so, we Americans must be on guard to prevent the creep of UN governance over our lives, until such time, as the global confluence has worked its global magic and has migrated world cultures into the "American" high five culture, which is really, a universal culture of rights, and until then, forget the new world order, and give the UN, the rebel yell.

Gun Slinger In Chief

Bush use of ground forces in Iraq, was consistent with his background, as believed, the old school, as this is how you solve such problems, and Bush committed ground troops, which were successful, in their mission, as a mission accomplished. Bush is admired because he did what he believed was the right thing to do. When in command lead. Bush had as his background the use of ground forces to achieve results, and used them accordingly.

Bush initially got a bad grade for TARP, the financial system is not worth saving at the expense of Main Street. But a closer examination is very telling and informative, and the more thought is had, the better grade he gets. The financial system may have been on the edge of collapse. The first order is the banksters paying obscene bonus and greedsters rigging the market, with a failure of federal regulation through their undue influence. The Bankster and Greedster greed, their undue influence, market rigging, and poor regulation of commerce was the first order excitation and stimulation. The second order actuated response was the process of creating TARP and saving the financial system at the expense of main street, in the second order of thinking. Now we shall enter the last 3rd order of thinking, the feedback and interaction of and upon the first and second order of thinking. The FRN aint worth a continental, it is a con game fraud on the people. Totalitarians enslave the people through the use of two tools, including IRS thuggery to create an artificial inherent demand for FRNs, which is the second tool used by the totalitarians to enslave the people through tax and spend, inflate and rob, take and give, incentivize and control, and socialize and corrupt. The US Constitution went at length to define real and honest money as Gold and Silver coinage having limited supply as negative feedback of run away debt and fiscal deficits, money of intrinsic value, trusted by all, and not paper money having no intrinsic value but only inherent value derived from threat of imprisonment for failure to pay federal taxes in paper money FRNs. To free the people from totalitarian lock down, the IRS thuggery based on income and the FRN paper money must be abolished, and replaced by consumption taxes for green peace and to restore real and honest money coinage that can be largely used by representative paper bills certificates in commerce with allocated bullion stores in bank vaults. Real or Steel stamped pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters can be cost effectively minted with corresponding stores of real gold and silver stocks in bank vaults.

When Bush started TARP the cries went up in the 2nd order of thinking as being foolish, to devalue the FRN as the money used and to protect the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters. But what Bush did was start the ball rolling in the 3rd order of thinking, which then necessarily led to ZIRP and QE, and thus you have set the stage for the complete collapse of the FRN. The only viable alternative is Gold and Silver coinage to prevent total anarchy. Thus, the decision of TARP was correct, but for the wrong reason, or so it is believed, as mind reading is still an incapability of mortals. So TARP, ZIRP, and QE to infinity are the right long term plays, but for the wrong reasons, and the right reason is destroying the FRN, that aint worth a continential, and returning the nation to real and honest Gold and Silver coinage money in circulation and used by all every day, while changing the IRS code to consumption sales tax only, a pay-and-forget tax collection system.

The executive mansion is no place for gun slingers and dictators, as the US brand of democracy provide a necessary interplay between the President and Senators, where foreign policy and military intervention is really a team effort, where the President is a driving force and the Senators provide review and consent, for all the people of the US, as it must always be. The US senate has been high jacked by socialists and their totalitarian concerns and has not done its job in working with president for providing timely guidance, consent, and approvals to the president. That ends with a DMR Administration. Senators will be required to attend regular meetings in the executive mansion for conducting and directing US Foreign Policies.

From early childhood playing military board games to later stages of emulating warfare, and after reading military books for 20 years, yours has developed a military expertise necessary to understand various deployed assets by a multitude of forces and derive various optional strategies for advanced senatorial approval, being personally expert in The Civil War and WWII, with good working knowledge of The Revolutionary War and WWI, with a living memory of The Vietnam War, The Cold War, and the Iraq Wars. No direct comment will be made on current military affairs. I can very quickly assess political, military, religious and economic power players and assets on the geographic and national boundaries global stages for devising strategic options for senatorial review, selection and consent to perfect desired US foreign policy.   

The world moves relatively slow in connection with substantial military activities rendering the use of Presidential emergency military powers to be seldom required, notwithstanding the security fiasco in Benghazi. I have been published around the world, in limited ways, in Russia and China, and even in the Iran Daily, of all things. I have given lectures at a Russian University on Intellectual Property and Marketing, have promoted US Russian good relations in Russia, and have given a lecture in a Ukranian Military Academy. Patent application prosecutions have resulted in top level high technology patents on inventions by the best scientists in the country and such patents are now being discovered by foreign entities as second set of world class publications. I have a base understanding of Russian culture, some understanding of the Chinese culture and the cultures of a few major other countries. My two young boys are bi-cultural bilingual dual citizens of the US and Russia, and it is hoped that one day they would rise to be US captains of industry bridging US technology and Russian resources, in trade and commerce, as the global confluence marches on. Abilities in free lance Global and Manipulative Diplomacy have been developed, moving world leaders in directions sought, and proposed out of the box solutions to long standing transnational problems, and am now well suited for a President of the United States, as head of the National Foreign Policy and as Commander in Chief, with expertise high technology inventions, hands on development of US weapon assets, and engineering formal education, for understanding advanced sciences and technologies for comprehension of modern weaponry. World geography, over laid national borders, cultures, creeds, and political power players are very well understood, for providing a comprehensive understanding of the world in which the US is disposed and of international assets in play.

Command mental flexible capabilities have been developed for enabling rapid understanding of dynamic global events and the dynamic changes in various transnational military and political forces. Yours can assume the Presidency at will and bring to that office a well rounded knowledge and expertise in geopolitics, foreign policy, diplomacy and military command.       

Unite the Global Powers

I have been to Tijuana. I have seen the world. I have seen Africa by way of Wild Kingdom. I have seen Western Euroupe in the regular news for decades. But East Europe, behind the Iron Curtain, was attractive. The Soviet Union up close was something to actually visit for personal education and I did that as soon as the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, totalitarian centralized socialism and unbacked paper money proved themselves once yet again to be failures. I am an American with an American perspective. To understand other peoples, an understanding of their cultures must be understood, and to get a real feel for it, you have to go there and be with the people and ask questions, and I did.

First was two visits to Ukraine. I discovered there that the innate human is the same everywhere. That is people are the same everywhere, with innate human drivers. The young boys at the Kharkov Military Academy, where I gave lecture on US Civil War ear artillery and army organization asked more question about Bay Watch and do all girls on the California beaches really do have big teets. It was funny actually, but there was a serious side to it as that gave clues about the innate human being. Procreation and survival are at the heart of human driver which collective drive the world. In Ukraine, in the -20C snow, and saw a mouse, and exclaimed Americanski Mish, (American Mouse), and got a big laugh. Anything that is derogatory about the Americans in a funny way, made a big hit. Then off to Vladivostok Russia, lecturing on free markets and intellectual property, and getting to know very personally a Russkaya and her family.I Wanted to know what made the Russian people who they really are. I found that it was perspective, taught by the state. That is, the background of the people are formed by history and political mantra, it was their perspective. So, the conclusions were, people have innate human drivers, greed and flight, and have perspective backgrounds, that do shaped the world in which we all live. From that, I came to understand the over all movements about the globe, centered in the Global Confluence and disrupted by Walking Liberty in the modern world. Once one understands the innate human drivers, Devils and Angles, America's Birth Right, and the political and cultural perspectives, the world becomes very easy to understand, so as to then project, predict, and solve problems. That collective understanding will be brought to the US Presidential office in 2016 with America's support.   

As Commander In Chief (CIC) I would unite the whole of the nation under one party-neutral general banner, the Libereens. I would then unit Russia China EU and US for joint dispute resolution and world peace. As CIC, the US goal is really a world goal, not according to US domination or US imperialism, but according to best outcomes for the world as championed by the US. If the US has the best interest of the world at heart, as the leader of the free world, then the world interest is in play, which would promote US interests while protecting the US from unfair advantage. The object is make the US strong and so prosperous so as to maintain that world leadership position, while concurrently leading the world to a better future. FRN hegemony, and consequential Military might has been used successfully to dominate and lead, but the US can do much better, through undeniable prosperity and sheer weight of economic power to successfully lead, but fairly rather than imperialistically, and that in turn dove tails back into powering the economy even more,  in liberty, freedom, and a Republic, with closed loop feedback systems checks and balance, for exploding US prosperity and the world in the continued asent of mankind world wide.

AS CIC, I would interface with world leaders, not from gun boat diplomacy as a first play, though that play can be a stand off play, if absolutely necessary to spank arrant rouge nations, but from an understanding of the leaders inherent biases, backgrounds, cultures and perspectives playing to both domestic and international audience for public opinion, for success with respective national interests. But once you understand leaders background, culture, perspectives, and stance, they can be easily manipulated into helping the world and indirectly the US and mankind for the win win.

A military mind can assess quickly confrontation situations, by understanding deployed military assets, geography, territorial cultures. A political mind assess quickly to political situations and human perspectives. A patent law mind can understand the whole with a comprehensive view. A bullion mind can understand money flow systems that are mostly powered and innate human greed and political power plays. A historical mind can understand the roots of political and cultural perspectives and human cultural evolution in play in military and political situations. A engineering mind can think out of the box looking for solutions to military and political confrontational situations. Project engineering can address military and political situation in a hierarchical top-down manner for lasting solutions to military and political situations. The weapons mind can understand trade off between various military weapons in play and effectiveness for resolution of military and political situations. The total mind can associate at light speed drawing upon necessary skills for addressing military and political situations and for resolving them with objectives in mind. Innate human drivers of Freedom fight and Totalitarian flight are in play making the contest a difficult one, but it freedom can be won again in America.

The total mind possessing the right mix of skills can be used at the presidential level for rapidly resolving military and political situations of the wold in which the US finds itself. There are many political groups with agenda and an understanding of them can be used for enticing various outcome for the betterment of the US and mankind, as there is little difference between the two. Vying for US centric power about the globe is really not necessary as US can win as the world wins.

Currently there is much dissatisfaction and conflict in the country. Problems are understood and their root causes at play for devising long term solutions, the objective being higher sustained standards of living with maximum personal freedom with minimal totalitarian control. There is a Ying and yang between those two, and the right balance must be struck for encourage the pursuit of happiness by and for the people. The revolutionary roots are valid yet over the last 100 years, totalitarian controls have had the upper hand, leading to conflict and chaos in the US. The big problems of the nations are manifesting themselves as dissatisfaction, conflict and violence that is growing, with suspicion and distrust of government running rampant. Yet despite freedom being trampled for individual political gains and power and totalitarian control, but American roots can be politically tapped to prefect necessary changes to government structures for resolving the conflict and chaos infecting the US.

Understanding the problems, solutions have been devised, where each political group can be appeal to for over all support and solution implementation. Each political group can be appeal to because there is still left in the country a sense of Americana roots, founding fathers' principals, the US Constitution, and US patriotism at large. All is not yet lost to ruination into Stalinism and general lock down by the government. It can be saved and freedoms restored to resolve the endless conflict afflicting the nation. The solutions are tied to American founding roots.

The totalitarians have perfected nanny state voting, political lock up, by the two major political parties. The state totalitarians are cowards to let the people live in freedom and selfish for party sustained power, rather than serving the people. The government is full of very intelligent tree choppers pretending that there is really a difference between the two major political parties, when in fact and deed, there is very little. The high court judges are view as gods who can do no wrong as judicial fiat provides open loop blow ups of the governmental functions. Most in government to not think in terms of the comprehensive whole, the inherent root problem, nor offer targeted solutions, and that is risky to sustain political power. The politicians to political tree chopping contests, but not comprehensive solutions. As such, the American politicians of the two major parties are locked into place for creating more conflict, disintegration and ruination of the whole. However, the system is not totally corrupted, and the people still have a sense of founding fathers' freedom and respect for the liberties inherent in the US Constitution. These forces can be politically united and focused to resolve the current state of totalitarian lock down. All is not lost, not yet. The proposed solutions appeal to all across party lines, and tap into historic Americana belief in freedom and liberty, for the political power necessary to bring to the presidency a driving force to implement need solutions.

Globalized Manipulative Diplomacy starts with being able to interface with peers, and particularly Russia and China, forming the big 3 of the connected core, and specifically based upon having an understanding of geopolitics, the human mind, and the cultures in play, and secondly, having an understanding of the backgrounds of the Russian and Chinese heads of states. The current administration use of "bored kid" was a very poor choice of words and did not serve US interests. Putin is highly intelligent, ex-KGB, has Russian interests, and frankly has done a pretty good job from the Russian perspective, including keep the federation from flying apart, building an energy empire rivaling OPEC, and restoring Russian pride in their country and government, by and large. The US has had nearly 250 years of democracy, and Russia much much less, and China barely beginning through economic liberation, and one should not at this stage of Liberty Walk about the globe, expect Russia and China to have US standards, which they both are falling short. But that should be expected. They both are moving, slow but sure in the right directions, by and large. This should be encouraged, but not through ridicule, but through highly advanced give and take, to further not only US interests but also the long term interest of mankind world wide. Political heads have personal and national objectives, which should be understood, and within that context, develop diplomatic options and plans that enable those objectives where possible, but advance the interests of the big 3 and mankind. The US does not need to conquer the world through political, financial, and military means, but rather, to advance world diplomacy for the betterment of all peoples. Extreme selfishness by any of the big 3 power players should be avoided generally, and name calling does not serve that end. We are all in this world together, and we should help each other reach higher levels of civility, as the age of empires is long gone, and the world has been filled by mankind during the global confluence. Surely, vital US interests must be protected, such as, keeping open the world sea and air lanes for all to conduct trade and cultural exchanges. But the US foreign policy should not be one of imperialistic dominance, as that is a loser policy, and will fail in the long term, but rather US diplomacy should used to perfect long term objectives and freedom for all peoples everywhere, and thus, there is an appropriate balance between American interests, Russian interests, and Chinese interests, inter alia, so that everyone wins, and hence, mankind wins during the continued ascent of mankind. 

Standoff Weaponry Diplomacy, a modification modernization of Gun Boat Diplomacy should be the US tool of choice for striking enemies of America. During the American Civil War, Russia, England and France were major powers, and they basically kept their military might out of that Hatfield and McCoy family affair, and it required an agreement of the big 3 to act militarily. The people of the US then had an innate fear and distrust of the kings of Europe, and military invention would have necessarily built long term resentment in the US against foreign intervention. It seems that as liberty walks the earth, as gap nations flare up, as the culture of democracy is learned, the better foreign policy to let the local participants them settle matter themselves, and keep the major powers from interfering, save only WMD use and obscene and crimes against humanity. In Syria total, there is an armed rebellion against the totalitarians in control. This is a very nature event during the ascent of mankind. It should not panic anyone. The US and Russia should not be jockying for position, taking sides. With the forces embedded in the US administration, with a attitude of conquering the world, it is very difficult for the US to just stand by. Russia, led by Putin does not want Russia influence diminished at the expense of yankee influence expansion, and thus, US and Russia are involved with military deployed assets and puppet forces and states being utilized, and thus the conflict widens in some measure. This is a mistake by both Russia and US. Let the rebels fight for freedom, and act as a referee, and not a participant, would seem to be the better play. The senate should have declared war on militant Islam when NY was hit. US citizen are entitled to constitutional protections. Armed uniformed soldiers of a recognized states are entitled to Geneva convention rights. Transnational terrorist are entitled to no rights. The senate should have authorized the president to use water boarding, renditions, harsh enslavement, inter alia, in a declaration of war in response to the hit upon NY, against transnational terrorists, with drum head military executions. But the senate was off buying nanny-granny votes locking in party political power, and did not do it job, and utterly failed the nation. The president did not push for such a declaration as well, in response to that day of infamy. Both the executive branch and the senate have reduced themselves to political panderers in totalitarian control of the US people, and failed the people to defend the country, and as a result, the transnational terrorists remain, even after much US blood and treasure has been lost. Consequently, many argue for the cut and run, and hunker down in Fortress USA, as weak minded, failing to see any solution to the problem, which stems from political pandering and totalitarian lock down of the country.    

The senate absolutely failed the country and the president before the Iraq wars, reoccupied with buying nanny-granny state votes to cement political party power, while GW Bush used a 20th century solution to solve a 21st century problem, also failing to obtain senate declaration of war and approval before launching in the Iraq invasion using ground troops. There is much blame to go around for the mess that is Iraq today, and the sense of long term failure, notwithstanding the initial mission accomplished of taking Bagdad. The use of massed armed armies was the solution of the 20th century, and should not be used in the 21st, less the country is faced with existentialism from invading hoards. The concept of a massed armies in a WWIII is not in the foreseeable future, and the use of substantial land armies in foreign lands should be avoided as not only misguided use of military might, but renders many servicemen with life long wounds and the further expense of VA care. The US possess Air, Navy, and Stand Off assets to perfect general self defense used in offensive ways, and stop WMD abuses. Economic sanctions against Iran without cooperative connected core nations is an absolute joke and actually harms US long term objectives. To resolve the stalemate, sanctions should be lifted and Iran should be forcibly blockaded and force to comply with UN atomic energy commission requirement for safe use of nuclear technology. The US should declare war on Iran, but limit the aggression to standoff strikes and blockade to perfect UN atomic energy commission compliance. The US should work with, not against, the Russian and Chinese to perfect this end result. Iran does not possess the democratic tenure or civility nor the need to develop long range nuclear missiles rendering the Persian gulf a nuclear arm race hot bed.  As to the war on terror, the senate should issue a peace declaration toward Islam generally, but declare war on militant Islam. The US should use stand off strike capabilities against any Iman and his place of preaching the same, issuing Fataws against the US, with substantial likelihood of perfecting the same, in the war of terror.  The 21st century military capabilities, including standoff weapons and special forces, of the US should be applied in a most cost effective and result oriented manner, to defeat enemies of the US, but the US should limit its imperialism to standoff diplomacy and used only when necessary to defend the country and to protects other peoples from crimes against humanity.

Working with foreign peers should not be difficult, if the US approaches situations with stated objectives, such as keeping the sea trade lanes open, defending the country, and preventing crimes against humanity, with the big 3 of the connected core keeping out of internal affairs of other nations as they struggle during the transition from totalitarian rule to democracy world wide. Understanding of the human brain, culture, background, geopolitical footprints, are key is devising effective plans, as the big 3 should work together, rather than against each other, and flexible executive thinking is required to achieve long term objectives without conflict among the big 3. As such, manipulation of peers is easily obtained, but without arrogant approaches, but rather through reasoned common objectives and creative solution and political outs as needed to perfect the long term goals.

Globalized Central Intelligence is be used widely within limits set by the senate working with the president, which modernly is completely dysfunctional, as the both have be captured by selfish political party vying to sustain political power rather than serve the nation. A robust foreign CIA corps should be used in conjunction with standoff and special force capability, and used only against active enemies of the country and prevent crimes against humanity. Data mining, NSA intelligence gathering should be worked out by the senate and president to perfect national defense and prevent crimes against humanity. The US should work with the Russians and Chinese to perfect these ends.

Geopolitical Leaders and Power Players are necessary counter parties to US diplomatic intercourse. The key comprises understanding the human mind, the pervasive self interest, the oriented national interest, and the domestic and geopolitics of the counter parties. The objective is to work with foreign leaders to achieve objectives for the betterment of the world, and that stems from discounting selfish desires and promoting win win situations. Putin is a good example. He is ex KGB and ex Soviet, and has dreams of the old Soviet empire, that is countered by him being highly intelligent and understanding the real world. Where the US unilaterally micromanages the internal affairs of foreign countries, Putin, and by extension Russia will push back, in response to US domination of the world. The US should not be trying to conquer the world, as the world naturally migrant towards the civil global confluence. Let it happen, instead of trying to push it, for it will happen on its own over time. US foreign policy, while good intentioned, has interfered much trying to micromanage the world. When it comes to retaliation for strikes on American interests, WMD, genocide, or crimes against humanity, the US can and should take the gloves off, for just cause. The diplomatic missions of the US need to rethink the role of the US in the world. This posture would be more acceptable to Putin, for good reasons, which would diffuse US and Russia confrontations in puppet foreign countries. Thus, the US can direct Russian responses with both having common interests exploited, for the continued ascent of mankind. From the Russian perspective, Putin has done a good job, over all. He has kept the federation whole, and has built an energy empire rivaling OPEC, which are good things. Sure, they only have 25 years of democracy, their baby steps, and sure their have been election riggings and reporters shot, but Russians are culturally use to strong man rule, and by and large Russia is moving in the right directions. Let it happen, without fear. Moscow is historically an Eastern European power, and the supply of energy to Eastern Europe is a very good thing, to provide energy supplies, thus allowing a better economy for Russia and for the EU. The US, instead of aggressively trying to conquer the world, and force Putin to push back, should partner up with Russia, to marry US high technology and Russian resources from improved economic and cultural ties and world commerce. Think in terms of WIN WIN. Same with China. China seeks Formosa back, naturally so. They fear Yankee aggression, and push back, and are hanging on to North Korea, while pressing repatriation of Formosa. This is a natural response, and should not be feared by the US. If the people of Formosa (Taiwan) vote to reintegrate back in to China, the US should let it happen without fear. China is not out to conquer the world, and have engaged economic markets without firing a shot. This is a great success not only for the US but for China as well. China, Russia, and US, the big 3, can and should seek to unified Korea as one country, dismantling the NK nuclear threat to China, Russia and Japan, for the people of NK, without unlawful immigration into Russia, and nuclear confrontation near China. NK leaders should be integrated with SK leaders, leading over the whole. A unified Korea can become a good customer and trader with China, Russia, and the US as well. The US should help China, Russia, NK, and SK, integrate Korea for the common good of mankind. But, if the US has an aggressive foreign policy, that induces fear into the Chinese and Russians, the NK and SK integration would be more difficult as it has been. China is more concerned with the Tibetans in the South, the Islamists in the west, the capitalists in the east, the peasants in the center, and have many internal fragmentation concerns, one of which is also Taiwan. If you understand China's perspective, reaching large objectives can be had, but it starts with a non-hostile US foreign policy. Surely, defense of SK and Taiwan must be preserved. But, if the US can take a neutral foreign policy stance, and encourage the same trilaterally, working with Russian and Chinese leaders, great advances for mankind can be had. Understanding the background and cultures of the counter party leaders, and working toward objectives that serve mankind, is the better play, and in so doing, serve US long term interests. 

Global Confluence of Interconnected Core Nations will strengthen over time, as gap rouge nation are incorporated therein, as hot wars and paper money transit to gold and silver BIS moeny, as flares happen from time to time, as struggles between totalitarianism and freedom, as Walking Liberty walk around the globe. The connected nation seek to keep sea and air trade lanes open, and prevent WMD use, transnational terrorism, and crimes against society generally, and play a hands off roles between rebellion of people against totalitarians in power, eg Syria today. It is not the responsible of any connected nation to try to conquer the world, but rather their role is to provide all nations a level playing field and encourage incorporation into the core of civilized trading nations, and thus, cooperation and trade is preferred between the connected nations of the core and not unilateral imperialism, nor domination by finance, banking, currency, but only through international trade allowing for intranational rebellions of the people self determination therein. The president of US should work closely with and be guided by the Senate in perfecting US foreign policy along these lines. Each national or nation group provides respective resources to the connected core to perfect the global level playing field with a hands off global policies for intranational freedom rebellions against totalitarian controls over the people.

Nuclear Extinction and World Wars should be avoided are unlikely under current visions, but border disputes over water rights can be used by aggressor nations. Most of the problems will be intraterritorial drawing in super powers. Connected super powers should stay out on internal affairs except for WMD use, transnational terrorism and crimes against humanity, as through the cultural evolution of man kind, democracy forces and freedom will rise up against totalitarian authorities in an on going struggle. Generally, international hot wars and paper money will transmute into global trade wars and real money common usage between national for account settlement. Thus, focus is had on globalized fair trade and commerce and the use of gold and silver as money. Nations have fixed geographies and borders and should optimize internal geographical and human resources to compete in an international war free and fair trade zone. Creeds and terrorism can cause problems, such as transnational terrorism which should be dealt with harshly by the connected powers.

Over time, rouge gap countries will learn the democracy culture, which may follow a series on internal rebellions and civil wars. These are natural occurrences and should play out without the super powers trying to dictate terms in geopolitical competition, as walking liberty travels between the rouge nations. Russia, China, and USA should keep a hands off approach, which is difficult particularly for Russia and the US being in general competition, but understanding should be had with an objective to provide long term stability with the migration of rouge nations into the core during Bush extrapolated democracy century. The US Senate must play a vital role in containing and guiding the presidents and stop the political pandering, but rather, set forth clear objectives in war directions if and when military forces are used, which again should only be used in the context of WMD, Terrorism, imperialism, and Crimes against humanity, to keep the air and water trade lane open for global commerce.

Republicans Will Militarily Intervene

Currently, JEB and Rubio lead the Republicans with the war monger cries. JEB wants to sanction Russia to reduce Putin popularity, yet in so doing, increases Putin's popularity. JEB has no clue. Rubio wants to stand tall against our enemies, which are not defined by senatorial declarations of war. Both of these two top Republican contenders seem more than willing to continued US failed policy of military interventions. 

The Democrats tweeted a graph of JEB's political foreign affairs advisers, a couple from Reagan, a few from BushSr and 15 from BushJr. If JEB needs 20 foreign policy advisers, it means he's either incompetent, or has no clue, or both. And as these are mostly the same old past advisers, it means, its unlikely JEB is going to think out of the box for real solutions. If JEB cant think out of the box, uses same old advisers, we will get the same old failed foreign policy. Ole JEB is going to end his run at the libertarian yellow tavern in the Libereen overland campaign.

The Republicans of course want to pander the US nationalists, neocons, globalizers, and hawks for a strong national defense. The problem with that is that their foreign policy is not directed at defending the nation, but rather to culturally evolve the world, along the lines of American Democracy, at gun point, rather than let the natural cultural evolution of mankind get their. With a republican administration, more military interventions and killing of foreign people is more likely, tarnishing America's image world wide. 

Eve of Destruction

                                                     WE AMERICANS CAN DEFEAT GLOBAL MILITARISM

5th Dimension Age of Aquarius