The Global Confluence

Stabilized Global Confluence

Dr. Igor Ivanovich Shevchenko, Professor
Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Far Eastern State University
Vladivostok, Primorsky, Russia

January 8th 2005

Dear Sir,

I would like to present to you this brief on current global trends for consideration by the students at the Far Eastern State University. In my trips to Russia, and particularly, to the Far Eastern State University in Vladivostok, I have found that some of your students are interested in global affairs, but at times may not fully understand the American perspective. With due respects, I would like to provide them a perspective from a politically conservative American point of view. As I do not fully understand Russian culture, no disrespect is intended in expressing this view. The following brief is also a global perspective by CORE areas of influence and a highly speculative projection.


The Stabilized Global Confluence Supports a Rising Tide of USA Conservatism into the Out Years, a Christmas projection of Human Cultural Evolution.


As world empires and spheres of influence abut each other in the information age, human cultural evolution has lead to economical and political functional rule sets that are used to maintain relative peace during interactions of a CORE of economically and politically connected countries, including Russia, China, USA, EU, Japan, Australia, inter alia, that are coalescing into increasing cooperative action to prevent perturbations shocks, such as the 9-11 attack in New York, from a GAP of disconnected empires, countries and spheres of influence, including Africa, the Middle East, and the South Pacific Island Chains, leading to continued integration of GAP countries in the CORE and eventual world peace for decades, if not centuries, to come. USA President Bush and his Republican Party, based on traditional moral values, and his willingness to unilaterally act based on those moral values, will derive political gain from an anticipated global confluence of increasing global stabilization, leading to another USA Republican Party victory in the USA 2008 election. For definitional purposes, in the USA, left is considered progressive-liberalism, the Democrat Party, headed of late by Candidate Mr. Kerry, of new ways, and the right is considered traditional-conservatism, the Republican Party, currently headed by President Bush, of historical ways. In Russia, the left is considered progressive-democracy, including Reformist and Democratic Parties, the new way, and the right is totalitarian-socialism, the Communist Party headed by Mr. Zuganoff, the old historical way.

                                                                           USA RUSSIA CHINA EU CANADA ISLANDS


The rising tide of traditionalism and conservative values in the USA will probably extend past the next USA election in 2008, seating at least one more Republican party victory, and Democrat Senator (NY) Ms. Hilary Clinton's belated attempts to cloak herself in a right wing robe will be seen for the farce it is, and as such, the democrats have dug a hole from which it will take at least 6 years of moving towards the political center to make them again nationally competitive. Is this overly optimistic for a Republican? I don't think so, and here is why. I project by end of next year, Iraq will settle down ending 35 years of war and depravations, and over the next two years, Palestine will experience a peace for first time in 40 years of Middle East conflict. President Bush will be herald as the first USA president firmly backing a side-by-side sovereign co-existence to success, and this should come to past.

Hence, there is a potential confluence of good things just over the horizon in the Middle East. Iran and Syria will have virtually no client state in the Middle East to sow seeds of terror. Why? It must be remembered that Iraq is predominately Shiite Muslim and with peace in Iraq and the growing stature of Shiite Islamic clerics there, such as Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, and with the majority political rule of the Shiites growing disproportionately to other political and religious subdivisions in the region, it is in Iran's theocratic interest to accept and support this outcome, and to this extent, Iranian hostility will substantially decrease with the USA, and this will end three decades of subversive political belligerence between the two. And Iran must know that if they sow seeds of terror, and harbor terrorists, while developing long range missiles and enriched Uranium for nuclear arms, President Bush will take them down in a heartbeat, with or without UN cooperation. Libya's strong man Omar Kadafi has already got the message and has turned away from WMD development and terror sponsorship. When you teach hate of others and sow seeds of terrorism, it will come back to bite you in the tail as Saudi Arabia has finally learned from Al Queda attacks in the Kingdom as indicated by their recent public policy statement, "Islam Yes, Terrorism No". As Afghanistan and Iraq will prove President Bush correct again, democratic principles will take firm root in the Middle East, and Iranian, Syrian, and Saudi Arabian women will eventually get the right to vote moving in mass towards democratic principles in the out years. This is a rosy scenario for sure, but the more I keep looking at it, it seems more probable than not.

With the growing prospective successes in Palestine, Mesopotamia, and hopefully on the Korean Peninsula and in the Taiwanese straights, the USA and the Bush Administration will be looked upon more favorably, as once again, France and Germany will pretend to be important and USA friends. This will increase prestige of the USA Republicans, cementing a 2008 election victory. If the Democrats start now with the shift in political thinking towards the center, the 2012 USA election may be salvageable by them. I like it that way, back and forth, with corrective moderation from time to time. I like the moderates both left and right, we need both of them for sure to balance each other. Loyal dissent from the party not in power is a very good thing, so long as it does not lead to sedition, as disloyal dissent.

President Bush on the other hand has placed upon his shoulders a vast array of to-do items on the agenda for the next term, and that includes, social security, immigration, military force restructuring, tax code reforms, among many others, and he has the political will and energy to pull it off to a large extent. On the supportive side, the USA traditionalists will continue a backlash against the radical progressive secularists attempting to destroy USA morality, and the majority of the Americans, left and right, fear these extremists tinkering with our heritage. As such, the moderate Democrats will feel more conformable with a Republican in the White House as the right base of the Republican party firmly cements itself in the Republican camp, both of whom will remain ready and willing to keep the conservatives in power.

A Republican candidate in 2008 will ride President Bush's coat tails into office. Recall that USA Republican President Reagan won twice, and Republican President Bush Sr. rode his coat tails and got elected, only to be then followed with eight years of Democrat President Clinton. The USA also had President Kennedy, a Democrat leader that led to Democrat President Johnson's election, who failed in Vietnam. And then came Republican President Nixon who engaged in criminal political espionage in disgrace, and so goes the political stories, as we Americans will not hesitate to throw a bum out of office, as we bounce back and forth between moderate liberalism and conservatism, both of which move with the times, and are needed for balance so that no one party gains an absolute lock on political power, a charge currently being raised against Russian President Putin. For the time being, its look likes 2008 is secure for the Republicans, as the Democrats move towards the center, to make the 2012 election a real contest, and rightfully so. The global confluence will support the conservatives in the USA, seen in the USA as doers and getting results. USA Homeland Security will get less and less funding and resources are used to serve social needs, reduce deficits, and fund system administration peace keeping forces, needed now more than the big guns of battleships, or a large number of USA attack military divisions configured during the cold war.

In the USA, there is much debate over the progress of the War in Iraq. What is missing from the USA blame-gamers, Democrat Senator Biden for example, that is, the political rivals seeking political capital rather than constructive dialog as to future courses of action, and from those over-reactors, that is, those calling for Secretary of Defense, Rumsfield's resignation, for every little pump in the road, is the  collective cultural history of a humanity perspective and its understanding by viewing the problem of the day in the historical context and teachings, that is, to take a step back, a deep breath, and look at over all trends, and the cultural evolution of man kind, through a perspective in terms of decades and centuries, and not the daily count of USA dead in Iraq. The USA has the military to win any standup fight, and the victory in Iraq took only three weeks using conventional military forces. What the USA lacked and what the rest of world was unwilling to provide was a massive system administration of the peace keeping forces to quickly nation build Iraq into a functioning democracy. But, as long as the Iraqis stand in recruitment lines to join the Iraqi national guard service, eventually Iraq will be stabilized. More USA troops in Iraq would, arguably, only provide more targets of opportunity for the Iraqi insurgents, while inflaming Islamic sensitivities of not wanting the infidels on their lands. The Iraqi national guard must be stood up to defend for themselves, so the USA military can leave, and Iraq becomes connected to the CORE. However, emotions run high in the USA when USA soldiers' lives are on the line, but keeping it all in context and perspective, keeps the USA on the right track moving forward, rather than backward in knee-jerk emotional reactions. Could those who lived during the great economic depression of the 1930s have predicted the economics of a 21st century USA, or the internet, or nano-technology? Viewed in an historical context, the current USA economic state would seem to have been inevitable.

How did recent global confluence start? What put into motion the possibility of this rosy scenario? He prays. He is a man of God. He knows right from wrong. He has guts to act to do what he believes is the right thing. His name is G.W.Bush, now hated by some, because he spoiled their detente, their whippy do nothing mentality, their pacifism at any cost, their selfish political turf protectionism, their indifference to human slaughter, and their sought after destruction of the USA morality. Yes, I think President Bush is a hero, and these goods things are a direct or indirect result of President Bush's willingness to act. It will take some time for the Democrats to mount a serious challenge to the growing conservative political power in the USA, as the Democrats move towards the center hoping to regain lost ground, but that is the proper and natural response in a democracy that bounces back and forth as the pendulum swings, but I consider the 2008 election already a done deal, and that election is in the bag for the Republicans. The global confluence will be perceived as positive in the USA, and it seems that the conservatives will remain in power for at least one more election in 2008.


In other areas, China does not seek imperialism, and with its aging population certainly will not allow its young men off campaigning in foreign lands. You think the USA and Russia has social security problems with two workers supporting one pensioner, think of China with one worker supporting six pensioners (two parents and four grandparents), and China will sense the need for China to sustain is capitalistic growth while pretending at all times to be a so-called communist country, and this is the biggest farce presently on the global stage. China's 1000 year culture has been to look within itself to secure its various cultures and boundaries and intra-countries as one China, and hence, the USA one China policy. This is why Taiwan is a major concern for China. It has been China entire historical culture to maintain the integrity of the borders of China proper. Taiwan is Chinese, and had it not been but for imperial Japan, we would not have that problem today. It seems we are still cleaning up the mess of our dear German and Japanese friends.

The USA, correctly so, has maintain a one China policy, and here, the USA seeks integration of Taiwan into China provided that mainland China respects self determination democratic rights in Taiwan, which is what the Taiwanese want, inherently so. And with the necessary and prospective integration of Taiwan back into China under the one China policy, and with trade increasing, and with yet another implosive moving force of democracy into the China by virtue of Taiwanese prospective integration, China will move more and more in democratic directions. This secondary confluence of political stabilization about the environs of China will provide more forceful interaction with the crazy guy in North Korea, and China will become more proactive. North Korea will begin eventually a slide towards non-confrontation, to cooperation, to eventual reunification with South Korea, though that is still 10 years out, but at least the hostilities should soon substantially decrease.

China is moving full steam ahead into international trade, and there seems to be no end in sight. China is on the capitalistic team and not the communist team, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. This is more of a result of Beijing's desire for increased standards of living and influence, than a direct result of anything the USA Administration has done, though that is of no import, as it is the perception in politics, that China and USA are moving closer together, and the USA Administration in power will get some misplaced credit for that in the USA. I find it curious that Russia and China would have joint military operations, as if to send the USA a signal that they could possibly thwart a military 4th generation technological conventional USA advance, which USA advance is not even remotely conceivable, and so I think the exercise is more for training, public perception and pride, than anything else. Though, both should maintain some residual military capabilities for national defense purposes, and for cooperative strikes against rouge GAP nations. For example, it is entirely possible that Russia and China would move to take out the crazy guy in North Korea in the out years, if necessary, and thereby keeping out the Yankees from doing the same, and China and Russia would then garner some prestige on the world stage, in so doing, as the USA sacrifices Taiwan to China in return, and as the USA shares the USA Pacific missile defense system to protect the Pacific CORE as that system is currently being expanded in the Pacific.


I could not help but have a sympathetic view of his Excellency President Putin in his public interview about 12/20/04, to see the leader of such a large state on the defensive. He is trying to help Russia with its security and standard of living, two aspects that are valued allot more than pure democracy principles in Russia. Russia has a history of Czars and politburo offering firm control, that is, a culture of strong-man rule, as it is Russian culture, I presume. When you can not earn enough money to buy some vodka, and the children are getting slaughtered in their schools, wide ranging political debate on the nightly shows don't seems all that big a deal to common Russians, I think. I can understand this a little. We USA conservatives don't value left wing crazies here, and we would like to deport American Civil Liberties Union liberal lawyers over to Russia, and deprive them of civil liberties there, and throw a party here, and enjoy the love-hate slug festival, as President Putin throws each and everyone of them in jail, when they speak out, on criminal charges for merely breathing Russian air.

Yet President Putin, and the Russian people, seem to get their noses rub into it like a bad little dog, every time President Bush gets righteously annoyed, and on his high-horse, over modest trampling of democratic rights in Russia, yet the writing is on the wall, in my view, and democracy and free market forces are irreversibly embedded into the post-soviet Russian and regional politics and their respective economies. It seems like President Putin is getting spanked by President Bush for every little perceived misstep, and President Putin might feel some disappointment by a lack of influence in the recent Ukrainian elections. Ukrainian ethnic Russians will learn from this, that is, when you play unfairly in a democracy, it usually gets discovered and comes back to bite you in the tail, a democracy strength, surfacing in Ukraine, and that is a good thing. I consider the election fiasco in Ukraine to be a good object lesson to those Ukrainians who tried to steal the election. And, I will always remember President Kuchma and President Putin talking together regarding a regional sphere of influence, but that was doomed from the start as too little, at the wrong time in history, as way to late to resurrect any form of a soviet style block already proven to be a failed experiment. In the USA, we say, "If you can not beat them, join them", and Russia will join and is joining free political and economic globalization in full measure. And, it is certainly proper for President Putin to build localized economic cooperation, as the USA has done with Mexico and Canada, and has been intrinsically done in the EU.

It is of course natural for President Bush to publicly speak for USA domestic political consumption, and President Bush operates from an American cultural perspective, that is, ideals of democracy embedded in morality, and with transgression of that, he will act, as the bold leader he his, but from the Russian perspective, that can be seen as arrogant. President Putin's allegiance to the Unified Russia political party indicates that President Putin's main concerns lie in defeating the Chechnya rebellion and maintaining Russian sovereign integrity, defeating terrorist actions within Russia to protect Russian citizens, and making Russia economically strong and competitive with the west, and not so much in maintaining idealistic democratic functions, to President Bush's continued consternation. What does President Bush know about what is best for Russia at this time and place? Hence, the charge of arrogance, when in reality, President Bush may sense some need to help Russia move along the democracy trail. President Bush may also be playing into American fears of a back sliding Russia, and wants to garner political gain. But what is best way to say things for both foreign and domestic consumption? That is a difficult balanced judgement to make. Bush has objected to media controls of political expression on Russian TV by President Putin. These controls may stem from this difficulty of balancing information intended for either foreign or domestic consumption, but not both, or a political power play to become a de facto Czar, or to sustain his political party into the out years, or more probably a well-intentioned but misguided reactionary attempt to stabilize Russia, and only time will tell what are President Putin's true intentions, though President Putin has promised to not seek another term, I think. From President Bush's perspective, there are collections of acts by President Putin that can be seen as anti-democratic, and hence, of legitimate concern. What President Putin may not realize is that tinkering with democracy may ultimately hurt his legacy, as USA President Nixon painfully learned.

What President Bush has said of Ukraine was proper as assassination attempts and rigging of the election is inherently bad. But the confiscation of Yukos seems to me like a Standard Oil situation of our early 20th century anti-trust action against business monopolies,  and President Putin maybe trying to defeat the economic head-locks and political controls by powerful oligarchical chieftains, such as Mr. Mikhail Khodorkovsky now having a modest vacation at President Putin's expense, though there are allegations of anti-democratic political motives in the presence of promises that President Putin would not seek to become the next Czar of Russia, and that privatization would continue. The regional appointments of federation governors at a time of rebellion in Chechnya is similar to our appointment of southern state governors after our 19th century civil war, and internment of Chechnya rebels may be like the USA interment of USA southern rebels, or USA President Lincoln's denial in 1862 of habeas corpus rights of prisoners to judicial hearings at a time of rebellion, or, the interment of USA Japanese citizens during the great patriotic war WWII. Recent enacted Russian legislation is similar to the USA Patriot Act, giving authorities new powers to monitor suspected terrorists, to the dismay of civil libertarians. USA and Russia have common responses when faced with similar problems. Maybe President Bush should have expressed some of his concerns in back channels. Of course, I am not sure of it all, and in the end, its all politics. On the other hand, President Bush's shoulder-to-shoulder comment after the butchering of the Russian children, was correct, and President Bush played that up very nicely. As we say in the USA, "Honey attracts more flies than shit". But no man is prefect, and neither is President Bush, but what makes President Bush so great, in my eyes, is his willingness to act, when he is so compelled to do so. When in command, lead.

Notwithstanding President Bush's righteous rants, by and large President Putin is doing an acceptable job in Russia, in my view, and as an American, I give President Putin a pass, and as a vicarious Russian, I give President Putin good marks for leading Russia in a measured manner at this time and place in Russian history. Just give Russia some more time. The USA has 225 years of democracy, and Russians are taking their first baby steps, but generally over-all, President Putin is moving Russia in the right direction. Regardless of the extent to which Presidents Bush and Putin fight it out in the vortex of public debate for political influence and gain, the global functional rule sets will keep Russia and the USA on track towards closer ties and friendship leading to a great super-alliance in the out years. I hope in February 2005, President Bush lightens up a bit, when President Putin and President Bush meet, and we get them two to have a good-old Russian bear hug in front of the whole world to see.

Russia's future lies, I think, in an integration into NATO as well as the EU, more so than with the less economically viable southern ex-soviet states, such as Kazakhstan, as Russia is historically an eastern European power, and Russia will move more and more in trade with the west, and Russians' standard of living will improve until Russia is a super economic power in 25 years. In the out-years, Russia-China-US will combine as the tri-party de facto dominant rulers in the world, as the EU remains politically weak minded in their socialism and progressive secularism.


The EU and Canada will remain intrinsically stagnant in economic and political profile, based on their rewarding of social irresponsibility by a disproportionate welfare state and the continued ruination of the historical Christian morality, with at least some exceptions, including England and Poland who still have an historical memory of the pit falls of Nazi pacifism, leading to aggression, and not peace, and including Italy having a strong moral base. What makes capitalism work is that it takes advantage of human desires for better lives through reward of individual hard work resulting in increased productivity and abundance. A democracy will follow the will of the people desiring that increased productivity and abundance. Hence, capitalism and democracy support human prosperity and the dignity of work. When capitalism and democracy are coupled with a moral base, corruption in the political and economic systems is limited. The moral base also extends a helping hand to those in need, willingly so, without state directives in socialism that foster irresponsibility by reliance upon others, rather than self reliance, a willingness to act. The loss of any one of these western tri-pillars, capitalism, democracy, and morality, spells certain doom to any society in the long run. Europe is losing its pillars of strength. The Europeans don't wear six-shooters. By contrast, President Bush is a gun-slinging sheriff. In the USA, there is a culture of English democracy, Christian morality, colonial capitalism, and a western expansion of self reliance. Europe is faltering. However, there will be a significant shift in the EU towards the new entrants, including Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria, and eventually Russia then having a dominant role in EU politics. This influx of new peoples may hopefully reawaken the EU back towards a capitalistic, democratic and moral union. I consider Britain's Prime Minister Blair a hero, and he deserves the thanks of the USA Congress for making the tuff decision in Iraq, and that thanks is well over due.

There is very slight glimmer of hope for Canada, though, as the know-it-all traditionalist USA media mega-personality Mr. Bill O'Reilly muscles his way into the Canadian media-political complex. I have not given up on Canada, though it seems Canada could not possibly sink any lower into the depravations of radical progressive secularism. Not so with France, as I think they are hopeless, and seem unsalvageable having a spineless inability to act, as in Sudan, based on a lack of any moral context, while hopelessly attempting to sustain some resemblance of a past empire long lost in importance on the world stage. Germany and Spain are not so far gone, with Spain having a strong moral base, and, Germany having remanence of conservative values as pocket of conservatism remain in the Bavarian regions.

However, the influx of eastern Europeans into the EU political mix will keep the EU as least neutral in their international political affairs, and hence, is basically a neutral influence. The Russians, however, seem to be coming to God in vast numbers now that the politburo is no longer pressing its thumb on religious expressions, and the Russians are increasingly capitalistic as Lenin turns in his grave, and the Stalin experience will prevent Russia from backsliding into a totalitarian police state, as the Russians and eastern Europeans will have more in common with the USA than their western EU neighbors, by and large.


The Japanese and Australians have proven to be good partners in trade and political influence to the USA Pacific center, and these are the left and right flanks of the Indonesian pincers of stability in the south Pacific. While there is much ado about the USA Pacific Missile Defense plans, most of that may end up the trash heap of unnecessary military expenditures, only to be viewed as such 10 years hence, when the crazy guy in North Korea finally falls. In the mean while, prosperity in the south Pacific island chains will increase leading to sedation of the militants there. Alternatively, advanced missile defense technology could be retained and shared in mutual defense of the CORE from unpredictable crazies in the economically and politically unconnected rouge GAP countries possessing missile technology, such as Iran. As such, CORE members, such as China, will eventually learn that it is counterproductive to sale advanced missile technology to unstable GAP countries.

Cuba has, post Cuban missile crises, been a non issue, and will remain so, though their movement towards democracy and capitalism seems stagnant until at least Mr. Castro dies, and foreseeability there is too clouded, but Cuba is only fly on the wall in the major movements of the era. Cuba seems destined to remain disconnected from the CORE. As Cuba falls behind in prosperity, maybe Cuba will turn around, all by itself in the out years, as China and the soviets have done, though I can not see it at this stage, not knowing what political forces are to be in play in Cuba, post Castro era.


With the easing of tensions on the Korean peninsula, in the Taiwanese straights, and in the Middle East, focus will eventually turn in full toward Africa, and the Sudanese, for example, in remembrance of other past slaughter there in Central Africa, that the UN utterly failed to prevent. The UN is embarrassed by the oil for food scandal, and that will only support the legitimacy of President Bush's stance of UN irrelevance, President Bush being proved once again to be correct in his analysis. However, the problems associated with Africa will be much easier to deal with, as the Russia-China-US-EU, the big four CORE, coalesces into a cohesive moving force in the UN, and action will be much more easily obtained. However, the USA will remain the only superpower having conventional kick-down-the-door heavy invasion forces capable of being projected instantaneously worldwide, and none will even try to rival this capacity, as there is no need.

But the UN and the big four will restructure force capabilities with more system administration forces, that is, peace keeping forces and support logistics, such that, these forces can be effective in action and quickly deployed for rapid resolution, with the USA going in and taking down any bad guy, with the rest of the big four and others following up with massive peace keeping and humanitarian aid for immediate nation building after a USA invasion. Under this combination of power, Africa's bad boys can be taken down, converted, and integrated into the CORE of the big four, so as to economically and politically connect these rouge GAP countries to the CORE, and improve the GAP countries with prosperity and civility, in so doing. As this is more fully understood, the global cry of "Yankee Go Home", will change to "Yankee Come Here", appreciating USA sought after trade, globalized cooperation, and mutual defense. And surely no one objects to the USA using its material and military logistics resources in time of regional devastation. Has anyone noticed how rapidly in recent times, CORE resources are channeled into GAP countries after a catastrophe, such as the earth quake in Iran and the recent Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, supporting long range support and integration of the GAP into the Core. The USA leads the way as the most generous country in the world stemming from a cultural moral base and interests in raising other peoples from poverty and oppression. Be it direct money grants, direct aid in food stores and materials, protection of others and international trade routes through vast military expenditures, and capital investments, the USA stands tall in its unilateral compassion for others, the vast majority of whom are GAP recipients, notwithstanding a lack of global appreciation.

The global confluence is also supported by the worldwide collective battle against all terrorists, and over the next five years, acts of terrorism will substantially decease. The untold benefit of collective worldwide fight against terrorists in the war on terror is the increase in intelligence sharing that will have a direct consequence in lowering international crime including drug smuggling, currency counterfeiting, organized crime, and the trade in human slaves, children and prostitutes. Osama Bin Laden will one day get hammered, though by then, the war on terror will be virtually over, as governments worldwide deal with the problem of global poverty to lower radicalism then no longer feeding recruitment of new insurgents worldwide.

To support this global confluence, the budding democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan will have a spill over effect in the region, as set in motion by the last conservative USA Bush administration. The USA does not seek to destroy Islam, having at its core, a good moral foundation, that provides the social glue in the region. Like responses to abortion clinic bombings here in the USA, Americans seek to contain extreme elements of Islam, that is, the terrorizing islamo-facists, and this will eventually be fully understood by Islamic countries in the Middle East, resulting in lower hostilities, as well as an end to the Russian and American hue and cry, kill them, kill them all, kill them now. Iran, as well as Syria and Saudi Arabia, will move more toward democratic principles, with Syria and Saudi Arabia instituting at least local intra-regional elections, and Iran moving to give women the right to vote, all of which will have a positive affect in geo-political interaction with the CORE of the big four, and in so doing, these hard line Islamic countries will finally turn away from centuries social stagnation caused by intolerance and the conquer-the-by-sword mentality reflected by the iconic flag of Saudi Arabia, towards new found prosperity and cooperative civility.


France and England are the classical historical teachings of prior confluence. For 1000 years, England and France were going at it in war, empire building filling the vacuum as new lands were discovered. But eventually, those new areas of empire building eventually became full with occupation and new entrants, such as the USA. As the ability to expand empire became more limited, France and England eventually became to be cooperative allies, and have effectively remain so, for the last 150 years. Here, the USA, EU, China and Russia have exhausted expansion tendencies, by and large, and now seek cooperative interaction as it has so become in their collective and individual interests. But it will take another 40 years to get the global house in substantial good order, and the second half of the 21st century will focus more on environmental issues to support the peace of the world, without the recurring war culling of humans and consequential property devastation. But I will be long gone by then, and that is not my problem, and so I leave that to next generation of creative thinkers, and those willing to act and do the right thing.

The global confluence has its roots in God. Here, the USA morality has lead the world. No one can honesty believe, the USA is in Iraq to take their oil from them. The USA can buy as much oil as needed, as oil is a fungible commodity. The USA has not sought empire building in a fully occupied world, though that only stopped after completing of our manifest destiny, the expansion to the west coast of the USA, just as the Russians expanded through their far east to the coast of North America. Hitler, Imperial Japan, and Stalin are the modern exceptions of course, operating from selfish demoniacal desires for global dominance. But with cooperative interactions, coupled with mutual defense, with globalization of trade, and with functioning rule sets for dispute resolution, it seems that these exceptions will be contained, by the remaining partners, in the out years and for decades to come. It is the USA morality that has lead the way in recent years. The rise of Christian-Judeo GOD rejection of evil war lords and tyrants, starting at about 300 BC, has been the primary moving force toward civility over the centuries worldwide. And, "Those who can not see the hand of God in this are blind, sir, blind" Brigadier General T.J. Jackson, Valley Campaign, 1862, USA. We should recall how USA President Reagan characterized the soviets as an evil empire, placing the great east-west confrontation in a moral context, consistent with American moral culture.

I believe we are reaching a tipping point, as the wealth, population, and interaction of the CORE of cooperative countries (Russia-China-India-EU-US, etc.) exceeds that of the non-functioning GAP of disconnected countries, (Africa, Middle East, and South Pacific, and of course, the cold-war hold-over in North Korea). Of the 6 Billion on earth, 4 Billion live in the CORE in relative peace as war breaks out from time to time in the GAP. As the CORE becomes more dominate over the GAP, at some point, there is the bend in an exponential, and rouge militant countries will fall like dominoes and connect with the CORE. President Bush, or for that matter, Osama Bin Laden's 9/11 attack, may have put into motion a last and inevitable collapse of social global militancy, as we as a global people will find over-all functioning peace for decades, if not centuries, to come. Yes, we Americans are culturally eternal optimists, and I plead guilty.

Sure it is rosy global prediction, and sure assumptions are made, but it seems that there is a natural course of human cultural evolution, in that, there was first the creation of kings with tribal rule sets from the cultivation age to the iron age, then there were great empires battling for remaining lands and conquest over others from the iron age to the industrial age, but as the great geo-political CORE of the big four abut each other, with no more room for expansion, and the eventual learning of the draw backs of global war and the benefits of collective cooperation, human kind and geo-political functional rule sets finally culturally evolve from the empires of the industrial age into civilized partners in the information age, and in the end, that is a very good thing.

Major World Problems

1) Territorial Imperialism (Legacy of Colonialism)
2) Military Interventions (Cultural Evolution at Gun Point
3) Political Subversion (Regime Change)
4) International Terrorism (Islamic)
5) Financial Warfare (Asymmetric Swift, Petro Dollar, US Bond Stack)
6) Political Propaganda 
7) Border Disputes
8) Human Killing and Genocide

B) NEW WORLD ORDER (Financial Elites and Transnational Corporations)
1) Global Totalitarianism
2) Wealth Transfers from 99%
3) Deteriorating National Identities
4) Cultural Diversity Destruction
5) Moral Decay, Corruption and Decadence
6) Suppressed Individualism
7) Oppressed Personal Liberties
8) Migration of Refugees 
9) Predatory Bank Lending (Wealth Concentration)
10) Pandemic Contagions

1) Resource Depletion
2) Global Deforestation
3) Global Warming
4) Toxic Dumping
5) Over Population
6) Chem trail Geoengineering
7) Ocean & Marine Destruction
8) Oil Spills and Trash Deposition
9) Ground Water Contamination
10) Specie Mass Extinction
11) Bee Pollination

US cultural Evolution

1) Religious Freedom 
    Starting with the Pilgrims, many in northern Europe came to America for religious freedom. Protestant Christians escaping the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, witch burning was brought with them. 
2) Political Freedom
    As north America is distal England, American colonists enjoy relative freedom from the dictates of the English Crown, and became use to having political Freedom. Peace ended as loyal subject with taxes and the Boston Tea Party. This affinity to freedom was the technical basis for the civil war as DC sought to limit the extension of property rights. Thus, States Rights to choose in new areas was limited and that was the political basis of the American Civil War.
3) Territorial Imperialism.  
    American brought with them, ideas of territorial imperialism from the kingdoms exhibiting such for centuries. Americans went on the decimate the Native Americans, and through manifest destiny went on to secure the Continental US. Including in this were the Louisiana Purchase, the Alaskan Purchase, the Gadsden Purchase, as well as wars with Mexico.  The tendency of of territorial imperialism largely ended by the 20th century, the Continental US having been secured. 
4) Caucasoid Male Supremacy
    American society was dominated by white males, and in particular, White Anglo-saxon Protestants (WASP), having historical beliefs that 1) Woman were chattels, 2)  white race was superior, and 3) Christianity was the only true religion. At the end of the civil war, race equality became generally accepted civil rights that took 100 years to meaningfully perfect, to where, by the end of 1960, races in the USA enjoyed equal protection of the laws. In the early 20th Century, women suffrage and equal right began to rise, to where today men and women have equal protection under federal law. 
5) Military Aggression
    Americans did fight with Indians for 100 years and the British in two wars for independence, to secure space and independence, from which, a militarism was embedded that originated from the age of empires out of Europe and cemented itself in the American People. There were wars with the Barbary Pirates, Mexico, and the Civil war during the 19th century. After the conquest of the USA and the Spanish American War, by the early 20th century, the Americans took a self-centered self-righteous attitude of being superior and with that a period of isolation, following President Washington edict to avoid foreign entanglements.
6) Christianity, Capitalism, and Freedom
   American culture is founded on three main themes, 1) Christianity of helping thy neighbor with brotherly love, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, 2) Capitalism that rewards one own work products, that relies upon honest real money and honest price discovery markets.  
7) Totalitarian Socialistic Fascism
   From the beginning of the US, the people knew that printed script was subject to government edict and could not be used as a store of wealth, that is real honest gold and silver coinage, as fiat script "aint worth a Continental". Banking enslaving influences, and Free Silver issues were had during the 19th century, but largely the country used real money to power capitalistic enterprise, and the nation prospered. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Federal Reserve System was created along with the IRS for taxing, and these two events led to the pervasive totalitarian socialistic fascism that grips the nation to this day in increasing nefarious ways. The US Constitution, the Republic, Real Money and Honey Markets have all been but completely destroyed, while the banks transfer wealth from the 99% to the 1%, while the politicians pander political power through the moral hazards of socialism, as power concentrates in DC. Freedoms, Enterprise and Prosperity are now shadows of their former self, yet, in the country there are many giving lip service to 19th century ideals of Constitution, Republic, Freedoms, and Capitalism. The transition was slow in micro steps, from FED-IRS to the RAW DEAL to the CORRUPT SOCIETY to the 21st century BANKSTER SOCIALISM, most Americans did not sense the transition, that took 110 years to perfect, by the banking elite, politicians and supreme court justices. Capitalism is dean. The Constitution is now meaningless. The Republic is no longer viable. The FED NOTE is a con game and a ponzie scheme. Americana has been killed by the money interests and two pandering political machines. American has lost its freedoms from government, its prosperity and its Christianity, Freedom and Capitalistic roots in this 21st century, that made the US strong during the 19th and 20th centuries. Over the last 110 years, the US fascist power concentration in DC has created an evil empire comprising, 1) two pandering political machines, 2) Supreme Court judicial fiat, and 3) elitist money interests including Banksters, Greedsters and transnationals.
8) Proactive Ignoble Foreign Policy 
    With residual beliefs in Christianity, Capitalism, and Freedom, the US was first dragged into two world wars from Bismark Germany, Nazi Germany, and imperial Japan, based upon territorial imperialism. The seeds of world wars were planted by the US FED using fiat money, causing cyclic booms and busts, leading to national destabilization and global economic failures. US isolationist tendency fell in the first half of the 20th century, as the US became proactive trying to keep the world free, facing the Soviet Empire domination of Eastern Europe and Communist China in North Korea and Vietnam in the middle of the 20th century.  Modernly, Christian notions of helping thy neighbor has led to military interventions by the US, wanting to help, at gun point if necessary. When foreign policy extends beyond, humanitarian aid and democracy teachings without a direct threat to the US or global dominance by an imperial power, there is a propensity these days for the US to wage ignoble foreign policy leading to armed interventions about the globe. 
9) American Democracy
   As practiced in the US, Democracy takes the form of a republic and the electoral college, as set forth in the constitution. American democracy can be confusing, especially to foreigners, as we do not hesitate to lambast public officials and ridicule our presidents for perceived wrongs. We take to the streets and demonstrate on many issues. Democracy is a learned culture, to get in another face, spew a perspective in heated debate, and then shake hands and vote. The public vortex can be wild at times, but it is this heated spewing of opinions from which good ideas shine and bad ideals are rejected. We should invite willingly all loyal dissent for the better of the political process, to accept or reject various ideas. When political parties seek to demean others as "extremists" they defeat free speech and belittle the American Democratic processes, culturally unique to the US. 

US Russian Confrontations

Russia had a long standing rule by Czars, over all the Russias, from Ivan the Terrible to Nickolai Romanov, for hundreads years, as the power center migrated from Kiev to Moscow, where imperial power was unquestioned and dictated affairs. Russia has traditionally been an Eastern European power, a part of the European military and political complex. Like the United States manifest destiny, the Russians extended their sphere of influence beyound the Urals to the Pacific Ocean, and even to Alaska on the North American continent. as the farthest eastern extension of Russian territorial imperialism. During the American Civil War, Russia was a dear friend of the United States, sending friendship fleets from Vladivostok to San Francisco and from St Petersburg to Washington DC, and opposed Frances willingness to support the Confederate States in Rebellion against the United States. Thereafter, Russia sold rights to Alaska to the United States. United States territorial imperialism ended with the annexation of Hawaii in the 1894. The United States and Russia both fought against Bismark Germany. In support of a transitory democracy movement in Russia, the United States did send a small military detachment to Russia, and thereby exhibited the United States tendency to send military forces to secure democracy based governments in nations distal from North America. Upon the fall of imperial power from defeats during WWI, the Boshevics eventually seized power of that democracy movement and expanded Russian influence over the Soviet Republics, still exhibiting a tendency of territorial imperialism of the traditional European colonial powers, while the United States by and large, ceased it territorial imperialism.

The soviet empire was dominated by Stalin who cemented political power over the soviet republic and stifled political dissent, going so far as to shoot the Russian military officer corps, enslave many Russian in the gulags, and exerted totalitarian political, economic and cultural controls. While Ukraine was granted independence as a republic in the 1920s, Stalin at the head of the Soviet Empire exerted total control over all the soviet states. From the Czars to Stalin, strong man rule had governed the Russias and then the soviet republics. European colonial territorial imperialism was a strong legacy. Stalin invaded Finland capturing lands in the 1939 Winter War.  

The Federal Reserve System of the United States, created in 1913, began to cause global cycles of economic booms and busts, enabled by fiat currencies, leading to the 1930 depression and global currency wars, characterize of beggar thy neighbor, similar to modern currency devaluations. As global economic depression spread across the globe, Wiemar Germany went into hyperinflation, destroying the German economy, giving rise to the National Socialists of the Nazi Party. The political orientation of Nazi Germany did not directly cause WWII. What started WWII, was traditional European colonial territorial imperialism, as the Nazi first marched into Sudetenland, then Slovakia, and then Poland, upon which, France and England stopped their appeasement, and WWII officially started. To secure the Polish victory, the Nazi-Soviet pact was entered, allowing Stalin to capture the Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, as well as Eastern Poland, Western Ukraine in Bookaviena and Moldova, again exhibiting traditional European territorial imperialism. Political oppression of Stalin was cemented in these new captured territories, limiting political opposition, as well as shooting the captured Polish Officer Corps. 

In the Pacific, imperial Japan capture Korea and Manchuria, and coastal and eastern China. In opposition to the territorial imperialism of imperial Japan, the Soviets assisted China in stopping Japan mostly along the Mongolian frontier. The United States imposed a metal and oil embargo against Japan for their territorial imperialism, which is similar to modern economic sanctions used an an asymmetric warfare tool against territorial imperialism. Later, the United States directly sought to aid China through Burma and over the Himalayan hump. After Nazi Germany captured Denmark, Norway, the Low Countries, France and North Africa, and Imperial Japan attacked the United State at Pearl Harbor, isolation political resistance collapse, and the United States entered WWII, as the Nazi moved into Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine followed by Japans territorial imperialism into the Pacific and southeast asia. The Nazi were first viewed a liberator of Soviet domination. At the conclusion of WWII, the Soviet Empire subjugated Eastern Europe, adding Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Western Poland, and East Germany to Soviet conquests, and the start of the Cold War. Wars have been conventionally largely started mostly as a result of territorial imperialism, a legacy of colonial Europe, and not ideological differences in political structures, by and large during the 20th century.

In the Pacific, Communist China actively supported North Korea and North Vietnam in conquest of territorial imperialism. While the wars were characterized as political, to stop the spread of communism, the wars were started through armed imperialism. South Korea held but South Vietnam fell. Russia also supported the North Koreans. The commonality between the China and Russia was the communist political structure, and that was used to paint the communists as evil in the US, when, the genesis was territorial imperialism. Communism is not inherently evil, but stifling to human liberty and freedom, commercial enterprise and prosperity, and cultural evolution and civilized progress. But the word communism was seized upon by western nations and the genesis of evil. Khrushchev along the lines of tradition territorial imperialism and subjugation started the Cuban Missile crises as the US tried regime change through the Bay of Pigs. In the 1980s, western nuclear missiles were deployed in Europe in fear of a Russian invasion by amour columns. During the second half of the 20th century, the United State had long since clearly abandoned its territorial imperialism, the Western Europe was granting independence to former colonies, as Russia retained tendencies toward territorial imperialism, while China ventured into territorial imperialism. China has been a mostly inwardly looking country trying to retain its country as a whole, and has is not likely to engage in militarism for territorial conquest. 

The end of the Cold War came with the economic collapse of the Soviet Union, with the realization that totalitarian centralized control over economies produces competitive inefficiencies. The US did not win the Cold War, but rather, totalitarian communism economic inefficiencies lost the Cold War. China has may excellent progress from total economic control to a highly regulated controlled economy, as the United States has moved from a highly competitive capitalistic prosperous economy to a highly manipulated economy, to where modernly, there is in fact little differences between the Russian, Chinese, European and American economies, all suffering from too much government economic controls, as, the reliance upon supply and demand economic laws and price discovery markets, lightly regulated to prevent monopolies and corruption, is the optimum form of economic configuration for maximum prosperity. In Russia, the US, and Europe there are differing political parties offering debate, free speech, and elections, though the EU has largely an unelected totalitarian structure oppressing cultures of the individual nations of Europe with centralized control. China retains its single so-called communist party, but China is largely capitalistic with private property ownership. Within the Chinese political party, there is debate, and local elections for congressional delegates which in turn elect party officials. While China political structure is not a pure democracy, there are election in which the people participate and there in debate on issues. The United States has entered a state of totalitarian socialistic fascism, where there is in reality little difference between the two parties in practice, one being the proposer to increased socialism while the other being the enabler. Russia has strong man rule and oligarchical influences. None of the big four (Russia, China, EU, US) political systems and economic systems are ideal, each have their own set of problems, but by and large their political systems and economic system serve their respective peoples reasonably well, and that is a good thing. 

In essence, the US is a melting pot with a proactive foreign policy to conduct regime change by military intervention if necessary to culturally evolve the world in the image of the US democracy, capitalism and freedom. Russia is multicultural with territorial imperialism tendencies. Russia avoids regime change for continued stabilization whereas the US engages in regime change for global cultural evolution. Bush-Clintion political elites have adopted the New World Order that matches neocon interventionist policies. Many claim that global financial elitists back by transnational corporations push globalization under this new world order, which, when perfected, enables in large measure for financial elites to control the world politically while enabling transnationals to engage in business in markets that would otherwise be difficult to penetrate for profits. Thus, as the theory goes, Banking interests seek to enslave through IMF WB other countries with debt, and transnational corporation seek to exploit work forces and resources for profit, thus, concentrating wealth in the top 1% on a grand global scale. Banking and financial elitists seek to control governments, peoples, and industry of other countries, including the US, with such notions as a borderless world. The conflict between US and Russia can be viewed as a contest between the Bush-Clinction New World Order, led in most part by the power US banking Elites and Industrial chieftains, and Russia and Putin's push back and China's push back against the new world order and US regime change interventions, and thus, Russia has tendencies to remain independent from exterior new world order global controls, and hence, the inherent drivers to US and Sino-Russian conflicts. The EU is caught in the middle of this titanic struggle between US led New World Order and Sino-Russian push back. EU, also through banking and transnational control enslave member EU states with unserviceable national debt, such as in Greece today. 

Conflicts between the US New World Order and neocon military interventionist PNAC globalization, and the Sino-Russian independence push back, has created in fact a 2nd cold, having modernly three fronts, Ukraine, Syria, and cyber economic sanctions driven by the Banking-transnational drive to control and profit from globalism. In Ukraine, proxy war has effectively started between US led NATO and Russia. In Syria, Russia-China-Iraq-Iran-Syrian Shites and US-Turkey-Krud-Syrian Rebels-CIA-ISIS-Suadi Sunnies are polarizing. US led sanctions against Russia are for perfecting banking-transnational penetrations to the borders of Russia itself. Russia and President Putin have been duplicitous by, on one hand, ridiculing the US for intervening into foreign countries for regime change as a violation of international law, yet annexing Crimea during the current Ukrainian rebellion. Putin knew that Crimea as a part of Ukraine, a sovereign country, that had entered a state of rebellion, and Russia annexed Crimea without the Ukrainian Government consent, which could have only been acquired by democracy principles in Ukraine. Simply put, Putin did the  double dutch, opportunistically seized Crimea, culturally consistent with Czar/Stalin territorial imperialism, and politically consistent with Russian Nationalists, and should have known that such an annexation would start a cold war with the US, that touched off economic sanctions. It is very difficult for Russians to appreciate this territorial imperialism, as it goes against their culture and politics, and national psychological tendencies, just like Russia holding on to the Japanese Kiril islands in the northwest pacific. Thus, Russian innate territorial imperialism confronts US regime change interventionist policies, both inherently wrong, and causing global conflicts, consternation, deaths and proxy wars. US and Russia need to come together, understand the innate drivers, and resolve conflicts, rather than promote them. 

Solutions sought are: 1) the elimination of nuke weapons in North Korea, Pakistan, India, Israel, Iran, reducing the possession of nuke weapons to the five members of the UN security counsel, 2) the use of trade, diplomatic relations, social cultural exchanges and intercourse, and persuasion to perfect desired cultural national evolution for propagating national democracy, economic capitalism and individual freedoms about the globe, 3) the prevention of territorial imperialism, 4) the preservation of national boundaries, rather than, military interventions and economic sanctions confrontations. People are not ants, and have respective individualism, national identities, and cultures, unsuitable for a new world order, one global religion, and elitist global rule by banking money interests and transnational corporations.   
There are some US presidential candidates who speak to US exceptionalism, and promote neocon global cultural evolution through US military, financial, and banking proactive utilization and confrontations, but US exceptionalism is not based upon forceably starting wars about the globe to perfect a new world order through regime change policies, that is inherently anti-American and contrary to the US Constitution of individual liberties, as our Constitution, modernly is bastardized by the supreme court as unchecked by congress, which Constitution was suppose to ensure domestic tranquility through a republic of sovereign states practicing democracy, capitalism and freedoms, and by extension allow other nations to find their own way as they deem fit. It is of course duplicitous for DEM and REP presidential candidates to speak of US exceptionalism as a justification to promote US Military, Banking and Financial interventions that are tools used to perfect a new world order that desires a one world government of unelected totalitarian global controls of all peoples, destroying individual liberties and freedoms, the bedrock of the US Constitution. 

USA Diplomatic and Military Imperialism

China and Russia never claimed to be a beacon of moral superiority in the world, nor should they. The US does, with hypocrisy. The US loss much of its moral high ground, it started with the socialists, and their progressive experiments, and the enslavement of people as tax mules or hand out dependents, destroying the moral fiber of this country.

But there still is a sense of trying to civilize the world, which the US has done over the last 130 years. The trade sea lanes are open. I for one would not stand idle while people are led to gas chambers, and would be willing to fight, to right that wrong, from a moral high ground, even if traders of the chamber keepers object, and call me hypocritical. Interventions, especially military is the best way to rapidly perfect necessary social changes where those changes are used to correct inhumanity. I would not send in an army to curb Islam belittling woman, or beheadings, as it is part of their culture and religion, but when they take out 3000 New Yorkers, I a response is needed. The US has saved 100,000s if not millions, from further torture and death in Iraq. You cant touch that, and we defanged an evil tyrant. Surely, nothing goes perfect, and nort under that tyranny who committed war crimes gassing his own. Surely, WMD was one of many excuses, and a very good one, on both sides, but over all, GWBush did what he thought was right. When in command, lead. The US may MOAB Iran and NK, from the moral high ground. NK has effective declared war, and has means. Iran, well no one should let children play with guns. Droning throat slitters may be appropriate in response to attacks, as they have effectively declared war on the west and east as well. If they choose to trade in this interconnected world, and come in contact with the west, they need to chill out. And their can be much debate, as to how to handle problems. But dont belittle the US moral high ground, just on war issues, and look at the objectives and means used. The real complaint is that totalitarian socialistic fascist racist DC, that is contrary to fundamental self-reliant freedom-with-responsibility teachings upon which this country was built. If the US did not try to regime change at gun point, perhaps the Islamists would chill out.

There is, in the world, without the US, a complete lack of morality or leadership, in my view. EU has been socialistic for years, but if that is want they want, find with me. The US used to be in a moral righteous position, regarding societal behavior and financing, but has lost that, mostly do to the corrupting moral hazards of socialism, which is completely absurd, penalizing the productive and reward the unproductive, thus promoting unproductivity and stifling productivity, which socialism, by its very nature is always doomed to fail. We are now not far behind the EU, and that is one sad commentary. And if there are other atrocities, who would step up and defend the defenseless, willing to give up blood and treasure for fellow human beings, if not the US, having the means, and the (use to be) moral high ground. 

The copperheads of OHIO and Valandigum were anti war, damned Lincoln, yet 5 millions were free from bondage, though he was mostly motivated to simply save the UNION. War can be a great social game changer, and if used for the right reason, noble. Adventurism and Empire are not. Many get on the US going into Iraq for oil, being basically anti-war looking for fault, as they can not see the noble efforts, but only condemn the use of any force. The debate rages on and on. But that is the way a democracy works, you discuss over and over, and if perceived necessary, act. The French are in Mali, bravo to the French. So, we must be always on guard not to let adventurism and empire get confused with noble efforts, but noble they were, thus far. The US has been the leader of the free world, standing up to tyranny, a noble thing, yet we have let tyranny run ramped here in the US. 

Bush use of ground forces in Iraq, was consistent with his background, as believed, the old school, as this is how you solve such problems, and Bush committed ground troops, which were successful, in their mission, as a mission accomplished. Bush is admired because he did what he believed was the right thing to do. When in command lead. Bush had as his background the use of ground forces to achieve results, and used them accordingly.

Bush initially got a bad grade for TARP, the financial system is not worth saving at the expense of Main Street. But a closer examination is very telling and informative, and the more thought is had, the better grade he gets. The financial system may have been on the edge of collapse. The first order is the banksters paying obscene bonus and greedsters rigging the market, with a failure of federal regulation through their undue influence. The Bankster and Greedster greed, their undue influence, market rigging, and poor regulation of commerce was the first order excitation and stimulation. The second order actuated response was the process of creating TARP and saving the financial system at the expense of main street, in the second order of thinking. Now we shall enter the last 3rd order of thinking, the feedback and interaction of and upon the first and second order of thinking. The FRN aint worth a continental, it is a con game fraud on the people. Totalitarians enslave the people through the use of two tools, including IRS thuggery to create an artificial inherent demand for FRNs, which is the second tool used by the totalitarians to enslave the people through tax and spend, inflate and rob, take and give, incentivize and control, and socialize and corrupt. The US Constitution defined real and honest money as Gold and Silver coinage having limited supply as negative feedback of run away debt and fiscal deficits, money of intrinsic value, trusted by all, and not paper money having no intrinsic value but only inherent value derived from threat of imprisonment for failure to pay federal taxes in paper money FRNs. To free the people from totalitarian lock down, the IRS thuggery based on income and the FRN paper money must be abolished, and replaced by consumption taxes for green peace and to restore real and honest money coinage that can be largely used by representative paper certificates in commerce with allocated bullion stores in bank vaults. 

When Bush started TARP the cries went up in the 2nd order of thinking as being foolish, to devalue the FRN as the money used and to protect the Wall Street Banksters and Greedsters. But what Bush did was start the ball rolling in the 3rd order of thinking, which then necessarily led to ZIRP and QE, and thus you have set the stage for the complete collapse of the FRN. The only viable alternative is Gold and Silver coinage to prevent total anarchy. Thus, the decision of TARP was correct, but for the wrong reason, or so it is believed, as mind reading is still an incapability of mortals. So TARP, ZIRP, and QE to infinity are the right long term plays, but for the wrong reasons, and the right reason is destroying the FRN, that aint worth a Continental, and returning the nation to real and honest Gold and Silver coinage money in circulation and used by all every day, while changing the IRS code to consumption sales tax only, a pay-and-forget tax collection system.

The executive mansion is no place for gun slingers and dictators, as the US brand of democracy provide a necessary interplay between the President and Senators, where foreign policy and military intervention is really a team effort, where the President is a driving force and the Senators provide review and consent, direction and authorization, for all the people of the US, as it must always be. The US senate has been high jacked by socialists and their totalitarian concerns and has not done its job in working with president for providing timely guidance, consent, and approvals to the president. Senators should be required to attend regular meetings in the executive mansion for conducting and directing US Foreign Policies.

The world moves relatively slow in connection with substantial military activities rendering the use of Presidential emergency military powers to be seldom required, notwithstanding the security fiasco in Benghazi. I have been published around the world, in limited ways, in Russia and China, and even in the Iran Daily, of all things. I have given lectures at a Russian University on Intellectual Property and Marketing, have promoted US Russian good relations in Russia, and have given a lecture in a Ukranian Military Academy. Patent application prosecutions have resulted in top level high technology patents on inventions by the best scientists in the country and such patents are now being discovered by foreign entities as second set of world class publications. I have a base understanding of Russian culture, some understanding of the Chinese culture and the cultures of a few major other countries. Abilities in free lance Global and Manipulative Diplomacy have been developed, moving world leaders in directions sought, and proposed out of the box solutions to long standing transnational problems, and am now well suited for a President of the United States, as head of the National Foreign Policy and as Commander in Chief, with expertise high technology inventions, hands on development of US weapon assets, and engineering formal education, for understanding advanced sciences and technologies for comprehension of modern weaponry. World geography, over laid national borders, cultures, creeds, and political power players are very well understood, for providing a comprehensive understanding of the world in which the US is disposed and of geonational assets in play. Command mental flexible capabilities have been developed for enabling rapid understanding of dynamic global events and the dynamic changes in various transnational military and political forces. Yours can assume the Presidency at will and bring to that office a well rounded knowledge and expertise in geopolitics, foreign policy, diplomacy and military command.       

The media is disappointing as there is so much waste of the time spent. Michael Jackson death on 24 news, as a pedophile death on a carousel is really a big deal. Or the OJ who done it mystery, as if that was really of an importance to the whole long term. A shooting of Travon Martin having racial and self defense overtones grips the nation in drama, as the new shows are theatrical at worst. Tree choppers are everywhere screeching on national news, which is good for ratings, because it all about money. The Congress is more interested with tree chopping fights between political parties vying for nanny state votes using the federal purse, than serving the nation, and is mostly wasted time of highly intelligent law makers. The list goes on, of course, as time, energy, resources, and talent of the country goes to waste, rather than solving the nations fundamental problems.

The world is generally no better, actually, as there are many players acting wastefully on the world stage. I have been to Tijuana I and seen the world. I have seen Africa by way of Wild Kingdom. I have seen Western Europe in the regular news for decades. But East Europe, behind the Iron Curtain, and the Soviet Union up close was something to actually visit for personal education and I did as soon as the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, totalitarian centralized socialism and fiat paper currency proved themselves once yet again to be failures. I am an American with an American perspective. To understand other peoples, an understanding of their cultures must be understood, and to get a real feel for it, you have to go there and be with the people and ask questions, and I did. First was two visits to Ukraine. I discovered there that the innate human is the same everywhere. That is people are the same everywhere, with innate human drivers. The young boys at the Kharkov Military Academy, where I gave lecture on US Civil War ear artillery and army organization asked more question about the girls on Bay Watch. It was funny actually, but there was a serious side to it as that gave clues about the innate human being. Procreation and survival are at the heart of human driver which collective drive the world. In Ukraine, in the -20C snow, and saw a mouse, and exclaimed Americanski Mish, (American Mouse), and got a big laugh. Anything that is derogatory about the Americans in a funny way, made a big hit. Then off to Vladivostok Russia, lecturing on free markets and intellectual property. I Wanted to know what made the Russian people who they really are. I found that it was perspective, taught by the state. That is, the background of the people are formed by history and political mantra, it was their perspective. So, the conclusions were, people have innate human drivers, greed and flight, and have perspective backgrounds, that do shaped the world in which we all live. From that, I came to understand the over all movements about the globe, centered in the Global Confluence and disrupted by Walking Liberty in the modern world. Once one understands the innate human drivers, Devils and Angles, America's Birth Right, and the political and cultural perspectives, the world becomes very easy to understand, so as to then project, predict, and solve problems. 

As Commander In Chief (CIF) I would unite the whole of the nation under a one party-neutral general banner, the Libereens. As CIF, the US goal is really a world goal, not according to US domination or US imperialism, but according to best outcomes for the world as championed by the US.. If the US has best interest of the child at heart, to raise a strong family, as the leader of the free world, then the world interest is in play, which would promote US interest while protecting the US from unfair advantage. The object is make the US strong and so prosperous so as to maintain that world leadership position, while concurrently leading the world to a better future. FRN hegemony, and consequential Military might has been used successfully to dominate and lead, but the US can do much better, through undeniable prosperity and sheer weight of economic power to successfully lead, but fairly rather than imperialistically, and that in turn dove tails back into powering the economy even more, in liberty, freedom, and a Republic, with closed loop feedback systems, checks and balance, for exploding US prosperity and the world in the continued ascent of mankind world wide. AS CIF, I would interface with world leaders not from gun boat diplomacy as a first play, though that play can be a stand off play, if absolutely necessary to spank arrant children of rouge nations, but from an understanding of the leaders inherent biases, backgrounds, cultures and perspectives playing to both domestic and international audience for public opinion, for success with respective national interests. But once you understand leaders background, culture, perspectives, and stance, they can be easily understood in helping the world and indirectly the US and mankind for big wins.

A military mind can assess quickly confrontation situations, by understanding deployed military assets, geography, and territorial cultures. A political mind assess quickly political situations and human perspectives. A patent law mind can understand the whole with a comprehensive view. A bullion mind can understand money flow systems that are mostly powered and innate human greed and political power plays. A historical mind can understand the roots of political and cultural perspectives and human cultural evolution in play in military and political situations. A engineering mind can think out of the box looking for solutions to military and political confrontational situations. Project engineering can address development of military and political systems and implemented using hierarchical top-down command for implementing lasting solutions to military and political situations. The weapons mind can understand trade off between various military weapons in play and effectiveness for resolution of military and political situations. The total mind can associate at light speed drawing upon necessary skills for addressing military and political situations and for resolving them with objectives in mind. Innate human drivers of Freedom fight and Totalitarian flight are in play making the contest a difficult one, but freedom can be won again in America. The total mind possessing the right mix of skills can be used at the presidential level for rapidly resolving military and political situations of the wold in which the US finds itself. There are many political groups with agenda and an understanding of them can be used for producing various outcomes for the betterment of the US and mankind, as there is little difference between the two. Vying for US centric power about the globe is really not necessary. 

Currently there is much dissatisfaction and conflict in the country. Problems are understood and their root causes at play for devising long term solutions, the objective being higher sustained standards of living with maximum personal freedom with minimal totalitarian control. The revolutionary roots are valid, yet over the last 110 years, totalitarian controls have had the upper hand, leading to conflict and chaos in the US. The big problems of the nations are manifesting themselves as dissatisfaction, conflict and violence that is growing, with suspicion and distrust of government running rampant, under opaque government operations. Yet despite freedom being trampled for socialistic political power and totalitarian control, American roots can be politically tapped to prefect necessary changes to government structures for resolving the conflict and chaos infecting the US. Understanding the problems, solutions have been devised, where each political group can be appeal to for over all support and solution implementation. Each political group can be appeal to because there is still left in the country a sense of Americana roots, founding fathers' principals, the US Constitution, and US patriotism at large. All is not yet lost to ruination into Stalinism and general lock down by the government. The US can be saved and freedoms restored to resolve the endless conflict afflicting the nation. The solutions are tied to American founding roots.

The totalitarians have perfected nanny state voting, political lock up, by the two major political parties. The state totalitarians are cowards to let the people live in freedom and selfish for party sustained power, rather than serving the people. The government is full of very intelligent tree choppers pretending that there is really a difference between the two major political parties, when in fact and deed, there is very little. The high court judges are view as gods who can do no wrong as judicial fiat provides open loop blow ups of the governmental functions. Most in government to not think in terms of the comprehensive whole, the inherent root problem, nor offer targeted solutions, or that which is risky to sustained political power. The politicians to political tree chopping contests, and panderers who do not provide comprehensive solutions. As such, the American politicians of the two major parties are locked into place for creating more conflict, disintegration and ruination of the whole. However, the system is not totally corrupted, and the people still have a sense of founding fathers' freedom and respect for the liberties inherent in the US Constitution. These forces can be politically united and focused to resolve the current state of totalitarian lock down and socialistic degradation. All is not lost, not yet. The proposed solutions appeal to all across party lines, and tap into historic Americana belief in freedom and liberty, for the political power necessary to bring to the presidency a driving force to implement needed solutions.

Globalized diplomacy starts with being able to interface with peers, and particularly Russia and China, forming the big 3 of the connected core, and specifically based upon having an understanding of geopolitics, the human mind, and the cultures in play, and secondly, having an understanding of the backgrounds of the Russian and Chinese heads of states. The current administration use of "bored kid" to describe the president of Russia, for example, was a very poor choice of words and did not serve US interests. Putin is highly intelligent, ex-KGB, has Russian interests, and frankly has done a pretty good job from the Russian perspective, including keeping the federation from flying apart, building an energy empire rivaling OPEC, and restoring Russian pride in their country and government, by and large. The US has had nearly 250 years of democracy, and Russia much much less, and China barely beginning through economic liberation, and one should not at this stage of the Liberty Walk about the globe, expect Russia and China to have US standards, which they both are falling short. But that should be expected. They both are moving, slow but sure in the right directions, by and large. This should be encouraged, but not through ridicule, but through highly advanced give and take, to further not only US interests but also the long term interest of mankind world wide. Political heads have personal and national objectives, which should be understood, and within that context, develop diplomatic options and plans that enable those objectives where possible, but advance the interests of mankind. The US does not need to conquer the world through political, financial, and military means, but rather, to advance world diplomacy for the betterment of all peoples. Extreme selfishness by any of the power players should be avoided generally, and name calling does not serve that end. We are all in this world together, and we should help each other reach higher levels of civility, as the age of empires is long gone, and the world has been filled by man during the global confluence. Surely, vital US interests must be protected, such as, keeping open the world sea and air lanes for all to conduct trade and cultural exchanges. But the US foreign policy should not be one of imperialistic dominance, as that is a loser policy, and will fail in the long term, but rather US diplomacy should used to perfect long term objectives and freedom for all peoples everywhere, and thus, there is an appropriate balance between American interests, Russian interests, and Chinese interests, inter alia, so that everyone wins, and hence, mankind wins during the continued ascent of mankind. 

Standoff weaponry diplomacy, a modification modernization of Gun Boat Diplomacy should be the US tool of choice for striking enemies of America. During the American Civil War, Russia, England and France were major powers, and they basically kept their military might out of that Hatfield and McCoy family affair, and it required an agreement of the big 3 to act militarily. The people of the US then had an innate fear and distrust of the kings of Europe, and military invention would have necessarily built long term resentment in the US against foreign intervention. It seems that as liberty walks the earth, as gap nations flare up, as the culture of democracy is learned, the better foreign policy to let the local participants settle matter themselves, and keep the major powers from interfering, save only WMD use and obscene and crimes against humanity. In Syria, there is an armed rebellion against the totalitarians in control. The rebellion may have been generated by the US causing a Russian response. Rebellion is a very nature event during the ascent of mankind against totalitarian government controls. The US and Russia should not be joshing for position, taking sides for selfish reasons. With the forces embedded in the US administration, with a attitude of conquering the world, it is very difficult for the US to just stand by. Russia, led by Putin does not want Russia influence diminished at the expense of yankee influence expansion, and thus, US and Russia are involved with military deployed assets and puppet forces and states being utilized, and thus the conflict widens in some measure. This is a mistake by both Russia and US. Let the rebels fight for freedom, and act as a referee, and not a participant, would seem to be the better play. The senate should have declared war on militant Islam when NY was hit. US citizens are entitled to constitutional protections. Armed uniformed soldiers of a recognized states are entitled to Geneva convention rights. Transnational terrorists are entitled to no rights. The senate should have debated the  use water boarding, renditions, harsh enslavement, inter alia, in a declaration of war in response to the hit upon NY, against transnational terrorists. But the senate was off buying nanny-granny votes for locking in party political power, and did not do its job, and utterly failed the nation. The president did not push for such a declaration as well, in response to that day of infamy. Both the executive branch and the senate have reduced themselves to political panderers in totalitarian control of the US people, and failed the people to defend the country, and as a result, the transnational terrorists remain, even after much US blood and treasure has been lost. Consequently, many argue for the cut and run, and hunker down in Fortress USA, as weak minded, failing to see any solution to the problem, which stems from political pandering and totalitarian lock down of the country.    

The senate absolutely failed the country and the president before the Iraq wars, preoccupied with buying nanny-granny state votes to cement political party power, while GW Bush used a 20th century solution to solve a 21st century problem, also failing to obtain senate declaration of war and approval before launching in the Iraq invasion using ground troops. There is much blame to go around for the invasion, and the sense of long term failure, notwithstanding the initial mission accomplished of taking Bagdad. The use of massed armed armies was the solution of the 20th century, and should not be used in the 21st, less the country is faced with existentialism from invading hoards. The concept of a massed armies in a WWIII is not in the foreseeable future, and the use of substantial land armies in foreign lands should be avoided as not only misguided use of military might, but renders many servicemen with life long wounds and the further expense of VA care. The US possesses Stand Off assets to perfect general self defense used in offensive ways, and stop WMD abuses. Economic sanctions against Iran without cooperative connected core nations is an absolute failure and actually harms US long term objectives. To resolve the stalemate, sanctions should be lifted and Iran should be forced to comply with UN atomic energy commission requirement for safe use of nuclear technology. The US should work with, not against, the Russia and China to perfect this end result. Iran does not possess the democratic tenure or civility nor the need to develop long range nuclear missiles rendering the Persian gulf a nuclear arm race hot bed. As to the war on terror, the senate should issue a peace declaration toward Islam generally, but declare war on militant terrorists. The US should use stand off strike capabilities against terrorists, such as drone use, but with attempts to obtain peace with militant Islam.  The 21st century military capabilities, including standoff weapons and special forces, of the US should be applied in a most cost effective and result oriented manner, to defeat enemies and terrorists of the US, but the US should limit its imperialism to standoff diplomacy and used only when necessary to defend the country and to protects other peoples from crimes against humanity.

Russian-Sino Territorial Imperialism

Territorial imperialism starts world wars, as when the Nazis first entered Sudetenland. The Russian hold Japanese island in the north pacific, Crimea in the Ukraine, and norther provinces in Georgia, under its propensity toward territorial imperialism. China has been for 1000s of years an inward looking country, attempting to maintain control over its vast lands and diverse ethic groups. China has entered the world stage with a growing global economy and a growing military. China occupation of island far beyond its traditional territorial waters is very disturbing, and the first steps toward territorial imperialism, post the Korean War and the Vietnam War. China complains to this day about Imperial Japan invading Manchuko and the rape of Nanking during Japan imperial territorial imperialism, and the 20th century abuses there, yet, in the 21st century is doing the same thing, provoking a US response, and did the Russian in annexing Crimea. It appears that Russian-Sino territorial imperialism is on the march in the early 21st century, and this can ignite world wars, where as US regime changes for Military-Industrial-Banking-Transnational penetration and exploitation of foreign markets is not naked territorial imperialism. Tensions are growing world wide.