Iran and the Bomb Negotiations

The Key to Iran is Donestk

1) We must go back to 2013 when HRC was Secretary of Sate. As secretary of state, HRC accepted money from Ukrainian Oligarchs, and soon thereafter, Ukraine explodes, with ignoble outing of an elected president, rebellion, Crimea succession, civil war, Crimea annexation, US sanctions, Senate voting to arm W. Ukrainians, Putin threatening Nukes in Crimea, and NATO Armor racing to the Ukrainian border. Hillary gets money from Ukrainian oligarchs, and did not preach noble democracy principles in Ukraine, leading to the violent over throw of an elected president, resulting in civil war, Crimea succession, annexation of Crimea by Russia, Mr.Putin threatening of Nukes in Crimea, and US-Nato/Russian proxy war in Ukraine. Whether of not one considers the Ukrainian money a bribe or not, the taking of money from foreigners in a political hot spot, while Secretary of Stat certainly does not avoid the appearance of impropriety, and smacks of corruption, greed, and selfishness.

2) We must go back to 2014, and BHO publicly insulting Mr. Putin.

3) We must go back to Iranian financial sanctions for developing nukes and long range missiles, and their dodge of gold bullion money transfers through Turkey and building of an oil pipeline to India, the economic sanctions being counter productive over the long term.

4), Russia has been a supporter of Iran, mostly because of the perceived threat of the US surrounding Russia with military bases and might. Iran is closer to Moscow than DC, and Russian support would in the first order seemingly be foolish, until the geopolitical-military state is viewed in total.

5) Russian and China view US dollar hegemony as unfair. There should be noble fairness in international funding, currency transfers, currency swaps, and competition in finance. The US is using dollar hegemony and the US bond stacks in foreign forex, as an unfair asymmetric tool extending US foreign policy. Russia and China have a legitimate beef, when sanctions are employed using dollar hegemony and treasuries bonds through sanctions to force them to comply with US foreign policy objectives. But sanctions are counter-productive, hence the BRICS bank, AIIB, Chinese currency transfers, EU Hubs, and Chinese swap facilities. So, AIIB is created from push back against Kissinger's so-called "petro-dollar" and US asymmetric sanction tools, as a natural result. Combine Kissenger's petro-dollar, US imposed sanctions at state department, and US welfare state created bond stack, and AIIB bank results. Sanctions are a failed policy, and counter productive long term.

6) Iranian talks go no where without Russia at the table, and HRC/BHO burned that bridge in Ukraine. US has sufficient means to get Iranian attention to encourage negotiations, directed at limiting Iranian development of long rang missiles and nuclear bombs. But monitoring their development is Reagan's "Trust but Verify" during the cold war. Currently, Kerry is working a poor deal for the US so that the BHO administration can claim victory and save face.

7) In order to solve Iran, Russia must be involved, and to get Russia involved in good faith, the entire US-Russia current international relations must be addressed and resolved favorably, including an end to hostilities in Ukraine. With the current mind set of the REPs re Ukraine, and the HRC/BHO burning of the friendly bridge to Russia, the US government is without tools necessary to obtain a long term solution with Iranian Newk development.

8) Geopolitical damage between the US and Russia can be repaired, and through that obtain a workable solution to the Iranian Issue.

9) The current so-called Iranian deal appears to be nothing more than vague intents, with ample wiggle room, with no verification monitoring, with no enforceability, as expected. Curiously, Saudi Arabia came out in favor of the deal, when sunnies and shia have be at each other for 100s of years, with Iran in strategic control of the Persian gulf, and supporting Shia groups. I suspect HRC has something to do with it. Maybe any deal is better than no deal. But this makes no sense at all. Saudi Arabia is no friend of Iran. Something else is going on, or so common sense dictates. Clintons "has raised nearly $2 billion since its creation in 2001". Including gulf states. Now Saudis support the Iran deal. "Think about how completely creepy all of this is."

10) The deal is actually intended to make Iran a nuke power.

Iran Nuclear Deal Explained

11) So important that HBO have something accomplished, he caved.

US Demands Dropped in Iran Nuclear Talks 

I understand the Russians, been there 12 times, and am capable of repairing that relationship damage, and then use Russia as driving force in securing a peaceful resolution to the Iranian issue. Yes, I know that Russia was there, keeping a seat warm. Iran with oil is OBVIOUSLY trying to build the bomb, while screeching Death to America, we have been warned, now the solution. The key to solving Iran, is Donestk, in that, the RUSSIANS must be brought fully on board in cooperative way. So, alienated Russians, botched BHO/HRC diplomacy, and a my-war-or-high-way approach to US centric global reorientation, are road blocks. The problem with bringing the RUSSIANS on board is BHO/HRC burning that bridge, and complicated with the neocon intervention propensity. Then force the Iranians to the negotiating table, not by a kiss and promise, but to deployment of formidable US forces, so threat is real. Then get the RUSSIAN fully on board, Iran is much closer to Moscow than DC, and if you know Russian culture, its easy to get them in play. As in the bullion manipulation memo, the trick is to understand the systems at work, precisely, and devised no wiggle room injunctions. So, the job will be to restore friendly US-RUSSIAN relations, my specialty, and solve Ukraine. I have good ideas on that. Two major problems, State department dont know how to conduct foreign policy, and neocons are trigger happy, NOT A GOOD MIX my friends. If foreign power dont follow in US foot steps, blow them up, unless to big, then use counter-productive economic sanctions. BHO/HRC really butt hurt the US starting war in Ukraine, putting on sanctions. Then, Russia-Iran-US mostly devise RUSSIAN monitoring regime that provides IRAN no wiggle room, under treaty. So, Iran would be monitored closely, with absolutely no wiggle room, and Israel would chill out, and US can relax. Such a treaty would enable devastating strikes, MOAB/tactical nukes, for failure to comply.

Iranian Failed US Policy

Current US foreign policy is: if any foreign country dont mirror US exceptionalism, the US will bomb them, sanction them, and force them into the American Way, that is, only the American Culture, of currency debasement, market interventions, military interventions, DC totalitarianism, will do. The neocon dont get it. The US declared itself GOD and will remake all countries in its image, whether they like it or not. If the US is attacked, TAKE OFF THE GLOVES, but otherwise, let global people find their way, sure some help, but not by force. Without firing a shot, China went capitalist on us. Sure, it takes generations, movement is slow, but you dont have to bomb them. Russia's infant democracy, China residual commie government, are concerns, but they are improving. Let them improve at their own pace and culture, IT WILL HAPPEN. Russia (Putin) still has some territorial imperialism tendencies (eg Crimea). China central control is NO BETTER THAN DC totalitarianism. But over the ascent of man, cultural evolution is slow, but moving in right direction. Sure, preach democratic principles, and give aid, but dont force cultural evolution. This bankrupting, immoral, igniting neocon cowboy mentality is simply the wrong play for a NOBLE COUNTRY. The US should help them improve, but dont push them hard through military interventions. In Ukraine, for example, elected president was outed at gun point. There was no US preaching of democratic principles, that is, removal by civil impeachment. Shame on the US. The US can do better in foreign affairs. It starts with Nobility and Aid, not with bombs or sanctions upon the non compliant. The US can do better, nobly, to help the world civilize.

Nuclear Standoff with Iran

This memo is in response regarding Iran and PNAC. This response to the topic of Iran being in the cross-hairs of the US military and that PNAC (project for the new American Century) is a motive force, is provided herein, by one who is very much politically aligned, for very good reasons, with the so-called PNAC view, the neocon mantra, and the inevitable confluence of the world where all countries are moving toward increased interconnectedness, which leads to profound long term ultimate peace world wide, as GAP nations such as Iran, are encouraged or forced, if necessary, into joining the CORE (Russia, US, EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, etc) of trading and political interconnected country.

The movement globally toward this "interconnectedness" or, if you will, The NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO), has been going on in earnest for over 100 years. Through aggressive US military actions over the last 100 years, the CORE is solidifying into peaceful trading partners. The CORE is winning and becoming more powerful over the GAP, every day, in this "Democracy Century", through continued US military actions, when necessary. Simply put, when all are interconnected, dispute resolution is had through global organization, UN, WTO, for examples, as one does not seek to bomb their trading partners, as war and FRNs are replaced by trade wars and real money in the out years.

Some want to play the WWII British PM Chamberlain "peace in our time" game, a fail policy based upon false hope that an enemy or aggressor will simply stop the aggression, upon mere words and promises. Iran with its support of Hezbollah, Hamas, Iranian Iraq-based operatives, and general sympathy for Islamic fascism, is an aggressor, with no end in sight. Simplistic views fail to recognize the non-democratic theocracy of the Mullah power control in Iran, as the driving force. And yes, Americans must be made aware of that growing threat, as nuke material processing and procurement of long range missile technology, are the precursors to nuke missile regional intimidation, a condition suppose favorable to some. I suppose some ignore the "death to America" cries, while Iran is loading its guns, to preferring to preemptively strike, the inevitable growing threat.

Some are crying apocalyptic outcomes, as the solution is a simple one, blockade Iran until they agree to strict IAEA. Nuke processing is a fact. Long range missiles are a fact. Cries of death to America are a fact. Cries to wipe Israel off the map are a fact. Support of terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas are a fact. Fiat money printing has been the primary tool used to procure over the decades military means for civilizing this world, led by the USA, a very good thing, of which many are very proud. But cut-and-run emboldens and bombs away radicalizes, so foreign policy, if smart, is a delicate balance. PNAC called for "the direct imposition of U.S. 'forward bases' throughout Central Asia and the Middle East, with a view to ensuring economic domination of the world, while strangling any potential 'rival' or any viable alternative to America's vision of a 'free market' economy. This cultural imperialism needs to be contained. Until perceived threats, GAP nations such as Iran, join the CORE, a forward defense is preferred, but with limits. Peace will ultimately come in this last global struggle against Islamic domination and aggression to civilize them through imposition and use of noble principals

It's important for the people in the region know that while all options remain on the table, that I believe we can solve this problem diplomatically, and the way to do that is to continue to isolate Iran in the international community. Isolate Iran from whom? Isolation is something that is done to prevent contagion. The contagion to be contained may be the creation of an Islamic State pursuing the principles of Sharia law, something that is now the rallying cry for many Muslims around the world.

The Islamic world propagates its die by the sword mentality, that is, join Islam, or your head rolls. Thats a contagion that should be isolated and controlled. Diplomatic resolution is always preferred, but Iran has stiffed the international community on nuke development negotiations for over a decade, lying, hiding, temporarily stopping, for purposes of sustaining bad faith negotiations. We've been there long enough. The Iranian game is so obvious, as with Saddam's Iraq, and we been there and done that with the hide-and-seek WMD, the bad-faith negotiations, etc. Simply put, Iran wants nuke missiles coupled with an aggressive theocratic posture, to control the areas extending from Spain to Indonesia, the old Islamic empire, and Iran aggression must be contained, less may lead to catastrophes.

Surely no wants war, but diplomacy has run its course in failure again and again, apparently unrecognized by then PM Chamberlain. They think all things can be just nice and dandy, if we simply look the other way, as Iran builds a nuke capability, and threaten the region in a power grab. We spent trillions confronting the soviets with nuke missiles pointed at each other for decades in a tense stand off, and put the world in a constant state of potential annihilation, and I suppose, as logic would undeniably dictate, that this is the perpetual stand off desired apparently by some, as an apparent sought after nuclear stand off.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

Islam is a religion, that is foreign to Christianity. Islam preaching conquer by sword, and intolerance to infidels. If 100 Muslims immigrate to the US, how many of those 100 will commit, conspire, or encourage terror? During the age of empires, Christianity was used two mobilize crusade, but crusades stopped after cultural evolution from the time of the crusades. Islam was born during the age of empires, and embeds "crusades" in the Kuran, and as such, written in stone, Islam never culturally evolved from the crusade mind set. Thus, Islam, born of crusade period, written in Kuran, locked itself into conquest by sword. Islam teaches death to all infidels, conquer by sword, and is locked into the Kuran, by being born of the crusades. For Islam to escape its embedded crusade teachings and mentality, Islam leaders must reinterpret Kuran, which is very difficult for any religion leader to do, that is, to reinterpret or dismiss teachings, considered sacred. Reinterpretation of Kuran against its literal words is difficult, and that is what traps Muslims in cultural evolutionary stagnation. Western political leaders should not kid themselves about "peaceful" Muslims, as there is really no such thing if a true believer in the literal teachings. If the west wants to cure the cycle of Islam hate and conquer mentality, Islamic leaders must be willing to join that cause. Until there is Fatwa denunciation of Islam root teachings, Islam is an enemy of the world. And so the stand off between the tolerant west and jidhadists of Islam. The west has a choice of converting to Islam or fighting them and their inherent terror ways. Islam teachings does allow for humility to greater powers, as merely a ploy only. Under the Kuran, treaties and agreements with infidels can be broken at will, and done so when Islam is powerful enough to break treaties and agreements with impunity. No deal or agreement is inherently a done deal with Islam. The deal with Iran does not recognize the inherent teachings of the Kuran, and its propensity to conquer by the sword and breach agreement when the time allows breaches to be done with impunity. 

The Current Iran Deal fails is three ways: 1) There was no renunciation of terror by Iranian heads of state for by Fatwa from Muslim  clerics; 2) There were no liquidated damages, that is, wipe Iranian nuke facilities off the map for breach, and 3) Iran will, deal or no deal, pursue the bomb and long range missiles there by negotiating in bad faith and solving nothing, and thus a breach of the deal from the start. An inspection regime should have snap inspections, and 24 days seems to long. The deal is the right path, but the precursor set up was not forced upon the Iranians to deal in good faith. Sanctions were proven inadequate to force Iranian good faith compliance.  In the end, the US is still faced with a terror sponsoring regime, powered by theocratic fanaticism,  with "death to American" threats, with long range missile objectives to build the bomb with strategic range, and in that, the deal is incomplete, will fail, and will result in another North Korea type threat, in time over the gulf region, providing instability. 

The Iran deal should have included Ayatollah Khomeini direct and unequivocal renunciations of terror as a precursor. The Iran deal should have "liquidated" damages for breach, and that being to wipe Iran nuke's facilities off the face of the earth, just like Iran said about Israel. Had BHO first gotten a renunciation of terror and a liquidated damages provision first, then the deal may have good chances of surviving. But BHO failed to understand Islam, the necessary precursor and the enforcement means necessary, and he did not help Islam evolve from its conquer by the sword mentality. Thus, BHO failed US, failed Islam, and effectively encouraged TERROR with the deal and the building of nuclear weapons by a fanatical regime. The world is a more dangerous place with the Iran deal in place. BHO inspection and sanction regime for breach is a dream only. When Reagan made the nuclear deal with the Soviets, "trust but verify" the soviets were not fanatics driven by religious ideology. The soviets were not driven by religious dogma to kill all the infidels, and the deal of trust but verify worked well with the Soviets. BHO's trust but verify deal with Iran plays exactly into the fanatical teachings of Islam. BHO has no clue. BHO's heart may have been in right place, but he and the state dept are simply incompetent. Where BHO and the state dept failed, was knowing that this is not just a nuclear bomb problem, but also a religious and cultural problem. BHO and the state department do not possess a comprehensive understanding of politics, military force, religion, and cultural mix to conduct successful foreign policy, and has failed time and again. If the deal is blocked or rendered ineffectual, I will solve the Iranian problem, as president, in a heart beat.


There is much conflict in the ME. There is an under current of Jew haters in the US, and an understanding of where that comes from, is sought. Every Jew I have ever known have been stand up folks.  I have no problem with Jews selling diamonds, as that is negotiated trade, establishing fair market values, and that is capitalism, and I just love that stuff, though capitalism death in the US started in 1913 with the creation of the FED, and was buried when GW Bush surrendered to the banking cabal and initiated TARP.

Israel is democratic, free, and capitalistic in large measure, and the US should help Israel defend that way of life and that form of government. DEMs and REPs are notorious for "standing with Israel", though largely that is inarticulated as to exactly how they would stand with Israel, and is viewed as pander in some measure. Corruption permeates the US Congress, with a symbiotic corruption cycle extending from the Congress to the FED, a private bank owned by banks, to the Wall Street banksters with undue influence and to banking hit men, the greedster, rigging every market on the planets, as the US government was falling all over itself to bail out the banks taking gross speculative positions, committing market fraud on a global scale, repetitively, to such an extent that they are much more than a mob, a RICO crime organization, controlling the US government, bankrupting the US government into insolvency, and enslaving the Americans with debt.

Many believe that Jews control the global banking empire, led the banksters and greedsters, and that raises the Jew hate. Zionism in Israel, seeking exclusive control over Jerusalem, occupation of Golan Heights, West Bank, and Gaza, sparks even more Jew hate. Israel defense force appears to be retaliatory in most regards, just as in 1967 with the 7 day war, with a preemptive strike when Arabs massing on Israel borders. Self defense is an inalienable right. Those with Muslim sympathy always paint Israel as the aggressor, sparking more Jew hate, even when Israel acts in justifiable self defense. BBC and CNN are notorious for the spewing biased Jew hate.

The real key is that the global banking cabal is perceived by many to be controlled by Jews, which may be perceived as enslaving the US with insolvency, corrupting all markets, and enslaving Americans with debt, controlling the FED and US wall street banks, feeding that undercurrent of Jew hate in the US, as the means to corrupt and motivate congress to assert its "standing with Israel".

As president, I will "SET MY PEOPLE FREE" from the enslavement of the banks, not because they maybe controlled by Jews to whatever extent, but because a jubilee debt deleveraging is absolutely needed in the US to free the US Government from enslaving insolvency, and Americans from private debt stagnating economic growth in perpetuity. As president, I would stand with Israel, as I would with any country, to defend democracies, free societies, and capitalism world wide from territorial imperialists. These postures have nothing to do with Judaism per se, but freedom at home and world wide.